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Bad Things Come in Small Packages 拆信小心!While most armies in the world shun their use, and military authorities exclude them from warfare, the technology to produce biological and chemical weapons is widely available. Moreover, these weapons are cheap, easy to conceal, and very effective. Since September 11, 2001, biological weapons seem to have become the weapon of choice among the disenfranchised militants of the world. Some people are worried chemical warfare may follow.Chemical weapons are abundant in variety. Their effectiveness is determined by several factors, including age, purity, weather conditions, and choice of dissemination. They include nerve agents, blister agents, and choking agents, all of which can be ingested through the eyes, lungs, or skin. Sarin, a type of nerve gas, was used by the Aum Shinrikyo cult in March 1995, killing 12 people and injuring more than 5,500 on a Tokyo subway.Biological weapons, by definition, are any infectious agent, such as a bacterium or virus, used deliberately to inflict harm on soldiers and civilians alike. This classification can include toxins and poisons derived biologically. Biological weapons can be produced nearly anywhere, from government labs to suburban kitchens.Experts contend, however, that the transformation of a deadly virus or bacterium into an effective weapon is anything but straightforward: A conventional bomb would likely destroy the germ as it exploded. In contrast, dissemination via alternative methods, such as surface mail, has recently proved quite effective.1. shun v. 回避2. disenfranchised a. 被剥夺公权的3. ingest v. 摄取4. toxin n. 毒素尽管世界上多数国家的军队都避免使用生化武器,军事当局在战争中也不使用它,而制造生化武器的科技仍然随处可得。此外,这些武器造价便宜、容易藏匿,而且效果很明显。2001年9月11日之后,生物武器似乎已成了世界上被剥夺公民权的好战分子们选择的武器。有些人担心,接着可能会有一场化学战争。化学武器种类繁多。它们的效力是由几种因素决定的,包括年限、纯度、气候状况,以及散布途径。化学武器包括神经毒、疱毒和窒息毒,它们都能通过眼睛、肺部或皮肤被人体吸收。沙林是一种神经性毒气,1995年3月奥姆真理教在东京地铁站使用,造成12人丧命,5,500多人受伤。从定义来看,生物武器是指任何蓄意用来伤害士兵和老百姓等的传染手段,如细菌或病毒等。这类武器包括用生物学方法培植出来的毒素和毒药。生物武器几乎到处都可以制造,从政府实验室,到郊区的厨房。然而,专家认为,要将一种致命的细菌或病毒转化成有效的武器并不是一件容易的事:一颗常规炸弹就有可能在爆炸时摧毁病菌。相对来说,通过其它方式传播,如普通邮件,近来被实相当有效。 Article/200803/30278

Henry killed a 14-year-old girl. He killed her after breaking her thumbs, kicking and breaking most of her ribs, striking her repeatedly in the head with his thermos, and stabbing her more than 45 times with a #2 pencil. She bled to death. He killed her after he had kidnapped her and raped her repeatedly for four weeks. He had kept her in the basement of his parents’ house. His parents had disappeared years ago.The girl had been walking by the house when Henry invited her in to see some new puppies. The puppies were also found stabbed to death. Henry was caught, convicted, and sent to prison for the girl’s brutal killing. He was sentenced to death by injection. That was 30 years ago. For the past 30 years, Henry has been fighting his death penalty. During that time, taxpayers have spent more than ,000 a year on Henry’s room and board, medical and dental care, and legal help.A month ago, it looked like Henry was finally going to meet his Maker. But his lawyer filed one final argument, claiming that death by injection was quite painful; Henry shouldn't suffer in his final moments. One hour before Henry was scheduled to die, the California Supreme Court agreed; the drugs injected into Henry might cause him to suffer. Such suffering would be “cruel and unusual” punishment, a violation of the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.Henry remained in his warm cell. He would die only when the state figured out a way to kill Henry without making him say “Ouch!”The parents and siblings of the brutally murdered girl were not even surprised. Her dad said, “He’ll die of old age in his sleep, and his survivors will collect a million-dollar settlement because the guard forgot to put a candy mint on Henry's pillow that night.” Article/201106/139500

Chapter3 第3章Earth Commander 地球司令The next day in Kisangani,Kiah and Rilla waited quietly in an office in Gog#39;s house. Suddenly, Commander Zadak came into the office and gave some letters to the man behind the table.第二天在基桑加尼,凯和瑞拉在高格住处的一间办公室里静静地等待着。突然,扎达克司令走进办公室,递给办公桌后面的那个人一些信件。He saw the two young people and stopped in front of them.他看见了两个年轻人,在他们面前站住了。;You again!; he said, ;What are you doing here?;“又是你们!”他说,“你们在这儿干嘛?”Kiah stood up. ;Good morning, Commander. We#39;re here because we want to see Earth Commander.;凯站了起来:“早晨好,司令。我们来这儿是为了见地球司令。”;I saw Earth Commander some minutes ago and talked to him about rain,; Zadak said quietly. ;But he didn#39;t listen. Your captain, Seru, was here earlier this morning and began to tell him about the holes in the AOL.“几分钟前我见到了地球司令,还跟他谈了雨水的事。”扎达克平静地说,“但是他不听。你们塞鲁船长今天早晨来过,并且告诉他人工臭氧层有了洞。But Gog doesn#39;t want to hear about our planet. He#39;s always talking about Mars. In the end, he#39;s going to destroy Earth.;可是高格不想听我们这颗星球的事。他总是谈论火星。最终他会毁了地球。”;Please help us!; Rilla cried, ;Come and see Gog with us!;“请您帮帮我们!”瑞拉喊着,“和我们一起去见见高格吧!”;No.; Zadak looked at Kiah and then at Rilla with his blue eyes. ;I#39;m not talking to Gog again. And you—Gog isn#39;t going to listen to you. Be careful—and good luck!;“不,”扎达克用他蓝蓝的眼睛看了看凯,又看了看瑞拉,“我再也不去跟高格谈了。而你们——高格不会听你们的。小心点——祝你们好运!”Commander Zadak opened the door and left the office.扎达克司令打开房门走出了办公室。Rilla looked at Kiah. ;Earth Commander is a difficult man. I don#39;t understand him.;瑞拉看了看凯:“地球司令是个不好相处的人。我真不知道他是怎么想的。”;Everyone is afraid of him,; Kiah said. ;And Commander Zadak isn#39;t going to help us.;“大家都怕他,”凯说,“扎达克司令也不准备帮助我们。”Kiah and Rilla waited. They waited and waited. At nearly twelve o#39;clock, a guard came into the office.凯和瑞拉等待着。他们等啊等。快12点时,一个卫兵走进办公室。;Come!; he said.“来吧。”他说。Kiah and Rilla went with the guard. The house was big and old,with big windows and many doors. The guard went downstairs and opened one of the doors. There was nobody in the room.凯和瑞拉跟在卫兵后面。这是座宽敞的旧房子,有许多大窗户,许多门。卫兵下了楼,打开了一扇门。房间里一个人也没有。;Wait here,; the guard said, and left.“在这儿等着。”卫兵说了一句就离开了。Kiah and Rilla sat down on the expensive green and black chairs and looked at the expensive flowers on the tables.There were no windows in this room.凯和瑞拉在昂贵的绿黑相间的椅子上坐了下来,观赏着桌子上那些名贵的鲜花。这个房间没有窗子。Suddenly, the door opened and a tall, fat woman came in. Her name was Bel, and she was Gog#39;s wife. She had a lot of long red hair and she wore an expensive blue dress.突然,门开了,一个身高体胖的女人走了进来。她叫贝尔,是高格的妻子。她有一头浓密的红色长发,穿着一件昂贵的蓝色裙子。Bel liked expensive things. She carried a cat. The cat was black and white: half its face was black and half was white; half its body was black and half was white.贝尔喜欢昂贵的东西。她抱着一只猫。那是只黑白相间的猫:猫脸一半黑一半白;猫身也是一半黑一半白。;Why are you here? Why do you want to see Earth Commander?; she asked.“你们来这儿干嘛?你们为什么要见地球司令?”她问,Rilla stood up. ;How do you do?; she said. ;We want to talk to Earth Commander about the AOL. We have new numhers from the satellite.;瑞拉站起身。“你好,”她说,“我们要和地球司令谈谈人工臭氧层的事。我们从卫星上获得了新数据。”Bel#39;s face was red. ;The AOL! Earth Commander knows about the AOL, and he is the best man—;贝尔的脸涨红了:“人工臭氧层。地球司令知道人工臭氧层的事。他是最——”;Excuse me,; Kiah said quietly. ;We want to help Earth Commander.;“对不起,”凯平静地说,“我们想帮助地球司令。”Bel began to laugh. ;Help? You?; the cat jumped down and walked across the room. ;How can you help? Why can#39;t you understand? Listen. Earth Commander is working on the spaceship for Mars.贝尔笑了:“帮助?你们?”那只猫跳了下来走到房间的另一头。“你们怎么帮他?你们怎么不明白呢?听着,地球司令正忙着制造去火星的飞船。It#39;s difficult and expensive work.; the cat jumped on to Rilla#39;s chair and looked at her with its yellow eyes.这可是既费力又费钱的工作。”那只猫跳到瑞拉的椅子上,黄色的眼睛看着她。;Two years ago,Adai wanted more money for the AOL—and Earth Commander sent him to the colony under the Moon. Now you#39;re talking about the AoL. Do you want to go to the Moon, too?;“两年前,阿岱想为人工臭氧层要更多的钱——地球司令把他送到了月亮下面的部族。现在你们又在谈人工臭氧层,你们也想到月亮那儿去吗?”The door opened again and a different guard came in. ;Excuse me.Earth Commander is y now.;门又开了,另一个卫兵走了进来:“对不起,地球司令可以接见了。”Bel stood up. ;You can see Earth Commander now,; she said coldly. ;But you#39;re going to be sorry!;贝尔站起身。“你们现在可以去见地球司令了,”她冷冰冰地说,“可你们会后悔的!”The guard opened a different door,and Bel and the cat went into a beautiful room with expensive,very old tables and chairs.Rilla and Kiah went in behind them.卫兵打开另外一扇门,贝尔和那只猫走进一个摆满非常古老、昂贵的家具的房间。瑞拉和凯跟在他们后面。There were no windows in the room,but a lot of pictures.There was Gog! The richest man on Earth;and the worst man on Earth.He was tall and fat,and without much hair. 这间屋子也没有窗户,墙上挂满了图画。高格就在里面!这个世界上最富也最坏的人。他又高又胖,头发稀疏。He sat behind a big table with a television,three computers and five telephones.He watched the television and didn#39;t look at Kiah or Rilla.Two guards with guns stood behind him and two more guards stood near the door.他坐在一张大桌子后面,桌上放着一台电视,三台电脑,五部电话。只见他注视着电视屏幕,根本不看凯和瑞拉。两个持的卫兵站在他身后,还有两个站在门边。;Here they are!; Bel said. ;They aren#39;t friends, oh no!They want to talk about the AOL, of course. No one under-stands about Mars—;“他们来了,”贝尔说,“他们不是朋友,噢,不是。当然,他们要谈谈人工臭氧层的事。没人懂得火星——”;That#39;s all right, that#39;s all right,; Gog said quickly. And then he looked up, first at Rilla and then at Kiah. His eyes were cold and green.“行了,行了,”高格不耐烦地打断她。之后他抬起头看看瑞拉又看看凯。那是一双冷漠的绿眼睛。;I know about you two,;he said. ;Your captain told me about you.You#39;re famous! Two children! You want to help planet Earth, is that right?; He waited. The cat jumped on to his table and sat down in front of the television.“我知道你们俩,”他说,“你们船长跟我说起过你们。你们名气不小啊!两个孩子!你们想拯救地球,是不是?”他等着回答。那只猫跳上他的桌子坐在电视机前。;Yes, Commander,; Kiah began. ;The AOL is breaking up—;“是的,司令,”凯开口了,“人工臭氧层正在破裂——”;When? Tonight? Tomorrow?; Gog said angrily. ;I heard this old story two years ago,from Adai.Everyone comes here and wants money-money for the AOL, money for rain, money for the Moon colony.什么时候?今天晚上?明天?”高格生气地说,“两年前我就听阿岱说过这个老掉牙的故事。每个人都到这儿来要钱——为人工臭氧层,为下雨的事,为月亮部族。But I am Earth Commander, and you are nobody! I know about the AOL and the AOL is good for a hundred years!;“但是我是地球司令,你们什么也不是!我知道人工臭氧层,它能坚持一百年!”;But the satellite—; Kiah began again.“可是卫星——”凯又开口了。;Be quiet!; Gog cried. ;I am Earth Commander! I#39;m not going to give money for the AOL! Or for rain! Or for the Moon!; Gog looked at the guards near the door. ;Take them —take them away.I don#39;t want to hear them.;“少废话!”高格叫了起来,“我是地球司令!我不会为人工臭氧层花钱!也不为下雨的事花钱!也不为月亮!”高格看了一眼门口的卫兵,“把他们——把他们带走。我不想听他们讲话。”The guards moved behind Kiah and Rilla, and Bel began to laugh. ;Goodbye!; she said. ;You#39;re not going to the Moon, you#39;re going to prison! You can talk about the holes in the AOL there!;卫兵们在凯和瑞拉身后行动起来,贝尔笑了:“再见了!”她说,“你们去不了月球,你们要去的地方是监狱!你们可以在那儿谈论人工臭氧层上的洞!” Article/201203/174332

"Are you writing a thank-you letter to Grandpa like I told you?" "Yes, Mum." "Your handwriting seems very large.""Well, Grandpa's deaf, so I'm writing very loud."“你是在按照我说的给爷爷写信感谢他吗?”“是的,妈妈。” “你的字好象写得太大了。” “嗯,爷爷的耳朵不好,所以我写得大声点儿。” Article/200805/40114

The next day there was a letter to say that the children#39;s mother was coming home that afternoon. So they decided to wish for something for their mother. They were busy trying to think of something when Martha came into the room,very excited.第二天来了一封信说孩子们的母亲当天下午要回来了。所以他们决定为妈妈想要点什么东西。他们正忙着想要想出些什么的时候,马莎走进房间,很激动的样子。#39; There were thieves at Lady Chittenden#39;s last night,#39;she said. #39; They took all her jewels! She#39;s got lots of beautiful dia-monds— they cost thousands of pounds, I#39;ve heard. #39;“昨天夜里奇膝登夫人家里来了贼。”她说,“他们把她的珠宝首饰都拿走了!她有好多美丽的钻石——我听说它们值几千镑呢。”#39; When I#39;m older,I#39;m going to buy Mother jewels like that ,#39;Robert said.“我长大了,我要给妈妈买那样的首饰。”罗伯特说。#39; I#39;d lide Mother to have all Lady Chittenden#39;s beautiful jewels now,#39;said jane. #39; I wish she could. #39;“我想让妈妈现在就有奇膝登夫人的美丽的珠宝。”简说,“我希望她能有。”#39;Oh Jane !#39;cried the others. #39; What have you said?#39;“噢,简!”其他的孩子叫起来,“你说了些什么呀?”#39;Well, she will have them,#39;said Robert. #39; You#39;ve wished!Everyont will think she stole them! We#39;ll have to try to find the Psammead and ask it to take the wish back. #39;“哦,她将会有的。”罗伯特说,“你已经许愿了!大家会认为是她偷的!我们得试着找到赛米德,让它把愿望收回去。”They hurried down to the gravel-pit,but they could not find the Psammead. So they hurried home again and looked in their mother#39;s room for the jewels, but they were not there yet.他们急忙跑到砾石坑,可是找不到赛米德。所以他们又急忙回家,在母亲房里找珠宝,可珠宝还不在那里。#39; Well, we#39;ll tell Mother about the Psammead, and she#39;ll give back the jewels when they come,#39;Anthea said.“嗯,我们告诉妈妈赛米德的事,他们来时她会把珠宝还给他们的。”安西娅说。Cyril shook his head slowly. #39; She isn#39;t going to believe us. Can anyone believe about a Psammead if they haven#39;t seen it?And adults never believe things like that. No,she#39;ll think we are the thieves and we#39;ll all go to prison, and everything will be terrible!#39;西里尔慢慢地摇头。“她不会相信我们的。没见过赛米德时人怎会相信呢?何况大人们从来不相信那类事情。不,她会认为我们是贼,我们都会进监狱,一切会糟得很!”And that afternoon,when Mother came home, the children ran to meet her, and put their arms round her— and tried to stop her from going upstairs to her room.那天下午,母亲回家来了,孩子们跑着去迎接她,拥抱她——并且不想让她上楼回自己房间去。 Article/201204/176358

People say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That means if someone thinks someone else is beautiful, then they are beautiful. I think the idea of beauty is interesting. Why do we think some things or some people are beautiful and others aren’t? Some people think a building is beautiful, while others think the opposite. People nowadays spend too much time and money on beauty. I agree with the expression, “beauty is only skin deep”. This means that what’s really important is someone’s heart and character, not what they look like on the outside. It’s a little strange, and unfair, that you have to be beautiful to be a top actress or even a news er on TV. I think there should be equal rights for most of us “non-beautiful” people. Article/201104/130301

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