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Its a much coveted moment, the crowning glory of being named Miss World and 2012s title goes to Miss China, who triumphed on home soil in northern Chinas mining city of Ordos.这是一个另千万人垂涎三尺的时刻,中国于文霞在故土中国东北鄂尔多斯举行的世界决赛上折桂2012世界桂冠。Contestants in swimsuits perform during the Miss World 2012, a beauty contest, in Xiangshawan scenic area in Ordos, north Chinas Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, July 31, 2012. Contestants from 125 countries and regions will compete in the event which lasts from July 24 to August 18.2012年7月31日,2012世界选美身穿比基尼在中国内蒙古自治区的鄂尔多斯小沙湾风景区走秀。来自125个国家和地区的选美们将在7月24日至8月18日比赛期间角逐世界桂冠。201208/195835天河无痛引产需要多少费用Over the next two weeks, the male sees off many rivals接下来的两周内 公熊击败了多位对手but the battles take their toll on him.但他也为战斗付出了代价He is almost spent,他已筋疲力竭but he has ensured that但他已确保no other bears have mated with his female.不会再有公熊与他的伴侣交配Its time for the couple这对伴侣to go their separate ways.分道扬镳的时候到了She will give birth to his cubs, alone, in nine months time九个月之后 她将独自产下他的幼崽and he may never see her again.也许他们将天涯永别He returns to the frozen ocean,他回到了冰冻的海洋no doubt relieved to resume his solitary ways,安详的重新开始独居生活and just in time.时机正正好The ice beneath his feet will soon be gone.他脚下的冰不久就要消失Each spring, the Arctic Ocean undergoes每到春天 北冰洋都要经历an extraordinary transformation.一次非凡的转变An area of sea ice the size of Europe melts,面积如欧洲大小的海冰融化exposing the rich waters beneath.冰下富饶的海域重见天日Short-tailed shearwaters have travelled 10,000 miles短尾鹱[短尾水剃鸟]从一万六千公里外的from Australia to be here.澳大利亚飞行至此18 million visitors darken the skies,一千八百万只迁徙鸟遮蔽了天空the largest gathering of sea birds on the planet.地球上最庞大的海鸟群在此聚集 /201210/204457广州白云打胎要多少钱If you want to maximize your work output, follow these simple steps.如果你想让工作效率最大化,遵循以下简单的步骤。Step 1 Confront your most challenging work during times when you are most alert and energetic. Some people work best in the morning, others in the afternoon. If you don’t aly know your most productive time, start paying attention to your body rhythms.1.在最清醒,精力最旺盛的时候来处理最具挑战性的工作。有人早上的工作状态最好,有些人下午的工作状态最好。如果你还不知道自己什么时候工作效率最高,开始注意一下自己的生物钟。Step 2 Take short breaks to refresh yourself and sharpen your focus.2.稍微休息一下,让自己重新充满活力,集中精力。Step 3 Eliminate distractions when you need to focus on time-sensitive material. Send calls directly to voicemail, ignore e-mails, and avoid chats with coworkers until youve completed your task.3.当你需要处理时间方面比较敏感的工作时,尽量消除干扰。将电话转至语音信箱,忽略电子邮件,不要和同事聊天,直到完成任务。Tip Some people work best with low-volume background music.小贴士:有人听着声音较低的背景音乐工作效率最高。Step 4 Set daily goals and use a to-do list, adding to it as needed and crossing out what you complete.4.每天为自己设定目标,写好备忘录,如果有必要的话可以增添,完成之后就划掉。Tip Start with what you like the least, so you have more enjoyable tasks to look forward to later in the day, when you tend to be tired.小贴士:先从自己最不喜欢的工作开始,这样稍晚一点,当你比较疲倦的时候,就有更喜欢的任务来完成。Step 5 Exercise each day. This will help you sleep better at night and boost energy overall.5.每天锻炼身体。这样可以让晚上的睡眠效率更高,增强活力。Step 6 Get plenty of rest each night – set a minimum number of hours that you need and stick with it.6.每晚保足够的休息——为自己设定最少睡眠时间,坚持。Fact An average worker today produces as much in 11 hours as a worker in 1950 produced in 40 hours.事实:现在每一位工作人员11个小时的工作量相当于50年代一位工作人员40个小时的工作量。201212/216278广州中山大学第一附属医院正规的吗

广州天河做无痛人流哪个医院比较好广州天河宫外孕医院luW8b|O~7!p~dHNG]Ly40H(Qfd_NI^Two coffins were found in a small village in Guangxi. The coffins were about 50 centimeters apart. Theyre made mostly of lime. Sand is a secondary ingredient. Mortar-cased tombs were popular in China, particularly from the late Yuan to early Ming dynasties. Taking into account similar tombs found in Guangxi and other regions, this tomb can be dated back to the Ming or Qing Dynasty.1zaMGBg(.qpxCiV在广西一个小村子中发现了两口棺材P!eZAATv2o6_Q3。每口棺材的长度大约是50厘米nz@c[u(h0FNyyi。它们大多是由石灰制成,而沙子是第二成分K(BHld@ENAs-_v。灰泥状坟墓曾在中国非常流行,特别是元末明初曾经大肆盛行TVkCN,p9F7l[fc。考虑发现的类似广西等地区的坟墓,这座古墓可以追溯到明朝和清朝^dG+4i;AA|k。|tuTm#oei^^-uFUZU词语解释:hZpFZAU)GSy!1. coffin n. 棺材2. lime n. 石灰3. mortar n. 灰泥K]!^if_]cpYmj+aATu4s58%NrA!P4T9HDr;gAj~JrjssvD201111/162482天河哪家医院做无痛人流做的好I think that were a nation of people descended from tough old coots and tough old broads.我认为我们的民族是坚强的老傻瓜和老女人的后代 And I say that with great admiration.我说这话时心怀无限敬意They just wanted to control their own future,and to have children who could control their own destiny,他们只是想要主导自己的未来,想让下一代能够掌握自己的命运Tornadoes arent the only biblical challenge the Oblingers face.奥布林格一家遭遇的圣经所说的考验,还不止龙卷风By the river of Rockies,the end of the world, its brewing.在落基山下的河畔,世界末日正悄然逼近A prehistoric species emerges to battle for the Great Plains.Locusts.一个古老物种的出现将大平原的人们逼向绝境,蝗虫After devouring the local vegetation, they released pheromones that signal its time to move on.将当地植物祸害一空后又释放出信息素作为继续前进的信号They grow long wings.These worms head east on the wind.它们翅膀很长,这些害虫们顶风向东They join up over the Great Plains and become a plague.聚集在大平原上形成了大规模蝗灾In 1874, they devour half of the crops in the West.仅1874一年,就毁掉了西部一半的收成Three trillion locusts.Half a mile high, 100 miles wide.1,000 miles long, as big as Colorado.三万亿蝗虫聚集成半英里高,100英里宽,长达1000英里,相当于科罗拉多州的面积They block out the sun.Agricultural Armageddon.遮天蔽日,这是农业的末日浩劫To men like Uriah, the locust are the wrath of God.在乌利亚等人看来蝗灾是上帝的惩罚By 1892,half the population of western Nebraska goes east.1892年 内布拉斯加州西部有一半人口向东回迁Uriah stays.You have to be brave in order to achieve in this country.而乌利亚坚守了下来,想在这个国家有所成就,就得勇敢过人because nothing is set right there for you.因为在这里一切都得靠自己You have to take chances.And I think bravery and fear are the same things.生存就是一场冒险,我认为勇敢也好畏惧也罢Its just a matter of how you react to that same feeling.只是面对相同感受的不同反应而已Those who stick it out get lucky.Within 30 years, the locust is extinct.坚持下来的人是幸运的,此后不到30年这里的蝗虫绝迹了Its breeding grounds in the Rockies plowed over by settlers like Uriah.落基山脚下肥沃的土地任由像乌利亚一样的移民们开垦In 10 years,the Great Plains become the b basket of the country.此后的10年间,大平原成了整个国家的粮仓For the first time, America can feed itself.美国第一次实现了粮食自给Today 50 million tons of wheat is farmed each year,but trees are still scarce,and to build towns settlers need wood.如今,这里的小麦年产量已达5000万吨,但树木依然稀少。为建造城镇 移民们急需木材 /201211/209909广州市中医院地址在哪

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