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She was jolted out of her reverie as the door opened. 门一开就把她从幻想中惊醒.reverie:a state of thinking about pleasant things, almost as though you are dreaming 幻想;白日梦;梦想 /201003/98736Mark: do you have internet in your room?Peter: sure, I am a total internet junkie, I can't survive without internet.M: really? What do you usually do online?P: well, there are a lot of things, like ing news, email, shopping, etc. but mostly I chat online. You could say I'm addicted to online chatting.M: I never chatted online before. What's it like.P: well, basically it's similar to face-to-face chat, but you type instead of talk. You should try it at least once.M: really? Who do you chat with?P: to people all over the world! I have a lot of net pals. See, the magic of internet is that it connects people from all over the world. You can chat with someone thousands of miles away as if they were just next to you. But I also use it to chat with my brother in India and other friends abroad.M: that's amazing. I will install an online messenger program when I get home.P: well, my suggestion for a newbie like you is that don't get lost in the cyberspace. You know internet won't do the filtration for you, so you still need to use your judgement. There are a lot of people on the internet who might try to take advantage of you.M: don't worry. /11/88190Larry昨天完晚上跟同事聚会,喝多了。李华今天要学两个常用语,hangover和tipsy. LL: Ugh. I feel terrible today, Li Hua. I have such a bad hangover from the drinking I did last night. LH: Larry, 什么是hangover?你昨天不是跟同事聚会吗? LL: A hangover is the way you feel after you have had too much alcohol to drink at a party. Right now I have a head ache, my stomach hurts, and I'm very tired. LH: 哦,hangover就是中文里说的“宿醉”。头痛、恶心、还有四肢乏力都是宿醉的症状,是前一天晚上喝酒的后遗症。 LL: Except that a hangover isn't as fun as the drinking I did the night before. Oooh. My head really hurts. LH: Larry,你经常会有hangover吗? LL: No, I don't, Li Hua. I really don't drink alcohol that much. LH: 那昨天是什么重要的日子吗? LL: My office was holding a party to celebrate the completion of a project. I lost track of how much I was drinking, and now I'm hung over. LH: Larry,有没有什么办法能让你舒一些吗? LL: Well, to help myself feel better, the first things I did when I got up this morning were to take some aspirin and eat a simple breakfast. LH: 啊,你这么不舒,居然还能吃得下东西? LL: Well, it is true that since I am hung over, I don't have much of an appetite - but I did eat a plain piece of toast. LH: 我觉得你今天应该好好在家里休息。 LL: Yeah, I plan to get lots of rest today. Fortunately, it is the weekend, and I have two days to recover from my hangover. LH: 我听朋友说,一边喝酒,一边吃东西喝水,就能避免宿醉。 LL: Really, Li Hua? I'll have to try that the next time I'm drinking a lot at a party. I'd do anything to avoid getting another hangover. LH: 其实啊,要想避免宿醉,最好的办法就是不喝酒。 LL: Of course, Li Hua, but how much fun would that be? ****** LL: So, Li Hua, I've never seen you drink very much, but I remember at my New Year's Eve party last year you got a little tipsy. LH: Tipsy? 你是说我上次有点儿醉醺醺的吗? LL: Yes, tipsy is the feeling you have when you have had a little to drink, but you haven't yet had too much to drink. You feel relaxed, laugh a lot, and may do things that are a little silly. LH: 我记得,去年元旦聚会,我确实有点儿喝多了,但没醉。那种感觉轻飘飘的。我每次喝到tipsy就会脸红,然后就开始讲笑话。 LL: Actually, when you started telling jokes that is when I knew you were tipsy, Li Hua. You don't tell jokes that often. LH: 没错,我平时挺严肃,不太讲笑话,大概只有喝过酒以后,特别放松的时候,才会讲笑话。 LL: You know, when I get tipsy, Li Hua, I get a little clumsy. I might spill my drink, bump into some one near me, or drop my napkin. LH: 这么说元旦聚会时你也有点儿喝多了?我还记得你把酒了一地。当时大家都有说有笑,所以没有人注意到。 LL: That's right. I guess we were both tipsy that night, Li Hua. LH: 虽说有点晕,但我还是很清醒。我一直告诉自己,千万不能喝多了。 LL: And that is a good thing, Li Hua. Being tipsy at a party is fine, but drinking too much can lead to problems. LH: 是啊,有的人喝多了就会找碴生事,扫大家的兴。 LL: And some people get really sad when they drink too much. I think it is probably best to stop drinking when you feel tipsy and are just having a good time. LH: 不过,即使光是有些tipsy, 没有醉,也不能自己开车回家,美国有关醉酒驾驶的法律是非常严格的。 LL: That's right, Li Hua. If I notice my guests are a little tipsy, I ask them to wait until they are completely sober before they leave - or I find some one who hasn't been drinking to drive them home. LH: 你真够意思。不过别忘了,喝多了酒还有另外一个非常严重的问题! LL: What's that? LH: 你忘了?宿醉啊! 今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是hangover, 指宿醉。另一个是tipsy, 指有些醉意。 /200811/55753Are you sure you are going to set us up?你确定你要帮我们制造机会吗?在英文里制造机会可不是 make a chance 喔! 虽然这是大家最自然会想到的说法. 正确的说法应该用 set up 这个片语, 例如 set you up 就是帮你制造机会的意思. 另外, 老美也很喜欢用 fix up 和 hook up 来表示撮合某人. 例如你有一个长得还可以, 你想把她介绍给你同学, 你就可以跟你同学说, "Do you like my sister? I can fix you up." (你喜欢我吗? 我可以撮合你们.) /200803/30185

Thousand times no! 绝对办不到!

How's work? 近来工作如何?

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