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  • On a diet? Losing weight? Or are you happy with your weight but still want to appear slimmer? Here are some tips from the experts.节食?减肥?想要达到苗条的目标?或者你对自己的体重很满意,只不过想让自己看上去苗条一些?这里有一些专家提供的小方法:* Wear a sleeveless top with a wide boat neck to soften a very full bust.穿一字领的无袖上衣可以弱化太过丰满的胸部。* Wear wrap-around skirts to camouflage a bulging stomach, hips and derriere.穿束腰连衣裙可以挡住你的大肚子和臀部。* Emphasize your good points. A belt for a slim waist. Short skirt for pretty legs.突出你的优点。腰细的话就配条腰带,腿美的话就穿短裙。* Never wear tight belts or elasticized waistbands.不要系紧身的腰带或者带松紧的腰带。* Wear shoes with pointed toes.穿尖头的鞋子。* Wear shoes with high thin heels.穿细跟的高跟鞋。* Small prints make you look slimmer. 小图案可以使你看起来更瘦。 /200907/78701。
  • 《断背山》男主角希斯#8226;莱杰身亡Heath Ledger was found dead Tuesday at a downtown Manhattan apartment, naked in bed with sleeping pills nearby. The Australian-born actor was 28. The reason was not clear yet.He had an appointment for a massage at a residence in the tony neighborhood of SoHo, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said. A housekeeper who went to let him know the massage therapist had arrived found him dead at 3:26 p.m."We are all deeply saddened and shocked by this accident," Ledger's publicist, Mara Buxbaum, said in a statement Tuesday night. "This is an extremely difficult time for his loved ones and we are asking the media to please respect the family's privacy and avoid speculation until the facts are known."The medical examiner's office planned an autopsy Wednesday, spokeswoman Ellen Borakove said.Ledger was nominated for an Oscar for his performance as a gay cowboy in "Brokeback Mountain," where he met Michelle Williams, who played his wife in the film. The two had a daughter, Matilda, and lived together in Brooklyn until they split up last year.Ledger most recently appeared in "I'm Not There," in which he played one of the many incarnations of Bob Dylan.He's had starring roles in "A Knight's Tale" and "The Patriot," and played the suicidal son of Billy Bob Thornton in "Monster's Ball.""I had such great hope for him," said Mel Gibson, who played Ledger's father in "The Patriot," in a statement. "He was just taking off and to lose his life at such a young age is a tragic loss."Ledger was born in 1979 in Perth, in western Australia, to a mining engineer and a French teacher, and got his first acting role playing Peter Pan at age 10 at a local theater company. 澳大利亚籍影星希斯#8226;莱杰(译者注:电影《断背山》男主角)于本周二被发现死于曼哈顿的家中,年仅28岁。莱杰被发现时全身地躺在床上,身旁有一些安眠药片。目前他的死因尚未确定。纽约警察局发言人保尔#8226;布朗尼说,当天莱杰约了一位师来其位于高级SoHo区的家中。但当他的管家去通知他师已到访时,发现他已经死亡,当时的时间是下午3点26分。莱杰的经纪人马拉#8226;巴克斯鲍姆在本周二晚发表的一份声明中说:“我们对莱杰的突然离去感到十分悲痛和震惊。此时他的亲人一定非常痛苦,我们已请求媒体尊重他们的隐私,在事情没弄清楚之前,不要无根据地猜测。”纽约警察局女发言人艾伦#8226;波拉科维说,监察医务院将于本周三对莱杰进行尸检。希斯#8226;莱杰曾在电影《断背山》中饰演一名同性恋牛仔,并因此获得奥斯卡奖提名。后来,他与片中饰演其妻子的米歇尔#8226;威廉姆斯相恋,并与其育有一女玛蒂尔达。两人一直住在布鲁克林区,直到去年分手。莱杰最近出演的一部电影是《我不在场》,他在片中饰演具有多重人格的鲍勃#8226;迪伦的一种化身。他曾主演影片《圣战骑士》和《爱国者》,并在《死囚之舞》中饰演了主人公(比利#8226;鲍勃#8226;汤顿饰演)自杀身亡的儿子。在《爱国者》中饰演莱杰父亲的梅尔#8226;吉布森在一份声明中说:“我对他寄予了厚望。他的事业正处于上升期,英年早逝实在是悲痛的损失。”莱杰于1979年出生于澳大利亚西部的泊思市,他的父亲是一名开矿工程师,母亲是一位法语教师。莱杰十岁那年在当地一家剧团获得了他的第一个角色比特#8226;潘。 /200803/31203。
  • 春天代表生机盎然,女生们自然也不会错过这个让自己光照人的机会。但是沉留在肌肤里的暗淡无光也在困扰着很多人。 Complexion is kind of grey, that is very annoying, because of spring is coming, we want to look refresh and energetic. In winter, our skin cannot absorb the skin products as quickly as usual, which causes darkness and roughness of our faces. If our skin is less absorbent, we should exfoliate it to use the facial scrubs to move dead cells. But exfoliation is very dangerous in spring because of our skin is very sensitive. But still necessary, do it as gently as possible. You can DIY skin scrub, just adding a little bit brown sugar into a spoon of honey and use it once a week, your skin will be whitened. Traditionally, honey water is actually good drink to girls and take it on every morning will help us exclude toxins in our bodies and smooth our skin. 当春天到来的时候,暗沉的肤色变得很烦死,因为在这明媚的季节里,我们希望自己的皮肤看起来焕然一新,充满活力。在冬季,由于皮肤减缓了对护肤品的吸收,所以导致肤色的暗沉,粗糙。这时,我们应该使用磨砂膏吸取死皮, 可是春天里去死皮是很危险的,因为会很容易伤到皮肤。但是确实必须要做,我们可以尽量轻缓一些,使用自制的磨砂膏,只不过是向一勺蜂蜜里加一些红糖就行了。一周一次,皮肤就能很快白起来了。另外,喝蜂蜜水对女孩特别好,每天早上喝一些能帮助排除体内毒素,光滑皮肤。When we apply the skin products, the order is like toner, cream, lotion, wait 1-2minutes when you apply each layer, giving some time to let them fully absorbed, gently touching your face your palm to accelerate the process. 使用护肤品时,一般的步骤就是先爽肤水,面霜,再护肤液。我们每涂一层时,最好停顿1-2分钟,让皮肤充分地吸收,用手掌轻轻拍打面部利于加快吸收。 Sometimes, we may look very good in the morning after we use the skin products and cosmetics. But what is frustrating is that no matter how hard we try in the morning, we just cannot prevent our complexions turning dull in the afternoon. This is actually the result joint action of pressure, pollution and tiredness.有时,因为早上刚刚使用过护肤品和化妆品,我们一般在上午的时候会看上去气色不错。但令人沮丧的是,无论早上我们多么地费心去打扮,一到下午,肤色还是会变得暗沉起来。这其实是因为压力,污染,劳累综合所致。Warm your hands before you use them to apply moisturizer and foundation on our faces, because according to a report, when our skin temperature increases by 4 degree, its absorbence also increases by 20 percent. Another thing is Chinese people like white skin, so lots of girls choose lightest color when they buy the foundation. The truth is that if your foundation is lighter than your skin tone, it will make your skin looks very grey and dirty, especially when it comes to the afternoon. The right way to choose the foundation is to apply it a little bit on your chin. If it turns invisible, it is the most suitable color for you.使用保湿霜和粉底之前,最好先温暖双手,因为据一个报道说,我们的皮肤温度上升4度时,其吸收能力也提升了20%。另外,中国人喜欢肤色白一些,因此,很多女孩买粉底时会选择最亮的颜色。其实道理是,如果你使用的粉底比自己的肤色还亮的话,你会看上去比较暗淡,干燥, 特别是在下午的时候。选择粉底正确的方法是少取一些涂在下巴上,若变没了,那么这一款粉底的颜色就是最适合你的。Besides the skin tone, what also make us a little dull are the dark circles of the eyes. Temporary solution is to hide them by makeup. 除了肤色外,黑眼圈也会让我看起来比较暗淡,暂时的解决方法也就只能靠化妆来遮盖。Our hair looks even much more dim and dull after the winter than our skin, because the static causes the dryness and frication. Haircut is very needed after winter is over. It is very healthy, as damage had aly been caused at the end of hair. If you don’t cut them off, your hair will grow very slowly and lose its natural glow. 冬天结束后,我们的头发常常因为静电所致会看起来比肤色更暗淡,干燥。这时,剪断头发是很必要的,也是很健康的,因为发尖已经受损,如果不剪掉,会影响头发的生长速度和光泽。 /201103/128811。
  • 安妮斯顿:健康生活从瑜伽开始Aniston adopts clean-living lifestyleJennifer Aniston is embarking on a new healthy lifestyle and has cut out cigarettes and eliminated caffeine from her diet.Aniston has expressed her new-found love of yoga is responsible for her efforts to make changes in other areas of her life.And pals are convinced shemeans businessafter watching the 38-year-old in action on pal Courtney Cox's TV drama Dirt recently.Dirt actress Laura Allen, who spent time with Cox and Aniston on the set, tells American publication Us Weekly, "Jen was doing a total cleansing."(She) did a lot of yoga to stop smoking. Between takes, it would have been tempting to go outside and have a cigarette."Instead, Jen was clinging to Courteney. She said how hard it was."In addition to resisting the temptation to indulge in smoking, Aniston also managed to refrain from caffeine.Allen adds, "I had aDiet Cokeon-set and she was really craving for it!"(Agencies)日前,珍妮弗·安妮斯顿开始了一种全新的健康生活方式,香烟、咖啡因饮料通通戒掉。安妮斯顿表示,她最近迷上的瑜伽有助于她改掉生活中的一些不良习惯。这位38岁的女星最近在好友科特尼·考克斯的新剧《丑闻》中客串了一把,安妮斯顿的好友们看到她在拍摄过程中的种种表现后,才相信她不是说着玩的。与考克斯和安妮斯顿同时参与此剧拍摄的女演员劳拉·艾伦向《美国周刊》透露,“珍妮弗正在彻底'净化'她的生活。”“为了戒烟,她经常做瑜伽。照理说,场间休息时出去抽根烟应该是很爽的。”“但珍妮弗却一直粘着考特尼。她说,这真是太难为她了。”除了克制烟瘾外,安妮斯顿还试图戒掉咖啡因饮料。艾伦说,“一次我在拍摄现场喝无糖可乐,把她给馋坏了!”Vocabulary: mean business : 当真的diet coke : 无糖可乐 /200803/31587。
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