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广东广州长安医院治不育不孕多少钱广州市长安医院取环手术Tsinghua University#39;s Center for Statistical Science has set up a Medical Big Data Center to support the increasing demand for medical big data research and to follow the call for developing big data by the State Council in China.医疗大数据研究的需求不断增加,同时为了响应中国国务院发展大数据的号召,清华大学统计学研究中心建立了医疗大数据中心。Analysis Group, one of the largest economic consulting firms headquartered in Boston, will also join the center as a strategic partner to develop the Medical Big Data Center.总部在波士顿的安诺析思国际咨询公司是最大的经济咨询公司之一,该公司也将加入医疗大数据中心,并作为战略合作伙伴推动其发展。According to Liu Jun, director of the Center for Statistical Science of Tsinghua University, who is also professor of statistics at Harvard University, the center#39;s research will focus on medical big data methodology development and applications.清华大学统计学研究中心主任、哈佛大学统计学教授刘军表示,该中心将重点研究医疗大数据方法的开发与应用。;The center will also provide research to support clinical decision making, health policies,hospital and healthcare system management, and innovation by the healthcare industry,; he said.刘军称:“医疗大数据中心还将就临床决策、卫生政策、医院和卫生保健系统的管理、医疗保健行业创新等方面进行研究。”;Meanwhile, the center will also focus on the development of talents who will lead medical bigdata research in academics, government and the healthcare industry.;“同时,研究中心会重点培养人才,他们将在学术、政府和卫生保健行业的大数据研究中发挥带头作用。”The Medical Big Data Center will work together with the Institute for Data Sciences and MedicalSchool, while other institutes in Tsinghua will also invite researchers and experts from various academic and research organizations, including Peking University, the Chinese Academy ofSciences and Harvard University.医疗大数据中心将与数据科学研究所和医学院合作,同时清华大学的其他研究所也将邀请包括北京大学、中国科学院、哈佛大学在内的各种学术和研究机构的研究员和专家参与研究。Clinical experts from major hospitals and medical institutions will also join to develop the medicalbig data research platform, said Liu.刘军表示,重点医院和医疗机构的临床专家也将为医疗大数据研究平台的发展献力。Liu said the collaboration between Tsinghua University and Analysis Group presents a strong combination in scientific research and talent development.他说,清华大学和安诺析思国际咨询公司的合作反映了科学研究和人才培养的有力结合。While Tsinghua has a world-class research team with a solid theoretical foundation supporting medical big data research, Analysis Group offers extensive experience in the global applications of medical big data research to support medical providers, payers, the health industry and government policy makers, he said.清华大学世界一流的研究团队具有坚实的理论基础,这为医疗大数据的研究提供了有力的撑,安诺析思国际咨询公司在医疗大数据研究的全球应用方面经验丰富,这些应用为医疗机构、纳税人、健康产业和政府决策者提供了帮助。The research teams from Tsinghua and Analysis Group have aly been collaborating closely over the years in fields of comparative effectiveness analysis, construction of medical big data, data mining, personalized medicine and Chinese natural language processing.近年来,清华的研究团队和安诺析思国际咨询公司在比较效益分析、医疗大数据的构建,数据挖掘,个性化医疗和中国自然语言处理等领域一直保持着密切的合作。The collaboration will help develop talent who will play an important role in medical big dataresearch, medical informatics and related industries in China, he said.刘军称,这种合作将有助于培养中国医疗大数据研究、医疗信息和相关产业的领军人才。 /201511/407225广州长安不孕不育治疗石女怎么样好不好

天河妇科治疗哪家好广州白云子宫肌瘤手术要花多少钱You might not make it to heaven in the afterlife, but you sure can go as far as the moon. Celestial funerals are now a possibility, thanks to San Francisco startup Elysium Space. For a ginormous fee of about ,000, the company will privately transport your cremated remains to the moon!在来生里,你不一定去得了天堂,但你现在却能到月球那么远的地方。有了旧金山的;极乐世界;公司,;天葬;务现在已成为可能。花费12000美元,该公司便会单独将您火化后的遗物运送至月球。Founded by former NASA engineer Thomas Civeit, Elysium boasts of bringing space and funeral experts together to provide the unique service. ;Families now have the historic opportunity to commemorate their departed loved ones every night through the everlasting splendour and soft illumination of the Earth#39;s closest companion: the moon,; they stated in a press release.;极乐世界;公司最初由美国航空航天局(NASA)前任工程师托马斯·西威特创立,该公司将宇宙专家和丧葬专家集合起来,定制提供这种特殊务。;很多家庭现在就有这种历史性的珍贵机会,来纪念他们逝去的亲人,每晚向外看看月亮,这个离地球最近的伴侣,看看它永恒且柔和的光辉。;他们在新闻发布会上强调道。Although the company was founded in 2013, the service only offered in August of this year, after Elysium managed to seal a deal with space logistics company Astrobotic Technology. They#39;re currently taking orders, and the first batch of ashes will travel to the moon on Griffin Lander spacecraft – Astrobotic#39;s inaugural lunar mission – in 2017.虽然此公司2013年才成立,在他们与国际空间物流公司Astrobotic Technology达成秘密协议后,今年八月推出此项务。他们现在已经开始接受订单,第一批骨灰会于2017年通过Astrobotic的首次登月任务,到达月球上的格里芬着陆航天器。According to Civeit, the families who are opting for the service usually have a special connection with space or the night sky. In fact, that#39;s how the idea for the service came about. Elysium#39;s initial plan was to run a service called Shooting Star Memorial, in which ashes are briefly sent into orbit and return to Earth as a bright streak across the atmosphere. But then they were approached with an unusual request by US Army infantry soldier Steven Jenks.西威特表示,选择这项务的家庭通常都对太空和夜空有着特殊的感情。事实上,这也是这个点子最初萌发的背景。;极乐世界;最初的计划其实是开始一项名为;流星纪念;的务,将骨灰运送到轨道然后划过大气层降落到地球上。但后来美国步兵史蒂芬·詹克思找到他们,并提出了新想法。Jenks, who lost his mother to lung cancer, wanted to send her remains to the moon because it was a special symbol of their relationship. She would always write to him: ;No matter how lonely you feel and how far you are, always look to the Moon and know I am with you. I love you to the Moon and back, Love, Mom.; So when he learned that Astrobotic was set up to send various payloads to the Moon, he asked if they could take his mother#39;s ashes too.詹克思的母亲因为肺癌而离世,之后,他想将他母亲的遗体送到月球上,因为月亮是他们母子情的特殊象征。她经常给他在信里写道:;不管你感觉多寂寞,离我多么远,别忘了时常抬头看看月亮,就知道我一直在你身边。我对你的爱,好比从地球到月亮再回来那么绵长。爱你的,妈妈。;所以后来当他知道Astrobotic公司准备开始大批运送物质到月球时,他询问了能否将她妈妈的骨灰一起带上月球。;It was perfect timing,; Civeit said. ;Steven Jenks told his touching story to Astrobotic as he wanted to have the ashes of his mother delivered to the moon. Astrobotic does not provide such services to individuals but we were signing our contract with Astrobotic at the time and we were honored to make Steven#39;s wish come true.; Jenks, of course, is happy to know that his mother#39;s final resting place will be on the moon. ;I will know she is looking down on my family and maybe they won#39;t feel so alone,; he said.;这时间特别合适,;西威特解释道。;史蒂芬向Astrobotic讲述了他动人的故事,希望他们能将她的骨灰带上月球。虽然Astrobotic那时并不向私人提供此项务,但我们已经与其签订过合同,所以我们很荣幸能让史蒂芬的愿望成真。;后来,史蒂芬知道他母亲最后的安息地在月球也非常开心。;我知道她一直在默默注视着我们家,可能这样他们也就感觉没那么寂寞,;他向我们说道。For the first 50 signups, the ‘Lunar Memorials#39; will cost ,950. After that, the price will be hiked to ,950. Families that book a spot on the mission for a Lunar Memorial will be sent a kit including an engravable metal box, into which they can place approximately one gram of cremated remains. Approximately 100 remains will be sent to the moon in the second half of 2017. Reservations for the Shooting Star option are a lot cheaper, at ,990. The company plans to launch its first 100 ash capsules into space later this Fall – they will orbit the earth for several months before falling back and burning up through the atmosphere – like shooting stars.第一批报名的有约50人,;月球纪念;大概会花费9950美元。不过在那之后,价格一路飙升到11950美元。已经报名预定的家庭会收到一套工具,里面包括可刻字的金属盒,可以在里面放置大约一克的火化遗体。在2017年下半年,大约100位人的骨灰将被送到月球。不过流星项目就要便宜很多,花费大约1990美元。该公司准备在这个秋天向太空发射100枚骨灰胶囊,他们会绕着地球轨道航行数月,然后下降,在大气层中燃烧,就像流星一样。;People often think about technology when they think about space,; Civeit said. ;However, space has other inherent values, like the beauty of the night sky, which can be used to create poetic memorial services. The idea that humankind can look up at the Moon and poetically commune with its ancestors is probably as old as the human culture itself.;;人们在想到太空时总是想到这种科技,;西威特补充道。;不过,太空有它别的内在价值,比如夜空的美丽,它启发我们,让我们提供这种富有诗意的纪念务。人们抬抬头,看看月亮,与他们的祖先交流的想法可能已经和人类文化一样古老了。;Once this service ;takes off;, the company has plans to extend beyond the solar system. They want to launch a Milky Way Memorial that will send human remains into deep space. The launch date and price are yet to be announced, but it won#39;t be long considering that the Shooting Star service is aly turning a profit.一旦这项务;起飞;,此公司计划将务范围扩展到整个太阳系。他们想开展一个纪念务,将人类遗体送到更远的外太空。虽然发射的日期和价格目前还未定,不过考虑到目前流星务项目已经开始盈利,估计此类计划也离我们不远了。 /201510/404048增城检查输卵管多少钱Shi Shen (born 4th century B. C.) was a Chinese astronomer and contemporary of Gan De. He was born in the State of Wei, also known as the Master Shi Shen(Shi Shenfu).石申(生于公元前约4世纪),又名石申夫,战国时魏国人。天文学家,与甘德同时代人。He is credited with positioning the 121 stars found in the preserved texts.根据现存文本记载,石申给出了121颗星的位置。He also made the earliest surviving undated record of sunspot observation, which is sometimes erroneously credited to Gan De.石申有关太阳黑子的观测记录(未标日期)是现存最早的(有时会错误地认为这些记录是甘德做的)。He assumed that these spots were eclipses that began at the center of the sun and sp outward. 石申认为这些黑点是由太阳中心开始向外扩展的日蚀。Although he was wrong, he recognised the spots for what they were--solar phenomena.尽管石申的观点是错误的,但是他承认这些黑点是太阳自身的现象。His works included the 8-volume Astronom, the one-volume Celestial Map and the one-volume Star Catalogue of Shi.石申的著作包括:8卷本《天文》、一卷本《浑天图》、一卷本《石氏星经簿赞》。The latter two are now believed to be written by his school followers.现在认为后两本是石申的门徒写的。Most of his works did not survive intact, but a few of his crucial writings were preserved in The Treatise on Astrology of the Kaiyuan Era.石申的大多数著作现在都不完整,但是他一些最重要的著述被收人《开元占经》得以保存下来。Shi Shen crater on the Moon is named after him.月球背面的环形山中,就有一座以他的名字命名。 /201603/430304韶关不孕最好的医院

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