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Hong Kong#39;s famed population of pink dolphins is dwindling faster than ever, environmentalists say, shrinking 60% in the past decade because of heavy pollution and construction work in the waters they inhabit.香港著名的中华白海豚数量正以前所未有的速度在减少。环保人士说,由于栖息水域污染严重,并受到建筑施工的影响,中华白海豚的数量在过去十年中减少了60%。The city#39;s Chinese white dolphins─popularly known as pink dolphins for their skin#39;s rosy hue─are a beloved tourist attraction. In 1997, the city went so far as to choose a pink dolphin with a smiling face as its official mascot during the former British colony#39;s handover back to Chinese rule.观赏香港中华白海豚(由于它们的皮肤呈粉红色,所以又被称为粉红海豚)是一项深受游客喜爱的旅游项目。1997年,前英国殖民地香港回归中华人民共和国时,一条带着微笑的中华白海豚被选为了官方吉祥物,这足以显示香港人民对它的锺爱。Many locals at the time pointed out the irony of selecting a mascot whose ranks were alarmingly small and rapidly shrinking. Now, according to the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society, which has been conducting weekly excursions to monitor the population for years, the city#39;s dolphin population has declined to just 61 last year from 159 in 2003. #39;They#39;re a treasure of our natural heritage,#39; says Samuel Hung, who heads the Dolphin Conservation Society. #39;Their decline indicates the overall health of our marine ecosystem.#39;不过那时就有许多香港人指出,将数量少的惊人、并仍在持续减少的中华白海豚选为吉祥物实在是太讽刺了。如今,根据香港海豚保育学会(Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society)多年来一直进行的每周数量监测显示,香港的海豚数量已经由2003年的159条下降到了2012年的61条。 “它们是自然赐予我们的瑰宝,”海豚保育学会的负责人塞缪尔#8226;洪(Samuel Hung)说, “中华白海豚数量的减少反映了整体海洋生态系统的健康欠佳。”Such a fall in numbers appears to have sped up with the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, which is slated to open in 2016, says Mr. Hung. Other factors threatening the dolphin population include the rise in high-speed ferry traffic to the nearby gambling mecca of Macau, as well as proposed reclamation efforts to expand the city#39;s airport, he says.洪先生说,海豚数量的锐减同即将于2016年通车的“港珠澳大桥”的工程建设有关。洪先生补充道,其它威胁因素还包括,通往附近赌城的高速汽船班次的增加,以及正在商议中的扩建机场新跑道的填海造陆工程。Apart from Hong Kong, Chinese white dolphins are also known to inhabit other waters across the heavily polluted Pearl River Delta. But while the dolphins could try to migrate elsewhere, Mr. Hung says that they should stay put. #39;They aren#39;t going to be better off in Chinese waters,#39; he says. #39;They#39;ll face the same problems.#39;除了香港,中华白海豚还栖息在珠三角的其他水域,这些地方污染也很严重。洪先生说,虽然海豚可以尝试迁移别处,但留在原地是目前最好的选择;他说,“即使离开中国水域,情况也得不到改善,中华白海豚还是会面临同样的(污染)问题。”The issue of pink dolphins#39; decline got an extra burst of attention earlier this spring when one local dolphin-watching tour group spotted a dolphin mother clinging to her dead calf. The mother#39;s struggle to keep the calf#39;s body from sinking were captured on and widely circulated. Mr. Hung says that such incidents aren#39;t surprising, given high rates of local dolphin calf mortality rates. Chinese white dolphins are currently listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as a #39;near threatened#39; species.中华白海豚数量锐减的问题在今年春天得到了格外的关注。一个海豚观赏团看见了一条成年海豚正努力抱住她死去的幼崽。海豚母亲挣扎着不让小海豚的尸体沉没,整个过程被摄像机记录了下来,并广为流传。洪先生说,介于当地幼年海豚的高死亡率,这个画面不足为奇。目前,中华白海豚已经被国际自然保护联盟(International Union for Conservation of Nature)列为“近危”(near threatened)物种。On Wednesday, Hong Kong#39;s environment undersecretary Christine Loh said that like Mr. Hung, she was concerned about the dolphins#39; plight and stressed that the government was working hard on conservation. Ms. Loh said the government implemented a trawling ban last year, which green groups hope will improve local fish stocks and protect Hong Kong#39;s dolphin population. #39;The government is committed to doing everything it can for the dolphins,#39; she said.香港环境部副部长陆恭蕙(Christine Loh)于周三表示,和洪先生一样,她也很关心海豚的困境,她同时强调,政府正在努力实施保护计划。陆女士说,香港政府去年实施了禁止拖网法案,环保团体认为这将改善当地的鱼类种群并保护栖息在香港的海豚。她说,“政府正竭尽全力保护海豚。”She also said it was unclear whether the dolphins were dying off or simply relocating to other parts of the Pearl River Delta. #39;They could have swum off somewhere else,#39; said Ms. Loh, adding that the government needed to do more work with authorities across the border in China to support the population.她还表示,目前尚不清楚海豚究竟是正在灭绝还是只是迁徙到了珠三角的其他水域,陆女士说,“他们可能已经游去别的地方了”。她补充道,香港政府需要同中国内地相关部门通力合作以维持中华白海豚的数量。 /201307/246077

Sales of mushrooms have hit an all-time high as Britons increasingly turn to the cheap and versatile foodstuff for their cooking.在英国,蘑菇销量创下了历史新高,因为越来越多的英国人转而选择这种廉价、多用途的食材来做菜。Shoppers spent over £365 million on mushrooms over the last year, equivalent to £14 per household, making them the nation’s third most popular item in supermarkets#39; vegetable aisle after potatoes and tomatoes.去年,英国消费者花了3.65亿英镑用于购买蘑菇,相当于每户14英镑,这让蘑菇成为英国超市蔬菜货架上第三大受欢迎的食物,仅次于土豆和西红柿。Around 118,000 tons of mushrooms were sold in the past 12 months and supermarkets are bolstering supplies to cope with the extra demand. Although button and closed cup mushrooms dominate the market, strong growth was seen by brown and chestnut mushrooms. Mushrooms are now more popular than carrots, onions, broccoli and peppers, according to Kantar Worldpanel.在过去12个月就售出了约11.8万吨蘑菇,而且超市还在加强供给来应对额外需求。草菇和杯子洋菇占据的市场份额最大,不过鲜冬菇和茶树菇的销量增长势头也很强劲。根据市场调研公司康塔尔事务所的数据,现在蘑菇比胡萝卜、洋葱、花椰菜和辣椒都更受欢迎。Researchers said that shoppers are turning to mushrooms as they add depth and flavour to dishes and have health benefits.研究人员称,消费者选择蘑菇是因为蘑菇给菜肴增添了醇厚的口感,更具风味,而且还对健康有益。Dr Christian Jessen, the nutrition expert and TV presenter, said: “Mushrooms are an excellent source of B vitamins which are needed for a healthy diet. They are especially good for anyone trying to lose weight given they are exceptionally low in calories and fat.”营养专家、电视节目主持人克里斯蒂安·杰森士说:“蘑菇含有丰富的维生素B,这是健康的食谱所需要的。蘑菇对那些想减肥的人特别有益,因为蘑菇所含的卡路里和脂肪都很低。”The research also found that Britons are getting lazy. Sales of pre-sliced mushroom have grown by a quarter over the last year.研究还发现,英国人变懒了。切片蘑菇销量去年增加了四分之一。 /201211/206885

The commercial success of many high-profile Chinese entrepreneurs appears to have done little to encourage young Chinese college graduates to become their own boss. According to a recent report, only 1.6% of Chinese college graduates started businesses last year, essentially flat with the year before. 中国诸多知名企业家在商业方面的成功似乎并没有对中国大学生毕业后创业起到什么鼓励作用。最近一份报告显示,去年中国只有1.6%的大学毕业生选择创业,比例与前年基本持平。Also, while young Americans often look to create the next Facebook, China#39;s budding business owners start out with lower skills and more modest ambitions.美国的年轻人通常希望创造出下一个Facebook,而中国年轻创业者具备的技能更低,抱负也没那么大。The ;2012 Graduate Employment Report,; released last week by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and MyCOS Research Institute, a Beijing-based education consultancy, shows that vocational-college graduates were more keen on starting businesses than those graduating from four-year colleges-with a ratio of 2.2% compared with 1% respectively.Getty Images南京举行的一场招聘会被大学毕业生挤得水泄不通。中国社会科学院(Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)与北京教育咨询机构麦可思研究院(MyCOS Research Institute)上周发布了《2012年中国大学生就业报告》。报告显示,高职高专毕业生的创业热情高于四年制本科毕业生,前者的自主创业比例是2.2%,后者仅为1%。The report showed that a large share of young entrepreneurs are based in China#39;s less developed central and western areas, painting a picture of the typical Chinese entrepreneur as a restaurant owner or a pig farmer.报告显示,年轻人中相当大一部分是在中国欠发达的中西部地区创业,一般是开餐馆或办养猪场。The vast majority of graduates received their funding from their parents and relatives-80% of four-year graduates and 82% of vocational-college graduates-while most Western young entrepreneurs are funded by so-called angel investors and public sources, such as government or university-based funds.绝大多数毕业生的创业资金来自父母和亲戚(本科毕业生中这个比例为80%,高职高专毕业生为82%),而在西方,大多数年轻创业者会从天使投资人以及政府或大学基金等公共渠道获取资金。According to the study, arts and design majors were prominent among Chinese start-up entrepreneurs with four-year degrees, while among vocational-college graduates logistics-management studies was a common major, with many graduates setting up e-commerce or transportation and storage businesses.报告显示,在中国本科毕业生创业大军中,比较突出的是艺术和设计专业的学生,而在高职毕业生中,物流管理专业的创业者则很常见,很多学生毕业后会去做电子商务或搞运输仓储。Even though business competitions in China sponsored by government and universities to boost young entrepreneurship draw a lot of entries, many participants are not actually competing for future business. According to a survey conducted by Xiamen University, 53% of participants in its university business competition claimed that they entered to gain more work experience and contacts to help them in their future job hunt.在中国,虽然政府和大专院校为鼓励年轻人创业组织了各种商业竞赛,也吸引了大批前来报名的人,但很多人参赛并不是为了能够未来创业。据厦门大学(Xiamen University)一项调查显示,参加该校商业竞赛的人有53%声称,他们参赛是为了获得更多工作经验,积累更多人脉,以帮助他们日后找工作。A number of academic surveys indicate that while Western graduates benefit from business-focused college courses where critical thinking is encouraged, Chinese students often put little value on creativity and refrain from taking risks, a trait researchers attribute to a Chinese education system traditionally based on rote learning.一些学术调查报告显示,西方大学毕业生获益于那些鼓励批判性思考的商务课程,而中国学生往往不怎么重视创造性,也不愿承担风险。研究人员认为,中国学生的这个特点是历来只注重死记硬背的中国教育制度造成的。Lack of angel capital investors are also blamed for the comparatively small number of start-ups. ;It is difficult for young entrepreneurs to find investment,; said Li Kaifu, chief executive of Innovation Works, at a conference in April.另外,缺少天使投资人也被认为是中国创业者数量相对较少的原因之一。创新工场(Innovation Works)首席执行长李开复今年4月在一个会议上说,年轻创业者很难找到投资。To be sure, plenty of high-skill, high-tech businesses are started in China every day, especially in the coastal provinces and major cities. And funding opportunities are growing. ;The potential of domestic angel investment is huge and will be vital for China#39;s business ecosystem,; Mr. Li said in April.当然,中国每天都有很多需要高技能人才的高科技企业成立,特别是在中国沿海省份和主要城市。另外,融资机会也在不断增多。李开复4月份时说,国内天使投资潜力巨大,对中国商业生态系统来说非常重要。Xue Manzi, a prominent Chinese angel capital investor, said in a business competition this February that China#39;s entrepreneur environment is second only to that of the U.S. However, he said, innovation remains a problem.中国知名天使投资人薛蛮子今年2月在一个商业竞赛中说,中国的创业环境仅次于美国。不过他说,创新仍是个问题。;Capital is not the issue, but a good project. Some start-up programs by Chinese students are simply copycats,; he said.薛蛮子说,现在的问题不是缺资本,而是缺好项目,中国大学生的一些创业项目完全是山寨品。 /201206/187847

上海、安徽相继发现3人感染H7N9禽流感,其中2人死亡,1人病情危重。国家卫生和计划生育委员会昨日通报,此次人感染的H7N9禽流感病毒,是全球首次发现的新亚型流感病毒,既往仅在禽间发现;因此,尚未纳入我国法定报告传染病监测报告系统。据《中国日报》报道:On Saturday, the three cases were confirmed to be human infections of H7N9 avian influenza, based on clinical observation, laboratory tests and epidemiological surveys.上周六,根据病例的临床表现、实验室检测和流行病学调查结果,诊断这3名患者为人感染H7N9禽流感确诊病例。H7N9 avian influenza(禽流感)是全球首次发现的新亚型流感病毒。流感病毒(influenza virus)可分为甲(A)、乙(B)、丙(C)三型。其中,甲型流感依据流感病毒特征可分为HxNx共135种亚型,H7N9亚型禽流感病毒是其中的一种,既往仅在禽间发现,从未发现过人的感染情况。感染该病毒的初期症状(initial symptoms)为发热(fever),咳嗽(cough)及呼吸困难(breathing difficulty)。专家认为,根据目前对密切接触者(anyone in close contact)的医学观察结果,未提示该病毒具有较强的人传人能力(human-to-human transmission)。此外,目前国内外尚无针对H7N9禽流感病毒的疫苗(there are no vaccines against the virus)。此前曾经蔓延全球的动物流感有2009年的甲型H1N1流感,也被称为 “猪流感(swine flu)”,以及2011年的H5N1禽流感(bird flu)。 /201304/233546

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