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Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. hasn#39;t made much headway with its Aliyun mobile operating system, but it#39;s now setting its sights on the TV market with its own smart TV software. 中国电子商务巨头阿里巴巴集团控股有限公司(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.)的阿里云移动操作系统没有取得什么进展,但现在,阿里巴巴将目光对准电视市场,推出自己的智能电视软件。 Alibaba said it is drawing on partnerships with content providers and Chinese TV makers such as Skyworth Digital Holdings Ltd. and Changhong Electric Co. that will incorporate the software into their TVs. 阿里巴巴说,其正与内容提供商和中国电视生产商组成伙伴关系。创维数码控股有限公司(Skyworth Digital Holdings Ltd.)和长虹电器(Changhong Electric Co.)等电视生产商将把阿里巴巴的软件整合到他们生产的电视中。 The move illustrates yet another attempt by Alibaba to diversify its operations. Alibaba built its own cloud computing unit in 2009 and introduced its own smartphone operating system in 2011. It also stepped up investments for its Internet business, including a stake investment in Sina Corp.#39;s Twitter-like Weibo service, a funding program for app developers, and subsidies to handset makers. 这一举动是阿里巴巴试图实现业务多元化的又一次尝试。阿里巴巴于2009年成立了云计算子公司,并于2011年推出自己的智能手机操作系统。同时阿里巴巴还加强了对互联网业务的投资,包括入股新浪(Sina Corp.)的微务,为应用开发商提供资金的项目,以及为手机生产商提供补贴。 But Alibaba has seen little success in its smartphone operating system in China where it aims to take on Google#39;s dominant position in the market. 但阿里巴巴的智能手机操作系统在中国没能获得成功,该公司本想挑战谷歌(Google)在这一市场的主导地位。 Alibaba joins other technology companies such as Google, Samsung Electronics Co. and Apple Inc. in trying to develop a standard operating system for smart TVs that allow users to download apps, movies and surf the Web. But the companies haven#39;t made much headway due to lack of interest from consumers. Unlike the mobile industry, there are no dominant software platforms for web-connected TVs and the area is seen as the next battleground for major technology giants. 阿里巴巴加入了谷歌、三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)和苹果(Apple Inc.)等科技公司的行列,试图开发针对智能电视的标准操作系统,让用户可以在电视上下载应用程序、电影并上网。但由于消费者缺乏兴趣,这些公司尚未取得重大进展。不同于手机行业的是,联网电视尚无占主导地位的软件平台,这一领域被认为是主要科技巨头们的下一个战场。 Analysts said Alibaba#39;s smart TV operating system is a logical move as China#39;s Internet TV market is still immature and has big growth potential. 分析人士说,阿里巴巴进军智能电视操作系统是合理的举动,因为中国互联网电视市场还不成熟,仍有很大的增长潜力。 Currently, most smart TVs in China are based on Android operating systems. But TV makers and customers would love to have more choices as competition helps bring better services, said IDC analyst Neo Zheng in Beijing. Alibaba#39;s cooperation with [government-controlled] Wasu Media also gives it a better chance to succeed in China#39;s Internet TV market. 国际数据公司(IDC)驻北京的分析师郑熙(Neo Zheng)说,目前,中国大多数智能电视都是基于安卓(Android)操作系统。但电视生产商和消费者会乐于拥有更多选择,因为竞争有助于带来更好的务。通过与(政府控股的)华数传媒(Wasu Media)合作,也让阿里巴巴在中国网络电视市场成功的机率更大。 The company said it expects to launch a set-top box in the next few months but it didn#39;t disclose the price. 阿里巴巴说,预计将在未来几个月内发布一款机顶盒,但没有透露价格。 IDC forecasts the penetration rate of smart TVs in China to rise to more than 50% next year from about 40% this year. The volume of smart TV shipments is projected to rise 45% to 40 million units next year. IDC预计,明年中国的智能电视渗透率将从今年的40%左右上升至50%以上。智能电视发货量明年预计将增长45%,至4,000万台。 To promote its own TV operating system, Alibaba also said it has formed an alliance U.S.-based Cisco Systems Inc., though an Alibaba spokeswoman didn#39;t provide details on how Cisco would be working with Alibaba. A Cisco representative couldn#39;t immediately be reached for comment. 为了推广自己的电视操作系统,阿里巴巴还说其已经与美国的思科系统(Cisco Systems Inc.)联手,但阿里巴巴发言人没有提供思科如何与阿里巴巴合作的细节。记者无法立即联系思科的代表置评。 /201307/249596。

Suppose you are an animal. Well, actually, you are an animal, but suppose you’re another kind of animal, maybe something small that might make a tasty snack for a larger predator. You’re walking along one day when you see a big dog. What do you do?假设你是一只动物。额,你其实本来就是一只动物。但假设你是另外一种动物,也许是一种可以被食肉动物当成可口点心的小动物。如果有一天你在独自散步时看到一条大,你会怎么办?Well, depending on what kind of animal you are, you have different options. A skunk can spray a noxious liquid that will repel predators, a cat can make its hair stand on end so that it seems larger than it is, or some animals, such as opossums, may pretend to be dead aly.好吧,这取决于你是哪种动物,你有不同的选择。一只臭鼬可以释放毒液击退捕食者,一只猫可以让它的毛发倒竖起来,让它看起来比往常更大,还有一些动物,比如负鼠,也许早已装死躺在地上了。There’s another strategy all these animals have, though. You’ve seen it before, but maybe never thought about it. They can freeze.其实这些动物还有另外一条策略,虽然你可能以前见过,但也许你从来没想到过。它们可以冻结。When a squirrel or a rabbit or a chipmunk freezes, it can remain almost entirely motionless for minutes at a time. Try it yourself. Whatever position you’re in right now, move nothing at all for the next minute. It’s not so easy!当一只松鼠,兔子或花栗鼠冻结时,它可以一次保持完全静止不动达数分钟之久。你自己试试。不管你现在是什么姿势,在下一分钟内保持一动也不动。这可没那么简单!The reason an ability to freeze works as a defense is that a predator’s attack behavior may actually be triggered by motion. A frog, for example, will literally starve to death in a box full of dead flies. Pass one of those flies in front of its eyes on a little string, though, and it will automatically gulp it down.冻结能作为一种防御的手段,其原因在于一个食肉动物的攻击行为可能只是由运动而引起。举例来说,一只青蛙,会在装满死苍蝇的盒子里活活饿死。用一根线绑住其中一只从它眼前经过,它就会不假思索的把苍蝇吞下去。The response to freeze is completely hard-wired, so freezing shows us something about both predator and prey. Evolution has caused the freeze strategy to come into existence precisely because it fits in with the way the visual systems of predators operate.对冻结的反应是动物与生俱来的,所以冻结给我们展现的是捕食者和被捕食者双方的特性。进化已使得冻结策略应运而生,因为它适应了捕食者视觉系统的运转方式。 /201205/183558。

From a patent Apple filed in 2011.苹果2011年申请的一项专利。Led by Peter Burrows, a veteran tech reporter with more than two decades under his belt, Bloomberg has taken a second crack at the Apple (AAPL) iWatch story that the New York Times and Wall Street Journal broke three weeks ago.彼得巴罗斯是一位有着二十多年从业经验的资深科技记者。在他带领下,彭公司(Bloomberg)在三周前的《纽约时报》(New York Times)和《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)对苹果公司(Apple)iWatch所做报道的基础上,再次对此进行了深入挖掘。Bloomberg#39;s contribution that first week was a report, sourced by two people ;familiar with the company#39;s plans,; that Apple had 100 product designers working on a wristwatch-like device that could perform some of the tasks now handled by the iPhone and iPad.根据两位“熟悉苹果公司计划”的知情人士透露的线索,彭在第一周发表了一篇报道。报道称,苹果调用了100位产品设计师,正在开发一款腕表式的设备,能执行一些目前由iPhone和iPad完成的任务。Monday#39;s piece offers an analysis of the smart watch business that makes it look considerably more attractive than the prevailing view on the Internet -- which is that nobody wears a watch anymore except as a fashion statement.星期一的这篇报道分析了智能手表行业。互联网上有一种普遍观点:现在没人戴手表了,除非是把它当成一种时尚表达。相比之下,这篇文章的看法非常独特。Among the points the Bloomberg story makes:彭这篇报道的主要观点如下:Watches are a big business. The global watch industry will generate billion in sales in 2013.手表是个大产业。2013年全球手表业销售额将达600亿美元。Watches are a profitable business. Gross margins on watches are about 60%, right in Apple#39;s comfort zone.手表业利润丰厚。手表的毛利率大概是60%,对苹果来说正中下怀。Watches are a more attractive business than TVs. The margin on watches is about four times bigger than for televisions.手表产业比电视产业更有吸引力。手表的利润率大概是电视的四倍。Apple is interested in watches. The company has taken out 79 patents with the word ;wrist; in them, including one for a device with a flexible screen that#39;s powered by kinetic energy.苹果对手表很感兴趣。苹果公司已取得79项含有“手腕”这个词的专利,包括一款带有折叠屏、动能驱动的设备。Jony Ive is particularly interested. Apple#39;s chief designer owns many high-end models and in the mid-2000s had a team visit Nike and bring home boxes of one of their sports watches.乔纳森艾夫尤其感兴趣。身为苹果的首席设计师,他拥有众多高端手表。2000年中,他率队造访了耐克公司(Nike),带回来耐克的一款运动手表,数量多达好几箱。The timing is right. A 2003 Microsoft-Fossil smart phone partnership fizzled, but customers are more accustomed today to using mobile apps in their everyday lives.恰逢良机。2003年,微软(Microsoft)和时尚品牌Fossil在智能手机上的合作流产了。但时至今日,用户比以往更习惯在生活中使用手机应用。Among the features under consideration, according to one of Bloomberg#39;s sources, is making phone calls, seeing the identity of incoming callers, checking map coordinates, counting steps (with a built-in pedometer) and monitoring health-related data, such as heart rates.据彭社的一位知情人士透露,苹果这款手表正在开发的性能包括:打电话、查看来电人身份、查看地图坐标、计算步数(用内置步数器)、以及监控心率等健康信息。Assuming a 10% market share of a billion market with a 60% gross margin, Bloomberg estimates that Apple could see revenues of up to .6 billion with a successful smart watch. Morgan Stanley#39;s Katy Huberty did a similar exercise and came up with incremental revenue to Apple of to billion a year, assuming 20% of Apple#39;s existing customers bought one every two years. See her spsheet below.如果苹果能在这个总额高达600亿美元的大市场中获得10%的份额,而且毛利率达到60%,彭预测,苹果能够在这款智能手表身上拿到的营收将高达36亿美元。而根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)的凯蒂休伯蒂做了类似预估,同时提出,苹果每年因此获得的增量营收为100亿到150亿美元,这个预测假定苹果现有客户中,20%的人每两年会买一个。请看她的图解。 /201303/228661。

It#39;s been more than a year and a half since I left Bessemer Venture Partners to join Pinterest. Since then, I#39;ve taken quite a few meetings and phone calls from junior VCs or MBAs asking about my transition from VC to operating. By far, the most common question I get from this bunch is something along the lines of, ;Did you learn anything actually useful in VC?;大约一年半前,我从柏尚风险投资公司(Bessemer Venture Partners)辞职加入了Pinterest。自那以来,我遇到过、也接到过一些年轻风投人或MBA们的电话,询问我是从风投转型到营运的心得。迄今为止,我遇到过的最常见的问题大概就是“你从风投行业学到了什么真正有用的东西?”Yes.是的,我们今天就来聊聊这个话题。1. I learned how to ask the right questions. Anyone can ask questions. But learning how to ask the right questions -- to use questions as a mechanism to uncover the hidden truth in a company#39;s business model, or the tradeoffs in an engineer#39;s architecture, is something that comes with training. VCs spend a huge amount of their time asking questions, and thus learn the craft of asking the right ones. This skill has been enormously valuable to me as I transitioned to Pinterest.1.我学会了提问。任何人都可以提问。但如何提问,并藉此发现一家公司商业模式的真相或者一位工程师架构的妥协,是需要一些训练的。风投资本家花大量的时间提问,因此懂得如何问正确的问题。我转型至Pinterest时,这项技能对我来说极其重要。2. I learned how to people. In my first performance review at Bessemer, people judgment was one of my weaknesses. I#39;d now say it#39;s one of my strengths. As a VC, you#39;re constantly meeting founders and building your pattern recognition for ing people. This skillset is particularly useful when you#39;re in a business or corporate development role but, as with asking the right questions, it#39;s one of those horizontal skills that will serve you anywhere.2.我学会了识人。我在柏尚做第一次绩效评估时,识人是我的一个弱点。现在,我可以说这是我的强项。风投资本家需要经常与创业者会面,需要建立自己的识人模式。处在商业或企业拓展职位时,这项技能特别有用。但正如提问一样,这类横向技能不管走到哪里都能用得上。3. I learned how to learn. In VC, you#39;re constantly ramping up in a new area. Each company you evaluate comes with its own ecosystem that needs to be understood. Similarly, trends in the tech ecosystem turn over so quickly that, if you ever stop adapting and learning, you#39;ll quickly become a dinosaur and won#39;t know a Snapchat when you meet one. That drive to constantly learn will help you adapt to new environments and challenges.3.我学会了学习。风投行业的人经常要硬着头皮了解新的领域。你评估的每一家公司都有独特的生态系统,需要你去了解。类似的,科技生态系统的趋势变化这么快,一旦停止适应和学习,人很快就会变成老古董,连什么是Snapchat都不知道。这种持续学习的动力能帮助你适应新的环境和挑战。There#39;s a flipside to these three though:但这三点也存在另一面:1. In startups, you#39;ve got to answer the questions. One thing I learned early on at Pinterest is that my muscle for asking questions was a lot stronger than my muscle for answering them. As with asking questions, there#39;s an art to answering questions well. It#39;s been good to exercise this skill.1.在初创公司中,你必须回答问题。我在Pinterest很早就了解到的一件事是,我的提问能力远超回答能力。和提问一样,回答也是一门艺术。锻炼这项技能很重要。2. I didn#39;t learn how to an organization. VC firms tend to be smaller partnerships. Although Bessemer was about 45 people when I left, I was never in an office with more than 10 people. As Pinterest has grown from 30-odd people when I joined to more than 200, I#39;ve had to learn how to navigate a company. People who have come from larger companies definitely have a leg up in this regard.2.我不知道如何解读一个组织。风投公司往往是规模较小的合伙企业。虽然在我离开时,柏尚已经有了大约45人,但每次我在办公室里时,办公室里从没超过10个人。随着Pinterest从我加入时的30多人发展到了如今的200多人,我必须学会如何理清公司的结构。来自大公司的人们在这方面当然比我强很多。3. I#39;m not specialized. VCs rarely specialize. Sure -- I knew the e-commerce ecosystem cold, met with countless consumer companies, and quite a few adtech companies, but that doesn#39;t compare to spending several years working at Google. But you#39;ve got to start somewhere ...3.我没有专长的领域。风投资本家很少专长某一领域。当然 -- 我很了解电子商务生态系统,我见识过大量的消费公司和广告科技公司,但这都不比不上在谷歌(Google)工作几年。但凡事总有个开始...Good luck!祝你好运! /201312/268293。

Texting while driving can be deadly. Talking on the phone while walking is also deadly, or at least threatening enough. Researchers at Dartmouth College in America and the University of Bologna in Italy thought it necessary to develop a smartphone app that can make those things safer.开车时发短信可能招致性命之忧,走路时打电话同样会致命,至少这样做是非常危险的。来自美国达特茅斯学院和意大利洛尼亚大学的研究人员认为有必要开发一款智能手机应用程序,让上述事情变得更为安全。Their Android app uses machine learning and image recognition, which takes place right on your phone to alert you when you#39;re chatting your way right into an oncoming smash-up.他们所开发的安卓系统应用程序使用机器学习和图像识别技术。当重大的交通事故即将发生时,该程序会在你的手机上发出警报,提醒正在聊天的你。The app uses the outward facing camera on a smartphone to help a pedestrian look both ways (at least one way). Using vision algorithms built into the app, the system determines which way cars on the roadway are facing and whether or not they are moving. Then it takes into account the tilt of the phone and varies light conditions to establish an accurate picture of the roadway. Therefore, it figures out if any approaching vehicle is a threat to the user.该程序借助智能手机的外置摄像头帮助行人观察左右两侧的路况(至少是一侧)。系统可以利用程序中的视觉计算公式来判断路上车辆行驶的方向和它们的行驶状况。然后系统将考虑手机的倾斜程度,调节光线,形成路面交通状况的真实图像,由此推断正在靠近的任何车辆是否会对机主造成威胁。The app, known as WalkSafe, can detect cars moving 30 miles per hour at more than 160 feet. While a careless user is on jaywalking and talking on the phone, the app can be very useful. It warns the user via auditory and vibrating alerts before he or she is struck down by a moving car at high speed.该程序被命名为WalkSafe,能探测到160英尺(约48米)开外的时速为30英里(约48公里)的车辆。当粗心的机主一边横穿马路,一边打电话时,该程序就会派上用场。它能在飞驰的汽车撞上机主之前发出声音和震动示警。Unless a car is coming from another direction, the app can really improve safety. However, it#39;s worth noting that despite the cleverness of WalkSafe, you shouldn#39;t completely trust it with your life. It#39;s not meant to replace our common sense and attention.该系统确实能提高安全系数,除非汽车从另一个方向驶来。然而,值得一提的是,尽管WalkSafe很聪明,但你不能将自己的性命完全托付于它。WalkSafe并非是我们的常识和注意力的替代品。 /201206/186732。

导读:美国康奈尔大学的研究人员称,月亮不是唯一围绕地球轨道运行的天体。其它更小一些的物体也一直有规律的运行在地球轨道上,有时它们会离开几个月,但仍然会回来继续绕地运行。在这个科学家都忙着研究地外星球的时代,这项研究被认为具有重大的意义。不过由于这些临时月亮太小,以至于太空飞船也不能在其上着陆,因此,科学家只能等它们距离地球较近时通过天文望远镜进行研究。其实,早在2006年,美国卡特里娜巡天系统已经发现有一颗这样的临时月亮绕地运行一年。但,康奈尔大学的科学家认为,还有更多的;秘密月球;没有受到应有的关注。科学家认为,除了月亮外,在任何时候,地球都会有至少一颗直径超过1米的非人造卫星环绕左右。There are at least two moons orbiting Earth at any given time.Researchers at Cornell University say that what we know as the Moon is in fact not the only one orbiting our planet at any given time. Smaller objects regularly inhabit the Earth#39;s orbit, usually leaving after a few months to continue on their celestial journeys.The discovery is considered a major breakthrough for space research because scientists had been working toward visiting asteroids outside of Earth#39;s orbit for research. While these temporary moons are too small for a shuttle landing, they are prime for research from a relatively close distance.However, it#39;s still to be determined whether the announcement will capture the public#39;s attention like previously revealed New Moons. Either way, it should be a decidedly more pleasant experience for all involved.The new paper titled ;The population of natural Earth satellites,; from Cornell University#39;s Mikael Granvik, Jeremie Vaubaillon and Robert Jedicke states that these ;secret moons; enter and exit the Earth#39;s orbit without notice.;At any given time, there should be at least one natural Earth satellite of 1-meter diameter orbiting the Earth,; Granvik writes.Scientists have confirmed at least one such temporary moon, discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona in 2006.;Our results are consistent with the single known natural [temporarily-captured orbiter] 2006 RH120, a few-meter diameter object that was captured for about a year starting in June 2006,; the report says. /201112/166619。

ONCE a year, on December 10th, Stockholm hosts the dishing out of the Nobel prizes. It is quite a party: the white-tie award ceremony itself, complete with orchestra, happens in the city’s concert hall and is broadcast live on television. Some 1,300 lucky luminaries then transfer to the city hall for a banquet, also broadcast (a fashion expert even provides a running commentary on the gowns worn by the women). Finally, students at Stockholm University host a less formal but more raucous after-party for the laureates and their guests. For that, mercifully, the TV cameras are switched off.每年的十二月十日,各个学科的诺贝尔奖就会在斯德哥尔颁出。颁奖活动可谓是一场盛宴,庄重正式的颁奖典礼在该城市的交响乐厅举行,全程由交响乐团伴奏,在电视上直播。典礼结束后,大约一千三百位幸运的杰出人士前往市政大厅共赴佳宴,也在电视上直播(甚至有位时尚专家提供实时赴宴女士的着装)。最后,斯德哥尔大学的学生们还会为获奖者与其宾客举办一场较为随意、喧闹的加场派对。不过,谢天谢地,这个派对是不会直播的。The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, a brand-new award, is a conscious attempt to sprinkle a similar kind of stardust onto engineering, which has long worried that it is seen as a bit of a poor relation to more academic science. At a half-hour ceremony held on March 18th at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London, the prize committee honoured Marc Andreessen, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Vint Cerf, Robert Kahn and Louis Pouzin, all of whom were instrumental in the development of the modern internet. The Swedish-style pomp and circumstance will come on June 25th, when the queen will host the winners at Buckingham Palace. (London’s various universities, alas, have yet to announce any kind of student-run after-party.)伊丽莎白女王工程奖是一个全新的奖项,设立该奖是为了让工程学这门似乎被主流学术科学研究边缘化的学科也沾点星光。三月十八日,在位于伦敦的皇家工程学院举行了长达半小时的授奖仪式。评委会将本届奖项颁发给了Marc Andreessen、Tim Berners-Lee爵士、Vint Cerf、Robert Kahn和Louis Pouzin,他们都对现代因特网的发展有卓越的贡献。瑞典式的大排场仪式将会在六月二十五日举行,届时,女王会在白金汉宫宴请诸位获奖者。(啊,伦敦各大高校还尚未宣称要举行学生组织的加场派对。)While the prominence of the Nobels makes them excellent publicity for the fields they honour—chemistry, physics and physiology or medicine, not forgetting the less scientific endeavours of economics, literature and peace—they miss out large swathes of science. The result (see chart) has been a proliferation of similar prizes in other fields, many of which are quite open about their intent to mimic the Nobels.声名显赫的诺奖为其所嘉奖的领域带来了绝佳的宣传效果——化学,物理,生理学或医学,还有非科学类的经济学,文学和和平事业。但是,科学界的许多其他领域却未被涵盖。这导致其他领域的类似奖项种类激增,其中很多奖项毫不掩饰模仿诺奖的野心。Computer scientists, for instance, aspire to the A.M. Turing Award. The 2012 award, announced on March 13th, went to Shafi Goldwasser and Silvio Micali, both of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mathematicians have the Fields Medal, given every four years to particularly brilliant researchers under the age of 40. They also have the better-remunerated Abel prize (this year’s winner, announced on March 20th, is Pierre Deligne of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton). Other awards are more catholic.Japan hosts the Asahi and Kyoto prizes, for instance, which honour outstanding contributions in any area of science, alongside prizes for the arts.比如,计算机科学领域设立了图灵奖。2012年的图灵奖于三月十三日颁给了麻省理工大学的Shafi Goldwasser和Silvio Micali。数学界有四年一届的菲尔兹奖,颁发给四十岁以下的青年才俊。数学界还有奖金更高的阿贝尔奖(三月二十日,本届奖项颁发给了普林斯顿高级研究所的Pierre Deligne)。还有比这个奖更大方的。比如,日本设有朝日奖和京都奖,奖励文理科所有门类的杰出贡献者。Some of the newest prizes on the block come from Yuri Milner, a Russian billionaire, who has attempted to upstage the Nobels by offering m to each winner, nearly three times what the Nobel Foundation pays. The Fundamental Physics Prize, given by Mr Milner’s foundation, has so far honoured nine people. As The Economist went to press, the next batch was being announced at a ceremony in Geneva (see economist.com/physicsprize for news of the winners). A similar Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences, this time a joint effort between Mr Milner, Sergey Brin (co-founder of Google), his wife Anne Wojcicki (who founded 23andMe, a genetics-testing firm) and Mark Zuckerberg (who started Facebook), honoured 11 winners, and paid them each another m, in February.最新的奖金有一部分来自俄罗斯富豪Yuri Milner。这位富豪试图为每个诺奖得主追加三百万奖金,这个数额几乎是诺奖奖金的三倍。Milner基金会设立的基础物理学奖迄今为止已经有九位获奖者。在本期《经济学人》付梓时,该奖正在日内瓦举行最新的授奖仪式(请登录economist.com/physicsprize网站关注该奖最新消息)。与之类似的生命科学突破奖至今获奖者已有十一位,本次授奖由Milner先生、Google联合创始人Sergey Brin与其夫人基因测试公司23andMe 创始人Anne Wojcicki、Facebook创始人Mark Zuckerberg共同出资,奖金额度达到三百万美元,于二月授予。Despite the deep pockets of Mr Milner and his friends, the Nobels still rule the roost when it comes to prestige. But financial muscle is not the only way an award can differentiate itself from the competition. The satirical Ig Nobel prize, established in 1991 by an American magazine called the Annals of Improbable Research, has honoured investigations into, among other topics, the spermicidal properties of Coca-Cola and the pain-relieving effects of vigorous swearing. But there is often a serious point, too: the Ig Nobels aim to celebrate research that “first makes people laugh, and then makes them think”.尽管Milner先生和他的好友们出手不凡,若论声望,诺贝尔奖仍然独占鳌头。除了给出高额奖金,各个奖项还有别的方法各领风骚。专司讽刺的搞笑诺贝尔奖是美国《不可思议研究年报》杂志于1991年开创的,获奖项目包括对可口可乐杀精属性的研究、骂街的止痛效果等等。不过这个奖的出发点也有严肃的一面,就是要表彰那些“乍看令人忍俊不禁,然后发人深省”的研究。Last year, for instance, an Ig Nobel was won by a group of neuroscientists who had put a dead salmon in a brain scanner and showed it some pictures. They demonstrated something that looked a lot like electrical activity in the fish’s brain—a gentle reminder to their fellow researchers to beware of false positives in the fashionable and tricky field of brain-imaging.比如,去年,一群神经科学家获得了一项搞笑诺贝尔奖,他们将一条死三文鱼放在脑部扫描仪下,给它看了几张图片,鱼的大脑里竟然产生了一些类似脑电波之类的东西。这些科学家展示这些结果,用一种轻松的方式给同行们提了个醒——在流行又复杂的大脑成像领域,一定要小心假阳性因素。 /201303/231762。