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Most of us will never have the chance to experience life in space. So questions like how do astronauts sleep and bathe are common for many. Now let#39;s listen to some of the questions students from around the world have for the three astronauts.对于大多数人来说,都没有机会体验太空生活。所以,大家提的很多问题都是关于宇航员如何睡觉,如何洗浴等等。那现在让我们听听来自世界各地学生对这三名宇航员的提问吧。A Cuban student said, ;What does space look like? What are the other planets like? Is it true that there is fire on Mercury? Is there any life?;一名来自古巴的学生问道,“太空是什么样的?其他星球是什么样的?水星上真的有火吗?那里有生命存在吗?”An Israeli student said, ;How do they sleep? They must be tied to the bed.;一名以色列学生问道,“宇航员是如何睡觉的呢?他们一定是被绑在床上的。”A Brazilian student said, ;I want to know if the astronauts miss their home and family members. What can they do up there? It is difficult for the female astronauts to overcome.;一名巴西学生问道,“我想知道宇航员会想家吗?会想念他们的家人吗?他们在太空都做些什么?女航天员在太空生活会有什么不方便吗?” Article/201306/244889

You don#39;t need a winning lottery ticket, a brilliant business idea, or even a good income to make a million dollars; you just need to know how regular folks managed to do it.要赚够一百万,你不需要中票,也不需要精明的商业头脑,甚至不需要太高的收入;你只需要知道普通人是怎样做到的。You Will Need你需要College education大学教育Business生意Budget预算Discipline纪律Investments投资Real estate房产Perseverance毅力Modest home (optional)适中的房子(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Get an education1.接受教育Get an education; 80 percent of millionaires are college graduates: 18 percent have master#39;s degrees, 8 percent law degrees, 6 percent medical degrees, and 6 percent PhDs.接受教育;80%的百万富翁都是大学毕业生;其中18%的拥有硕士学位,85%的人有法学学位,6%的人有医学学位,6%的人有士学位。Step 2 Start a company2.开创公司Start a company. 2/3 of U.S. millionaires are self-employed. The business doesn#39;t have to be big, flashy, or innovative to make a million dollars; it just needs to be profitable.开创一家公司。三分之二的美国百万富翁都是自主创业的。要赚够一百万,你的公司不需要太大,不需要浮华,也不需要创新,只需要盈利。Step 3 Be a landlord3.成为业主Purchase a modest home -- one that costs no more than twice your taxable income. Consider taking in roommates so they can help pay off the mortgage. Scoop up other bargain homes to lease to people whose rents will pay off the homes for you.Learn how to do home repairs so you don#39;t have to pay others to do them.购买一所适中的房屋——房价不要超过应纳税收入的两倍。考虑招募一个房伴,这样他们可以帮你偿还部分贷款。把其他便宜的房子拿出来租给其他人,房租可以偿还现在房屋的贷款。学习如何修缮房屋,这样就不需要花钱请人。Step 4 Live below your means4.生活节俭Live below your means -- way below. Lots of people have managed to become millionaires on a modest income -- some have even done it earning not much more than minimum wage. It just takes a strict budget and the discipline to stick with it.量入为出,越节俭越好。许多人以微薄的收入成为百万富翁——而其中一些人仅仅拿着最低的工资。只需要进行严格的预算,约束自己坚持下去。Step 5 Invest5.投资Carefully invest at least 15 percent of your taxable income in publicly traded stocks and mutual funds, and reinvest whatever profit or dividends those investments earn. The same goes for your business: Plow profits back into your business so you can hopefully earn even more money.谨慎地把应纳税收入的至少15%投入公共交易的股票和共同基金,把收益重新投资,或者分配投资所得。生意也是如此:把收益重新投入生意中,这样雪球才会越滚越大。Step 6 Stay the course6.坚持到底Realize that slow and steady wins the race: Almost anyone can make a million dollars if they#39;re committed to a long-term plan.要知道,慢而稳,赛必胜。只要坚持长期的计划,几乎任何人都能成为百万富翁。Americans of Russian ancestry have the highest concentration of millionaire households in the ed States.俄裔美国人在美国的百万富翁家庭最多。视频听力节目由。 Article/201309/255549

Steve was very much taken with zen, zen buddhism.史蒂夫从禅宗与佛教中受益匪浅Zen represents the relationship between things, Things of the world.禅宗描绘了世界万物之间的联系,In zen, it#39;s expressed in the art.在禅宗里,这种联系被用艺术的形式表达You see it in flower arranging, ikebana,你能在生长的花朵里感悟它You see it calligraphy, you see it in in artworks.你能从书法中感悟它 你能从艺术作品中看到它Steve was very much taken with that And especially calligraphy.史蒂夫对此受益匪浅,尤其是在书法上He noticed the way the lines and the spaces had a relationship.他注意到了线条与空间之间相互关联的方式I think his genius was being able to take the principles Of zen我认为他的天才来自于禅宗的启发and incorporate it into the products That came out of apple.并且把 这种启发融入进入了他的产品当中Jobs freely acknowledged how these outside influences Had affected him.乔布斯公开实了这些外部因素是如何影响到了他He was always trying to look for external references And external influences,我猜他总是在寻找一些客观的参照和影响And he#39;d talk about, you know, his mercedes was beautifully designed正如他说过的,他的奔驰车设计的很漂亮Because those german guys were thinking beautiful thoughts, I guess.因为那些德国人有着漂亮的想法He loved aphorisms.他热爱格言.You know, picasso said,你知道的,毕加索说过,;good artists copy, Great artists steal,;;好的艺术家抄袭,伟大的艺术家偷窃;And he loved to say that.而他则喜欢说He was the guy who camep with他是那种一来就会说;something would be insanely great.;;这将会是一场疯暴;What does that mean?他是什么意思?much of what apple did was built On the efforts of others.苹果公司做的大部分事情是建立在他人的成就之上A 1979 deal gave him access to xerox technology,1979年的一笔生意给了他一个接触施乐科技的机会One thing blew him away, a prototype mouse.一个东西彻底让他着迷,那是一个鼠标的原型He gave his own team orders to make one, only better.他给他自己的团队下达了命令,制作一个更加好的 /201309/255677

#39;Mannies#39; On The Rise In New Trends for Child CareFounder of #39;NYC Mannies#39; says male babysitters do job just as well as a female nanny.Families are opting to hire mannies to watch their kids.And I start out first hand about only have to offer.She is the most iconic nanny of all time, but now it#39;s time to say goodbye to Mary Poppins and say hello to manny Poppins.That#39;s what Sophia character Gloria did on a recent episode of modern family. Gloria, we are back.Who are you?I#39;m the new manny.Am I being replaced?So what exactly is a manny, we went straight to the source to find out.A manny is essentially a male nanny, but we brought it to a new level. We call it a big brother, we can it a mentour, we call it a camp counselor.John is the co-founder of NYC Mannies, a New-York city based only-nanny agency with a fleet of 50 or so mannies, that he says do the job just as well as the female nanny most people are used to.I think guys make great curricular, they can be just as caring, they can be just as good with kids, so I don#39;t really like to just put a gender role on it.Many mums agree, especially those with particular active kids that benefit from a more rough and tumble approach to childcare.My personal preference is always young, enthusiastic and energetic, because my daughter,that#39;s what she likes. When it comes to male-babysitter or manny whatever I want to call them, they just try a little harder. It seems, you know, they just make an extra effort to prove that they are awesome.I decided to see how a manny will handle my 19-month old son Jake. His regular nanny Shamon was skeptical but she handed him over to John for an afternoon at an indoor playground. The other nannies and mums raised their eyebrows at first but then quickly came around.I must say he is doing a really good job and Jake is very comfortable with him.And Jake well, he had a great time too.We say goodmorning America.That was close enough.Always got it,right?Pretty close,he is got a future.Yeah, he does. John the owner of NYC mannies told us that he became a manny because he lost his father at a very young age and he thinks it#39;s very important that kids have positive male role models in their lives as well as starting at a young age they can bound with mannies as well as their own female nannies. /201312/266904

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