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宁都县医院地址龙南人民医院专家预约With just hours to spare, Congress has averted a partial U.S. government shutdown by passing a stopgap spending bill to keep federal agencies open past a midnight funding deadline.美国国会赶在午夜截止期限前通过了一个临时开法案,以维持联邦政府机构所需的资金,从而避免了美国部分政府部门关门。The House of Representatives approved the measure 271-151. Earlier Wednesday, it cleared the Senate 78-20. The bill, which extends the governments spending authority until December 11, now goes to the White House for President Barack Obamas signature.众议院以27151的投票表决结果批准了这项措施。周三早些时候,这项法案在参议院80的投票结果过关。将政府的出权延长21日的法案目前已送往白宫由奥巴马总统签署;The most important thing we can do is keep the government open for business and continue vital programs that all Americans rely on,; said Republican Congressman Hal Rogers. ;This legislation is the best path forward at this time, but we all know it is only a Band-Aid.;共和党众议员哈尔罗杰斯说:“我们所能做的最重要的事情是保持政府开门营业,继续所有美国人依靠的重要项目。”他说:“这项立法是眼下最好的前进道路,但我们都知道这只是个应急措斀?”The two congressional votes averted a partial government shutdown, similiar to the standoff two years ago, that resulted in shuttered government offices for more than two weeks, in an ideological dispute over a federal health program.这两项国会表决避免了部分政府部门关门。两年前,类似的僵局导致部分政府办公室关闭两个多星期,起因是关于联邦医疗计划的意见争议。来 /201510/402459全南县陂头中心卫生院在哪个区 (CNN)—Police fanned out across France in search of three suspects: hooded gunmen who attacked satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo Wednesday and killed 12 people before escaping onto the streets of Paris.CNN报道,法国警方对三名嫌疑人展开地毯式搜索。手头戴面罩,在周三袭击了《沙尔利周刊》,一家讽刺杂志的办公楼,在杀2人之后消失在巴黎街头。The suspects behind the attack have been identified, Paris Deputy Mayor Patrick Klugman told CNN. Two of them are brothers.发动袭击的嫌犯身份已经确定,巴黎副市长Patrick Klugman告诉CNN,其中的两名嫌犯是兄弟。A tactical unit was deployed in an operation in Reims, France, following the attack, CNN affiliate BFMTV reported. Authorities havent revealed details about the target of the operation, but speculation surged in French media that investigators could be closing in on the suspects.据CNN分社BFMTV报道,袭击发生后,一个战术小组已经在法国兰斯展开行动。官方还没有公布详细的行动目标,但是法国媒体推测调查将围绕搜捕嫌疑人展开。French authorities have released few details about the gunmen, who were masked and dressed in black when they burst into the magazines office.法方公布了手的一些细节,他们冲入杂志办公楼时头戴面罩,身着黑色外衣。Klugman did not name them but said they are 34, 32 and 18 and from a suburb outside Paris.Klugman表示三人年龄分别4,32,18岁,来自巴黎郊区但他没有透露姓名。French authorities vowed to step up security and apprehend those responsible.法国当局立誓要加强安全措施,履行他们的职责;Everything will be done to arrest (the attackers),; French President Francois Hollande said in a speech Wednesday night. ;... We also have to protect all public places. Security forces will be deployed everywhere there can be the beginning; of a threat.法国总统奥朗德在周三晚间说,我们要采取一切手段缉拿嫌犯,同时加强公共区域的安保。在任何可能发生危险的地方,安全部队都要事先做好部署。Its too soon to say whether the suspects were operating alone, CNN terrorism analyst Paul Cruickshank said.犯罪嫌疑人是否单独作案还言之尚早,CNN反恐分析师保罗·克鲁克香克说。Some experts warned that how well the gunmen wielded their weapons, hid their identities and apparently planned their escape showed a marked difference from previous ;lone wolf; attacks -- and could be a game changer.一些专家警告说,从手武器的先进,身份的隐藏以及逃跑的方法看,他们与以前的“独狼”袭击大不相同,这可能是一个游戏规则改变者。In the ed States, investigators have been given the suspects names and are running them through databases, according to Rep. Mike McCaul, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.美国侦查员已经拿到了嫌疑人的名单,正在试图通过数据库追踪嫌犯信息。美国众议院情报委员会主席Mike McCaul说;Parisians will not be afraid,; Klugman said. ;We will fight terrorism with our common values, freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of the press. ... We are at war, but we still want to behave as a leading democracy.;法国副市长Klugman表示,法国不会向他们屈,我们信奉我们的共同价值观,自由,言论自由和媒体自由。我们要打击恐怖主义,即使恐怖主义向我们发动战争,我们还是要坚持我们先进的民主。Thursday will be a national day of mourning for those killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack, Hollande said. He asked for a moment of reflection Thursday and said flags will be at half-staff for three days.奥朗德宣布周四(1日)为国家悼念日,用来纪念《沙尔利周刊》袭击案中的遇害者。我们需要在周四沉思,还会在未来三天降半旗表示哀悼。Two police officers were among those killed, the French President said.总统还反映有两名警员在袭击中遇害。Around France and the rest of Europe, thousands turned out for rallies Wednesday evening, expressing solidarity with France and Charlie Hebdo and defiance to those behind the bloodshed. At an event in Paris Place de la Republique, demonstrators held up pens in honor of the slain cartoonists and chanted, ;We are Charlie!; Pictures posted online showed similar demonstrations in other cities, including Rome, Berlin and Barcelona.在法国和欧洲其它国家,上万民众在周三进行集会,表士他们要同法国和《沙尔利周刊》团结在一起,共同抗议这次流血事件的幕后指使者。在巴黎协和广场,示威者举起他们手中的笔来纪念遇害的漫画家,高唱“我们是沙尔利”网上上传的照片显示在多个城市也有类似的示威活动,包括罗马,柏林和巴塞罗那。In the Wednesday attack, the gunmen said ;Allahu akbar; -- which translates to ;God is great; -- and that they were avenging the Prophet Mohammed, Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins told reporters.巴黎检察官Francois Molins告诉记者,在周三的袭击中,手高喊“Allahu akbar ”即“伟大的真主”—他们要为先知默罕默德报仇。Charlie Hebdo editor and cartoonist Stephane Charbonnier, known as ;Charb,; is among the dead in the attack, a police spokesman in the district where the office is located told CNN. At least three other well-known cartoonists -- known by the pen names Cabu, Wolinski and Tignous -- were also killed.警方本地区的发言人告诉CNN,周刊的编辑,被人昵称为;Charb;的漫画家Stephane Charbonnier在袭击中遇难,而且至少有三个其它知名漫画家也遇----他们的笔名分别是 Cabu, Wolinski 和Tignous。In addition to the 12 dead, 11 people were wounded, including four in ;serious condition,; the prosecutor said.这个检察官还表示除2名遇难者外,还1人受伤,其中包括4名严重受伤者。Charlie Hebdo: Satirical magazine is no stranger to controversy.《沙尔利周刊》说,讽刺杂志中从来不缺少争论。These developments come after at least two heavily armed men entered the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris 11th district, close to Place de la Bastille, and opened fire, Molins said.Molins说,就在至少两个全副武装的袭击者进入了位于巴黎11区,靠近巴士底广场的《沙尔利周刊》办公室之后,他们开射击。A witness who works in the office opposite the magazines told BFMTV that he saw two hooded men, dressed in black, enter the building heavily armed.案发现场对面办公室的目击者告诉BFMTV,他们看见了两个身穿黑衣,头戴面罩全副武装的人进了大楼;We then heard them open fire inside, with many shots,; he said. ;We were all evacuated to the roof. After several minutes, the men fled, after having continued firing in the middle of the street.; The men reportedly spoke fluent French with no accent.当我们听到对面办公室传来声后,我们全都疏散到了楼顶。几分钟后袭击者逃散,并且在大街上开火。报道称袭击者说着流利的法语,并且没有口音。One unsettling , posted to YouTube, shows two men shooting on a Paris street, then walking up to and firing point-blank at a seemingly wounded man as he lay on the ground.Youtube上传的一段视频显示两个袭击者在大街上开射击,并且走近一个躺在地上的好像受伤的人近距离开杀了他。Video shows a gunman approaching his getaway car and raising his finger in the air in what appears to be a signal, possibly to another vehicle or other people who might have played a role in the attack, a Western intelligence source briefed on the French investigation told CNN.视频中,一个手在他靠近逃跑车辆的时候,在空中伸出了手指,似乎在给其它车辆或者其它袭击者传递什么信号。一个西方情报人员在简述案件调查时告诉CNN。Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that all means are being used to ;ensure as quickly as possible we can identify the (attackers) and (arrest them), so that they can be punished with the severity that their barbarous acts are worthy of.;内政部长Bernard Cazeneuve表示要动用一切手段尽快确认和追拿袭击者,并且让他们接受与他们暴行相符的严厉惩罚。Vehicle similar to getaway car impounded与疑似嫌疑犯乘坐的车辆被扣押。Armed soldiers could be seen standing guard outside monuments, in transit stations and elsewhere in well-trafficked spots around France by Wednesday evening. Prime Minister Manuel Valls raised Frances security to its highest level -- ;attack alert; -- after the Charlie Hebdo bloodshed. That means there will be reinforced security at media company offices, major stores, religious centers and on public transport, Valls office said in a statement.法国境内的纪念馆,交通站和其它人流车流繁忙的地点在周三晚上都有武装的士兵留守保卫。袭击发生后,总理Manuel Valls把法国警戒水平提到最高等级—袭击警报级别—这就意味着总理办公室声明中提到的,媒体公司办公室,大型商店,宗教中心和公共交通站都会加强安保力量。U.S. counterterrorism agencies are looking at a number of groups, including ISIS and al Qaeda, that might be responsible for the attack. Charlie Hebdo has been singled out as a target for Islamist extremists in al Qaedas publication, Inspire.美国反恐机构正在监视一些可能发动袭击的幕后组织,包括ISIS和基地组织。《沙尔利周刊》早就被基地伊斯兰极端势力列为攻击目标。Police impounded a black Citroen in northeastern Paris similar to the one purportedly used by the attackers as a getaway car. Video from CNN affiliate BFMTV shows the vehicle being towed from Porte de Pantin, in Paris 19th district.法国警方在巴黎东北部扣留了一辆据称是疑似袭击者使用过的黑色雪铁龙车,CCN分社BFMTV的视频显示这辆车从巴9区庞丹门拖走了。Investigators will do a complete DNA work-up on the Citroen, including soil signatures that might suggest where the gunmen came from, a Western intelligence source briefed on the probe told CNN.调查员将会对这辆雪铁龙车上留下的DNA样本做全面检测,并分析其携带的土壤特征用来追踪手的居住地。一家调查此事件的西方情报机构告诉CNN。The same source said that French authorities are searching all travel records from the past 17 days to see whether any of the attackers entered the European nation over the holidays. This includes checks at Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports, as well as whatever limited information is available from train stations.同样的情报显示,法国当局正在对过7天的所有旅行记录进行调查,希望能确定某些袭击者是否在假期来到法国。纪录来源包括对戴高乐机场和奥利机场的调查,火车站也可能提供某些有限的信息。Satirical magazine has drawn anger讽刺杂志招来的愤怒Charlie Hebdo is no stranger to controversy for lampooning a variety of subjects, including Christianity. But what its done on Islam has gotten the most attention and garnered the most vitriol.《沙尔利周刊》经常发表各种各样有争议的内容,包括针对基督教的言论,但是他们对伊斯兰的言论引发了大量的关注并受到了人们的指责。Its last tweet before Wednesdays attack featured a cartoon of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The magazine has a controversial history of depicting Mohammed, often in an unfavorable light, which has angered many Muslims around the world.杂志周三袭击案的最后一条推特中就张贴了有关ISIS首领Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi的卡通画。这家杂志还曾经针对默罕默德进行不当的描述,引发了全世界穆斯林人民的极端不满。Earlier cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed spurred protests and the burning of the magazines office three years ago.就在三年前,杂志把先知默罕默德画成了漫画结果引起了一场火灾。In November 2011, Charlie Hebdos office was firebombed the day it was due to publish a cover making fun of Islamic law.20111月《沙尔利周刊》发表了嘲笑伊斯兰法律的报道,结果就招来了燃烧弹袭击。A year later, in an interview with Le Monde newspaper, Charbonnier gave little indication that he planned to change Charlie Hebdos ways.一年之后在法国世界报的一个采访中,他的编辑Charbonnier表示并不打算改变他们杂志的风格;It may sound pompous,; he said, ;but Id rather die standing than live on my knees.;“听起来或许很傲慢,但是我宁愿站着死也不愿意跪着活。”The attack on the magazine spurred a wave of support for the publication and its practices around France and the world.针对杂志社的袭击引起了法国和全世界对他们杂志和行为的声援。On social media, people tweeted past covers from the magazine as well as the words ;Je suis Charlie,; or ;I am Charlie.;在一些社交媒体上,人们用推特转发《沙尔利周刊》以前的报道,以及人们抗议的口号:“我是沙尔利!”来 /201501/352839赣州包皮环切手术要多少钱

赣州治疗慢性软下疳医院Ebola aly reached the US when a patient was diagnosed in Texas on September 30. But where is the disease likely to go next? A map from MOBS Lab and Northeastern University shows the risks.90日美国德克萨斯州的一名病人被确诊后,这意味着可怕的埃拉病毒已经扩散到了美囀?那么接下来埃拉最可能扩散到哪个国家呢?美国东北大学生物和社会技术系统模拟实验室的研究人员计算并制作了一张图表。To develop these estimates, researchers used a computer model that tracks the frequency of international traffic to different countries, the progression of the disease in aly affected countries, and the incubation time and other aspects of Ebola. The estimates will be updated as the epidemic continues.为了得出这些预测,研究人员们使用计算机模型追踪自病原区西非向其他国家发出航班的频率、已受感染地区的疫情发展情况,以及埃拉病毒的潜伏期等其他方面。这些预测信息会随疫情的发展而即时更新。Outside of Africa, the risk is relatively high in the UK and France, but thankfully very low in India and China. The more advanced health-care systems in the UK and France are much better equipped to deal with an Ebola outbreak, while less advanced systems in China and particularly India, which also have considerably bigger populations to manage, could struggle to deal with an epidemic.除了非洲地区,受埃拉感染危险度较高的是英国和法国,相对较安全的是印度和中国。但是英国和法国的医疗保健系统更先进,所以对埃拉疫情的防护可能也会更有效。而相比之下,中国尤其是印度的医疗保健体系不够完善,且国家人口数量庞大,因此不能对埃拉掉以轻心。Peter Piot, who helped discover and name the virus, told the Guardian about his concerns with an outbreak in India:发现并对埃拉命名的彼得#8226;派奥特表示了他对印度地区爆发疫情的担忧:But an outbreak in Europe or North America would quickly be brought under control. I am more worried about the many people from India who work in trade or industry in west Africa. It would only take one of them to become infected, travel to India to visit relatives during the viruss incubation period, and then, once he becomes sick, go to a public hospital there. Doctors and nurses in India, too, often dont wear protective gloves. They would immediately become infected and sp the virus.“如果在欧洲或是北美爆发疫情则可以很快控制住。我更担心的是那些在西非工作或做生意的印度人。只要这其中有一个人受到感染,之后在潜伏期之内回印度探亲,这时候一旦他表现出症状,他就会去公共医院就医。而印度的医生和护士也都没有穿着防护。他们可能会立刻受到感染并传染给其他人。”As Voxs Julia Belluz previously explained, this is one of the nightmare Ebola scenariosthat keeps scientists up at night. Its good, then, that the chance of Ebola sping to India and China seems fairly remote.正如VOX的茱莉亚之前解释过的那样,这种关于埃拉扩散的假设是困扰研究人员的噩梦之一。还好,目前看来埃拉病毒扩散至印度和中国的机会还比较小。来 /201410/338822全南妇幼保健院医院预约 The ed States military says it has conducted a major air and ground operation with Afghan forces in southern Afghanistan together, killing ;numerous; al-Qaida militants.美国军方说,他们与阿富汗政府军在阿富汗南部发动大规模空中和地面攻势,消灭了大量基地组织激进分子。Based on months of intelligence gathering and planning, the operation was launched on October 7 in Shorabak district of Kandahar province and was concluded Sunday, a U.S. military statement said on Tuesday.美军星期二发表声明说,根据几个月来收集的情报和策划,攻击行动10日星期三在坎大哈省的沙拉巴克地区开始,星期天结束。It says that more than 200 American and Afghan forces took part in the offensive that involved 63 U.S. precision airstrikes while Afghan forces engaged in several battles on the ground against al-Qaida networks at two related sites.声明说,00多名美国和阿富汗军人参加了这次行动。美军进行了63次精确空袭行动, 阿富汗军队对基地组织的两个据点发动地面攻势,与基地组织交火;This is one of the largest joint ground-assault operations we have ever conducted in Afghanistan,; the statement ed Brigadier General Wilson Shoffner, a U.S. military spokesman in Afghanistan.美军声明援引驻阿富汗美军发言人肖夫纳将军的话说:“这是美军在阿富汗发动的最大规模联合攻势之一。”Shoffner said the al-Qaida sanctuary was struck in the center of the Talibans historic heartland, demonstrating ;the growing capability of the Afghan security forces.;他还说,攻击基地组织长期以来藏身的塔利班心脏地带,表明阿富汗安全部队的能力不断增长;The first site, a well-established training camp, spanned approximately one square mile. The second site covered nearly 30 square miles [77 sq km],; Shoffner added.肖夫纳将军说,攻击的两个据点,一个是基地组织训练营地,面积不到三平方公里;另外一个地点将0平方公里。The spokesman said the joint offensive seized a large amount of data and weapons, including anti-aircraft guns, rocket-propelled grenade systems with associated hardware and warheads. The digital media equipment collected from the site showed it was also a large media cell of the terrorist network.他还说,联合行动缴获了大量数据和武器,包括防空炮和火箭筒等。缴获的数字媒体设备显示,基地恐怖组织有一个庞大的媒体网络。来 /201510/404407江西省龙南县杨村卫生院治疗内分泌多少钱

大余县人民医院专家预约MALACCA, Malaysia —When Zheng He, the seafaring eunuch explorer of the Chinese Ming dynastic court, guided boats packed with porcelain to Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, he brought giraffes back to China and founded stockades along the shipping lanes of Southeast Asia.马来西亚马六甲——郑和是中国明朝的宦官,也是一位航海探险家,他率领着满载瓷器的船队抵达了非洲和阿拉伯半岛,把长颈鹿带回了中国,同时也在东南亚航道的沿岸修建了城寨。One of those tropical bases was here in Malacca, now a modest town of preserved pink Portuguese colonial buildings, Chinese merchant homes and Hindu and Buddhist temples on the west coast of Malaysia.其中一个热带基地就位于马六甲,现在它是马来西亚西海岸边上一座规模不大的城市,保留着粉红色的葡萄牙殖民时期建筑、中国商人的宅邸,以及印度教和佛教寺庙。In the 15th century, this was the midway point on the maritime crossing between China and the lands along the western rim of the Indian Ocean. Here, sailors from Zheng He’s fleets built homes and storehouses on the Straits of Malacca. Only one-tenth of the crew members who set out from China returned to their homeland.15世纪时,它是贯穿中国与印度洋西部沿岸的海上通路的中间点。郑和船队的水手在马六甲海峡修建了房屋和仓库。从中国出发的船员,只有十分之一回到了中囀?Some scholars and business people in Malaysia and neighboring Singapore, which have significant ethnic Chinese populations, now want to ensure that Zheng He’s name is as synonymous with Malacca as it is with China. At least two guesthouses in Malacca bear his name, rendered as Cheng Ho in Malaysia. A large replica of a junk, or Chinese ship, covered with billboards rises from a crossroads in the old town.目前,在马来西亚及其有着很多华裔人口的邻国新加坡,一些学者和企业界人士,努力要让郑和的名字成为马六甲的代名词,正如他的名字一直与中国紧密连系一样。马六甲至少有两家宾馆以他的名字命名。在老城区的一个十字路口,矗立着一艘中式帆船的巨大复制品,上面覆盖着广告牌。But the real centerpiece of the Zheng He revival is a sprawling two-story red building called the Cheng Ho Cultural Museum built on the grounds of eight former shop houses. It aims to give visitors the definitive narrative of the life and times of Zheng He, including his sojourns in Malaysia. The museum’s appeal and reputation extend to Zheng He’s motherland: Last year, Jia Qinglin, a top Chinese Communist Party official, visited.但是,郑和文化馆才是郑和热再次兴起的真正体现。它是一处不规则的红色二层建筑物,前面有八个门面。其目的是向游客明确介绍郑和的生平和那个时代,其中包括他在马来西亚停留期间。这个文化馆的魅力和声誉传回了郑和的祖国:去年,中国共产党最高层官员贾庆林参观了这家文化馆。“Cheng Ho’s voyages contributed a lot to the Malacca Empire,said the museum’s founder, Tan Ta Sen, a scholar and entrepreneur in Singapore who is president of the International Zheng He Society. “Without the support of the Ming, Malacca’s history would have been rewritten.”“郑和对马六甲帝国贡献良多,”文化馆创办人陈达生说。他是新加坡学者和企业家,也是国际郑和学会会长。“如果没有明朝的持,马六甲的历史就会改写。”A Chinese historian, Zheng Yijun, at the Institute of Oceanology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that Zheng He brought the lifestyle of the Chinese to the area. “It is evident in the local history of Malacca,he said. “Around that time, people started wearing Chinese style clothing. The Chinese also married local people. The two cultures merged and the Chinese became part of the local society.”中国科学院海洋研究所的历史学家郑一钧说,郑和给这片区域带来了中国的生活方式。“在马六甲当地的历史,这种影响很明显,”他说。“在这段时间里,人们开始穿中式装。中国人也和当地人通婚。两种文化发生融合,中国人成为了当地社会的组成部分。”The museum was founded on the site of the old government depot, which had warehouses and granaries on the west bank of the river. An account by Ma Huan, an Arabic-language translator who accompanied Zheng He on three expeditions, said an inner wall protected the warehouses, while an outer wall with four watchtowers surrounded the entire compound. Guards with bells did night patrols.郑和文化馆是在官厂旧址上修建的,它在河的西岸设有库房和粮仓。曾陪同郑和三次下西洋的马欢是名阿拉伯语翻译,根据他的记录,有一道内墙保护着库房,外墙则围绕整个建筑,带有四个瞭望塔。带着铃铛的卫士在夜间巡逻。Ma Huan also wrote, according to a translation by J. V. G. Mills, that the town had “tigers which turn into men; they enter the markets and walk about mixing with people; after they have been recognized, they are captured and killed.”根据J·V·G·米尔J. V. G. Mills)的翻译,马欢还写道,镇上有“老虎变成的男人;他们进入集市,混迹于人群中;他们被认出后,遭到了捕杀。”The museum officially opened in 2005, timed to the 600th anniversary of the start of Zheng He’s seven voyages to the Indian Ocean, which took place from 1405 to 1433. Zheng He died at age 62 as he returned home on the last of those. Shipmates wrapped his body in a white shroud and flung it into the ocean.郑和文化馆正式开放是005年,郑和首次下西洋的600周年。从1405433年间,郑和七次下西洋。在最后一次回国途中2岁的郑和与世长辞。同船船员用白布将尸体包裹好,抛入海中。As the museum was being built, workers found five ancient wells on the site. Two had Ming artifacts, including shards of porcelain. One of the wells sits by the lobby cafe. The interior of the wells were lined with granite blocks. “This type of practice can be found throughout places visited by the admiral,Mr. Tan said.郑和文化馆兴建的时候,工人在工地发现了五口古井。其中两口中有明代文物,包括瓷器碎片。其中一口井位于文化馆大堂的咖啡厅。井的内壁以花岗石块衬垫。“在郑和去过的各个地方,都发现有这样的做法,”陈达生说。Mention of Zheng He can evoke strong reactions. Many Chinese speak of him with reverence, citing him as a pioneer who temporarily established China as a sea power. In the West, his legacy has been the subject of debate, largely fueled by a best-selling book by Gavin Menzies, 421: The Year China Discovered the World.Many historians have criticized the book, published in 2002, for asserting with scant evidence that Zheng He traveled well beyond East Africa and reached the Americas decades ahead of Christopher Columbus.提到郑和,可以引起人们的强烈反应。很多中国人对他心怀崇敬,称他是一位先驱者,让中国暂时性地成了海上强国。在西方,郑和的功业一直是人们争论的话题,这在很大程度上是拜加文·孟席斯(Gavin Menzies)的畅销书所赐。这002年出版的421:中国发现世界1421: The Year China Discovered the World)遭到了很多历史学家的批评,因为它在据很不充分的情况下,就断言郑和的海上行程远远超出了东非,到达了美洲,比克里斯托弗·哥伦布(Christopher Columbus)还早数十年。But no one doubts his presence in Malacca, which he visited at least five times. “He stayed in this building here,said David Khor, a museum guide. “He built up Malacca. Before, it was small and backward.”但没有人会怀疑郑和到过马六甲,他至少五次抵达这里。“郑和在这里的时候,就住在这栋建筑里,”文化馆导游戴维·霍尔(David Khor)说。“他建起了马六甲。之前它是个又小又落后的地方。”More than 95 percent of the mosques in Malacca have a strong Chinese architectural influence, Mr. Tan said. More important, Zheng He and the Yongle Emperor, the ruler of China at the time, helped the native people of Malacca stand up to the kingdom of Thailand.陈达生说,在马六甲,95%以上的清真寺都深受中国建筑的影响。更重要的是,郑和与当时的中国统治者明成祖协助了马六甲当地人抗击暹罗王囀?“The tribal chief was recognized by the Yongle Emperor as the ruler of his kingdom,said Mr. Zheng, the Chinese historian. “With that recognition, the Thai didn’t dare invade Malacca anymore. Zheng He is remembered by the people of Malacca as the one who helped them gain independence.”“明成祖承认当地的部落首领是王国的统治者,”中国历史学者郑一钧说。“在此之后,暹罗就不敢再侵犯马六甲了。马六甲人认为是郑和帮助他们获得了独立,将他铭记在心。”Zheng He bestowed on the chief two silver seals, a hat, a girdle and a robe, Ma Huan wrote. Then he placed a stone tablet on the site before building the stockade.马欢写道,郑和赠给部落首领“双台银印、冠带袍”。然后,在当地“建碑封域”。Artifacts in the museum recount other aspects of the Zheng He story. A bell, presented by Zheng He to a temple in Fujian Province of China in 1431, before his final trip to Africa, was a supplication for a safe journey. A glass case houses the tools used during that era to turn a boy into a eunuch: a dagger, a rope, a candle and an urn (to store the private parts). There was “no anesthetic, no pain killers,Mr. Khor said. “Very painful.”文化馆里的展品呈现了郑和故事的其他层面431年,在最后一次前往非洲之前,郑和向福建的一座寺庙赠送了一口钟,以祈求一路平安。一个玻璃柜里陈列着那个时代把男孩变成宦官的工具:一把匕首、一根绳子、一蜡烛和一个缸子(用来盛放割下的私处)。“没有麻醉剂,没有止痛药,”霍尔说。“非常痛苦。”Zheng He was born into a prominent Muslim family in southwest China and was made into a eunuch after being captured at age 13 by an invading army of the Ming court. Zheng He then served Zhu Di, who later became the Yongle Emperor.郑和出生于中国西南部一个显赫的穆斯林家族3岁时,他被来犯的明军俘获,成了一名宦官。之后,郑和侍奉朱棣,也就是后来的明成祖。For the Chinese, the reputation of Zheng He rests on his role as a peaceful envoy of the Ming who sought to build diplomatic relations with far-flung kingdoms. As modern-day China’s rise leads to friction with other Asian nations, some scholars cite Zheng He as evidence of China’s historical goal of global peace.对中国人而言,郑和的声誉在于其充当了明朝的和平使者,寻求与遥远的王国建立邦交。随着当今中国的崛起引发与其他一些亚洲国家的擦,一些学者以郑和为例,明中国在历史上向来以世界和平为目标。“The Europeans started a storm of blood with their long voyages, robbing and pillaging along the way,said Zhuang Guotu, a history professor at Xiamen University in southeast China. “Zheng He was fundamentally different from them.”“欧洲人通过长途航行掀起了腥风血雨,一路强取豪夺,”厦门大学历史学教授庄国土说。“郑和跟他们有着本质的差别。”Other scholars have argued that Zheng He’s voyages were military expeditions carried out by soldiers representing an expansionist Ming Empire. “They were military missions with strategic aims,wrote Geoffrey Wade, a scholar at the National University of Singapore, in a 2004 paper published by the university’s Asia Research Institute.不过,另有一些学者认为,郑和的航海实际上是由士兵进行的军事远征,代表的是明王朝奉行的扩张主义。“它们是带有战略目标的军事任务,”新加坡国立大学(National University of Singapore)的学者韦杰夫(Geoff Wade)在该校亚洲研究所(Asia Research Institute)004年发表的一篇论文中写道。Mr. Wade wrote that the stockade built by Zheng He in Malacca was proof of the military nature of the expeditions. “To enable these great fleets to maintain the Pax Ming in the immediate region and sail through the Indian Ocean to Africa, it was necessary to create staging posts in what is today Southeast Asia,he wrote.韦杰夫说,郑和在马六甲筑造的城寨实了探险行动的军事本质。“要用这些庞大的舰队维持周边地区的‘大明’统治,打开通过印度洋前往非洲的通道,在今天的东南亚一带修建中途集结地是有必要的,”他写道。But Mr. Tan said it is today’s global order that is militarized, “chaoticand obsessed with what the West calls “zero-sum games.These days, he said, “one must conquer your opposition instead of finding all-win solutions in the Cheng Ho spirit.”但陈达生说,这种军事化的、“混乱的”、痴迷于西方所说的“零和弈”的全球秩序,是今天才有的。他说如今“你必须征你的对手,而不是本着郑和精神去寻找一种共同受益的解决方案。”来 /201501/352913 A triumphant Alexis Tsipras returned to power in Greece last night after his leftwing Syriza party claimed a clear general election victory.得意洋洋的亚历克西斯倠溟拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)昨晚再度当选希腊总理。他的激进左翼联盟党(Syriza)在大选中胜出。With Syriza easily winning the biggest share of the vote, Mr Tsipras’s gamble paid off of calling a vote after pushing through the tough austerity programme forced on him in return for a new86bn bailout by Greece’s international creditors.从激进左翼联盟轻松领衔得票率这一点看,齐普拉斯赢得了提前举行选举的。此前他推动通过了严厉的紧缩计划,该计划是希腊的国际债权人作60亿欧元新纾困方案的交换条件强加于该国的。Results indicated that Mr Tsipras would be able to reform the coalition he previously led after he first came to power in January with the nationalist Independent Greeks although with a smaller majority.选举结果表明,齐普拉斯将能够改组他此前领导的执政联盟,尽管这意味着他将控制较少的多数席位月份他首次上台时是与奉行民族主义的独立希腊人Independent Greeks)结盟。A big cheer went up from Syriza supporters gathered in their campaign tent in central Athens as results came in, with party officials singing and hugging each other in obvious relief.随着点票结果陆续公布,聚集在雅典市中心竞选帐篷的激进左翼联盟持者高声欢呼,该党官员们唱歌并相互拥抱,明显松了一口气。Mr Tsipras’s win secures his place as the pre-eminent figure in Europe’s far-left anti-austerity movement and is likely to galvanise sympathisers including Spain’s Podemos and Jeremy Corbyn, the new hard-left leader of Britain’s Labour party.齐普拉斯的胜利确保了他作为欧洲极左翼反紧缩运动杰出人物的地位,并且很可能激发同情者,包括西班牙的社会民主力量Podemos)以及英国工党新的极左领导人杰里米科尔Jeremy Corbyn)。Some had feared defections by prominent leftwingers opposed to the bailout deal and public disaffection with Mr Tsipras’s U-turn on the programme which he vowed to oppose before yielding to pressure from his eurozone partners would deprive the party of victory.此前有些人担心,反对纾困协议的知名左翼人士的倒戈,加上公众对齐普拉斯在纾困方案上大转弯(他曾誓言反对,结果却屈于欧元区伙伴的压力)的不满情绪,将使该党无法赢得选举。Evangelos Meimarakis, leader of the conservative New Democracy party, conceded defeat. “I congratulate Mr Tsipras,he said.奉行保守主义的新民主New Democracy)的领导人伊万杰洛斯蔠伊马拉基Evangelos Meimarakis)承认失败。“我祝贺齐普拉斯先生,”他表示。The result was a big disappointment for New Democracy, which polls had shown running neck and neck with Syriza ahead of the election. In the event, Syriza was set to win more than 35 per cent of the vote, with New Democracy trailing on 28 per cent.对新民主党来说,选举结果非常令人失望,选前的民调显示该党与激进左翼联盟不相上下。然而,70%的计票结果显示,激进左翼联盟得票率5.4%,而新民主党得票率8.3%。来 /201509/399799赣州瑞金医院割痔疮多少钱赣南中西医结合医院在哪个区



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