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公司副总裁Lisa找到销售部经理Frank,商量如何提高产品销量。Lisa: What about our pricing? Are we competitive?Frank: Actually, we are roughly 15% more expensive than our closest competitors. But its going to be hard to cut costs any further, seeing as we are aly operating on a very slim margin.L: Therere always ways to cut costs, we just have to think outside the box. Perhaps we should consider re-locating one of our factories to a more cost-efficient country.F: We can also talk to our vendors about where they place our products. Perhaps if theyre placed in a more prominent location in stores, theyll catch the eye of more customers.在价格方面,Frank说,他们的产品比竞争对手高出大约15%, 但要想进一步削减成本,恐怕很难,因为他们本来就没有多少利润,were aly operating on a very slim margin. Lisa说,要降低成本,一定有办法,必须 think outside the box 用创造性思维,比如考虑把工厂迁到成本更低廉的地方去。Frank说,也可以看看,销售商能否把产品放在商店里更显眼的地方,catch the eye of more customers.吸引更多顾客的注意。L: Would it help if we offered a mega sale to clear out some of our inventory? We might not make a lot of money, but we might gain some brand awareness.F: Thats a great idea. Getting people talking about our brand would be a big boost.L: Are we harnessing the power of social network websites?F: What do you mean?L: I mean like setting up a Facebook page or using Twitter. Its free to get online and set up an account. We might as well take advantage of these opportunities.Lisa 建议清仓甩卖,增加 brand awareness 品牌知名度。此外也不能忽视社交网站的力量。We should harness the power of social network websites. harness is spelled h-a-r-n-e-s-s, harness 是驾驭的意思。Lisa说,公司可以在Facebook脸谱网和Twitter推特网上开帐户,免费利用这些网站做宣传。Lisa继续说,L: Another idea is for us to reevaluate where we are spending our advertising dollar.F: Right now, we break it down between all the major media outlets. Television advertising gets 45% of our budget, 30% goes to print media, 20% goes to radio and 5% goes towards advertising online.L: I think we should boost our online advertising. Online ads are cheap and they can reach a much wider audience.F: All right, Ill ask the ad department to make the changes.L: If we can implement these new ideas by the end of this quarter, we might be able to reverse our sales slide and put ourselves in position for a major rebound to come next year.F: That would be great.Lisa还主张在advertising dollar广告开的分配上进行调整,增加互联网广告投入,因为在网上做广告不仅便宜,而且能 reach a much wider audience 能让更多的人看到。她说,如果能在这个季度结束前把这些措施落实的话,公司就可能reverse our sales slide扭转销售量下滑的趋势,为明年销量翻身做准备。 /201301/223259

商业英语口语 13暂无文本 /200707/16086

职场社交英语 Lesson 21:你真是心狠手辣SCENE③ C 吉娜去她老板的隔间看他 【你真是心狠手辣】Zina: No, Vince, not next week. Now. You need to 1) guarantee me 5 percent.吉娜: 不,文斯,下星期不成。我要你现在就保我能拿百分之五。 Vince: But you just said 4 percent!文斯: 但你才刚说过百分之四的! Zina: If the next word out of your mouth isn't "Yes" it's going up to 6 percent.吉娜: 若是下一个从你嘴中冒出来的字不是“好”,就会涨到百分之六了。 Vince: Yes! OK, yes. Stop it! You are just 2) ruthless.文斯: 好!好就好吧。别再来了。你真是心狠手辣。Zina: That's why you love me. One other thing. Did you leave me a note this morning on a green post-it?吉娜: 所以你才爱我啊。还有件事。你今天有留张绿色便利贴在我桌上吗?Vince: I don't think so. Mine are yellow. Why?文斯: 我想没有吧。我的是黄色的。怎么? Zina: 3) Never mind. I'm looking for somebody who uses green.吉娜: 别放在心上。我在找用绿色的人。 语言详解A: Can you guarantee me that I will like this product? 你能跟我保我会喜欢这个产品吗? B: Oh, yes. Otherwise we will give you back your money. 能。否则我们就会退还你的钱。 【I don't think so. 我想没有吧】这个句型是柔性的"No",潇洒地否定对方刚提到的事或说过的话。A: Is there anything else you want to tell me about? 还有其他什么事要告诉我的吗?B: I don't think so. 我想没有吧。 A: It looks like rain. 好像下雨了。B: I don't think so. 我想没有吧。1)guarantee (v.) 保2) ruthless (a.) 冷血无情的3) Never mind. 别在意,别放在心上 /200602/4237

  A:Is there any way you can cut us a better deal on your wholesale price for this order?B: We did the best that we could to give you a low price. Did you get our recent estimate?A: Based on the estimate you gave us,by the time we figure in transportation and other expenses, our profit is short.With the offer you've given me, we're making next to nothing.Can't you do any better?B:I've aly given you a discount of 20% off of our normally charge. If I go any lower, we'll have loss on this project. I really want to work with you on this. But we've aly gone as low as we can go.A: I'll be honest with you, our budgeted cost can't exceed more than 0 per unit.That is our bottom line. If you can meet that price, you've got the deal.Otherwise...B: I'll tell you what, I'll go over the number again with our financial team and see what I can do. I can't give you any guanrantees. But we can try. /11/88379

  Can you run the last part by again?你能把最后一部分重复一遍吗?run the last part by again直译过来就是:“再次跑到最后一部分”,这个短语的正确意思是:“把最后一部分重复一遍”。因此,当美国人说;Can you run the last part by again?;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Can you repeat the last part?;、;Can you say the last part again?;、;Can you say the last part once more?;。情景对白:Boss: Benjamin, have you got what I said?老板:本杰明,我说的你都听明白了吗?Benjamin: Mm... Could you run the last part by again? I dont have a very good signal.本杰明:嗯……您能把最后一部分重复一遍吗?我手机信号不太好。搭配句积累:①I failed to catch it.我没听清楚。②Im uncertain about some points.有些要点我不确定。③Havent you listened to me just now?你刚才没有听我说话吗?④OK, but listen carefully this time.好吧,但这次要听仔细。 /201301/220842。


  Common Courtesies in the Office 办公室常见礼节陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作,他的美国同事Amy好像显得不太高兴。(Office ambience)CH:Hi Amy, how are you?A:Im fine.C:听上去你好像不太高兴?出什么事了吗?A:As a matter of fact there is. I consider you a good friend as well as colleague. You know I have tried to help you as much as I can since you came to work at A.C:是啊。这几个月来,你确实帮了我很多忙,我特别感激。A:Unfortunately we have a problem right now. As we say in the ed States, ;I have a bone to pick with you;.C:;A bone to pick with me?; 这是什么意思啊?A:It means that I have a complaint about something that involves you.C:我什么地方得罪你了吗?A:Forgive me—I may be wrong, but I think you used my office while I was away last week.C:没错,你出差的时候。我以为你不会介意呢。A:I would not have minded if you had asked me first.C:你走后我才想起来的。正好有个项目快到期了,我需要个安静的地方工作,所以就借用了你的宝地。A:I understand, but you need to be aware that you shouldnt make yourself at home in someone elses office without first asking permission.C:对不起,可你是怎么知道的呢?A:We will have to continue this later. I have a meeting in five minutes.当天下午陈豪和Amy又碰面了。A:Chen Hao, you deserve to know what bothered me about your using my office without asking me first. You were not very considerate in some of the things you did.C:你能说具体点儿吗?A:It appears that you ate your lunch in my office.C:你怎么知道的?A:There were crumbs all over my desk.C:那是我不对,应该打扫干净。A:And how do you explain the missing paper clips? I was down to my last few, and when I came back, there werent any left.C:对不起,最后几个回形针用了。A:And that means that you went through my desk to find them.C:可大家不都这样吗?我以为可以这样做呢。A:Well, its not. Even with good friends. Just because people are not at their desk, doesnt mean that you can make your self at home when they are not there.C:你说得没错。不过我确实不是有意得罪你。A:I accept your apology. In the future remember to ask permission before you use a coworkers desk, office equipment or supplies. When you do receive permission, leave everything as you found it.C:我以后知道了,谢谢你告诉我。 /201208/194618协商工资 Negotiating a Job Offer Employer: Would you consider an offer of ,000 per year? 年薪五万六千美元,可以考虑吗? Ms. Wilson: What kind of benefits are we talking about? 那么福利怎么样? Employer: Our standard package includes health insurance, two weeks vacation and a company car. 公司的标准福利包括医保,每年两周假期和一部公车。 Ms. Wilson: Are these things negotiable? 这些可以再商量商量吗? Employer: Uh… not normally. What do you have in mind? 呃…… 一般是不行。你有什么想法? Ms. Wilson: Vacation time is important to me. I would be willing to give up these other items in order to receive more vacation days. 假期对我而言很重要。我可以不要其他两样,希望能加行我的假期。 Employer: What an interesting idea, Ms. Wilson. Would you also be willing to accept a cut in initial salary? 你的想法很有意思,Wilson女士。你也愿意降低起步薪水吗? Ms. Wilson: Possibly. What do you have in mind? 也许。您怎么想的? health insurance医疗保险 two weeks vacation两周的假期 a company car公车 give up放弃 a cut in initial salary起步薪水很少 /200702/10618Submission of Tender投标A:This is our Submission of Tender which includes the information about volume of the project the cost is so on.A:这是我们公司的投标书,包括工程量、项目费用等。B:OK! Well see it.B:好的,我们知道了。A:What kind of guarantee are you going to provide for us ?A:贵公司向我们提供什么样的担保呢?B:We can provide you with standby letter of credit established by Bank of China.B:我们提供由中国开立的备用信用。A:Should we pay earnest money?A:我们要交担保金吗?B:Yes, you are supposed to pay it on time. If you dont furnish a tender bond on time, your tender will not be considered. Besides, you also should provide derailed engineering of the good.B:是的,你们应该按时交。如果你们没有按时交纳,那么你们的投标将不被考虑在内。除此之外,你们也应该提供货物的详细设计。A:Where do we submit the tender?A:我们在哪儿交投标书?B:To our office which is on tne third floor.B:在三层的办事处。A:Oh,I see. By the way, is tender-opening done publicly?A:我知道了。顺便问一下,这次是公开开标么?B:Yes. All the bidders will be invited to join us to supervise the tender-opening.B:是的。所有投标人都将同我们一起监督。A:And are the prices stated in the US dollar?A:是用美元标价吗?B:Yes so far as we know,in the field, your company has lats of experience and we hope you will consider the tender seriously.B:是的。据我们所知,贵公司在这方面很有经验,我们希望你们能认真考虑这次投标。A:OK! We will. Bye!A:好的,我们会的。再见!B:Bye!B:再见! /201511/407122

  陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作了几个月,从美籍华人Mary那里学到很多西方礼节。今天Mary有件重要的事要告诉陈豪,现在正在给他打电话。(Office ambience, telephone rings....)(CHs Voice mail): ;This is Chen Hao. Leave a message.;M:(After the beep). Hi Chen Hao. This is Mary. Please call me back when you have a minute.M:(CH passing by Marys cubicle) Hey, Chen Hao. 来, 来, 来。 Im looking for you. I just left a telephone message for you.C:找我?有事吗?M:有事。But let me tell you first that your telephone greeting sounds too abrupt.C:不够客气?Whats wrong with:;Im Chen Hao. Leave a message;. 我觉得干脆利落,no nonsense.M:You know that other people will judge you by the greetings you recorded.C:那你说该怎么说才有礼貌呀?M:You should have offered a welcome like ;Hello; first.C:噢,这不是很简单吗,加一个词就行了。对,这样听起来是比较客气。M:你在录音里把自己的姓和名都说了,这很好。But you should have said, ;Please leave a message.; Saying ;please; is a simple but necessary courtesy.C:OK, Mary, but I got to go, my boss is waiting for me...M:Hey Chen Hao, I have something to tell you...C:Hi Mary. Sorry I was in a hurry this morning. You have something to tell me?M:I have good news. I am leaving A company and will start working next week for Damp;E Company in Beijing as the head of the Human Resources Department.C:Oh, congratulations! But... its bad for ME. 我要有问题问谁呀,能打电话给你吗?M:Sure. 不过,到了Damp;E我会经常出差的。C:那我怎么知道你出差了,什么时候才能跟你通话呀?M:I will record a greeting that says I am away from the office, when I will return and who you can contact if you cant wait for my return. 陈豪,你出差的时候也应该这样做。C:是啊,有的客户是有意见,说给我打了电话好几天都没有回音。看来,我得先把平时的greeting改成:“Hello, Im Chen Hao. Please leave a message.;M:Thats good! When youre away from office for a few days, re-record the greeting to tell callers that you are away, when you will return and who they should contact in case they need immediate attention.C:Oh Mary, I am so happy for you, but I will miss you.M:Dont worry. We still can have lunch together! /201207/189379

  第一句:Waiter, wed like to order now.务员,我们现在想点菜了。A: Waiter, wed like to order now.务员,我们现在想点菜了。B: Yes. What would you like to begin with?好的。你们先点什么?A: Which soup do you recommend?你建议我们点那种汤?B: Id suggest our House Soup, which has chicken, baby corn and bamboo shoots in it.我推荐我们的招牌汤。汤里有鸡肉、小玉米和竹笋。第二句:We will try that.我们试试这个。A: How do you think about it, Mary?你认为怎么样,玛丽?B: That sounds nice.听起来不错。A: OK. We will try that.好的。我们试试这个。其他表达法:宴会是比较隆重的社交场合,因此席间礼节非常重要。掌握席间礼节的主要目的是避免给他人带来不愉快的感觉,使你的仪态、形象和风度都能给别人留下好的印象。Could you tell me how to eat this?请告诉我要如何吃这道菜?What do you have for dessert?甜点有哪几种? /201208/195000

  How do you feel about working for a small company?你怎样看待在小公司工作?I always wanted to work for a small company because I dont want to become a tiny cog in a huge machine.我一直希望小公司工作,因为我不想成为一台大型机器中的一个极小的齿轮。My friends who work for large companies say they work only in specific areas.我的一些在大公司工作的朋友说,他们只能在特定的领域工作。Large companies encourage specialization of skills.大企业鼓励技术专业化,Id like to get involved in every aspect of business.而我想要接触到公司的每一个方面,I want to see how the entire operation takes place.想看看整体业务是如果进行的。In a smaller company,there is a hands-on involvement that brings a sense of accomplishment less available in a large company.在小一些的公司,可以直接参与工作,而那能够带来在大公司难以获得的成就感。 /201311/264770。

  at full tilt 全速(俚语)英文释义At full speed; operating at maximum capacity.例句When our new factory is finished and our employees have been trained to operate our new equipment, our company will be running full tilt.在新工厂建成、员工接受了操作新设备的培训后,我们公司将开足马力生产。 /201212/212412



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