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US and EU sanctions against Moscow are in danger of turning round and biting the west by constraining global oil supply and pushing up prices, the former chief executive of BP has warned.英国石油(BP)前首席执行官唐熙华(Tony Hayward)警告称,美国和欧盟(EU)对莫斯科的制裁可能抑制全球石油供应并推高价格,反过来伤害到西方。Tony Hayward said that cutting Russia’s energy groups off from capital markets and restricting their access to western oil technology would eventually lead to less investment in Russian oil production and damage long-term supply. He said the US shale boom had obscured the growing risks to the world’s supply but its effect would wear off, leaving the global economy dangerously exposed to potential disruptions in the flow of oil.唐熙华表示,禁止俄罗斯能源集团进入资本市场并限制它们获得西方石油技术,最终将导致俄罗斯对石油生产的投资下降,从而损害长期供应。他说,美国页岩油气繁荣掩盖了日益增长的全球供应不足的风险,但这种效果将会消退,让全球经济危险地暴露于石油供应可能中断的风险。He spoke as the US and Europe expanded sanctions against Russia on Friday, with the US adding Gazprom, Europe’s leading energy provider, and Lukoil, the privately owned oil group, to the companies deprived of US goods, technology and services for deep water, Arctic offshore and shale projects. The EU and US have also imposed restrictions on financing for some state-owned Russian energy groups.唐熙华发表此言之际,美国和欧洲上周五扩大了对俄罗斯的制裁,其中美方将欧洲主要能源提供商俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司(Gazprom)和私营石油集团卢克石油公司(Lukoil)列入不能利用美国商品、技术和务开发深水、北极海域和页岩项目的制裁名单。欧盟和美国还对一些俄罗斯国有能源集团的融资施加限制。“The world has been lulled into a false sense of security because of what’s going on in the US,” Mr Hayward said in an interview with the Financial Times, referring to the shale boom that has driven a 60 per cent rise in US crude output since 2008. But he asked: “When US supply peaks, where will the new supply come from?”唐熙华在接受英国《金融时报》采访时表示:“美国的局面使世界产生了一种错误的安全感。”他指出,页岩繁荣推动美国原油产量自2008年以来猛增60%,但他问道:“当美国供应见顶回落的时候,新的供应将来自何处?”As output from mature basins declines, the world has banked on new barrels from places such as Canada, Iraq and Russia. But Russian production from untapped resources in the Arctic and shale reserves in Siberia are threatened by sanctions, he said. “Because of financial sanctions, the big gorillas are going to start cutting their activities.”随着成熟油田的产量下降,世界寄望于加拿大、伊拉克和俄罗斯等地增加石油供应。但唐熙华表示,俄罗斯在北极未开发资源和西伯利亚页岩油气储量的开采受到制裁的威胁,“由于金融上的制裁,这些大型集团将开始削减它们的活动”。Mr Hayward, who runs oil explorer Genel Energy and is chairman of commodities group Glencore, also questioned projections for a big increase in oil production from Iraq. He said the country would struggle to reach targets to double production by 2020.目前执掌石油勘探公司Genel Energy、并担任大宗商品交易商嘉能可(Glencore)董事长的唐熙华,还对伊拉克石油产量大幅增长的预测提出质疑。他说,伊拉克将很难实现到2020年产量翻倍的目标。Sanctions could endanger joint ventures that Rosneft, the state-controlled Russian oil group, has set up with western majors such as ExxonMobil to explore in Russia’s Arctic seas. Michael Cohen, an analyst at Barclays, said they could also make it harder for European oil groups and service companies to provide support for their current operations in Russia.制裁可能危及俄罗斯国有控股的俄罗斯石油公司(Rosneft)和埃克森美孚(ExxonMobil)等西方石油巨头为勘探俄罗斯北极海域而成立的合资公司。巴克莱(Barclays)分析师迈克尔#8226;科恩(Michael Cohen)表示,制裁也可能让欧洲石油集团和务公司更难为它们当前在俄罗斯的运营提供持。 /201409/328366


  London — Twenty-four hours after the world’s financial markets sustained a temporary free fall, wiping out almost trillion in value from global stocks over three days, the dark clouds had yet to dampen the spirits of luxury shoppers on the streets of London.伦敦——全球金融市场一度经历了持续的狂跌,但在股票市值在三天时间里蒸发了近三万亿美元后的24小时,乌云并没有影响到伦敦街头奢侈品购物者的兴致。On a typical wet and windy British midsummer day on Bond Street, home to some of the most expensive retail square footage in the world, groups of Chinese tourists armed with Nike sneakers, Burberry umbrellas and Gucci bowling bags braved the downpours.在一个风雨交加的英国典型仲夏日里,在世界上最昂贵的一些零售店所在的邦德街(Bond Street)上,一群群中国游客穿着耐克运动鞋,打着柏利(Burberry)雨伞,提着古驰(Gucci)保龄球包,冒着大雨来购物。Few appeared spooked by the dramatic market activity of recent months.似乎没有人被近几个月剧烈的市场动荡吓倒。“We have been looking forward to this trip for so long, we would never have changed our plans because of what the headlines in the newspapers say,” said one visitor from Beijing laden with bags from Tod’s, Tory Burch and Smythson, who declined to give her name.“我们期待这趟旅行很久了,不会因为报纸的头条而改变计划,”一位北京游客说。她提着很多购物袋——Tod’s、汤丽柏琦(Tory Burch)和Smythson。她拒绝透露自己的名字。Down the road in another store, an immaculately dressed Mandarin-speaking sales assistant quietly agreed that the global market seemed to be far from shoppers’ top concern.在这条街的另一家店里,一位着装精致、讲普通话的店员完全同意,全球市场似乎远不是这些购物者最关心的事。“We’ve had lots of American families over for the summer holidays,” he said. “And from the Middle East, too. The demand from Asia is still there, as far as I can see, maybe slightly slower this season but stronger than ever from other markets. Things didn’t slow down in the wake of 2008,” he added, before leaping to attention to assist a hijab-clad mother and daughter wearing matching Fendi sunglasses.“我们接待了很多过来度暑假的美国家庭,”他说,“还有中东的顾客。亚洲的需求依然强劲——至少在我看来——这一季也许稍弱一点,但是比以往任何时候都更强于其他市场。2008年后,情况没有变糟。”说完,他迅速离去招呼一对戴着头巾和相配的芬迪(Fendi)墨镜的母女。On the other side of Hyde Park Corner in Knightsbridge, the gilded halls of Harrods, one of Britain’s most opulent department stores, continued to surge with shoppers. From the crowds snaking up the exotic escalators, weighed down by new purchases, to the throngs gathered in the cool and cloistered accessories rooms, visitors remained plentiful.在海德公园角(Hyde Park Corner)另一侧的骑士桥(Knightsbridge),英国最豪华的哈罗德百货公司(Harrods)金碧辉煌的厅堂里依然人潮涌动。顾客们有的搭乘充满异国情调的扶梯徐徐而上,有的提着很多新买的东西,有的聚集在隔开的酷酷的配饰区。“I come every summer with my family from Kuwait from May to October and have done so for years,” said Faisal Said, 36, who was sporting a Panerai watch and Supreme baseball cap while walking briskly through the food court. “We base ourselves here in London but travel around the continent also.”“每年5月至10月,我和家人都从科威特来这里,多年来年年如此,”36岁的费萨尔·赛义德(Faisal Said)说。他戴着沛纳海(Panerai)手表和Supreme棒球帽,在美食区轻快地走过,很是惹人注目。“我们以伦敦为中心,也在欧洲大陆四处旅行。”Mr. Said, who has a portfolio of investments, said he had seen mobile alerts about the domino effect of the felling of global markets in recent days, but noted that what goes down also comes up, and that consumer shopping habits don’t always sync with the peaks and troughs of equities in foreign countries.赛义德也炒股。他说,他不时收到警告,称近些天全球市场的下滑会产生多米诺效应,但是他说,股价会降也会升,消费者的购物习惯不总是与外国股票的涨落同步。“When the oil price fell, that was a disaster for many people,” he said, “but not lots of shoppers in America. Didn’t they spend less on gas for their cars but more in their stores? To me, these things don’t always have immediate or obvious effects.”“油价下降,对很多人来说是灾难,”他说,“但是对很多美国的购物者来说,那不是灾难。他们本来不是在汽油上花得更少,在店铺里花得更多了吗?在我看来,这些事情不总是马上产生明显的影响。”He’s not the only one to think so.不是只有他一个人这么想。Most industry observers suggest that, while worrisome, currency devaluations and recent market declines will not be enough to offset the long-term compounding of global economic growth and consumers’ appetite for luxury goods.大部分行业观察家认为,虽然货币贬值和最近的市场下滑令人不安,但不足以抵消长期以来全球经济的增长以及消费者对奢侈品的渴望。In the wake of the 2008 economic crisis, the financial sector boomed. And while the slump in Hong Kong spending has exacted a level of damage for some brands over the last 12 months, the malls of mainland China have never been engines of growth, given the hefty import taxes and the savings to shoppers going abroad — to South Korea, Singapore or even Europe.2008年经济危机之后,金融业繁荣发展。虽然在过去12个月里,香港消费量的骤降对某些品牌造成了一定程度的损害,但是由于中国内地的进口税高昂,赴海外(韩国、新加坡,甚至欧洲)购物能省很多钱,所以中国大陆的购物中心从来都不是增长引擎。“Let’s face it,” said Michael Ward, the managing director for Harrods. “The bulk of luxury consumption by value is made by high-net-worth individuals who can afford to lose some money on the stock market without changing their lifestyles too much or thinking twice about purchases.”“让我们面对现实吧,”哈罗德百货公司的总经理迈克尔·沃德(Michael Ward)说,“大部分奢侈品消费出自高净资产人士之手,他们就算在股市上损失了一些钱,也不会过多地改变生活方式或者在购买前思量再三。”He said a slowdown by Chinese shoppers to Britain over the last year had more to do with international travel hassles than the shuddering Chinese economy. “The Chinese have been spending less here because of the difficulty of applying for a U.K. tourist visa,” Mr. Ward said. “Many just head over to Paris, instead, to make their purchases.”他说,在过去一年里,赴英购物的中国人数量减少,更多的是因为国际旅游的搅扰,而非中国经济的动荡。“中国人在英国的消费额减少,是因为申请英国旅游签的难度较大,”沃德说,“很多中国人转而去巴黎购物。”There will have to be quite a balancing act in the coming months given the macro uncertainty on the horizon, said Luca Solca, an analyst at the investment firm Exane BNP Paribas. “This business is based on alchemy, not science,” Mr. Solca said. “Things could be better, but they could also be far, far worse.法国巴黎(BNP Paribas)下属的投资公司Exane的分析师卢卡·索尔卡(Luca Solca)说,考虑到即将到来的巨大不确定性,在未来几个月里,需要小心行事。“这个行业变幻莫测,无法以科学估量,”索尔卡说,“事情可能变好,也可能变得非常糟糕。” /201509/397740。


  “If [corrupt] officials gamble in Macau, they will be discovered,” warned Li Gang, mainland China’s representative to the world’s gambling capital. Such admonitions may be music to the ears of Philippine casino operators as they seek to lure regional high rollers to Manila’s ascendant gaming zone.“内地加大了反腐的力度,一些腐败官员,包括一些国有企业的领导,很多就不敢再到去。而且,由于在业方面也采取了一些管制措施,这些官员如果到会被发现,”中国中央政府驻联络办公室主任李刚称。这样的警告在菲律宾运营商耳中可能像音乐一样动听,他们正寻求吸引亚洲地区的豪赌客光顾马尼拉正在发展中的区。Macapagal Boulevard may not yet have the cachet of the Las Vegas Strip. But the area centred on Entertainment City — an 8 sq km gambling district established on reclaimed land on Manila Bay — has robust ambitions to become one of Asia’s top gaming and entertainment centres, according to Asean Confidential, a research service at the Financial Times.马卡帕加尔大道(Macapagal Boulevard)可能尚未达到大道(Las Vegas Strip)的名气。但是,据英国《金融时报》旗下研究机构《东盟投资参考》(Asean Confidential)介绍,以城(Entertainment City)——建在马尼拉湾(Manila Bay)填海土地上的8平方公里的区——为中心的地区,拥有打造亚洲顶级及中心的雄心壮志。Its star attraction is the bn City of Dreams complex, owned by Melco Crown Entertainment and local conglomerate SM Group, which opened its doors in January. Next door is the .2bn Solaire, a bustling complex owned by Bloomberry Resorts. Nearby, next to Manila airport stands Resorts World Manila, run by Travellers International.在这里,具有明星般吸引力的是造价10亿美元的(City of Dreams)综合度假村。该大楼于今年1月开始营业,其所有者为新濠亚公司(Melco Crown Entertainment)和菲律宾综合企业SM集团(SM Group)。隔壁是耗资12亿美元的晨丽(Solaire)场及渡假城,其东家是Bloomberry Resorts。在不远处,马尼拉机场旁边坐落着由Travellers International运营的马尼拉云顶世界(Resorts World Manila)。The scale of these facilities is impressive. City of Dreams alone has six hotel towers, 380 gaming tables, 1,700 slot machines and 1,700 electronic table games.这些场所的规模令人印象深刻。仅一家就有6栋酒店大楼、380张赌桌、1700台以及1700张电子赌桌。Nevertheless, this is just a start. In the next few years, a second Resorts World facility — a partnership between Genting Hong Kong and local conglomerate Alliance Global — is expected to open in Entertainment City, along with a massive new casino by Universal Entertainment, in partnership with Tiger Resort Leisure and Entertainment.尽管如此,这还仅仅是开始。在接下来的几年,第二家名胜世界(Resorts World)设施——云顶香港(Genting Hong Kong)和菲律宾综合企业Alliance Global的合作项目——预计将在城开业,还有环球(Universal Entertainment)与老虎度假村(Tiger Resort Leisure and Entertainment)联手打造的另一家大型新。The outlook for such investments depends to a significant extent on how the chips fall in Macau. Lately, the former Portuguese enclave has been on a losing streak, with revenues slumping for the tenth consecutive month in March (see chart). Several high-profile official corruption exposes have included lurid details of gambling trips to Macau, fostering suspicions that the casinos are monitored by Chinese secret police.此类投资项目的前景在很大程度上取决于的形势会如何演变。近来,这块前葡萄牙殖民地经历了连输——3月业收入连续第10个月下滑(见图表)。一些备受瞩目的官员腐败事件报道包含了其赴的让人大开眼界的细节,助长了人们对中国秘密警察监视的怀疑。The Manila casino operators are not bashful about targeting Macau’s high-rollers. Melco has ties to the Macau junkets, the businesses that connect wealthy punters to casinos, and is actively seeking to lure business over the South China Sea. Another Macau junket operator, SunCity Group, has also said it is planning to expand its VIP room presence in Solaire and City of Dreams.马尼拉运营商对于吸引豪赌客并不感到难为情。新濠与中介(在富裕赌徒和之间牵线搭桥的公司)有关系,并且正在积极寻求把生意吸引到南中国海的另一端。另一家中介公司SunCity Group也表示,正计划扩大其在晨丽和的贵宾室。But how realistic are Manila’s long-term goals? Casino revenue growth in 2014 showed promise, rising 16 per cent to .5bn, according to the local gaming regulator and casino operator, Pagcor. VIP revenue was up 50 per cent, signifying the growing pull of Macapagal Boulevard to high rollers. Pagcor hopes total casino revenues will rise to bn by 2020, by which time the two planned casinos are expected to have opened.但是,马尼拉的长期目标有多现实?据当地业监管机构及运营商——菲律宾和公司(Pagcor)称,2014年收入增长呈现希望——同比增长16%,至25亿美元。豪赌客收入增长50%,突显马卡帕加尔大道对这些人的吸引力不断增加。Pagcor希望,到2020年,业总收入将达到70亿美元,届时上述2家规划中的将已经开业。Other estimates are more modest. Macquarie Research sees Manila’s gambling revenues rising by an average 20 per cent a year over the next three years to hit .8bn in 2018.其他增幅预测相对较小。麦格理研究(Macquarie Research)预计,未来3年,马尼拉业收入将以平均每年20%的速度增长,到2018年将达到48亿美元。Indeed, much is unpredictable. A flare-up between the Philippine and Chinese navies in 2012 over a territorial dispute in the South China Sea spilled over into trade and tourism, with Chinese travel agencies suspending tours. Tourism has recovered somewhat since then, but the political relationship remains tense.的确,很多情况难以预料。2012年菲律宾海军与中国海军在南中国海因领土争端发生对峙,影响了贸易和旅游业,中国旅行社暂停向菲律宾发团。自那以后,旅游业有所恢复,但是政治关系仍然紧张。 /201505/373960

  If anyone proves you should never judge a book by its cover, it#39;s Philani Dladla.永远不要以封皮外表评判一本书——如果有人向你明这一真理,那么这个人一定是流浪汉Philani Dladla。Spoting a flat-bill baseball hat, a colorful, striped dress shirt and beads dangling from his neck, Dladla may not look the part of a stereotypical bookworm -- especially as he lives on the streets.头戴鸭舌棒球帽、身穿色条纹衬衫、脖挂串珠,这就是Philani Dladla的形象——和人们印象中的书虫截然不同吧!尤其是他还是个流浪汉。Termed the ;pavement bookworm; by South African filmmaker Tebogo Malope, Dladla has attracted attention near and far because of his unconventional methods of making money while homeless. Instead of panhandling, Dladla reviews books and discusses authors with passers-by -- impromptu book club sessions, essentially -- to earn an income, according to SA People News.Dladla虽身为流浪汉,但却不以乞讨为生,南非电影摄影师Tebogo Malope把他的故事拍成了视频“路边书虫”,吸引了世界各地人们的目光。据媒体SA People News报道,Dladla不以乞讨为生,而是通过做书评并和路人谈论作家赚取生活来源,从本质上来讲他所做的是图书俱乐部中的即兴演讲。Malope discovered the homeless 24-year-old late last year in Johannesburg, when he posted a sidewalk interview with Dladla (seen above) chatting about books and the positive influence they have on ers. Ever since, the pavement bookworm has gained international popularity and attracted far more pedestrians interested in some literary chats.Malope去年年底在南非的约翰尼斯堡发现了24岁的流浪汉Dladla,当时他正在和Dladla做路边访谈(如上图所示),讨论图书及图书带给读者的正能量。自从那时起,“路边书虫”就在全世界越来越流行起来,吸引了越来越多的路人对图书话题的兴趣。While Dladla earns money from selling the books he has on hand to adults, he gives away books for free to kids.虽然Dladla通过把手头的书籍卖给成人赚取利润,但他会向孩子免费赠送图书。;They can still take this ing thing and turn it into their habit,; Dladla said in the interview. ;Their lifelong habit.;“他们还可以培养阅读习惯,并坚持下去,”Dladla在视频采访中说道,“让阅读成为他们一生的习惯。”To Dladla, his love of books goes far beyond enjoying a good -- diving into storytelling, he said, saved him from drug addiction. Now, he hopes his passion for books rubs off on the people he engages everyday.对于Dladla来说,他对图书的热爱已经远远超出了仅仅享受阅读的过程——他已深入到讲述图书故事的更深一层次。据他所说讲述图书故事帮他戒掉了毒瘾。现在,他希望自己对图书的能对人们的日常生活产生正能量。;Reading is not harmful. There’s no such thing as harmful knowledge,; Dladla said in the interview. ;[Reading] is only going to make you a better person.;“读书没有害处,开卷有益。”Dladla在视频采访中说道,“阅读只会让你成为更好的自己。”;You don#39;t have to be rich to change the world,; he wrote on Facebook. ;Start with the little that you have. If you inspire one person you#39;ve aly changed the world.;“你不必富到改变世界,”他在Facebook上写道,“从你已经拥有的开始吧。如果你可以鼓舞人心,那么你已经改变了世界。” /201406/308583


  Chinese tech companies have sparked controversy on social media after choosing to motivate their male employees by hiring #39;programming cheerleaders#39;.中国的科技公司雇佣“程序员鼓励师”(programming cheerleaders)来激励男性员工,此举在社交媒体上引发了争议。The #39;pretty, talented#39; girls are hired to #39;create a fun work environment#39; for employees of internet companies across the country, according to a social media website in China.根据中国一家媒体网站的报道,中国国内的互联网公司请来“‘智慧与美貌并存的#39;女孩,旨在给员工‘创造一个愉悦的工作环境#39;”。#39;Their job includes buying programmers breakfast, chitchatting and playing ping-pong with them,#39; the post said.报道称:“她们的工作包括为程序员买早餐,陪他们聊天、打乒乓球。”An HR manager of one of the companies that apparently hired three of the #39;cheerleaders#39; told that their programmers were #39;mostly male and terrible at socialising.#39;一家已雇佣三名女性程序员鼓励师的公司中,人力资源部经理透露,公司里的程序员“男性偏多,社交能力很差。”#39;The presence of these girls have greatly improved their job efficiency and motivation,#39; the HR manager said.这名经理还表示:“这些女鼓励师激励他们工作,大大提高了工作效率。”The response on social media to the pictures has been less positive.社交媒体对此却不怎么乐观。#39;Or you know, hire some women who code. Oh wait, that would be too intimidating for there man-children, right?#39; One Facebook user wrote.一名脸书用户写道:“哎呀,雇些女性编程员嘛。诶,等等,这岂不是会吓到那里的男娃娃们呢?”#39;How about the female coders? Do they get some men?#39; Another said.还有人说:“女程序员咋办?她们有配备男鼓励师吗?” /201509/396608。



  Australian miners are calling on Beijing to suspend a new coal-quality testing regime, which they claim is unfairly blocking cargoes at Chinese ports and increasing costs for exporters at a time when the seaborne coal trade is under severe stress.澳大利亚矿业公司呼吁中国政府暂停实施一项新的煤炭品质检测制度,它们称,在海运煤炭贸易承受巨大压力之际,这项政策不公平地让货物在中国港口受阻,增加了出口商的成本。The environmental tests are part of Beijing’s “war on pollution”, and when combined with a trend towards increasing use of domestically produced coal, are leading to a dramatic decline in coal imports by China, the world’s biggest consumer of thermal coal.这些环保检测是中国政府“向污染宣战”的一部分,再加上国产煤炭使用量上升的趋势,正导致中国煤炭进口大幅下降。中国是全球最大的热煤消费国。In the five months to the end of May, Chinese coal imports fell 38 per cent to 83.2m tonnes against the same period in 2014. “The main problems relate to the variability in the testing regime, inadequate allowance for commercial remedies and the delays it is subjecting shipping to. There is no doubt each of these factors adds to cost and increases risk,” says Greg Evans, director of coal at the Minerals Council of Australia. “We would be concerned if the measures did not apply to local producers, as this may be contrary to established trade rules.”在截止今年5月底的5个月里,中国煤炭进口同比下降38%,至8320万吨。澳大利亚矿业协会(Minerals Council of Australia)煤炭主管格雷格#8226;埃文斯(Greg Evans)表示:“主要问题与检测制度反复无常、没有为商业补救留出足够余地以及由此造成的运输延误有关。毫无疑问这些因素全都增加了成本并让风险上升。如果这些检测标准没有应用于国内生产商,我们将会感到担忧,因为这可能违反了现行贸易规则。”Canberra has made representations to Beijing about the tests, which ban the burning of coal with ash content of more than 16 per cent or sulphur content of more than 1 per cent in populous eastern cities.澳大利亚政府已经就检测措施向北京方面提出了交涉,后者禁止在人口密集的华东城市燃烧任何煤灰含量超过16%或者含硫量超过1%的煤炭。Miners invested heavily in thermal coal production over the past decade to meet China’s seemingly insatiable demand for energy. But as Chinese growth cools and Beijing cracks down on pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, the global industry faces a supply glut, which has caused prices to halve from their peak in 2011. Coal is Australia’s second-biggest export, worth about Abn in 2014-15. Other big coal exporters, including Indonesia, South Africa and Canada are also being affected by the Chinese testing regime, which was introduced in January.矿业公司在过去十年里大举投资于热煤生产,以满足中国似乎永远无法满足的能源需求。但随着中国经济增长降温以及治理污染和二氧化碳排放问题,全球煤炭行业面临供应过剩的局面,导致煤价从2011年的最高点下跌一半。煤炭是澳大利亚的第二大出口产品,在2014-15财年价值约370亿澳元。包括印尼、南非和加拿大在内的其他煤炭出口大国也受到中国今年1月出台的检测新政的影响。Daniel Morgan, analyst at UBS, said the coal-quality tests were part of a wider shift towards protectionist measures in China, which has also recently introduced import tariffs.瑞银(UBS)分析师丹尼尔#8226;根(Daniel Morgan)表示,煤炭品质检测是中国更全面转向保护主义措施的一部分,中国最近还推出了煤炭进口关税。Additional reporting by Owen Guo in #173;Beijing and James Crabtree in Mumbai郭晨(Owen Guo)北京、詹姆斯#8226;克拉布特里(James Crabtree)孟买补充报道 /201507/384372

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