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Exactly.没错。Right, thanks, Ill try. Everything will be fine. I feel relaxed now.好的,谢谢,我会试试的。一切都会顺利。我现在感觉很放松。Anna! Mr Lime!安娜! Lime先生。How lovely to see you.见到你很高兴。You look absolutely...Well, Ive been looking forward to this for days!你看起来真……我一直期待着这一天!Everyone is waiting in the meeting room. Come this way....大家都在会议室等着呢。这边来。Oh gosh.上帝。Now everyone in Citrus Ventures is very excited about this new Imperial Lemon, so I allowed a few extras to come and watch, I hope you dont mind.现在Citrus Ventures的所有人都对这个新型“皇家柠檬”感到兴奋,所以我多找了一些人前来观看,我希望你别在意。All your equipment has been set up so you can begin!你的所有设备都准备好了,你可以开始了!Hello, Im Anna of Top Tip Trading… I mean, Tip Top Trading, sorry!你好,我是Top Tip Trading的安娜……我是说Tip Top Trading,不好意思!Im very unhappy to be here.我来到这里很不高兴。Anna focus!安娜,集中注意!I mean, Im very happy to be here.我的意思是来到这里我很高兴。Anna, breathe deeply, then say: Today Im going to...安娜,深呼吸,然后说:今天,我将要…… /201701/483829。

  • Are you worried that your boss could crack down on you for goofing around? We got the email yesterday. We did. Don't use your email at work for fun stuff, and our next guest says you know what? (Illegal stuff) or illegal stuff. Goofing off online at the office may actually be a good thing, a good thing. Look who it is, Rod Kurtz is with Inc magazine of course, (of course) you have a great website as well, what's the website? Inc. com. (Inc. com) And if you want to look at it at work, that's ok. That's cool? So wasting time is OK at work? What do you mean? Wasting time, well, let's look at the numbers ---760 billion dollars that's what we are talking about in loss productivity people goofing off at work. (Well, that's bad) You gotta be careful though, you can always twist the numbers, you know how it is. And people are actually more productive in other ways, so they may be looking at (How? ) well, take it for example, if you're on a shopping website at work, people aren't taking lunch hours anymore to go out shopping. They may do it for 15 minutes online instead of an hour outside the office. Yes, they are. They're still. . . they are goofing around they're surfing and they are also. . . OK, this present company included. (Yeah, exactly) Why not see? We turn our laptops for a second. (You got a lot tough right here, got it. ) Now, what about this? In our greenroom right now, we got the interns playing cards around the. . . Well, I don't know anything about checkers. So I don't know what they are doing down there, talk to your staff. And there is a control room, I mean they are playing basketball a lot. . . And if there's a lot of expensive equipment in there. You're gonna be careful. But think about it, I mean people have blackberries now, so they are doing a lot of work outside the office, in the cab on the way here, I was typing away. That's just it. You may do some things that you'll normally do off work time at work but then when you're at home, you're constantly checking, you know checking emails, getting emails from work, checking blackberries. So has, has the work pattern changed? or it's not just your nine to five, but it's your 24 hours. Absolutely yeah. I was joking with you guys while typing away here, at the table here, you are not to be at a desk anymore to do your work. And that's an interesting thing that studies have shown that people are actually spending more time on work when they are at home than they're goofing off in the office. So what you're saying is absolutely true. The entire time I'm at home, I am working toward doing work for this job. There's no question. But how many times you walk by people's desk and that's solitaire's being played on their computer screen. Well, that's the famous example, an infamous I should say, a Mayor Michael Bloomberg here in New York, famously fired an employee for playing solitaire at work. And I think that's the real danger for employers. And that's what we are talking about to some of our Inc ers, just that, you don't wanna crack down necessarily because you rub your employees the wrong way. I don't think anyone said Mayor Bloomberg looked like a great manager, they just said that wasn't a really nice thing to do. Well, yet, but the guy was stupid, hey, the mayor is coming true and he is playing cards and maybe you shouldn't do that at work. Rod Kurtz, senior editor at Inc. com. We thank you very much. And of course check out the magazine. There it is, right there. "How to make great hires" is your cover story. All right, thank you. It's a. .200810/52398。
  • Bush Wants Free Trade with Colombia布什吁国会批准哥伦比亚贸易协议   U.S. President George Bush wants Congress to approve a free trade agreement with Colombia. Opposition Democrats have delayed that vote until after November elections. 美国总统布什希望国会批准与哥伦比亚的自由贸易协定。但是国会民主党人把对这项协议的投票推迟到11月份美国总统大选之后。Most Colombian exports enter the ed States duty free. But the 9,000 U.S. businesses selling goods and services in Colombia still face stiff tariffs. 哥伦比亚的大多数出口产品是免税进入美国的,但是在哥伦比亚的9000家出售产品和务的美国企业却面临严格的关税。That is why President Bush says it is time for Congress to pass a free trade agreement with Colombia. 因此布什认为国会现在应该批准与哥伦比亚的自由贸易协定。"Their goods are not taxed. Our goods are," he said. "It seems unfair to me. And people of Congress should understand how unfair it is to the workers in their districts or the farmers in their districts or the people who are working hard for a living in their districts who count upon selling goods overseas." 布什说:“他们的产品没有被征收关税,而我们的产品却被征税。在我看来,这不公平。国会议员们应该明白,这对他们选区的工人、他们选区的农场主、或是他们选区的那些辛勤工作、依赖出口产品谋生的人来说是多么不公平。”The president says the free trade agreement has enough support in the House of Representatives to pass. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has delayed that vote until after November's presidential and legislative elections. 布什说,这项协定在众议院拥有足够的持票,可望通过。但是众议院议长南希.佩洛西把对协定的投票推迟到11月份总统选举以及国会选举之后进行。Pelosi says President Bush should do more to help American workers hurt by the economic slowdown before Congress passes another trade agreement. Some congressional Democrats are also raising concerns about Colombia's human rights record and its past repression of trade unionists. 佩洛西说,在国会批准另一项贸易协定之前,布什总统应该采取更多的措施来帮助那些因为经济不景气而生活困难的人。另外,也有一些国会议员提到了对哥伦比亚人权状况的担忧,以及哥伦比亚工会人员被打压的问题。Mr. Bush says Colombian President Alvaro Uribe has addressed those issues by demobilizing thousands of paramilitary units and naming an independent prosecutor to pursue cases involving attacks against labor leaders. 布什说,哥伦比亚总统乌里韦已经在着手解决上述问题。他正在解散数千个准军事组织,并提名独立检察官处理有关工会领导人受到袭击的案子。The president told a gathering of U.S. business leaders on the South Lawn of the White House that approving the deal is the best way to support President Uribe, who is battling rebels and illegal drug traffickers while speaking out against the anti-American rhetoric of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez. 布什在白宫南草坪对在那里参加聚会的美国企业界人士说,批准这项协议是对乌里韦总统的最好的持。乌里韦目前正在打击反政府武装以及非法毒品走私贩,同时还公开批驳委内瑞拉总统查韦斯的反美言论。"If we were to turn our back on Colombia by rejecting the free trade agreement, it would send a terrible signal to leaders willing to be courageous. It would send a bad signal to our friends," said Mr. Bush. "In the case of Colombia, it would send a bad signal to the voices of false populism in South America." 布什说:“如果我们拒绝自由贸易协定,背弃哥伦比亚,这将向那些愿意勇敢面对一切的领导人发出可怕的信号,会向我们的朋友发出坏信号。在哥伦比亚问题上,这将会向南美那些假民粹主义的声音发出错误信号。”Colombia is the largest export market for U.S. agricultural products in South America. Two-way trade between the countries last year totaled billion. 哥伦比亚是美国农产品在南美洲的最大出口市场。去年,两国的双边贸易总额达到180亿美元。 200805/39933。
  • US Evaluating Ties With Belarus美国评估与白俄罗斯外交关系问题The Bush administration is denying media reports that it is ordering Belarus to close its embassy in Washington as well as its consulate in New York, but is not ruling out such actions in the future. 布什政府否认媒体有关美国下令让白俄罗斯关闭其驻华盛顿大使馆和驻纽约领事馆的报导。但是,布什政府表示,不排除将来采取这种行动的可能。Amid rapidly-deteriorating relations between Minsk and Washington, recent weeks have seen Belarus scale back its diplomatic presence in the ed States. In addition, the former Soviet republic has ordered roughly half of the U.S. diplomatic staff serving in Belarus to leave the country. 随着白俄罗斯和美国之间的关系迅速恶化,白俄罗斯在最近几星期里减少了在美国的外交人员。另外,这个前苏联共和国还下令让大约一半的驻白俄罗斯的美国外交人员离开白俄罗斯。Media reports e unnamed U.S. officials as saying the Bush administration has informed Belarus that it must close its embassy in Washington and its consulate in New York - a drastic step that would signal a break in relations between Washington and Minsk. 媒体报导援引没有透露姓名的美国官员的话说,布什政府通知白俄罗斯,要它必须关闭驻华盛顿的大使馆和驻纽约的领事馆,这一激烈步骤暗示了两国关系的破裂。State Department spokesman Tom Casey said no such action has been taken, although he confirmed that consultations over the future of bilateral relations have been held. 美国国务院发言人凯西说,美国没有采取这样的行动,不过,他确认已经就未来双边关系的问题进行了磋商。"We have told them that we have very serious concerns about this step that they have taken, and that means we need to think very carefully about our future and their future diplomatic presence in our respective countries. But we have not made any decisions at this point," he said. 他说:“我们已经告诉他们,我们对他们采取的行动感到深切的忧虑。那意味着我们需要仔细考虑我们两国各自在对方国家内的未来外交部署。但是,目前我们还没有作出任何决定。”At the same time, Casey did not rule out future action. 与此同时,凯西没有排除美国在将来采取行动的可能。"I am not saying that there will not be further action," he said. "There are probably some other shoes that will drop [developments that will materialize] in this process. But at this point we have not made a decision to formally ask them, or informally ask them, to reduce staff further." 他说:“我并不是说,我们不会采取进一步的行动。在这个过程中还可能会有其它事态发展。但是,目前我们还没有作出决定是否要正式或非正式地要求他们进一步减少外交工作人员。”The Bush administration has been a severe critic of the government of president Alexander Lukashenko, pressuring Belarus to release political prisoners or face possible sanctions. Washington has imposed sanctions on a state-controlled petroleum and chemical processing company over Belarus' treatment of critics and dissidents. 布什政府一直严厉批评卢卡申科总统领导的白俄罗斯政府,并且向白俄罗斯施加压力,要求他们释放政治犯,否则将可能面临制裁。美国由于白俄罗斯处理批评人士和异议人士的方式而对白俄罗斯的一家由国家控制的石油化工企业实施了制裁。 Belarus has accused the ed States of meddling in its internal affairs. 而白俄罗斯指责美国干涉其内政。200805/37336。
  • jink ------ 急转弯(不及物动词)英文释义(intransitive verb) To change direction suddenly when avoiding someone or something.例句The hunter watched as the rabbit jinked quickly right and left as his dog chased it across the field.猎人放在田野中追逐兔子,兔子忽左忽右地急转。 /201611/471218。
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