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导购口语:It sells like hot cakes.这本书非常畅销The book rocketed to the top of the bestseller list.这本书一下子就跃居畅销书榜首It becomes a bestseller as soon as it comes out.这本书刚出炉就成为畅销书 语句:Sell like hot cakes [口](货物)很快地卖掉这是书店务人员的常用语Rocket to the top of the bestseller list跃居畅销书榜首 情景再现:This book is a steady seller.这本书是一本稳定的最畅销书The book hit the bestseller list.那本书列在畅销书单上This is the best seller the past three weeks.这是三星期来的畅销书 01975第一句:Is this tax-free?这是免税的吗?A: Excuse me. Is this tax-free?请问这是免税的吗?B: Yes, but you need to show me your passport.是的,但是你必须出示护照A: Here you are.给你第二句:Can I buy it duty-free?这个我能免税买吗?A: Can I buy it duty-free?这个我能免税买吗?B: Yes, you can. Show me your passport, please.是的,请出示护照其他表达法:Here is my passport.这是我的护照This is my passport.这是我的护照 60




  第3期:Hotel Reservation by PhoneY:Hello.Is there a room available tonight?Y:今天晚仁有空的房间吗?X:What kind of room do you have in mind?X:请问你要什么样的房间?Y:I’d like a twin room,please.Y:我想要双人房X:Hold on,please.Im afraid were fully booked.The only room available at the moment is a suite.X:请稍候恐怕我们的房间都被订光了目前唯一有空的是间套房Y:Oh,I see.Thank you anyway.Y:哦,我明自了不管怎样,我还是谢谢你其他出国旅游英语句型:1.Im afraid were fully booked.Im afraid all our rooms have been booked.恐怕我们的房间都被订光了.Thank you anyway. 我还是谢谢你在别人帮完忙,咱们表示感谢时,最常说的是:Thank you verb much.例:A:I finished the job you.B:Great!Thank you very much.甲:我替你把工作做好了乙:太好了,非常谢谢你但请求某人帮忙,而对方却不方便或无能为力时,我们仍应表示感谢,就有下列的说法:例:A:Im sorry,but I cant help you.B:That all right .Don’t worry.Thank you anyway.甲:很抱歉,我无法帮助你乙:没关系,不要紧,我还是谢谢你 33面试英语口语Lesson6: About the Job of a Medical Representative经典对话:850.Can you tell me why you would like to work as a medical representative with us?能否请你告诉我你为什么要到我们这儿来当医药代表?851. I like this kind of work, and your company is one of the most famous pharmaceutical corporations in the world.我喜欢这项工作而且,贵公司是世界上最著名的医药公司之一85.Having worked as a paediatrician in the OPD two years,I want to apply this position a change.在门诊部当了两年儿科医生,我想换个工作853.Well, I enjoy working in different places and meeting new people. That will widen my experience in the work.嗯,我喜欢在不同的地方工作,与不同的人打交道,这会扩增我的工作经验85.What kind of antipyretic do you usually prescribe to chil-dren who have got high fever?你们一般给发高烧的孩子开什么药?855.Asprin, Anti-Phen Syrup, Snalets-FR as well as some mixture fixed by our own hospital.阿斯匹林、安佳热、斯耐普以及我们医院自己配制的合剂856.What kind of antibiotics do you usually prescribe to chil-dren?你们一般给孩子开什么抗菌素?857.We usually use Amoxicillin Syrup and Amoxicillin Oral Sus-pension BP. They have less side-effect than Tabellae Ery-thromycini Ethylsuccinatis.我们一般用再林和阿莫西林它们的副作用比利君沙要小858.What could you do our company if I hire you?如果我们雇用你,对我们公司有什么益处?859.Having worked in the Children Hospital two years. I know thoroughly the pharmacology and dosage of various kinds of medicine. I am also familiar with the organizations of hospitals in our country.Could I get the position,it would not be very difficult me to put ward a plan to promote selling of your medicine.我在儿童医院工作了两年之后,对各种药品的药理、剂量有了全面的了解我对我们国家的医疗机构也很熟悉如果我被雇用,提出对贵公司的药品的促销方案对我而言是不难的860.Do you mind going on business trip?你是否介意出差?861.Definitely not.I enjoy travelling.当然不会,我很喜欢出差情景案例:Dialogue A(IInterviewer 主试人 AApplicant申请人)I: Good morning. Have your seat please.Was it difficult getting here?A: Not really.I have prepared that.I: May I have your name,please?A: My name is Ming Liu.I: Are you married?A: No, sir.Im still single.I: Do you live with your family?A: No, I rent a flat with one friend.I: What university did you graduate from?A: I graduated from Shanghai Medical University.I: Well,Mr Liu, can you tell me why you would like to work as a medical representative with us?A: I like this kind of work,and your company is one of the most famous pharmaceutical corporations in the world. Having worked as a paediatrician in the OPD two years, I want to apply this position a change.I: What kind of antipyretic do you usually prescribe to children who have got high fever?A: Asprin,Anti-Phen Syrup,Snaplets-FR as well as some mixture fixed by our own hospital.I: What about antibiotics?A: We usually use Amoxycillin Syrup and Amoxicillin Oral Sus-pension BP.They have less side-effect than Tabellae Ery-thromycini Ethylsuccinatis.I: What could you do our company if I hire you?A: Having worked in the Children Hospital two years, I know thoroughly the pharmacology and dosage of various kinds of medicine.I am also familiar with the organizations of hospitals in our country.Could I get the position, it would not be very difficult me to put ward a plan to promote selling of your medicine.I: Dont you think it a pity you to leave your present hospital?A: It is a pity to some extent. I have learned much in this hospital.But I would like to try a different kind of life.I prefer to be on the ball. By the way, could you tell me something about insurance and things like that?I: Every incumbent in our company enjoys life insurance, unemployment insurance and a decent pension after serving years here. Our employees also enjoy free medical service.A: I see.I: Do you mind going on business trip?A: Definitely not.I enjoy travelling.I: Well,the next thing I must do is to take up your reference.A: Take up my references?I: Yes,it a rule of the firm.What I mean is this:we always ask your present employer a report on your work.A: Do all firm do that?I: Oh,yes,it normal business practice. Now I see from your application m that Mr. He is your present leader.A: Yes,he is.I: Then Ill ask him to give you a reference. Ill write to you within a day or two.A: I shall look ward to hearing from you.Good-bye.I: Good-bye.Notes 注释:1.Have your seat,please.请坐.medical representative医药代表3.I have prepared that.我预备了充足的交通时间.It a pity to some extent.在一定程度上说是很可惜5.But I would like to try a different kind of life. I prefer to be on the ball.但是我想尝试另外一种生活,一种忙碌的生活6.… Insurance and things like that?保险之类的福利?7.Every incumbent in our company enjoys life insurance, unemployment insurance and a decent pension after serving years here.我们公司的每一位职员都享受人身保险、失业保险为本公司工作了年以上的职员还享受一份丰厚的养老金8.Take up my references?对我的情况进行咨询?9.Yes, it a rule of the firm.对,这是公司的惯例.What I mean is this :…我的意思是…….Oh,yes,it a normal business practice.噢,是的,这是正常的业务惯例.Then Ill ask him to give you a reference.那么我将请他对你的情况提供介绍.Could I get the position…如果我能得到这一职位,……这句为倒装结构,等于 If I could get the position…Words and Expressions:representative n.代表,代理人pharmaceutical a.医药的corporation n.法人,股份有限公司paediatrician n.儿科医生OPD:Out Patient Deparment 门诊部antipyretic n.退烧药,解热剂prescribe v.开处方syrup n.糖浆promote v.促进,提高prefer v.宁愿insurance n.保险antibiotic n.抗菌素, 抗生素side-effect n.副作用pharmacology n.药理学,药物学dosage n.剂量,用量incumbent n.任职者pension n.年金,养老金 5880Overweight行李超重Can I help you?我能帮您忙吗?I would like to check in. Here aro my ticket and baggage.我想办理登机手续这是我的机票和行李I am sorry,sir. Your baggage is kg overweight.You have to pay extra money it.非常抱歉,先生您的行李超重公斤,您得付超重费Well, can I put something in this handbag?嗯,我能从里面取些东西放到手提包里吗?Sure.Now it all right.Here are your boarding pass and label. Have a nice trip.当然可以现在可以了给您机票和行李牌,祝您旅途愉快 93

  Japans foreign minister said Wednesday he will reappoint Tokyos ambassador to Seoul, and gauge the reaction to measures taken to protest a recent visit by South Koreas president to disputed islands before deciding on further action. 日本外务大臣周三说,日本驻韩国大使将重返首尔,日本还将评估在日方为抗议韩国总统登上日韩争议岛屿而采取一系列措施后韩国方面的反应,然后再决定是否采取进一步行动We will look at South Koreas reaction calmly and see if they act prudently with the future of our relationship in mind before making a final decision on further measures, Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba said at a news conference. Mr. Gemba said the decision to have the ambassador return to his post was made Tuesday, as someone was needed to be on hand to coordinate the situation. 日本外务大臣玄叶光一Koichiro Gemba)在新闻发布会上说,我们将冷静研究韩国的反应,看看他们是否能着眼于日韩关系的未来而审慎行事,然后再决定是否采取进一步措斀?玄叶光一郎说,让日本驻韩国大使返回首尔的决定是周二做出的,因为需要有人在韩国坐镇协调此事Relations with South Korea have been strained since President Lee Myung-bak visited the islands between the two countries earlier this month. Mr. Lee also said Japans emperor should apologize for South Koreans who died fighting the Japanese in the past. 自从本月早些时候韩国总统李明Lee Myung-bak)登上韩日争议岛屿以来,两国关系便一直处于紧张状态。李明说,日本天皇应该向过去为抗击日本人而牺牲的韩国人道歉Tokyo temporarily recalled its ambassador on Aug. 10 in protest over the visit. 为抗议李明登岛,东0日临时召回了驻韩国大使,The Korea-controlled islands are referred to as Dokdo by South Korea and Takeshima by Japan. They are also known as the Liancourt Rocks. 争议岛屿现为韩国所控,在韩国叫做“独岛Dokdo),在日本叫“竹岛Takeshima),在国际上还被称作利扬库尔?(Liancourt Rocks)On Tuesday, Tokyo formally asked South Korea to jointly submit a request to the International Court of Justice to look into the issue. Seoul has rejected the request. 周二,东京正式要求韩国同意日韩两国将岛屿之争共同提交至海牙国际法International Court of Justice),首尔拒绝了这个要求 /201208/196409In contrast with previous generations of Royal husbands-to-be and with scant concern for traditional reserve, William wraps Kate Middleton protectively in his arms, cherished and embraced for all the world to see.   相比前几任皇家未婚夫和对传统关注的匮乏,威廉王子则将凯特?米德尔顿紧紧地拥在怀里,愿意全世界都能分享这一珍贵的时刻  It is not so much a formal portrait as a remarkable public declaration of love to herald a new Royal age. For much of their eight-year courtship they abided by a pact not to touch in public, conscious that their every move was subject to scrutiny and speculation.   尽管,这公开的爱的宣言并不预示着一个新的皇家时代的来临。考虑到他们的一举一动都会是观察和猜测的焦点,他们遵循规定并没有把他年的恋爱过程披露给公众  Now, nearly a month after Prince William and Kate announced their engagement, we see them for the first time just as they wish to be seen: a young couple bursting with happiness and love; intimate and at ease and unlike any R Royal couple before.   现在,在威廉王子和凯特宣布订婚的一个月后,我们看到了他们希望我们看到的:这对新人幸福洋溢,亲密且安逸,不像之前任何一对皇家情侣  And where his father Charles and uncle Andrew were both stiffly formal in official photographs with their fiancees, William is as easy, tactile and affectionate as the woman he is about to marry.   当他的父亲查尔斯和叔叔安德鲁两人与威廉王子拍正式的合影时,威廉和这个他将要娶的女人一样安然,真实和深情  It is one of two very different portraits released today in which William and Kate reveal their acute awareness of the formal public role that they must play, while offering, with gentle insistence, a charming reminder that they are, at heart, a couple in love.   这是今天公布的两张图的一张,威廉和凯特扮演了在公众认知中必须扮演的角色但可以明显看出两人是在发自内心相爱的 /201012/120894

  According to the Telegraph on October 6, an increase in solar activity from the Sun actually cools the Earth, suggests a new research that will renew the debate over the science behind climate change. The research overturns traditional assumptions about the relationship between the Sun and global warming.据英囀?每日电讯报0日报道:新研究表明,太阳活动趋于频繁事实上让地球变冷。这一研究将使关于气候变化背后科学原理的辩论重新开始。这项研究颠覆了关于太阳与全球变暖之间关系的传统假设。The findings focused on a three-year snapshot of time between 2004 and 2007. As solar activity waned at the end of one of the Sun's 11-year cycles, the new data shows the amount of light and heat reaching the Earth rose rather than fell. Scientists also believe it may also be possible that during the next upturn of the cycle, when solar activity increases, there might be a cooling effect at the Earth's surface.这项研究的时间范围是2004年到2007年。太阳活动的周期1年。新数据表明,在一个周期末期太阳活动趋弱时,抵达地球的光与热的量增加而不是减少了。科学家们相信,在周期的下一个上升期,也就是在太阳活动趋于频繁时,可能会对地球表面产生冷却效应。Over the past century, overall solar activity has been increasing and should therefore cool the Earth, yet global temperatures have increased.就总体而言,太阳活动是在增强,因此,原本应该让地球变冷,然而,全球气温却升高了。Professor Joanna Haigh, from Imperial College London, who led the study, said: "These results are challenging what we thought we knew about the Sun's effect on our climate. However, they only show us a snapshot of the Sun's activity and its behavior over the three years of our study could be an anomaly."这项研究的带头人、帝国理工学院的乔安黑格教授说:“这些研究成果对我们原本在太阳对全球气候的影响方面的所知提出来质疑。然而,这些研究只是向我们展示了很短一段时间内的太阳活动情况,太阳在我们的研究所覆盖的这3年内的活动可能是一种反常现象。We need to carry out further studies to explore the Sun's activity and the patterns that we have uncovered on longer timescales." She said.她说:“我们需要对太阳活动以及较长时期内的活动模式进行进一步研究。”来 /201010/115234

  America and Its Junky, Junkie Economy'Now the drugs don't work. They just make you worse.' ─ The VerveIt's the day every junkie ds. And ours is coming soon. America must learn to live without all the drugs we've been feeding ourselves.We've been on one heck of a binge ─ the TARP, the TALF, the FHA's Hope for Homeowners, Cash-for-Clunkers ─ more than trillion of it so far.And while there is little doubt that the junk has made us feel better, you have to wonder if it's still working.Today's existing-home sales numbers suggest it may not be. After rising four months in a row, August home re-sales fell unexpectedly by 2.7% to 5.1 million annual sales.A 'mild retreat' said the National Association of Realtors. But apparently it wasn't 'mild' enough for the Dow which promptly swung from a 50 point gain to a 50 point loss on the news.Investors don't like when things that are supposed to happen don't. And home sales are supposed to keep rising, especially when the Fed and the U.S. government are doing everything they can to juice them.For America's homebuyers, credit is certainly available. The Federal Housing Agency has insured so many dubious mortgages that it's aly fallen below its legally-mandated reserves.Mortgage rates are low: the Fed's purchases of over a trillion dollars in mortgages have seen to that. For August, the rate on a 30 year mortgage was an astonishing 5.19%.And there's even 'free money' available: Until November 30th, first-time homebuyers qualify for an ,000 tax credit. We're back to buying 0,000 homes for only a few thousand dollars down.So with all these inducements, how could home sales have possibly declined?Well, it could be just a statistical blip ─ 'bad weather kept buyers at home' as the retailers are fond of saying. Or it could be that all our Keynesian tinkering is messing with the natural balance of supply and demand. Once you start introducing one-off special incentives, things get unpredictable when you take them away.That's what happened with the billion Cash-for-Clunkers program. The ,500 government subsidy produced a great July and August for car sales, but September is dismal. As Edmunds.com CEO Jeremy Anwyl put it: 'Cash for Clunkers was supposed to prime the pump, but that is a physics concept, and economics is quite different. Demand has dropped off significantly since the program ended.'Is the August drop in home sales the result of the coming expiry of the ,000 tax credit or of the FHA finally starting to tighten credit? We don't know.But we do know that no matter how badly we crave them, the drugs in fact can make you worse. Just look at what the Fed's easy money, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and all those subprime mortgages did to us not too long ago. It almost killed us.But how quickly we forget. The National Association of Homebuilders and the National Association of Realtors have aly started their predictable campaigns for the extension of the ,000 homebuyer credit.No surprise. Whether you're in Washington on Wall Street or Main Street, there are always some junkies that refuse to go into rehab. /09/85487。

  第一句:What’s there to do in the central part of Taiwan?台湾中部有什么好玩的地方?A: What’s there to do in the central part of Taiwan?台湾中部有什么好玩的地方?B: You can embark on many of the hiking trips while you are at the Sun Moon Lake.在日月潭可以参加远足活动第二句:What other activities are available on the Lake?日月潭还有什么其他的水上活动?A: What other activities are available on the Lake?曰月潭还有什么其他的水上活动? B: You can go fishing there and enjoy a more personalized fishing experience.你可以在那儿垂钓,享受更加个性化的垂钓之乐其他表达法:While on this trip, youll be able to pay a visit to a God on an island who is said to have powers matchmaking.在这趟旅行中,你可以参拜岛上的月下老人亭,据说月下老人具有促成姻缘的法力 533


  1.惯用口语句子:Give me a postal order, please.请给我一张汇款单Can I get a money order here?能给我一张汇款单吗?postal order“汇票,汇款单”(英)money order“汇票,汇款单”(美)Id like to send a sum of ,000 to Beijing.我想汇一千美元到北京sum n. 金额,一笔钱Is this m filled in properly?这张表这样填对吗?Ive filled out the m.我已经填好汇款单了properly ad. 正确地,适当地fill infill out“填写” 367689

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