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As any parents of a young child who is a problem sleeper will confirm, permanent tiredness and constant irritability can put a huge strain on your relationship. In fact, according to a survey, lack of sleep is a big factor in divorce and separation for a third of couples.任何家里有不肯好好睡觉的幼童的父母都会实这一点,长期的疲倦和持续的烦躁会让你的感情关系承受巨大压力。事实上,调查显示,缺乏睡眠是三分之一夫妇离婚和分居的一个重要原因。Ahead of a new series on the subject, a poll carried out for Channel 4 suggests the average parent surveyed got fewer than six hours of sleep a night. It also found that three in 10 couples who had split up said sleep deprivation since having their child was a factor in the breakup. Nearly 45% said they had dozed off in a place they shouldn#39;t have or was unsafe, with one in 20 admitting to falling asleep at the wheel of their car.英国第4频道在推出一个针对这一题材的新系列节目之前,委托开展了一项调查。该调查显示,被调查的父母平均每晚睡眠还不到六个小时。调查还发现,十分之三的离婚夫妻称有小孩后一直睡眠不足是导致他们分手的一个原因。近45%的父母说,他们曾经在不应睡着或不安全的地方打瞌睡,二十分之一的父母承认曾在开车时睡着。Children waking throughout the night, as well as the struggle to get children off to bed at a respectable hour, were equally important issues for parents. Nearly half of the 2,000 people questioned said getting their child to sleep at a consistent time was a nightly battle.孩子整晚不睡,以及努力让孩子在正常时间上床睡觉,对父母们而言都是同样重要的事情。在接受调查的2000名父母中,近半数人称让孩子在固定时间上床睡觉是每夜的战斗任务。Around 11% admitted to pretending to be asleep in the night so that their partner was forced to deal with a crying child, while 11% said they had shut the door and 9% said they had turned up the TV to block out the noise of a sobbing child. A fifth of parents blamed the fact that their child had a television in their room for their failure to fall asleep.约有11%的父母们承认自己夜里曾假装睡着,这样他们的配偶只好被迫去应对哭泣的小孩。此外,为了不听见孩子的哭声,11%的父母称自己把门关上,9%的父母称自己把电视音量调高。五分之一的父母把孩子不睡觉归咎于在孩子房间里安放了电视机。But psychologist Tanya Byron, who is among a panel of experts taking part in the series, Bedtime Live, which will allow people to call in via to the show and ask for help, said it wasn#39;t about blaming parents – rather that family downtime was being eroded by the demands of work and the attraction of technologies, and that sleep was being lost as a result.心理学家塔尼娅?拜伦是参与制作这一名为《睡前直播》新系列节目的专家之一,她表示这一调查不是要指责父母,而是要指出家庭的停工时间正在被工作要求和技术的诱惑力所侵蚀,从而造成了睡眠缺失。《睡前直播》将让人们可以通过视频电话参与到节目中来并寻求帮助。Sleep deprivation in adults was also a worry, she said, pointing to tests done on the sleep-deprived mothers. ;Those without sleep were just as dangerous as those who had been drinking. One woman drove 100 metres with her eyes closed.;她说,成年人的睡眠不足也是让人担忧的一个问题,她还提到了对睡眠不足的母亲们所做的测试。“那些没有睡觉的人就和喝了酒的人一样危险。曾经有个女人闭着眼开车走了100米。”;What we have to remember is that fundamentally we are beings who run on circadian rhythms and we are just putting our brains under constant stress if we can#39;t get our sleep.;“我们要记住的是本质上我们是按照昼夜节律来运作的生物,如果我们得不到睡眠,我们就会让我们的大脑遭受持续的压力。” /201303/230993

  一位父亲为庆祝宝贝女儿出生!要把“克莱尔”译为中文,献给自己的小仙女!伴随她成长… 另外,小宝宝中文名还没有确定,但是英文名只有一个:Claire... 这就是天意吧… 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:关于克莱尔的一切,从这里开始:第一女主角现身,让我们开始吧……!译者:koogle


  Leah Remini has confirmed that she#39;s left the Church of Scientology, and with that she joins a growing list of celebrities who have said goodbye to the religion created by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.丽亚#8226;雷米尼已经实她脱离了山达基教,越来越多的名人告别了由科幻作家L#8226;罗恩#8226;贺伯特创立的宗教,从此她也加入了这队伍。Tom Cruise is the face of Scientology and he convinced Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes to join the church during his respective marriages to them. Of course neither marriage lasted, and Kidman and Holmes both left the church, with rumors it was the controversial religion that played a role in the demise of each relationship.汤姆克鲁斯是科学教的脸面人物,在两段婚姻中他说妮可#8226;基德曼和凯蒂#8226;赫尔姆斯加入了该教会。当然两段婚姻都没有长久,基德曼和赫尔姆斯都离开了该教会,谣言称这个充满争议的宗教在每段关系的消亡中扮演了一个角色。Neither has commented on the rumors, and Kidman told The Hollywood Reporter, ;I#39;ve chosen not to speak publicly about Scientology. I have two children [adopted with Cruise] who are Scientologists -- Connor [17] and Isabella [20] -- and I utterly respect their beliefs.;不去那些流言蜚语,基德曼告诉好莱坞记者,“我选择不公开谈论山达基教。我有两个孩子(和克鲁斯领养的)都是山达基信徒——17岁的康纳和20岁的伊莎贝拉,我完全尊重他们的信仰。”Meanwhile, actress Nazanin Boniadi -- the woman who was allegedly handpicked by the church to be Cruise#39;s girlfriend from November 2004 until January 2005 before running afoul of the religion#39;s leader David Miscavage -- also left the church.与此同时,女演员纳赞宁#8226;波妮阿蒂——在忤逆该宗教的领袖大卫-密斯凯维吉之前的2004年11月到2005年1月,被教会精心挑选出来作为克鲁斯的女朋友,也离开了该教会。;G.I. Jane; actor Jason Beghe has been one of the most vocal stars to leave Scientology. After 13 years as a member, he left in 2007, and released a in which he spoke out about the church.《魔鬼女大兵》演员杰森#8226;贝吉一直是离开山达基教中最直言不讳的明星。作为一个信徒的13年之后,2007年他离开了,在发布的一个视频中他谈到了这个教会。;Scientology is destructive and a rip-off,; the actor said in the . ;It#39;s very, very dangerous for your spiritual, psychological, mental, emotional health and evolution. I think it stunts your evolution. If Scientology is real, then something#39;s f**ked up.;“山达基是破坏性的,是在敲竹杠,”这位演员在视频中说。“对你的心灵、心理、精神、情绪健康和演变是非常危险的。我认为它阻碍了你的演变。如果山达基教是真实的,那么简直是扯淡。”And Lisa Marie Presley, whose father Elvis once said of the religion, ;F**k those people. All they want is my money,; opened up about her decision to leave the church, telling USA Today:丽莎#8226;玛丽#8226;普雷斯利,其父猫王曾经说过该宗教,“那些人去死吧。他们想要的是我的钱,”公开她离开该教会的决定时告诉《今日美国》:;I was slowly starting to self-destruct, and I didn#39;t know where that was coming from. I started to uncover the main person who was really close to me for years, and then it was a domino effect. I was devastated,; she said, adding, ;I got bad advice. I was insulated with no grip on reality. They were taking my soul, my money, my everything.”“我慢慢地开始自毁,我不知道那是来自于何处。我开始揭露那些和我真正亲近多年的主要人士,然后是一场多米诺骨牌效应。我崩溃了,”她说,并补充道,“我得到坏的建议。我无法掌控现实。他们带走了我的灵魂、我的钱、我的一切。” /201307/247831

  Aquarius 水瓶座 (1月21日~2月19日)Ruled by shocking Uranus, Aquarius is very much epitomes the planet that inspires it. This sign has astonishing intellectual and communication skill.受天王星控制的水瓶座简直就是天王星的缩影。水瓶座具有令人吃惊的智慧和沟通能力。TIPS Aquarius has a lot of adaptability. But you may try many new things but end up mastering none.学习相 瓶子有非常好的适应能力。但是你可能尝试了很多新事物后却一事无成。 /201210/204560The personal fortunes of those who would become president of the ed States have ranged from extremely wealth to distinctly middle-class incomes, but is does pay to be president, especially in these days of personal speaking engagements.美国总统们在当选之前的个人财富多少不等,有的极为富有,有的则是典型的中产阶级收入水平,但是当选总统还是很值得的,特别是在这一个人演讲盛行的时代。A 24/7 Wall St. report, out for President#39;s Day, reveals the country#39;s 10 wealthiest presidents in history. Only one currently living president, Bill Clinton, made the top 10 list. Clinton makes millions of dollars in speaking fees, and now has an estimated net worth of million.美国财经网站24/7 Wall St.在总统日发布的一份报告中披露了美国历史上最富有的十大总统榜单。跻身榜单的在世总统只有一位,那就是比尔#8226;克林顿。克林顿靠演讲赚了数百万美元,现在他的净资产估计达5500万美元。His popularity has only grown in the years since he left office. For example, in January, Clinton sent an email to supporters, and shortly after, his wife#39;s 2008 campaign debt was paid off.克林顿在离任后持率开始大涨。举个例子,克林顿在一月份给持者们发了一封电子邮件,不久后他就还清了妻子在2008年总统大选时欠下的债务。Barack Obama#39;s net worth will likely increase once he leaves office as well. It went from million in 2010 to a current million, primarily from book sales, but if Clinton is an indication, Obama will become far wealthier once he is out of the White House.贝拉克#8226;奥巴马一卸任,他的个人净资产也会增加。奥巴马的资产从2010年的500万美元增加到现在的700万美元,这些增加的财富主要源自卖书所得,但如果克林顿可以引以为鉴,那么一旦奥巴马离开白宫,他会变得比现在富有得多。The 10 wealthiest presidents, with assets adjusted into modern-day dollars, were:最富有的10位美国总统(个人资产换算为现行的美元)是:10. John Kennedy: He had a net worth of billion, when including the entire value of the Kennedy family#39;s holdings. Kennedy was born into great wealth and his wife, Jacqueline, was an oil heiress.10. 约翰#8226;肯尼迪:加上肯尼迪家族的股权总值,个人净资产达10亿美元。肯尼迪出生于一个十分富有的家庭,他的妻子又是一名石油大亨的继承人。9. Bill Clinton: Clinton#39;s net worth is at million. He earned most of his money from speaking fees.9. 比尔#8226;克林顿:个人净资产为5500万,主要收入来自演讲费。8. Franklin Roosevelt: His net worth was million, earned mostly through inheritance and marriage. He owned properties in Georgia, Maine and New York.8. 富兰克林#8226;罗斯福:个人净资产6000万美元,主要源自遗产继承和婚姻所得。他在佐治亚州、缅因州及纽约州均有房产。7. Herbert Hoover: His net worth was million, after making his fortune as a mining company executive with holdings in several companies.7. 赫伯特#8226;胡佛:个人净资产达7500万美元,这些财富来自他担任一家采矿公司的总裁的收入,以及在几家公司持有的股份。6. Lyndon Johnson: He had a net worth of million. Johnson accumulated property in Texas, owned a television and radio station.6. 林登#8226;约翰逊:个人净资产9800万美元。约翰逊在德克萨斯州拥有多处房产,还拥有一家广播电视台。5. James Madison: With a net worth of 1 million, Madison was the largest landowner in Orange County, Va., with a holding of 5,000 acres and the Montpelier estate.5. 詹姆斯#8226;麦迪逊:个人净资产1.01亿美元,麦迪逊是弗吉尼亚州奥兰治县最大的土地所有者,拥有5000英亩土地和位于蒙彼利埃的房产。4. Andrew Jackson: Old Hickory had a net worth of 9 million. Jackson married a wealthy woman and his homestead included 1,050 acres of real estate.4. 安德鲁#8226;杰克逊:“老山胡桃”(杰克逊的昵称)个人净资产为1.19亿美元。杰克逊娶了一位富家千金,他名下有1050英亩地产。3. Theodore Roosevelt: With a net worth of 5 million, Teddy was born into a wealthy family and had a sizable trust fund.3. 西奥多#8226;罗斯福:个人净资产1.25亿美元。“泰迪”(罗斯福的昵称)出生于一个富裕的家庭,而且拥有一家庞大的信托基金会。2. Thomas Jefferson: He had a net worth of 2 million based on the 3,000 acres and property left by his father and his home, Monticello, which was located on a 5,000 acre plantation in Virginia.2. 托马斯#8226;杰弗逊:个人净资产2.12亿美元,他的财富包括父亲留给他的3000英亩土地和财产,还有他位于弗吉尼亚州蒙蒂塞洛的住所周边的5000英亩种植园。1. George Washington: The First President had a net worth of 5 million. He owned the Virginia plantation of Mount Vernon, which had five separate farms on 8,000 acres.1. 乔治#8226;华盛顿:这位美国第一任总统的个人净资产为5.25亿美元。他拥有位于弗吉尼亚州的种植园弗农山庄,这一占地8000英亩的种植园中有五个独立的农场。 /201302/226165

  这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:我们总是容易“高兴滴太早”…都说“谁笑到最后,谁笑的最好”,最早笑的那个,大家最后笑的也许就是你…译者:koogle内容来自: /201307/247580


  There#39;s no question that cilantro is a polarizing herb. Some of us heap it onto salsas and soups with gusto while others avoid cilantro because it smells like soap and tastes like crushed bugs.毋庸置疑,香菜受到了两种最为极端的对待:喜欢它的人会把成堆的香菜放到沙拉和汤里,而讨厌它的人却觉得香菜闻着像肥皂,尝起来像是在嚼臭虫。A large chunk of the US population—including the likes of culinary goddess Julia Child—have claimed that it tastes offensive. Kinda like soap, in fact. It sps further than these shores, too: a recent survey suggested that 21 percent of east Asians, 17 percent of Europeans, and 14 percent of people of African descent all claim to be repulsed by the stuff.包括著名厨师朱莉娅·查尔德在内的许多美国人都不喜爱香菜散发出的肥皂一样的味道。但实际上并非只有美国人这样认为,最近一项调查显示,21%的东亚人、17%的欧洲人和14%的非洲人都说他们讨厌这种蔬菜。But what separates the cilantro lovers from the haters? Is it hard-wired in our genes, as Harold McGee suggested a few years ago in the New York Times? It#39;s probably not so simple.但为什么有人对香菜爱得要死,有人却避之不及呢?是像食物专家哈洛德·麦基几年前在《纽约时报》上撰文说的那样,我们体内的基因决定对香菜的喜好吗?也许并没有那么简单。Geneticists at 23andMe in California asked about 25,000 people whether they like cilantro or think it smells soapy. When they searched the people#39;s DNA for regions that correlate with a distaste for the herb, a single spot jumped out. And, it sits right next to a cluster of odor-detecting genes, including one that is known to specifically recognize the soapy aromas in cilantro#39;s bouquet.位于加州的个人基因信息网站23andMe曾调查过25000人,问他们是否认为香菜闻着像肥皂。当网站的基因学家研究DNA,看是否有专门控制排斥香菜的基因位点时,他们找到了一个点,而且这个位点就在嗅觉检验基因簇的旁边,将香菜的味道归入肥皂味的基因也位于这个基因簇中。The strongest variant lies within a cluster of olfactory-receptor genes—part of the genome which influences our sense of smell. Buried within that cluster is a gene called OR6A2, which encodes a receptor that makes people sensitive to the aldehyde chemicals contributing to cilantro#39;s characteristic flavor.在这簇嗅觉受体基因中,有一称作OR6A2的最强变体,它负责编码一种受体基因,能使人们对香菜特殊气味的醛类物质异常敏感。But, ;it didn#39;t make a huge a difference in cilantro preference from person to person,; Nicholas Eriksson, the lead author on the study says. In fact, their results suggest that a hatred for cilantro has only a small underlying genetic component. He and his team just published their findings on the arXiv.org.不过该研究的主要作者尼古拉斯·埃里克森告诉记者:“个人对香菜的喜好和这个基因的关系并不大。”实际上,这个研究表明,基因组成只是某些人反感香菜的一小部分原因。埃里克森和他团队的这一研究已经发表在arXiv.org网站上。The scientists pinpointed three more genes that influence our perception of cilantro: Two of the genes are involved with tasting bitter foods and one gene detects pungent compounds, like those in wasabi.通过研究,这些科学家又指出三个影响我们对香菜接受度的基因。其中有两个和品尝苦味有关,第三个和探测类似芥末的刺激性气味有关。Overall, Eriksson says these studies demonstrate that DNA does shape our opinion of cilantro, but probably not enough that we can#39;t overcome it. ;It isn#39;t like your height, that you#39;re stuck with. People can change it,; he says.总之,埃里克森认为,虽然DNA的确会影响人们对香菜的好恶,但却还在可控范围内。他说:“这并不像你的身高一样,一旦定型就不可改变。我们还是可以改变对香菜的看法的。”As Nature reports, McGee offers a strategy for building up an appreciation for the herb: Try a cilantro pesto. Crushing the leaves, he says, releases enzymes that convert the soapy, stinky compounds into more mild aromas.根据《自然杂志》的报道,麦基为我们提供了一个接受香菜的食谱:香菜蒜香酱。把香菜的叶子捣碎,这样香菜就能释放出多种酶,把刺鼻的肥皂味变成更轻微的香气。But Julia Child, an avowed cilantro hater, said she would just pick it out and throw it on the floor, Nature reports.不过《自然杂志》也报道,查尔德依然坚定地站在反对香菜的阵营里,她说她更愿意把香菜挑出来扔到地上。 /201305/240212。


  1. Where your attention goes, your life goes.1. 你的注意力在哪,生活也在哪。2. Forgiveness is a form of gratitude. When we forgive others, we show them the mercy that we have often received and been thankful for.2. 原谅是感恩的一种形式。当我们原谅他人时,我们展现的仁慈正是平时得到的、并且心怀感激的。3. The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.3. 宽恕是我们治愈世界最重要的贡献。4. People underestimate their capacity for change. There is never a right time to do a difficult thing.4. 人们低估了改变自己的能力。攻克困难的事从来没有正确的时间。5. Anything that is of value in life only multiplies when it is given.5. 生活中任何有价值的事只有在被给予时才会展现。6. Hope is definitely not the same thing as optimism. It is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.6. 希望和乐观不是相同的事物。希望不是确信事情结果会很好,而是不管结果如何,都相信事情是有意义的。7. Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.7. 要意识到现在的时光是最好的。8. Getting started, keeping going, getting started again--in art and in life, it seems to me this is the essential rhythm.8. 开始、前进、再开始——不管是在艺术还是在生活中,这对我来说都是必然的节奏。9. If you take a deep breath and look around, ‘Look what’s happening to me!’ can be come ‘Look what’s happening!’ The incredible drama of life is happening. And we’re in it!9. 如果你深呼吸看看周围的世界,“我身上发生了什么!”会变成“看,发生了什么!”生活的戏剧正在上演,而我们身处其中。10. You#39;re either going to live the life chosen or the life assigned. I want you to live the life chosen.10. 你可以选择自己的生活,或者被别人安排。我希望你可以自己选择。 /201212/216284

  The collapse of a floor piled high with material in a Cambodia sneaker factory killed three people and drew fresh attention to safety problems in low-cost countries serving the world#39;s apparel retailers.柬埔寨一运动鞋生产厂的一个堆满材料的楼层坍塌,造成三人死亡。事故引发外界再次关注这些为全球装零售商供应低成本产品的国家的生产安全问题。Three people died early Thursday and at least six others were injured in a new industry accident, which occurred when a ceiling collapsed in a factory outside the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh. An official at Asics Corp., a Japanese sneaker company whose brand is popular among athletes in the U.S. and elsewhere, confirmed that the factory is one of its suppliers. The company said it was investigating and trying to determine what, if any, safety precautions had been taken.周四清早,柬埔寨首都金边城外一座工厂的天花板坍塌。这起最新工业事故造成三人死亡,至少六人受伤。日本运动鞋生产商亚瑟士(Asics Corp.)的一位管理人员实说,这家工厂是其供应商之一。亚瑟士品牌很受美国等国运动员的欢迎。该公司表示,正在调查事故原因,并试图确定该工厂是否采取了任何安全防范措施。#39;We are deeply shocked and saddened to hear of this terrible accident,#39; Asics spokeswoman Masayo Hasegawa said. #39;Safety is of paramount importance for Asics.#39;亚瑟士发言人长谷川雅代(Masayo Hasegawa)说,听到发生了这样一起可怕事故,我们都深感震惊和悲痛,安全生产对亚瑟士来说是最重要的。The collapse came on the heels of other, more-deadly garment disasters in recent months, including the collapse of a building housing factories in Bangladesh this month that killed more than 1,000 people. It also shone a light on the role of Asian retailers#39; attempts to compete with Western brands by expanding production in lower-cost countries.装业这几个月已陆续发生了一系列致死人数更多的事故,其中包括本月孟加拉国一栋内有数家制衣厂的建筑倒塌,造成1,000多人死亡。另外,此事也暴露出亚洲零售商试图通过在劳动力成本更低的国家扩大生产来与西方品牌竞争所带来的影响。The factory involved in Thursday#39;s deaths, Wing Star Shoes, was built a year and a half ago by a joint venture between Asics subsidiary Asics Trading Co. and a Taiwanese partner. A chronic problem at Asics had been production delays and poor-quality products at Chinese factories where it outsourced production, and the new factory was built with the aim to help tighten quality control.周四发生事故的鞋厂是Wing Star Shoes,一年半前由亚瑟士的子公司Asics Trading Co.与一家台湾合作伙伴组建的合资企业建造。亚瑟士以前将生产外包给中国工厂时,经常会出现生产延误和产品质量低下的问题,建柬埔寨这座新工厂的目的就是帮助加强质量控制。Workers at the scene said the deaths occurred when a mezzanine level used for storage collapsed after bearing too much weight. They said the mezzanine floors were added to the site in the past two months to connect buildings at the factory, which employs more than 6,000 people. Workers performed tasks under the mezzanines, including operating machines cleaning the soles of Asics running shoes.现场的工人说,被用来储物的阁楼因承重过大发生坍塌,造成人员伤亡。他们说,阁楼是过去两个月加盖的,作用是连接工厂内的楼房。该工厂有员工6,000余名。员工在阁楼下面工作,包括操作清洗亚瑟士跑步鞋鞋底的机器。The level that collapsed was stuffed with tons of pallets piled with cardboard boxes, crates of tissue-paper wrappings and other dense, heavy materials.坍塌的那个阁楼上有数吨货盘,货盘上则堆的是硬纸盒、成箱的包装纸和其它很重的密致材料。It wasn#39;t clear whether the addition of the mezzanine met local building codes. Ith Sam Heng, Cambodia#39;s social-affairs minister, told reporters authorities are investigating the addition.不清楚加盖的阁楼是否符合当地建筑法规。柬埔寨社会事务部长Ith Sam Heng对记者说,当局正在调查加盖阁楼一事。The recent spate of accidents in the garment trade, especially in Bangladesh, where in addition to the building collapse more than 100 have also died in factory fires over the past year -- has led labor unions and worker-safety groups to press Western retailers to tighten oversight of their supply chains.制衣业近来发生的一连串事故导致工会和维护工人安全权利的组织强烈要求西方零售商加强对供应链的监管。特别是孟加拉国,除本月倒塌的那栋楼外,过去一年该国有100多人死于工厂火灾事故。The Cambodian accident, while much smaller than other recent disasters, nevertheless fits a pattern of dangerous work conditions in Asian garment factories.虽然比起制衣业近期发生的事故,柬埔寨的这起事故规模很小,但也是由亚洲制衣厂工作环境危险所致。Asics#39;s sales are smaller than a global heavyweights like Nike, and it has become increasingly reliant on low-cost manufacturing partners in other parts of Asia. Since 2008, the company has shifted emphasis toward gaining market share overseas -- especially in the Americas.亚瑟士在销量上不及耐克(Nike)等全球巨头,并且愈发依赖亚洲其它地方低成本的制造伙伴,2008年以来,该公司一直在将重点转移至夺取海外市场份额,特别是美洲市场份额。 /201305/240332

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