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In Kabul, 2 NATO officers have been killed by the Afghan Taliban inside the interior ministry. This brings the death toll, from the protests over the burning of copies of the Koran, to at least thirty.Adding to the chaos, demonstrators in Kunduz and Laghman clashed with police. In response, NATO has recalled all personnel from Afghan government ministries in Kabul.A gunman killed two American advisers inside a heavily guarded government compound in Kabul on Saturday.The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was in retaliation for the Koran burnings. The NATO commander recalled all international military personnel working in Afghan ministries in the capital.A US official in Washington confirmed that the two killed were American.Saturday#39;s attack comes as tensions between Afghans and Americans are high after Korans and religious materials had been thrown into a fire pit of burning garbage at Bagram Air Field, a large US base north of Kabul.Still, thousands have been rallying across Afghanistan.In Laghman, eastern Afghanistan, about 1,000 demonstrators threw rocks at police, government buildings and a UN office on Saturday.Gen. Abdul Rahman Sarjang, police chief of Laghman Province, said, ;In the shooting by protesters, two members of the intelligence service were wounded. One police officer was also wounded along with tens of police and Afghan national army soldiers.;Laghman#39;s provincial Health Director said that 20 casualties had been brought to hospital.Attaullah Neyazi, health dir. of Laghman Province, said, ;We have received 20 wounded victims and of them two are in critical condition. Troops were sent to Jalalabad Hospital after they were given first aid treatment. Fortunately, so far we don#39;t have any cases of deaths reported to us.;Adding to the chaos, hundreds of demonstrators in Kunduz province tried to overrun a UN compound, but were held back by police. Officials said at least three protesters died and 50 others were injured.两名美军军官在位于阿富汗首都喀布尔的内政部办公楼内遭击身亡。北约随即决定,召回在阿富汗各政府部门工作的所有北约人员。目前,两人死因、手身份和作案动机仍在调查中。不过,阿富汗内政部称,两人是在内政部的办公室被同事开打死的。而塔利班声称对此负责,并表示两人的死就是对;焚经事件;的报复。 Article/201202/172668【Video】How To Use Skype on Howcast 【Transcript】 If you are in Orlando, your spouse is at a conference in El Paso, your daughter’s at college in Raleigh, and your son is working in Dubai, you can keep the family in touch with Skype, a software application that lets you make free calls over the internet.You Will NeedInternet access Speakers Microphone Webcam Step 1: Check requirements(由于skype是一种视频聊天软件,因此对电脑有一定的要求)Ensure that your PC is running Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7 and has at least a 1 gigahertz processor and 256 megabytes of RAM. If you’re using a Mac, check Skype.com for system requirements.If you’re using Windows 2000, you will need DirectX 9.0 in order to place calls. You can download this at Microsoft’s website.Step 2: Download Skype(从skype主页上下载软件)Download Skype by visiting skype.com and click on Download. Follow the prompts to download and install the program.Step 3: Open Skype(下载后安装,打开)Double-click the Skype icon on your desktop or by choosing it from your Start .Step 4: Create account(根据主页上的说明,注册一个新的帐户)Create an account when the screen prompts you to do so. Type your name and make up a username, also known as your Skype name and password.Choose your Skype name and password wisely — something you can easily remember, but not something someone else could guess.Step 5: Find others on Skype(点击“Contacts”或“Search” 查找朋友和家人,或其他在线的人)Find your friends and family by going to Contacts and clicking Search for Skype Users. Another window will prompt you to enter a name, e-mail address, or Skype name to locate your friends. Click Search and wait for Skype to search users; once your contact is located, highlight the name and click Add Contact.It may take a few tries to locate people. If you are unsuccessful, try e-mail addresses, last names, and usernames, or else call them on the phone.Step 6: Call your friends(给自己的朋友打在线电话)The speakers, microphone, and webcam let you talk to your friends and see them while you’re talking. Call them by clicking on the Contacts tab and highlighting their name; the icon next to the name indicates their online status. Then click on Call to call with voice only, or Video Call to include . You will hear ringing and your friend will pick up.Step 7: Hang up(谈话结束后,摁红色键挂断电话)Hang up by pushing the red End Call button once you’ve caught up with your faraway favorites.Skype users make over 3.1 billion minutes of calls, and at peak times more than 20 million people are using Skype online at the same time. Article/201006/107619

Here#39;s a little mind magic. Let your victim hold hide a coin in one of his hands, turn your back and and ask him to place the hand with the coin on top of his head. Ask him to take the hand down again hold out his hands. Now you can tell which hand is holding the coin. The secret is that hand that was on the head will be paler than the other because it lost a little blood do to gravity. Very simple mind magic. 这是一个小小的心灵感应的神奇魔术。让你的嘉宾在他的手中放一枚硬币,然后你背身,并要求他把拿硬币的手举过头顶。然后要求他放下并伸出他的双手。现在你可以告诉他哪只手握着硬币。秘诀就是握着硬币的手会比另外一只靑一些,因为它失去了一点血。很简单的思考魔术,赶快去试试吧。 Article/201201/169259Women like Peggy Blakey, a migrant farm worker.比如佩吉·布莱基这样 曾是移民农场工人Now she works in a munitions factory,现在在军火工厂工作like 2 million other women.和其他200万妇女一样The Depression is suddenly over.大萧条戛然而止The factory used to make fireworks.这个工厂过去制造烟火Now it#39;s pumping out 20-milli meter tracer shells.现在生产20毫米口径的曳光弹Tracer shells leave a trail of burning chemicals containing magnesium.曳光弹的那道燃烧尾迹中含有化学元素镁See where it#39;s going and you can hit your target.跟随着它 你就可以击中目标The pressure to produce quickly is real.快速生产确实压力很大So is the danger.同时存在危险Just combing your hair could kill you.一个梳头的动作就能让你命丧黄泉Static electricity and gunpowder equal explosion.静电和火药就相当于爆炸物But the risk is worth it.但冒险是值得的Peggy makes real money. a week.佩吉每星期赚32美元To us, it was just an absolute miracle.对于我们来说 这真是奇迹Before that, we made nothing.在那之前 我们分文不挣Now we#39;d have money to buy shoes and a dress现在我们有钱买鞋和裙子and pay rent and get some food on the table.能付房租 购买食物And pay taxes.还交了税Tax returns jump from less than 4 million in 1939 to 42 million in 1945.纳税申报由1939年的四百万飙升至1945年的四千两百万World War II will cost 0 billion...二战将花掉三千亿美元twice as much as the federal government had spent since George Washington.相当于联邦政府从乔治·华盛顿时期以来总花销的两倍Women#39;s salaries set off a wartime consumer boom.女性收入有力地拉动了战时内需11,000 supermarkets are built.一万一千家超市雨后春笋般涌现Purchases go up 12%.内需增加了12%The precedent of what women had accomplished during World War II did linger in the memory of the society at large,二战期间,美国女性所取得的成就深深镌刻在全美社会的记忆中and I think was one of those things that energized the feminist movement a decade or two later.我想这也是一二十年后女权运动爆发的诱因之一 /201302/225821

Get organized, learn how not to spend more than you earn, and you#39;ll soon find thinking about money makes you a lot less anxious.有条理一点,学习怎样避免入不敷出的生活,你很快就会发现,金钱问题不再让你如此焦虑。Step 1 Observe your spending1.观察出Spend one month tracking everything you spend. Don#39;t try to change anything, just observe what you spend and write everything down. Use this information to make a budget.花费一个月的时间来追踪你的每一项出。不要试图做出改变,只是观察自己的出,每一项都记录下来。根据这些信息来制定预算。Step 2 Anticipate stress2.提前考虑压力Put together a monthly budget and a financial plan. Decide on what you#39;re saving for, or whether you#39;d like to have extra money to pay down debts. Then, find items in your budget on which you can cut back, no matter how small they are. Add the leftover money to savings or debt repayment.制定出月度预算和财政计划。做出决定,哪些方面应该节省,或者是否想要结余一点钱来偿还债务。然后,找出预算中可以缩减的项目,无论金额多小。将结余的金钱用来储蓄或偿还债务。Step 3 Look to friends3.向朋友求助Get emotional support from people who care about you. With close friends and family, be honest that money stresses you out,suggest free and low-cost activities you can do together, and ask them to suggest some, too.向在乎你的人寻求情感持。面对密友和家人,坦诚金钱问题让你感觉到压力,建议一起进行免费或低成本的活动,邀请他们也同样提出一些建议。Consider a financial counseling service to help you reorganize your debt. Even one meeting will lend perspective.考虑财政顾问务帮助你重组债务。即使一次会面也能让你出现灵感。Step 4 Live in the moment4.活在当下Consider unhealthy reactions to stress and do the opposite to reduce the risk. Don#39;t give in to dwelling on worst-case scenarios.考虑一下压力产生的不健康反应,做一些完全相反的事情来降低风险。不要耿耿于怀于最糟糕的状况。Step 5 Try hobbies5.培养低成本的爱好Find cheap or free hobbies to add to your routine. The repetitive motion and focus of needlework can create a meditative state that slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Cooking at home can also be a fun way to unleash your creativity and save money on eating out at the same time.向日常生活中添加一些低成本或免费的爱好。刺绣的重复性动作和集中精力可以让你进入冥想状态,减缓心跳,降低血压。在家煮饭也是发挥创造性的有趣的方法,与此同时,还可以节省外出就餐的花费。According to a 2008 report by the American Psychological Association, 80 percent of Americans identified the economy as a significant cause of stress, up from 66 percent 6 months before.根据美国心理学会2008年一份报告,80%的美国人认为经济问题是造成压力的主要原因,比6个月之前的66%有大幅提高。 Article/201301/219389

How To Have an Outdoor Summer Movie Picnic Party on HowcastEnjoy a classic movie with family and friends in the comfort of your own backyard by having an outdoor summer movie picnic party.在自己家的后院开个夏天电影美食聚会,和家人和朋友一起欣赏经典电影。Step 1: Rent or buy a projectorSet up your projector. If you do not own one, you can borrow, rent, or buy one.第一步:租或买一部放映机起放映机。如果你没有放映机,你可以去借,或是出租或是买一台。Step 2: Put up screenPut up your screen. You can buy, rent, or make your own screen if needed.第二步:起荧幕起荧幕:你可以买活者租荧幕,如果有必要,自己做个荧幕。Step 3: Hook up cables and speakersHook up your speakers to the DVD projector and choose a classic movie for the night. Play a bit of the movie beforehand to make sure it’s in focus and on the screen.第三步:将机器接上电源并连接上话筒将话筒和DVD连接起来,选一部经典电影来看。事先播放一小段电影进行调试确保电影正对准荧幕。Step 4: Invite peopleInvite family and friends for a fun-filled night under the stars. Make sure you have insect repellant in case of uninvited guests.第四步:邀请他人邀请家人或朋友在夜空下度过一个愉快的夜晚。准备好驱中剂以防不速之客。Step 5: Set up foodAsk everyone who is coming to bring a dish for your outdoor picnic. Vegetables and dip, grilled chicken, assorted cheeses, and fruit salad are great picnic food choices.第五步:准备食物让来参加聚会的人准备一道菜。蔬菜和汤,烤鸡,各式奶酪,水果沙拉是聚会的最佳食物。Step 6: Make popcornMake popcorn, have an assortment of chewy and crunchy candy, and a selection of refreshments. Start a crackling fire and make s’mores.第六步:做些爆玉米花做些爆玉米花,再来点有嚼头的糖果,还要有些茶点。生些火,做一些蜜饯。Step 7: Enjoy the movieFind a spot on a blanket or find an empty chair and enjoy your outdoor summer movie picnic party.第七步:看电影在空地找一个地方或是找一个空的椅子,享受室外夏季电影和美食聚会吧。 Article/201009/113890Step 1 Avoid heavy foundationDon#39;t wear heavy foundation that looks like it was applied with a spatula. Do choose a color that matches your skin tone. A different colored cheek and neck appalls men and women alike. 不要厚重粉底夏日不要涂厚重的粉底,这样看上去就好像拿铲子给脸上糊过泥一样。选择和你肤色相近的粉底。脸和脖子不是一个颜色会把你身边的男人女人们通通吓走。Step 2 Keep it real with lipsAvoid lipstick colors that are nowhere near the shade of actual lips. If you use a lip pencil, make sure it matches your lipstick perfectly; men don#39;t like lips whose outline they can see from a mile away. 涂抹唇膏有秘诀涂抹唇膏一定要贴合你的唇形。如果你要用唇线笔,那一定要让唇线和唇颜色融合,男人们可不喜欢在几英里玩就能看到你突兀的唇线。Step 3 Don#39;t overpluckDon#39;t overpluck your eyebrows and then pencil in thin ones; most men find that look about as appealing as a unibrow.Tip: The products that help eyelashes grow can also be used on eyebrows. 修眉要适度不要拔眉毛都拔没再用眉笔画上细细的眉毛,大多数男人认为这样和一字眉一样惊悚。小贴士:睫毛生长液同样适用于眉毛。Step 4 Watch the blushApply blush with a light touch. When men see crazy red cheeks, they think of their great aunt Ethel. 小心使用腮红轻轻地打上腮红。当男人看到通红的颧骨,他们只能想起自己的姨婆。Step 5 Ditch the panda eyesSmoky eye makeup can be sexy, but don#39;t go overboard. Many men think it#39;s only a good look for a panda. 拒绝熊猫眼烟熏妆让你看上去性感迷人,但别画得太过了。男人认为那么浓的眼妆只有熊猫最适合。Step 6 Eschew blueDon#39;t even think about blue eye shadow, unless it#39;s veeeery subtle. Most men find bright blue eye makeup clownish — especially when it#39;s paired with the previous no-no#39;s. So, can we get you a washcloth?Tip: 20 percent of men wish their partner would wear less makeup, according to one survey.避开蓝色眼影想都别想蓝色眼影,除非是画得很少很少。大多数男人认为大块儿的亮蓝色看上去滑稽可笑,就像小丑一样。因此,让我们把蓝色眼影通通洗掉吧。小贴士:调查研究,20%男人希望伴侣化淡妆。 Article/201207/192650

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