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Xu Jiajie has gone on countless blind dates and to numerous match-making events over the past five years in search of a husband. 在过去5年中,许佳洁(音译)为找到好一位丈夫参加了无数次相亲和婚恋活动。 At 31, the baby-faced office worker from Shanghai is under enormous pressure from family and friends to get married. But the right man is hard to find, she says, a big issue for urban, educated and well-paid Chinese women in a society where the husband`s social status is traditionally above the wife`s. 这位来自上海的上班族虽然已经31岁,却还是一张娃娃脸。谈到结婚问题,她表示正处于亲友的巨大压力之下。但许说,传统的中国家庭中,丈夫的社会地位要高于妻子。对于高教育程度、高收入的城市女性来说,找到合适的男人实在太难了。 ;My parents have introduced every bachelor they know,; said Xu, who earns double the average wage in Shanghai. ;Half of the bachelors I met are quiet and never go out. Outgoing men don`t need blind dates.; 许的工资是上海市民平均收入的两倍,她说:“我的父母把他们认识的单身男子全都介绍给我,但在我见过面的单身汉中,有一半人十分内向,很少出门。常出门聚会的人不需要相亲。” As couples celebrate the ;Qixi; festival on Tuesday, the Chinese equivalent of Valentine`s Day, Xu and millions of women like her face stark choices as long-held ideas about matrimonial hierarchy run up against economic and social changes sweeping the world`s most populous country. 当一对对恋人周二欢度中国“七夕”情人节时,数以百万计的女性却和许一样面临着艰难抉择。在这个全球人口最多的国家中,长久沿袭的婚姻等级制度正遭遇到席卷全国的经济社会剧变。 The term ;shengnu; - directly translated as ;leftover women; - was coined to refer to professional women who have not married by their late 20s. 社会上还流传着“剩女”一词,指的是那些将近30岁还没结婚的职业女性。 ;Chinese people often think males should be higher in a relationship in every sense, including height, age, education and salary,; Ni Lin, who hosts a popular match-making television show in Shanghai, told Reuters. 上海电视台著名相亲节目主持人倪琳告诉路透社记者:“中国人总认为在婚姻关系中,男性处处都要高女性一筹,包括身高、年龄、教育水平和工资收入。” ;This leads to a phenomenon in which A-grade men marry B-grade women, B-grade men marry C-grade women and C-grade men marry D-grade women. Only A-grade women and D-grade men can`t find partners.; “这导致一等男人娶二等女人,二等男人娶三等女人,三等男人娶四等女人,只有一等女人和四等男人没人要。” In Beijing, more than a third of women in their late 20s and 30s are looking for husbands, according to the dating website Jiayuan.com. Media reports say there may be as many as 500,000 ;leftover women; in the capital. 婚恋交友网站“世纪佳缘”称,北京市三十岁上下的女性中,有超过三分之一的人还没有男朋友。有媒体报道说北京的“剩女”可多达50万。 There are plenty of men to go round among China`s nearly 1.4 billion people but social status can conspire against single professional woman once again. 中国人口近14亿,想找个丈夫并不难,但考虑到社会地位,单身职业女性的选择就不那么多了。 China`s population is more tilted towards men than in many countries due to the government`s one-child policy and a cultural preference for boys. The latest census in 2011 showed there were twice as many single men born in the 1970s as women of the same age. 政府制定计划生育政策,中国文化传统又偏爱男孩,导致男性人口多于女性人口,男女比例之大比很多国家都严重。2011年的最新人口普查显示,20世纪70年代出生的同龄人中,单身男性的数量是单身女性的两倍。 But unlike ;leftover women;, these ;shengnan; or ;leftover men; often live in lower-tier cities and do not make much money. 但同“剩女”不一样,这些“剩男”往往住在二三线城市,挣的工资也不高。 The Shanghai city government tries to help women like Xu by arranging regular match-making events. One in May attracted 20,000 single men and women. 上海市政府定期举办相亲活动,帮助像许一样的女性摆脱单身。曾有2万名单身男女参加了五月举办的婚会。 Lucy Wang, a 32-year-old Chinese language teacher who attended the event, said all she could find were playboy types or momma`s boys. 露西·王是一名32岁的汉语教师,她参加了相亲活动后说,见到的男性不是就是那些过分依赖妈妈的乖儿子。 ;I sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with me,; she said. ;Twenty thousand people and yet I can`t find anyone I like.; 她说:“有时我都怀疑自己是不是有毛病,两万人中居然连一个我喜欢的人都找不到。” /201308/252837。

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