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DearDear可以用来称呼朋友,也可以用来称呼亲密爱人,也有可能是长辈称呼小辈。 Dear使用的范围比较广。可以用来称呼朋友,也可以用来称呼亲密爱人,也有可能是长辈称呼小辈。另外英语日记通常会用dear 开头。写信时通常的称呼也是Dear XX。 经典美剧老友记第一季第8集中,Ross和Monica的奶奶去世后,Ross在家里收拾东西,他和他妈妈有这么一段对话,Ross就被妈妈叫做dear:Ross: Oh my God...Mrs. Geller: Is everything all right, dear?Ross: Yeah, just... just Nana stuff. /200908/82752。

导读:从“蒜你狠”到“豆你玩”再到“糖高宗”、“棉花掌”,由中国网民创造用以调侃物价上涨的网络新词层出不穷,折射出中国人正频繁遭遇物价上涨压力。一片“涨”声中,快来看看都有哪些省钱妙招(tips)吧!Growing inflationary pressure on the Chinese mainland, led by rising food prices, is driving mainland buyers to Hong Kong to fill their shopping carts. More and more residents in Guangdong province, especially Shenzhen, have in the past few weeks been queuing to cross the border into Hong Kong to buy sugar, salt, soybean sauce and even tissue paper in bulk to cushion increasing pressure from rising food prices at home.随着物价飞涨,一些大陆居民迫于通货膨胀的压力,而选择赴港购物。在过去的几周内,由于本土物价上涨幅度较大,越来越多的广东居民在通关口岸处排起长龙,前往香港大批采购白糖,食盐,酱油,甚至是餐巾纸等日用品。While prices are rising so fast, many people are worrying out ways to cut down their expenditures.物价高涨不下,人们便开始千方百计地寻求节省开的妙招了。Du Zhenqi, an 80-year-old resident in Beijing`s Chaoyang district, expressed his sympathy for the people who took away his towel gourds without permission.80岁高龄的北京朝阳区居民杜振祺(音译)在说到有路人偷摘了自己种的丝瓜时,反而带有一丝同情之心。Every year Du plants towel gourds in the community yard for ornament. But this year, before they turned ripe, they were all picked by his neighbors for food.杜大爷每年都会在社区院子里种些丝瓜,美化社区。可今年,还没等丝瓜成熟,就被邻居们摘去炒菜了。"The prices of many kinds of vegetables, not only the towel gourds, have gone up dramatically," said Du. "So I understand those people and it pleased me to offer my help to them."杜大爷说:“不仅仅是丝瓜,很多蔬菜都涨价了,价格贵的离谱。所以我也不怪他们,反而觉得这是在助人为乐。”The food price surge in China has made residents with low incomes feel serious financial pressure and forced them to spend wisely.食品物价上涨使低收入群体感到经济压力倍增,他们不得不精打细算了。 /201011/118056。

一个广为流传的关于王子变成青蛙的故事经常被讲给孩子们听。当青蛙请求一位公主吻他时,公主因为青蛙太丑而拒绝。但青蛙最终得到了亲吻,变回了一个英俊的王子,然后公主答应嫁给他。这个故事蕴涵着一个强烈的寓意:外表漂亮有的时候不算数。当你听到这个故事时,你有没有开始幻想你就是那个王子,并且得到你的公主的吻呢?有很多话语你想听到,而你却永远不会从你想听到他(她)说出的那个人那里听到这些话,可是,不要封闭你的双耳,以免听不到有人用发自心底的声音对你说出它。一团鲜花代表一段狂热冲动的爱情;一束鲜花代表一份简单纯洁的爱情;一朵鲜花则代表一生一世的承诺!一句粗心的话可能会引起冲突;一句残酷的话可能会毁灭一个生命;一句及时的话可能会减轻压力;一句示爱的话可能会给你永远的幸福。本期教你如何用情书表达你的爱。肉麻无耻第一式:范文摘要:You're the girl in my dream.你是我梦中的女孩。I'm thinking of you every second.我时时刻刻都想着你。It is universally acknowledged that you are indispensible to me.全世界都知道你是我不可或缺的。Loving you is closely to my life.爱与我的生活息息相关。I have searched a thousand years. And I have cried a thousand tears. I found everything I need. You are everything to me.我寻觅了千万年,我哭泣了千万次,我已经找到了需要的一切,你就是我的一切。For years I had been searching for that perfect fantasy. But I find it in my arms right now. You are all to me.我已经寻找了多年,为了那个美丽的梦想,但是现在,我发现它就在我的臂弯里,你就是我的全部。When I met you I knew I would forever be by your side -- forever your partner and forever your love.当我遇到你的那一刻,我知道我将永远在你身边!I asked God for a rose amp; he gave me a garden. I ask God for a drop of water amp; he gave me an ocean. I asked God for an angel amp; he gave me you! One day you ask me: what's more important to you, me or your life? I'll say my life and you'll go and leave without even knowing that you are my life. My eyes are hurting because I can't see you. My arms are empty because I can't hold you. My lips are cold because I can't kiss you. My heart is breaking because I'm not with you.我问上帝要一朵玫瑰,他给了我一座花园;我问上帝要一滴水,他给了我一片海洋;我问上帝要一个天师,他把你给了我!有一天你问我:我和你的生活哪个更重要?我的是后者,那你将会离开,你甚至不知道你就是我的生命全部。我的眼睛看不见因为我看不到你,我的膀子空空的因为我不能抱着你,我的嘴唇冷冷的因为我不能亲吻你,我的心碎了因为你不在我身边。推荐指数:☆☆☆☆绝杀秘笈:爱你已经成了我生活中的一部分了,情人看了保感动到腿软,"执子之手,与子偕老",被爱人温暖的手牵着,在人生路上前行,即使苦难险阻,依然觉得甜蜜幸福。如果平时不太会说话的人可以适用这款爱情的表白。风险后果:这个是不错,可惜似乎离现实生活遥远了点,比较适合爱做梦的王子与公主们。 /200904/67321。

If your life feels like it is lacking the power that you want and the motivation that you need, sometimes all you have to do is shift your point of view. 如果你觉得心有余力不足,觉得缺乏前进的动力,有时候你只需要改变思维的角度。 /200912/91992。

用科学方法计算你是否体重超标What is obesity?Being overweight or obese means that excess fat is causing health problems.It is most commonly measured by Body Mass Index (BMI). Your BMI is your weight (kg) divided by the square (number multiplied by itself) of your height in meters.Find your BMIWork out your height in metres and multiply the figure by itself.Measure your weight in kilograms.Divide the weight by the height squared (ie, the answer to question 1). For example, you might be 1.6m (5ft 3in) tall and weigh 65kg (10st).The calculation would then be:65 / 1.6x1.6 24.52WHO BMI classificationNormal BMI between 18.5 and 24.99Overweight with a BMI gt;25Obese with a BMI gt;30Note, that with a BMI higher than 21 the risk of chronic disease increases. 什么是肥胖?超重或肥胖指过度肥胖正导致健康问题。通常采用体重指数(BMI)来衡量。你的BMI指数是你的体重(公斤)除以你身高(米)的平方(身高乘身高)。计算你的BMI指数测量你的身高,以米为单位,并将数字相乘。测量你的体重,以公斤为单位。用身高的平方(也就是问题一的)除以体重。例如,你可能高1.6米(5英尺3英寸),重65公斤。算式即为:65 / 1.6x1.6 24.52世界卫生组织BMI指数分级正常BMI指数 18.5至24.99超重BMI指数大于25肥胖BMI指数大于30注意,BMI指数高出正常21个点的罹患慢性疾病的风险也将上升。 /200803/30963。

An Irishman blinded by an explosion two years ago has had his sight restored after doctors inserted his son's tooth in his eye, he said on Wednesday.Bob McNichol, 57, from County Mayo in the west of the country, lost his sight in a freak accident when red-hot liquid aluminium exploded at a re-cycling business in November 2005."I thought that I was going to be blind for the rest of my life," McNichol told RTE state radio.After doctors in Ireland said there was nothing more they could do, McNichol heard about a miracle operation called Osteo-Odonto-Keratoprosthesis (OOKP) being performed by Dr Christopher Liu at the Sussex Eye Hospital in Brighton in England.The technique, pioneered in Italy in the 1960s, involves creating a support for an artificial cornea from the patient's own tooth and the surrounding bone.The procedure used on McNichol involved his son Robert, 23, donating a tooth, its root and part of the jaw.McNichol's right eye socket was rebuilt, part of the tooth inserted and a lens inserted in a hole drilled in the tooth.The first operation lasted ten hours and the second five hours."It is pretty heavy going," McNichol said. "There was a 65 percent chance of me getting any sight."Now I have enough sight for me to get around and I can watch television. I have come out from complete darkness to be able to do simple things," McNichol said. 本周三,在两年前的一次爆炸事故中失明的一名爱尔兰人称,医生将其儿子的牙齿植入他的眼睛后,他得以重见光明。57岁的鲍勃#8226;麦克尼克来自爱尔兰西部的梅奥郡。2005年11月,一个废品回收站内滚烫的铝水发生意外爆炸,导致他失明。麦克尼克在接受爱尔兰国家电台的采访时说:“我本以为自己再也看不见东西了。”可就在爱尔兰的医生们束手无策之时,麦克尼克听说英格兰布莱顿市的苏塞克斯眼科医院有一位Chiristopher Liu士,他能做一种名叫“骨齿人工角膜植入术”的神奇手术。该技术于上世纪60年代起源于意大利,它是用病人自己的牙齿和牙齿附近的骨头来撑人造角膜。麦克尼克23岁的儿子罗伯特参与了他的手术,他为父亲提供了一颗牙齿及其牙根,以及下巴的一部分。医生首先将部分牙齿植入麦克尼克重建后的右眼眶,然后将人造晶体嵌入牙齿上钻好的孔里。第一次手术持续了十个小时,第二次持续了五个小时。麦克尼克说:“这个手术相当复杂。我有65%的复明几率。”他说:“以我现在的视力,我能够四处走动,还能看电视。我的眼前不再是一片漆黑,可以做一些简单的事情了。” /200803/28878。

In ancient Greece, a group of creatures who are half-human and half-monster lived in the grassland. They were fierce and barbarous, but Chiron was an exception. He was kind, sincere and respectable. 在遥远古希腊的大草原中,驰骋着一批半人半马的族群,这是一个生性凶猛的族群。“半人半马”代表着理性与非理性、人性与兽性间的矛盾挣扎,这就是人马部落。部落里唯一的例外射手奇伦,是一个生性善良的男子,他对人坦诚真挚,谦逊有理。因此受到大家的尊敬与爱戴。One day, Hercules came to visit his friend Chiron, because he heard that the wine there had special aroma and wanted to try some. After drinking the wine of Chiron, Hercules insisted on drinking the rest of it. Chiron told him that the wine should be shared and not only drunk by Hercules. However, Hercules was angry and started fighting with the creatures.有一天,英雄赫五力来拜访他的朋友奇伦。赫五力早就听说人马族的酒香醇无比,便要求奇伦给他拿来享用,可是,他喝光了奇伦的酒仍不尽兴,执意要喝光全部落的酒。奇伦非常耐心地解释给他听,酒是部落的公共财产,不是任何一个人可以独自占有的,希望赫五力不要因为一时的兴致而犯众怒。赫五力向来脾气暴躁,怎么能听得进奇伦的话,他把这个善良的朋友推到一边就闯进了人马部落。果不出奇伦所料,暴躁的赫五力和凶猛的人马族碰在一起,冲突不可避免的发生了。In spite of having strong powers, the group of creatures could not defeat Hercules. They had to escape to the home of Chiron. Hercules shouted from outside that if no one came out, he would destroy the whole group. In order to save the group and stop the war, Chiron came out. At that moment, Hercules shot his arrow and it went through Chiron’s heart. Hercules was so grieved by this and regretted what he did. Just before he died, Chiron said, “The soft heart can stop the arrow no matter how sharp it is; the monster will not lose its conscience no matter how crazy it is.”赫五力力大无穷,幼年即用双手扼死巨蟒,他完成国王的十项不可能完成的任务都游刃有余,连太阳神阿波罗都惧他三分,人马族虽然厉害,也并不是赫五力的对手,他们纷纷落逃。赫五力手持神弓紧紧追赶,借着酒劲,大肆进攻。人马族被逼的走投无路,只好逃到了奇伦的家中。人们惶惶不安,赫五力站在门口大声呵斥,如果再没人出来,他就把这个部落毁掉。奇伦听到这里,为了部落,为了朋友,为了化解这场争斗,他奋不顾身的推开门,走了出来。就在那一刹那,赫五力的箭也飞了过来!赫五力惋惜又痛心的看着自己的朋友被神箭射穿心脏,而奇伦则用尽最后的力气说到:“再锋利的箭也会被软弱的心包容;再疯狂的兽性也不会泯灭人性。”When he died, Chiron ascended into the sky and became Sagittarius.这时候,奇伦的身体碎成了无数的小星星,飞到了天上,它们聚集在一起,好象人马的样子,那只箭还似乎就在他的胸前。为了纪念善良的奇伦,人们就管这个星座叫射手座。 /201109/153511。

"Slumdog Millionaire", the rags-to-riches movie that took the Oscars by storm, also produced two of the most influential words of the 2008 Hollywood awards season, a language monitoring group said on Thursday."Jai Ho!", Hindi for Let There be Victory and the title of the movie's Oscar-winning best song, and "Slumdog" -- the controversial term coined by the filmmakers for young slum-dwellers in Mumbai -- were named the top "HollyWords" of the year that closed with last Sunday's Oscars.The Global Language Monitor, which uses an algorithm to track the frequency of words and phrases in the world's print and electronic media, said it was rare for two words from the same movie to be ranked in its annual list."Slumdog Millionaire" crowned its awards sweep by winning eight Oscars, also including best picture and director.Last summer's "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" inspired the new expression "Nuke the Fridge" -- a phrase coined on the Internet to describe a moment when a cinematic franchise has run its course.The phrase came in third on the list, followed by "Hmong" -- a mountain dwelling people in Laos -- from the Clint Eastwood movie "Gran Torino"."What doesn't kill you makes you....stranger", the Joker's twist on German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's epigram that was spoken by Heath Ledger in Batman blockbuster "The Dark Knight" was also among the Top Ten. along with the line "There are no coincidences" from the animated movie "Kung Fu Panda."coin: to make; invent; fabricate(创造或杜撰新词、新语等) /200903/63522。

少臭屁No cocky /200911/88308。