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第一句:Id like to make a plane reservation to Shanghai, China.我想预定一个去中国上海的机位A: Good morning, Chinese Airlines. Domestic reservations.早上好中国航空公司国内航班预定处我能帮您吗?B: Yes. Id like to make a plane reservation to Shanghai tomorrow.是的,我想预定一张明天去上海的机票第二句:Id like to get a seat on a flight to Amsterdam.我想订一张飞往阿姆斯特丹的机票A: Good afternoon, Swiss Airlines. International reservations. May I help you?下午好,瑞士航空公司,国际航班预订处我能帮您吗?B: Yes, Id like to get a seat on a flight to Amersterdam tomorrow.是的,我想订一张明天飞往阿姆斯特丹的机票A: Just a moment, please. Ill check you.请稍等,我给您查一下预定机票的相关表达还有:Ill treat myself to a business-class ticket.我想为自己订张商务舱的票Id like to reserve a ticket the flight from Tokyo to London.我想预定一张从东京到伦敦的机票I want to reserve a flight to China.我想订张飞往中国的机票 19333。

A: Hello.B: Hi, Betty. It's Larry. Can you tell me how many smoke detectors you have?A: There are two smoke detectors in my apartment.B: Do you know how new the batteries are?A: I'm very afraid of fires. I change the batteries every Labor Day.B: Good. I'm calling all the tenants bee I come by to test the detectors.A: My detectors are y you. When will you be visiting?B: This Thursday at noon. But you don't have to be there.A: Okay, just pardon the mess when you come in.B: You'll never even know that I was there.内容来自: 6。

The father from Adelaide was last Wednesday jailed his abhorrent crimes but could be released in less than three years.上周三,一名来自阿德莱德的“父亲”因自己的骇人罪行而入狱,但是还有不到三年的时间,他就可以出狱了Most of the abuse was against his stepdaughter while she was asleep, A reported.据澳大利亚广播公司报道,该名男子的主要罪行是趁继女睡觉时对其实施强奸He also abused his three-year-old daughter, committed penetrative sex acts with chickens and attempted penetrative sex acts with the family dog, the court heard.此外,法官获悉,该男子还性侵了自己三岁的女儿,猥亵了一群鸡,另外还试图与宠物发生性关系The 7-year-old had himself been abused as a child and had sexual contact with dogs as a child.这名7岁的男子在童年时遭受过性侵,而且小时候就喜欢和发生性关系A psychologist report found he had distorted attitudes and began to feel aroused by the wrongfulness of his sexual behaviour.心理学家在一份报告中指出,该男子有变态的性癖好,任何违法的性行为都会让他非常兴奋He had confessed to abusing his daughter and stepdaughter in a letter to his then-wife, who notified police.他给自己当时的妻子写了一封信,信中坦白了自己侵犯亲生女儿和继女的事实,妻子当即就报了警The devastated mother said in her victim impact statement that her children had never done anything wrong.这位几近崩溃的母亲在被害人影响陈述中表示,她的孩子们从来没有做错任何事情My beautiful, innocent children certainly never, ever deserved such terrible violations of their bodies and hearts, she said.她说:“我美丽的孩子们是那么的天真,她们的身心绝不应该承受如此可怕的侵犯”But he was given a non-parole period of three-and-a-half years, after reductions a full confession.不过在男子坦白交代之后,法官竟然酌情为他减刑,最终将他的非假释期缩短为三年半His non-parole period is backdated to December when he was taken into custody, meaning he could be released in less than three years.由于去年月该男子已经被收监,他的非假释期要从那时算起,这意味着还有不到三年的时间,他就能刑满释放了 37。

The humble watermelon. The epitome of summer. But how do you know if it perfectly ripe? Well, one theory is that if you knock hard on the outside, the sound you hear will help determine if it y to eat.普普通通的西瓜,是夏天的标志但是怎样才能知道西瓜是否熟透呢?有一个办法:敲一下西瓜,你能根据声音判断西瓜是否可以吃了That theory lead to a huge online debate in China about what kind of people engaged in the art of watermelon knocking?这种办法在中国网上引起了热烈的讨论,哪里的人才懂得“敲西瓜”的技巧?The discussion, which thousands of people contributed to on the Chinese micro blogging site Sina Weibo, was kicked off by an obscure event thousands of miles away in Italy.远隔万里的意大利发生了一件令人费解的事件,引起了成千上万中国人在新浪微上的讨论It all began when a Chinese social media user posted the picture below of a sign in an Italian supermarket asking customers not to knock on the watermelons. The sign was stuck in a crate full of watermelons which : ;please stop knocking on the watermelons, they will not respond to it!;事情的起因是一位中国网友在网上发了一张照片,一家意大利超市立起牌子,要求顾客不要再敲西瓜了牌子插在装满西瓜的板条箱里,上面写着:“请您不要再敲西瓜了,它们是真的不会回应的!”There is no indication that the supermarket was targeting this message at customers with Chinese heritage. The sign was in Italian not Mandarin. But somehow it was taken as an attack on a practice which some Chinese observers regarded as being unique to their national customs.目前没有据表明这家超市针对的是中国顾客,牌子上写的是意大利语,而不是中文但是,一些中国人莫名其妙地将其视为对中国独一无二的传统风俗的攻击According to What On Weibo, the photo was widely shared after Chinese media outlets reported that the notice was aimed directly at Chinese customers. But some social media users were quick to establish that the art of knocking watermelons is not exclusive to China and is in fact universal.据What On Weibo报道,一些中国媒体认为牌子上的警告是针对中国顾客,之后这张照片在网上被频频转发但是一些网友很快表示,并不只是中国人敲西瓜,很多其他国家也使用这个小技巧The viral photo was originally posted by a user on Weibo who calls himself Isolated Guardian. He is allegedly a Chinese man living in Milan. The photo has since been removed from his page.这张广为传播的照片最初是由一名微账号为“孤岛守护者“的网友发布的据称,他是一位生活在米兰的中国人,已经将照片从微上删除 56。

Saanchi Goyal, 3, and Harry, , were looking out through the sunroof of their cars in different parts of Delhi when sharp strings slit their throats.日前,在德里两处地点,3岁的萨奇·戈亚尔和岁的哈利在从自家的汽车天窗欣赏外面风景时,不幸被锋利的风筝线割断了喉咙Zafar Khan, , died in the same manner when he was riding his motorbike.岁的扎法尔·汗在骑托车时,也以同样的方式死亡Glass-coated strings are used to bring down competitors kites, but they also end up injuring and killing people.据悉,杀人的风筝线表面覆有一层玻璃,用于打落对手的风筝,但是同样也会致人受伤、甚至死亡Many Indians fly kites to celebrate festivals and important occasions like the Independence Day, which is celebrated on August.许多印度人喜欢通过放风筝来庆祝节日以及重要场合比如8月日的印度独立日But every year, there are reports of people dying or getting wounded from the kite strings - locally known as manja - treated with powdered glass or metal to sharpen them.但每一年,都会有关于风筝线伤人或致死的报道这种风筝线在印度当地被称为曼扎,印度人用玻璃粉或金属来处理这些丝线,使得其非常锋利Similar strings killed a five-year-old boy in in the northern town of Moradabad, and a five-year-old girl died in Jaipur in .年,在印度北方城镇莫拉达巴德,类似的风筝线杀死了一名5岁大的男孩年,斋浦尔的一个5岁小女孩也丧命These strings also kill and maim hundreds of birds annually - at least 500 birds have been admitted to the Charity Birds Hospital in Delhi in the past three days alone, Indian media reports say. The hospital says it treats up to 8,000 birds every year.据印度媒体报道,每年还会有数百只鸟类因为这种线而受伤或丧命--仅在过去三天,就有至少500只鸟被送进德里的慈善禽鸟医院该医院表示,每年他们都要治疗达8000多只鸟The Delhi government has now banned the use of sharpened manja to fly kites and promised to run campaigns to educate people about the dangers of using such strings.目前,德里市政府已经明令禁止使用这种锋利的风筝线,并且承诺会开展专项行动,向人们宣传此种线的安全隐患Authorities said the sale, production and storage of nylon, plastic or any other glass or metal-coated manja would be prohibited in the capital city and those who violated the ban would have to pay a penalty of 0,000 rupees (,95; 1,8 pound) and could be jailed up to five years.印度当局表示,省会中禁止销售、生产、储存尼龙、塑料和其他玻璃或金属制成的风筝线,而违令者将被处以万卢比(约合95美元,18英镑)的罚款,并且被判处长达5年的拘禁 6779。