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7 Star Burj Al Arab Hotel世界唯一的七星级酒店-伯瓷酒店位于阿拉伯联合酋长国首都迪拜的芝加哥海滩宾馆1999年竣工,宾馆位于迪拜距海滩300米的某人工岛上,高0米,是目前中东地区最高的建筑物宾馆采用双层膜结构建筑形式,造型轻盈、飘逸,具有很强的膜结构特点及现代风格酒店的豪华程度令人叹为观止The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai is the only 7-Star hotel in the world.Designed to look like the blowing sail of a yacht it is an impressive structure at 31 metres tall.1.LOUNGE . BOARD ROOM 3. SUITE. INTERIOR COURTYARD 5. REVOLVING LOUNGE 6. LIBRARY7. MASTER SUITE 8. SWIMMING POOL9. AQUARIUM DINING . GRAND STAIRCASE 9。

Life is one generation, a good name is ever.生命只有一代之久,而美名永存于世 7791。

7.Beyonce Suffered From Depression In The Past And Has An Alter-Ego Called Sasha Fierce7.碧昂斯过去曾患抑郁症后拥有了第二自我虚拟莎夏Shortly after the success of The Writing On The Wall tensions began to show in the group.在专辑《The writing on the wall大获成功没多久,一种紧绷气氛便弥漫在组合成员之间Two members, LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett started to complain about the way that Beyonce father managed the bad complaining that he prioritized her interests over and above those of the other band members.成员LaTavia Roberson和LeToya Luckett开始抱怨的碧昂斯的父亲的管理方式,她们觉得碧昂斯的利益被她父亲作为组合管理人放在了其他成员之上而乐队的其他成员此时也同意将换掉这两位常常抱怨的成员The band members agreed to replace them with two alternatives, Farrah Franklin and Michelle Williams.于是她们便被Farrah Franklin和Michelle Williams取而代之Upset with the split and saying that they had only meant to raise complaints not end up being ced out of the band (they found out that they had been fired while watching television, they were not told directly) LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Lucket issued court proceedings against Beyonce father and the other band members. LaTavia Roberson和LeToya Luckett大概只是想抱怨几句,却不曾想自己会被踢出组合(她们声称自己被踢出去的原因竟然是偷看了电视,而此前从来没有人告诉过她们不能私下看电视),一怒之下,她们二人将碧昂斯的父亲和组合其他成员告上了法庭Beyonce was widely blamed the split in what became a long running and very unpleasant media battle.碧昂斯因组合分裂而遭受公众谩骂,更不幸的是这次事件愈演愈烈,最后竟发展地演变成了一场历时不短的媒体口水战Her long term boyfriend dumped her at the same time as all this was going on and Farrah Franklin left shortly thereafter citing a poor and negative atmosphere in the group.外界纷争不断的同时,碧昂斯被交往已久的男朋友无情甩掉,Farrah Franklin也在组合中掀起了不小的负面影响后离开了组合The lawsuit was finally settled in 00 but the episode had left its scars.官司终于在00年终结,碧昂斯的心中却永远的留下了这次闹剧的伤疤Beyonce found it very difficult to leave her room, could not bring herself to eat and ended up suffering from a long lasting depression.碧昂斯不想离开自己的房间,吃不下东西,最终患上了抑郁症,病情持续了很久的时间She found it almost impossible to speak out about the depression because of the success her band were enjoying at that time with their first Grammy Award and a range of other accolades. 她甚至不能对人讲她患上了抑郁症,因为那个时候他的组合刚刚赢得了第一座格莱美奖杯,每个人都沉浸在胜利的喜悦里Eventually she turned to her mother who helped her through the episode.最终,碧昂斯只能向母亲求助,艰难地从抑郁中解脱出来Beyonce is naturally shy with a very different personality to her stage presence.碧昂斯生性害羞,在舞台上却热情似火Initially she found it very difficult to separate the two and so created an alter-ego called Sasha Fierce in order to allow her to maintain her own private identity.她发现自己很难将这两个人格区分开来,最终她创造出了一个虚拟的第二自我,并起名为虚拟莎夏,藉此希望自己可以拥有完整独立的人格Sasha Fierce even appeared by name in one of Beyonce albums I am Sasha Fierce but not long thereafter Beyonce decided that she felt comtable enough in her own skin to manage without her alter-ego and killed her.莎夏甚至是碧昂斯一张专辑的名字——《我是莎夏最终碧昂斯完全康复了,就算没有虚拟莎夏这个第二自我,也可以完美地在众人面前生活、表演了6.Beyonce Is A Film Star And Catwalk Model As Well As A Singer6.碧昂斯电影、T台、歌唱三栖发展Beyonce has starred in films. Her first role was in Carmen: A Hip Hopera an MTV modern day version of the opera Carmen set in Philadelphia in 01 but her first truly high profile role was in the following year Goldmember where she played the role of Foxxy Cleopatra.碧昂斯一共主演了部影片01年,她的荧幕首秀献给了《卡门:嘻哈歌剧——一部背景设置在费城的歌剧《卡门的MTV现代版但是,真正意义上使她名声大噪的还是年的影片《王牌大贱谍3,她在里面饰演Foxxy CleopatraHer song, Work It Out from the soundtrack to the movie was extremely successful as a single. Other high profile roles include a remake of The Pink Panther opposite Steve Martin and Dreamgirls a musical based on the band the Supremes.作为一个歌手来说,她的歌曲《Work It Out能收录到电影原声带里已是极大的成功碧昂斯还出演了其他一些较为熟知的角色:在翻拍版《粉红豹中与史蒂夫·马丁演对手戏、在以组合至上女声三重唱故事为蓝本的音乐片《追梦女郎里担纲主角More recently she played a voice only role in the animated feature Epic.最近她还为动画电影《森林战士配音In addition to her screen permances she has walked the runway as a model. In she was one of the key models Tom d springsummer collection.除了荧幕成就之外,碧昂斯还是T台走秀的模特年,她在汤姆·福特的春夏季时装周秀场上担任主要模特之一Her talents do not stop there. In addition to her permance career she has designed several fragrances Heat, Heat Rush and Pulse which are the world bestselling celebrity perfumes (despite the fact that she herself is allergic to perfume).她的才能远不止此除却演艺事业,她还亲自设计了几款香水——Heat,Heat Rush以及Pulse,它们是世界上最为畅销的名人香水(尽管事实上碧昂斯本人对香水过敏)She is also a part owner of the celebrity owned music streaming service Tidal.同时,她也是众多明星持有的音乐流媒体务平台Tidal的股东之一In , together with her mother, she founded a fashion line named House of Dereon named her grandmother who had been a seamstress.年,碧昂斯和她的母亲一同创立了以她祖母名字命名的时尚品牌——House of Dereon,她的祖母曾是一名女裁缝The clothing is available in department stores across the US and though CA in Brazil. She is also due to launch an active wear range with UK retailer Topshop.这个品牌的饰在美国各大百货商场有售,还有巴西的CA不仅如此,碧昂斯还有意联手英国零售商Topshop合资生产出售运动5.Beyonce Married Jay Z In , Their Daughter Was Born In .碧昂斯年与Jay-Z结婚,年育有一女Beyonce met Jay Z Carter in when she worked with him on the track Bonnie And Clyde his album The Blueprint : The Gift And The Curse. 碧昂斯于年与Jay-Z相识,彼时因工作需要他们合唱了一首叫《 Bonnie And Clyde 的歌,这首歌收录在Jay-Z的专辑《The Blueprint:The Gift And The Curse中Their professional collaboration soon grew into friendship and then love and the two were often seen, very happily, together although they have always tried to keep much of the detail of their relationship as private as they possibly can.那次合作之后,他们很快发展成朋友,又由朋友转成恋人尽管他们都对这段恋情讳莫如深,但媒体总是拍到他们出双入对,幸福之情溢于言表They finally tied the knot in in a quiet and private wedding at Jay Z apartment.年,这对情侣在Jay-Z的寓所秘密举行了婚礼Although the couple were keen to start a family they very sadly suffered a miscarriage in which Beyonce described as the addest thing she had ever gone through.虽然碧昂斯夫妇很渴望组建自己的家庭,但年碧昂斯不幸流产,她说那是她人生中经历过的最悲伤的事Her work helped her cope with the loss of the baby and the following year, she became pregnant during a trip to Paris to shoot pictures the cover of her latest album .好在工作帮她抚平了失去孩子的伤痛次年,碧昂斯在前往巴黎为最新专辑《拍摄封面时发现再度怀The couple announced the pregnancy at the MTV music awards with Beyonce making a statement about the love growing inside of me and rubbing her belly.夫妇俩在年MTV音乐颁奖礼上公布了这一喜讯,当时碧昂斯摸着微微隆起的腹部说,“爱的小生命在我体内成长”Her fans went wild and the announcement entered the Guinness Book of World Records the event with the most tweets per second on Twitter.现场粉丝近乎疯狂,消息一出,瞬间刷新了推特每秒点击率的吉尼斯世界纪录The baby, a healthy girl called Blue Ivy, was born in January and her recorded cries were included in her father song Glory which was released just days later.年1月,碧昂斯产下一名健康的女婴,取名布鲁·艾薇她的啼哭声被录下来收录在了她父亲的歌里,仅两天后名为《Glory的歌曲即发行She is the youngest person ever to appear on a Billboard chart – perhaps she will follow in the footsteps of her mother!她成为有史以来登上Billboard榜的最年轻的“歌手”——也许长大后她还会继承母亲的衣钵.The Couple Are Incredibly Wealthy.这对夫妇豪得难以置信Beyonce successful and stellar career and her many endorsement agreements have made her a very wealthy woman indeed.超一流的事业和代言合约让碧昂斯赚得盆满钵满bes magazine began to focus on her net worth in when it was estimated that her earnings were in the region of million that year which made her the best paid musical personality at that time, even more successful, in monetary terms than both Madonna and Celine Dion.自年起,《福布斯杂志开始关注她的资产净值,据估计其收入位于八千万美元区,这使她成为当年福布斯最会挣钱女艺人,甚至超过了麦当娜和席琳·迪翁She does not earn quite that much every year, in her solo earnings were a mere million.但她并不是每年都挣这么多,年,其个人收入是“区区”四千万美元Jay Z successful career combined with his wife earnings make them an extremely wealthy couple. In they topped the list of the World Highest Paid Celebrity Couples when they earned a combined million.Jay Z成功的事业加上妻子碧昂斯的捞金能力使他们这一对夫妇极其富裕在年,他们共赚得7800万美元,在全球收入最高夫妇榜单中登顶By her endorsements of Pepsi and HM were really paying off and she and Jay Z became the first billion dollar couple in the music industry. 年,她得到了百事和HM的全额代言费,这对夫妇也成为了音乐界第一对“十亿美元夫妇”This earned her the ranking of the fourth most powerful celebrity and by the end of MTV announced that she was the highest paid black musician ever.碧昂斯也借此在世界最有权力的女性中排名第四,年末,MTV委员会表示,碧昂斯是有史以来薪酬最高的黑人女歌手As if this were not enough Beyonce rise appears to be unstoppable and in she was ranked first on the bes Celebrity 0 list with earnings of million in the previous year. Her net worth is currently believed to be (as of ) approximately million.然而,这似乎还不足以彰显她的富裕,年她在福布斯百位名人榜中,以上一年一亿一千五百万美元的收入排名第一其资产净值目前(到年)被认为在,5亿美元左右 30。