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Possible Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee slammed the Obamas for letting their daughters listen to Beyonce.共和党潜在总统候选人 麦克·哈克比 抨击奥巴马夫妇让女儿听碧昂斯的歌Huckabee said might get chills to Nicki Minaj.Thats how they roll.哈克比说 我孩子都听麻辣鸡的 他们就喜欢这个The tea party congressman,probably heard about this guy,the tea party congressman who sent a tweet that compared president Obama to Adolf Hitler.Hes now apologized.一名茶党议员 大家可能都知道了 发了一则推文 将奥巴马总统与希特勒相提并论 他现在表示了道歉Not helping is that he apologized to Hitler.不过更过分的是 他是向希特勒道歉I think missed the point of that one.I think he did.Im sorry.Why did he suddently become Austrian.I dont know.Im sorry.我觉得他没懂 是啊 好抱歉 他怎么突然变成奥地利人了 不知道 抱歉Today in Srilanka,and I dont get to say that often.今天 在斯里兰卡 这话我可不常说Today in Srilanka,Pope Francis visited a Buddhist temple.今天 在斯里兰卡 弗兰西斯教皇去拜访了一家佛教寺庙When asked why he went to a Buddhist temp,the Pope said,just keeping my options open.被问及原因时 教皇说 留条后路嘛He said its a dicey job market.You never know.就业市场形势严峻啊 谁知道会怎么样For the first time since 2007,first time,the FDA has approved a new device to treat obesity.2007年来首次 食品及药物批准了一种新治疗肥胖的仪器This amazing breakthrough is called a vegetable.这了不起的突破性产品是 蔬菜201609/466371。

Well, she liked her at first,and then she said is she leaving?最开始她很喜欢希恩娜 后来就开始问;怎么还不走;You know after like three months,shes like, is she leaving?大概三个月之后 她就开始问 ;怎么还不走;I was like no, no, she is gonna live here.我说;她不会走了 她是我们家庭的一员啦;And shes like oh, oh. Okay.她就说;哦哦 那好吧;And shes gone to months where she was, you know, not in a good mood,然后有几个月 她心情都不太好a bad mood everyday for months and then it past and now shes fine.好几个月每天都不爽 但那个阶段过去后 她就完全接受了So she...did she...fine or she likes her.她只是接受了希恩娜还是很喜欢她She loves her. - Yeah, oh good.Yeah, yeah, she loves her.爱到不行 -那太棒了 真的真的 特别爱Do she hold her or anything yet?她会抱她么 还是怎样She cant...she...you know we tried but you know.她现在还抱不动 我们试过Sienna is kind of big. - Yeah. Yeah.S-Stella is pretty petite.希恩娜有点儿大只 -懂了 斯特拉又有点小萌So we have to sort of supervise the holding.她抱希恩娜的时候我们得在旁边看着So you did, you did Repeat After Me, you did...你参加过;跟我念;- The show Im producing. And... - So mad at you for that.-就我制作的那节目 -我表现太挫了Come on you were so great.怎么会 你表现得很棒Oh my goodness. Thank you but...Im glad youre happy.天哪 感谢感谢 你满意我真是很开心Its a lot of pressure, you know.压力满满 你们懂吗To do something comedy for her.参加她的喜剧节目Explain...explain what are you doing there.跟大家解释一下这张照片你在做什么I am ...I think crying,-for no reason. - For no reason..照片里我是在哭 无缘无故哭 -无缘无故Because Wendy told me to in my ear.因为温蒂通过耳机给我指令I was really impressed because you were interviewing我印象非常深刻 因为你当时or supposed to be interviewing for assistant.本来应该是面试助理岗位的And he was...He just went along with whatever you ask him to do.然后他呢 他反而是受你摆布的那个Yes He put his feet in a foot spa and he took off his shoes.没错 他把鞋脱了把脚放进足浴盆里Its very funny.And you will be very happy when you see it.太逗了 你看的时候肯定也会笑尿的Im glad you were happy.你觉得搞笑我很高兴 /201510/401641。

But now he was Chancellor,Hitler also wanted the support of all of those who lived in this land that he considered ;true; Germans.但现作为总理,希特勒希望得到居住本土的真正德国人持。Nazi Stormtroopers were still as y to spill the blood of their enemies as theyd always been.纳粹冲锋队早已准备好让敌人鲜血四溅。So how could Hitler benefit from the brutality of his Stormtroopers and yet not be blamed for it?其残暴行径是如何助希特勒上位却不需背负骂名呢?An early sign of how Hitler would attempt this deception was shown just two months into his Chancellorship.在希特勒任总理两个月后,深藏他内心的计划逐步显现。Hitlers anti-Semitic prejudice knew no bounds.他的反犹太主义行为肆无忌惮。And on 1st April 1933, with Hitlers approval,the Nazis held a boycott of Jewish shops and businesses that lasted one day.1933年4月1日,经他允许,纳粹开始破坏犹太人的商店和公司行动持续一天。I felt like I was falling into a deep hole.我感觉自己掉进了深渊。That was when I intuitively realised for the first time that the existing law did not apply to Jews.那是我第一次本能意识到现行法律不适用犹太人。You could do with Jews whatever you liked.你可对犹太人为所欲为。A Jew was an outlaw.犹太人已失去法律保护。But because Hitler didnt know what the reaction to all this would be,particularly abroad,he didnt want his name associated with it.希特勒不知道人们对此有何反应,尤其海外人士,因此他不想跟这件事又牵连。The document calling for the boycott was signed only Leadership of the National Socialist German Workers Party.号召抵制的文件署名仅为德国工党领导。 译文属 201512/414522。

We have a picture of you at the White House correspondents dinner.我们有张你的照片 在白宫记者宴上And this is you with your lovely wife and it is intense.你跟你妻子在一起 现场气氛是很热烈What I noticed about it,its this weird mixture of politicians and then movie stars,television stars.我注意到了 那里混合了政客 影视明星People that would never be together.No,and it doesnt make sense.一般来说是不会聚集一堂人的 是啊 而且根本乱成一锅粥I have no idea why they invited me but it was fantastic.我都不知道为什么会被邀请 但感觉好棒There are Game of Thrones fans everywhere.Were they coming up to you?《权利的游戏》粉丝很多 他们会来跟你攀谈吗were they getting in your face?because youre right there sitting,会涌上来吗 因为你就坐在那里as you said,with 3,000 people.Were they coming up to you? Yes.It was insane.你也说了 有三千多人 有人来找你吗 是的 真是疯了As I said,it was unlike anything I have ever experienced.It was constant.我说了 从没有过这样的体验 简直一刻不停And they would all tell me,this isnt for me.Its for my brother or my mother or my sister or my secretary.他们都在跟我说 不是给我的 是给我兄弟 或者妈妈 或者秘书You know,Im a politician.I dont usually do this.你知道 我是个政治人物 我一般不这么做的And then just hold on to me and every other person would go,my God,you still have your hand.然后他们都抓着我不放 每个人都会对我说 天呐 你手还在呢Thats me too.I couldnt,next day I couldnt believe that.Ok,what happens,I get sometimes very strange requests.我也是啊 我简直无法相信 我有时接到一些奇怪的请求When people want a picture with me,they sometimes say,can you do this weird face or can you hold up有人想跟我合照时 有时候问我能不能做个鬼脸 或者举I never know what theyre talking about.Do you ever get ones where you dont know what theyre talking about but you do it anyway?我永远不明白他们是什么意思 你接触过那种你完全不知他们所云 但还是照做了的粉丝吗I had one,I was in San Francisco a while ago and there was a,there was a guy,I was suddenly in the middle of a lot of people.前一阵我在旧金山 遇到了一个男的 我突然就被一群人包围了We had been to a screening and there was a guy who said please,can I just have a picture of your foot.我们去参加了一个试映 有个人问我 我能拍一张你脚的照片吗I have a thing with shoes and he was like pulling me down and he took a picture of my shoe.That is so San Francisco.我喜欢鞋子 他拉着我拍了一张我鞋的照片 旧金山人就这样201608/459259。

Business Office communication The Slack generation How workplace messaging could replace other missives商业报道 办公通讯 Slack一代 职场通讯工具如何取代其他沟通形式STEWART BUTTERFIELD, the boss of Slack, a messaging company, has been wonderfully unlucky in certain ventures. In 2002 he and a band of colleagues created an online- game called “Game Neverending”. It never took off, but the tools they used to design it turned into Flickr, the webs first popular photo-sharing website. Yahoo bought it in 2005 for a reported m.通讯工具公司Slack的老板斯图尔特·巴特菲尔德(Stewart Butterfield)在一些创业经历中上可谓因祸得福。2002年,他和一群同事创办了名为“游戏无止境”(Game Neverending)的网络视频游戏。该产品并未成功,但他们用来设计游戏的工具后来却发展成为互联网首个广受欢迎的照片分享网站Flickr,后于2005年被雅虎收购,据称出价达3500万美元。Four years later Mr Butterfield tried to create another online game, called Glitch. It flopped as well. But Mr Butterfield and his team developed an internal messaging system to collaborate on it, which became the basis for Slack. In Silicon Valley, such a change in strategy is called a “pivot”; anywhere else it is called good fortune. Today Slack is one of the fastest-rising startups around, with 0m in funding and a valuation of around .8 billion.“I guess the lesson should be, pursue your dream and hope it fails, so you can do something else,” says Cal Henderson, Slacks chief technology officer.四年后,巴特菲尔德试图创办另一款名为Glitch的网络游戏,同样以失败告终。但巴特菲尔德和他的团队在创业过程中开发了一个内部通讯系统用于协作,奠定了Slack的基础。在硅谷,这种战略上的转变被称为“转型”,要是放在其他任何地方都会被称为运气。今天,Slack已成为上升最快的创业公司之一,融资5.4亿美元,估值约为38亿美元。“我想这给我们的经验是,追逐梦想,希望梦想失败,这样你就可以做点儿别的了。”Slack的首席技术官卡尔·亨德森(Cal Henderson)说道。It is rare for business software to arouse emotion besides annoyance. But some positively gush about how Slack has simplified office communication. Instead of individual e-mails arriving in a central inbox and requiring attention, Slack structures textual conversations within ths (called “channels”) where groups within firms can update each other in real time. It is casual and reflects how people actually communicate, eschewing e-mails outdated formalities, says Chris Becherer of Pandora, an online-music firm that uses Slack.办公软件很少能唤起什么情绪,除了厌烦之外。但有人对Slack赞不绝口,称其简化了办公通讯。Slack不是把电子邮件都堆在一个收件箱里让人处理,而是按话题(称为“频道”)组织文本对话,便于公司中的团队实时沟通。这种形式较为随意,反映出人们的实际沟通方式,并且避免了电子邮件那套过时的形式,在线音乐公司潘多拉(Pandora)的克里斯·贝赫勒(Chris Becherer)说道,该公司就使用Slack进行办公通讯。 /201606/447012。

One evening, while my husband and I were talking with a young couple who manage a Community Supported Agriculture business, we wandered onto the topic of summer interns. Because of the couples urban location, their CSA drew workers from the local college who were eager to build raised beds and weed beets.My friend Stacy was amazed at how many of the students never held a summer job. They asked if they would be stiff and sore every morning.My husband John and I joked about how we still felt every muscle after a day of grading and packing several tons of blueberries, but the four of us also ruminated on how interns can restore our wonder and dedication to organic methods as we watch them experience farm life.A couple of years ago, the small farmer guru Joel Salatin wrote an article about how farms thrive when multiple generations work the land. Because less than one percent of the American population was employed in agrarian pursuits, he urged farmers to welcome interns so that young people would embrace agriculture.For many years, John and I had nurtured numerous apprentices from as far away as Japan and the Netherlands, until we adopted our sons and concentrated on raising them. While pondering Salatins thoughts, a friend from Ann Arbor called and asked if we would hire her daughter, Lisa, and her best friend, Rebecca, who were finishing their freshman years in college. I looked at John, and he nodded his head. ;Yes, when will they arrive?; I answered.On a June day, the duo rolled up in a white Subaru Outback stuffed with sleeping bags, a box of books, a guitar case, and a jumble of clothes. Dlocks dangled around Rebeccas shoulders, as she stretched out her hand and introduced herself; I hugged blond-haired, diminutive Lisa whom I had known since she was ten. After showing the young women the old white farmhouse where they would live, and talking a bit about our farms routine, we left them to settle in.The next day heat waves shimmered off the hay field as John drove the baler while Lisa and Rebecca stacked hay bales onto the low wagon with a high rack rising from the far end. Hay chaff coated their arms, clogged their throats and sifted into their boots. Wide sombreros shaded their faces from the ninety degree sun.;Like your hats,; I said, and then poured everyone a round of lemonade as we paused in the shade of the hay barn.;Hows it going? Do you want to share supper with us? We could take you swimming this evening.;;Oh, thanks, but well cook something,; Lisa said. Sweat plastered her red t-shirt and jeans to her slim body.;Were fine.; Rebecca wiped her mouth on the neck of her t-shirt. ;Really.;A few weeks later, the girls would reveal that they had been so exhausted that they had collapsed and slept for a couple of hours before hitting Lake Michigans beach. Over the next two months their hands developed calluses as they weeded young blueberry bushes, thinned peaches, and hoed the garden. But we also found them perched in sweet cherry trees, red juice dribbling from the corners of their mouths or wandering along a farm lane, plucking blackberries.Meanwhile, a pyramid of empty, vegetarian refried bean cans grew on their kitchen counter.;What are you two giggling about?; I asked one morning as we taped together boxes to hold blueberries.;How many tacos we plan to eat for lunch,; Rebecca said. ;And for dinner, she ate nine yesterday,; Lisa said, and we all laughed.By the end of what John and I dubbed Pleasant Hill Summer Boot Camp, Lisa and Rebecca not only had stronger muscles, but they had developed an inner strength that helped them tackle arduous jobs. They understood that when a crop needed to be harvested, the farmer had to ignore the heat and humidity and focus on the satisfaction of a barn stuffed with hay bales or boxes of frozen blueberries waiting to be purchased.After the girls departed, John and I moped around, grieving our taco-eating duo that had added a certain spice to our summer and rejuvenated our passion for farming. A couple of weeks later, Lisa sent me an email.;I havent eaten a decent blueberry since leaving the farm. Miss you guys.;;Miss you too,; I wrote, and then returned to posting an advertisement for next summers interns on an organic farming webpage.201507/389331。

Car loans in America美国汽车贷款Bad carma因果循环Borrowers, not lenders, have more to fear from the latest subprime lending boom贷款人,而不是出借人,更加惧怕最近次级贷款的繁荣For whom?为了谁WHAT would you rather lose: your house or your car? In America, where a car is usually essential to get to work, many borrowers would sooner lose their house, which explains why in the years after the crisis, mortgages were more likely to go bad than car loans. It also explains why auto loans, unlike mortgages, are booming. New loans reached 371 billion in the year to June, up 7.4% from the previous year and 64% since . Subprime auto loans, made to the riskiest borrowers, have grown even faster, by 93% since .房子或者是汽车,你舍得哪一样?在美国,汽车对于上班族来说常常是必不可少的,许多贷款人可能很快失去他们的房子,这解释了为什么在危机之后的几年,住房抵押贷款比汽车贷款更加容易恶化。这也说明了为什么汽车贷款不像住房抵押一样正经历着一场繁荣。到今年六月份,新的贷款量已经达到了3710亿美元,比去年上升了7.4%,自年来提升了64%。给予高风险的贷款人的刺激汽车贷款增长得更快,自年以来上升了93%。This growth is due to rising car sales and ample credit as banks, finance companies and carmakers financing arms compete to lend to consumers, either directly or via car dealers. Those loans are then packaged into securities for yield-hungry investors. Experian, a credit-scoring agency, reckons 85% of new and 54% of used cars are now bought with loans, compared to 79% and 52% in 2007.这样的增长是由不断增加的汽车销量以及、金融公司和汽车制造商财务分竞相直接或通过分销商借款给消费者的丰富贷款造成的。这些贷款最后被包装成券交给渴求利润的投资者。信用评级公司益佰利评估:85%的新车和54%的旧车是用贷款买的,相比之下,2007年两者数据分别为79%和52%。As volumes have soared, underwriting standards have slipped, with the average subprime loan rising to 115% of the cars value this year from 112% in 2011, according to Standard amp; Poors, a ratings agency. The average life of a loan has grown too, to more than five years. Delinquencies, naturally, are rising: more than 3% of loans are at least 60 days in arrears, up from 2% in 2011.随着总量的激增,券包销标准也下降了,根据评分机构标准普尔公司的数据,平均次级贷款从2011年占汽车价值的112%上升到了今年的115%。平均借贷周期也延长到超过五年。违约行为自然地多了:超过3%的贷款至少有60天的逾期,而2011年是2%。There is much talk of a new subprime bubble, akin to the cavalier mortgage lending that helped spark the financial crisis. The Department of Justice has asked two big car-loan companies, GM Financial, a unit of General Motors, and Santander Consumer, controlled by Spains Santander Group, for details about their subprime underwriting and securitisation.有关新的次贷泡沫有许多讨论,就好像目空一切的房屋抵押贷款引发了金融危机那样。司法部要求两大汽车借贷公司—通用旗下的通用金融和西班牙桑坦德集团控制下的桑坦德消费—提供其次级券包销标准以及券化的细节。Yet the two markets are fundamentally different. Start with size. At 905 billion, total auto loans are barely a tenth of total mortgage debt. Subprime is also more established in auto lending, accounting for 20% to 30% of total loans since 2000.但是这两个市场是明显不一样的。就规模来说,9050亿美元的汽车贷款仅仅是房贷总额的十分之一。次级贷款占了汽车贷款的很大比重,从2000年来占据了贷款总量的20%到30%。The mortgage bubble fed on the delusion of both borrowers and lenders that house prices could only rise and thus a loan could always be repaid. In contrast, lenders assume cars only depreciate, and charge accordingly: annual subprime interest rates average 14%, and 25% is not uncommon. Cars are also easier to repossess and resell.房产泡沫基于出借人和贷款人的幻想——房价只能涨,这样贷款才能一直被付。相反,出借人只期望汽车贬值,并且相应地进行收费:年均次级贷款利率为14%,甚至25%也不是鲜见。汽车也更加容易再次买卖。So while losses are likely to mount, lenders do not face a mortal threat. It is borrowers who have more reason to worry. A car loan is a complex transaction that hinges not just on the price of a car, but also on its trade-in value, extras such an extended guarantee or rust proofing, and most important, the interest rate. A dealer typically selects a e from a bank or finance company via his computer and marks it up. The higher the markup, the greater the payment he receives from the lender.所以尽管有可能增加损失,出借方并未面临致命的威胁。贷款人才更加应该多操心。汽车贷款是个以复杂的交易,它不仅和汽车价格挂钩,也和其抵价值,额外的费用如延长保修时间或者防锈处理以及最重要的利率有关。交易员一般通过电脑引用或者金融公司的报价再加上一定价。价加得越高,他从出借方得到的报酬也就越高。Consumer advocates fret that this process leaves the unsophisticated—as subprime customers tend to be—at the mercy of unscrupulous dealers. They may be charged a higher rate despite qualifying for a lower one, sold unneeded or overpriced extras, or even told, a few days after they drive off with the car, that their loan was turned down and they must pay a higher rate. “None of the prices are fixed, and each unfixed price is a potentially abusive negotiating point,” says Tom Domonoske, a lawyer who represents aggrieved buyers. Consumer advocates would like markups replaced with a flat fee.消费者保护机构担心这个过程会让那些没有经验的消费者—次级贷款顾客往往是这样—受不良交易员的配。他们可能被收一个更高的利率,尽管他们有资格获得更低的利率,并且“被消费”不必要的或者过高价格的附加项,甚至在他们开了几天车之后被告知他们的贷款呗取消了并且他们必须付一个更高的利率。受害消费者的代表律师Tom Domonoske说:“这些价格没有一个是固定的,并且每一个不固定的价格都是一个潜在的被滥用的谈判砝码。”消费者权益维护者期望用稳定的费用取代加价。The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a new watchdog agency set up after the financial crisis, is also worried that lots of borrowers get a raw deal. It has told banks and finance companies that it holds them responsible for the behaviour of the dealers they work with, and that it considers dealers discretion over markups an invitation to discrimination. It has aly got one big finance firm to pay 98m to settle a claim that it was charging minority borrowers higher interest rates and is investigating others.金融危机后设立的监管代理—消费者金融保护局也担心许多贷款人被不公平对待。它已经告知和金融公司,要求他们对合作的交易员的行为负责,并且它认为交易员就加价的任意决定权是一种歧视。它已经让一个大的金融集团付9800万美元,因为该集团向少数贷款人收取高额的利率,另外保护局还在调查其他公司。Dealers are fuming at the CFPBs muscle-flexing. Competition, they say, ensures that customers get the best rate; dealers need discretion to compete. By raising costs, stricter regulation may actually reduce the amount of credit available.交易员对于保护局的武力示威愤愤不平。他们说,竞争保了消费者获得最好的利率:交易员需要自由决断权来应对竞争。通过提高成本,更严格的规章可能实际上减少信贷的提供量。 /201409/332187。