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Strong economic growth and consumer confidence boosted first-quarter car sales in China as the mainland shook off last year’s weakness to resume strong double-digit growth.今年第一季度中国大陆的汽车销售摆脱了去年的疲软态势,重新实现两位数的快速增长,受整体经济增长势头强劲以及消费者信心高涨提振。Light vehicle sales in the world’s largest vehicle market rose 17 per cent to 4.42m in the first three months of the year. In March alone, sales of cars, sport utility and other passenger vehicles climbed to almost 2m, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said yesterday.在2013年头3个月,全球最大汽车市场中国的乘用车销量达到442万辆,较上年同期增长17%。中国汽车工业协会(China Association of Automobile Manufacturers)昨日表示,仅3月份当月,轿车、运动型多功能车(SUV)以及其他乘用车型的销量就攀升至约200万辆。“China’s auto industry delivered solid double-digit growth, driven by continued expansion of its population of urban middle-class buyers,” said Bill Russo of Synergistics auto consultancy in Beijing and the former head of Chrysler in China.原克莱斯勒(Chrysler)中国区主管、北京Synergistics汽车咨询公司总裁罗威(Bill Russo)说:“中国的汽车工业实现了两位数的坚实增长,主要受城市中产阶级购车群体持续扩大推动。”But he warned against over-optimistic assumptions over market growth, which has led to excess capacity, especially among state-owned domestic carmakers.但他警告称,不应对市场增长前景抱有过于乐观的预期。市场增长已导致中国汽车行业产能过剩,在本土国有汽车生产商中尤为严重。Local independents Geely and BYD have said they were optimistic about auto demand this year with the new government leadership in place.中国民营汽车制造商吉利(Geely)和比亚迪(BYD)表示,在新一届政府的领导下,他们看好今年的汽车市场需求规模。“We are confident about this year’s growth,” said Lawrence Ang, executive director at Geely in Hong Kong last month. “China’s overall economy will be improved from last year, helping to boost vehicle demand.”吉利汽车执行董事洪少伦(Lawrence Ang)上月在香港表示:“我们对今年的市场增长前景很有信心。中国的整体经济形势将好于去年,这有助于提振汽车需求。”However, Bernstein Research analyst Max Warburton cautioned in a note that despite stronger than expected first-quarter sales in China, future yearly growth was not likely to exceed 6-7 per cent.但伯恩斯坦研究公司(Bernstein Research)汽车分析师马克斯#8226;沃伯顿(Max Warburton)在一份报告中警告称,虽然第一季度中国的汽车销售情况好于预期,但未来年度增幅不太可能超过6%至7%。He said: “Capacity additions still look set to outstrip demand.” He expected the industry to add at least 3.8m units of capacity by the end of the decade.沃伯顿称:“目前看来产能扩张仍将超出市场需求。”他预计在2020年以前,中国汽车工业的产能将增长至少380万辆。”European and American car brands continued to take market share from Japanese rivals in China in the first quarter, auto analysts said, as the continuing political impact of a dispute over a set of islands left Japan’s carmakers struggling to recover ground.汽车行业分析师们指出,第一季度在中国市场上,欧洲和美国汽车品牌继续从日本竞争对手手中抢得市场份额,中日两国围绕一个群岛的领土争端所产生的持续政治影响,导致日本汽车制造商很难收复失地。Luxury car sales in China continued to moderate from previous high double-digit levels, partly affected by the government’s austerity programme, which might have caused some buyers to delay ostentatious consumption.豪华型轿车在华销量增速持续放缓,低于早前两位数的增长水平,部分受到政府部门厉行节约影响,这可能导致一些买方推迟炫耀型消费。But medium-term growth in the luxury sector is expected to remain strong as few retail analysts are predicting permanent impact from the austerity campaign.但豪华型汽车的中期增长势头预计仍将保持强劲,因为几乎没有零售分析师认为政府的节俭运动将产生长期影响。“Compared with the US, Chinese [luxury car sales] will continue to grow at a stable and sustainable rate whereas the US and Japan are simply recovering from lost volume. China’s luxury market will probably double in size over the next five years,” Mr Russo said.罗威表示:“与美国市场相比,中国的豪华轿车销量将继续以稳定的速度持续增长。而美国和日本的豪车销售目前仍未回复早前水平。在未来的五年中,中国的豪车市场规模很可能扩大一倍。” /201304/234712从陌陌到微信,网络时代的社交媒体层出不穷,约会变得前所未有的容易。然而,社交媒体也彻底地毁掉了约会。人们不仅能够像浏览商品目录一样对潜在的约会对象挑挑拣拣,还能通过网络提前掌握他们的情报。神秘和浪漫不见了。真爱也更难求了。因为大家总觉得,未来还能找到更好的。Online services enable a downright Seinfeld-ian level of superficial nitpickiness.在线务导致了完完全全宋飞正传式(Seinfeld,美国著名喜剧演员,代表作品《宋飞正传》风靡美国9年——译注)的、肤浅的吹毛求疵。It was iconic #39;80s rocker singer Pat Benatar who popularized the phrase ;love is a battlefield.; But it has been the ubiquity of the mobile Internet that realized it.20世纪80年代标志性的摇滚乐手佩特?班纳塔让“爱情就像战场”(love is a battlefield)这个说法家喻户晓。而移动互联网的普及则让这个说法成为了现实。A few weeks ago, I had coffee with a twenty-something entrepreneur. One of the topics that came up was dating in the age of Facebook (FB), OkCupid, and the myriad of other digital services floating out there. A handsome, self-assured guy, he found online actually made dating harder and, in at least one case, impossible. When he asked out a cute girl at a party, she Facebook friended him before the date -- not uncommon -- and he accepted.几周前,我与一位20岁上下的创业家喝咖啡,聊到了约会这个话题。也就是在这个充斥着Facebook、Okcupid和其他五花八门数字务的年代约会。这位英俊自信的男孩发现,网络实际上让约会变得更加困难,至少他亲身体验了一次不愉快的经历。在某次聚会上,他邀请一位可爱的女孩改天单独约会。约会前,女孩在Facebook上将他加为好友——这很常见——他也同意了。Once he did, he had access to a trove of information: her favorite bands, movies, TV shows, and recent vacation photos. This might seem like valuable ammunition. The more information one has about the other, the better ... right? But after a few minutes perusing her profile, he nuked the idea of a date. ;What were we going to talk about? I felt like I aly knew all the answers to the questions I would ask her during coffee,; he explained. (He never met up with her.)互加好友后,他就能看到女孩的个人信息了:她最喜欢的乐队、电影、电视剧和最近度假的照片。这看起来似乎是宝贵的武器。你对她了解得越多,就越有办法把她追到手……对吧?不过阅读她的资料几分钟之后,他打消了约会的念头。他解释道:“我们还谈什么?我觉得我已经知道了见面喝咖啡时想问她的所有问题的。”(他之后再没和她见过面。)His clearly wasn#39;t a case of ;true love; or even lust. But here#39;s the point: Just as Facebook (which has made it easier for everyone to keep in touch and now, apparently, ;bang;) bred its own unique brand of narcissistic etiquette. Online and mobile services have given rise to a pick-and-choose shopping behavior that prioritizes looks more than ever before. Log onto Match.com, and it#39;s a near-endless grid of faces and ages. Sign into the gay mobile app Grindr, and half the photos of guys closest to you may be shots of anonymous torsos. In the case of the former, it#39;s only after you click on someone#39;s profile that you learn more about them. In the case of the latter, I guess words are window dressing.这个案例显然无关“真爱”或者色欲。不过重点在于:就像Facebook(它曾让人们更易于保持联系,不过如今显然变成了“约炮神器”)建立起自己自我陶醉的独特品牌一样,在线和移动务导致人们的购物习惯比以往任何时候都更加“外貌协会”。登陆Match.com,你能看到无穷无尽的头像和年龄的方格阵列。而进入同性恋移动应用Grindr,在你地理位置附近,至少一半的搜索结果显示的都是匿名图像。前一种情况中,只有点击某人的资料之后才能了解到更多信息。后一种情况下,我想文字只是用来做做样子罢了。Even worse, online services enable a downright Seinfeld-ian level of superficial nitpickiness. Don#39;t like the fact one guy#39;s hair is thinning? Next. Think a girl could stand to lose a few pounds? Next. Hate that so-called ;beauty mark; on their cheek? Next, next, next! Why? Because we think we can do better, that someone hotter, smarter, and funnier awaits us in tomorrow#39;s OkCupid email filled with matches, or literally around the corner thanks to apps like Tinder that surface nearby prospects. And because of that, we#39;re more likely to shop around and make snap judgments about the people we#39;re dating. Have I been guilty of this? Sure. But I#39;ve also been on the other side, too. One guy I dated tossed me overboard via text. The cause? He#39;d met someone else online while I was away on a four-day trip, and things -- as nascent as they were -- were ;going well.; Ouch.更糟糕的是,在线务导致了绝对肤浅的吹毛求疵。那个家伙的头发太稀疏了,你不喜欢?下一个。觉得这个女孩应该减肥了?下一个。不喜欢他们脸上所谓的“美人痣”?下一个,下一个,下一个!为什么?因为我们总觉得可以找到更好的。也许明天收到的OkCupid配对邮件中,就会有更性感、更聪明、更有趣的人等着我们,或者就在下一个拐角——这还多亏了Tinder这样能够搜索附近用户的应用。正因为如此,我们更可能挑挑拣拣,对我们的约会对象做出快速评判。我曾对此感到内疚吗?当然。但是我也曾被如此对待。我约会的一个对象通过短信就把我甩了。为什么呢?就因为我出去旅行了四天,期间他就在网上和别人好上了,他们刚刚展开的恋情进展得如火如荼。我的天。When people can browse potential dates online like items in a catalog, geo-locate hook-ups on an exercise bike just seven feet away, arrange a spontaneous group date with the app Grouper or arrange a bevy of blind dates in succession with Crazy Blind Date, it makes me wonder if all this newfound technological convenience has, in fact, made romance that much more elusive. Now, we may be more concerned with what someone isn#39;t rather than what they are. And as that twenty-something entrepreneur reminded me over coffee, services like OkCupid, and even Facebook, sap a lot of the mystique out of those first few dates. So, sure, it may be easier than ever to score a date, but what kind of date will it really be?当人们能像在目录上浏览商品一样在网上浏览潜在的约会对象,能定位七英尺外的健身单车上可以勾搭的人,能通过Grouper安排一次自发的群体约会,或是能用Crazy Blind Date网站安排一次相亲会时,我想知道所有这些新兴的科技便利,实际上是否让浪漫变得更加遥不可及了。现在,我们可能更关心某人不是什么,而不是他们是什么。就像那个20岁上下的创业家在喝咖啡时提醒我的一样,类似OkCupid、甚至Facebook这样的务让许多人最初几次约会的神秘感荡然无存。所以,现在想要约会当然比以前容易得多,但这到底是种怎样的约会呢? /201303/230987It only took until lunchtime on China’s main shopping holiday for consumers there to click their way to a new record for ecommerce sales in a single day.才到午餐时分,中国面向消费者的主要购物节就刷新了单日电子商务销售的纪录。Yesterday in China was Singles’ day, a day that ecommerce companies have turned into the world’s biggest for online shopping by offering a stream of promotions and discounts.昨日是中国的“光棍节”,各大电商企业拿出各种促销和折扣,使其成为全球最大的在线购物节日。By 1:04pm, sales on Alibaba, the nation’s largest ecommerce group, reached Rmb19.1bn (.1bn), equivalent to all it sold on last year’s Singles’ day and about double what was sold last year on the US “Cyber Monday” following Thanksgiving.到了下午1时04分,中国最大电子商务集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的销售额就达到191亿元人民币(合31亿美元),相当于它在去年“光棍节”全天的销售额,而且差不多两倍于去年美国感恩节之后的“网购星期一”(Cyber Monday)的销售额。At midnight, this figure had almost doubled to Rmb35bn (.7bn) – the surest sign yet that China’s affinity with online shopping shows no sign of abating, with the country on track to overtake the US as the largest market for ecommerce.截至午夜,当日销售额几乎翻了一倍,至350亿元人民币(合57亿美元),这是一个最确凿无疑的信号,显示中国人的网购热情没有减弱迹象。目前中国有望超越美国,成为全球最大电子商务市场。“Crazy”, wrote the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the ruling Communist party, on its Weibo microblog account.中共机关报《人民日报》在其新浪微账户上写道,“双十一,你疯狂了吗?”The day has drawn the approval of China’s leaders as the nation seeks to rebalance its economy from one driven by investment to consumption. Premier Li Keqiang recently praised Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma, for creating a day for consumption, according to state media.“光棍节”得到了中国领导人的赞许,目前中国正寻求推动经济再平衡,从投资驱动型转向消费拉动型。据官方媒体报道,中国总理李克强最近表扬阿里巴巴创始人马云(Jack Ma)搞出一个消费节。“11.11 isn’t about numbers, it’s about fostering a healthier consumer environment,” Mr Ma said yesterday, according to the company’s Twitter feed.根据阿里巴巴公司的Twitter帖子,马云昨日表示,双十一不是关乎数字,而是关乎营造一个更健康的消费环境。The rapid growth of ecommerce in China contrasts with slowing online sales growth across much of western Europe and the US. Last year, revenue from online sales in China was between 0bn-0bn, a close second to the US market, worth 0bn-0bn, according to research by McKinsey, and China’s market is growing much faster.中国电子商务的快速增长,与西欧很多国家以及美国的在线销售增长放缓形成反差。麦肯锡(McKinsey)研究显示,去年中国在线销售的营收总额介于1900亿至2100亿美元之间,仅次于美国(2200亿至2300亿美元),而且相差不大,同时中国市场的增速快得多。Part of the reason China’s ecommerce market is growing so quickly, analysts say, is that internet access still has room to grow. Only 31 per cent of households now have broadband, and 21 per cent have mobile broadband, says Paul McKenzie of brokerage CLSA. With the recent growth in affordable smartphones, that percentage is poised to grow.分析师们表示,中国电子商务市场增长如此迅速的部分原因是,中国的互联网接入仍有增长空间。里昂券(CLSA)的保罗?麦肯齐(Paul McKenzie)表示,中国只有31%的家庭具备宽带上网条件,21%具备移动上网条件。随着近期价格适中的智能手机快速增长,这个百分比有望大幅提高。Consumers in China’s vast number of small cities also have a limited array of goods on sale in shops in their hometowns, particularly when it comes to foreign brands.在中国的广大中小城市,消费者从当地商店得到的商品选择也比较有限,尤其是外国品牌的商品。 /201311/264429《音乐之声》当选“史上最伟大音乐剧”1960's classic The Sound of Music has been named the 'Greatest Musical of All Time' in a new poll.The 1965 film, starring Julie Andrews, got 15 per cent of the vote in the Twentieth Century Fox poll.In the film, Andrews plays nun Maria who leaves an Austrian convent to take up a job of a governess to a Navy captain and his seven kids.Speaking at the launch of the Sound Of Music DVD at London's Palladium, Charmian Carr, who played Liesl von Trapp said: "It's such a good feeling to be a part of something that changed so many lives for the better."To love each other and to stay together is such a wonderful message and I think probably nowadays more than ever people need to hear that message again."Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta starred, 1978 musical Grease, bagged the second place, reports The Sun.Musical comedy The Rocky Horror Show landed the third, while Mary Poppins, a Disney musical starring Julie Andrews stood fourth.Nicole Kidman starred Moulin Rouge came fifth, while Phantom of the Opera and The Wizard of Oz stood sixth and seventh respectively.Oliver, West Side Story and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang rounded off the top ten 'Greatest Musicals of All Time.'The top ten 'Greatest Musicals of All Time' are:1.The Sound of Music2.Grease3.The Rocky Horror Show4.Mary Poppins5.Moulin Rouge6.Phantom of the Opera7.The Wizard of Oz8.Oliver9.West Side Story10.Chitty Chitty Bang Banguniversal prosperity 上世纪60年代名噪一时的经典音乐剧《音乐之声》在近日的一项调查中被评为“历史上最伟大的音乐剧”。在“20世纪福克斯”电影公司开展的调查中,《音乐之声》以15%的得票率名列榜首。这部音乐剧于1965年上映、由茱丽叶#8226;安德鲁斯主演。安德鲁斯在剧中饰演修女玛莉娅,她离开了奥地利的修道院,到一位海军上校家给他的七个孩子当家庭教师。在伦敦帕里蒂亚剧院举行的《音乐之声》原声大碟发布仪式上,在剧中饰演(大女儿) 丽莎#8226;冯#8226;崔普的查尔米恩#8226;卡尔说:“这部音乐剧让很多人的生活变得更加美好。能够参演这部伟大的作品,我感到非常自豪。”“互相关爱、相依相伴是人世间最美好的东西,我想如今的人们可能比以往更需要它。”据《太阳报》报道,由奥立瓦#8226;牛顿-约翰和约翰#8226;特拉沃尔塔主演的音乐剧《油脂》位居第二。该剧于1978年上映。音乐喜剧《洛基恐怖秀》名列第三,茱丽叶#8226;安德鲁斯主演的另一部迪斯尼音乐剧《玛丽#8226;波平斯阿姨》排在第四。妮可#8226;基德曼主演的歌舞剧《红磨坊》名列第五;《歌剧魅影》和《绿野仙踪》分别位列第六和第七。《奥立弗》、《西区故事》和《飞天万能车》也跻身“史上最伟大的十大音乐剧”排行榜。“史上最伟大的十大音乐剧”如下:1、《音乐之声》2、《油脂》3、《洛基恐怖秀》4、《玛丽#8226;波平斯阿姨》5、《红磨坊》6、《歌剧魅影》7、《绿野仙踪》8、《奥立弗》9、《西区故事》10、《飞天万能车》 /200803/32066

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