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河南祛疤的医院河南省妇幼保健医院激光点痣多少钱河南省郑州/华山整形美容医院丰额头怎么样 Regular exercise helps with weight maintenance, and maintaining a healthy weight has been linked with cancer prevention. Here are some pointers to keep in mind.经常锻炼可以保持体重,维持健康的体重可以预防癌症。以下是需要牢记的几点建议。You Will Need你需要Active lifestyle积极的生活方式Alternate physical activities交替进行体育活动Steps步骤Step 1 Know the numbers1.了解数字Know that one-third of annual cancer deaths in the U.S. can likely be attributed to poor diet and lack of exercise.要知道,美国每年死于癌症的三分之一的病例可能是由于饮食不佳或缺乏运动。Step 2 Recognize relative cancer risks2.认识相关癌症风险Recognize that the most compelling evidence linking exercise to cancer prevention involves cancers of the colon and breast.要认识到运动与预防癌症有关的最令人信的据包括结肠癌和乳腺癌。Scientists suspect that exercise also might play a role in lowering the chances of prostate, lung, non-Hodgkin#39;s lymphoma,ovarian, testicular, and uterine cancers.科学家怀疑运动还可以降低前列腺癌,肺癌,非霍奇金淋巴瘤,卵巢癌,睾丸癌和子宫癌的风险。Step 3 Understand the role of weight3.了解体重的影响Understand that you should maintain a healthy weight throughout your life to reduce your risk of cancer. You can maintain a healthy weight by balancing calories consumed with physical activity levels.要明白,你应该保持健康的体重,以降低癌症的风险。你可以通过体育活动消耗热量来维持健康的体重。If you are currently overweight or obese, use diet and exercise to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.如果你现在超重或肥胖,通过饮食和运动来达到和维持健康的体重。Step 4 Be physically active4.积极运动Adopt a physically active lifestyle. Engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity 5 or more days per week. 45 to 60 minutes is even better. When it comes to preventing cancer, all kinds of vigorous exercise are the right kind.采取积极的生活方式。每天至少30分钟中等或高强度的体育活动,每周进行五天或更多天。每天45分钟至60分钟更好。在预防癌症方面,所有强力的运动都是可以的。Step 5 Challenge yourself5.挑战自己Challenge yourself by adding new activities and increasing the duration of your exercise routine. Ask your doctor or physical therapist for help in designing an exercise plan tailored to your needs.挑战自己,增加新的活动,增加运动持续时间。在根据自己的需求设计锻炼计划时向医生或物理治疗师请求帮助。A study conducted in 2007 by the Centers for Disease Control found that Colorado was the only state in the U.S. with an obesity rate below 20 percent.2007年疾病控制中心进行的一项调查发现,科罗拉多州是美国唯一一个肥胖率低于20%的州。视频听力译文由。 /201402/277217河南省中医院祛疤痕价钱费用

郑州华山医疗整形美容医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱It looks like there isn#39;t going to be one answer to ageing看来衰老的原因并不只有一个but while science grapples with this enormous task,但是在这个庞大的科学探索中we know our views will affect how we actually age.我们知道自己的思想会影响实际年龄So what do we think it will be like?对此我们又是如何认知的呢If it happens in the right order,如果一切按照正常的顺序来if Mum goes, then I go, then my children, you know, die,如果妈妈走了 然后到我 我的孩子去世in that order, then按照这个顺序you can#39;t ask for more really, can you?你不能奢求太多 对吧My family are all quite long-lived.我的家族寿命都很长Nancy#39;s family are as well, so our children are going to be,南希的家族也是 我的孩子们也将一样going to be fit and healthy to look after me, I hope!我希望他们也很健康 能照顾我I shall be a burden. That#39;s one of my...我会成为负担Yes, I shall live to be a burden.没错 我会成为负担I#39;m probably going to be hell to live with.我可能变得很难相处I hope I#39;m going to be a happy old person.我希望我会成为快乐的老人If I can have the life I want, yes.如果我能拥有想要的生活 那就变老吧Getting old is not scary变老并不可怕because getting old just means I will have had more of this.因为变老只是意味着多了点这些I think children keep you young.我觉得孩子能让你保持年轻If my legs allowed me,如果我的腿允许I would still be dancing.我仍能起舞 Article/201304/235502郑州/玻尿酸填充哪家医院好 How can we put this in a way you#39;ll understand? Sending LOLs to your BFFs on company time is not KEWL.应该以怎样的方式表达才更容易理解呢?工作时间给你的好朋友发送英雄联盟信息并不是那么酷。You Will Need你需要A job一份工作An email account一个电子邮件帐户A phone with voice mail有语音信箱的电话Some common sense一些常识Steps步骤STEP 1 Remember you#39;re at work1.记住你是在工作First and foremost, remember you#39;re at work. Now is not the time to call or email your long lost frat brothers, ex-girlfriends, or bookie.首先,记住你是在工作。现在不是打电话或发电子邮件给你长时间没联系的兄弟,前女友或赛马的时候。STEP 2 Don#39;t use speakerphone2.不要用扬声器Don#39;t use your speakerphone unless it#39;s completely necessary. Otherwise, it#39;s just obnoxious.不要使用扬声器,除非完全有必要。否则,是非常令人讨厌的事情。Remember: background noise can be heard when you#39;re on a conference call from home—and that includes toast popping, kettles whistling, and toilets flushing.记住:当你在家中进行商务电话会议时是可以听到背景音乐的——包括烘烤,水壶烧水的声音和厕所的冲水声。STEP 3 Keep voice mail short3.语音信箱留言简短When leaving a voice mail, keep it short—you are not auditioning for Hamlet. Just provide the essentials: your name, your number, and a BRIEF reason for calling.当你在语音信箱留言时,一定要简短——你不是在为哈姆雷特试音。只说出精髓的内容就可以了:你的姓名,电话号码,和打电话的简洁原因。Have your message y before you call. Nothing is more annoying than listening to someone stammer while they try to formulate a coherent thought. And remember to enunciate so the person doesn#39;t have to replay your message 25 times.打电话前先准备好信息。没有什么比接电话的时候要努力抓住中心思想更令人讨厌的了。记住发音要明晰,免得对方要把你的留言多次重播。STEP 4 Include simple subject line4.简单的主题Always include a simple, straightforward description in your email subject line so its recipient can quickly assess if it#39;s important, and easily relocate it later.在邮件主题栏一定要列明一个简单,直截了当的描述,这样收件人就能迅速评估邮件是否重要,随后就能更方便地处理。STEP 5 Be careful with email5.发送邮件要小心Remember that an email doesn#39;t convey a context the way your gestures, expressions, and tone of voice would. What you write in a playful way may come across as harsh or insulting to your er.要记住,电子邮件并不能表达你的肢体语言,面部表情和语音语调所能表达的内容。你以开玩笑的语气写的邮件在收件人看来可能是严厉的或侮辱性的。Always spell-check your email before hitting #39;send#39;; It#39;s easy, and may just save you a lot of embarrassment.点击“发送”按钮之前一定要检查一下邮件的单词拼写是否正确。这是很简单的工作,可以为你避免很多尴尬的场景。STEP 6 Include explanation when forwarding6.转发邮件时附带解释Forwarding an email to a co-worker? Always include a brief explanation so they#39;re not left to ponder what you may want from them. If you#39;re totally swamped, at least include ;FYI;.向一位同事转发邮件?一定要附带简洁的解释,这样他们就不需考虑你想让他们做什么。如果你实在是非常繁忙,至少要注明“请大家注意看一下”。Eighty-two percent of what you communicate on the phone is non-verbal—in other words, what you say is far less important than how you say it.电话中沟通的82%的内容是非语言的——换句话说,你说的内容远远不如说的方式重要。视频听力译文由。 Article/201407/309452河南切双眼皮多少钱

郑州/祛黑斑手术哪家医院好In fact, Rhea, it turns out,事实明 瑞亚is typical of what he#39;s found in his study.就是他研究中的一个典型These centenarians do have strong personalities这些百岁老人性格开朗but they#39;ve not given their health too much thought.并没有过多担心过自己的健康Rhea who said ;You know,瑞亚说 你知道吗 I was ballerina for a few years,;我做了几年的芭蕾舞女演员and that was really great and maybe it had part of that这真是太棒了 或许这就是部分的原因吧but of course that was 5%, 7% of her lifespan.但那只占她生命中百分之五或百分之七的时间So many people can be那么多人都当过数十年的ballet dancer or being an athlete for ten years芭蕾舞女演员 或是运动员and most of them are not going to be 100.但是大多数的人都没能活到100岁It#39;s her hair?这是她的头发吗No, he said that your hair looks very beautiful.不 他说你的头发很漂亮Shall I show him? Mother!我要给他看吗 妈妈Nir was in for a surprise.尼尔有点惊讶For most of us, how much we对于大多数人来说eat and exercise is key to how healthy we are我们的饮食和运动是否健康and to how long we live but there是影响寿命长短的关键 但是was something rather shocking about these centenarians.在这些百岁老人中 有更多令人惊讶的发现30% of them were obese or overweight他们中有百分之三十的人有肥胖或超重的问题and 30% smoked two packs of cigarettes百分之三十的人每天抽两包烟 还有for more than 40 years.超过四十年的烟瘾了 Article/201304/234280 DPRK fires two rockets into East Sea朝鲜向东海发射两枚导弹South Korea#39;s Yonhap news agency reports that the Democratic People#39;s Republic of Korea has just fired two short-range rockets into waters off its east coast.据韩国联合通讯社报道,朝鲜刚刚向东海发射了两枚短程弹道导弹。The firing comes a day after South Korea rejected the DPRK#39;s proposals to ease tensions, which included requiring South Korea to cancel its annual military drills with the ed States.在导弹试射的前一天韩国拒绝了朝鲜缓和紧张局势的提议,其中包括要求韩美取消一年一度的军事演习。 Article/201407/309035郑州三院吸脂手术多少钱郑州市丰唇手术费用



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