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2019年06月17日 19:31:35 | 作者:丽爱问 | 来源:新华社
Five months after Hong Kong’s Occupy protesters were cleared from the streets, the battle for free and fair elections is heating up again ahead of a crucial vote in the Chinese territory’s legislature next month.距香港清理街头“占中Occupy)抗议者已过去了五个月。就在香港立法会于下月进行一次至关重要的投票之前,香港民众争取自由和公平选举的斗争再次升温。The Hong Kong government needs to win the support of only four opposition, pro-democracy legislators to pass a Beijing-approved proposal to bring in a restricted form of universal suffrage that critics deride as a sham.香港政府只需赢得四位来自反对派阵营、泛民主议员的持,就能通过北京方面认可的一个普选提案。该提案引入了一种有限的普选方式,批评人士嘲讽这种普选方式名不副实。“We don’t have an awful lot of time left and I can’t tell what’s going to happen,says Jasper Tsang, the president of the legislative council, who has vowed to break with convention by voting, in support of the government. “It looks most likely that both sides will remain intransigent and we won’t be able to make it.”香港立法会主席曾钰Jasper Tsang)表示:“我们并没有大把的时间可以挥霍,我也无法判断会发生什么。最可能的情况是,双方将依然固执己见,导致我们无法达成一致。”The student-led Occupy movement shut parts of one of Asia’s biggest financial centres for three months last year as protesters called for full democracy and the removal of CY Leung, Hong Kong’s controversial chief executive.去年,由学生主导的“占中运动”曾导致香港这个亚洲最大金融中心的部分路段关闭三月之久。当时,抗议者呼吁实现全面民主,并呼吁香港争议特首梁振英(CY Leung)下台。The upcoming vote is the latest battle in a struggle between democracy campaigners and the government of the former British colony, backed by Beijing and Hong Kong’s influential tycoons.即将到来的投票,是民运阵营与香港政府间的最新一次斗争。香港政府得到了北京中央政府和香港有影响力的富豪们的持。Mr Leung has launched a last-ditch campaign to win support for the plan to let Hong Kong’s 5m eligible voters directly elect their next leader for the first time in 2017.梁振英已发动最后的宣传攻势,以争取人们对上述普选计划的持。该计划打算017年,让香00万合法选民首次直接选举下任领导人。But opposition lawmakers, known as the pan-democrats, say they will vote against the proposal because of the requirement for candidates to be pre-approved by a largely pro-Beijing nominating committee.然而,被称为泛民主派的反对派立法会议员表示,他们将投票反对这一提案,原因是该方案要求候选人经提名委员会预先批准,而该委员会总体上是持北京的。If the bill is rejected, the chief executive will continue to be chosen by the 1,200-member committee, which is composed of representatives of industrial and social groups.如果这一提案被否决,香港特首将继续由提名委员会选举产生。提名委员会拥有1200名成员,由业界团体和社会团体的代表组成。“There should be no unreasonable restrictions on nominations,says Emily Lau, who chairs the Democratic party. “The system for elections must give real choice.”香港民主党(Democratic)主席刘慧Emily Lau)表示:“特首提名人不应存在不合理的限制。选举体制必须向选民提供真正的选择。”Mr Leung has publicly called on the pan-democrats to vote in support of a “historic outcomeand some opposition lawmakers have said they would consider backing the government if it can secure further concessions from Beijing.此前,梁振英曾公开呼吁泛民主人士投票持香港的“历史性成果”。部分反对派立法会议员已表示,如果这么做可以确保中国政府作出进一步让步,他们会考虑持政府。Lawmakers are scheduled to vote on the constitutional reform package in mid-June, according to Mr Tsang, and the government needs to win a two-thirds majority in the 70-seat council to pass the bill.曾钰成表示,立法会议员定于在6月中旬就这一选举改革方案投票。在立法会的70个席位中,香港政府需赢得占三分之二的多数席位,才能通过这一提案。Alan Leong, leader of the pro-democracy Civic party, says that without any significant concessions from Beijing, which must sign off on the Hong Kong administration’s proposals, he “cannot see any of the 27 pan-democrats going over to the other side泛民主派公民Civic)领袖梁家Alan Leong)表示,如果北京方面不做出任何重大让步,他认为7名泛民主议员都不会改变立场”。香港政府的政改提案最终必须得到北京方面的批准。Opinion polls by a group of Hong Kong universities show deep divisions over the 2017 election reforms with about 40 per cent of people in favour and the same proportion against.香港多所大学开展的民调显示,围017年选举改革,香港社会已出现深层分歧,大0%的被调查者持该方案,而反对该方案的被调查者也占同样比例。That worries lawmakers of all colours, who fear that with tensions rising, large demonstrations planned around the vote could spark confrontations with the police and government supporters.这种状况令来自各阵营的立法会议员感到担忧。他们担心随着局面日趋紧张,选举前后的大型游行示威活动或将引发反对派与警方及政府持者间的对峙。A rump of about 100 of the Occupy activists continue to live in several dozen tents on the pavement in front of the legislative council. Mr Tsang, a member of the main pro-Beijing party, says “there has been a continuous stepping up of activities within this occupied area在香港立法会门前,大约还00位“占中”活跃分子继续生活在人行道上的几十个帐篷中。曾钰成称“在这一被占领地段,抗议活动一直在持续升温。”他来自一个主体上亲北京的政党。“When it comes to voting on the controversial political reform package, emotions will run high and so the situation can easily get out of hand,he warns.他警告说:“每次谈到这一有争议的政治改革方案的投票问题,人们的情绪就会高涨。因此,局面可能很容易失控。”Ms Lau says that while she hopes the protests will be peaceful, “society is split and some are bitter, so this will be a big test for the new police commissioner刘慧卿表示,虽然她希望抗议能够和平进行,但是“社会是多样化的,有的人更情绪化一些。因此,这对新任警务处处长是个巨大的考验。”But Simon Siu, who regularly camps out in one of the tents, is more concerned about the Occupy movement falling apart than the upcoming protests spiralling out of control.不过,一直在帐篷中露营的Simon Siu则更担心占中运动的分裂,而不是即将到来的抗议活动会失控。“There was a large movement but nothing changed so people are tired of protesting,says Mr Siu, a 37-year-old electronic goods salesman who is wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “Don’t make me shoot youover an image of a camera. “We want people to come back but we’re also tired and we’re trying to keep busy to keep our spirits up.”他说:“曾经轰轰烈烈的运动什么也没有改变。因此,人们对抗议活动已经厌倦了。”Simon Siu今年37岁,是一名电子产品销售员。他穿的T恤衫上绘有一个配着“别让我拍到Dont make me shoot you)”字样的摄像头。“我们希望人们回来,不过我们也十分疲惫。我们试图保持忙碌来振作精神。”来 /201505/376270The bloody assault on the offices of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, can only provoke the most profound revulsion. This was a dful terrorist atrocity that has claimed the lives of at least 12 innocent people.针对法国讽刺杂志《查理周刊Charlie Hebdo)编辑部的血腥攻击,只能招来最深刻的厌恶。这是一起可怕的恐怖主义暴行,造成了至2名无辜者丧生。Our first response must be to mourn the victims, four of whom were the magazine’s well-known cartoonists and two of them police officers. But this was more than a human tragedy. It was a calculated act of intimidation, an attack on the freedom of expression that is the pillar of any democratic society. It was designed to seed an insidious form of self-censorship. It must be roundly and defiantly condemned.我们的第一反应必须是悼念遇难者,其中4人是该刊的著名漫画家,还人是警察。但是,这不止是一起人间悲剧,这是一起经过谋划的恐吓行为,是对任何民主社会赖以生存的言论自由的攻击,其目的是播下某种潜意识中自我审查的种子。这必须受到全面和不屈的谴责。Nearly a decade has passed since a Danish newspaper first attracted the ire of Muslims by publishing cartoons that lampooned the Prophet Mohammed. What started with peaceful protests and consumer boycotts has steadily descended into violence. This is not the first time Charlie Hebdo has been attacked for publishing its own cartoons satirising Islam. Its offices were firebombed three years ago.自丹麦一家报纸首先刊登讽刺先知穆罕默德的漫画、引起穆斯林的愤怒以来,已经过去了近10年。最初的和平抗议和消费者抵制,已逐渐演变为暴力。这已经不是《查理周刊》第一次因为发表了讽刺伊斯兰教的漫画而受到攻击。该刊编辑部曾在3年前遭到燃烧弹袭击。But yesterday’s events mark a new and sinister step in the escalating conflict between faith and free expression. The sight of three masked men wielding AK47s in the middle of a European capital, gunning down policemen and stalking the magazine’s offices in search of their victims, will understandably send a chill throughout the western world.但是,昨日的事件标志着,信仰和言论自由之间不断升级的冲突走出了新的、恶毒的一步。三名蒙面男子在一个欧洲国家首都的街上挥舞AK47突击步,射杀警察,在杂志编辑部四处寻找受害者——这一幕会让整个西方世界感受到一股寒意,这是可以理解的。For the security services in France and across Europe, the attack will prompt many questions. It is unclear whether the assailants were on the radar of the French authorities and whether they were assisted by overseas militant groups.对法国乃至整个欧洲的情报机构而言,此次攻击将引发很多问题。目前还不清楚袭击者是否早已进入法国有关部门的视线,以及他们是否得到境外武装组织的协助。Many of the recent jihadist attacks in Sydney and Ottawa have been conducted by “lone wolves The concerted nature of Wednesday’s assault and also the attackersflight from the scene rather than resorting to siege and suicide tactics suggests a less familiar modus operandi.近期的多起圣战者袭击(在悉尼和渥太华)都是由所谓“孤狼恐怖分子”进行的。周三这起攻击的协同特性——以及袭击者从现场逃离、而不是诉诸于劫持人质和自杀战术——似乎指出了一种人们不太熟悉的手法。In the days ahead many will be watching the impact on French society. At a time of deep political and economic malaise, the anti-immigrant National Front led by Marine Le Pen may profit from a new burst of anti-Islamic feeling. The attack is a challenge to the state authorities who must now find the attackers and bring them to justice. But the broader challenge is for politicians and the public to cleave to France’s core secular values and express defiance without stoking the fires of blind revenge.在未来几天里,很多人将关注法国社会受到的影响。在该国深陷政治和经济困境之际,以马#8226;勒庞(Marine Le Pen)为首的反移民政党“国民阵线National Front),可能受益于一股新的反伊斯兰情绪。此次袭击是对政府有关部门发起的挑战,这些部门现在必须追查袭击者,将他们绳之以法。但更为广义的挑战在于,政治人物和公众要坚守法国的核心世俗价值观,在不挑动盲目复仇之火的前提下表达反抗情绪。In any democratic society, there should always be room for a civilised debate about taste and propriety when it comes to the mockery of any religious faith. But what cannot be challenged is the fundamental right of all citizens to express themselves freely within the law. In an age marked by growth in religious belief and the increasing politicisation of faith, all religion must be open to opinion, analysis and lampoonery.在涉及到针对任何宗教信仰的讽刺时,任何一个民主社会都应当有文明辩论的空间,让各方就品味和尺度界限各抒己见。但不容挑战的是,所有公民都有在法律范围内自由表达自己的根本权利。在宗教信仰势力壮大、信仰日益政治化的当今时代,所有宗教都必须对观点、分析和讽刺抱有开放心态。In the past quarter century there have been many attempts to use intimidation to silence satire and dissent. The Iranian regime set the precedent when it issued a fatwa against the author Salman Rushdie in response to his book The Satanic Verses. North Korea used cyber violence to prevent the distribution of an unflattering film about its leader Kim Jong Un.过去四分之一世纪期间,先后有过不少使用恐吓手段压制讽刺和异见的尝试。伊朗政权确立了先例,发出针对作家萨尔曼#8226;拉什Salman Rushdie)的追杀令,就为了他写的小说《撒旦诗篇The Satanic Verses)。朝鲜最近使用网络暴力试图阻止一部嘲讽该国领导人金正Kim Jong Un)的电影发行。Now we have the appalling spectacle in Paris. The response of the free world to this must be unwavering. Charlie Hebdo may be a very different publication to our own, but the courage of its journalists and their right to publish cannot be placed in doubt. A free press is worth nothing if its practitioners do not feel free to speak.现在,我们又见了巴黎街头的骇人景象。自由世界对此的反应必须是坚定不移的。《查理周刊》也许是一份与本报非常不同的出版物,但其采编人员的勇气——以及他们的出版权利——是不容置疑的。如果新闻从业者感觉不到言论自由,新闻自由就没有什么价值了。来 /201501/353349

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