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齐齐哈尔妇科病哪里好哈尔滨妇科检查去哪好From federal investigations into Major League Baseball to allegations ofsubstance abuse in track and field, performance enhancing drugs have been in the news a lot.从对美国职业棒球大联盟药物滥用指控的联邦调查来看,用兴奋剂已经成为一个热门话题。The most well-known performance enhancers are steroids, drugs that can make athletesbigger and stronger.其中最著名的兴奋剂是类固醇,它可以让运动员更大更强。But they can also cause serious medical problems.但是它们也会导致严重的医学问题。So how do steroids work, and what makes them so dangerous?那么类固醇是怎样发挥作用的呢?是什么使它们如此危险?First, it’s important to understand that the body naturally produces steroids.首先,知道身体能够自然产生类固醇是很重要的。For men, the best known is testosterone.对于男性来说,最广为大家所知的就是睾丸激素。Testosterone is an anabolic steroid,meaning that itencourages new muscle growth.睾丸激素是一种合成代谢类固醇,它能够促进新的肌肉的生长。So the more testosterone you have in you, the greater potential youhave to be bigger and stronger.因此如果你的睾丸激素越多,你的潜力就越大越强。这样一来,人造合成类固醇It makes sense, then, that artificial anabolic steroids mimic testosteroneproduced in the body.模仿人体内分泌的睾丸激素应运而生了。Here’s how they work.它们是这样工作的。Anabolic steroids attach to cells and encourage them to produce more protein,which muscles need to grow and become stronger.合成类固醇依附于细胞上,促使它们产生更多肌肉生长和壮大所需要的蛋白质。So steroids basically speed up and enhance theprocess of muscle growth that you can accomplish by lifting weights and other kinds of exercise.因此类固醇主要是加快和加强肌肉生长,而这样的效果你可以通过举重和其它的运动练习达到。Aweightlifter on steroids will develop larger muscles and do so faster than a “clean” weightlifter.一个用类固醇举重运动员的肌肉会比一个“干净”的运动员生长得更大更快。Millions of people take performance enhancing drugs such as caffeine and vitamins every day.成千上万的人们每天都在用咖啡因,维他命之类的兴奋剂。But unlikethese drugs, steroids can cause serious, long lasting problems.但是与其它药物不同的是类固醇会导致严重,持久的问题。For example, steroid use puts extrapressure on the liver to cleanse the bloodstream of the many toxins in steroids.例如,使用胆固醇会对肝脏净化血液带来压力,因为胆固醇里有很多毒素。Prolonged steroid use can result in liver damage.长期使用类固醇可导致肝损害。They also affect brain chemistry,and cancause depression and severe mood swings known as roid rage.它们同样会影响脑化学,并会导致抑郁症和被称为“类固醇癫狂”的严重情绪波动。There’s certainly nothingwrong with building your body, but using steroids to do so will ultimately break you down.强身健体当然没有错误,但是如果你使用类固醇来完成,那么最终你会垮掉。 201411/345023哈市治疗痛经的医院 We are back with me and Patrick Harris.And here you are.You wouldnt know it, but this is you on the cover of the Entertainment Weekly.欢迎回来 这是尼尔·帕特里克·哈里斯 看看 这是你 你们肯定猜不到 但这是你在 ;周刊;的封面上And you, I assume, this is not Photoshopped,You were painted gold. - I was painted gold.我觉得这个应该没PS过 你被涂成了金色 -是的呀They wanted to do a cool conceit.这是个非常酷的想法They actually had prosthetic all around on either side on this big giant board.实际上 这个大板子的四周 都被涂成了金色And I have to sit perfectly still as they painted gold all over my face.化妆师把我的脸涂成金色时 我要一动不动And we took that shot.Oh yeah, thats the process of what was it happening.然后我们才拍了这张照片 是的 这就是这张照片背后的故事Wow. - And so, it was painful.How long did that take?11 hours.哇 -是的 拍摄过程很痛苦的 用了多长时间呢 11个小时No. - No no no.I love you all.Oh! My stars! No, it took a couple of hours to do.天啊 -天啊 就是这样 我爱你们 ;天哪 明星们啊; 拍摄花了几个小时But when I was done it took forever to clean off.但是拍完后 卸妆费了很大工夫But now, when I blew my nose, its worth like 475 dollars.我擤鼻涕时 会这么想;这可价值475美元哦;Good to know.So its benefit.Its very very impressive. - Its weird.That doesnt even look like you.土豪啊 这也算福利吧 很惊艳 -有点奇怪啦 看上去甚至都不像你Its crazy.Alright. So we are going to play a game.有点疯狂 好的 下面我们玩一个游戏You are hosting the academy awards,So we thought wed play a special round of Heads-Up.你要主持奥斯卡颁奖典礼了 所以我们玩一轮特别版的;我演你猜;游戏And this is all Oscar nominates or winners or... - okay, okay.都是些奥斯卡提名者或者获奖者之类的 -好的 /201511/408165哈尔滨哪里打胎最好

哈尔滨做无痛人流哪个好哈尔滨子宫肌瘤治疗哪家好 North Sea oil and the budget北海油气和预算Priming the pumps采取措施For the oil and gas industry, tax reductions were overdue油气工业减税政策已过期Sunset industry?夕阳工业?AMONG the tax cuts announced in his budget on March 18th, the chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne, laid out big reductions for oil and gas companies operating in the North Sea. The previous tax rates for companies operating in the older fields sometimes amounted to a punitive 80%. Now the petroleum revenue tax will be reduced from 50% to 35%, and a supplementary corporation tax will come down from 30% to 20%. The government will also invest in new seismic surveys in the more remote areas of the North Sea. Altogether, Mr Osborne hopes that these measures will boost production there by 15% by the end of the decade.在3月18号预算案公布的税务减免中,英国财政大臣乔治·奥斯本提议为北海的油气公司提供大幅税务减免。之前在老油田进行开采的公司有时竟会缴纳总计达到80%的重税。如今石油收益税率将从50%降到35%,企业所得附加税将从30%降到20%。政府也将在北海远海域的新地震测量方面投入资金。总而言之,奥斯本希望这些方法能促使该地区十年后的产量飙升15%。Oil and gas companies lobbied furiously for these changes, and they will certainly be welcomed, not least around the industrys capital of Aberdeen, where some 160,000 people rely on the sector. Mr Osborne should not expect much gratitude, though. Some firms have yet to forgive him for raising taxes in the first place.油气公司为这些达成改变而大力游说,他们当然会受到欢迎,尤其是在该产业的中心亚伯丁地区,这里约160,000名居民依赖着这一产业。但是奥斯本不应该期望会得到太多感激。有些公司还没原谅他一开始提升税率的行为。In 2011 the chancellor surprised everyone by increasing the supplementary tax by 12 points to 32% (afterwards lowered to 30%). This might have netted the hard-up chancellor a windfall of about 2 billion (3 billion) but, so argue many in the industry, the tax rise also deterred companies from sinking any more money into an ageing basin where it had aly become very expensive to operate. With margins wafer thin, North Sea oil and gas production, which had been falling steadily since its peak in 1999, plummeted between 2011 and 2013, before recovering slightly last year. Just as importantly, new exploration has crawled almost to a halt. This year it is expected that as few as eight new exploratory wells might be drilled. One consequence is that the once mighty North Sea oil and gas sector has become increasingly marginal to the overall British economy. In 2011-12 North Sea tax revenues totalled 10.9 billion, but in 2013-14 they had shrunk to just 4.7 billion.2011年,这位大臣将附加税率提升了12个百分点,达到了32%(后来又降到了30%),这令所有人大吃一惊。经济拮据的大臣也许能借此获得一笔约20亿英镑(30亿美元)的意外款项,但是该产业的许多公司也辩称税率上涨阻止了公司将更多的钱扔进这经营昂贵、日趋衰落的领域打水漂。北海的油气生产利润微薄,自1999年达到顶峰后一直保持逐年下降,在2011年和2013年之间骤跌,去年才微弱回升。另一个重要的原因是,新油田的探测也步步维艰到达瓶颈期。今年预计只有八块新油田将会得到开采。一个结果就是曾叱咤风云的北海油气产业会在整体英国经济中越来越边缘化。2011年到2012年间,北海税收总计109亿英镑,但在2013年到2014年,缩减到了47亿。Furthermore, although there might have been a case for a windfall tax in 2011 when the oil price was high, averaging 111 for a barrel of Brent crude over the year, since last June the price has tumbled. It is now down to about 55 a barrel. This has put even more pressure on margins and profits, so much so that, over the past six months, companies have been cutting wages and laying off hundreds of workers in a rushed attempt to cut costs. Overall, according to Oil and Gas UK, an industry lobby group, the sector lost 5.3 billion last year, the worst performance since the 1970s, when the colossal investment in new platforms and other infrastructure preceded the flow of oil and gas.此外,尽管2011年油价高昂,平均一桶布伦特原油约111美元,当时很可能出台一项暴利税,但自去年六月价格已大跌。如今已降至约55美元每桶。这使获取利润越来越难,形势严峻到在过去六个月间,公司一直在削减工资和裁员,慌忙减少开。据工业游说团体英国石油天然气协会所说,总体上该行业去年损失了53亿英镑,这是自上世纪七十年代以来的最糟表现,那时大量的投资涌入了新平台和其他基础建设中,带领了油气行业发展的风潮。With the price of oil expected to stay at its current level for some time, both employers and employees know that only by drastically reducing operating costs in the North Sea over the long term can the basin remain profitable enough to attract investment, let alone compete with less costly deep-water basins in the Gulf of Mexico and off the west coast of Africa. With oil over 100 a barrel, the industry got used to living high on the hog, but those days are gone. In this respect, the tax cuts are helpful, but hardly crucial. Cutting costs will prove far more important.预计油价暂时会保持现在水平,雇主和雇员都知道只有在北海长期大幅削减运作开,产业才能有足够多的利润来吸引投资,更不要说与成本更低的墨西哥湾和非洲西海岸的深水实验池竞争了。在每桶原油超过100美元的情况下,石油产业习惯了养尊处优,但好景不再。在这方面,减税能起到帮助,但不能解决根本问题。减少成本将更为重要。译者:王颖 校对:陈思思 译文属译生译世 /201503/366790哈尔滨南岗妇产医院可以做人流吗

哈尔滨中医大二院妇科 Politics this week本周政治要闻Alexander Van der Bellen, a former head of the Green party, won Austrias presidential election by just 31,000 votes, defeating Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party. Had he won this post, Mr. Hofer would have been the first far-right head of state in the European Union. His surprisingly high support reflected voter anger over immigration. As in several European countries, the far right has been making ground.奥地利绿党(Green party)前导人亚历山大·范德贝伦(Alexander Van der Bellen)仅以31000票击败自由党候选人诺贝特·霍费尔(Norbert Hofer),赢得奥地利总统选举。如果霍费尔赢得此次选举,他将成为欧盟历史上首位极端右翼国家领导人。霍费尔高涨的持率反映了选民在难民问题上的愤怒。极右派势力已在欧洲多国逐渐兴起。In Brussels Greeces creditors agreed on a deal to secure debt relief for the country. The measures, which were thrashed out in late-night talks after months of wrangling, are intended to restructure Greek debt, which is currently 180% of GDP. Greece will receive 10 billion (billion) in aid to help it avoid a default, starting with 7.5 billion next month.希腊债权人于布鲁塞尔达成协议,同意为该国承担债务责任。经过数月争论和多次深夜商讨,债权人最终提出相应方案,旨在重组希腊债务(希腊目前债务总值是其GDP的1.8倍)。希腊将收到100亿欧元(约110亿美元)援助金,用于偿还拖欠金额。第一批75亿欧元援助金将于下个月发放。After being detained in Russia for two years Nadia Savchenko, a Ukrainian pilot, was released from jail and sent home. She was exchanged for two Russian prisoners captured in Ukraine. On her return home Ms Savchenko ironically thanked those who had “wished me evil”, and was greeted as a national hero.在被俄罗斯扣押两年之久后,乌克兰飞行员纳季娅·萨夫琴科(Nadia Savchenko)获赦回国,同时作为交换,两名关押在乌克兰的俄罗斯囚犯也重新回到俄罗斯。回国途中,萨夫琴科讽刺地向那些“咒骂自己”的人表示感谢。她被乌克兰民众奉为国家英雄。In Turkey Binali Yildirim was sworn in as prime minister following the ouster of his predecessor, Ahmet Davutoglu. Mr. Yildirim is a loyal supporter of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president, and vowed to continue with an overhaul of the constitution which is handing more powers to the presidency.继土耳其前总理艾哈迈德·达乌特奥卢(Ahmet Davutoglu)辞去总理一职后,比纳利·耶尔德勒姆(Binali Yildirim)宣誓接任总理职位。耶尔德勒姆是土耳其总统雷杰普·塔伊普·埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)的忠实持者,并承诺继续推进制度改革,将更多的权力递交到总统手中。Romero Jucá, Brazils planning minister, stepped aside after tapes were leaked in which he appeared to suggest that the impeachment of the president, Dilma Rousseff, would blunt an investigation into the multibillion- dollar scandal centered on Petrobras, the state-controlled oil company. Mr Jucá, one of the targets of the investigation, says his remarks were misinterpreted. He was only recently appointed by the interim president, Michel Temer. The new government proposed several reform measures, including a cap on the growth of public spending.随着“录音丑闻”的曝光,巴西计划部长罗梅罗·茹卡(Romero Jucá)引咎辞职。茹卡在录音中称,只有弹劾总统迪尔玛·罗塞夫(Dilma Rousseff)才能阻止贪腐调查的进行。该贪腐调查主要针对巴西国家石油公司(Petrobras),涉及金额数十亿美元。作为调查对象之一,茹卡表示自己的言论受到了曲解。茹卡近日被代总统米歇尔·特梅尔(Michel Temer)任命为计划部长。巴西临时政府提出了数项改革方案,其中包括限制政府开。 译文属译生译世201606/447947甘南县人流手术多少钱哈尔滨市妇产医院医生在线咨询



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