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Israeli Settlers Disrupt Palestinian Olive Harvest以定居者干扰巴勒斯坦人收获橄榄 An annual Palestinian harvest means trouble in the occupied territories. 巴勒斯坦人一年一度的橄榄收获季节到来了,然而,这却意味著约旦河被占领土上麻烦的开始。Jewish settlers attacked two news photographers covering the Palestinian olive harvest in the West Bank. Video showed four Israelis move into a grove near their settlement where Palestinians were picking olives with the help of Israeli and foreign supporters. The settlers punched and kicked the Palestinian photographers and grabbed one of their cameras. They also assaulted a British activist. One of the photographers threw stones at the settlers. 以色列定居者袭击了两名前来报导约旦河西岸巴勒斯坦人收获橄榄情况的新闻摄影记者。录像显示,四名以色列人进入了定居点附近的一个树丛,当时,巴勒斯坦人正在那里采摘橄榄,另外还有一些以色列人和外国持者在给他们帮忙。四名定居者对巴勒斯坦摄影记者拳打脚踢,并抢走了其中一人的照相机。他们还袭击了一名英国活动分子。录像上,一名摄影记者向定居者投掷石块。It was the latest in a series of attempts by militant settlers to disrupt the annual olive harvest which is vital to the Palestinian economy. Israeli police intervened and broke up the brawl. There were no serious injuries and the settlers were allowed to walk away. 这是激进的以色列定居者干扰巴勒斯坦人一年一度收获橄榄的最新一次企图。橄榄是巴勒斯坦经济的重要组成部分。以色列警察前来干预,驱散了吵闹的人群。没有人在冲突中受重伤,定居者后来被放走了。Palestinian parliamentarian Moustafa Barghouti was there. 巴勒斯坦议员巴尔古提当时也在冲突现场。"Palestinian villagers are encountering a terrible war by the Israeli illegal settlers and the Israeli army against their trees, against their land," he said. "We are here to help them in a peaceful, non-violent resistance to maintain their land." 他说:“巴勒斯坦村民正在经历一场可怕的战争,以色列的非法定居者,以色列军队针对他们的树林、他们的土地发起的战争。我们到这里来帮助他们,以和平和非暴力的方式来抵抗,来保护他们自己的土地。”The settlers say disrupting the olive harvest is a legitimate response to repeated Palestinian vandalism and attacks. 以色列定居者说,干扰巴勒斯坦人收获橄榄是对巴勒斯坦人一再发动破坏和袭击的最合理的还击。200810/53322

ANNCR: The National Cancer Act – Today on Congressional Moment During the first 30 years of the 20th century, America became a safer and healthier place. Living conditions improved, causing many diseases to almost disappear. One exception to this pattern was cancer, and in 1937 Congress established the National Cancer Institute. By 1970, cancer had become the nation's second leading cause of death. Texas Senator Ralph Yarborough sought to make its conquest a national priority. He led a group of medical experts, cancer advocates, and business leaders who explored the issue. They became commonly known as the "Yarborough Commission." The Yarborough Report became the blueprint for the National Cancer Act, which was signed into law in 1971 by President Richard Nixon. The National Cancer Act provided additional funding for the National Cancer Institute, establishing 15 new cancer research centers, local cancer control programs, and an international cancer data research bank. Its passage received a boost when popular columnist Ann Landers encouraged a flood of mail from her ers, urging representatives to vote for the bill. The goal for a simple cure for cancer remains elusive. But scientific knowledge about cancer continues to grow. New techniques for detection, diagnosis, and treatment are constantly emerging, as a result of efforts of Congress and the American people.08/82262

Even as the first day of autumn hovers over American shores, traces of summer linger. So, every year at this time, nearly half a million people step forward to help, to volunteer in an international coastal cleanup and the results can be staggering. In the last couple of years alone, an average of 8 million pounds of trash is collected worldwide. Please, watch where you put your feet, watch what you grab with your hands, we have found in the past hypodermic needles, we found drug paraphernalia.From California to New Jersey, and here along the banks of the Potomac River just outside Washington DC, people don protective gear and comb the coast for trash. Thirty-five glass bottles...From cigarette butts to candy wrappers, every little item is recorded by the Ocean Conservancy, the sponsor of the cleanup since it started in 1986. Because a lot of our trash that's found unfortunately is not coming off ships in the dark of night,it's coming from land, you know, areas, people who were at the beaches, people who were inland, and things are washing downstream. Disgusting, all that's out here, I was so shocked. When I came out here, I thought, oh, you know, people don't litter that much, and I just see stuff on the side of the road, then we've come up here, it's just everywhere.Yeah, it's pretty amazing. Actually we can pick a lot of that up one day and then, the next day come back, and there just twice as much as it was the day before. So, it seems like there is no end to the, the trash.At this site, 2,000 pounds of trash were collected in just an hour and a half. Despite their obvious progress, in many places such as here along the Potomac River, the work is far from over. The river is going to require continued, maintained efforts for many generations to come but we are getting there, this is a sign that the next generation is going to care about the resource and is gonna wanna pass it on to the next generation improved. Everywhere water meets land the goal of this cleanup is the same, to beatify and restore coastlines and to get people to think about how they dispose of their own garbage. So autumn's wind will blow cold but perhaps not so clattered. 200810/53179

Russians Pull Back in Georgia But Scars of War Remain格鲁吉亚北部人民生活渐恢复正常 Life is returning to normal in parts or northern Georgia - two months after open warfare there between Georgian and Russian troops and Russian-backed separatists from the enclaves of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Russian troops pulled out of their self-declared buffer zones in the area last week and Georgian families are moving back into their homes there. 格鲁吉亚共和国北部生活正在恢复正常。两个月前,格鲁吉亚跟俄罗斯军队以及俄罗斯持的阿布哈兹以及南奥塞梯分离主义力量进行了公开的战争。俄罗斯军队上个星期已经从他们自行宣布的缓冲区撤退。格鲁吉亚人家正在返回他们在那里的住所。Until last week, few wanted to venture back into Ergneti, a small village in northeastern Georgia, caught in the midst of the war in early August and then part of a buffer zone under the control of Russian troops and their South Ossetian allies. But, the Russians have gone and Georgian families are coming back to their homes - Goderdzi Kasradze is one of them. 就在上个星期,还没有多少人愿意冒险返回厄尔涅梯村。这是格鲁吉亚东北部的一个小村庄,在8月发生的战争中成为战区,随后成为缓冲区的一部分,在俄罗斯军队及其南奥塞梯同盟的控制之下。但是,俄罗斯人已经离去,格鲁吉亚人家正在返回他们的住所。卡斯拉泽是返回家园的人之一。The men stand on the wide front porch, examining the damage: a mattress ripped and strewn on the floor, shattered glass, even a wooden window frame left dangling. Goderdzi Kasradze looks on in dismay. 一些男子站在宽敞的门口,察看房屋受到的损害。一个床垫子被撕破,扔在地上。窗户玻璃破损,一个木窗框摇摇欲坠。卡斯拉泽悲愤地看着这一切。"The Russians destroyed my house and Ossetians looted it. They took everything we had," he said. 他说:“俄罗斯人毁坏了我的房子,奥塞梯人进行了劫掠。他们把我们所有的一切都拿走了。”Nine family members call this home. They fled when the shooting and shelling started. 这家人家有9口人。在战争打响的时候,他们逃离当地。"The whole family was here when the shooting started. We evacuated the women and children. Then, I also had to flee," he explained. 卡斯拉泽说:“战争打响的时候,我们全家人都在这里。我们疏散了妇女跟儿童。然后,我也不得不逃走。”They've just returned - to find this. 他们现在回来了,结果发现家园已经成为废墟。No room escaped damage. The children's bedroom - the living room. Kasradze's wife Lena tries a few keys on the once-prized piano. It too has been destroyed. 孩子的房间,起居室,所有的房间都受到损坏。卡斯拉泽的妻子丽娜弹了弹家人一直很珍重的钢琴的几个键。钢琴也完全损坏了。Whatever was left behind when the family fled was ransacked - even an old stove pipe ripped out of the ceiling to search for any hidden valuables. The family reacts with disbelief and despair. 他们全家人逃离的时候没能带走的东西都被捣毁。甚至老式的炉灶的烟筒也被劫掠者从天花板上扯下来,看看里面有没有什么值钱的东西。卡斯拉泽一家看着这一切,不禁目瞪口呆,陷入绝望。PACE: What was your reaction when you came back here?"I cry and that is my reaction," Kasradze responded. 卡斯拉泽对记者说,他最初看到眼前的这一切不禁哭起来。The Kasradze home is just a kilometer from the dividing line with South Ossetia. 卡斯拉泽住所离南奥塞梯分界线只有一公里。Until recently, the last checkpoint here was under Russian control, but now Georgian security forces have taken over. Across here is South Ossetia - its capital Tskhinvali less than two kilometers up the road. The soldiers say this is as far as we can go. It was events in Tskhinvali that sparked the fighting in August - when Georgian forces launched an attack to try to rein in Russian-backed separatists and regain control of the enclave. Russian forces moved in quickly, driving the Georgians back, pushing deep into Georgia and creating buffer zones around South Ossetia as well as the other breakaway region - Abkhazia in the northwest. Under a European Union-backed cease-fire accord Moscow promised to withdraw by October 10.  直到最近,这里的最后的一个检查站还是在俄罗斯军人的控制之下。但是,现在格鲁吉亚保安力量已经接管。这里不远处就是南奥塞梯,其首府茨欣瓦利在不到两公里之外的地方。当地的驻军说,这是我们能够走访的最远的地方。今年八月的战斗最先是从茨欣瓦利爆发的。当时,格鲁吉亚军队发动进攻,试图遏制俄罗斯持的分离主义分子,并重新夺回南奥塞梯的控制权。俄罗斯军队迅速开进,把格鲁吉亚军队击退,并深入格鲁吉亚境内,在南奥塞梯以及西北部寻求独立的阿布哈兹地区周围设立了缓冲区。根据欧洲联盟持的一项停火协议,俄罗斯承诺在10月10号撤退军队。The Ergneti crossing is quiet - not much traffic either way - with the occasional exception. Ildizar Talibov slowly walks up the road toward the checkpoint. The soldiers quickly move to stop and query him. They let him pass. 厄尔涅梯过境点静悄悄的。来往的行人和车辆不多。塔利波夫从远处向检查站走过来。军人迅速示意他停下来,并对他进行了讯问。然后,军人让他通过。Talibov says he regularly sold goods in the Tskhinvali market. He fell ill and was in the hospital when fighting broke out. He says he had to take shelter and could not leave until now. 塔利波夫说,他按时在茨欣瓦利市场出售货物。他在战争爆发的时候生病住院。他说,他不得不躲避起来,只是现在才出来。"Tskhinvali is much destroyed," he said. "A friend who was in the hospital with me took me to his house. In those Georgian villages there is hardly any building left." 他说:“茨欣瓦利遭受了很多的毁坏。一个跟我一起在医院的朋友把我带到他家。在战区的那些格鲁吉亚村庄几乎没有什么建筑物依然挺立。”Thirty kilometers away - the Russians are still manning the Akhalgori checkpoint. They say they've received no orders so far to pull back any farther. A few hundred meters back is the Georgian checkpoint and on this occasion a European Union monitoring patrol has just stopped by. 在三十公里之外,俄罗斯军人依然控制著阿哈尔戈里检查站。他们说,他们还没有接到进一步撤退的命令。在几百米之外是格鲁吉亚的检查站。一个欧洲联盟的观察巡逻队正好经过。"Do you know if there are any mines anywhere?" asks Fredrik Nylyn, part of an observer force sent here to monitor the cease-fire. 一个欧盟的观察员询问格鲁吉亚军人,“你知道这周围一带有地雷吗?”奈林是负责监督停火的欧盟观察团的成员。The Russians were to have moved back to pre-conflict positions on this day. There are differing views as to where those exact positions are and whether the Russians have fully complied. 在今天,俄罗斯军队理应撤退到冲突爆发之前的位置。那些位置具体究竟在哪里,以及俄罗斯方面是否完全履行了停火协议,各方意见不一。"There is room for different interpretations on both sides, actually," noted Nylyn. "Yes, there will be different opinions on whether this agreement has been fulfilled from both parts or not." 奈林说:“实际上,协议当中包含了双方作出不同解释的空间。不错,今后双方在协议是否得到履行的问题上还会有不同的意见。”The Russians have pulled out of their self-declared buffer zones, but they remain inside Abkhazia and South Ossetia. But, back in Ergneti, Goderdzi Kasradze says there'll be no security until the Russians are really gone. 俄罗斯军人已经从他们自行宣布的缓冲区撤退。但是,他们依然驻守在阿布哈兹和南奥塞梯。但是,在厄尔涅梯村,卡斯拉泽说,只要俄罗斯人不真正撤退,就不会有安全。"We had fruits and flowers. It looked like people had lived here. It does not look like that now, but we hope we can change that and make it a home again," he said. 他说:“我们先前在这里有水果和鲜花,很有人气。现在这里已经面目全非。但是,我们希望能够改变这一切,重建家园。Making life normal again is what many Georgians hope, especially in these areas ravaged by fighting. Life is returning to normal, people are moving back to tend their orchards and farms and to rebuild. But for some, looking at their destroyed homes, it's hard to know just where to begin. 很多格鲁吉亚人,尤其是遭受战斗蹂躏地区的人希望生活恢复正常。这里的生活正在恢复正常。人们正在返回他们的果园农场,进行重建。但是,对一些人来说,面对他们被毁坏的住房,他们不知道重建从什么地方开始。200810/53011

American business美国商业Big Apple v Big Oil苹果vs美孚Apple briefly becomes the world’s largest public company苹果一度成为世界第一大市值公司Aug 13th 2011 | SAN FRANCISCO| from the print editionBY ANY standards it is a remarkable achievement. In the space of 14 years, Apple has transformed itself from a computer firm on the brink of bankruptcy into a stockmarket superstar. On August 9th its market capitalisation surpassed that of Exxon Mobil, making it the world’s largest public company. Not for long: by the end of the day’s trading, the tech giant was billion smaller than the oil giant: 7 billion to 8 billion. But Exxon’s lead is fragile. If the oil price falls further, Apple will surely outstrip it.无论从哪个角度看,这都是引人注目的成就。在14年的时间里,苹果从一个面临倒闭的电脑公司成功转型,成为券市场的超级明星。在8月9日其市值超过了埃克森美孚,成为世界上第一大上市公司。但不久在当日收盘时,科技巨头苹果的市值仅以10亿美元低于石油大亨:分别是3470亿美元和3480亿美元。但埃克森的领先不堪一击,如果油价继续下跌,苹果必然会超过。Oil remains a vital raw material, and Exxon can extract it from difficult places more efficiently than any other firm. But Apple’s rise reflects the growing influence of the digital industry, and the way that industry has changed. It used to be dominated by companies such as IBM and Microsoft, which made their billions selling software and services to corporations. Apple has leap-frogged both of them by delighting consumers.石油一直都是重要的原材料,埃克森美孚能够比其他公司更高效地从恶劣环境中提炼出石油。但苹果的崛起反映了数字产业与日俱增的影响力,以及它所带来的改变。过去的数字产业是IBM和微软公司的天下,它们以出售软件和务获得了巨大的赢利。凭着用户好评,苹果已跃升至两家公司之前。201108/150893

President Barack Obama says lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians must be based on two states, with Israel in its 1967 borders, with conditions. In a major speech on U.S /Mideast policy, the president prodded both sides to return to negotiations.美国总统奥巴马在有关美国中东政策的重要演说中表示,以色列和巴勒斯坦之间的持久和平必须基于巴以两国的存在,而两国边界应当是基于1967年战争前的边界。奥巴马总统敦促双方返回谈判桌。Obama has endorsed a key Palestinian demand that a Palestinian state should be based on borders as they existed before the 1967 Six-Day War.奥巴马总统持巴勒斯坦方面提出的一项关键性要求,那就是未来巴勒斯坦国的边界应当基于1967年六日战争前的边界。“The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states.”他说:“以色列和巴勒斯坦的边界应当根据1967年的边界线来划定, 有双方都认可的交换,以便为两国建立安全和得到认可的边界。”A statement from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the U.S. policy shift "indefensible."以色列总理内塔尼亚胡在一份声明中称美国的政策改变是“站不住脚的”。Obama hosts the Israeli leader at the White House on Friday, in what is sure to be a contentious meeting.奥巴马星期五将在白宫接待来访的这位以色列领导人,这次会晤肯定会发生意见争议。The president is also scheduled to speak Sunday to the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, the nation’s largest pro-Israel lobbying organization.奥巴马总统预计还将在星期天对美国最大的亲以色列的游说组织--美国以色列公共事务委员会发表讲话。201105/137556

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