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听力参考文本:Last week I discussed a new bill that would make it easier for citizens to get absentee ballots in Michigan, a bill sponsored by a Republican state representative, Lisa Posthumus Lyons, and enthusiastically supported by Secretary of State Ruth Johnson.Shes also a conservative Republican and Michigans chief elections official. The bill is scarcely radical; it would merely allow any voter who wants an absentee ballot to get one. Two-thirds of the states aly allow what is called ;no-excuse; absentee voting.In fact, all those states also allow early voting, meaning that on certain days before the election, the polls are open to allow people to vote who aly have made up their minds.This both encourages turnout and reduces lines on Election Day.Three states – Colorado, Washington and Oregon – require everyone to vote absentee. As it now stands, Michigan is definitely backward when it comes to helping citizens participate in democracy.But unfortunately, Republican leaders in the Legislature have exceeded my worst expectations. Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof made it very clear he has no interest in doing anything to help more people vote.;They should be responsible enough to make sure they get to their own polling places,; he said. ;I think thats the least we can ask.” He also said he feared ;fraud and abuse,; although there has been no evidence of that reported in any of the thirty-six states that are more voter-friendly than Michigan.And State Senator Dave Robertson, a former insurance salesman from Grand Blanc, was, if anything, worse. Robertson is the chair of the Elections and Government Reforms Committee, and he made it clear that he will do everything he can to sabotage Lyons bill if it makes it to the senate.Not only did he say he would oppose it, he said he wouldnt even allow hearings to consider this, hearings in which he and his fellow senators could hear testimony about how open absentee balloting has worked in other states.Why does he feel this way?Well, Robertson was at first largely incoherent, called Election Day a “focal point” he didnt want to diminish, but then gave a fantastically incredible reason. He said no-fault absentee voting would unfairly handicap candidates because they wouldnt have enough time to reach those voting early.If he really believes that, he may be the only person in the nation who thinks our campaigns are too short. The truth is that he and Meekhof dont want to allow this because they are indeed afraid more people would vote. They know that higher voter turnout tends to favor Democratic candidates, which they are determined to prevent.But it isnt politically acceptable to say they want to keep people from voting, so they make up hypocritical excuses instead. The fact is that no-excuse absentee voting is highly unlikely to change very much, especially in our heavily gerrymandered legislature.And it is encouraging that two principled Republican women have had the integrity to come out in favor of doing what is right and helping more people vote.It would be nice if they could be supported by a little citizen outrage against the men who want to prevent more people from participating in democracy.Jack Lessenberry is Michigan Radios political analyst. Views expressed in his essays are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Michigan Radio, its management or the station licensee, The University of Michigan.201506/382150One study found that people who smoke pipes or cigars are more likely than non smokers to have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.一项研究发现,抽烟斗或雪茄的人比非吸烟者患慢性阻塞性肺疾病的几率要更大。People with the disease have trouble breathing.患上这种疾病的人通常面临呼吸困难。Finally, if youre not aly convinced, pipes and cigars can be just as addictive as cigarettes.最后,如果你不相信,烟斗和雪茄会和香烟一样上瘾。After all, youre still smoking tobacco laced with nicotine.毕竟,你还在吸食着含有尼古丁的烟草。And even if you dont inhale deeply, the nicotine still seeps into your bloodstream through the lining of the mouth.即使你不是深深吸入一口,尼古丁仍然会通过口腔粘膜渗入血液。So bottom line, smoking tobacco is bad for you-period.所以底线是吸烟仍然对你的健康造成周期性的危害。Just because pipes and cigars may seem urbane, theres nothing harmless about them.仅仅是因为烟斗和雪茄看起来温文尔雅,表面看来并无危害。201503/361631It finds its prey by detecting the minute electric fields produced by muscles when they contract, including the hard muscles, something no animal can ever switch off.它通过探测包括心肌在内的肌肉收缩所产生的微电场来寻找猎物,心肌收缩是任何生物都不能停止的。But they do have to swim directly over a beating heart to know that its there.但它们需要游到这颗心脏的上方才能感知位置。By sucking and blowing, the sting-ray escavates its target deep under the soft sand.通过吸和吹,这只刺鳐将细沙下的猎物挖了出来。Many rays feeding together reduces series of florals on the seafloor, but all that puffing and blowing can attract unwelcome attention.许多一起觅食的鳐在海床上制造了一连串的沙沟,而吞云吐雾会招来不怀好意的关注。The hunter can just easily become the hunted.猎手很容易变成猎物。This is the sting-rays worst nightmare,a great hammer-head shark.这是刺鳐最大的噩梦,一条无沟双髻鲨。It has electric receptors,too.它也有电感受器。They sp across the underside of its very broad head, which sweeps back and forth, searching for prey.它们分布在双髻鲨宽脑袋的下底面,脑袋来回摇动寻找猎物。The sting-ray has a formidable weapon, a venomous barb, but one hammer-head was found with 96 barbs in its body, and see none the worth.刺鳐有一种强大的武器毒刺,但是曾在一条双髻鲨身上发现过96根这样的毒刺。 201501/353821

The World Health Organizations cancer agency released a statement on Wednesday claiming that ;there is no conclusive evidence that drinking coffee causes cancer.;周三,世界卫生组织癌症机构发布一份声明,称“没有确凿的据表明饮用咖啡会导致癌症。”They did add a note that all ;very hot; drinks are probably carcinogenic. 他们补充道,所有“非常热”的饮料可能会致癌。The International Agency for Research on Cancer had originally rated coffee as ;possibly carcinogenic; but then changed its stance. 国际癌症研究机构原先评定咖啡为“可能致癌的”,但随后改变了立场。It now says its latest review found ;no conclusive evidence for a carcinogenic effect; of coffee drinking 现在最新研究发现,没有确凿的据明喝咖啡有致癌效应,and pointed to some studies showing coffee may actually reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer.并指出一些研究表明,咖啡可能实际上降低患某些类型癌症的风险。译文属。201606/449627

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