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We want to be number one in beauty worldwide and number one in satisfying our customers and sales representatives. We want to be the best place to work. We want to be the leader in philanthropy. And we want to be one of the worlds most successful companies.我们想在美容方面成为世界第一;在客户和销售代表满意度方面也成为第一;我们想成为最佳雇主;我们想成为慈善事业的领导者;我们想成为世界上最成功的企业之一。I have a personal dream as well. My dream is to make a real difference for women all over the world and to help transform lives. Every time a woman opens an Avon Beauty Boutique, we are making her dream of business ownership come true. This is the dream of unlimited opportunity. This is the dream of hope. It is also the dream of China - where everything is possible and success can be as great as the size of your imagination.我个人也有一个梦想。我的梦想是为全球的女性带来一个全新的体会,帮助她们改变生活。每次一位女性开设一家雅芳产品的专卖店,我们就在帮助她实现创业的梦想。这是一个蕴含着无限机遇的梦想。这是充满希望的梦想。这也是中国梦:一切皆有可能,你的想象力有多大,你的成功就会有多大。In many ways the dream of China is really the biggest dream of all—and its a dream we all share. And were not alone. The dream of China has captured the worlds imagination since the beginning of history. From Columbus to Marco Polo, explorers have traveled long and far to unlock Chinas mystery and discover its riches.在很多方面,中国梦的确是最大的梦想,这是我们共有的梦想。我们并不孤独。有史以来,中国的梦想就吸引着世界的想象力。从哥伦布到马可波罗,探险家长途跋涉为了解开中国的神秘面纱、发现这里的财富。The dream of China is a gift given to each of us as part of our cultural heritage. As China emerges as one of the worlds leading powers, this dream grows stronger and brighter every day. The world is looking on in awe. And nothing makes me prouder than to watch this growth and success.中国梦是我们文化传统的一部分,是馈赠给我们没一个人的礼物。在中国逐渐成为占据领导地位的大国时,这个梦想会变得更大更明确。世界投以崇敬的目光,我为能目睹这样的成长和成功而感到无比自豪。 /201304/233915This Summit has shown a real sense of purpose, resolution and unity. Everyone can see what NATO stands for and why it matters. It is about, here at home, our national security – and the security of every family in Britain.This is an Alliance that is strong and united. That knows what the major challenges are and is determined to overcome them.First, there has been a clear message sent out from this conference to Russia that what President Putin is doing is indefensible and wrong. While we meet here in Newport, a package of sanctions is being finalised in Brussels that will further increase the economic cost to Russia for its behaviour.We stand firmly behind Ukraine’s right to make its own decisions, not to have them dictated by Russian tanks rolling over the border. And we will continue our efforts to support Ukraine, including by providing financial assistance to improve their command, control and communication capabilities.NATO members right across Europe – particularly in Central and Eastern Europe – have been reassured that this is an Alliance that will meet its treaty obligations to any member under threat. No-one will leave here with any doubt that our collective security in NATO is as strong as it has ever been. The Alliance is firmly committed to providing ongoing reassurance to our Eastern Allies.The UK will contribute 3,500 personnel to exercises in Eastern Europe between now and the end of 2015 as part of NATO’s effort to ensure a persistent presence on our Eastern flank. We have also agreed to step up NATO’s ability to respond quickly to any threat with a new multi-national spearhead force which is deployable anywhere in the world within 2 to 5 days.The UK will provide a battlegroup and a brigade headquarters and I hope other nations will set out their plans too, backing communiqué words with concrete action.Second, NATO needs to be even stronger. Britain is one of only four countries that currently spends 2% of its GDP on defence. But others will now do more.With today’s Wales Pledge every NATO member not spending 2% will halt any decline in defence spending and aim to increase it in real terms as GDP grows, and to move towards 2% within a decade. But it’s not just the amount of money that matters; it’s also about spending on equipment you can actually deploy. So we have agreed that a fifth of defence budgets should be dedicated to major new equipment.Here in Britain we have the second largest defence budget in NATO; we have the biggest in the whole of the European Union. We have taken long term, often difficult, decisions to put our defence budget on a sustainable footing. And the fruits of this are now coming through.We are equipping all 3 of our services with the best and most modern military hardware money can buy. On Wednesday I announced a #163;3.5 billion contract for Scout armoured vehicles for the Army, the largest such order in over three decades.The Royal Air Force is getting new fleets of Joint Strike Fighter and Voyager refuelling aircraft as well as 22 new A400M transport aircraft – the first of which has just arrived.201504/371477

Hi, everybody. 大家好!Im here at Childrens National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., visiting with some kids being treated here all the time for asthma and other breathing problems. 此刻,我在华盛顿特区的国家儿童医疗中心,看望在这里接受治疗的哮喘和其它呼吸系统疾病的患儿。Often, these illnesses are aggravated by air pollution-pollution from the same sources that release carbon and contribute to climate change. 通常,这些疾病都因空气污染而恶化,这些污染同样来源于碳排放并引起了气候变化。And for the sake of all our kids, weve got to do more to reduce it.为了我们子孙后代的利益,我们必须努力减少碳排放。Earlier this month, hundreds of scientists declared that climate change is no longer a distant threat-it “has moved firmly into the present.”本月早些时候,数百名科学家联合声明,气候变化再也不是什么遥远的威胁,它“已经实实在在影响到当下人们的生活”。Its costs can be measured in lost lives and livelihoods, lost homes and businesses; and higher prices for food, insurance, and rebuilding.这一代价可以从人的死亡、失去生计、流离失所,食物价格、保险费用、重建成本高涨等现象中得以呈现。Thats why, last year, I put forward Americas first climate action plan. 因此,去年,我首先提出美国气候应对计划。This plan cuts carbon pollution by building a clean energy economy-using more clean energy, less dirty energy, and wasting less energy throughout our economy.该计划通过减少碳排放建设清洁能源经济—更多使用清洁能源,减少使用污染能源,减少我们整个经济活动中的能源浪费。One of the best things we can do for our economy, our health, and our environment is to lead the world in producing cleaner, safer energy-and were aly generating more clean energy than ever before. 我们可以做的对我们的经济、健康和环境最好的事情就是引领世界生产更清洁、更安全的能源,而且我们已经生产出了比以往更多的清洁能源。Thanks in part to the investments we made in the Recovery Act, the electricity America generates from wind has tripled. 《经济复苏法案》提供的投资是一个原因,有了它,我们的风力发电增长的3倍。And from the sun, its increased more than tenfold.太阳能方面,更是增长了10倍多。In fact, every four minutes, another American home or business goes solar-and every panel is pounded into place by a worker whose job cannot be shipped overseas.事实上,每4分钟,就有一个美国家庭或企业用上太阳能,而且把每一块太阳能板安装到位的工人的工作都是不能被转移到海外的。Were wasting less energy, too. 我们浪费的能源也在减少。Weve doubled how far our cars and trucks will go on a gallon of gas by the middle of the next decade, saving you money at the pump-and were helping families and businesses save billions with more efficient homes, buildings, and appliances.我们已经将汽车使用一加仑汽油的行驶里程标准在未来5年里提高一倍,以节约大家的油费出,我们还在帮助家庭和企业通过更节能的住宅、建筑和设施节约出。This strategy has created jobs, grown our economy, and helped make America more energy independent than weve been in decades-all while holding our carbon emissions to levels not seen in about 20 years. 这一策略创造了就业、促进了经济增长,帮助美国比过去10多年取得了更大的能源自主力,所有当时遏制我们碳排放的标准在未来20年都不成问题了。Its a good start. 这是一个很好的开始。But for the sake of our children, we have to do more.但为了孩子们的利益考虑,我们还需要更多努力。This week, we will. 本周,我们就将开始。Today, about 40% of Americas carbon pollution comes from power plants. 当今,有大约40%的碳排放来自发电厂。But right now, there are no national limits to the amount of carbon pollution that existing plants can pump into the air we breathe. None.但现在,还没有对现有发电厂每年可以排放到我们呼吸的空气里的碳排放总量的全国性限制标准。一点都没有。We limit the amount of toxic chemicals like mercury, sulfur, and arsenic that power plants put in our air and water. 我们限制发电厂向空气和水中排放汞、硫、砷等有毒化学物质的总量。But they can dump unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into the air. 但他们却可以无限制的向空气中排放碳污染物。Its not smart, its not safe, and it doesnt make sense.这不明智,也不安全,更没有什么道理可言。Thats why, a year ago, I directed the Environmental Protection Agency to build on the efforts of many states, cities, and companies, and come up with commonsense guidelines for reducing dangerous carbon pollution from our power plants. 因此,一年前,我指示环保署在多个州、市和众多公司努力的基础上,制定出降低发电厂排放碳污染物的基本指导意见。This week, were unveiling these proposed guidelines, which will cut down on the carbon pollution, smog, and soot that threaten the health of the most vulnerable Americans, including children and the elderly. 本周,我们推出了这些指导意见,这将减少碳污染物、烟、尘的排放,降低其对美国人民尤其是孩子和老人身心健康的威胁。In just the first year that these standards go into effect, up to 100,000 asthma attacks and 2,100 heart attacks will be avoided-and those numbers will go up from there.在未来一年,这些标准实施后,将避免超过10万人的哮喘病和2100人的心脏病发作,而且这一数字还将随着时间的推移而上升。These standards were created in an open and transparent way, with input from the business community. 这些标准的制定采取了公开透明的方式,充分融入企业和社会各界的观点。States and local governments weighed in, too. 各州和地方政府的意见也得到了充分考虑。In fact, nearly a dozen states are aly implementing their own market-based programs to reduce carbon pollution. 事实上,有超过12个州已经在实施各自的市场化的减少碳污染排放的计划。And over 1,000 mayors have signed agreements to cut their cities carbon pollution.有1000多名市长已经签署意见同意减少其所在城市的碳排放。So the idea of setting higher standards to cut pollution at our power plants is not new. 因此,为发电厂设置更高的减少碳排放标准的想法并不是新提出来的。Its just time for Washington to catch up with the rest of the country.只不过是华盛顿追赶其它地区步伐的体现。Now, special interests and their allies in Congress will claim that these guidelines will kill jobs and crush the economy. 现在,国会的特殊利益集团和他们的盟友们宣布,这些指导意见将减少就业并冲击经济发展。Lets face it, thats what they always say.让我们面对现实,这是他们一贯的理由。But every time America has set clear rules and better standards for our air, our water, and our childrens health-the warnings of the cynics have been wrong. 每当美国设定关系我们的空气、水和儿童健康的明确规定和更好的标准时,这种所谓的警告都被明是错误的。They warned that doing something about the smog choking our cities, and acid rain poisoning our lakes, would kill business. 他们警告称治理城市的雾霾,污染湖泊的酸雨会扼杀企业发展。It didnt. Our air got cleaner, acid rain was cut dramatically, and our economy kept growing.但事实并不是这样。我们的空气更清新,酸雨也显著下降,而我们的经济依然保持了增长。These excuses for inaction somehow suggest a lack of faith in American businesses and American ingenuity. 这些不作为的借口只是对美国企业和美国的创造能力缺乏信心的表现。The truth is, when we ask our workers and businesses to innovate, they do. 事实是,当我们要求我们的员工和企业去创新时,他们做到了。When we raise the bar, they meet it. 当我们提高标准时,他们达到了。When we restricted cancer-causing chemicals in plastics and leaded fuel in our cars, American chemists came up with better substitutes. 当我们严格控制塑料制品中引发癌症的化学物质含量和引导汽车能效标准的时候,美国的化学家们紧跟着找到了更好的替代品。When we phased out the gases that depleted the ozone layer, American workers built better refrigerators and air conditioners. 当我们要淘汰破坏臭氧层的气体使用时,美国的工人制造出了更好的冰箱和空调。The fuel standards we put in place a few years ago didnt cripple automakers;the American auto industry retooled, and today, theyre selling the best cars in the world, with more hybrids, plug-in, and fuel-efficient models to choose from than ever before.在美国,我们不能在经济健康发展和儿童健康发展之间做选择。老规矩说我们不能在保护环境的同时促进经济的增长,但在美国,我们总是能利用新的技术打破这些老规矩的限制。In America, we dont have to choose between the health of our economy and the health of our children. 在美国,我们不必在经济健康和我们的孩子们的健康之间取舍。The old rules may say we cant protect our environment and promote economic growth at the same time, but in America, weve always used new technology to break the old rules.老规矩说我们无法同时保护我们的环境和发展我们的经济,但是在美国,我们一直应用新技术打破这个框框。As President, and as a parent, I refuse to condemn our children to a planet thats beyond fixing.作为总统,同时作为一个父亲,我不允许我们的孩子生活在一个没有前景的星球上。The shift to a cleaner energy economy wont happen overnight, and it will require tough choices along the way.向清洁能源经济转型的过程不会一蹴而就,它需要我们一路做出艰难的选择。But a low-carbon, clean energy economy can be an engine of growth for decades to come. 但低碳的、清洁能源的经济能成为未来数十年的增长引擎。America will build that engine. 美国要着力打造这一引擎。A future thats cleaner, more prosperous, and full of good jobs-a future where we can look our kids in the eye and tell them we did our part to leave them a safer, more stable world.这是更清洁、更繁荣、充满优良就业岗位的未来,是我们可以看着孩子们的眼睛告诉他们,我们努力为他们留下了一个更安全更安稳的世界的未来。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。201406/303201

Thank you. (Applause.)Thank you so much. Thank you. And thank you, General Caslen, for that introduction. To General Trainor, General Clarke, the faculty and staff at West Point -- you have been outstanding stewards of this proud institution and outstanding mentors for the newest officers in the ed States Army. I’d like to acknowledge the Army’s leadership -- General McHugh -- Secretary McHugh, General Odierno, as well as Senator Jack Reed, who is here, and a proud graduate of West Point himself. To the class of 2014, I congratulate you on taking your place on the Long Gray Line. Among you is the first all-female command team -- Erin Mauldin and Austen Boroff. In Calla Glavin, you have a Rhodes Scholar. And Josh Herbeck proves that West Point accuracy extends beyond the three-point line. To the entire class, let me reassure you in these final hours at West Point: As Commander-in-Chief, I hereby absolve all cadets who are on restriction for minor conduct offenses. (Laughter and applause.) Let me just say that nobody ever did that for me when I was in school. (Laughter.) I know you join me in extending a word of thanks to your families. Joe DeMoss, whose son James is graduating, spoke for a whole lot of parents when he wrote me a letter about the sacrifices you’ve made. “Deep inside,” he wrote, “we want to explode with pride at what they are committing to do in the service of our country.” Like several graduates, James is a combat veteran. And I would ask all of us here today to stand and pay tribute -- not only to the veterans among us, but to the more than 2.5 million Americans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as their families. (Applause.) This is a particularly useful time for America to reflect on those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom, a few days after Memorial Day. You are the first class to graduate since 9/11 who may not be sent into combat in Iraq or Afghanistan. (Applause.) When I first spoke at West Point in , we still had more than 100,000 troops in Iraq. We were preparing to surge in Afghanistan. Our counterterrorism efforts were focused on al Qaeda’s core leadership -- those who had carried out the 9/11 attacks. And our nation was just beginning a long climb out of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Four and a half years later, as you graduate, the landscape has changed. We have removed our troops from Iraq. We are winding down our war in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda’s leadership on the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan has been decimated, and Osama bin Laden is no more. (Applause.) And through it all, we’ve refocused our investments in what has always been a key source of American strength: a growing economy that can provide opportunity for everybody who’s willing to work hard and take responsibility here at home. In fact, by most measures, America has rarely been stronger relative to the rest of the world. Those who argue otherwise -- who suggest that America is in decline, or has seen its global leadership slip away -- are either mising history or engaged in partisan politics. Think about it. Our military has no peer. The odds of a direct threat against us by any nation are low and do not come close to the dangers we faced during the Cold War.Meanwhile, our economy remains the most dynamic on Earth; our businesses the most innovative. Each year, we grow more energy independent. From Europe to Asia, we are the hub of alliances unrivaled in the history of nations. America continues to attract striving immigrants. The values of our founding inspire leaders in parliaments and new movements in public squares around the globe. And when a typhoon hits the Philippines, or schoolgirls are kidnapped in Nigeria, or masked men occupy a building in Ukraine, it is America that the world looks to for help. (Applause.) So the ed States is and remains the one indispensable nation. That has been true for the century passed and it will be true for the century to come. But the world is changing with accelerating speed. This presents opportunity, but also new dangers. We know all too well, after 9/11, just how technology and globalization has put power once reserved for states in the hands of individuals, raising the capacity of terrorists to do harm. Russia’s aggression toward former Soviet states unnerves capitals in Europe, while China’s economic rise and military reach worries its neighbors. From Brazil to India, rising middle classes compete with us, and governments seek a greater say in global forums. And even as developing nations embrace democracy and market economies, 24-hour news and social media makes it impossible to ignore the continuation of sectarian conflicts and failing states and popular uprisings that might have received only passing notice a generation ago. It will be your generation’s task to respond to this new world. The question we face, the question each of you will face, is not whether America will lead, but how we will lead -- not just to secure our peace and prosperity, but also extend peace and prosperity around the globe. Now, this question isn’t new. At least since George Washington served as Commander-in-Chief, there have been those who warned against foreign entanglements that do not touch directly on our security or economic wellbeing. Today, according to self-described realists, conflicts in Syria or Ukraine or the Central African Republic are not ours to solve. And not surprisingly, after costly wars and continuing challenges here at home, that view is shared by many Americans. A different view from interventionists from the left and right says that we ignore these conflicts at our own peril; that America’s willingness to apply force around the world is the ultimate safeguard against chaos, and America’s failure to act in the face of Syrian brutality or Russian provocations not only violates our conscience, but invites escalating aggression in the future. And each side can point to history to support its claims. But I believe neither view fully speaks to the demands of this moment. It is absolutely true that in the 21st century American isolationism is not an option. We don’t have a choice to ignore what happens beyond our borders. If nuclear materials are not secure, that poses a danger to American cities. As the Syrian civil war spills across borders, the capacity of battle-hardened extremist groups to come after us only increases. Regional aggression that goes unchecked -- whether in southern Ukraine or the South China Sea, or anywhere else in the world -- will ultimately impact our allies and could draw in our military. We can’t ignore what happens beyond our boundaries. And beyond these narrow rationales, I believe we have a real stake, an abiding self-interest, in making sure our children and our grandchildren grow up in a world where schoolgirls are not kidnapped and where individuals are not slaughtered because of tribe or faith or political belief. I believe that a world of greater freedom and tolerance is not only a moral imperative, it also helps to keep us safe. But to say that we have an interest in pursuing peace and freedom beyond our borders is not to say that every problem has a military solution. Since World War II, some of our most costly mistakes came not from our restraint, but from our willingness to rush into military adventures without thinking through the consequences -- without building international support and legitimacy for our action; without leveling with the American people about the sacrifices required. Tough talk often draws headlines, but war rarely conforms to slogans. As General Eisenhower, someone with hard-earned knowledge on this subject, said at this ceremony in 1947: “War is mankind’s most tragic and stupid folly; to seek or advise its deliberate provocation is a black crime against all men.”201503/363740

  If we can make this point that Im making如果我们能够做出这些论点,我说这些,to powerful men and women in our society是对于全部有权力的男人和女人在我们的社会中,at all levels of institutional authority and power,在各阶层的有权力人物,its going to change, its going to change这将会改变,这将会改变the paradigm of peoples thinking.人们的想法。You know, for example, I work a lot你知道吗,比方说,我和很多in college and university athletics throughout North America.北美的学校和大学的运动员做过工作,We know so much about how to prevent我们知道很多防止domestic and sexual violence, right?家庭和性别暴力,对吗?Theres no excuse for a college or university没有借口可以给学校和大学说,to not have domestic and sexual violence prevention training不做防止家庭和性别暴力的训练mandated for all student athletes, coaches, administrators,给全部运动员学生,教练,工作人员as part of their educational process.作为他们一部分的教育系统。We know enough to know that we can easily do that.我们已经知道很多,我们可以很容易的做。But you know whats missing? The leadership.你知道缺少什么吗?领导能力。But its not the leadership of student athletes.但是这不是学生运动员的领导能力Its the leadership of the athletic director,这是运动教练的领导能力,the president of the university, the people in charge大学会长的领导能力,who make decisions about resources做资源决定的负责人,and who make decisions about priorities in the institutional settings.和做校园决定的负责人。Thats a failure, in most cases, of mens leadership.这是一个失败,在很多的例案,在男人的领导能力Look at Penn State. Penn State is the mother看看宾州州立大学。of all teachable moments for the bystander approach.宾州州立大学是很多旁观者方法可以学习的母亲。You had so many situations in that realm你会发现很多真实的情况中,where men in powerful positions failed to act很多有权力的男人无法保护to protect children, in this case, boys.他们的儿子,在这案子中,小男孩。Its unbelievable, really. But when you get into it,这是很难被相信的,真的。但是当你深入了解时,you realize there are pressures on men.你会发觉有很多压力施于男人。There are constraints within peer cultures on men,有些束缚发生在于男人的文化中which is why we need to encourage men所以我们必须鼓励男人to break through those pressures.去突破这些压力。And one of the ways to do that is to say其中一个方法是说theres an awful lot of men who care deeply about these issues.有很多男人真的关心这些话题。I know this. I work with men,我知道这。我和这些男人一起工作。and Ive been working with tens of thousands,还有我已经和一万个,hundreds of thousands of men for many, many decades now.十万个男人工作了很多很多年代。Its scary, when you think about it, how many years.其实停恐怖的,当我想想已经多少年了,But theres so many men who care deeply about these issues,但是还有很多男人真的关心这些话题。but caring deeply is not enough.但是仅仅关心是不够的。We need more men with the guts,我们需要有勇气的男人,with the courage, with the strength, with the moral integrity有胆量,有能力,有道德的to break our complicit silence and challenge each other去破解这些沉默然后挑战他们。and stand with women and not against them.然后和女人站在同一阵线,不是对抗她们。By the way, we owe it to women.但是,我们欠女人的。Theres no question about it.这是无可否认的。But we also owe it to our sons.但我们也欠我们的孩子。We also owe it to young men who are growing up我们也欠成长中的男孩,all over the world in situations where they didnt make the choice在世界各地的男孩,那些没有得选择的男孩,to be a man in a culture that tells them作为一个男人在一个文化中告诉他们that manhood is a certain way.男子气概是肯定的。They didnt make the choice.他们没得做选择。We that have a choice have an opportunity我们有机会做这个选择。and a responsibility to them as well.同时我们也对他们有责任。I hope that, going forward, men and women,我希望,往前看,男人和女人,working together, can begin the change一起工作,可以开始做出改变,and the transformation that will happen然后转变会发生。so that future generations wont have the level of tragedy然后未来的时代不会有同样的悲剧,that we deal with on a daily basis.就好像每天在我们的生活情况下发生。I know we can do it. We can do better.我知道我们可以做到。我们可以做得更好。Thank you very much.谢谢。201509/396678

  But by editorial,说到编辑I mean there are a thousand things that we could我是指我们正在做的1000件事里be doing but theres only one or two that are important只有一两件是重要的All of these ideas and来自用户的all of these stories from our users,工程师的,持者的from engineers, from support people,各种想法和故事from designers are going to constantly flood会不断冲击what we should be doing.我们应该做的事情We need to choose the one or two我需要选择那一件或两件that are really going to drive会真的带动这个网络,务,产品and sustain the network and the service and the product让它们持续发展的事情As an editor,拿编辑打比方I am effectively just the chief editor of the company.我就是公司有效率的总编As an editor, Im constantly taking all these inputs作为一个编辑,我不断地吸收这些输入程序and deciding on that one or that intersection of决定哪一点或是哪一部分a few that makes sense for what were doing.是值得去做的Theres three access points that I pay attention to,我尤其注意到in particular.三个切入点Number 1 is the team.第一就是团队We have to bring the best people in,我们必须招揽最优秀的人edit the best people in吸纳最优秀的人so we have a good cast of characters,所以我们有了强大的阵容and edit away any negative elements.剪辑走了负面元素A lot of this is just like the timing is off这项工作很难,经常会出现and our relationship just doesnt match.不论多久,关系就是调理不好的情况In some cases, we have to ask people在某些情况下,我需要让有些人to leave or they leave on their own.离开,或者等他们主动离开But its always minding that team dynamic但是团队动态需要始终放在心上because at the end of the day,因为当这一阶段结束后were just a group of people working on one single goal我们就会成为一群人在为同一个目标奋斗If we cant step in a cohesive coordinative fashion,如果我们不能成为一个相互协调相互统一的整体then were going to trip all over the place.那我们就会东扑西扑And thats a messy company. No one wants to use that.公司也会变得一团糟,团队也没人敢用So, recruiting is number 1.所以招贤纳士是第一位Number 2 is internal and external communication.第二是内部和外部的交流Internal communication is just the coordination around内部的交流就是协调我们手头的工作what were doing and why were doing it and what our搞清楚我们为什么在做这些工作goals are and why the goals are like that. Thats it.为什么我们有这些目标,就是如此If you have that sort of high-level,如果你做到这么高水准的内部交流this is where were going,就与我们的前进方向不谋而合this is the vision, this is the next 30 days and这就是未来,这是接下来30天three months and six months and a year maybe,3个月,半年或是1年的前景it makes it very, very easy to这让公司各部门的人set priorities and for all of the edges做正确的事of the company to set their own priorities设立工作重点to do the right thing.变得非常容易The external communication is the product.外部交流就是产品The product is the story were telling the world.产品就是我们告诉世界的故事We want to put everything through this.我们想将所有东西都放在里面We dont want it to be about a person.我们不想让故事只针对某人We want it to be about我们想让它成为关于how people are using it and how people are人们怎样使用它和人们怎样fitting it into their lives让它融入生活and what theyre doing with it.人们用它做什么Thats the strongest story we have.这是我们最有力的故事So, number 2 is that所以第二就是internal and external communication.内部和外部的交流Number 3 is editing the money in the bank story.第三就是像那样;编辑;钱This comes in two ways.这有两种方式It comes through investment and它来自投资和taking money from investors,从投资者那里拿钱either through swiping their credit cards while无论是当他们不注意的时候刷信用卡theyre not looking or through revenue.还是通过业务来盈利Fortunately, Square is a company幸运的是 Square是一家that has revenue from day 1从第一天就有收入的公司so we can look at constantly building that and所以我们可以看到在不断地建设它we dont have to worry about much investment.而不必担心投资问题We can focus on that revenue piece.我们可以集中在收入这一块So, my three priorities and以上依次是我的三个重点my focus areas are in that order.和关注领域Thats what Im constantly editing as a CEO.这是我作为CEO不断编辑的东西I think it makes managing a growing company我认为它让一个不断壮大的公司的管理and a fast-paced movement very,和快速发展变得very easy because非常简单there is basically one thing that you have to do.因为你必须做一件事You have to make every single detail perfect就是让每个细节都很完美and you have to limit the number of details.你必须要限制细节的数量Thats it.就是这样Every detail perfect, limit the number of details.每个细节都完美,限制细节的数量If you can do that well,如果你在这方面可以做得很好no matter where you are in the org structure,不管你在这个组织机构的哪里no matter where you are in the company or organization,不管你在公司或是组织的哪个位置youre going to succeed because youre paying你就会成功,因为你attention to the smallest things.注意到了细小的东西And if you pay attention to the smallest如果你注意到了最小的东西things while knowing whats important,并且知道什么是重要的then everything else takes care of itself.那么任何其他事情都会自然而然地好起来201503/366863。


  Some advantages, particularly to this age, are not to be denied. Boredom seems to have been ;vanquished;! There is always something to do, but hasnt this translated into a perpetual distraction in our lives? In the bathroom, at the dinner table, in the backseat, at wedding, at embrace, at graduation day. Its always, something to check, something to tweet, something to watch, something to download, something to play, something to share, something to buy, something on a voicemail, something to yank at our attention span and its all in the palm of our hand for small monthly service fee. It seems technology has allowed for ;a surplus of celebrities;, and that is nothing to cheer about. Anyone...although that Sam Tusi, he rocks, anyone can enjoy the purpose of note writing now and duration of fame has been lengthened for many world-hold-breath fifty minutes to good fifteen months if you are willing to do certain things on camera.话说回来,新时代还是带来了新的好处。例如,“无聊”似乎已经消失,因为总是有事情可做,难道这没有变成我们生活中永远的困惑吗?不管在厕所中、餐桌上、车子里,或在毕业典礼上,我们总是不断看简讯、发推文、上网、下载、分享、玩游戏,我们手上的这些装置,以极低的月租,牢牢抓住了我们的注意力,但我们的生活也变成永远都在分心。而且,这些新科技还带来了“名人过多”的现象。但这一点也不值得庆幸。尽管徐山姆的确有一套。现在任何人都有成名的机会,成名持续的时间也从安迪沃荷所说的十五分钟,变成了十五个月——只要你愿意在镜头前面做出某些事。Though our welding language is often the vocabulary of official news speakies booky man with Yelsons Big Brother has never emerged, unless you live in North Korea, or run a red light in Beverly Hills, or shop online, or have done something stupid in the wrong place at the wrong time in front of someone with a camera in their cell phone. That is everybody. So, pardon my junior college Latin, the vulgus populi has become the all-seeing state and if you cross it, Google search will forever display your screw-up.尽管我们大融合语言的词汇总是来自官方新闻上,但Yelson从没有出现过“老大哥”,除非你生活在朝鲜,或者是在贝克维利山闯红灯,或者是网购,或者是在不适当的地方,错误的时段在某人面前做了愚蠢的事,刚好那个人带有摄像功能的手机。人人如此。所以请原谅我蹩脚的拉丁语,大众全部进入了透明状态。如果你阻挠它,谷歌搜索将会永远显示你的破坏行为。201406/306159

  In Kenya, in August,今年8月,在肯尼亚I went to visit one of the V-Day safe houses for girls,我参观了一个专门为女孩开设的V日安全避难所a house we opened seven years ago那是我们7年前设立的with an amazing woman named Agnes Pareyio.跟我一起设立这个避难所的还有一个叫艾格尼丝的妇女Agnes was a woman who was cut when she was a little girl,艾格尼丝在她还很小的时候就被强迫割礼she was female genitally mutilated.她的女性生殖器被阉割了。And she made a decision as many women do across this planet,后来她作出了一个决定——世界很多地方的妇女也作出了同样的决定,that what was done to her would not be enforced and done那就是to other women and girls.发生在她身上的不应再次发生在其他妇女和少女身上So, for years Agnes walked through the Rift valley.多年来,艾格尼丝行走在瑞夫山谷间She taught girls what a healthy vagina looked like,她告诉少女健康的阴道是怎样的and what a mutilated vagina looked like.被割掉的阴道又是怎样的And in that time she saved many girls. And when we met her她拯救了许多少女的生命。当我见到她的时候we asked her what we could do for her,我问她,我们可以为她做点什么and she said, ;Well, if you got me a Jeep I could get around a lot faster.;她说,“假如我有一辆吉普车,我将可以到达更多的地方”So, we got her a Jeep. And then she saved 4,500 girls.于是我们就为她买了一辆吉普车。她一共拯救了4500条生命。And then we asked her, ;Okay, what else do you need?;后来我们又问她,“你还需要点什么?”And she said, ;Well, now, I need a house.;她说,“我需要一所房子”So, seven years ago Agnes built the first V-Day safe house于是,七年前,艾格尼丝开始建设第一间V日安全中心in Narok, Kenya, in the Masai land.那是在肯尼亚的那洛克And it was a house where girls could run away,那是逃难的少女的庇护所they could save their clitoris, they wouldnt be cut,她们可以逃脱让自己的阴蒂被割的命运they could go to school.还有机会上学And in the years that Agnes has had the house,艾格尼丝建起了这间房子后she has changed the situation there.她改变了当地的状况She has literally become deputy mayor.并且当上了副市长Shes changed the rules.改变了了法规The whole community has bought in to what shes doing.整个社区也认同她的做法When we were there she was doing a ritual我们去到那里的时候,她正在举行一个仪式where she reconciles girls, who have run away, with their families.让那些离家出走的女孩与家人重新团聚And there was a young girl named Jaclyn.其中有一个叫Jaclyn的女孩Jaclyn was 14 years old and she was in her Masai family她14岁以前和家人住在马塞and theres a drought in Kenya.那一年,肯尼亚发生了旱灾So cows are dying, and cows are the most牛是她们最为值钱的财产valued possession.也陆续死去And Jaclyn overheard her fatherJaclyn听到她父亲跟别人商量talking to an old man about希望把她卖掉how he was about to sell her for the cows.换来一头牛And she knew that meant she would be cut.她知道那意味着自己要被割She knew that meant she wouldnt go to school.意味着自己无法上学She knew that meant she wouldnt have a future.也不可能有一个好的未来She knew she would have to marry that old man, and she was 14.不得不嫁给那个老人,而她只有14岁So, one afternoon, shed heard about the safe house,有一天,她听到有庇护所的消息Jaclyn left her fathers house于是她决定离家出走and she walked for two days, two days在马塞的土地上through Masai land.徒步两天She slept with the hyenas. She hid at night.夜里要跟鬣睡在一起,因为她要找庇护的地方She imagined her father killing her on one hand,她一方面想到父亲会杀死她and Mama Agnes greeting her,另一方面又想到艾格尼丝会欢迎她with the hope that she would greet her when she got to the house.也希望自己可以安全抵达庇护所And when she got to the house she was greeted.最后达到那里的时候,她真的受到了欢迎Agnes took her in, and Agnes loved her,艾格尼丝把她带到屋里,艾格尼丝爱她and Agnes supported her for the year.艾格尼丝一直持她She went to school and she found her voice,后来她去上学,也找到了自我and she found her identity, and she found her heart.找到了自我认同以及学会关爱自己Then, her time was y当她认为时机成熟的时候,when she had to go back to talk to her father她回到家里找父亲about the reconciliation, after a year.跟父亲讲和,那是一年后I had the privilege of being in the hut而我有幸在她们一家恢复和平、顺利团聚的时候when she was reunited with her father and reconciled.在她们家见那一幕201511/407587Most people think that to speak at Yales commencement, you have to be President.But over the years, the specifications have become far more demanding.Now you have to be a Yale graduate, you have to be President, and you have had to have lost the Yale vote to Ralph Nader.很多人认为,只有总统才能在耶鲁大学的毕业典礼上发表演讲。但近几年条件却更加严格。演讲人必须是美国总统,是耶鲁大学校友,而且他在总统选举中在耶鲁大学所在投票区里得到的票数要少于拉尔夫·纳德。This is my first time back here in quite a while. Im sure that each of you will make your own journey back at least a few times in your life. If youre like me, you wont remember everything you did here. That can be a good thing. But there will be some people, and some moments, you will never forget.这是我毕业这么长时间以来第一次回到母校。我也相信你们每个人会在毕业以后至少回来几次。当你们像我这么老的时候,你们会不记得在这里做过的每一件事情。这或许是一件好事。不过,一些人,一些事你永远也不会忘记。Take, for example, my old classmate, Dick Brodhead, the accomplished dean of this great university. I remember him as a young scholar, a bright lad a hard worker. We both put a lot of time in at the Sterling Library, in the ing room, where they have those big leather couches. We had a mutual understanding—Dick wouldnt aloud, and I wouldnt snore.就拿我的老同学狄克·布罗德黑德来说,如今他是这所伟大的学校的杰出校长,他读书时的聪明、好学与刻苦至今让我记忆犹新。那时,我们经常泡在图书馆那个有着大皮沙发的阅读室里。我们之间有个默契:他不大声朗读课文,我睡觉时不打呼噜。Our course selections were different, as we followed our own path to academic discovery. Dick was an English major, and loved the classics. I loved history, and pursued a diversified course of study. I like to think of it as the academic road less traveled.后来,随着学术探索的领域不同,我们选修的课程也各不相同。狄克主修英语,酷爱古典文学,而我主修历史,喜欢多样化的学习过程。我喜欢把这种学习过程想成是少有人走过的学术之路。For example, I took a class that studied Japanese Haiku. Haiku, for the uninitiated, is a 15th century form of poetry, each poem having 17 syllables. Haiku is fully understood only by the Zen masters.有趣的是,我选修过日本俳句,对门外汉来说,俳句是15世纪日本的一种诗歌形式,每首诗只有17个音节,我想其意义只有禅学大师才能明了。 /201303/229700

  My editor at Geographic我地理学的编辑wanted me to find Americas Blue Zone.想让我找个美国的蓝区。And for a while we looked on the prairies of Minnesota,一时间我们观察了明尼苏达草原,where actually there is a very high proportion of centenarians.那里确实有相当比例的百岁老人。But thats because all the young people left.但只是因为所有的年轻人都离开了。So, we turned to the data again.因此,我们再次依赖数据。And we found Americas longest-lived population我们发现美国最长寿的人群among the Seventh-Day Adventists都在星期六耶稣再生派论者当中concentrated in and around Loma Linda, California.这些人集中在加利福尼亚州的罗马琳达及周围地区。Adventists are conservative Methodists.再生派论者是守旧派人物。They celebrate their Sabbath他们从周五日落到周六日落from sunset on Friday till sunset on Saturday.一直庆祝安息日。A ;24-hour sanctuary in time,; they call it.他们称为“二十四小时至圣时间”。And they follow five little habits并且遵循五种that conveys to them extraordinary longevity,相对而言传递给他们的comparatively speaking.能够特别长寿的习惯。In America here, life expectancy在美国,女人平均寿命for the average woman is 80.为80岁。But for an Adventist woman,但再生论者的女人,their life expectancy is 89.平均寿命是89岁。And the difference is even more pronounced among men,男人之间的差别则更为显著,who are expected to live about 11 years他们大约比其他美国男同胞longer than their American counterparts.多活11岁。Now, this is a study that followed这项研究是跟随7万人大约用了三十年about 70,000 people for 30 years.才做出来的。Sterling study. And I think it supremely illustrates是一项纯正的研究。我认为它极好地阐述了the premise of this Blue Zone project.对蓝区项目的假定。This is a heterogeneous community.这是一个多种族群体。Its white, black, Hispanic, Asian.有白人,黑人,西班牙人和亚洲人。The only thing that they have in common are a set of他们唯一的共同点是都有一套very small lifestyle habits适当的生活习惯that they follow ritualistically而且一生多半都恪守着for most of their lives.这种习惯。They take their diet directly from the Bible.他们的饮食来自于圣经。Genesis: one, Verse,第一章诗节where God talks about legumes and seeds,在这一节上帝讲豆科蔬菜和种子,and on one more stanza about green plants,并且讲了一节多的绿色蔬菜,ostensibly missing is meat.基本上忽略肉类。They take this sanctuary in time very serious.对待这种圣事,他们很严肃。For 24 hours every week,每周有24小时no matter how busy they are, how stressed out they are at work,不管多忙,工作压力多大,where the kids need to be driven,孩子们要在那里受到鼓舞,they stop everything and they focus on their God,所以他们放下一切事情只关注上帝,their social network, and then, hardwired right in the religion,在宗教里,他们的社会交际网,固定的权利are nature walks.都是对大自然的探索。And the power of this is not that its done occasionally,这能量不是偶然发出the power is its done every week for a lifetime.而是一生中每周如此。None of its hard. None of it costs money.没有难度也没有花费。Adventists also tend to hang out with other Adventists.冒险家也想与同行一同去闲逛。So, if you go to an Adventists party所以,如果你去参加一个冒险者聚会,you dont see people swilling Jim Beam or rolling a joint.你看不到人们痛饮玉米威士忌或做烟卷Instead theyre talking about their next nature walk,他们正讨论的是下一次自然大探索,exchanging recipes, and yes, they pray.交换食谱然后祈祷。But they influence each other in profound and measurable ways.他们以深刻有策略的方式影响着彼此。This is a culture that has yielded Ellsworth Whareham.在这种文化中诞生了埃尔斯沃斯Ellsworth Whareham is 97 years old.他活了97岁Hes a multimillionaire,是个百万富翁,yet when a contractor wanted 6,000 dollars但是一个承包人想要6000美元to build a privacy fence,建个私人栅栏时,he said, ;For that kind of money Ill do it myself.;他说这点钱我自己搞定。So for the next three days he was out shoveling cement,所以接下来的三年他外出铲水泥and hauling poles around.到处搬运电杆。And predictably, perhaps, on the fourth day正如预想,大约在第四天he ended up in the operating room.他在手术室去世。But not as the guy on the table;但根本不像手术台上the guy doing open-heart surgery.做心脏直视手术的家伙。At 97 he still does 20 open-heart surgeries every month.到97他仍然每月做20次心脏手术。Ed Rawlings, 103 years old now,爱德罗林斯,现103岁,an active cowboy, starts his morning with a swim.是个活泼的牛仔,每天早晨游泳。And on weekends he likes to put on the boards,周末他喜欢上舞台throw up rooster tails.抛公鸡尾巴符咒And then Marge Deton.马吉德顿Marge is 104.104岁Her grandson actually lives in the Twin Cities here.她的孙子住在双子城?She starts her day with lifting weights.她每天先练举重She rides her bicycle.然后骑自行车。And then she gets in her root-beer colored然后驾着她1994年的啤酒色1994 Cadillac Seville,凯迪拉克塞维利亚and tears down the San Bernardino freeway,驶向圣贝纳迪诺高速公路where she still volunteers for seven different organizations.在高速上她是七个不同组织的志愿者。Ive been on 19 hardcore expeditions.我已经经历了19次远征,Im probably the only person youll ever meet也许是你见到的唯一骑自行车who rode his bicycle across穿过the Sahara desert without sunscreen.撒哈拉沙漠却没有晒伤的人。But Ill tell you, there is no adventure more harrowing但是让我告诉你,没有比运输途中担任马吉德顿护卫更加than riding shotgun with Marge Deton.让人头痛的事情。;A stranger is a friend I havent met yet!; shed say to me.她说:“陌生人是一个我还未见过的朋友。”So, what are the common denominators所以,这三种文化有什么in these three cultures?共同特性呢?What are the things that they all do?他们都有做了什么事情?201507/386589

  In total there will be more than 30,000 participants in HP MegaForum in 1998, taking part in seminars on a wide range of topics, product demonstrations and trade shows. To my knowledge, an IT event of this scale and comprehensiveness represents a first both for China, and for HP. China HP also hosts another important IT event each year aimed for end-users called HP Electronic World. This year, it will be held in July in Beijing and will also focus on E-Commerce. We expect to welcome more than 40 vendors, and 10,000 visitors, with over 100 seminars on the full range of issues facing the IT industry in making E-Commerce a reality in China and around the world. This year at HP Electronic World, we plan one more first for China, and that is to link via conference audiences in Beijing, Taipei and Hong Kong in a common forum to discuss cooperation in Building Together our Electronic World. I suspect that David Packard would have been particularly honored to speak to this Chinese audience. We are certainly honored to have the chance to be part of it. The Electronic World represents a whole new way of doing business. I urge you to embrace it and use it to make your organization more successful than it has ever been. Thank you.1998年,总共将有3万多位嘉宾参加“惠普信息时空”。他们将参加各类研讨会,产品展示和贸易展销会。据我所知,如此规模的IT 盛会,对中国和惠普来说都是前所未有的。惠普(中国)公司每年还举办另一个IT活动——惠普电子世界,其目的是面向最终用户。今年7月,这一活动将在北京举行,重点也是电子商务。届时,将有40多家厂商,1万多位嘉宾参加,100多场研讨会将涉及IT界在中国和世界实现电子商务所面临的诸多问题。今年,在惠普电子世界活动举办期间,我们计划再创中国第一,即通过电视会议使北京、台北和香港的观众在同一论坛探讨共建电子化世界的课题。我认为,连戴维·帕卡德本人也会以向中国的观众讲话而感到荣幸。当然,我们更觉得能参加这一盛会不胜荣幸。电子化世界代表着全新的经营方式。我极力希望诸位能欣然接受它,利用它,使贵组织获得前所未有的成功。谢谢。 201411/341045。

  Exactly 30 minutes into the problem-solving the researchers interrupted each group 在他们开始解决问题30分钟时 研究人员们会打断各组 They entered the room bearing a plate of cookies. Four cookies 他们会拿着一盘饼干进入房间 The team consisted of three people and there were these four cookies 总共四块 小组里有三个人 但却有四块饼干 Every team member obviously got one cookie but that left a fourth cookie, just sitting there 显然每个成员分到了一块 但还剩下第四块放在那儿 It should have been awkward. But it wasnt 这本应该是个尴尬的处境 但事实并非如此 With incredible consistency the person arbitrarily appointed leader of the group grabbed the fourth cookie, and ate it 每个组的表现难以置信的一致 那个被随机任命做组长的人 拿了第四块饼干 并把它吃了 Not only ate it, but ate it with gusto lips smacking, mouth open, drool at the corners of their mouths 不仅吃了 而且吃的津津有味咂咂做响 大嚼特嚼 口水横流 In the end all that was left of the extra cookie were crumbs on the leaders shirt 最后那块饼干剩下的 只有组长衣领上的饼干渣了 So this leader had performed no special task 这位组长没有任何丰功伟绩 He had no special virtue 也没有过人的美德 Hed been chosen at random, 30 minutes earlier 他只是30分钟前随机被选的 His status was nothing but luck 他的身份除了运气什么都没有 But it still left him with the sense that the cookie should be his 但他仍然觉得饼干应该是他的 This experiment helps to explain Wall Street bonuses and CEO pay and Im sure lots of other human behavior 这个实验有助于解释华尔街的奖金和CEO薪酬 我也确信它还可以解释很多人类行为 This is how people behave when they blind there luck 这就是人们掩盖他们的幸运所做出的表现 But it also is relevant to you to new graduates of Princeton University 但它同时也和普林斯顿大学的 新毕业生有关 Because in a general sort of way 通过某种一般性的方式 you have been appointed the leader of the group 你已被任命为小组领袖 Your appointment may not be entirely arbitrary 你的任命不一定是完全随机的 But you must sense its arbitrary aspect you are the lucky few 但你必须意识到它的随机的那一面 你们是少数的幸运儿 Lucky in your parents lucky in your country lucky that a place like Princeton exists 幸运在于你有这样的父母 幸运在于你有这样的国家 幸运在于有普林斯顿这样的地方 that can take in lucky people introduce them to other lucky people and increase their chances of becoming even luckier 专门吸引幸运的人 把他们介绍给其他幸运的人 并增加他们更加幸运的机会 Lucky that you live in the richest society the world has ever seen in a time when no one actually expects you to sacrifice your interests to anything 幸运在于你正处于世界历史上最富饶的社会 处于一个没有人会要求你为任何事 牺牲自己的利益的时代 All of you have been faced with the extra cookie 你们都面对着那块多出来的饼干 All of you will be faced with many more of them 你们也将面对更多 In time you will find it easy to assume that you deserve the extra cookie 随着时间的推移 你会发现你很容易觉得 你本来就配得那块多出来的饼干 For all I know, you may deserve the extra cookie 就我所知 你可以这样认为 But youll be happier, and the world will be better off if you at least pretend that you dont 但你可以更快乐 这个世界也可以变得更美好 如果你能够至少假装你不配 So never forget, In the nations service 永远不要忘记 为国效力 In the service of all nations 为万国效力 Thank you. And good luck 谢谢 祝你们好运 201508/394164

  I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world. I never graduated from college. Truth be told, this is the closest Ive ever gotten to a college graduation. Today I want to tell you three stories from my life. Thats it. No big deal. Just three stories.今天与你们一起参加世界上最好的大学之一的毕业典礼,我感到很荣幸。我从来没有从大学毕业。说实话,这是我离大学毕业典礼最近的一次。今天我想向你们讲述我生活中的三个故事。就是这样。不是什么大不了的事情,只是三个故事而已。The first story is about connecting the dots.第一个故事是关于把点串连成线的故事I dropped out of Reed College after the first 6 months, but then stayed around as a drop-in for another 18 months or so before I really quit. So why did I drop out?我在里德学院(Reed College)只读了六个月就退学了,但是我还经常去学校旁听,又过了大约18个月,我才真正离开校园。那么,我为什么要退学呢?It started before I was born. My biological mother was a young, unwed college graduate student, and she decided to put me up for adoption. She felt very strongly that I should be adopted by college graduates, so everything was all set for me to be adopted at birth by a lawyer and his wife. Except that when I popped out they decided at the last minute that they really wanted a girl. So my parents, who were on a waiting list, got a call in the middle of the night asking: ;We have an unexpected baby boy; do you want him?; They said: ;Of course.; My biological mother later found out that my mother had never graduated from college and that my father had never graduated from high school. She refused to sign the final adoption papers. She only relented a few months later when my parents promised that I would someday go to college.这要从我出生前讲起。母亲怀上我时,她还是一名年轻的未婚在校研究生,于是她决定把我送给别人来收养。她非常强烈地希望我被上过大学的人收养,所以,我的一切都被安排好,等我一出生就由一名律师和他的妻子收养。哪知我刚一出世,这对夫妇突然改变了主意,他们真正想要的是一个女孩。这样,我的养父母——当时还列在登记的申请人名单中——突然在半夜接到了一个电话:“我们有一个不期而至的男婴,你们想要他吗?”他们回答道:“当然要。”但是我生母后来发现,我的养母并没有大学学历,而我的养父甚至没从中学毕业。她拒绝在最终的收养文件上签字。但几个月之后,我的父母承诺将来一定送我上大学,我的生母就松口了。201307/247591

  There are people who will hold their positions with honor there are people who will not. If you doubt that all you have to do is thinking about the current scandal with Backdating of Stock Options. Here you have people in some of the most prospected companies, in America who lose sight of good judgment and good ethics. They believe that they could get away with something because there wasnt a clear rule that told they couldnt. thats a breakdown in judgment and ethics. I knew from being a secretary and sitting in the mail room that sometimes people stop talking directly with each other about the real issues and when that happens, dysfunctions occurs and bad things happen in the business. That happens all the way up the chain. People are people wherever you find them and that gaming theory course, I found it fascinating, was a whole set of quantitative science design to try and explain how it is that peoples personal agendas or emotions or fears can drive them to any irrational decision. And yet it happens all the time. And if you want to advance in business you have to also understand people.有些人以荣誉守护他们的地位,而有些人不会。如果您不相信,那么只需要想一下最近股票期权回溯的丑闻,你会看到有一些美国最受尊重的企业里的人失去了良好的判断和道德。他们认为,因为没有清晰的规则禁止他们那样做,他们就可以轻松逃脱而不受惩罚,这就是判断能力和道德的崩溃。我从坐在收发室当秘书时就知道,有时人们彼此之间不直接讨论真正的问题。他们都在机构存在不良运作,出现问题时才那样做。整个公司都如此。无论在哪里,人就是人。我觉得弈理论课程有趣,是因为这是一门量化的科学,它用以验和解释人们的个人事务、情绪或恐惧如何促成非理性的决策,而事情一直如此。你要在生意场上有所作为就要了解人。I took a course in organizational behavior and one of the important things that we have to do was role play a labor negotiation. Everybody went into this role play after very electoral conversation about how to bring two opposing groups together everyone knew electorally that the only way to solve this very tough problem between management and labor was for both sides to feel as though their issues were at least recognized, and hopefully addressed in some way. In other words, there had to be a win-win somewhere in there. Everyone knew this electorally, we study it.我还选修了组织行为学,学这门课时我们要做的最重要的事情之一是角色扮演劳资谈判。全体学生都参加,之前着力思考并讨论过如何把对立双方拉到一起。每个人都深知要解决这个棘手的劳资问题,唯一的方法是让双方感受到,自己的问题起码被承认,并有望以某种方式处理。换言之,要双贏。每个人都深知这一点,我们都研究过。201408/317806

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