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Financial Markets Wait Nervously as Washington Negotiates Bailout欧洲焦虑等待美国金融救市协议Europe waits nervously as lawmakers in Washington continue to wrangle over a 0 billion rescue package for U.S. financial institutions. Talks between the Bush administration and congressional negotiators continue Friday after reportedly contentious discussions a day earlier ended with no agreement.当华盛顿的国会议员继续就动用7000亿美元拯救美国金融体系的计划争得不可开交时,欧洲在焦虑地等待。布什政府和国会谈判人员之间的会谈星期五继续进行,据报导,前一天的激烈辩论结束时仍未达成协议。Speaking in Washington Friday morning, President Bush promised that a financial rescue package would be passed, warning there is no choice but to act.美国总统布什星期五早上在华盛顿发表讲话,保救市计划会得到通过,他警告说,除了采取行动之外,别无选择。Meanwhile, for financial markets in Europe and around the world, it's a nervous wait-and-see. 与此同时,欧洲和世界金融市场都在焦虑地等待着。Economist Margaret Bray of the London School of Economics says there is good reason to be nervous. "This is a situation where panic feeds upon itself," she said. "The financial markets are very jittery and until some sort of more normal action comes back to these markets it does make it very difficult for important aspects of the economy to function."伦敦经济研究院的经济学家布雷说,人们有充分理由感到不安。她说:“在这种形势下,恐惧感会越来越强。金融市场非常敏感,在市场尚未恢复某种比较正常的活动之前,重要经济领域很难运作。”And that normal economic activity affects not just the movers and shakers in London's financial district or on Wall Street, but small businesses and average workers, as Bray explains.布雷解释说,正常的经济活动不仅影响运筹帷幄于伦敦金融区和华尔街的人,也影响到小企业和普通工薪阶层。"You're running a business, you need to borrow to meet your payroll this month because you're not going to get in money for what you're selling for another month - you want to have a loan to put your daughter through college - you want to buy a house - it affects all these things and those have a knock-on effect for people's jobs," she said.他说:“要是你在经营一家企业,这个月你必需借贷来付雇员的工资,因为你要过一个月才会收到售货款,你还要贷款供女儿上大学,或者供你买房子,这一切都会受到影响,而且那些经济活动还直接影响到人们的就业机会。”To keep economic activity flowing, central banks around the world have coordinated efforts to inject funds into the banking system. Major European central banks pumped billions of dollars into the system on Friday. Margaret Bray says that is a necessary and effective measure.世界各国的中央为了保持经济活动继续进行,已经采取协调措施,把资金注入系统。欧洲主要的中央星期五把数百亿美元注入体系。布雷说,这是必要和有效的措施。"It's being done because the banks are unwilling to lend to each other," she said. "They don't trust each other and because of that it's hard for them to lend to us. It makes their depositors anxious also and the central bank injection of funds is about lending short-term to the banks to oil the wheels of the financial system, to keep these from seizing up altogether."她说:“他们这样做是因为间不愿相互借贷。他们互不信任,而且因为它们向我们提供贷款也有难度。这样做也使他们的储户焦虑不安,中央注入资金是向提供短期借贷,以润滑金融体系的运作部件,避免它们完全停摆。”Bray says it is important to have a larger financial rescue package such as the one under discussion in Washington. But, she says the outlines have thus far been very vague and the success of any such package will depend on the details.布雷说,重要的是得有一个大规模金融救市计划,正如目前在华盛顿商讨的那个方案。但是她又说,这个方案的纲要到目前为止还相当含糊不清,而任何这类方案的成功与否将取决于具体细节。200809/50733Welcome back, now it looks more like it should be a table than on one, more like a piece of furniture than an addition to a bookshelf. The latest craze for bigger, better, more expensive books than ever reaches its peak, will reach its peak in September, when a huge Opus-like tome detailing Manchester ed’s history is published. As Sue has been finding out, books like this are becoming sought-after collector's items.It's the ultimate fancy. A giant coffee table homage to Manchester ed. The sort of glossy tome you'd expect on Madonna not Ferg(Sir Alec Ferguson, manager ) and the boys.It's more than just a coffee table book and whatever that means. I think it's something that, it, to many people, it is a, it is a cherished piece of art. It's, it's, it's, it's something that they would want to keep and, and, and a lot of people, they have given their orders of.. and said this is something they would like to hand down, almost like a family heirloom if you will.With a price tag up with the 3,000 pounds, enough for five season tickets, you’d hope your offspring didn’t turn out to be Chelsea supporters. As well as archive photos of the Busby Babes in the Munich Crash, Red’s fans can salivate over Ronaldo's(这个可是葡萄牙人Cristiano Ronaldo ) trickery, captured at the training ground, by one of the world's leading motion photographers Patrick Giardino. Leo McCarey was one of a host of players past and present that turned up to be photographed by the world's biggest Polaroid camera, shifted in especially from Prague, the players queued up to get in on the act.And they come, come straight out of the machine within 5 minutes, take a couple of hours to dry, we had about three people with four hairdryers. But, it's again, it's, it's something that's unique. It' s an example here of Mr. Rooney, and may be not seen in that, in that way, and certainly trying, trying to get behind the character. Isn’t it a beautiful one. I just think it adds a bit of mystery and almost mischief behind his eyes there.Here is the reason that they aren't really calling it as a book, but more an opus. And that’s because it weighs 35 kilos. Not a sort of weight the average coffee table can take, but they thought of that. They are having tables specially designed, just to put the book on. As well as the ed Book, there is a tome on the anniversary of the Super Bowl also due out in September. And they've signed deals to do similar works on the Arsenal and Barcelona football clubs, the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, the Ferrari Formula 1 team and the Disney Empire.If the Muhammad Ali opus is anything to go by, they'll sell like hotcakes. Copies of Goat, the greatest of all time, have rocketed in value. they're one of a kind(独一无二), they are signed and numbered. There aren't gonna be anymore of that edition. So you know they have holiness that's unique, that is in a way like a work of art, something to keep, and is, is also an investment. In a world where pop art and everything else is kind of infinitely reproduced, it actually has a sort of investment value in the same way that art does, but it's just in a different form, the form of a book. So you have your cocktail party, and you, like: oh, look at it: there's only 1,000 of these, 5,000 of these. And it's really about status.You have it open and there at your cocktail party others thought you'd have it in a safe somewhere or at least locked behind a glass case.(你这样把这么珍贵的书在鸡尾酒会上开放给大家看,别人本来还以为你会把它藏在哪个保险柜里,或是锁在哪个玻璃柜子里呢)No, I think these, these items are very much about display. I mean think about it, how much, you know, people spend a thousand pounds on a pair of Gin(一个时尚杂志,不确定名字) issue shoes. Something like this actually lasts quite a long time as long as nobody spills a drink on it.(没有没有.我觉得这些藏书的价值就在于展示给大家看.我是说, 有很多人会花一千英镑来买某个时尚杂志推荐的一双鞋子,(为什么就不能买这样的很有收藏价值的书呢?) 像这种(书)可以保存很长时间,除非你把一杯酒洒在上面了.(那么书就没有价值了))An addition of the Ali book almost doubled in value when sold on eBay. So even if you are not a Red's fan and you have enough shoes in your closet, the coffee table book market might be worth a punt.What's wrong with the match program? We'll be back tomorrow at noon and again at seven to open soon Midak Channel 4 news, good night.200805/39229Strong Aftershock Strikes Central China中国四川强烈余震造成更多伤亡 Central China has been struck by a powerful aftershock as the region struggles to recover from a massive earthquake earlier this month that killed tens of thousands of people and left many more homeless. Latest shock killed at least one person in Sichuan province and injured about 260. 遭受大地震的中国中部地区发生强烈余震,与此同时,该地区正在努力从大地震中恢复过来。这个月早些时候发生的地震造成几万人死亡,还有更多的人无家可归。The U.S. Geological Survey says Sunday's aftershock registered 5.8 points on the Richter scale, making it one of the strongest aftershocks since the May 12 earthquake that devastated China's Sichuan province. 美国地质勘探局说,星期天发生的余震为里氏5.8级,这是自中国四川省5月12日发生大地震以来所发生的最强余震之一。Initial reports say the aftershock caused more deaths and injuries, and led to further damage to homes, buildings, and roads. In addition, China's Vice Minister of Water Resources says scores of dams that were damaged in the initial quake are now in danger of collapse. 最初的报导说,余震造成更多的人员伤亡,并导致房屋、楼房和道路受到进一步的损毁。除此之外,中国水利部副部长鄂竟平说,在第一次地震中受损的许多水坝目前都有崩塌的危险。The minister says 69 dams are currently in danger of breaking, but have not broken yet. 他说:“有69座水库现在面临的是溃坝的风险,就是有溃坝的危险。”The aftershock, centered near the devastated city of Mianyang, was felt across the country. As far away as Beijing, buildings are reported to have swayed. 这次余震的震中在遭地震破坏的绵阳市附近,中国全国都有震感。据报导说,远在北京的楼房都出现了晃动。The death toll from the initial quake has been rising precipitously, and Chinese officials say the final tally could exceed 80,000. 5月12日大地震造成的死亡人数在迅速上升,中国官员们说,最终的统计数字可能会超过8万人。Adding to the misery are forecasts for more heavy rains in Sichuan province in coming days, heightening the strain on dams and increasing the risk of flooding and mudslides. 天气预报说,未来几天四川省将再降大雨,这将给水库大坝造成更大压力,从而会增加发生洪水和泥石流的危险。China has dispatched soldiers armed with explosives to a blocked river in hopes of clearing debris and alleviating the potential for flooding. 中国把携带炸药的军人派遣到一条堵塞的河流,希望用爆炸来清理河道淤积,减缓发生洪水的可能。 200805/40190President Bush is in Ghana where American money is helping slow the sp of HIV/AIDS. Mr. Bush is again pressing the Congress to double AIDS funding over the next five years to billion. 美国总统布什正在访问加纳,在那里,美国提供的资金正在帮助减缓艾滋病的蔓延。布什总统再次敦促美国国会在未来5年内把防治艾滋病资金增加一倍,达到300亿美元。Ghanaian President John Kufuor, speaking at a joint news conference with President Bush, says the prevalence of HIV continues to decline in Ghana, from 2.6 percent in 2006 to 2.2 percent of the population last year.  加纳总统库福尔在同布什总统一起举行的记者会上说,艾滋病在加纳的流行范围继续缩小,患病人数占总人口的比例从2006年的2.6%下降到2007年的2.2%。"I believe that is considerable, and perhaps some of the credit should be given to the extension of help in terms of resources including the antiretroviral drugs that we get from development partners like the ed States of America," Mr. Kufuor said. 库福尔说:“我认为这是相当大的进步,也许产生这种进步的一部分原因是我们获得了更多的资源,包括来自像美国这样的发展夥伴给我们提供的抗逆转录病毒药品。”Fifty-thousand Africans were on antiretroviral drugs when President Bush took office. Now more than 1.2 million people receive those medicines. 在布什总统入主白宫时,有5万名非洲人在使用抗逆转录病毒药品。而现在,接受这种药物治疗的人已经超过120万。Mr. Bush, speaking alongside Ghana's president, said that is a good start, but only a start. He wants U.S. lawmakers to reauthorize the President's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief, known as PEPFAR, at twice its current levels, raising the total to billion over the next five years. 布什总统站在库福尔身旁说,这是一个良好的开端,但仅仅是开始而已。他希望美国的议员们批准把总统的防治艾滋病紧急救援计划的资金增加一倍,在未来5年内把总额提升到300亿美元。"One of the reasons that I was motivated to put forth a significant request to our Congress for a comprehensive program to deal with HIV/AIDS is that I felt it was unacceptable to stand by and watch a generation of folks be eradicated," Mr. Bush said. 布什说:“我决定向国会提出这个重大要求,希望能够建立一个对付艾滋病的全面项目,这么做的一个原因是,我觉得不能袖手旁观,看着一代人被艾滋病吞噬。”PEPFAR supports training for peer educators in Ghana's military to slow new infection rates, especially among troops serving as African peacekeepers. It funds antiretroviral treatment at 37 military hospitals with training for laboratory technicians, virologists, pharmacists, and nurses. 防治艾滋病紧急救援计划持为加纳军队中的教育工作者提供培训,以减慢新病人感染的速度,特别是减慢艾滋病在非洲维和军人中的感染速度。这个计划还为37个军队医院的抗逆转录病毒治疗工作提供资金,培训实验室技术人员、病毒学者,药剂师和护士。The U.S. AIDS program also works with faith-based organizations, which the World Health Organization says provide as much as 70 percent of health care in sub-Saharan Africa. 这个美国艾滋病项目还同宗教组织合作。世界卫生组织说,宗教组织提供的医疗务占撒哈拉以南非洲国家的医疗务的70%。Mark Dybul is the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator. He spoke in Tanzania during an earlier stop on the president's trip. 戴布尔是美国全球艾滋病事务协调员。布什在坦桑尼亚开始他的非洲之行时,戴布尔在那里说:"They are the ones in the communities," Dybul said. "They are the ones with reach and credibility in their own communities. It's unfortunate that most people don't listen to government officials, like myself, when we tell them to act in a certain way. But they will listen to their leaders - particularly young people - and that involves faith leaders, community leaders, traditional leaders." “宗教组织是那些在社区中务的人。他们是那些能够深入自己的社区而且获得人们信赖的人。当像我自己这样的政府官员告诉人们怎么做时,很遗憾,很多人并不愿意听政府的话。但是这些人,特别是年轻人,愿意听自己领袖的话,包括宗教领袖、社区领袖和传统领袖。”The president's calls for a doubling of AIDS funding has renewed the debate over PEPFAR's insistence that one-third of the 20 percent of funding for prevention must focus on abstinence. 防治艾滋病紧急救援计划把20%的资金用于预防艾滋病,这个计划坚决主张用这部分资金的三分之一来集中进行禁欲宣传。布什总统将防治艾滋病资金增加一倍的要求再次引发了对这一主张的辩论。"There are a bunch of divisive issues in the reauthorization about abstinence, reproductive health, needle exchange, and there are ongoing debates about whether PEPFAR is too much and too predominant and too exceptional and whether it's crowding out other worthy health and developmental initiatives - child survival, water, maternal health, family planning," said Stephen Morrison, co-director of the Africa program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a private policy research group in Washington.. 莫利森是华盛顿私人研究组织战略与国际研究中心非洲项目的共同主任。莫利森说:“在重新批准这项计划方面,存在一些造成分裂的问题,包括禁欲、生殖卫生和针具交换。此外,人们正在辩论防治艾滋病紧急救援计划是否有些过头了,是不是太显著、太突出了,它是不是挤走了其它有价值的卫生和发展计划,比如儿童生存、水、产妇健康和计划生育等问题。”Victor Barnes is the director of the HIV/AIDS program at the U.S. Corporate Council on Africa, a private group promoting trade and investment between the ed States and Africa. 非洲企业理事会是一家促进美国和非洲之间贸易和投资的私人组织,巴恩斯是这个组织的负责人。He says development groups in the field have adapted to PEPFAR politics. 他说,发展组织已经在实际工作中适应了防治艾滋病紧急救援计划的政治特色。"When you are dealing with sexually-active adults, abstinence-only portfolios are irrelevant," Barnes said. "They have a very important place, particularly with youth and particularly with delaying the onset of sexual activity, which is a critical intervention. But the reality is that it has to be in conjunction with behavior-change interventions and strategies for working with sexually-active adults as well as making condoms available, both male and female." 巴恩斯说:“当你面对性活跃的成年人时,仅仅依靠禁欲手段来防止艾滋病的传播是行不通的。这种手段的确能起到非常重要的作用,特别是针对年轻人,而且它可以推迟初次发生性行为的时间,这是一种很关键的干预手段。但实际上,这种手段必须和促成人们的行为发生改变的干预手段共同使用,还要和针对性活跃成年人的战略一同进行。此外,还要让男性和女性都能使用安全套。”The president is doing long-distance lobbying on this Africa trip by urging American taxpayers to encourage Congress to double AIDS funding. He says Africans should not be left guessing whether or not the generosity of the American people will continue.  布什总统在他这次非洲之行中进行远程游说,敦促美国纳税人鼓励国会将艾滋病防治资金增加一倍。布什说,非洲人民不应靠猜测美国人是否会继续慷慨而生活。200802/27660

Britain Delays Iraq Troop Withdrawal英宣布推迟削减驻伊南部军队计划  Britain's defense secretary has announced plans to reduce troop levels in southern Iraq have been postponed after a recent flare-up of violence around the city of Basra. 英国国防大臣宣布,推迟实行精简派驻伊拉克南部的军队的计划。此前,在巴士拉市附近暴力活动最近突然增多。Defense Secretary Des Browne told members of parliament that the expected spring homecoming for thousands of British troops based in Basra has been delayed. 英国国防大臣布朗对议员说,人们期待的在春季把驻扎在巴士拉的数千名英军撤回国的计划被推迟了。"In October we announced our plan from drawing down UK troops from southern Iraq," he said. "In the light of last week's events, however, it is prudent that we pause any further reductions while the current situation has unfolding. It is absolutely right that military commanders review plans when conditions on the ground change."  布朗说:“去年10月我们宣布了削减派驻伊拉克南部的军队的计划。但是,鉴于上个星期发生的事件,随着目前的局势发展,我们暂时停止继续减少军队是明智的。在地面情况出现变化时,军事指挥官重新审议计划绝对是正确的做法。”Last October, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced plans to cut the British force from 4,100 to 2,500 this spring, with an indication that further cuts could follow. 去年10月,英国首相布朗宣布今年春季把英国军队从4100人减到2500人,并且表示可能进一步进行削减。The decision to delay the withdrawal was prompted by recent fighting between the Iraqi army and Shia militants loyal to the radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. More than 1,000 people were killed in the fighting and relative calm returned only when the two sides agreed to a cease-fire on Monday. 英国推迟撤军是因为最近伊拉克军队和忠于激进派教士萨德尔的什叶派民兵之间爆发了战斗,有1000多人在战斗中丧生,只是在双方星期一同意停火时才恢复相对的平静。At the height of the fighting, British and American troops were called in to support Iraqi government forces.  在战斗进行得最激烈的时候,英国和美国军队被派去援伊拉克政府军。Iraqi Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki, said in Baghdad the operation was a success and that 10,000 additional police and army troops would be recruited to keep order in the southern city. 伊拉克总理马利基在巴格达表示,这次军事行动取得了成功,需要再征集1万名警察和士兵来维持这座南部城市的秩序。In London, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, says Britain still plays a vital role in supporting the Iraqi troops. 在伦敦,英国首相布朗说,英国在援伊拉克军队方面仍然发挥着重要作用。"We want the Iraqi people and particularly the Iraqi forces to take responsibility in policing and to make that possible we can train 30,000 of the Iraqis' own armed forces in the south of the country," he said. 布朗说:“我们希望伊拉克人民,特别是伊拉克军队负起警卫责任。要使这成为可能,我们可以在伊拉克南部训练出3万伊拉克人自己的军队。”Britain's opposition Conservative party leader, David Cameron, said Mr. Brown should not have overstated the drawback when he announced it in October. 英国反对党保守党领导人卡梅伦说,布朗在去年10月份宣布撤军时不应当夸大撤军的规模。"What governments must not do is over-promise and then under-deliver," he said. "I think that Gordon Brown said more than perhaps he should have done in the autumn." 卡梅伦说:“政府不能给予过多的承诺、到后来又无法完全兑现。我认为,布朗在去年秋天可能说的比他应当做的要多。”The defense secretary did not give a timetable for the delay in pulling out British troops, but officials say if the Iraqi armed forces are strengthened and security improves in Basra, British troops will be able to return home. 国防大臣布朗没有给出推迟撤出英国军队的时间表。但是官员们说,如果伊拉克武装力量得到加强,巴士拉的安全局势有所改善,英国军队就可以回国。200804/33098

Script:“This is brilliant…” said Ron. J.K. Rowling has written seven Harry Potter books, dozens of other authors have climbed on the bandwagon. The term Harry Potter brings up dozens of titles on Amazon, from Unlocking Harry Potter to Who Killed Dumbledore. But the boy wizard shows up beyond the fiction section. Next to business books about the man who used to run GE, you might find, If Harry Potter Ran General Electric. The Harry Potter fans are emailing me ,uh, in incredible quantities to tell me they have learnt lessons from the stories that they had never seen before. In the end, only one will go down in history.Author Tom Morris says Rowling’s characters like Dumbledore are great role models for business. He shows how sustainably great leadership has to come from a great person that you need a high competence and deep character to really sustain as a leader. And he is an ideal teacher for Harry.Expecto PatronumVoldemort is a fantastic ...There are books condemning Rowling’s use of magic, but Dow Krulwich wanted to teach his children about Jewish themes, and he wrote Harry Potter and Torah. There is a lot of discussion in religious literature about things like can magic be used on the Sabbat, is it a considerable work? Is it prohibited on the Sabbat as a work? And to explain that in general might seem interesting or not interesting, but if you explain it through Harry Potter, it seems like fun. And Krulwich doesn't think Harry's coattails will shorten after the seventh book. Look at Sherlock Homes, people love certain, certain books and certain movies have kept their appeal for a long time, I think that Harry Potter certainly is the same. Though a slew of unauthorized titles have come out this year to ride the wave. There is one segment of Potter publishing that will come to an end, and there's a book that speculate on whether Harry will die. With that settled, fans will have to debate other parts. So what leadership skills do you think Harry Potter has to run General Electric?Un, well, most of all I think that he just has a good personality and people like him when they know him and I think that that’s important when you are running a business, you have to be likable, you have to be charismatic. Morris says Potter is a natural leader. He doesn’t do what’s easy, he does what’s right. He doesn't, he doesn’t do what’s safe, he does what’s needed. And I think we need more leaders, uh, capable of doing that today. I don't want to fight.Potter made J.K.Rowling the first billionaire author. A few others have made a buck too. Jim Boulden CNN, London. Notes:Sherlock Homes(福尔斯): a fictional detective of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who first appeared in publication in 1887. He is the creation of Scottish born author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.Make a buck: to gain wealth200807/44405

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