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白金汉宫表态 英女王对公投保持中立 -- :5:55 来源:   Any suggestion that the Queen would wish to influence the Scottish referendum campaign is "categorically wrong", Buckingham Palace has said.白金汉宫指出,认为女王想要影响苏格兰公投的想法是“完全错误的”The comments follow press reports that Her Majesty was concerned about the prospect of Scottish independence.声明发布前,媒体曾报道女王陛下对苏格兰独立后的前景感到担忧It also follows a statement from First Minister Alex Salmond, who said the Queen "will be proud" to be the monarch of an independent Scotland.苏格兰首席部长亚历克斯·萨蒙德也曾在此前说过女王会为成为独立后的苏格兰君主感到自豪The Palace insisted the referendum was "a matter the people of Scotland".白金汉宫强调公投是“苏格兰人民自己的事”A spokesman said: "The sovereign"s constitutional impartiality is an established principle of our democracy and one which the Queen has demonstrated throughout her reign.白金汉宫发言人说:“宪法规定君主必须保持公平,这是我国民主的既定原则女王陛下登基以来一直恪守这一原则”"As such the monarch is above politics and those in political office have a duty to ensure that this remains the case.“君主本身高于政治政府官员有责任确保这一点”"Any suggestion that the Queen would wish to influence the outcome of the current referendum campaign is categorically wrong.“任何认为女王想要影响公投结果的想法都是完全错误的”"Her Majesty is firmly of the view that this is a matter the people of Scotland."“女王陛下坚信这是苏格兰人民自己的事情”The B's royal correspondent Peter Hunt said he understands that the comments were made in response to calls the Queen to speak out in favour of the union and not in response to Mr Salmond's remarks.有声音呼吁女王发表讲话反对苏格兰独立,B皇室特派记者彼得?亨特认为这次声明是对此的回应,并非针对萨德蒙的发言尚志市妇女医院介绍营养不良导致肥胖激增 --18 :5:3 来源: 新的研究表明,由于肥胖和饥饿,营养不良正在席卷全球 Malnutrition is sweeping the world, fuelled by obesity as well as starvation, new research has suggested.新的研究表明,由于肥胖和饥饿,营养不良正在席卷全球The Global Nutrition Report said % of countries were now experiencing "very serious levels" of both under-nutrition and obesity.年度全国营养状况报告表明,%的国家正在经历十分严重的营养不良和肥胖问题It means one in three people suffers from malnutrition in some m, according to the study of 9 countries.根据来自9个国家的研究结果,意味着有的人有一定程度的营养不良问题Being malnourished is "the new normal", the report’s authors said.该报告的作者称,营养不良已是“新常态”Malnutrition has traditionally been associated with children who are starving, have stunted growth and are prone to infection.以前人们总是把营养不良和饱受饥饿的孩童联系在一起,认为营养不良是发育不良和体质容易感染These are still major problems, but progress has been made in this area.这些仍然是主要问题,但是在此领域已有所突破The report’s authors instead highlighted the "staggering global challenge" posed by rising obesity.该报告作者反而强调了肥胖激增带来的“全球面临的惊人挑战”The increase is happening in every region of the world and in nearly every country, they said.他们说,在全球各个地区几乎是每个国家,肥胖人数都在不断增加Hundreds of millions of people are malnourished because they are overweight, as well as having too much sugar, salt or cholesterol in their blood, the report said.该报告称,全球数百万人因肥胖,摄入过多糖分、盐分或血液中胆固醇含量过高而导致营养不良’Totally unacceptable’‘完全无法接受的’Professor Corinna Hawkes, who co-chaired the research, said the study was "redefining what the world thinks of as being malnourished".项目主持者之一的Corinna Hawkes教授称这项研究“重新定义了人们对营养不良的认知”"Malnutrition literally means bad nutrition - that’s anyone who isn’t adequately nourished.“从字面意思理解营养不良是营养状况不佳—指人没有摄取足够的营养”"You have outcomes like you are too thin, you’re not growing fast enough… or it could mean that you’re overweight or you have high blood sugar, which leads to diabetes," she said.“营养不良的结果是你太瘦,不能快速长胖…或者也可以是你太胖了,或者你有高血糖可能会导致患有糖尿病”While many countries are on course to meet targets to reduce stunted growth and the number of underweight children, very few are making progress on tackling obesity and associated illnesses such as heart disease.许多国家都开有课程以完成减少发育不良或者体重过轻孩子的数量的目标,但是很少有国家在克肥胖和与之相关的疾病如心脏病上做出努力In fact, the report says, the number of children under five who are overweight is fast approaching the number who are underweight.实际上,有报告表明,5岁以下的孩子中,体重过高的孩子的数量正在迅速接近体重过轻的孩子的数量Co-chairman Lawrence Haddad said: "We now live in a world where being malnourished is the new normal.公司董事长Lawrence Haddad说:“我们现在正生活在一个营养不良是常态的世界中”"It is a world that we must all claim as totally unacceptable."“这是一个我们所认为的完全不可以接收的世界”The report calls more money and political commitment to address the problem. It says every (70p) spent on proven nutrition programmes, $ (.5 pounds) worth of benefits ensue.该报告呼吁解决这个问题需要投入更多的资金和政治承诺该报告称每出1美元(70便士)用于制定成熟的营养方案,就能产生相当于美元(.5英镑)的价值哈尔滨怀孕两个月打胎多少钱麦当劳计划30亿美元出售在华门店 -- ::5 来源: 此前曾有报道,麦当劳计划重组其在华业务,出售大陆和香港00多家门店,将其全球95%的门店转换成特许经营模式,而最近该公司实了第一起中国公司竞价 The first bid has been confirmed McDonald’s China and Hong Kong restaurants as the US fast food giant plans to franchise its outlets in the country.之前曾有报道称麦当劳正计划出售其在中国大陆和香港的00多家门店,而日前经这一美国快餐业巨头实,目前已经有人出价了China’s Sanpower confirmed to the B it had put in a joint bid with Beijing Tourism Group.中国三胞集团对B实说道,他们和北京旅游集团对麦当劳发起了联合竞价There are more than ,0 McDonald’s in China with plans to open 1,50 more.麦当劳在中国的门店有0多家,还曾计划在中国再开50家新店In March, McDonald’s had said it would reorganise its business in China, seeking to franchise its restaurants.但是在三月份的时候,麦当劳表示将重组其在中国的业务,出售门店,采取特许经营的模式Media reports have suggested that the US company has received more than half a dozen bids, which could raise as much as bn (pound bn).从媒体的报道来看,麦当劳已经收到了5、6份竞价,出价可能已经被抬到了30亿美元(约合亿英镑)Global franchise plans麦当劳的全球特许经营计划Competitor Yum Brands, the owner of KFC and Pizza Hut, is also restructuring its China business, with plans to spin it off ahead of a likely initial public offering (IPO) of shares in .麦当劳的竞争对手百胜餐饮集团(旗下拥有品牌肯德基和必胜客)也在重组他们的在华业务,计划在其年首次公开募股(IPO)之前剥离中国大区业务Both McDonald’s and Yum Brands have been facing increasing competition from cheaper local rivals, particularly in China, where they are trying to recover from food safety scares.麦当劳和百胜集团都面临着来自廉价本土竞争对手日益激烈的竞争,尤其是在中国,人们正从食品安全恐慌中恢复过来In the long term, McDonald’s plans to franchise 95% of its outlets worldwide.从长期来看,麦当劳计划将其世界范围内95%的店面转换成为特许经营Sanpower is a technology and real estate firm and said it hoped to integrate the fast food chain into its commercial shops and mall spaces.三胞集团是一个科技和房地产公司,该公司表示希望在其商业店铺和商场中融入麦当劳连锁店面"In recent years, we are building more offline commercial stores, aiming to provide better shopping experience consumers. McDonald’s could provide new brand elements us," Sanpower spokesman Zou Yan said in an email.三胞集团发言人邹燕(音)在一封邮件中说道:“近年来,我们正在兴建许多实体商店,旨在为客户提供更好的购物体验麦当劳可以为我们提供新的品牌元素”体操奇才红松鼠 技不惊人死不休 -- :19:51 来源:sohu 摄影师用了一年的时间才拍摄出这些精照片有至6只住在森林里的小松鼠被摄影师选中出境当然,在拍摄大部分照片时摄影师会简单地清理一下现场,拿走电线或小食物桶这些必要的装备 These photos I shot over a time period of 1 year. The squirrels live in the est and there are to 6 different squirrels in these scenes. In most of these photos I had to clean up a little and take away the wires or the little food buckets. 先展示一下一字马实力 一边劈叉一边欣赏雪景 玉米也难不倒小松鼠 胡萝卜也可以 什么也阻挡不了一颗吃货的心 配乐:我要一步一步往上爬 就是不喜欢好好站着 我是一名冰雪奇缘小演员 English Source: Boredpanda哈尔滨哪家医院妇科摘环好

哈尔滨人流哪家医院最好哈尔滨看妇科比较便宜的医院日本东京万民众举行示威 要求日本首相安倍下台 -- :: 来源: 日本东京5日有民众示威,要求首相安倍晋三下台,并要求推翻容许自卫队在海外执行作战任务的法案 Thousands of protesters gathered in downtown Tokyo on Sunday to call Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to resign and a law allowing the military to fight overseas to be overturned, as an election parliament’s upper house draws near.随着日本参议院的选举在即,东京5日有几万民众聚集在市中心示威,要求首相安倍晋三下台,并要求推翻容许自卫队在海外执行作战任务的法案The protesters, many of them elderly, rallied in front of parliament and in a nearby park, holding placards with slogans such as "Step down, Abe government" and "Citizens change politics".抗议者大多为老年人,他们聚集在议会前附近的一个公园里,举着标语牌,上面写着:“安倍政府下台”、“人民决定政治”等In the July election, opposition parties hope to keep Abe’s ruling coalition from winning the majority of the 1 seats up grabs in the -member chamber where it aly commands an overall majority.在即将到来的7月日的选举中,反对党希望安倍执政联盟无法获得改选的1个席位的大多数席位,而在参议院总席位的席中,安倍政府已经占据大多数席位Analysts say his Liberal Democratic Party and its junior partner have a good shot at success.而分析师说自民党与其新合伙人成功在望In the lower house, Abe’s ruling coalition enjoys a two-thirds "super majority".在众议院的选举中,安倍执政联盟获得三分之二以上的“大多数席位”Abe’s support rates rose by three percentage points to 56 percent after he hosted a Group of Seven summit in May and accompanied U.S. President Barack Obama on a historic visit to Hiroshima, a Nikkei business daily survey showed on Monday.《日经新闻周日的一个调查显示,自从安倍主持了五月的七国集团峰会并陪同奥巴马历史性地访问了广岛以来,安倍的持率上升到56%,上升了3个百分点Abe on Wednesday announced a widely expected decision to delay a sales tax increase by two-and-a-half years, and said he would seek the public’s mandate his plan in the upper house vote.上周三,安倍宣布一个万众期待的决定,将消费税增税再推迟两年半,并表示他将会在参议院的投票中征求同意But some opposition parties are concerned that a strong election result the ruling bloc may encourage Abe to press ahead with his long-held aspiration to revise the U.S.-drafted pacifist constitution.但是一些反对党担心执政党选举的胜利将会促使安倍加紧推进其长期以来的野心,修订美国起草的和平宪法Organizers of the Sunday rally put the crowd at 0,000, while police declined to give a number. Some right-wing activists tried to approach participants but were held back by police.周日游行的组织者总人数约为万人,但警方拒绝告知具体数字部分右翼活动分子试图接近游行示威者,被警方阻止When a similar anti-Abe rally took place in the same locations last August, organizers said some 0,000 people participated.去年八月,在同样的地点也出现过反安倍政府的游行示威,组织者说大约有万人参加了杭州小夫妻3万月薪请家教,引发网友热议 -- :00:3 来源: 近日,一对杭州的小夫妻抛出月薪3万元的优厚条件为自己的孩子聘请家庭教师,此举引发了网友的热议,是烧钱任性还是追求教育? A recent job advertisement in Hangzhou has become the subject of hot debate. The ad, posted by a young couple, promised between 30,000 and 50,000 yuan per month to a tutor, whose main job would be playing with the couple’s child.最近,杭州一条招聘广告引发网络热议一对年轻的夫妻发帖欲寻一位家教,月薪3万到5万人民币,而家教的主要工作就是陪自己的孩子玩Many netizens joined in the discussion: Was the couple throwing away their money or simply pursuing an advanced educational concept?网民纷纷参与讨论:这对夫妻是在烧钱还是在追求先进的教育理念?The wife, Ms. Zhang, holds a master’s degree from a prestigious university in Beijing. Her husband, Mr. Chen, has spent a lot of time studying and working abroad. Now they run a company together in Hangzhou. Their first child is months old, and Zhang is currently pregnant with their second.妻子张女士是北京某重点大学的硕士研究生,丈夫陈先生则长期在海外学习工作目前二人回到杭州共同经营公司夫妻俩的第一个孩子刚刚个月大,而张女士目前已经怀上了二胎Zhang thinks a solid education at an early age has a long-lasting impact on a child’s future development. Even though children may not explicitly remember what they experienced at the age of 1, Zhang believes experiences at that age can still influence children’s character mation. She hopes to hire a qualified tutor to play with her children until they are old enough to start kindergarten.张女士认为,早期教育的基础牢固对孩子未来的发展存在着长远的影响尽管孩子们可能记不清1岁时发生的事,但是张女士相信早期经历会对孩子性格的形成产生影响她希望聘请一位高素质的家庭教师,陪自己的孩子玩到上幼儿园为止Those who disagreed with the offer mainly considered it a waste of money. Some netizens said it was unnecessary and irresponsible Zhang and Chen to hire someone else to take care of their own babies, especially at such an early age.持反对意见的人认为这纯粹是在浪费钱财一些网友表示夫妻二人雇人照料自己如此幼小的孩子既多此一举又不负责任哈尔滨市道外区东莱医院治疗不孕不育好吗耻辱:法院竟然拒判凶手死刑! --18 :8:9 来源: 年,美国康涅狄格州发生一起恶性入室行凶案件,屋主几乎被殴打致死,其妻子被奸杀,女儿被活活烧死然而,由于该州法律修改,两名罪大恶极的凶手却能够得以避免死刑对此,该案受害者称其为一个“耻辱” The Connecticut man who lost his wife and daughters in a brutal home invasion in said Wednesday it was ’sad’ one of the killers had his death sentence revoked to comply with new state laws.在美国康涅狄格州,一名男子在年因一场残忍的入室行凶案件失去了他的妻子和女儿然而,由于该州新法律的实行,其中一名凶手得以免除了死刑,对此这名男子觉得很“可悲”Dr. William Petit was tied up in the basement of his New Haven home during the July 3, attack and almost beaten to death. He could only listen as his wife was raped and murdered by Steven Hayes. Petit managed to flee to a neighbor’s home as his daughters perished in the fire Hayes lit.在年7月3日,威廉·皮蒂特士被捆绑在他位于纽黑文家中的地下室里,行凶者攻击了他,并几乎将他殴打致死他的妻子被斯蒂芬·海耶斯奸杀了,而他却只能在一旁听着声响,无能为力海耶斯放火烧死了他的女儿,而他设法逃往了邻居家,最终获救’It is a very sad day when a prolonged trial and decision and sentencing by a jury that took .5 months to seat is overturned by a legislature that ignores the wishes of the people of CT,’ he said in a text message via Twitter on Wednesday.本周三,威廉在推特上发表了一份文本信息,他说道:“这真是可悲的一天,陪审团耗费了个半月的时间来进行审理、定夺和判决,但是却被一个立法机关轻易地推翻了,它忽视了康涅狄格州人民的愿望”He added: ’The insult is compounded by a Supreme Court that rules on not one but cases based on personal opinions and politics and not the law.’他补充说道:“最高法院加剧了这一侮辱,在两起案件中(不只有一起),最高法院的审理都被个人意见和政治所左右,而不是立足于法律”Hayes was sentenced to death in after being convicted of murder, first-degree kidnapping, first-degree sexual assault and other counts.海耶斯在年的时候曾被判死刑,他被控犯有谋杀罪、一级绑架罪、一级性侵罪以及其他项罪名Co-defendant Joshua Komisarjevsky was also sentenced to death in .共同被告人约书亚·科米萨耶夫斯基在年的时候也被判处死刑But in the Connecticut House of Representatives voted to repeal capital punishment, stopping it from being handed out in future cases.但是在年,康涅狄格州众议院投票废除了死刑,在以后的案件中犯人都不会被处死Originally, the people on death row - including Hayes and Komisarjevsky - were still to face execution.原本包括海耶斯和科米萨耶夫斯基在内的名死刑犯仍然将会被处刑But in August last year that was deemed to be ’cruel and unusual punishment’ and their death sentences were commuted.但是在去年8月份的时候,人们认为死刑是“残酷的、不寻常的惩罚”,这些人获得了减刑,不再被处死Hayes’s trial, which ended Wednesday is the first in a series deciding what will be done with those men. Komisarjevsky and the other nine men who were on death row have yet to face theirs.对海耶斯的审判在本周三的时候结束,他是一系列囚犯中第一个被决定如何处置的人科米萨耶夫斯基还其他九名死刑减免囚犯也将面对他们自己的审判Petit and his family declined to make a statement in court, saying they had aly said what needed to be said during the trial, as did Hayes and his public defender Thomas Ullmann.皮蒂特和他的家人拒绝在法庭上做出声明,他们说在法庭上需要说的话已经说完了,就如同海耶斯和他的公共辩护人托马斯·厄尔曼所做的那样,Superior Court judge Jon C. Blue concluded: ’With the gravity of these crimes and the depravity of your character, nothing more needs to be said.’高级法官乔恩·C·布鲁总结道:“鉴于这些罪行的严重性和罪犯人格的丑恶,不需要再多说什么了”He then handed down six consecutive sentences of life without possibility of parole, followed by a total of 1 years Hayes’s crimes.法官对海耶斯下达了六项连续有期徒刑判决,并且不准假释,海耶斯将为其所犯下的罪过承担1年有期徒刑的惩罚哈尔滨人工处女膜修补手术费用

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