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Bush to Inspect Damage in Flooded Iowa布什周四将视察美中部洪水灾区  U.S. President George Bush will visit the Midwest state of Iowa Thursday to inspect damage from major flooding along the Mississippi River. Mr. Bush says he will work with Congress to replenish funds used to help those affected by natural disaster. 美国总统布什将于星期四到美国中西部爱奥华州,察看密西西比河沿岸地区重大水灾造成的损失。布什表示将跟国会共同协商,为一项专门帮助遭受自然灾害损失地区的基金增加拨款。Federal officials briefed the president on efforts to shore-up levees along the Mississippi River and help those displaced by the flooding. Crews along the river have been working feverishly stacking sandbags to keep the water from spilling out into low lying areas. 联邦官员向布什总统通报了有关部门加固密西西比河沿岸堤坝和帮助那些在洪水灾害中无家可归的人们的努力。施工人员干劲十足,不停地在这条河的沿岸堆起沙袋,不让河水漫出河堤流进低洼地区。Speaking to reporters after that briefing, Mr. Bush said there has been close coordination between federal and state authorities. 通报结束后,布什对记者说,联邦政府跟爱奥华州有关机构一直在保持密切协调。"We're in constant contact with people on the ground to help make sure that we save lives," he said. "Now that the water is beginning to recede, the question is how do we help with the recovery?" 布什说:“我们跟现场工作人员保持不断的联系,以确保我们在挽救生命。现在洪水正在消退,我们面临的问题是如何帮助当地人民重建家园。”The U.S. Department of Agriculture is still assessing the economic impact of the flooding. President Bush says he understands many people are upset about loosing their homes and businesses. 美国农业部仍在评估洪水造成的经济损失。布什总统说,失去住房,失去了生意让许多人心烦意乱,他非常理解。"We are worried about farmers and ranchers. The country that is being affected by these floods has got a lot of farm country, a lot people raising livestock," he said.  布什总统说:“我们惦记着农民和农场主。我国受到水灾的这个地区有大量农田,许多人在这里饲养家畜。”Officials are reinforcing levees in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri to prevent further damage from river water that has aly closed bridges and destroyed homes. 有关人员正在加固伊利诺伊州、爱奥华州和密苏里州的河堤,防止河水决堤造成进一步的损失。洪水已经迫使桥梁关闭,房屋被毁。President Bush said there is enough money in a federal emergency fund to pay for the clean-up and help those affected by the flooding. He will work with lawmakers to ensure those funds are replaced ahead of another natural disaster. 布什总统表示,联邦紧急救助基金有足够资金来付洪水后的清理费用,以及帮助洪水灾民。布什将跟国会议员们一道保在下次自然灾害之前注入足够的款项来取代已经使用的基金。"Congress doesn't need to worry about working with the White House on this because we think the supplemental is the way to go," he said. "What they do need to worry about is making sure there is enough but not too much money in the fund so that we can say we've done our job." 布什说:“国会不必因为跟白宫协商基金问题而有所担忧,因为,我们认为追加基金款项是正确的做法。他们真正需要担心的是确保基金要足够,但不需要过量,这样我们就可以说我们完成了我们的工作。”The president will visit Iowa Thursday to meet with some of those affected by the flooding. 布什总统星期四视察爱奥华州,他将会见几位遭受水灾的居民。200806/42234。

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  • Bush: US Has Taken 'Extraordinary' Measures to Stabilize Markets布什:将继续行动稳定金融市场  U.S. President George Bush says Washington will continue to act to stabilize financial markets shaken by fears of a global financial meltdown. The world's major central banks are joining forces in hopes of restoring investor confidence. 美国总统布什说,华盛顿将继续采取行动,稳定因担心全球财经体系崩溃而动荡的金融市场。世界各主要中央正在联合起来,希望恢复投资人的信心。President Bush canceled travel to political fundraisers to stay at the White House and consult with economic advisors. 布什总统取消了参加政治募款会议的旅程,留在白宫与经济顾问进行商榷。"The American people are concerned about the situation in our financial markets and our economy, and I share their concerns," the president said. 布什总统说:“美国人民在为我们金融市场和我国经济的形势担心,我和他们有同感。”The U.S. government has taken charge of the nation's largest home finance agencies. It also moved to rescue the insurance firm American International Group, the failure of which Mr. Bush says could have caused a severe disruption in financial markets and threatened other sectors of the economy. 美国政府已经接管了最大的住房贷款机构。美国政府还采取行动挽救保险公司美国国际集团,即AIG。布什总统说这家公司的失败可能严重扰乱金融市场并危及其它经济领域。The speed of government action during the past week has largely left lawmakers behind. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson informed Congress of the billion loan for AIG only after the deal was done. 政府的迅速行动使得立法人员基本上落后于形势发展。财政部长保尔森在与AIG达成协议、向他们提供八百五十亿美元的贷款之后,才通知国会有关事宜。Using taxpayer money to save faltering firms is the most direct, but not the only way the executive branch intervenes in economic crises. President Bush earlier this year got Congress to agree on an economic stimulus plan of tax rebates for consumers and tax incentives for businesses to spend money on new equipment. 利用纳税人的金钱去挽救摇摇欲坠的公司是财政部门抵挡经济危机的最直接、但并非唯一的手段。布什总统今年早些时候促使国会同意了一项经济刺激方案,退税给消费者并向企业提供购买新设备的税务优惠,来刺激经济增长。Presidents affect markets through regulatory policy and in the way they spend public funds as the amount of assistance budgeted for corporate research and development, for example, either encourages or discourages businesses from making similar investments. 总统是通过管制方针来影响市场的,也通过他们在预算中使用公共资金帮助公司开展研发的方式来影响市场,例如,他们可以鼓励公司作类似的投资,或者不鼓励它们这样作。Presidents also affect economies with public policy. President Bush says Congress can help the economy by passing free-trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea to help American businesses sell more goods overseas. He also wants to expand offshore oil drilling which he says will ultimately reduce energy costs. 总统也应用公共政策来影响经济。布什总统说,国会通过批准与哥伦比亚、巴拿马和韩国的自由贸易协议,促使美国企业向国外销售更多商品,来帮助美国经济的发展。他也希望发展近海石油开采,他说,这最终会降低美国能源价格。Presidents do not directly affect monetary policy because the U.S. Federal Reserve is an independent entity. The Fed has joined other nations' central banks to pump hundreds of billions of dollars into global financial markets in hopes of restoring investor confidence and encouraging banks to lend each other money. 总统并不直接影响货币政策,因为美国联邦储备系统是独立的机构。美联储现在已经与其它国家的中央一起向全球金融市场注入几千亿美元的资金,希望恢复投资人的信心,并鼓励相互借贷。President Bush says it is a substantial step to provide additional liquidity to the U.S. financial system. 布什总统说,向美国金融体系提供更多流通资金是切实可行的步骤。"These actions are necessary and they are important and the markets are adjusting to them,"he said. "Our financial markets continue to deal with serious challenges. As our recent actions demonstrate, my administration is focused on meeting these challenges. The American people can be sure we will continue to act to strengthen and stabilize our financial markets and improve investor confidence." 他说:“这些行动是必需的、也是重要的,而市场正在进行调整以适应这些变动。我们的金融市场在继续处理严重问题。正如我们近年来的行动所显示的那样,我国政府正集中精力应对这些考验。美国人民可以确信我们将继续采取行动加强并稳定我们的金融市场,并且增强投资者的信心。”The U.S. economy has been hurt by falling home values and high energy and food costs. A public opinion poll by CBS News and the New York Times this week said the economy and jobs are the biggest issues on the minds of nearly half the American voters before November elections. 美国经济受到房价下跌、能源及食品价格飞涨的影响。哥伦比亚广播公司与纽约时报本周进行的民意调查显示,在十一月大选前,在近一半美国选民心头上的大事就是美国经济和就业机会。200809/49276。
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