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老河口市妇幼保健中医院怎样预约东风襄樊医院做流产多少钱Of course, this cannot be done in humans当然 这个实验不能在人身上进行but why shouldnt we do it with birds?但为何不在鸟身上试试呢Zebra finches are perfect subjects.珍珠鸟是完美的实验对象While the females dont sing at all,虽然雌鸟完全不会鸣叫the male chicks learn to sing by imitating their fathers,雄性幼鸟却通过模仿其父来学习鸣叫just like human children copy their parents.就像人类幼儿模仿他们的父母一样To recreate the conditions of the forbidden experiment,为了再现禁忌实验的情景Ofer and his team isolated male chicks away from their fathers奥弗和他的团队在雄性幼鸟学会鸣叫前before they were taught to sing.将其与其父隔离开来Kept in isolation in specially sound-proofed cages,被关在特制的隔音笼子里their song developed to no more than a croak.它们的叫声嘶哑难听One of these isolated males was added to a group of females接着他将一只隔离后的雄鸟放入雌鸟群中to create a new finch colony.以期造一个新的珍珠鸟群201412/349306襄阳第四医院电话号码是多少 襄樊人民医院打掉孩子多少钱

襄阳市第一人民医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the ;Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!At their closest point about how many miles separate Russia and the U.S. 俄罗斯和美国最近的地方有多远?You know what to do. 你知道怎么做!Is it 2300 miles, 1540 miles, 90 miles or 50 miles? Youve got three seconds, go!是2300英里、1540英里、90英里还是50英里?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The Bering Strait which separates Alaska and Russia, is just over 50 miles wide at its narrowest point. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.白令海峡分隔了阿拉斯加州和俄罗斯,它在最窄的的地方只有50多英里宽。AZUZ: China has an ambitious idea that connects itself with the U.S. By railroad. 中国有一个雄伟的计划,就是要用铁路把中美联系起来。And this is where the Bering Strait comes in. 这里就是白令海峡流入的地方。The high speed railway would start in northeast China, itll run through the Russian region of Siberia, connect with Alaska through a tunnel under the Bering Strait and head south through Canada to reach the U.S.高铁始于中国东北,驶过俄罗斯境内的西伯利亚平原,通过白令海峡地下的隧道与阿拉斯加相连,并继续向南经过加拿大到达美国。 /201406/304521襄阳市专业治疗生殖疱疹男科医院 An affair of the heart can be every bit as painful – and sometimes even more so – than a physical one. Safeguard your relationship with these tips.感情上的出轨非常痛苦——有时甚至比身体出轨更甚。根据下面的建议,捍卫你的感情。You Will Need你需要Relationship radar恋情雷达Good communication良好的沟通Avoidance of temptation避免诱惑Steps步骤STEP 1 Know the difference between a platonic friendship and an emotional affair: The lines been crossed if theres continual sexual tension, secrecy, or an emotional connection you dont share with your partner.1.了解柏拉图式的友谊和精神出轨之间的区别:如果你持续出现性紧张,有秘密,或者不与伴侣分享的感情关系,那说明你跨越了界限。STEP 2 Beware of the ;office spouse.; If youre the one with a sexually charged friendship at work, limit personal conversations and dont allow the bantering to spill into after-office hours. If your mate seems to be getting too close to a colleague, remind them – without acting overtly insecure – to keep the relationship professional.2.警惕“办公室配偶”。如果你工作期间出现了超越界限的朋友,限制私人对话,不要让你们之间的玩笑延续到下班以后。如果你的伴侣与同事的关系太密切,提醒他们——但是不要表现得太缺乏安全感——让他们之间的关系保持专业。STEP 3 Be alert for signs that a partner has a special online relationship: spending an inordinate amount of time on their computer, or changing their screen when you enter the room. If this is the case, be blunt about your suspicions. That may be enough to nip it in the bud.3.警惕伴侣发展特别的网上恋情的迹象:花费太多时间上网,或者当你进入房间时切换屏幕。如果出现这种情况,勇敢面对自己的怀疑。必须将网恋的可能性消灭在萌芽状态。If youre the one getting frisky with an online friend, ask yourself if your partner would be upset to your e-mail or instant messages. If the answer is ;yes,; youre aly cheating.如果与旧网友擦出火花的是你,问一下自己,如果伴侣读到你的电子邮件或信息是否会伤心。如果是肯定的,那你已经开始出轨了。STEP 4 Keep tabs on emotional intimacy. If your partner is not confiding in you like they used to, its possible theyre talking over their problems with someone else. If youre the one revealing private thoughts elsewhere, try to reconnect on that level in your relationship.4.注意感情隐私。如果你的伴侣不像以前一样向你坦白,他们可能与其他人讲述自己的问题。如果向其他人倾诉内心想法的是你,立即重新修复你们的感情。STEP 5 Know the reasons people cheat, even if its just in their heart: loneliness, the need for attention, sexual frustration, and a desire for romance. Making an effort to keep things happy at home can reduce the chances that either partner will go outside the relationship.5.了解人们出轨的原因,即使仅仅是心里出轨:孤独,需要注意,性沮丧,以及对浪漫的渴望。努力让家里的生活过得开心可以降低任何一方外出寻找精神安慰的可能性。STEP 6 If you find yourself physically attracted to someone, whether its a colleague, an old friend whos resurfaced, or an online buddy, dont pursue a deep friendship with them – youll be playing with fire. If its your partner whos giddy around someone whos ;just a friend,; tell them to find friends they dont have a crush on.6.如果你发现自己对其他人的外表感兴趣,无论是同事,重新出现的老朋友,或者网友,不要与对方发展更深入的友情——你这是在玩火。如果你的伴侣总是和“只是朋友”的人玩暧昧,告诉他们找一些没有感觉的朋友。Emotional affairs that turn sexual are more likely to end a marriage than affairs that start out purely physical, according to research.根据一项调查,感情出轨比纯粹的从身体出轨开始的婚外情更容易终止一段婚姻。201411/342570湖北省襄阳四院医院男科预约

襄樊市同和医院几楼The History of Marriage婚姻的历史There have been many different things written and said about marriage from the sweetly inspirational to the hilariously cynical. But what many of them have in common is that they sound like they express a universal and timeless truth when, in fact, nearly everything about marriage, from its main purpose to the kinds of relationships it covers, to the rights and responsibilities involved, has varied greatly between different eras, cultures, and social classes.有许多有关婚姻记载或口述下来的不同事物,从甜蜜鼓舞人心的、到幽默挖苦的都有。但它们其中许多共通的事,是它们听起来都像它们传达了一个众所周知且不朽的真理,当实际上,几乎关于婚姻的一切,从它的主要目的到它涵盖的各种婚姻关系、到其中牵涉的权力和责任,都已在不同世代、文化、及社会阶级之间产生了巨大的变化。So, lets take a quick look at the evolution of marriage.所以来迅速看一下婚姻的演进。Pair bonding and raising children is as old as humanity itself. With the rise of sedentary agricultural societies about 10,000 years ago, marriage was also a way of securing rights to land and property by designating children born under certain circumstances as rightful heirs.配对结合和养育孩子就如同人类本身一样古老。随着大约一万年前定栖农业社会的崛起,婚姻同样也是一种透过指定在特定情况下出生的孩子作为合法继承人,来保障土地和财产权的方式。As these societies became larger and more complex, marriage became not just a matter between individuals and families, but also an official institution governed by religious and civil authorities. And it was aly well-established by 2100 B.C. when the earliest surviving written laws in the Mesopotamian Code of Ur-Nammu provided many specifics governing marriage from punishments for adultery to the legal status of children born to slaves.当这些社会变得更大且更复杂时,婚姻变得不只是个人和家庭间的事务,也是由宗教和民政当局所管理的一种法定制度。其在西元前两千一百年就已经确立,当时在美索不达米亚的乌尔纳姆法典中留存最早的书面法律条文提供了许多管理婚姻的细节,从通奸的惩罚、到生为奴隶的孩子其法律定位。Many ancient civilizations allowed some form of multiple simultaneous marriage. And even today, less than a quarter of the worlds hundreds of different cultures prohibit it. But just because something was allowed doesnt mean it was always possible.许多古老文明允许某种形式的多重同时婚姻。甚至到今日,世界上数百个不同的文化中有不到四分之一禁止此形式。但仅仅因为某件事被允许,不代表它总是可行的。Demographic realities as well as the link between marriage and wealth meant that even though rulers and elites in Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Israel had multiple concubines or wives, most commoners could only afford one or two, tending towards monogamy in practice. In other places, the tables were turned, and a woman could have multiple husbands as in the Himalayan Mountains, where all brothers in a family marrying the same woman kept the small amount of fertile land from being constantly divided into new households.人口统计的现实以及婚姻和财富之间的连结,代表了即使古美索不达米亚、埃及、和以色列的统治者和精英们有多位妻妾,大部分平民还是只能负担一或两位,实际上趋向一夫一妻制。在其他地方,情况扭转了,像在喜玛拉雅山脉的女人可以拥有多位丈夫,在那儿家中所有兄弟娶同一位女子,避免少量的肥沃土地被持续分给新的家户。Marriages could vary not only in the number of people they involved but the types of people as well. Although the names and laws for such arrangements may have differed, publicly recognized same-sex unions have popped up in various civilizations throughout history. Mesopotamian prayers included blessings for such couples, while Native American Two-Spirit individuals had relationships with both sexes.婚姻不只能随着其中牵涉的人数变化,还能随着人们的身分类型变化。虽然这种安排的名称和法律可能会有所不同,但纵观历史,公开受到认同的同性联盟在各种不同文明中已经出现。美索不达米亚的祈祷文包括了为这些情侣的祝福,而美国原住民“双灵人”可以和两种性别交往。The first instances of such arrangements actually being called ;Marriage; come from Rome, where the Emperors Nero and Elagabalus both married men in public ceremonies with the practice being explicitly banned in 342 A.D. But similar traditions survived well into the Christian era, such as Adelphopoiesis, or ;brother-making; in Orthodox churches, and even an actual marriage between two men recorded in 1061 at a small chapel in Spain.这样的安排确实被称作“婚姻”的第一个例子来自于罗马,在那儿尼禄和埃拉伽巴路斯皇帝两个都在公开的典礼上,以在西元342年时被明确禁止的习俗迎娶男性。但相似的传统进入公元也存活得很好,像是Adelphopoiesis(希腊文)、或是东正教中的“拜结兄弟”、甚至还有在1061年于西班牙一间小教堂记载的两位男性的真实婚姻。Nor was marriage even necessarily between two living people. Ghost marriages, where either the bride or groom were deceased, were conducted in China to continue family lineages or appease restless spirits. And some tribes in Sudan maintain similar practices.婚姻甚至也不一定要在两个活人间进行。冥婚,也就是新娘或新郎其中一人过世的情况,在中国进行,以能延续家族香火或安抚不安宁的魂魄。苏丹的某些部落也维持类似的习俗。Despite all these differences, a lot of marriages throughout history did have one thing in common. With crucial matters like property and reproduction at stake, they were way too important to depend on young love. Especially among the upper classes, matches were often made by families or rulers. But even for commoners, who had some degree of choice, the main concern was practicality.不论所有这些不同之处,纵观历史许多婚姻的确有一件共通的事。有像是财产还有传宗接代危机的重要问题,婚姻太过重要了,以致于无法只倚赖不成熟的爱情。特别是在上流阶层中,婚姻通常是由家族或统治者配对的。但即使对平民来说--他们拥有某种程度的选择--主要的担忧还是现实。The modern idea of marriage as being mainly about love and companionship only emerged in the last couple of centuries. With industrialization, urbanization, and the growth of the middle class, more people became independent from large extended families and were able to support a new household on their own. Encouraged by new ideas from the Enlightenment, people began to focus on individual happiness and pursuits, rather than familial duty or wealth and status, at least some of the time.对于婚姻主要关乎于爱情和陪伴的现代概念,仅仅在过去几个世纪中浮现。随着工业化、都市化、还有中产阶级的发展,越来越多人从大家庭中独立,并能够自行供养一个新的家庭。受到启蒙时代全新思想的鼓励,人们开始着重在个人的幸福和追求,而不是家庭责任或是财富和地位,至少在某些时候是这样。And this focus on individual happiness soon led to other transformations, such as easing restrictions on divorce and more people marrying at a later age. So, as we continue to debate the role and definition of marriage in the modern world, it might help to keep in mind that marriage has always been shaped by society, and as a societys structure, values and goals change over time, its ideas of marriage will continue to change along with them.而这种对于个人幸福的重视很快的导致其他转变,像是放宽离婚的限制,还有越来越多人晚婚。所以,当我们持续在现代世界争论婚姻的角色和定义,记住婚姻一直以来都是由社会所形塑的可能会有所帮助,而当社会的结构、价值观、和目标随着时间改变,婚姻的概念也将会持续跟着它们改变。201411/344883 DPRK fires two rockets into East Sea朝鲜向东海发射两枚导弹South Koreas Yonhap news agency reports that the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea has just fired two short-range rockets into waters off its east coast.据韩国联合通讯社报道,朝鲜刚刚向东海发射了两枚短程弹道导弹。The firing comes a day after South Korea rejected the DPRKs proposals to ease tensions, which included requiring South Korea to cancel its annual military drills with the ed States.在导弹试射的前一天韩国拒绝了朝鲜缓和紧张局势的提议,其中包括要求韩美取消一年一度的军事演习。201407/309035枣阳市第一人民医院有取环吗东风汽车公司襄樊医院位置



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