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Beauty therapist Sarah Chapman shows VideoJug users how to care for dry skin, which occurs when your skin feels taught and has closed, tight pores.美容治疗师Sarah Chapman向VideoJug用户展示怎样护理干性皮肤。当你的皮肤感到紧绷,毛孔紧缩的时候,说明你的皮肤干燥。Step 1: The signs of dry skin1.干性皮肤的征兆Your skin is dry if your skin feels tight after washing, or you have tight, closed pores with no blackheads. Dry skin lacks oil whereas dehydrated skin lacks moisture and looks crepey.如果洗脸后感到紧绷,或者毛孔紧缩,没有黑头,说明你的皮肤是干性的。干性皮肤无油,然而,脱水皮肤缺少水分,看上去干巴巴的。Step 2: Cleansing2.清洁Use a cream or milk cleanser and avoid face washes which can be drying for your skin. Massage into the skin and remove with damp cotton wool or wash off with water. Toner is not essential as it can be drying, but if you do use it, use a gentle toner such as rose water and avoid alcohol-based toners.使用洁面乳,避免会导致皮肤更加干燥的洁面产品。轻轻地皮肤,然后用湿毛巾擦掉,或用水清洗。不必使用紧肤水,因为紧肤水会逐渐干燥。但是如果一定要用的话,使用比较柔和的柔肤水,例如玫瑰水,避免使用含有酒精的产品。Step 3: Morning moisturising3.早上保湿Use a rich moisturiser with rich oil such as borage oil. Use a moisturiser for dry skin and minimum SPF 15. Use after cleansing, and apply a second layer after 5 minutes if it still feels tight.使用油性含量比较高的保湿产品,例如紫草油。使用专门适用干性皮肤,SPF 15以上的保湿产品。洁面后使用。如果仍然感到很紧绷的话,5分钟后再涂一层。Step 4: Evening moisturising4.晚上保湿After cleansing, use a rich moisturising night cream or oil such as sandalwood or lavender. Sp over the face and around the eyes.洁面后,使用营养丰富的晚霜,例如檀香木或薰衣草。在面部和眼睛周围均与涂抹。Step 5: Exfoliating5.去角质Dry skin has a build up of dead skin so it may be rough to the touch. Exfoliate twice a week to remove these dead cells. Use a gentle exfoliator such as a french peel.干性皮肤积累了许多死皮,所以摸上去比较坚硬。每周两次去角质,清除这些死皮。使用比较温和的去角质产品。Step 6: Diet and Lifestyle6.饮食和生活方式Dry skin needs to be given more oil, so include it in your diet by eating oily fish or taking omega supplements. Try and drink 2 litres of water a day.干性皮肤需要补充更多油,所以每天的饮食中应该多摄入一点油,可以食用含油比较丰富的鱼或用一些补充剂。试着每天饮用2升水。Thanks for watching How To Care For Dry Skin感谢收看“干性皮肤怎样护理”视频节目。201210/205482You Will Need你需要Baby powder or talcum powder婴儿用爽身粉或滑石粉Sandals凉鞋Mesh beach bag网兜沙滩包Mild detergent温和的洗涤剂Steps步骤Step 1 Let everything dry保持干爽Let wet hair and clothes dry off in the sun. As they dry, some loose sand will fall off on its own.使头发和衣在太阳光下晒干。没有水分,沙子自然就掉了。Step 2 Shake on powder撒点儿爽身粉Shake some baby powder or talcum powder wherever you have sand on your body, like in between fingers and toes. It absorbs moisture and allows you to easily brush off any remaining grains with your hand.身上哪有沙子就撒点儿爽身粉或滑石粉,如手指脚趾缝间。这样粉末会吸收水分,让你能够用双手轻松掸掉沙子。Step 3 Sprinkle on your hair撒点儿在头发上Sprinkle some powder onto your hands and rub it gently into your scalp to remove sand from your hair.在手上倒点儿爽身粉并轻轻抹在头皮上,这样能轻松去除头发中的沙子。Step 4 Wear sandals穿着凉鞋Wear sandals to the beach instead of sand-trapping closed-toe shoes.穿着凉鞋去海滩,而不是容易进沙子的普通鞋。Step 5 Carry a mesh bag使用沙滩包Carry a mesh bag for towels, lotions, magazines, and toys. Excess sand will fall through the mesh and wont end up on your or in your car.用沙滩包携带毛巾,洗发液,杂志,水上玩具。多余的沙子会从网眼儿中掉落而不会黏在你身上或掉进车里。Step 6 Soak your suit浸泡你的衣Get sand out of your bathing suit by soaking it in a basin of lukewarm water. Lay it flat to dry overnight, then wash it with a mild detergent in the sink. Finish with a final rinse to get all the remaining stubborn sand right out.将在泳衣浸泡在温水中,展开晾干。第二天用温和的洗涤剂清洗,最后投干净,顽固的沙子马上不见啦。Fact: Sand sharks, also known as sand tigers, are the only shark known to come to the surface of the water and take a gulp of air.小常识:沙鲨,也叫做沙虎鲨鱼,是唯一需要到水面换气的鲨鱼。201208/194993Step 1 Eat foods rich in heme iron1.食用富含亚铁血红素的食物Eat foods rich in heme iron. Heme iron is more easily absorbed by the body than nonheme iron, so eating foods like meat,poultry, and fish -- all rich in heme iron -- can increase the amount of iron in your body.食用富含亚铁血红素的食物。亚铁血红素比非血红素铁更容易被人体吸收,所以,食用猪肉,家禽和鱼类——这些都富含亚铁血红素——可以增加体内铁的含量。Step 2 Eat foods rich in nonheme iron2.食用富含非血红素铁的食物Eat foods rich in nonheme iron, such as vegetables, fruits, and grains. While nonheme iron is not as easily absorbed as heme iron, combining the two can significantly increase your bodys absorption of nonheme iron.食用富含非血红素铁的食物,例如蔬菜,水果和谷类。尽管非血红素铁不像亚铁血红素那么容易被吸收,两种铁素相结合可以大幅增加身体对非血红素铁的吸收。Eating foods rich in vitamin C, such as green peppers, citrus fruits and juices, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, and leafy greens, also increases iron absorption.食用富含维他命C的食品也能增加铁的吸收,例如青椒,柑橘类水果和果汁,草莓,番茄,西兰花和叶菜。Step 3 Avoid tea3.不要喝茶Avoid drinking black or pekoe teas, which contain substances that bind to iron so it cannot be used by the body.不要喝黑茶或白毫茶,这两种茶中的成分会和铁螯合,导致身体难以吸收。Step 4 Use cast iron cookware4.使用铸铁炊具Use cast iron cookware. Studies have found that cooking most foods containing iron in cast iron cookware increases the foods iron content significantly.使用铸铁炊具。研究发现,使用铸铁炊具来烹饪大部分含铁食物可以大幅增加食物中的铁含量。Step 5 Read labels5.阅读标签Beware of misleading package labels. While many food labels -- especially iron-fortified breakfast cereals -- boast high iron content, only 4 to 10 percent of the iron listed actually gets absorbed.警惕误导性的包装标签。尽管许多食物标签——尤其是高铁早餐谷类食品——都吹嘘含铁量高,然而只有4%至10%的铁能被吸收。Step 6 Take a supplement6.用补充剂Take an iron supplement if diet alone isnt sufficient to maintain healthy iron levels in your body. Have your physician measure your level of serum ferritin, the storage form of iron, to determine whether you need an iron supplement.如果仅从饮食中不能获得足够的铁元素来维持健康的铁水平,可以让医生测量血浆中储存的铁含量,以确定你是否需要用铁补充剂。Almost two-thirds of iron in the body is found in hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen to tissues.人体大约三分之二的铁都在血色素中。血色素是红细胞中的蛋白质,负责向组织供氧。 /201301/222034

What are some easy ways I can show my spouse I love them?向伴侣表达爱意有哪些简单方法呢?Here are some easy ways to show your partner that you love them. Create a Lovefest Day that both of you go out to celebrate. Often, we wait for anniversaries to come along in marriages, which is once a year. No! Once a week! Celebrate! Celebrate, go have fun! Bring some joy into, ;Whoa! Were in love! This is great!; Even if youre not feeling a lot of love right now in your marriage. Lets say that there are things that are blocking your heart. When you open to loving and romance, youre going to feel more love. Love feels good. Not being in love is what feels bad. Even if there are some thigs that are upsetting you about your partner, focus on those things that are good in the marriage. I guarantee you that its not 100% bad. Things are really, really good in your marriage right now. If you put your focus there, chances are youre going to have a lot more fun and a lot more happiness in your life.以下是告诉伴侣你爱他们的几个简单方法。找一个特别的日子,两人外出庆祝。通常,我们都会等待每年一度的结婚纪念日。不,你应该每周庆祝一次,一起外出开心一下!尽量高兴一点,“哇,我们恋爱了!太棒了!”即使你现在的婚姻生活中并没有感到太多爱意,我们要说一定有什么事情堵塞了你的内心。当你敞开心扉,面对爱情和浪漫,你会感觉到更多爱意。爱让人感觉非常好。感觉不到爱会让人觉得很糟糕。即使有一些因素让你对自己的伴侣感到沮丧,尽量集中在婚姻生活中比较好的方面。我向你保,并不是100%都是坏的。现在,你的婚姻生活是非常好的。如果你集中在好的方面,你会发现你的生活中有更多趣味,更多快乐。Thanks for watching How To Show Your Spouse You Love Them.感谢收看“怎样向配偶表达爱意”视频节目。201210/206541

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