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In this American English pronunciation , we#39;re going to discuss how to pronounce the little word #39;or#39;.在这节美式英语发音视频中,我们将要学习小词“or”的发音。The word #39;or#39; is written in IPA with the #39;aw#39; as in #39;law#39; sound followed by the R consonant sound.单词“or”在 国际音标符号中写的是“law”里面“aw”的音加上辅音R。But I find actually, the vowel sound is more closed than that--- o, o, o, or, or.但是实际上我发现,那个元音更接近于o,o,o,or,or.However, this word will generally be unstressed in a sentence. It is a conjunction. That is a function word. And function words will normally be unstressed.然而,这个单词在句子中通常是非重读的。这是一个连词。是一个功能词。功能词通常是非重读的。In this case, it will be pronounced er [x3]. Very short, very low in pitch, the schwa-R sound: er (loop two times).在这里,它会发成“er”(循环三次)声音低沉快速,弱元音R,“er”(循环两次)Let#39;s look at some examples.He#39;ll come at 6 or 6:30,6 or, er, er, 6 or, 6 or 6:30.我们来看一些例子。He#39;ll come at 6 or 6:30,6 or,er,er,6 or,6 or 6:30.Now, the thing to note, when you reduce a word, you must link it to the words that come around. You don#39;t want to say 6---or---6:30.需要记住的是,当你略读一个单词时,你必须把它和前后的单词进行连读。你不想这样来读吧,6---or---6:30.Six-er, six-er. 6 or 6:30. Very connected, very smooth. He#39;ll come at 6 or 6:30.Do you want to leave now, or wait a while? Er-wait (loop two times).Six-er,six-er. 6 or 6:30. 连得很近,很平顺。He#39;ll come at 6 or 6:30.你想现在就离开,还是等一会儿?Er-wait(循环两次)Did you notice? I did put a gap before the word #39;or#39;. That#39;s ok. Just make sure that it links to either the word before or the word after.你注意到了吗?在单词“or”前面有一个间隔。这是可以的。只要确保它和前面或后面的单词连读就可以了。Do you want to leave now, or wait a while?你想现在就离开,还是等一会儿?I don#39;t eat beef or chicken. Beef-er (loop two times), beef or chicken (loop two times). I don#39;t eat beef or chicken.I don#39;t eat beef or chicken. Beef-er (循环两次),beef or chicken(循环两次). I don#39;t eat beef or chicken.Come here, or you#39;ll be sorry! Er-you#39;ll (loop two times), or you#39;ll be sorry. Come here, or you#39;ll be sorry.来这里,不然你会后悔的。Er-you#39;ll (循环两次),不然你会后悔的。来这里,不然你会后悔的。Reduction and linking are important concepts in American English.略读和连读在美式英语里是很重要的概念。Saying #39;or#39; this way will help to smooth out your language, and will help you to be understood.用这种方式来发“or”的音会使你的语言更流利,也会帮助其他人理解你的意思。That#39;s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel#39;s English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachel#39;s English。 Article/201706/515399TED演讲视频:农作物保险 一个值得播种的想法在撤哈拉以南的非洲地区,小农户是国家和区域经济的根基--如果不是因为天气的不可预测及他们的作物歉收的话。而解决方案就是保险,在一个广阔的,非洲大陆范围内,以一个非常低的可负担得起的价格提供保险。罗斯·哥斯林加,一位肯尼亚公民,和她的团队一起开创了一个非常规的方法给那些农作物在生长期遭受灾害的农民提供补种的机会。 Article/201705/510787Botos are highly social, and in the breeding season, there is stiff competition for mates.亚马逊江豚是高度社会型动物。在繁殖季节,会有一场激烈的求偶竞赛The males hold court in a unique way.雄江豚会以独特的方式向雌江豚示爱They pick up rocks in their jaws and flaunt them to their attending females.它们用长嘴捡起石块,然后向自己的“心上人”炫耀。Maybe each male is trying to show how strong and dexterous he is这或许是雄江豚展示自己强壮身体和敏捷身手的一种方式and that he therefore is the best father a female could have for her young.以此来明自己将是最好的父亲,雌江豚为了孩子就应该选它Successful displays lead to mating.求爱成功后,它们便开始交配Even for giant rivers like the Amazon,即使像亚马逊河这般巨大的江河the journey to the sea is not always smooth or uninterrupted.流向大海的过程也并非都是平缓连续的Iguagu Falls, on the border of Brazil and Argentina,位于巴西和阿根廷边境的伊瓜苏瀑布is one of the widest waterfalls in the world, 1.5 miles across.是世界上最宽的瀑布之一,宽幅达1.5英里。In flood, 30 million litres of water spill over every second.瀑布每秒的水流量达到3000万立方米。 Article/201706/513064He#39;d always coveted Caister Castle, and now,in September 1469, he came to get it.他一直觊觎凯斯特城堡 在1469年9月 他大举进攻 势在必得Margaret wrote in some anguish to her son.玛格丽特在给儿子的信中发泄怒火I greet you well,letting you know that your brother and his fellowship stand in great jeopardy at Caister.希望你一切安好 要知道 你的兄弟和他的随从们 在凯斯特城堡中岌岌可危Well, she was clearly desperate,but she was also extremely angry,她明显已经绝望了 但仍然难掩怒火and a few lines later, she lets her son John feel the rough edge of her tongue,which is extremely rough indeed.仅用几行话 就让儿子约翰感觉到 母亲对他严厉的申斥 确实极度严厉Every man in this country marvels that you suffer them to be for so long in great jeopardy.附近的人都惊叹于 你眼见他们陷入如此长久的危险处境They be like to lose both their lives and the place,他们很可能会丧失土地 甚至丢掉性命the greatest rebuke to you that ever came to any gentleman.对于你这绅士 无疑是最强烈的指责John immediately writes back.约翰立刻回信Mother, if I had need to be woken up by a lette this time,I would indeed be a sluggish fellow.母亲 如果这次我需要用一封信来警醒 那我实在迟钝怠惰I have heard ten times worse tidings since the siege began than any letter that you wrote me,围攻开始之后 我所听到的消息 比你信上所写糟糕十倍but I assure you that those within have no worst rest than I have,nor fear more danger.但我向你保 没有人比我更内心焦急 内心越恐惧 处境越危险Faced with the might of the Duke of Norfolk#39;s army,面对诺福克公爵的强大军力the Pastons had no choice but to surrender their castle.帕斯顿家族别无选择 只能交出城堡投降But once again,they would have the law to thank to transform their fortunes.但又一次 法律带给他们带来一线转机It took a seven-year legal battle and an appeal to the king,历经长达七年的官司之争 以及向国王的申诉but they were, eventually, rightfully reinstated at Caister,最终 凯斯特通过正当渠道失而复得although for the eldest of Margaret#39;s brood,the triumph was short-lived.尽管对于玛格丽特的长子来说 这场胜利来得太晚Three years later, John Paston died of the plague.三年之后 约翰·帕斯顿死于鼠疫 /201612/483268Packed with proteins and minerals,oysters are the perfect survival food,牡蛎富含蛋白质和矿物质 是绝好的救生食品and there#39;s an almost endless supply.而且几乎取之不尽It#39;d be nicer sharing it with the love of your life and a glass of wine,要是能有爱人美酒相伴 共享这顿大餐就更棒了but out here,it#39;s as good as I#39;m gonna get.但是在这荒岛上 能弄到这个我已经非常满足了I found several sources of water on the island,but I still need more.我在岛上找到了一些淡水源 但是依然不够I#39;m surrounded on all sides by seawater,but I can#39;t drink it.四面环海 却无法饮用The salt fries your kidneys,dehydrates you, and ultimately kills you.盐分会加重肾脏的负担 最终使你脱水而死If you think cunningly, there is actually ways of getting freshwater from salt water.若你够急智 还是有其他办法的 可以从海水中提取淡水If you boil seawater and collect the steam,that will be drinkable.如果你将海水煮沸 再收集水蒸气 就可以饮用了As the salt water boils,stream goes up,condenses, drips down and comes out of this little hole.当海水沸腾 蒸汽会上升 凝结 滴落 最后从这个小孔中流出Fires are notoriously difficult to start by the sea.because of all the humidity in the air.在海边生火是件人所共知的难事 因为空气极其潮湿Salt-soaked wood won#39;t light,but dry banana husk will take a spark.经盐浸的木头是无法点燃的 但干燥的蕉树外皮是可以燃烧的Ok, let#39;s get this on.The still will take a while to work,which leaves me time to contemplate my next move.好了 把这放上去 还要好一会才能有成果 正好用这功夫慎重考虑下一步的计划I guess the choice is pretty stark.现在真是进退维谷You know, do you stay here and wait for rescue,or do you go, take your chances on the open sea,but risk death?是选择留下静待救援 还是冒险生命危险 出海自救呢But I guess I know what I#39;d do.不过我想我已经选择好了 Article/201607/452381

FLASH知性英语:I am popeye the sailor man本作品来自英语帮帮网(www.english88.com),版权归英语帮帮网所有. /200703/10913

Perhaps he will rightly be called a leopard,leo-brave, proud and fierce, the powered,wily, devious and treacherous.或许猎豹是对他最贴切的称谓 如猎豹般 勇敢 傲慢而残忍 大权在握 狡猾 刁钻而阴险The leopard prince was born to splendid,impossible expectations.猎豹王子生来就被寄予宏伟 近乎不切实际的厚望His father, Henry III,had named his son for England Royal Saint Edward the Confessor the paragon,so it was then thought, of kingly perfection.他的父亲 亨利三世 以英格兰皇室圣贤 忏悔者爱德华为其命名 在当时人民的心中 他是帝王的完美代表Though the Confessor had been dead for almost 200 years,尽管忏悔者已离世近二百年Henry ate, drank and worshipped him,and finally created for the long-dead king a shrine of unparalleled magnificence.亨利无时无刻不把他奉若神灵 并最终为这位早已作古的国王 建造了一座富丽堂皇 无与伦比的神龛Of course, such a shrine would need a home that equalled a splender the new Westminster Abbey.当然 此等华贵的神龛需要一个 与其相称的处所来安放 全新的威斯敏斯特教堂Henry demolished the old basilica at Westminster and replaced it with an immense gothic abbey,亨利拆除了威斯敏斯特的旧教堂 在原址建造了一座宏伟的哥特式教堂a building that now fitted his vision of an awe-inspiring English monarch.这个新建筑终于与他心中 英格兰君王令人敬畏的形象相称From now on, Westminster would be the symbolic heart of the Kingdom,从那以后 威斯敏斯特教堂就成了 王权身份的象征the place where all English monarchs would be crowned and buried.所有英国君主都将在此加冕 死后也将长眠于此 /201610/470159

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