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又把手机丢了-- :6:1 A:Hey,Marco. I lost my cell phone again.  Marco.我又把手机丢了  B:[Surprised]What?But you just lost one last week.  [惊奇地]什么?可你上周才丢一部啊  A:I know .That’s why I said again.  我知道,所以我才说又丢了  B:What happened?  出什么事儿了?  A;It all began because I wanted to quit smoking.  这都是因为我想戒烟引起的  B:Quit smoking?  戒烟?  A;You know I’m like a chained smoker.My girl says kissing me is like kissing an ashtray,So I decided to quit.  你知道我烟不离手,我女朋友说吻我就象吻烟灰缸所以我决定戒  B:You did the right thing,But what happened to your cell phone?  你做的对可跟你手机有什么关系?  A:On my way to school,I’d always buy smokes,I can’t seem to resist the temptance .Nocotine is one of the most addictive substances in the world,you know.So this morning,I dicided to take another route.A little farther,but there’re no smoke sellers.  我上班的时候总会买包烟抽我好象抗拒不了那种诱惑你也知道尼古丁是世界上最容易上瘾的物质了所以我决定换个道走虽然远一些,可没有卖烟的  B:Then?  然后呢?  A:Then I bumped into that girl.  然后我就撞到了那个姑娘  B:That girl?  那个姑娘?  A:Yeah.I bumped into her and we both fell down.I said sorry.I guess my cell phone wanted to say sorry too.So it slipped out of my pocket without telling me.  是的我撞到了她,我们都摔了我向她抱歉我想我的手机也要抱歉,所以它没通知我一声就从我口袋里划出去了  B:[Chuckles]Was she beautiful?  [笑]那女孩漂亮吗?  A:What’re you talking about?  你说什么呢?  B:I thought you were trying to hit on her.  我以为你要调戏她呢  A:Just listen,okay?Then I headed my way to the school and when I wanted to make a phone call to my girlfriend,I found my cell phone was not there.  听我讲好不好然后我接着走等我想给我女朋友打电话时我发现手机不见了  B:So you went back it?  你回去找了吗?  A:I did,But you know.it’s aly gone.Damn it.what did I don wrong ?  找了,但你也知道,它肯定是不见了见鬼,我做错了什么?  B:You shouldn’t quit smoking again.  你不应该再戒烟  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]bump into和knock into都表示撞到某人,所不同的是bump into是碰了一下,而knock into则比较重  []I headed my way to the school .这句话中,head不在表示“头”,作为动词,它表示“向…走”在街上遇到老外时他们可能会问你where are you heading?[你去哪儿啊?]  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思  [ ie:What does“***”mean?“***”是什么意思?]  mobile {phone} antenna SMS satellite phone call小学英语日记:暑假第一天 -- ::18 来源: It was the first day of our summer holiday. All of us were very happy. Why? Because we have one months to do things we love to do. We are free.Although we have some homework. But we can finish them in several days. And the rest time we can make good use of. My god! We have been very tired after hard studying. In winter holidays, I want to have full sleepand eat good food in order to replenish myself. Last but not the least, I will have a good rest.这是第一天,我们的暑假我们大家都非常高兴为什么?因为我们有一个月的事我们都爱做的事我们很空闲.虽然我们有一些功课但是,我们可以完成他们的若干天其余的时间我们可以好好利用我的上帝!我们已经很疲惫后很难学习在冬季假期,我希望能有充分的很好吃的食物,以补充自己最后但并非最不重要,我会好好休息三年级英语作文:The composition of the tree --1 01:57:1 来源:   A tree has three main parts, the roots, the branches and the leaves. Under the ground, the roots out so that the tree can stand firm. Above the ground, the roots m the trunk, and the trunk suorts the branches.  Near the top of the tree, the trunk divides into branches. At the top of the tree, the leaves grow out of the branches. the leaves receive sunlight to help the whole tree grow.

小学英语作文:我们的英语老师 -- :00:6 来源: 小学英语作文:我们的英语老师OurEnglish teacher Miss Yang is about 0 years old.She is thin and tall.She wears a pair of glasses.我们的英语老师是杨老师,她约0岁了,长得又高又瘦,她戴着眼镜Miss Yang is very strict to us,whoever makes mistakes will be punished.She seldom smile to us. She lives far away from the school.Every morning,she has to walk to school more than 0 minutes,but she is never late.杨老师对我们很严,不管谁犯错误都会受到处罚她很少朝我们笑她住在离学校很远的地方,每天早上要走0多分钟才能到学校,但是她从来没有吃到过Miss Yang ,our english teacher,is serious in speech and manner,but we all love her very much.我们的英语老师杨老师,虽然她不苟言笑,但是我们都很喜欢她

婚礼上的习俗-- :5: A:So what are we gonna talk about today?  我们今天聊什么?  B:I was wondering if you could tell me something about marriage customs.  我想你今天跟我谈谈婚礼上的习俗好吗?  A:No problem.What do you wanna know?  成啊你想知道什么?  B:Well,how old are people when they usually get married?  一般人们多大结婚?  A:Most people get married when they're in thier 's or 30's .But some people may not find love until they're in their 70's.  大多数的人二三十的时候结,也有七十才找到伴儿的  B:Is there an engagement period?  有订婚期吗?  A:Yes.The engagement period usually lasts from between 3 months to a year.  是啊一般是三个月到一年  B:Who pays the wedding?  谁出钱半婚礼呢?  A:The couple would probably split the cost between them,with contributions from the parents too.  两口子对半分  B:Who's invited?  都请些什么人呢?  A:Weddings are treated as a big occasion. So all close family and friends would be invited.  结婚可是一辈子的大事儿所有的亲朋好友都要请的  B:What happens during the ceremony?  婚礼上都干什么?  A:The ceremony is usually fairly simple.Some hymns maybe sung,The vicar may some passages from the Bible.The bride and groom say their vows and rings are exchanged.The newly married couple will then go outside to have their wedding photos taken,Then everyone goes to a restaurant the reception,where the partying begins. Eating,drinking,singing,dancing and more drinking,  挺简单的,到时会唱赞歌儿主持人会从圣经中摘出几段念新人当众宣誓,交换戒指然后到教堂外去照相之后大家去饭店,那里会有一个很大的聚会,大家吃吃喝喝,唱歌跳舞,然后再接着喝  B:What do the bride and groom usually wear?  新郎新娘都穿什么?  A:The groom wears a tuxedo and the bride wears a beautiful,long dress,usually in white  新郎穿燕尾,新娘则穿很漂亮的长长的礼,一般是白色的  B:What kind of gifts do people usually give?  那大家一般都送什么礼?  A:People will give useful gifts that the newly-weds can make their new home with.Such as kitchen ware or bedding.  一般都送新人家里会用得到的,比如厨房用具或床上用品什么的  B:How long is the honeymoon?  蜜月一般都多长?  A:The honeymoon ?Usually between 1 and weeks.  蜜月?也就一两个礼拜吧  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1] split the bill是指分开付费split是一个很常用的词吃饭时与别人分开结帐可以说let's split the bill.与别人分手了也可以说成we split  []婚礼上除了新郎和新娘之外,还有伴郎the best man,伴娘maid of honor和主持婚礼的牧师priest.  [3]honeymoon蜜月通常人们会问新人们这个问题where did you spend your honeymoon?你们在哪儿度的蜜月?  Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思  [ ie:What does "***"mean?"***"是什么意思?]  wedding jitter bowtie wedding gawn to have the cold feet自我介绍 Self-introduction -- :: 来源: My name is Zhang Yan and I am twelve years old. I am a student of grade six. There are four people in my family, my father, mother and little brother. My brother is four years younger than me. He is lovely and active. Reading, singing and dancing are my favorites. I work hard and I do very well in all subjects.我的名字叫张燕,今年岁我是一名六年级的学生我就家有四口人,爸爸,妈妈,弟弟和我我弟弟比我小四岁他活泼可爱我喜欢阅读,唱歌和跳舞我学习努力,各科成绩都很好廊桥遗梦 The Bridges of Madison County 对白 -- :8: 来源: Hi, sis. Now, Michael, if l could just get you to sign this right here... ...which gives you the contents of the safe deposit box. Fine, thank you. And this one, please, which... ...clears the bank of responsibility the contents. This is exciting. Maybe we'll find out that your mother had secret millions. Why don't we get started? Now, your mother is interred at the... ...Cedar Heights Funeral Home until arrangements can be made. -l thought it was arranged. -There's a problem. What problem? Your mother left explicit instructions to be cremated. -l don't understand it either. -When did she decide this? Well, apparently, just bee her death. This is crazy. l don't know anybody who gets cremated. Lots of people do. No one in my family did. Dad bought cemetery plots at Prairie Hills, one him, one Mom. The will clearly states-- l don't care what it says. Maybe Mom was delirious. She didn't know what she was saying. lf she wanted to be cremated why did she let Dad buy two plots? She was very specific. She wanted her ashes to be thrown off Roseman Bridge. What?! -Bizarre. -Are you sure Mom wrote all this? lt was notarized and witnessed by Mrs. Lucy Delaney. Maybe you could ask her. -Who the hell is she? -l remember her. l don't care if it's legal or not. We're not going to cremate her and throw her ashes off some bridge... ...where we can't visit her because she'll be blown all over the place! Not to mention people driving all over her.... We're not doing it. l'm not even sure it's Christian. Maybe it's an ltalian thing. She was ltalian. Doesn't matter. Move on. We can come back to this. Why don't we open the box? Look at these. Have you ever seen these pictures? lt was in this envelope from 1965. She's not wearing a bra. That's the Holliwell Bridge. ln case anyone's interested. Why are there deeds? This is the additional acres he purchased in '59. And this? Those were bills of sale from equipment your mother sold. This is the original parcel of land. That's a beautiful picture of her. What? Could you come here? What? Where're we going? She say anything in there about me? About leaving me anything? No. What's going on? We were just... ...wondering if it might be better... ...if Carolyn and l looked at this stuff ourselves. We don't want to keep you waiting. l'll contact your office about the legal work. ''l struggle to... ''...put it together... ''...in a way that allows me to continue... ''...knowing that we're on separate roads. But then... ''...l look through the lens of my camera and you're there. ''l start to write an and l find myself writing it to you. ''lt's clear to me now... ''...that we have been moving towards each other... ''...towards those days, all of our lives.'' l don't want to hear anymore. Burn the damn thing. l don't want to hear it. Throw it away. What's he saying now? He just goes on about how if... ...Mom ever needed him... ...he could be reached through the National Geographic. He was a photographer. He promises not to write again. And then, all it says is: ''l love you, Robert.'' Robert. Jesus. l'll kill him. That would be some trick. He's dead. That's what this letter is. From his attorney. He left most of his things to Mom. And requested.... What? That he be cremated and his ashes thrown off Roseman Bridge. Damn him. l knew Mom wouldn't've thought that up herself. lt was some damn perverted... ...photographic mind influencing her. When did the bastard die? '8. Wait, that was... ...three years after Daddy. You think? l don't know. l'm completely in the dark here. That's what l get moving away. We were kids when this happened. l can't believe it. Do you think that she had... ...sex with him? lt must be nice living inside your head with Peter Pan and the Easter Bunny. Don't talk to me like that. She was my mother! Now l find that she was.... -She was a.... -A what? -Don't say that. -What am l supposed to think? l can't believe she never told me. We spoke once a week. How could she do that? When did she meet him? Did Dad know? ls there anything else in that envelope? No, l don't think so. You it. You it. ''January, 1987. ''Dear Carolyn: ''l hope you this with Michael. ''l'm sure he wouldn't be able to it by himself... ''...and he'll need help understanding all this. ''First and... ''...most of all... ''...l love you both very much. ''And although l feel fine, l thought l'd put my affairs... ''...excuse that word, in order.'' l can't believe she's making jokes. ''After going through the safe deposit box... ''...l'm sure you'll find your way to this letter. ''lt's hard to write this to my own children. ''l could let this die with the rest of me, l suppose. ''But as one gets older... ''...one's fears subside. ''What becomes more and more important... ''...is to be known... ''...known all that you were during this brief stay. ''How sad it seems to leave this earth... ''...without those you love the most... ''...ever really knowing who you were. ''lt's easy a mother to love her children, no matter what. ''lt just happens. l don't know if it's as simple children. ''You're all so busy being angry at us raising you wrong. ''His name... ''...was Robert Kincaid. ''He was a photographer and he was here in 1965... ''...shooting an National Geographic on the covered bridges. ''Remember when we got that issue, how we felt like celebrities? ''Remember when we started getting the subscription?'' That's Roseman Bridge. That must be Robert Kincaid. And that's Mom's medallion. ''l don't want you to be angry with him. ''l hope after you know the whole story... ''...you think well of him, even grateful.'' -Grateful? -''lt's all there, in the 3 notebooks.'' ''lt was the week of the lllinois State Fair. ''The two of you were going with Dad to exhibit... ''...Carolyn's prize steer. ''lt was the Sunday night you left. l know it sounds awful... ''...but l couldn't wait you to leave. ''You were going to be gone until Friday. ''Four days. ''Just four days.'' Richard! Dinner! What did l tell you about the door? Sorry. Okay, so.... Would you like to say grace? Grace. More sauces. A piece of b. Thanks. That was the Shangri-Las. Moving up to number nine this week is ''Baby, l'm yours.'' Damn drawer. Here. You can't get mad at it. Sorry. Didn't mean to yell. l want you to stay away from anything too spicy. And you promise me. l swear. Only filters. No more than half pack a day. -l've got my orders. -Doc Reynolds said so. l know, l'm only kidding. -Are you sure you don't want to go? -l'm positive. What are you going to do as a woman of leisure? Same thing l do as a hired hand, except with less help. l won't be able to sleep, you know. l can't sleep without you next to me. lt's only days. Oh, God, where have you been? You missed them? They left. Why do you love me so much? l don't like you. Get down. You like that song? lt's just you and me. Just you and me. Hi. You know, l get the distinct feeling that l'm lost. Are you supposed to be in lowa? Then you're not that lost. l'm looking a bridge. One of those covered bridges in this neighborhood. Roseman Bridge? That's it. You're pretty close. lt's only about two miles from here. Which way? Well, you... ...go that way... ...and at Cutter's turn left. To Cutters? Cutter's a farm. Small house, close to the road. Big, mean yellow dog. Mean yellow dog, okay. Then you go along that road until you come to a k. lt's only less than half a mile. And then where, after the k? The right. And then you.... No, no, not that k. Excuse me. You pass Peterson's. Peterson's. Peterson's a farm. And past the old school house you turn left. lt would be easier to tell you if the roads were marked. lt certainly would. l can take you if you want. Or l can tell you. l can take you or tell you. lt's up to you. l don't care. l wouldn't want to take you away. No, l was just going to have some ice tea, and then... ...split the atom, but that can wait. Okay. l'll just get my shoes. l wasn't expecting company. Where to? Out, then right. Out... ...then right. Wonderful smell to lowa. Kind of particular in this part of the country, you know? No. lt's hard to explain. lt's in the loam of the soil. lt's got that... ...kind of rich, earthy... ...alive, well, maybe not alive. You don't smell it? Maybe it's because l live here. l guess so. Smells great though. Are you from Washington? Yeah, l lived there till l was in my mid-s. l moved to Chicago when l got married. When did you move back? After the divorce. How long have you been married? A long time. A long time. Where're you from? Do you mind me asking? No, l don't mind your asking. l'm from.... l'm born in ltaly. ltaly? From ltaly to lowa. Where in ltaly? We lived in a small town on the eastern side...no one's ever heard of: Bari. l know Bari. No. Yeah. Really? Yeah. l was once on assignment to Greece and l had to go through Bari... ...to get to Brindisi. l was looking out, it looked like pretty country. So l got off the train and stayed a few days. You got off the train because it looked pretty? Yeah, l did. Excuse me. Cigarette? Sure, l'll have one. So tell me, how long have you lived in lowa? Long. You just got off the train and stayed without knowing anyone there? Yeah. That's it. lt's beautiful. This is great. l won't shoot this today. l'll just do a little prep work. Shoot it tomorrow. The light's no good right now. So l'll just wait. l don't mind. Go on down here. l think this is a good place to start. Beautiful bridge. Beautiful. Do you come here much? No. Always this hot around here? Oh, yes. This time of year. There's some sodas in the truck if you'd like one. Would you like one? Not now. l'll go get one. and a half. There you are. You caught me. l was picking you some flowers. Men still do that, don't they? l'm not out of date, am l? Picking flowers as a sign of appreciation? No. Except those are poisonous. l'm kidding. l'm sorry. l'm just kidding. l'm so sorry. Are you sadistic by nature? l don't know why l did that. -Here. -They're beautiful. l'm sorry. You're looking something specific? There's not much selection. l had a station out of Chicago earlier. Played good blues. lt's . There. That's nice. Care another cigarette? Sure. ls that the mean yellow dog? ls it white? Yellow. l want to thank you all your kindness, Mrs. Johnson. Francesca. Robert. Would you like some ice tea? Yeah. Yes, sit down. -You like lemon? -Sure. Maybe... ...a little bit of sugar? You bet. lf you want more.... Thanks. Aren't you afraid to have those in here? l'm so sorry l did that. l don't know why... ...why l said that. Where are you staying? Some place with small cabins. Something or other Motor lnn. l've got it written down, but l haven't checked in yet. How long are you here ? l don't know, maybe four or five days, a week at most. As long as it takes to do the work. Where's your family? My husband took the kids to the state fair. My daughter is entering a prize steer. How old? A year and a half. No, l meant the kids. Michael is seventeen. And Carolyn is sixteen. That's nice, having kids. They're not kids anymore. Things change. They always do. One of the laws of nature. Most people are afraid of change, but if you look at it as... ...something you can count on, then it can be a comt. There's not many things you can really count on. l guess. l'm one of those people it frightens, l think. l doubt that. Why do you say that? From ltaly to lowa, that's a big change. But Richard was in the Army there. l met him when l was living in Naples. l didn't know anything about lowa. l just cared that it was America, and... ...of course, being with Richard. What's he like? He's very clean. Clean? Yeah. No. l mean.... He's other things too. He's a very hard worker... ...very caring... ...honest. He's gentle. He's a good father. And clean. Clean. And you like living here in lowa, l guess? Yeah. Go ahead. l'm not going to tell anyone. l'm supposed to say: ''lt's just fine. lt's quiet and the people are real nice.'' And all that's true. Mostly. lt is quiet. And the people are nice. ln certain ways. We all help each other out. lf someone gets sick or hurt, all the neighbors come in. They pick the corn, harvest the oats or whatever. ln town, you can leave your car unlocked, and let the kids run around. Don't worry about them. There are a lot of nice... ...things about the people here. And l respect them those qualities. But.... But? Well, it's not... ...what l dreamed of... ...as a girl. l scribbled something down the other day. l often do that when l'm out on the road. Kind of goes like this: The old dreams... ...were good dreams. They didn't work out, but l'm glad l had them. l don't know what it means. l thought l might use it someday. Well, anyway, l think l know how you feel. Would you like to stay dinner? There's not much in town. And you'd have to eat alone. So would l. l'd like that. l'd like that. l don't get a home-cooked meal too often. l'd like that a lot. Okay. This is ridiculous. Do you mind if l put some film in the fridge? -No, go ahead. -This heat here isn't too giving. Anything l can do to help? To help what? Cook? Yeah. Men cook. Okay, sure. What can l do? You can scrape the carrot. Scrape the carrots. And grate them. Make a nice salad. All right. Scrape the carrots. Like that. -How's that? -Good. Very nice. Not bad, huh? Don't get to pick off the end. Pick off end. Let me get these.... Excuse me. l can take the ends off of these too. Yes. That's a good idea. Like this? That's good. But don't use your fingers. Then they smell like.... l'll get you some lemon. Would you like a beer? -l've got some in the car. -l would love a beer. Anything to get out of a little work. Very nice. No, wait a second. lt gets better. You must picture this: l have 3 cameras around my neck... ...and l've got a tripod and my pants are around my ankles. l'm behind a bush and then suddenly l see this gorilla. A huge gorilla, staring right at me... ...with the most lascivious look you've ever seen. More than you've seen on any creature with that much hair. l freeze, of course, because that's what you're supposed to do. And then it started coming towards me. And what? What? My God! l can't.... You're blushing. lt's a very painful subject. A very sore, sore subject matter, really. -What happened? -We became engaged. You should really.... You should write these stories down. l would, except this is a female gorilla and it had on eye shadow... ...and a little lip gloss on her lips and it was so nice and.... We still write. l don't want to put this stuff down. l'm afraid.... l'm afraid my writing's a little too technical. The trouble with being a journalist too long is... ...you stop giving yourself permission to invent. l'll just stick to making pictures. Making pictures. l like that. You really love what you do. l'm obsessed by it, really. Why is that, do you think? l don't know. l don't think obsessions have reasons. That's why they're obsessions. You sound like an artist. l wouldn't say that. National Geographic likes their photos in focus... ...and not too much personal comment. l don't mind really. l'm no artist. That's one of the curses of being too well-adjusted, too normal. l don't think you're so normal. Really? l didn't mean it that way... ...in the way that it sounded. That's all right. We'll just chalk it up to a compliment and... ...move on. Did you love teaching? Sometimes l did. When there was a particular student who can make a difference.... They're all supposed to, but they don't. lt's not true. You tend to single out one or two... ...who you think you can contribute something to. And did you? l don't know, l hope so. One went to medical school. Why'd you quit? My children, my kids. And... ...Richard didn't like it. But you miss it, obviously. l never think about it. What's the most exciting place that you've ever been? Unless you're too tired to talk about it. Most exciting.... You're asking a man if he's tired of talking about himself? You haven't been out much, have you? Sorry. l didn't mean to make it sound like some dumb statement. Maybe it's a little dull you... ...telling this to some housewife in the middle of nowhere. This is your home. This isn't nowhere. And it's not dull. Let's see... l guess l'd say that the most exciting place l've ever been to was Africa. 'Cause it's another world. lt's not just the cultures and the people. That's great, but it's the air. The colors from dawn to dusk. There's something tangible about it. The cohabitation of man and beast, and beast and beast. Who'll survive and who won't. There's no judgement about it. You know? There's no imposed morality. lt's just... ...the way it is. lt's beautiful, really. Just nothing like it. lt's... ...a voyeur's paradise. l'd love to see that. There's safaris. You can ask your husband. Yeah. lt's a beautiful evening. Would you like to take a walk? You've got it all right here. No, l'm serious. This is as nice a place as l've ever been. ''The silver apples of the moon, and the golden apples of the sun.'' Yeats. ''The Song of Wandering Aengus.'' No? Good stuff, Yeats, huh? Realism... ...economy, sensuousness... ...beauty, magic. All that appeals to my lrish ancestry. -Something wrong? -No. Want something to drink? Maybe some... ...coffee? Maybe... ...some brandy? Maybe some both. Yes? Let's. Sure you don't want me to help? No. l'm not going to wash them now. l'll rinse them now. Do it later. Francesca. Are you all right? Yeah. What? What? We're not doing anything wrong. Nothing you couldn't tell your kids. To ancient evenings and distant music? He's getting her drunk. That's what happened. Maybe he ced himself. That's why she couldn't tell us. He did not. He's such a... ...nice guy. He's trying to sleep with somebody's wife! l don't think so. And that doesn't make you a bad person. He reminds me of Steve. Steve's... ...weak, immoral and a liar, but he's still a nice guy. He just shouldn't be married. At least, not to me. l'm hungry. Are you getting hungry? l had no idea it's gotten that bad, sis. Please, don't feel sorry me. Nobody's cing me to stay. Why do you? Do you mind if l ask you a question? No. Why did you get divorced? l was never around. So, why'd l get married? That's a good question. l guess l needed a home base. Roots. You can kind of get lost on the road. So what happened? l never got lost. l was more at home everywhere than just in one place. Kind of like a citizen of the world. Must get lonely sometimes. No. l never indulge in that. l have friends all over the world l can visit now and then, if l feel like it. Women friends too? l'm a loner, but not a monk. You really don't need anyone? l think l need everyone. l love people. l'd love to meet them all. That's the thing about lowa. You tend to meet the same kind of person repeatedly. So... ...when Mr. Delaney has an affair with the Redfield woman the town wakes up. There's a lot of that going around. lt seems to me there's too much of: ...''this is mine'' and ''he or she is mine.'' There's just too many lines being drawn. That kind of thing. You know? Doesn't it scare you? Being alone? l don't think so. l think l embrace the mystery. Do you ever regret it? What? The divorce, l mean. No. Do you regret not having a family? Not everyone's supposed to have one. But how can you live just what you want? What about other people? l love other people. -But no one in particular. -But l love them just the same. lt's not the same. l know it's not the same, but... ...what you're saying is it's not as good, it's not normal. -That's not it. -lt is. l have a bit of a problem with this American family ethic... ...that seems to have hypnotized the whole country. You probably think of... ...someone like me as a... ...poor displaced soul who's destined to wander the planet... ...with no TV or self-cleaning oven. Because someone decides to have a family doesn't mean they're hypnotized. Never having seen a gazelle stampede doesn't mean l'm asleep in my life. Want to leave your husband? No. Of course not. l'm sorry about that. l apologize that. What made you ask such a question? l thought that's what we were doing. Asking questions. We were having a conversation. You ask me questions... ...ing all these meanings into it that l must be too simple to... ...interpret or something. l'm sorry. l apologize. Roseman Bridge at dawn. l better be going. l'm sorry. l apologize. You must give me. That was a very indiscreet question. lt was dumb. l feel like something's been spoiled. lt was a perfect evening, just the way it was. Perfect evening... ...a nice walk. Thank you the... ...company and the brandy. You're a good woman, Francesca. Keep the brandy ward in the cupboard. lt might work out after all. And don't kid yourself, Francesca. You're anything but a simple woman. Johnson's. Richard, hi. Everyone settled in okay? Good. l said, good. Johnson's. Hi, it's Robert Kincaid. Hi. Got your note. W.B. Yeats and all. l put it in my pocket and didn't it right away because... ...the light was changing. Had to get my shots. The light was changing. But l do accept your invitation. lt'll have to be later though. l'm going to the Holliwell Bridge and shoot there. After nine, how about that? Yes, your work's what's important. l'll make you something nice we can warm up when you get here. Maybe you'd like to come along with me. Yes, l would like that, but... ...l'll drive my pickup and meet you. All right? All right. What time? How about six? Okay. Great. lt's Lucy Redfield. Apparently Mrs. Delaney caught them. There's a seat down here if you like. Thank you. Hot out, isn't it? Yeah. Well, are you ordering anything? No. Thanks. l've changed my mind. How about this one? Well, it's.... l don't know, l don't know, l don't know. l haven't bought a dress myself in so long. l'm just buying a dress. lt's not a special occasion. l'm just shopping. l'm just shopping a new dress is all. That might work. And if he's still mad, tell him you married him out of pity. That always works me. Johnson's. Hi, it's Robert. Listen, l'm running a little late. But l'll still... ...be there. l don't want this to sound the wrong way but... ...l'm wondering if this is a good idea. l had lunch in town. And l crossed paths with that Redfield woman. l guess you got the whole story. The cashier at the grocery store was most generous. He's running town crier next year. l learned more about the Delaney affair than l knew about my marriage. lf it's going to be a problem you to see me tonight, don't do so. l'm sometimes not too bright about people's reactions. l wouldn't want you to be put in a compromising situation. Yeah, l understand. That's very kind of you to think of that. Robert? l want to come. So l'll meet you at the bridge like we planned and... ...don't worry about the rest. l'm not. All right. l'll see you then. Okay. Hi. Beautiful here. Make yourself at home. l have to knock off a few shots. Oh, look at the butterfly. Got you. Come on. -No, don't take my picture. -Yeah, come on. Go ahead, give me a pose. One of those French model looks. -l can't. -Like Gina Lollobrigida. Can l help? No, l've got everything under control. l'm just going to go... ...clean myself up a bit. l'll take a bath. What happens if l set the table? Well, that's fine. Sure. Good. Would you like a beer... ... your bath? Yeah. That's nice. Dinner will be y... ...in half an hour. l realized that he had been here just a few minutes bee. l was lying where the water had run down his body... ...and l found that intensely erotic. Almost everything about Robert Kincaid... ...had begun to seem erotic to me. What's wrong? You look stunning. lf you don't mind me saying so. Make-them-run-around-the-block- howling-in-agony stunning. Johnson's. Hi, Madge. No, l was just... ...fixing something to eat. No, what? Oh, yeah, l heard about him. l hear he's some kind of photographer or something. Hippie? No. ls that what a hippie looks like? No, l was just going to step into a bath when you called, so maybe.... They don't get back till Friday. Maybe l'll call you then, okay? Bye. lf you want me to stop, tell me now. No one's asking you to. ''He told me he wouldn't apologize what was going to happen.'' What's wrong? l'm going to get some air. Take me someplace. Right now. Take me someplace... ...that you've been. Someplace on the other side of the world. How about ltaly? Yeah. How about Bari? Yeah. Tell me about that time... ...you got off... ...the train. You know the station. Know the little restaurant with the striped awning across the way... ...serves arrancinos. Arrancinos. And zeppolis. l know that place. Well, l had coffee there. Did you sit... ...by the doorway or near the... ...front of the church? l was near the church. l know, l sat there once. l sat there once... ...on a day like this. lt was very hot and... ...l'd been shopping and l had all these packages around my feet. l had to keep moving them. You make me get my story. Lucky me. l had thoughts about him... ...l hardly knew what to do with. And he every one. Whatever l felt. Whatever l wanted, he gave himself up to. And in that moment... ...everything l knew to be true about myself up until then, was gone. l was acting like another woman... ...yet l was more myself than ever bee. We decided to spend Wednesday away from Winterset... ...away from Madison County. Away from pastures and bridges and people too familiar... ...and reminders too painful. We let the day take us where it wanted. ls that lndia? lt's beautiful. Look at this one. Look at their expressions. Beautiful. lt's as if the camera isn't on them. They're not photographs, they're stories. You should have these published, have your own collection. Nobody'd buy it. Why do you say that? Six publishers have told me so. No big deal. Whatever it is that... ...makes an artist look like an artist to the world... ...is just a feature l don't have. Maybe you have to convince yourself first. Maybe. Maybe you have to ask yourself why it's an obsession. What's that? l remembered l had this the other night, after you left. lt was made me in Assisi. l got it my 7th birthday. ''Francesca.'' Keep it. A musician friend of Robert's told him of a place off the interstate. A place, Robert assured me... ...no one l knew would see us. Thank you. What were you like as a young man? Trouble. Why? l just wandered. Why were you trouble? l had a temper. What were your parents like? Your mother and father? l don't know if l can do this. What? Try to cram in a whole lifetime between now and Friday. all we know We may never meet again Bee you go Make this moment sweet again We won't say good night Until the last note l'll hold out my hand And my heart will be in it all we know This may only be a dream. Where'd you go? Bar in town. Did you call Betty? Maybe you should. l found out who Lucy Delaney is. Remember the Delaneys from Hillcrest Road? Yeah. But l thought she died. He remarried Lucy Redfield. Apparently, they were having an affair years. Apparently, the first Mrs. Delaney was a bit of a stiff. You mean... ...she didn't like sex? Mom could have helped. Oh, boy. All these years l've resented not living the wild life in some place like Paris. And all the time l could have moved back to lowa. Are you drunk? Not yet. Want to get out of here? l think l better. l'll take the keys. l'm driving. l've never cheated on Betty. Not once we were married, l mean. -Did you want to? -Only about a thousand times. What do l do now? What's good enough Mom is good enough me? What gets me... ...is l'm in my ties. l've been in this crummy marriage over years... ...because that's what l was taught. You stick things out. Normal people don't divorce. l can't remember when my husband loved me so intensely... ...that he transported me to Africa. Frankly, l don't think he ever did. And now l find out that in between bake sales, my mother was Anais Nin. What about me? l feel really weird. Like she cheated on me, not Dad. lsn't that sick? You know, when you're the only son you sort of... ...feel like the prince of the kingdom. ln the back of your mind... ...you think your mother shouldn't want sex anymore because she has you. You're right, that is sick. lf she was so unhappy, why didn't she leave? Can l... ... it now? Did l miss anything important? She just... ...took him to her room. Dad's room? You can skip that part. Let's start... ...here. ''Robert lay asleep in the bed. ''l was up all night that night. ''What happens tomorrow? ''He will leave and everything new and unknown that had become so familiar... ''...would be gone.'' Did you sleep well? Thanks. Good. More coffee? l hope you don't mind my asking, but l feel like l should. What? These women friends of yours all over the world... ...how does it work? Do you see some of them again, or... ...do you get others? Or do you write to some of them now and then? How do you manage it? What do you mean? l just need to know the procedure, so l don't upset it your routine. Want some jam? What are you talking about? There's no routine. ls that what you think this is? What is this? ls it up to me? You're the one who's married, who won't leave her husband. To do what? Go off with someone who needs everyone, but no one in particular? What would be the point? Pass me the butter, please. l was honest with you. Yes. Absolutely. You have this habit of not needing, and that's very hard to break. ln that case, why sleep? You don't need rest. Why eat? You don't need food. What're you doing? Maybe l'm not cut out to be a world citizen... ...who experiences everything and nothing. How do you know what l experience? l know you. What can this possibly mean to someone... ...who doesn't need meaning, who just goes with the mystery? Who pretends he's not scared to death? Let's stop this. After you leave, l'll have to sit here the rest of my life... ...and wonder what happened to me, if anything, happened at all. l'll wonder if you're in some housewife's kitchen in Romania... ...telling her about your world of good friends, including me in that group. What should l say? l don't want you to say anything. l don't need you to say anything. l want you to stop this right now. Fine. More eggs? Or shall we fuck on the linoleum one last time? -l won't apologize who l am. -No one asked you to. -l won't feel like l did anything wrong. -You won't feel anything, period! You have carved out a part yourself in the world as a voyeur... ...and a hermit and a lover whenever you feel like it. The rest of us are supposed to feel grateful this brief moment-- Go to hell! lt isn't human not to be lonely and afraid! You're a hypocrite and a phony! l don't want to need you. Why? Because l can't have you. What difference does that make? Don't you see? Oh, Robert, don't you see? l just have to know the truth. l have to know the truth, because if l don't, l'll go crazy. So just tell me. l can't act like this is enough because it has to be. And l can't pretend not to feel what l feel... ...because it's over tomorrow. lf l've done anything... ...to make you think that... ...what we have between us is nothing new me... ...is just some routine... ...then l do apologize. What makes it different? When l think... ...of why l make pictures... ...the only reason l can think of... ...just seems that l've been making my way here. Seems right now, that all l've ever done in my life.... ...was making my way here to you. And if l think about leaving here tomorrow... ...without you.... Don't let go. My God, what are we going to do? Where's your truck? lt's behind the barn. l'll go. l'll go upstairs. Hi. Hi, Madge. l made some brown betty. l sent Floyd and the boy to town. l said, ''l'm going to visit my friend the afternoon, and that's it.'' He said, ''Who'll make lunch?'' l said, ''l'm taking a sick day. Eat at the diner.'' lsn't that hilarious? He didn't dare argue. l don't even want to tell you how late he was out. Sorry days passed bee l came by, but with the boy home, time escapes me. Have you heard from Richard? -God, it's hot. -Yes. lt's hot. Come with me. Come away with me. Care a beer? You're not coming with me, are you? No matter how many times l turn it over in my mind... ...it doesn't seem like the right thing. who? anyone. They'll never be able to live through the talk. And Richard.... Richard will never be able to get his arms around this. lt will break him in half. He doesn't deserve that. He's never hurt anyone in his whole life. He can move on. People move. His family has had this farm over 0 years. Richard doesn't know how to live anywhere else. And my kids.... They're practically grown. You said they hardly talk to you. Yeah, they don't say much. But Carolyn is only . She's about to find out about all of this herself. She's going to fall in love... ...and she'll try to build a life with someone. lf l leave... ...what does that say to her? What about us? You have to know... ...deep down... ...the minute we leave here, everything will change. Yeah, it could...get better. And no matter how much distance we put between ourselves and this house... ...l carry it with me. l'll feel it every minute we're together. And l will start to blame loving you how much it hurts. And then, even these... ...even these four... ...beautiful days will seem just like something sordid and a mistake. Do you think that what happened with us just happens to anyone? What we feel each other? We're hardly... ...hardly two separate people now. And... ...some people search all their life this and never find it. Others don't even think it exists. You're going to tell me that you.... You're going to tell me this is the right thing to do? Giving it up? We are the choices that we have made. You don't understand. Don't you see? Nobody understands when a woman makes a choice... ...to marry and have children... ...in one way... ...her life begins, but in another way, it stops. You build a life of details and... ...you just stop and stay... ...steady so that your children can move. And when they leave, they take your life of details with them. You're expected to move on again, but you don't remember... ...what it was that moved you, because no one's asked you in so long. Not even yourself. But you never think... ...you never think love like this is going to happen to you. But now that you have it...? Well, now l want to keep it ever. l want to love you the way l do now the rest of my life, but... ...if we leave... ...we lose it. And l can't make an entire life disappear... ...to start a new one. All l can do is try to hold on to both of us... ...somewhere inside of me. You have to help me. Don't lose us. Don't throw us away. Maybe you feel this way. Maybe not. Maybe it's because you're in this house. Maybe tomorrow, when they come back... ...you'll feel differently. l don't know. Look... ...l'll be here a few more days. We can talk later. We don't have to decide right now. Robert, don't. -Don't do this. -l don't want to say good-bye right now. We don't have to make that decision. Maybe you'll change your mind. Maybe we'll see each other and you'll change your mind. lf that happens you have to decide... ...because l can't. l'll only say this once. l've never said it bee. But this kind of certainty comes just once in a lifetime. Look! You got it. l couldn't sell him. l know. l knew you would win. -Good girl. Proud of you. -Look at that. Thanks. -Hi, Mom. -Hi, darling. -Did you eat? -Yeah. l ate. Hey, there. How you doing? lt didn't take you too long to get here. -No a long one. -Three hours? -We had fun. -Are you hungry? l got something you. The fair was great. ''You all came home. ''And, with you, my life of details. ''A day or two passed... ''...and with each thought of him... ''...a task would present itself like a lifesaver... ''...pulling me further away from those days. ''l was grateful. ''l felt safe. ''Put me out of my misery. l can't stand the suspense. Go ahead, shoot. ''l'm not talking about you. ''l know l'm a goner. l can't stand the suspense. Shoot. ''l don't even need a blindfold. ''Condemned man's dinner. Chicken, peas, watermelon. What do you want dinner? How about your brown sugar meat loaf? '' a moment, l didn't know where l was. ''And a split second, l thought that he didn't really want me. ''That it was easy to walk away. ''Robert leaned over as if to get something from the glove box. ''Eight days ago, he'd done that... ''...and his arm had brushed across my leg. ''A week ago l'd been in Des Moines, buying a new dress.'' That truck's a long way from home. Washington State. l'll bet it's that photographer they talked about at the cafe. What's he waiting ? Come on! ''Oh, no. ''The words were inside of me. ''l was wrong, Robert. l was wrong to stay, but l can't go. ''Let me tell you again why l can't go. ''Tell me again why l should go. ''l heard his voice coming back to me: ''This kind of certainty comes but once in a lifetime.'' What's wrong? Will you please tell me what's wrong with you? l just need a minute. l just.... Dad, you bought the wrong feed! ''l was grateful the silence that night. ''l realized love won't obey our expectations. ''lts mystery is pure and absolute. ''What Robert and l had... ''...could not continue if we were together. ''And what Richard and l shared would vanish if we were apart. ''But how l wanted to share this. ''How would our lives have changed if l had? ''Could anyone else have seen the beauty of it? l'm Francesca Johnson. And l.... l feel awful that l haven't visited you sooner. ls it a bad time? Am l interrupting anything? ls it too late? No, not at all. ''We became inseparable, Lucy and l. ''The funny thing is... ''...l didn't tell her about Robert until years later. ''But some reason, being with her... ''...somehow made me feel... ''...it was safe to think about him... ''...to continue loving him. ''The town loved talking about the two of us. ''But we didn't care. ''And neither did your father.'' lt's time. Thanks. ls it better? lt's better. Franny. l just want to say... ...l know you had your own dreams. l'm sorry l couldn't give them to you. l love you so very much. ''After your father died l tried to get in touch with Robert... ''...but he had left National Geographic. ''No one seemed to know where he was. ''My only connections to him were the places we'd been that day. ''And so, each year on my birthday, l'd revisit them. ''And then one day, l received a letter from his attorney... ''...with a package.'' God.... ''There has not been a day since that l have not thought of him. ''When he said that we were no longer two people... ''...he was right. ''We were bound together as tightly as two people can be. ''lf it hadn't been him, l could not have lasted on the farm all those years. ''Remember my dress that you wanted, Carolyn? ''The one you said l never wore? ''l know l was silly, but... ''...to me it was as if you were asking to wear my wedding dress to the movies. ''After ing all this... ''...l hope you can now understand my burial request. ''lt was not the ravings of some mad old lady. ''l gave my life to my family. ''l wish to give Robert what is left of me.'' Hey, Dad. Can l talk to you? You've been gone all night long. Do l have the right to ask where? Do l make you happy, Betty? Because l want to. More than anything. Hi, Steve. lt's me. Good. You? Listen, we have to talk. How about now? l've decided to stay here a while. l don't know how long. No, l'm not angry, Steve. l'm not. l'm not angry at all. ''l gave Lucy his photography book. ''lf you're interested, take a look. ''lf my words still leave some things unclear... ''...perhaps his pictures can illuminate. ''After all... ''...that's what an artist does best. ''l love you both... ''...with all my heart. ''Do what you have to to be happy in this life. ''There is so much beauty. ''Go well, my children.'' 廊桥遗梦 Bridges Madison

拉萨旅游景点英文介绍:西藏物馆 --1 :: 来源: -- ::9.0Top attractions in Lhasa, China[9]- Chinadaily.com.cnTibet,travel,attraction,temple,LhasaTravel6887Travel@webnewsenpproperty-->拉萨旅游景点英文介绍:西藏物馆 Tibet Museum Located in Lhasa, the Tibet Museum is the first large and modern museum within the Tibet autonomous region. It was inaugurated in October 1999, with a permanent collection related to the cultural history of Tibet. Covering a space of 53,959 square meters, the museum displays more than 1,000 artifacts, including Tibetan art and architectural design such as Tibetan doors and beams.- Admission: Free 西藏物馆 拉萨 旅游景点一件有趣的事 An Interesting Thing -- :7:31 来源: Today,there is an interesting thing at my home. Today is Sunday, so my father doesn’tgo to work. After lunch, my father goes to sleep and I feel a little bit bore. Suddenly,an interesting idea comes to my mind. I take four color pens to my father’sroom. And then, I help him put on lipstick with a red pen, paint his face witha yellow pen, draw the left eyebrow with a blue pen and draw the right with agreen pen. Finally, I draw a very interesting makeup dad. And then I goback to watch TV. About half an hour later, he shouts loudly when he is doingwith his hair. I laugh loudly, because he is shocked by himself and he isn’tangry with me.今天,我家发生了一件很有趣的事今天是星期天,爸爸不用去上班午饭过后,他去睡觉了,而我感觉有点无聊突然,我的脑袋里有了一个主意我拿了四色笔到爸爸的房间去,然后用红色笔给他涂了口红,用黄色笔给他画脸蛋,用蓝色笔画了左边的眉毛,最后用绿色的笔画了右边的眉毛终于,我给爸爸画了一个很有趣的妆,之后我就继续看电视了大概半小时之后,爸爸梳头时大喊了一声我大笑出来,因为他被自己吓到了,而且并没有生我的气

我最喜爱的电视节目 --19 :58: 来源: My Favorite TV Shows 我最喜爱的电视节目  There're many kinds of TV shows every day. But my favorite TV shows are Animal World and sports. I never go to bed without watching them.  Animal World show is wonderful, from which I can learn a lot about animals. And at the same time I can see many huge and beautiful animals that I didn't see bee.  Sports news is very exciting because I can learn and know a lot of famous players. What's more, I like playing basketball best.    每天有许多电视节目可是我最喜欢看的电视节目是动物世界和体育节目不看这些节目我从不睡觉  动物世界节目很精,从这个节目中我能了解许多有关动物的知识与此同时我还可以认识许多我以前没见过的又大又漂亮的动物  体育新闻也令人兴奋,因为我可以了解和认识许多著名的运动员而且我最喜欢打篮球了www.58en.com 58英语网元旦晚会 New Year Party -- :3: 来源: In the end of theyear, people held many activities to celebrate and welcome the New Year. In my school,we held a New Year party every year. Students like taking part in it very much,because it is really funny. This year, I dance with my classmates. We prepare it a month ago. Our teacher helps us a lot. We work very hard to dance itwell. Now, tomorrow is the party time. I am sure we will be great in the party.反映家庭暴力的小学英语话剧 -- :00: 来源: 反映家庭暴力的小学英语话剧爸爸失业在家,心情不好整日酗酒,酒醉后动不动就打骂妻儿,弄到警察局也无济于事孩子的成绩下降了,上课不专心,老师也拿他无可奈何最后爸爸竟然贩卖毒品被抓入狱出狱后的爸爸,会真心悔过,开始新的人生吗?Cast  Sandy (child):  Mr. Lin (Father):  Mrs. Lin (Mother):  Neighbor:  Social worker:  Wader:  Policeman:  May (Sandy’s friend):  Miss Lee (Teacher):  Scene I  (In Sandy’s home)  Father is ing newspaper in the living room.  Father:Sandy, I’m thirsty. Give me some drinks. Bring me bottle more!  Sandy:Dad, please don’t drink any more. It’s enough!  Father:If you don’t bring it to me, I will hit you!  Sandy:Yes, father!  (But when Sandy comes, she falls down. Break the bottle and spill on father. Father is very angry and began to hit Sandy.)  Sandy: Dad!Please don’t beat me …  Father: Hum!(Hold the bottle) Because you are so stupid and not a good child.  Mother:Honey… please stop. Our child is crying. She didn’t do anything wrong.  Sandy:Dad, please… stop hitting me.  Father:Shut up! Or I hit your mother, too.  (In the same time, the neighbor discovers this domestic violence.)  Neighbor:(Calls to 1) There is a father hitting his family now. Please help them  immediately… I’m afraid the child will be in danger. The address is…. Please, hurry up!  Policeman:Ok, I’ll be there soon.  Scene II  (In the police station)  Police:Why do you abuse your child? She was innocent. Don’t you regret to doing it?  Father:It’s none of your business.  Social worker:Mrs. Lin and Sandy, did Mr. Lin often abuse the child?  (First, Mrs. Lin doesn’t say anything, and then she is crying.)  Mother:Since he lost his job, he was drinking all the time. Sandy and I usually were  hit by him. And if I didn’t give him money, he sad he would kill us…  Father:Nonsense!I didn’t do that thing.  Social worker:Mrs. Lin, calm down. If he did it again, please call me. I’ll help you. And I’ll find sometime to talk to him.  Scene III  (In Sandy’s classroom)  Teacher:Sandy, follow me after class.  (Sandy and teacher go to office together.)  Teacher:You are often absent lately and your grades also are not as good as bee. What happened to you?  Sandy:No, it’s nothing. Thanks your concern.  Teacher:Are you sure? Anyway, if you have any problem, tell me, ok?  Sandy:Ok, Miss Lee.  (After the class, Sandy and May are on the home way.)  May:Sandy, I called you home yesterday. You wasn’t at home. Your mother told me that you have a part time job. It’s a surprise to me! What’s the matter with your family? You have to study hard during this year bee you take the entrance examination. This year is very important to you. You can’t let other things distract your studies and deprive of your study time.  Sandy:(crying) I know. But I have no way anymore. My father lost his job, and we  have no money to pay all the spending.  May:Oh, Sandy, Don’t worry. I will help you.  (After the day, May decides to tell the teacher about Sandy’s problem.)  May:Miss Lee, I have to talk to you something about Sandy…  Teacher:May, you are Sandy’s good friend. Do you know what’s wrong with Sandy?  May:Eh…I heard that Sandy’s family has economic crisis, and Sandy has a part time job…  Teacher:Ok, I understand. I will talk to her parents.  Scene IV  (On the road in front of Sandy’s home)  Police:Hold it! Don’t move!  Father:No!(Still running in front of the policeman)  (The police got the father.)  (In the police station)  Policeman:Mr. Lin, You can’t go anywhere unless you promise you won’t sell those drugs. And you should stay in the jail six months, because we found the evidence that you are a drug dealer.  Father:No! Please give me….I was not on purpose.  Mother:(Crying) Please give him a chance to turn over a new leaf. He has to make money the family.  Father:You…shut up! Here is no need of your interjection!  Scene V  (In the social worker’s office)  Teacher:I’ve told you everything about Sandy….  Social worker:I see. Thanks your help. I’ll manage it as soon as I can. ( Turn to talk to the mother) Mrs. Lin, I understand your feeling, but it’s her crucial time to study hard to enter a good senior high school. In another word, she can’t do part time job after class and without review her lessons.  Mother:I know what you want to tell me. But, in fact, her father and I haven’t found jobs…and her father is in jail now because of selling drug. (Crying) Oh! I can’t stand it anymore!  Social worker:Don’t worry it. I can introduce you some work I know. As long as you work hard, you’ll have a steady life with your daughter. Now, Sandy needs a secure and stable environment to grow up and study.  Mother:(Still crying) Thank you very much. If there is not your help, I don’t know how to do…  Scene VI  (After six months, outside the jail)  Warder:I really hope you won’t enter here again.  Father:I won’t. I’m very embarrassed that you are so 反映家庭暴力的小学英语话剧

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