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第九医院去痘印价格费用浦东新自体脂肪隆鼻价格Benzi Ronen thinks that the supermarkets’ time is up. And his company is just the thing to speed up its demise.本齐·罗内恩认为超市的时代即将结束,而他的公司正是加速其消亡的催化剂。“Our goal is to make the supermarket obsolete from a fresh perspective,” Ronen says.罗内恩表示:“我们的目标是以生鲜为卖点,让超市变得过时。”Farmigo, his five-year-old 30-employee startup, sells produce and other products like milk and cheese purchased directly from farmers for 10%-20% less than equivalent grocery store items. He does it by shrinking the supply chain, essentially taking out the middleman. Users place an order online; the order is fulfilled by a farmer who transports it to a centralized packing hub; and then Farmigo delivers it to community drop-off points for the customer to pick up. This all happens within 48 hours.他5年前创建的Farmigo公司现拥有30名员工。这家公司出售直接从农民处购买的农作物和牛奶、乳酪等产品,售价比杂货店的均价低10%到20%不等。其奥秘在于缩短了供应链,特别是去掉了中间环节。用户直接在网上下单,农民将产品送到中转站集中包装,Farmigo公司再将包裹送到社区配送点,顾客从那里取走包裹。这一切都在48小时之内完成。“We don’t have a retail store,” Benzi explains. “We get rid of all of that. We source just in time.” That means there’s no waste and produce is brought directly from harvest.罗内恩解释道:“我们没有零售店,我们完全去除了零售环节,但依然能够及时供货。”这意味着中间没有冗余环节,农产品直接从庄稼地运送至顾客那里。Other sellers, such as Fresh Direct, also cut out the physical store. But Ronen argues that they’re just an extension of the supermarket model, with similar warehouses that keep a huge inventory on hand. By contrast, Farmigo’s hubs are filled exclusively with product that’s just been delivered by farmers and is going out for delivery.Fresh Direct等其他零售商也取消了实体店。但罗内恩认为他们不过是超市模式的某种延伸,这类零售商依然跟超市一样,拥有储备大量存货的仓库。相反,Farmigo的中转站只有由农民送来,即将送去顾客那里的农产品。“Our entire food system is based on economies of scale,” he explains, adding that it has contributed to the hub-and-spoke distribution model in which food travels hundreds of miles and can sit on shelves for weeks. “You don’t get fresh in supermarkets, and you also have waste,” he says.他解释道:“我们的整个食品供应系统是以规模效益为基础的。”他补充说,这是对中心轴辐式配送模式的一种改良,在这种模式下,食品往往被运送几百英里,经常在货架上停留好几周。他表示:“超市里的产品不够新鲜,而且容易造成浪费。”If Ronen’s vision for the future becomes a reality, in 10 years you’ll get all of your non-perishables from the likes of Amazon, while a service like Farmigo will answer all of your fresh needs. Neighborhood stores will act as gap-fillers for last-minute purchases. Farmigo, he notes, will never be a gap-filler. Currently orders must be placed by Sunday night for pick-up on Wednesday, but Ronen says the company is on track to soon expand to multiple pick-up days.如果罗内恩的愿景变成现实,不出十年,你将从亚马逊(Amazon)等网站购买所有不易损害的物品,而Farmigo这类务商会满足你所有的生鲜产品需求,社区商店则会成为需要紧急购买商品时的备选方案。罗内恩认为,Farmigo绝不会成为备选方案。目前,如果客户想在周三取货,他或她最晚要在周日晚下订单,但罗内恩表示该公司很快就将增加取货天数。It’s a highly audacious vision for a small upstart, especially in a world where consumers are accustomed to eating strawberries and tomatoes no matter the season, enjoy clementines flown in from Morocco and sea bass from Chile, and want purchases delivered to their doorstep within 24-hour hours.对一个小型初创公司而言,这是一个十分大胆的愿望,尤其是现在的顾客已经习惯于随时享用草莓或番茄而不必考虑季节,习惯于品尝空运自洛哥的克莱门氏小柑橘和智利的黑鲈,同时还希望他们购买的产品能在下单后24小时内送到家门口。Right now Brooklyn-based Farmigo operates just in New York City and its environs and the San Francisco Bay Area, markets picked for their divergent agricultural offerings–one strongly shaped by the seasons, the other with stellar food options year round. If Farmigo can operate in these two regions, Ronen thinks the company will be able to replicate the model and build a network of farmers across the country.目前这家位于布鲁克林的公司只对纽约市和周边地区,以及旧金山湾区提供务。他们会提供不同的农产品——一部分是与季节有关的时令产品,另一些则是全年都有的主食。罗内恩认为,如果Farmigo可以在这两个地区运作下去,该公司就能复制这一模式,建立一个覆盖全美的农户网络。Farmigo could eventually reach about 20%-30% of the U.S. population based on people’s buying habits and guidelines, Ronen says, adding that community-supported agriculture programs (CSAs) currently reach less than 1%. Unlike CSAs, in which users must commit to weekly deliveries for a season from one farm, Farmigo lets customers place a one-time order and change selections every week. You pay as you go. Ronen views CSAs as supplementary to other grocery shopping. He envisions Farmigo as a replacement for all fresh needs.罗内恩表示,根据人们的购买习惯和购买方针来看,Farmigo最终可能会向20%至30%的美国人提供务,而目前只有不到1%的美国人参与了“社区持农业项目”(CSA)。参加CSA项目的顾客必须承诺在一个季度之内,每周都从某个农场订购农产品。相比之下,Farmigo的顾客可以只发出一次性订单,也可以每周选择不同的农产品,根据订单的变化随时调整付款金额。罗内恩认为,CSA项目是对家门口小超市购物的补充,而Farmigo则是满足所有生鲜食品需求的取代者。Farmigo’s average order size is up to from a year and a half ago, in large part because the startup keeps adding new products (such as fish, and soon, fresh pasta). There’s now enough variety that one could live solely on Farmigo’s offerings. One of Ronen’s employees has been doing just that for months at a cost of about a meal, and Ronen just signed on for what is internally called the “Farmigo Challenge.”Farmigo的订单均价从一年半前的15美元涨到了现在的38美元,很大原因是这家初创公司在不断增加新品(比如鱼类,很快还会有新鲜的意大利面条上市)。如今他们提供的种类已经足够多,人们单单靠Farmigo的供应就能满足日常需求。罗内恩的一名员工就这样做了几个月,平均一餐大约花费5美元。而罗内恩也开始加入这一行动,他们内部把这叫做“Farmigo挑战”。Ronen acknowledges that the pricing is still prohibitive for some—an organic cantaloupe costs .50—but the more he can improve the efficiencies for the farmer by increasing their business, the better the price tag for the customer.罗内恩承认,某些产品的价格仍然过高,比如,一个有机哈密瓜的售价高达6.5美元。不过,随着农民的生产效率因生意规模的扩大而不断改善,农产品售价将变得越来越实惠。Farmigo started out as the maker of software for an online marketplace where consumers could find and sign up for CSAs. But Ronen says it was a confusing user experience because the sign-up and payment system differed for each offering. Farmigo then evolved into a place where users could order online from any farm, and the farmer would deliver to a pick-up location. That had its challenges because sometimes farmers would run into logistical hiccups and miss the drop-off. “We realized we really needed to get into operational side,” Ronen says.创立伊始,Farmigo公司的主要业务是为一家电商编写软件,以帮助顾客寻找和参加CSA项目。但罗内恩表示,当时的购买体验让不少用户抓狂,因为各个农产品供应商采用完全不同的下单和付系统。Farmigo随后演变成了一家网站,用户可以在上面订购任何农场的产品,农民则将货物寄到配送点。这种流程存在一些运营挑战,因为农民的物流有时候会出问题,导致货物丢失。罗内恩表示:“我们意识到我们真的需要自己亲自来运作。”While the company continues to sell its CSA software, it also now has free offerings that help its farms know when to hire, its warehouses know what to pack, and its drivers know what to deliver. Ronen says that its farmers walk away with 60-70% of the sale, the community organizer who runs the drop-off gets 10%, and Farmigo gets the rest. Normally a farmer gets about 30% of the sale when they sell to wholesale, with about 50% going to the retailer. Another advantage advantage for farmers in the Farmigo system, according to Ronen: They’re also paid immediately directly by the consumer, rather than the standard 30-60 days.这家公司仍然在销售CSA软件,同时也提供了免费务,让农场知道什么时候需要雇佣更多人手,让仓库知道要打包什么货物,让司机知道要运送什么包裹。罗内恩表示,农民会获得销售额的60%至70%,社区取货点会获得销售额的10%,剩下的则由Farmigo收入囊中。一般来说,农民在卖给批发市场时,只能获得30%的销售额,而有50%的销售额会进入零售商的口袋。根据罗内恩的说法,Farmigo系统对农民还有另一个好处:他们能立刻收到顾客的付款,而在其他模式下,农民通常得等上30至60天才能拿到钱。The Fresh Directs and Amazons need the density of cities to function, but Ronen believes his model works well in the suburbs where pick-up locations–churches, schools, golf clubs–are easy to come by. Farmigo recently expanded into northern New Jersey and Westchester and is adding about 30 drop-off sites a month.Fresh Directs和亚马逊在人口密集的城市地区才能如鱼得水,但罗内恩相信他的模式在郊区也能运转良好,诸如教堂、学校、高尔夫俱乐部这样的取货点也很容易找到。Farmigo最近把业务范围扩张到了新泽西州北部和韦斯切斯特地区,并以每月30个的速度增加社区配送点。He views Farmigo as the virtualization of a food cooperative and a good solution for locations where it might be hard to justify a supermarket. “We’re not just sending food out there and hoping people are going to buy it,” he says. “We’re sending out what was pre-ordered and pre-purchased. The pickup is at one location so it’s very portable and cost effective to do delivery.”罗内恩将Farmigo视为虚拟化的食品合作社,对那些很难找到超市的地区来说,它会是一个很好的选择。他表示:“我们不是把食品送到那里,然后指望大家去购买。我们配送的是已经被预定和购买的产品。取货点也处于一个便利位置,因此送货非常方便,效率很高。” /201408/319406上海人民医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱 Airbus is set to launch an overhaul of its popular A330 aircraft at the Farnborough International Airshow as the plane maker seeks to overturn Boeing’s dominant position in the lucrative long-range passenger jet market.空客(Airbus)将在英国范堡罗航空展上宣布对其颇受欢迎的A330客机进行改造,该飞机制造商希望推翻波音(Boeing)在利润可观的远程客机市场上的主导地位。After months of speculation, the Toulouse-based company will announce a revamp of its wide-body A330, dubbed A330neo, with more fuel-efficient engines on Monday, according to people with knowledge of the plans.据知情人士称,在几个月的猜测后,空客将于周一宣布改造其宽体客机A330,新机型的名字为A330neo,将搭载更省油的发动机。The company is hoping to recreate the success of the re-engineered narrow-body A320. More than 2,800 A320neo planes have been sold. In June, Airbus said it could sell more than 1,000 A330neos were the plane to go ahead.该公司希望再现窄体客机A320在更换发动机后取得的成功。A320neo的销量超过了2800架。今年6月,空客表示,如果改造成功,可能会销售逾1000架A330neo。Airbus needs to extend the life of the A330, which entered service in 1994, because there are just less than 250 orders remaining on the books to deliver to customers – about two years’ worth of production.空客需要延长A330的寿命,因为目前未交付的该机型客户订单只有不到250架,约为两年的产量。这种机型是1994年开始投入使用的。The revamp is also part of its broader strategy to overtake Boeing in the lucrative wide-body jet market. The two companies sell fewer of these larger planes compared with short-range aircraft, but usually secure higher profit margins.此次改造也是空客试图取代波音在利润可观的宽体客机市场地位的更广泛战略的一部分。尽管两家飞机制造商的较大型客机销量不及短程飞机,但利润率通常较高。Executives at Airbus insist that the new plane will have similar fuel efficiency to its Boeing rivals, which are chiefly the small and medium-sized versions of the Dreamliner, also known as the 787.空客高管坚持表示,这款新机型的燃油效率将与波音竞争机型相当,波音机型主要是梦幻客机(787 Dreamliner)的中小机型。James McNerney, Boeing’s chief executive, however, took issue with the idea that the fuel efficiency would be the same, insisting the group could maintain a clear lead over Airbus in the long-range passenger jet market.波音首席执行官詹姆斯#8226;迈克纳尼(James McNerney)对于燃油效率相当的说法提出异议,他坚持表示,波音有能力在远程客机市场继续保持其相对于空客的绝对优势。“Our experts tell us that [the A330neo] will not get close to our 787 versions in terms of fuel efficiency,” he said in an interview with the Financial Times. “Boeing has the strongest wide-body offering by far.”“我们的专家告诉我们,(A330neo)无法在燃油效率方面与我们的787客机相提并论,”他在接受英国《金融时报》采访时表示,“到目前为止,波音生产的最强优势在宽体客机领域。”Airbus is planning to sell the A330neo at lower prices than the Dreamliner. If Airbus could supply as many as 1,000 aircraft to airlines and leasing companies, it would broadly match the orders notched up by the 787.空客计划以低于梦幻客机的价格销售A330neo。如果空客能够向航空公司和飞机租赁公司供应多达1000架A330neo,将大抵赶上787客机的订单数量。 /201407/311477上海市第一人民医院宝山分院整形美容

宝山区去除胎记要的价格Ford, Jaguar and Aston Martin are seemingly unrelated car companies, but they’re unified by a pair of designers whose iconic look has carried through each brand over the last 20 years. That look could soon be coming to an end for Aston Martin. New business deals and a recent announcement of investment in a new sports car line, promise change for the company. Could the 2015 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S, the nearly perfect British muscle car, be one of the last of the iconic Aston shape?福特(Ford)、捷豹(Jaguar)和阿斯顿马丁(Aston Martin)看起来好像是三家不相关的汽车公司,但实际上它们背后站着两个相同的设计师,他们为这三个品牌设计的车身外观已经各自沿袭了20多年。不过我们熟悉的阿斯顿马丁的外观风格可能就要 “变脸”了。随着阿斯顿马丁公司与其它公司建立新的合作关系,同时宣布将投产一条新的跑车生产线,它预计也将迎来一系列变化。作为一款近乎完美的英式肌肉车,2015款的阿斯顿马丁V12 Vantage S跑车在外观上是否将成为20多年来阿斯顿马丁标志性风格的谢幕之作?When Ford F -0.66% purchased a stake in Aston Martin in 1987, it was on the precipice of collapse. At that time designer Ian Callum, a former junior designer at the American automaker, was working for a consulting company Ford had hired to revitalize the struggling brand. His resulting design, the DB7, a car made famous by James Bond, helped Aston get back on its feet. Fast forward to 2001, when designer and future hybrid luxury car manufacturer Henrik Fisker became the design director for Aston Martin. Fisker is credited with turning Callum’s design into the V8 Vantage, and together, they developed the characteristic Aston Martin look as we know it today.1987年,福特汽车公司购入阿斯顿马丁公司部分股份时,后者正处于濒临崩溃的边缘。当时还是一名初级设计师的严凯伦正在一家咨询公司工作,福特聘请了严凯伦所在的公司来拯救这块摇摇欲坠的招牌。严凯伦为阿斯顿马丁设计的一款车型,也就是后来凭《007》名噪全球的DB7,果然起到了挽狂澜于既倒的效果,让阿斯顿马丁重新站稳了脚跟。时间快进到2001年,阿斯顿马丁的设计总监已经变成了知名设计师、未来派混合动力豪车生产商亨里克o菲斯克(Henrik Fisker)。菲斯科对阿斯顿马丁的最大贡献,是将严凯伦的设计改进为一辆V8发动机的Vantange跑车。在二人的合力下,开发出了今天为我们熟知的标志性的“阿斯顿”风格。The 2015 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S takes that classic look and pushes it to an extreme level of performance. It is Aston Martin’s equivalent of a British muscle car. Designed to appeal to sports car buyers with around 0,000 to spend, the V12 Vantage S is positioned amongst the likes of the Porsche Turbo S and the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG, and it plays well in this group. With a base price starting around 5,000, the V12 Vantage S is well positioned .2015款阿斯顿马丁V12 Vantage S继承了这个品牌的经典外观,同时将性能推向了极致。它也是阿斯顿马丁推出的一台标准的英式肌肉车。这个车型的价格区间定位在20万美元左右,预计将与保时捷Turbo S和梅赛德斯奔驰S63 AMG争雄,不过阿斯顿马丁在这个细分市场向来游刃有余。以18.5万美元的起价来看,V12 Vantage S的定位可以说是很不错的。Aston took its smallest, entry-level sports car, the Vantage, lightened it by 33 pounds, and dropped a 565 horsepower V-12 engine into it to create the mind-bendingly gorgeous V12 Vantage S. It is Aston Martin’s fastest series production model yet, with the exception of the One-77, and every bit the head-turner.阿斯顿马丁选择旗下体型最小的入门级跑车Vantage作为原型,减掉33磅的重量,然后安装了一部高达565马力的V12引擎,打造出这样一部令人目炫神摇的“神车”。它是阿斯顿马丁最快的量产车型(这一点或许只有旗舰车型One-77能胜过它),而且通体上下每一个角落都赚足了回头率。Now, I’ll be the first to admit, I would pedal an Aston Martin if I had to. There is just something about the classic design that Callum and Fisker created that I find incredibly appealing. Maybe it’s the lipstick lines around the front grill and the curve of the hip, but when you add the rumble of a V12 engine under the bonnet (no, it’s not a hood in British parlance), it makes me positively weak in the knees. The V12 Vantage S offers the roar of a track car, with a bit of British refinement and reserve.我首先得承认,如果有机会的话我一定要驾驶阿斯顿马丁。严凯伦和菲斯科的设计中有些东西让我觉得特别有吸引力,或许是前格栅周围的唇线和尾部的曲线太迷人的缘故。但是一旦你点着了引擎盖下方那台V12引擎,它的轰鸣声几乎让我膝盖发软。这台V12引擎的轰鸣就像一台专业赛车,但又带着一丝英伦范儿的精致和含蓄。My test car, however, was not exactly reserved in the color department. It was a beautifully blinding blue that Aston calls “Flugplatz Blue.” Flugplatz is German for “airfield” and a nod to Aston Martin’s racing heritage and a section of track on the Nurburgring known as “the flying place.” The color is aptly named, as the Vantage S spent two years in testing, both on track and off, and a near-production model competed in one of the most grueling races in the world in 2013; the 24 Hours of Nurburgring.我的这部测试车在色上却绝不含蓄,它的车漆是一种惊艳夺目的蓝色,阿斯顿马丁公司称其为“Flugplatz Blue”。Flugplatz在德语里是“飞机场”的意思,它也是对阿斯顿马丁的赛车传统以及在有“飞翔之地”的纽伯林赛道进行测试的一种致敬。这个颜色的命名很适当,因为Vantage S跑车足足花了两年时间在赛道和普通道路上进行测试。2013年,一辆接近量产的车型还参加了全球最有挑战性的赛事之一——纽伯林24小时拉力赛。Starting the car is a visceral experience. Hop in the cockpit, press the glass-tipped “Emotion Control ” into the center of the dash and the engine roars to life, waking the neighbors. It is anything but subtle. In fact, more than a few times, pedestrians and fellow drivers alike craned their necks to get a better look at the bright blue car making all that glorious noise. The V12 Vantage S boasts 0-60 times of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 205 mph. Steering is direct, but not as direct as it should be in a car that boasts more than 400 ft lbs of torque. The carbon ceramic brakes are more than sufficient in hauling the 3600+-lb car down to a standstill.光是启动这辆跑车就已经是一次感官的体验。跳进驾驶舱,将玻璃钥匙(阿斯顿马丁给它起了个拉风的名字,叫“情绪控制单元”)仪表台中间,引擎便在咆哮中苏醒,瞬间就能吵醒你的邻居们。这时的Vantage S跟精致等词儿丝毫沾不上边。事实上,有很多次,路上的行人和其他司机纷纷伸长了脖子,想更仔细地看看这辆发出诱人噪音的蓝色豪车。V12 Vantage S从静止加速到每小时60英里只需3.7秒,最高时速可达每小时205英里。它的操控非常精准,但是作为一台扭矩据说超过400英尺磅的跑车来说似乎还稍嫌不够。碳瓷刹车盘在对这台3600多磅重的机器进行制动时,它的表现可以用游刃有余来形容。The biggest drawback, however, is the transmission. The engine is paired with Aston Martin’s Sportshift III transmission, a single-clutch, seven-speed automated manual. In sport mode, paddles mounted on the steering column allow you to control gearing. In automatic, the shifts are controlled for you and they are rough. The car seems to slip the clutch to get under way and then dump out early just as you get on it. After a few rough shifts, I gave up on automatic and drove the car in sport mode, modulating the gas pedal when I wanted to ease the gear shift and avoid jolting my passenger. One additional word of warning; that engine hanging out front weighs a lot and if you push the car to its limits, as I had a chance to do on a track in Palm Beach in December, the rear end can get a bit light. This makes the car incredibly fun, but drivers new to performance cars should be cautious.这台跑车最大的软肋是变速箱。阿斯顿马丁为这台V12引擎搭配了一台自家生产的基于手动变速器、加入自动换档机制的七速Sportshift III变速箱。在运动模式下,你可以利用转向柱两侧的换档拨片控制档位。但是在自动模式下,换档的顿挫感比较强,给人的感觉就像踩放离合器都有点过早。在体验了几次换档的顿挫感后,我放弃了自动模式,开始用运动模式进行驾驶,在减档之前先松油门,避免让乘客感觉到降档的震动。另外需要提醒的一点是,这台前置12缸引擎的份量着实不轻,如果你想体验它的极限速度,这一点千万要注意。去年12月,我曾经有机会在棕榈滩的一个赛道上体验过。当它的速度升至很高时,车子会有一些头重脚轻的感觉。这也使这台车变得特别有意思,但刚接触性能车的新手来说还是要小心。The cockpit is comfortable, albeit a bit dated, in comparison to other sports cars staring at 0K. The steering wheel and seats are Alcantara, making for a luxurious hand and an added level of function—take a corner fast and you won’t slide around in the seats or lose grip of the steering wheel. Buttons on the dash allow you to control both ride and transmission and range from Track to Automatic, depending on how adventurous you’re feeling. The stereo and navigation interface could use a bit of a technology refresh, but overall the interior of the V12 Vantage S is sleek and functional.这台跑车的驾驶舱很舒,虽然与其它18万美元区间的跑车相比,视觉上可能有些过时。方向盘和座椅采用的是一种叫Alcantara的高级面料,既具备奢华的触感,又有一项额外的用处——在急转弯时让你不会滑向座椅的一边,也不会失去对方向盘的掌控。仪表盘中间的按钮可以控制变速箱,到底是选择运动模式,还是自动模式,就看你有多爱冒险了。车内的音响和导航系统或许可以来一点技术升级,但总体上看,V12 Vantage S的内饰依然相当简洁、实用。All this could change very soon, however. Aston Martin recently finalized a partnership with Daimler and Mercedes-Benz AMG, who will provide engines and some electronics to Aston. That means that the slap-happy transmission may soon get an update. Aston Martin also recently announced a ?100 million (about 0 million) investment their Gaydon manufacturing headquarters with more to come. “Aston Martin (will be) implementing the biggest investment programme in the 101-year history of the brand, with a plan to inject over ?500m (0 million) into the company’s next generation of high performance sports cars,” CFO Hanno Kirner said in a release last month. All this is with the goal of becoming the “number one British luxury sports car brand.”不过,这一切可能很快就会发生变化。阿斯顿马丁最近与戴姆勒和梅塞德斯奔驰公司(Daimler and Mercedes-Benz AMG)达成了一项合作,后者将向阿斯顿马丁提供发动机和部分电子元件。这也就意味着那台换档逻辑不太善解人意的变速箱可能很快就会迎来升级。另外,阿斯顿马丁公司还宣布将向它位于盖登的生产总部投入首批1亿英镑(约合1.7亿美元)的资金,后续还会有更多投资跟进。阿斯顿马丁的财务总监汉诺o柯尔纳上个月在一次新闻发布会上透露:“阿斯顿马丁将会进行101年的品牌史上最大的投资项目,我们计划向公司下一代的高性能跑车项目注入超过5亿英镑(约合8.5亿美元)的资金。”这些都是为了让阿斯顿马丁成为“英国豪车第一品牌”。That means that Ian Callum’s and Henrik Fisker’s iconic shape could become part of Aston’s history, and the V-12 Vanquish S could be one of the last of the Astons on the current platform.这也意味着严凯伦和菲斯科的经典设计可能即将成为历史,而V12 Vanquish S跑车也将成为阿斯顿马丁在当前平台上的最后一款车型。For the time being, however, the V12 Vantage S remains not only the fastest street legal car that Aston Martin has made (with the exception of the One-77), it is also one of the most distinctively gorgeous sports cars you can own.但是暂时来说,V12 Vantage S不仅是阿斯顿马丁生产的最快的量产车(或许只有One-77能出其右),也是你值得拥有的最独特、最华贵的跑车之一。 /201407/308789上海复旦大学附属眼耳鼻喉科医院去眼袋多少钱 青浦区人民医院激光除皱手术价格

上海市仁济医院激光祛痘手术价格 Samsung Electronics Co. is getting help from South Korea#39;s largest carrier to drum up sales of the Galaxy Round, the company#39;s curved-screen smartphone, amid reports of weak demand. 三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)正藉助韩国最大电信运营商的帮助来扩大曲面屏智能手机Galaxy Round的销量;有报道称,该手机需求疲软。Samsung and SK Telecom Co. on Tuesday declined to comment on the Galaxy Round#39;s sales since its launch in October. Samsung has so far been low-key in its efforts to sell the phone and hasn#39;t disclosed plans to sell it overseas. In contrast, a rival model from LG Electronics Inc., called G Flex, is available for pre-orders in Singapore and will go on sale in Hong Kong later this week. 三星电子和SK Telecom Co.周二对于Galaxy Round自10月份面世以来的销售情况不予置评。这款手机上市以来,三星电子的推销努力一直都很低调,也未披露海外销售计划。与此形成对比的是,LG Electronics Inc.推出的竞争机型G Flex已经开始在新加坡接受预定,并且将于本周晚些时候开始在香港发售。SK Telecom, the only carrier selling the Galaxy Round in Korea, is offering a discount of approximately 100,000 won () to 150,000 won (2) to anyone buying the phone together with Samsung#39;s Galaxy Gear smartwatch, a company spokeswoman said. The Round comes with a price tag of 1,089,000 won and the Gear sells for 396,000 won without a contract. SK Telecom发言人表示,作为韩国独家销售Galaxy Round的电信运营商,该公司为同时购买Galaxy Round和三星的Galaxy Gear智能手表的消费者提供大约10万韩圆(合95美元)至15万韩圆(合142美元)的折扣。Galaxy Round的裸机售价为1,089,000韩圆,Gear为396,000韩圆。SK Telecom is also offering the same discount for those willing to buy the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone with the Galaxy Gear. Compared with the Round, the 5.7-inch-screen Note 3 appears to have been faring well: Samsung said Tuesday it has shipped over 10 million units since its launch in September. The previous model, the Note II, took four months to reach the same shipment figure, Samsung said. SK Telecom也为那些希望同时购买Galaxy Note 3智能手机和Galaxy Gear的消费者提供相同的折扣。与Round相比,凭藉着5.7寸的大屏幕,Note 3的销售情况似乎更好些:三星电子周二表示,该手机9月份上市以来已经销售了1,000万部。三星电子还表示,Note II花费了4个月时间才达到这一销量。Samsung has been aggressively marketing the Galaxy Gear, featuring the smartwatch in music s, and even having it worn by soccer stars.三星电子一直在卖力推销Galaxy Gear,不仅为其制作了音乐视频广告,甚至还找来足球明星代言。But curved-screen smartphones are proving to be a harder sell. With the jury still out on these new phones, Samsung and LG are expected to expand their rivalry to another category, this time in foldable-screen smartphones. 但是事实明曲面屏智能手机的销售并不顺畅。鉴于这些新手机的情况仍不明朗,三星电子和LG之间预计将把竞争范围扩大到另一种机型,这一次将是可折叠屏幕智能手机。Research firm IHS forecast earlier this year that demand for flexible displays will show massive growth during the next seven years, driving a nearly 250 times expansion in shipments from 2013 through 2020. It expects global shipments of flexible displays to jump to 792 million units in 2020, up from 3.2 million in 2013, with market revenue rising to .3 billion, from just 0,000. 研究公司IHS今年早些时候预计,未来7年,对柔性屏幕智能手机的需求将大幅增加,2013-2020年这类手机的发货量将增加近250倍。该研究公司预计,柔性屏幕智能手机2020年的全球发货量将由2013年的320万部扩大至7.92亿部,市场收入将由仅10万美元增加至413亿美元。 /201312/268172上海市华山医院做隆鼻手术价格嘉定丰胸多少钱




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