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景德镇中医院打美白针多少钱抚州市第一医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱It is on me.由我来请客。这是很口语的说法,相当于It is my treat,意思是我来出钱,由我来请客。 /200802/27250南昌同济医院治疗蒙古斑价格 Welcome back to the Baby Games!欢迎回到宝宝奥运!We#39;ve got it all for you--the struggles...or the intensity...the triumph!我们带给您所有精时刻--各种艰辛...或慷慨激昂...胜利的喜悦!First up, gymnastics. The American...working it. Just look at that concentration.首先,体操项目。美国队...完成。看看那专注力。Ten-meter toddle, one of the marquee events at any Baby Game. And there they go!十米宝宝乱跑,任何宝宝奥运中最重要的项目之一。选手们出发了!China running away with it! Oh! Looks like he#39;s stuck on the line.中国队领先拉开差距!噢!他似乎困在终点线了。And here comes Argentina on the outside. But China does it, for gold!阿根廷队从外侧跑来。不过中国队做到了,夺得金牌!Back to gymnastics. Japan on the rings.回到体操,日本队挑战吊环。Pressure has never been higher. What an effort!这是前所未见的巨大压力。令人钦佩的尝试!Now the American. The dismount—nailed it. Gold for the U.S.现在换美国队。下环动作--成功完成!金牌颁给了美国队。Over to weightlifting. Argentina—can they do it?来到举重项目。阿根廷队--他们能否成功?Oh, and it#39;s a heartbreaking result. Germany just showboating.噢,是个令人心碎的结果。德国队只是在炫耀技巧。Now onto our final event, the three-hurdle toddle.现在进到我们的最终赛事,三跨栏宝宝乱跑。And there they go. A little unorthodox. France...having some trouble, on the last hurdle.选手们出发。有一点点不符合常规。法国队...碰上一些麻烦了,在最后一个跨栏。Oh, and it#39;s incredible! It#39;s gold for France!喔,真是太不可思议了!法国队夺得金牌!Watch all your favorite Olympic moments on the Olympic channel, where the Games never end.在奥运频道上观看所有您最喜欢的奥运时刻,在这里赛事永远不会结束。 Article/201706/512045Depression is the leading cause of disability in the world.抑郁症在世界上是造成失能的主要原因。In the ed States, close to 10% of adults struggle with depression.在美国,近10%的成人为抑郁所苦。But because it#39;s a mental illness, it can be a lot harder to understand than, say, high cholesterol.但由于它是心理上的疾病,所以它比像高胆固醇之类的疾病还要让人难以理解。One major source of confusion is the difference between having depression and just feeling depressed.一个主要令人困惑的是“抑郁症”和“只是感觉沮丧”的差别。Almost everyone feels down from time to time.每个人都有失落的时候。Getting a bad grade, losing a job, having an argument, even a rainy day can bring on feelings of sadness.成绩考差了、被炒魷鱼、发生争执,甚至是下雨天都可能使人忧伤。Sometimes there#39;s no trigger at all. It just pops up out of the blue.有时根本没有什么诱因。沮丧就会凭空出现。Then circumstances change, and those sad feelings disappear. Clinical depression is different.接着情境改变,而沮丧的心情也随之消散。临床上的抑郁症是不同的。It#39;s a medical disorder, and it won#39;t go away just because you want it to.它是一种疾病,而它不会因为你想让它滚蛋就滚蛋。It lingers for at least two consecutive weeks, and significantly interferes with one#39;s ability to work, play, or love.它至少会持续两个星期,并严重地干扰一个人的工作能力、游玩意愿或情感生活。Depression can have a lot of different symptoms.抑郁症可以有很多不同的症狀。a low mood, loss of interest in things you#39;d normally enjoy, changes in appetite,心情低落、对平常喜爱的事物兴趣缺缺、胃口改变、feeling worthless or excessively guilty, sleeping either too much or too little,觉得无用或过度的罪恶感、睡太多或太少、poor concentration, restlessness or slowness, loss of energy, or recurrent thoughts of suicide.难以专注、躁动或迟钝、没有活力、或反覆兴起自杀念头。If you have at least five of those symptoms, according to psychiatric guidelines, you qualify for a diagnosis of depression.如果你有至少5项症状,根据精神科的准则你会被诊断为抑郁症。And it#39;s not just behavioral symptoms.它不只是行为上的症状而已。Depression has physical manifestations inside the brain.抑郁症在脑部还会有实质的表征。First of all, there are changes that could be seen with the naked eye and X-ray vision.首先有些改变可透过肉眼或 X 光观察发现。These include smaller frontal lobes and hippocampal volumes.包括额叶和海马体的容量变小。On a more microscale, depression is associated with a few things:从更细微的来说,抑郁症和有些事物有所关连:the abnormal transmission or depletion of certain neurotransmitters,某些神经传导物质不正常地传递或耗损,especially serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine, blunted circadian rhythms,特别是血清素、去甲肾上腺素和多巴胺使得生理节奏失调,or specific changes in the REM and slow-wave parts of your sleep cycle,或睡眠周期中的快速动眼期及慢波睡眠的特定改变,and hormone abnormalities, such as high cortisol and deregulation of thyroid hormones.以及荷尔蒙异常,例如皮质醇过高和甲状腺荷尔蒙失常。But neuroscientists still don#39;t have a complete picture of what causes depression.但神经学家还尚未全面了解掌握造成抑郁症的原因。It seems to have to do with a complex interaction between genes and environment,似乎与基因和环境间复杂的交互作用有关,but we don#39;t have a diagnostic tool that can accurately predict where or when it will show up.但目前没有诊断的工具可以精确地预测在何地或何时会发病。And because depression symptoms are intangible, it#39;s hard to know who might look fine but is actually struggling.也因为抑郁症的症状是变化莫测的,我们很难知道看起来好端端的人其实正处于挣扎中。According to the National Institute of Mental Health,根据美国国家心理健康研究院所说,it takes the average person suffering with a mental illness over ten years to ask for help.通常罹患心理疾病的病患都拖了超过10年才寻求协助。But there are very effective treatments.但现在有非常有效的治疗方法。Medications and therapy complement each other to boost brain chemicals.药物和治疗相辅相成来强化大脑化学物质。In extreme cases, electroconvulsive therapy, which is like a controlled seizure in the patient#39;s brain, is also very helpful.在一些极端的个案,“电痉挛疗法”它是一种在患者脑部以可控制的电击来诱发痉挛的疗法也非常有帮助。Other promising treatments, like transcranial magnetic stimulation, are being investigated, too.其他有前景的疗法像是“经颅磁刺激法”也都在研究中。So, if you know someone struggling with depression, encourage them, gently, to seek out some of these options.所以,如果你认识为抑郁症所苦的人温和地鼓励他,去寻求其中几项的帮助。You might even offer to help with specific tasks, like looking up therapists in the area, or making a list of questions to ask a doctor.你甚至也可提供特别的协助,像帮他找附近的治疗师或是列出一张要问医师问题的清单。To someone with depression, these first steps can seem insurmountable.对抑郁症患者来说踏出寻求治疗的最初几步都可谓举步难难。If they feel guilty or ashamed, point out that depression is a medical condition, just like asthma or diabetes.如果他们会觉得罪恶或羞耻的话,要点醒他们:抑郁是一种疾病,就像气喘或糖尿病。It#39;s not a weakness or a personality trait,它不是弱点或人格特质,and they shouldn#39;t expect themselves to just get over it anymore than they could will themselves to get over a broken arm.也不应该认为自己有办法熬过去,这正如不能光靠自己的意志力就治好手骨折一样。If you haven#39;t experienced depression yourself, avoid comparing it to times you#39;ve felt down.如果你没有得过抑郁症,要避免拿它来和自己失意时比较。Comparing what they#39;re experiencing to normal, temporary feelings of sadness can make them feel guilty for struggling.将他们的抑郁症和自己平常短暂的沮丧相比会让他们对挣扎有罪恶感。Even just talking about depression openly can help.就算只是公开谈论抑郁症也会有帮助。For example, research shows that asking someone about suicidal thoughts actually reduces their suicide risk.举例来说,研究显示问某人对自杀的看法真的可降低他们的自杀风险。Open conversations about mental illness help erode stigma and make it easier for people to ask for help.公开谈论心理疾病可以削弱它的坏名声,让人们能更无拘束地去寻求协助。And the more patients seek treatment, the more scientists will learn about depression, and the better the treatments will get.而就诊的病患越多,科学家对抑郁症的了解就越多,治疗方式就会越来越好。 Article/201706/513913上饶去除黄褐斑多少钱

南昌第一人民医院激光去斑多少钱Travelling through western Texas, national parks traveler Mikah Meyer got a chance to immerse himself in American history.穿越西德克萨斯州,国家公园旅行者米卡·迈耶得以沉浸在美国历史当中。;I#39;m in Fort Davis National Historic Site“我现在所在的地方就是福特·戴卫斯国家历史古迹,which is a military outpost that was used in the 1800s to help to defend American interests in the West Texas Chihuahuan Desert.;19世纪时它被用作军事哨所,帮助美国捍卫在西德克萨斯州奇瓦瓦沙漠的利益。”The Chihuahuan Desert, which spans more than half of the border between Mexico and the U.S.,奇瓦瓦沙漠覆盖美国和墨西哥之间一半以上的边界,covers much of West Texas—arguably, a perfect place for a fort.贯穿西德克萨斯州大部分地区——可以说是建造堡垒的完美之地。On one side you see the high wall of rocks that can either protect or make more precarious the fort location,“一方面你可以看到岩石筑成的高墙,它不仅可以起到保护作用,还能使堡垒的战略位置更加危险,and on the other side you see the vast, open desert for which the military would be able to see their enemies coming behind us.;另一方面你还可以看到空旷无垠的沙漠,这样一来,军队便能看到紧随其后的敌人。”That could be why Fort Davis established in 1854 is considered one of the best surviving examples of a military post in the American Southwest.正因如此,1854年建起的福特·戴维斯堡被视为美国西南部现存最好的军事据点之一。;From my vantage point of the Fort Davis#39; overlook, you can see the entirety of the Fort Davis National Historic Site.;“从我这个位置来俯瞰戴维斯堡,你可以将福特·戴卫斯国家历史古迹的全景都收入眼中。”The site also honors the Buffalo Soldiers, freed African American slaves who joined the U.S. Army following the Civil War.设立戴维斯国家历史古迹也是为了纪念水牛战士,这些战士都是被解放的美洲黑奴,内战之后加入了美国军队。They were called Buffalo Soldiers because Plains Indians thought the soldiers#39; hair resembled that of buffalo,之所以称其为水牛战士,是因为平地印第安人觉得这些战士的头发跟水牛特别像,an animal the Indians greatly revered.水牛也是极受这些印第安人尊敬的动物。The Buffalo Soldiers stationed at Fort Davis served from 1867 to 1885,驻扎在戴维斯堡的水牛战士从1867年一直役到1885年,where they played a major role in the settlement and development of the American West.期间他们在美国西部的开拓和发展中发挥了重大作用。Their mission was to protect travelers and the mail on the San Antonio-El Paso Road,水牛战士的任务就是保护圣安东尼奥到埃尔帕索路段上的旅客和邮件安全,and to support military operations to control hostile American Indians.同时也要持军事行动,控制敌视白人的印第安人。Fort Davis symbolizes a bastion of U.S. military presence in West Texas.“戴维斯堡象征着美国在西德克萨斯州驻军的捍卫者。”;Visitors will notice that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, NBA superstar, is the host of the Visitor Center “参观者们可以看到,NBA超级巨星贾巴尔为游务中心主持拍摄了这段视频,because of his keen interest in these Buffalo Soldiers and their mark on history因为他对水牛战士以及他们在历史上曾取得的成绩,and what the ed States has become today for people of all races.;还有在各种族人民相互影响下,美国如今的样子都十分感兴趣。”;The old fort can also be viewed as a symbol of the tragic conflict“这座旧堡垒也可以被视作悲剧冲突的象征,that engaged North America#39;s original inhabitants against the unrelenting wave of other Americans.;因为当时北美原始居民不断遭受其他美国人的无情冲击。”Today, the National Park Service is sensitive to the plight of the native Americans and around that area at the time of the Fort existence,如今,美国国家公园对戴维斯堡存在时期附近一带美国原住民所遭受的苦难十分敏感,but is proud, nevertheless, to preserve this historic site但是却为保存下这个历史古迹而感到自豪,;as a lasting memorial to all U.S. soldiers who faithfully served their country for almost half a century.;“作为一个永恒的纪念馆,铭记在长达近半个世纪的时间里,一心尽忠报国的所有美国战士。”Julie Taboh, VOA news, Washington.VOA新闻,朱莉·塔于华盛顿为您播报。 Article/201706/513120南昌同济医疗整形美容医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱 Hey, Squeaks, can you guess what animal I#39;m thinking of?吱吱,你能猜到我正在想什么动物吗?It#39;s big, has black and white spots, and goes ;Moooooooo!;它体型很大,有黑白斑点,叫声像“哞...”That#39;s it. You got it, it#39;s a cow!你猜对了,我想的就是母牛。It#39;s actually only the girl animals that are called cows.实际上只有那些雌性才被称为母牛。And the boys are called bulls or steers, and baby cows are called calves.雄性被称作是公牛或阉牛,牛宝宝叫做犊牛。When you put them all together, they#39;re called cattle.总称是牛。Cattle are some of my favorite farm animals.牛是我最喜欢的一种家畜。And there#39;s an amazing story behind how we humans started having them on our farms.人类如何开始圈养牛是个令人惊奇的故事。Cattle come in all shapes and sizes.牛的体型和大小各不相同。It#39;s kind of like how there are lots of different breeds of dogs.就像有不同的品种,There are big ones, small ones, extra fluffy ones, and ones with certain colors or patterns...如大型犬、小型犬、绒毛犬、有某一颜色或图案的犬...Cattle are like that too!牛和犬一样有很多品种。The black and white spotted kind are a breed called the Holstein.荷尔斯泰因牛品种的牛有黑白斑点。But there are also cattle that are brown, like Jersey cattle, or red, like this Devon bull.但也有一些牛是褐色的,如娟珊牛,有些是红色的,如德文郡牛。Khandari Cattle are also reddish, but they have big humps on their back!“Khandari”牛略带红色,但背上有大的隆起。Other kinds of cattle have huge horns, and some are really fluffy!其他种类的牛都有巨大的犄角,有些牛的毛很蓬松。The furry cattle are my favorite.绒毛牛是我的最爱。There are well over 200 kinds of cattle, and they#39;re all unique!牛的品种有200多种,它们都是独一无二的。I agree, Squeaks! Some cattle are pretty cute!吱吱,你说得对。有些牛很可爱。But even though they#39;re cute, cattle aren#39;t really pets.但就算它们可爱,也不是真正的宠物。They#39;re farm animals, which means that a lot of the time,牛是家畜,这意味着很多时候,people keep them so that the cattle will make them food.人类养牛是为了获取食物。People have been living with and taking care of cattle like this for a very long time.人类很长一段时间内一直与牛生活并照管它们。You see, long ago, people lived near a relative of today#39;s cattle, an animal called an aurochs.很久以前,人类与现代家牛的近亲一起生活,我们把这种牛叫做原牛。People knew that aurochs could make milk that was good to drink, and meat that was good to eat.人类知道原牛的奶好喝,肉很好吃。But the young aurochs could get attacked by predators, that is, other animals that wanted to eat them, like wolves.但是小原牛会受到捕食者的攻击,像狼等其它动物都是它的天敌。In order to get food from the aurochs, people would watch out for them, and keep any predators away.为了从原牛身上获取食物,人类会保护它们,使它们远离捕食者的威胁。Soon, people began working so closely with the aurochs that these ancient cattle felt pretty safe with the humans.不久之后,人类开始与原牛即古代牛亲近起来,它们与人在一起感觉很安全。The aurochs would let people take their milk,原牛为人类提供牛奶,and people would have something to eat and drink when they couldn#39;t find food growing around them.当人类在周围找不到食物时,他们能从原牛那里获得吃的喝的。The aurochs began to rely on humans for safety, so they slowly became what we call domesticated,原牛开始依赖人类获得安全感,所以它们逐渐被驯化,meaning that these cattle lived with humans and weren#39;t very afraid of them.这意味着这些牛不再害怕与人类生活。People had aly domesticated some other animals, like dogs and cats,人类已经驯养了一些其他动物,如和猫,but cattle and other farm animals are a bit different.但牛和其他的家畜有点儿不同。People take care of farm animals in return for what they give us for food.人类照顾家畜,它们则为人类提供食物。From cattle, we can get things like milk, butter, cheese, and beef.牛能为我们提供牛奶、黄油、奶酪和牛肉。This allows people to have food all year round,即使谷物收成不好时,even when the crops they plant aren#39;t growing food.它们也能保人类全年有食物。It also allows the cattle to be safer out in the open.牛被圈养比在外边散养安全。Cattle are still very important to many farms.对许多农场来说,牛仍然是非常重要的。People all over the world want to drink cow#39;s milk, eat cheese and ice cream, and enjoy a hamberg.因为全世界的人类都想喝牛奶、吃奶酪、冰淇淋和汉堡。Farmers raise their cattle in all kinds of ways.农民用各种方法养牛。Some farmers keep huge herds, and others only have a few cows.一些农民养很多牛,有些农民只养几头牛。But even the smallest farm uses science to help take care of their cattle!但即使是最小的农场,也会运用科学来照管牛。Farmers can keep track of what makes their cows healthy and strong.农民们知道如何让奶牛健康强壮。They can measure just the right amounts of different foods to help their cows grow really big.为了让它们茁壮成长,他们能准确称量出不同饲料的多少。Even they can use medicine to keep their cows healthy.甚至他们可以用药物来保奶牛的健康。Exactly! Squeaks. Those are just some the ways that farmers have to think like scientists.吱吱,你说得对。这些只是农民像科学家一样思考的方法而已。Farmers also have to keep track of other animals that cattle can live with on a farm.农民还必须了解与牛在同一农场生活的其他动物的状况。Cattle can live with goats, sheep, horses,牛可以与山羊、绵羊、马and lots of other animals that like to group up together in a big herd.等很多其他群居动物一起生活。These animals all have to get along and feel safe with each other.这些动物必须友好相处、彼此感到安全。They#39;ll usually stay in their herd as they try to find plants to eat and watch for predators.当它们想要外出觅食、警戒捕食者时,通常会一起行动。The farmers taking care of them need to keep track of all of their animals#39; needs, from the biggest to the smallest.不管是大是小,农民都需要了解它们的需求。Each animal provides something for humans, and in return we take care of them.动物为我们提供食物,反过来,我们要照顾它们。What#39;s your favorite farm animal?你最喜欢的家畜是什么?Have you ever visited a farm or milked a cow?你曾去过农场或为奶牛挤奶吗?Have a grown-up help you leave a comment down below, or send us an email to kids@scishow.com让大人帮忙在下方留言,或发邮件至kids@scishow.com。Thanks and we#39;ll see you next time. Here at the fort!感谢您的收看,我们下期再见。我们在沃斯堡等你。 Article/201707/516529南昌脸部激光祛斑多少钱

武警江西总队医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱新东方英语900句 Lesson 11:Furture AcitivitiesCore Sentences1. What will you do when you grow up? I will open a bar when I have enougth money.2. Alan is going back to the US during the summer vocation.He will be back in four weeks.3. She is about to leave for Paris.4. What you going to do tommorow?5. A Professor will lecture at the school auditor. He will forcus on the ladys development of Canada.6. I am going to buy a ticket for the rocking roll concert.7. There will be an international conference in Beijing next month.I will be pride to a volunteer translator.8. Did you know what you going to do before your graduated?9. I never imagined that I will become a teacher.10. It is going to rain,take your rain coat with you.11. I am leaving, thank you for having us here tonight.Dialog ExcercisesNumber One Busy weekendsA. It's Saturday tomorrow, did you have any plans?B. Busy as usual, I will send Ani to her piano class at nigh tomorrow morning. And then take my to hospital.Besides, I will make a birthday cake for Lin. Tomorrow is her fifth year birthday.A. Why isn't Jhon give your hand?B. An International meeting is going to be held in Beijing next week. He is leaving for Beijin tomorrow. And will be back in two weeks.A. I see,give me a call if you need any help.Number two Plans for the weekend.A. Wendy, any plan for the coming weekend?B. Yes, I've been working so hard the whole week.So I'm going to take a trip to boston.A. Why are you going there?B. Where, one of my best friends is getting married the Sunday.I'm going to be her bridsmaid. I'll go shoping right after work. I'll buy some clothes and . Will you go with me and give me some advice?A. Ok, but first I'll have to finish the document here. /200604/5856 The UN refugee agency said more than 700 migrants trying to reach Europe are feared to have died in three Mediterranean Sea shipwrecks south of Italy over the past few days.联合国难民署称,过去几天里在意大利南部700多名试图进入欧洲的移民在三起地中海沉船事故中恐遇难。On Sunday a spokeswoman for UNHCR said that an estimated 100 people were missing from a smugglers#39; boat which capsized Wednesday.周日,联合国难民署的一位女发言人称,周三一艘走私船翻沉,大约100人失踪。She said about 550 other migrants and refugees are missing from a smuggling boat that capsized Thursday morning. 她说,周四早上一艘走私船沉没,另有550名移民和难民失踪。The boat departed the western Libyan port of Sabratha a day earlier. 一天前,船从利比亚西部港口塞卜拉泰开出。According to refugees who saw the boat sink, the boat didn#39;t have an engine and was being towed by another packed smuggling boat before it capsized. 据见到过船沉没的难民说,船没有引擎,沉没前被另一艘拥挤的偷渡船拖着。It was carrying about 670 people.About 25 people from the capsized boat managed to reach the first boat and survive. 它载着大约670人。沉船上的约25人设法到达第一艘船并且获救。79 others were rescued by international patrol boats. 15 bodies were recovered.79人被国际巡逻艇救出。15具尸体被找到。Italian police have corroborated the account of the Thursday but came up with different numbers.意大利警方已经实了周四的报告,但出现不同的数据。译文属。 /201605/446624南昌半导体激光脱毛医院南昌抽脂医院



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