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  • 听力参考文本:Last week I discussed a new bill that would make it easier for citizens to get absentee ballots in Michigan, a bill sponsored by a Republican state representative, Lisa Posthumus Lyons, and enthusiastically supported by Secretary of State Ruth Johnson.Shes also a conservative Republican and Michigans chief elections official. The bill is scarcely radical; it would merely allow any voter who wants an absentee ballot to get one. Two-thirds of the states aly allow what is called ;no-excuse; absentee voting.In fact, all those states also allow early voting, meaning that on certain days before the election, the polls are open to allow people to vote who aly have made up their minds.This both encourages turnout and reduces lines on Election Day.Three states – Colorado, Washington and Oregon – require everyone to vote absentee. As it now stands, Michigan is definitely backward when it comes to helping citizens participate in democracy.But unfortunately, Republican leaders in the Legislature have exceeded my worst expectations. Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof made it very clear he has no interest in doing anything to help more people vote.;They should be responsible enough to make sure they get to their own polling places,; he said. ;I think thats the least we can ask.” He also said he feared ;fraud and abuse,; although there has been no evidence of that reported in any of the thirty-six states that are more voter-friendly than Michigan.And State Senator Dave Robertson, a former insurance salesman from Grand Blanc, was, if anything, worse. Robertson is the chair of the Elections and Government Reforms Committee, and he made it clear that he will do everything he can to sabotage Lyons bill if it makes it to the senate.Not only did he say he would oppose it, he said he wouldnt even allow hearings to consider this, hearings in which he and his fellow senators could hear testimony about how open absentee balloting has worked in other states.Why does he feel this way?Well, Robertson was at first largely incoherent, called Election Day a “focal point” he didnt want to diminish, but then gave a fantastically incredible reason. He said no-fault absentee voting would unfairly handicap candidates because they wouldnt have enough time to reach those voting early.If he really believes that, he may be the only person in the nation who thinks our campaigns are too short. The truth is that he and Meekhof dont want to allow this because they are indeed afraid more people would vote. They know that higher voter turnout tends to favor Democratic candidates, which they are determined to prevent.But it isnt politically acceptable to say they want to keep people from voting, so they make up hypocritical excuses instead. The fact is that no-excuse absentee voting is highly unlikely to change very much, especially in our heavily gerrymandered legislature.And it is encouraging that two principled Republican women have had the integrity to come out in favor of doing what is right and helping more people vote.It would be nice if they could be supported by a little citizen outrage against the men who want to prevent more people from participating in democracy.Jack Lessenberry is Michigan Radios political analyst. Views expressed in his essays are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Michigan Radio, its management or the station licensee, The University of Michigan.201506/382150。
  • Just like that.If you see a news report that you think I should see.就像那样 如果你看到一则新闻 觉得我应该看看Please send it to me.I love these things.Here is something you should see.请把它发给我 我好这口 下面的视频你也应该看看Ah, last weekend we sent one of our assistant Jason to a restaurant with a birthday cake for his grandma.嗯 上周末我们派了一位助理杰森 去一家餐厅 带上给他奶奶做的蛋糕And he asked people to hold it.But the cake was rigged.然后他让别人帮他拿着 但是蛋糕被做过手脚So that it would immediately fell off the tray.But the cake was rigged.端着会立刻从托盘上滑下来 于是他又做了一个And he brought his grandma with him to Chilis.My grandmas.Beautiful.他还带上了奶奶去Chilis 这是给我奶奶的 真漂亮Actually I am looking to take a quick picture.Can you hold it quickly for me?Beautiful.事实上我正想给它拍一张照 你能帮我端一下吗 当然If you just lower so I can get it over.And 3, 2... Oh... Oh.Hi, grandma.你能放低点吗 我可以拍下整个蛋糕 准备 3 2 噢 噢 你好 奶奶Oh, my birthday cake?My grandma comes, its her birthday.No.啊 我的生日蛋糕 我奶奶要来了 今天是她的生日 不Jason, what did you do to my cake?We dropped it. I am sorry.杰森 你对我的蛋糕做了什么 我们弄掉了 抱歉Its all right. It looks okay.Oh, man.Do you have an interview?Yeah?没事的 它看上去还好 天哪 老兄 你有一个面试吗 什么Do you have an interview?Yeah. - Good luck in.Yeah. - Good luck in.你在等面试吗 是的 -祝你好运 谢啦老兄 -你能帮个小忙吗Just hold it quick.My grandmas birthday.Here it is.Oh...Grandma.只是端着它而已 (今天是)我奶奶的生日 拿好了 噢 奶奶Jason, what did you do to my cake?We just got a little messy, gradma.杰森 你对我的蛋糕做了什么 我们只是出了点小意外 奶奶Well get this Here.Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday dear grandma.Happy Birthday to you.这个我们还是可以用 给你 祝你生日快乐 祝你生日快乐 祝你生日快乐 亲爱的奶奶 祝你生日快乐I dont think so.Can I say something? - Yeah.Youre on the Ellen Degeneres show right now.Thanks, buddy.我并不如此认为 听我说 哥们 -怎么了 你上了艾伦秀 谢谢你 老兄Elbow high five, thanks for being a good support.You want some cake? Oh, Im fine, thank you.- Good luck on your interview. Thank you.用肘击个掌 谢谢你的持 你想尝一点蛋糕吗 哦 不用了 谢谢 祝你面试顺利 谢谢Oh he clapped in everything. So sweet!Well be right back.哦 他什么都可以拍得精 真贴心 我们马上回来 /201602/425333。
  • Struggling to repay student loans is something that unites many of us. Across the country, almost 40 million people are trying to repay .3 trillion in student loan debt.Here in Michigan, 1.5 million people are trying to erase more than billion in debt.Earlier today, U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Michigan, was on the campus of the University of Michigan, where she hosted a roundtable on college affordability.Dingell is one of the sponsors of a bill in the House called the ;Bank on Students Emergency Loan Reinforcement Act.;The bill would allow students to refinance their current student loan debt.;You can refinance your home loan, you can refinance your auto loan, but you cant refinance your student loan right now,; says Dingell.According to Dingell, the average student loan debt for an undergraduate student is ,000. This new bill would save them ,000.But this is only one small part of a larger problem.In her talks with students, Dingell says they have given her many other ideas, including teaching financial literacy in high school.;Many of them get these loans and dont understand what the loans or their grants are there to cover,; she says.With so many suffering from student loan debt, Dingell says she thinks this isnt a partisan issue and hopes that her fellow members of Congress will support it. Elizabeth Warren introduced the bill previously, but it never passed through the Senate.;Im hoping that we can get something like this through the House and the Senate. Im going to work very hard to try to do that,; Dingell says.201504/369042。
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