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机会是属于言出必行的人的,谁会是那些幸运儿,从始至终谁来决定,尽管你说我会是你的,没有东西是永恒的,不管今天是什么样的感觉Chances are when said and doneWho will be the lucky onesWho make it all the way?Though you say I could be your answerNothing lasts everNo matter how it feels todayChances are we'll find a new equationChances roll away from meChances are all they hope to beTo get it wrong and never say neverCause though love can change the weatherNo act of God can pull me away from youI'm just a realistic manI buy my fill with shells and sandAfraid to look beyond what I can lose when it comes to youAnd though I see us through yeahChances are we'll find two destinationsChances roll away from meChances are more than expectationsA possibilityOver meIt's about the two to oneLay your money on the grounduntil you're rich what have you done?Is there no better bet than love?What you want is what you breatheYou got a crowd then float you seeChances, chancesChances lost are hopes torn up pagesMaybe this timeChances are we'll be the combinationChances call clarityChances are waiting to be takenAnd I can seeChances are the fascinationChancesChances are only what we make themAnd all I need。

Let us take a moment of the time just to pay tribute and show appreciation to the person called mom though some may not say it openly to their mother. There no substitute her. Cherish every single moment. Though at times she may not be the best of friends, may not agree to our thoughts, she is still your mother! She will be there you...to listen to your woes, your braggings, your frustations, etc. Ask yourself...have you put aside enough time her, to listen to her ;blues; of working in the kitchen, her tiredness? Be tactful, loving and still show her due respect though you may have a different view from hers. Once gone, only fond memories of the past and also regrets will be left.让我们花一小会儿时间,对那个叫“妈”的人表示敬意,表达感谢,虽然有些人当着面说不出口妈妈是不可替代的珍惜与她在一起的每一时刻吧虽然有时候,她可能不是我们最好的朋友,可能不同意我们的想法,但妈妈就是妈妈!她始终陪伴你身边,听你的伤心事,听你吹大牛,听你把沮丧倾诉……扪心自问,你是否曾经抽出过足够的时间陪伴她,听她讲围着灶台转的“伤心事”,讲她也会疲劳?就算你与她意见不一,也要委婉,充满爱心,对她表示出应有的尊敬一旦她离去,剩下的就只有对过去岁月的美好回忆,还有就是终生的遗憾Dont take granted the things closest to your heart. Love her more than you love yourself. Life is meaningless without her.不要以为,与你心最近,你就理所应得爱她,要甚于爱你自己生命中没有了她,将了无意义 35。

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻Stupid Question愚蠢的问题Dan was the doorman of a club in a big city.丹在一个大城市的某个俱乐部当门童Everyday, thousands of people passed his door,每天都有数千人经过他的门口,and a lot of them stopped and asked him, ;What’s the time, please?;  而且许多人都会停下来问他:“请问现在几点?” After a few months, Dan said to himself,几个月后,丹想:;I’m not going to answer all those stupid people any more.“我不想再回答这些蠢人提出的问题了,I’m going to buy a big clock and put it upon the wall here.; Then he did so. 我要去买一只大钟,把它挂在这儿的墙上”于是他买了一只钟,把它挂在了墙上  ;Now people aren’t going to stop and ask me the time,; he thought happily.“现在人们总不会再停下来问我时间了”他高兴地想But after that, a lot of people stopped, looked at the clock and then asked Dan, ;Is that clock right?;可是打那以后,每天仍有许多人停下来,看看钟,然后问丹:“这钟准吗?”Notes:1.doormann. 门卫,门童;门房.answervt.amp; vi. 答复; 解答; 答辩;适应n. 回答;;反应;足以媲美的人常见搭配:a dusty answer含糊的答复; 不解决问题的回答soft answer温和[委婉]的回答A soft answer turneth away wrath.[谚]婉言可以释怒(来自《圣经)in answer to为了回答; 为了响应; 听[接]到...后就...know all the answers[口] 好象什么都知道; 精明, 内行; 老练The answer is a lemon.[俚]没有回答的必要; 没法回答answer back[口]回嘴, 顶嘴; 为自己辩护answer 对...担保; 为...的后果承担责任;代表...讲话; 代表...的意见answer to符合; 象;因...而发生变化[作用]answer up (to)迅速回答; 大声回答本节目可可原创节目, 988。

Tax Collector收税员Little Johnny was playing with his father wallet when he accidentally swallowed a quarter. He went crying to his mom, choking on the quarter.小约翰尼在玩爸爸的钱包时,不小心吞下了一枚5分硬币硬币卡在嗓子里,他哭着跑去找妈妈They took him to a doctor, who said that the quarter ws impossible to remove without surgery. They consulted a specialist who was of the same opinion.爸爸妈妈带他去看医生,医生说只能做手术取出来他们又咨询了一位专家,专家也说没别的办法Then came a man who said he could get the money out in a jiffy.然后又来了一个人说他能马上就把钱取出来He turned little Johnny upside down and patted him with great precision on the back of neck and, sure enough, the quarter rolled out.他把小约翰尼头朝下拎起来,精确无误地在他的后脖子上拍了拍,那枚硬币就真的掉出来了Everyone was amazed, the father said, ;You must be an expert!;每个人都很吃惊,爸爸说:“你一定是个专家!”The man replied, ;No, sir. Im just a tax collector.;那人答道:“我不是的,先生我只是个收税员” 399。

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻 None Other Than a Soldier正是士兵As a newly commissioned infantry lieutenant,作为一名新上任的步兵中尉,I was eager to set an example my platoon by cleaning my own M- rifle.我通过擦拭自己的M-式自动步给全排作个榜样While we were working on the weapons, one soldier complained about the unusual notched shape of the M- bolt and chamber, which makes it difficult to clean.我们一块擦,一名战士抱怨由于M-的栓膛的特别凹形结构,擦起来十分困难;Lieutenant, they need to make something to clean this with,; the soldier said.“中尉,应该制造一种擦这的工具”士兵说;They do,; piped up a sergeant.“已经制造出来了”一军士尖叫;Really,; I said with surprise, wondering why we had not ordered such a tool.“真的?”我十分诧异,纳闷为什么我们没有定购这种工具;Yes, sir,; replied the sergeant. ;It called a soldier.;“真的,长官,”军士答道,“它就是士兵”Notes:1.infantry lieutenant步兵中尉.be eager to盼望,渴望eg.I was eager to set an example my platoon.我急切地想给全排设置一个榜样3.notchedadj.有凹口的v.在(某物)上刻V形痕( notch的过去式和过去分词 );赢得;赢取;获得高分eg.A sesame stalk puts th blossoms notch by notch, higher and higher.芝麻开花节节高.shapen.形状;模型;状态;身材vt.塑造;使符合;体现vi.使成形;形成eg.the shape of things to come未来事物的状态In shape, it was like a bell.其形如钟He has nothing in the shape of money.他没有一文钱Weve no proposals from him in any shape or m.我们没有得到他任何形式的建议 本节目可可原创节目, 57869。

Where My Booger?我的鼻屎干哪儿去了?As I was trying to pack vacation, my 3-year-old daughter was having a wonderful time playing on the bed.在我忙着为出去度假收拾行李的时候,我3岁的女儿在麻上玩儿得很开心At one point, she said, ;Mom, look at this,; and stuck out two of her fingers.一时,她伸出两根手指,说:“妈妈,看这个”Trying to keep her entertained, I reached out and stuck her fingers in my mouth and said, ;Mommy is gonna eat your fingers!; pretending to eat them bee I rushed out of the room again.为了逗她玩儿,我凑过去把她的手指放到我嘴里假装吃掉:“妈妈把你的手指吃掉了!”然后我就跑出了房间When I returned, my daughter was standing on the bed staring at her fingers with a devastated look on her face and tears down her face.等我回来的时候,我的女儿站在床上,伤心地盯着她的手指,眼泪都流下来了I said, ;What wrong honey?;“怎么了,我的宝贝?”Sad and broken up she looked at me and said, ;Mommy, where is my booger?;她伤心欲绝地看着我说:“妈妈,我的鼻屎干到哪儿去了?” 6873。

地点:莫妮卡公寓人物:乔伊,罗斯,钱德勒,莫妮卡,瑞秋,菲比事件:感恩节晚餐被烧焦,大家争吵了起来听力文本:Chandler: OK, Monica, only dogs can hear you now, so, look, the door’s open. Here we go.钱德勒:好了,莫妮卡,现在只有能听见你说的,好了,看啊,门已经开了进去吧Monica: Well, the turkey’s burnt. Potatoes are ruined, potatoes are ruined, potatoes are ruined.莫妮卡:啊,火鸡烧焦了土豆完了,土豆完了,土豆完了Ross: Here we come, walk in’ down the — this doesn’t smell like Mom’s.罗斯:(从门外边唱歌边走进屋里)“我们沿着……”妈妈的厨房可不是这个味儿!Monica: No, it doesn’t, does it? But you wanted lumps, Ross? Well, here you go, buddy, ya got one.莫妮卡:是啊,不像是吧?你不是要土豆块吗,罗斯?好,拿去,伙计,这就是你的土豆块Ross: Don’t yell at me. You burned dinner!罗斯:别冲我喊,是你毁了我们的晚饭Phoebe: Hey, don’t make her squeak again!菲比:喂,别让她又尖叫起来Rachel: Oh, god, this is great! The plane is gone, so it looks like I’m stuck here with you guys.瑞秋:噢,天呐,真是不错啊!飞机已经飞走了,看来我只能留下来和你们待在一起了Joey: Hey, we all had better plans. Ok? This was nobody’s first choice.乔伊:嘿,我们本来都有个不错的计划的,这本来就不是大伙的最佳选择Monica: Oh, really? So why was I busting my ass to make this delicious Thanksgiving dinner?莫妮卡:噢,真的吗?那我何苦要做这顿丰盛的感恩节大餐呢?Joey: You call that delicious?乔伊:你管这叫丰盛吗?Monica: Stop it, stop it, stop it!莫妮卡:闭嘴,闭嘴,闭嘴!Chandler: Now this feels like Thanksgiving.钱德勒:终于有了点儿感恩节的气氛了New words dialogue :1.turkey n. 火鸡.burn v. 烧,烧焦3.ruin v. 破坏;毁灭.lump n. 块,团5.buddy n. 兄弟;伙伴6.yell v. 大叫7.squeak v. 吱吱叫8.stuck adj. 被卡住的,动不了的9.bust v. 打破.ass n. 屁股 379。