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徐州/哪里看男科徐州/非淋专科医院Split-screen multitasking and improved notification controls are among the new features being added to the Android operating system (OS). An early build of the new OS, known as Android N, was released on Thursday for app developers to test.据悉,分屏多任务处理和优化的通知控件等新功能被加入到了新版的安卓操作系统中。被称为安卓N的新操作系统的早期版本已经于上周四发布,并由应用开发者进行测试。Google said it had released the beta software earlier than usual so that device manufacturers could get the finished version sooner. At the moment, fewer than 3% of Android phones run the latest OS, Marshmallow.谷歌方面表示,比平时提早发布测试版本将会便于设备制造商能更快得到最终版本。目前,只有不到3%的安卓手机运行最新的操作系统:棉花糖。Typically, Google discusses the next generation of its Android OS at its annual developer conference in the summer. But this year it has released a first draft earlier than expected.通常来讲。谷歌会在每年夏季的开发者大会上讨论下一代安卓系统。但今年该公司比预期更早地发布了第一个早期版本。;By releasing the first preview and asking for your feedback now (in March!), we#39;ll be able to act on that feedback while still being able to hand off the final N release to device makers this summer,; wrote Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior vice president of Android, in a blog post.安卓高级副总裁洛克海默在客中写道:“通过发布第一个预览版,并于现在(3月份!)就要求你们反馈。我们就可以根据得到的反馈进行相关工作,同时也可以在这个夏天向设备制造商提交最终的N版本,”Android N will introduce split-screen multitasking that allows people to use two apps at the same time. Information can be copied across from one app to the other. A similar feature is aly available on some iOS and Windows 10 devices, and Samsung has aly added the feature to some of its Android smartphones.安卓N会推出分屏多任务处理功能,让人们可以同时使用两个应用。信息可以从一个应用程序复制到另一个。类似的功能已经适用于某些iOS和Windows 10设备,三星也已经在它的一些安卓智能手机上添加了此功能。The new software also introduces some cosmetic changes to settings and notifications, and aims to improve battery life.此外,这一新版本系统还引入了设置和通知控件设计上的改变,旨在提高电池寿命。Google has traditionally named new versions of the operating system after sweet treats, as was the case with Lollipop and Marshmallow. The newest version has not yet been named but it has been suggested that Android N will be named after a popular chocolate and hazelnut breakfast sp.谷歌向来把操作系统的新版本根据甜食来命名,比如棒棒糖和棉花糖。最新的版本还未命名,但据说安卓N将会已一种流行的榛子巧克力早餐涂抹酱命名。;We#39;re nut tellin#39; you yet,; said Mr Lockheimer, possibly hinting at the name.“我们还不会告诉你,“洛克海默先生把“不”(not)的发音发成“坚果”(nut),很可能是暗示这个名字。 /201603/431505徐州/第三人民医院可以割包皮吗 Three of the world’s biggest carmakers have jumped into peer-to-peer vehicle sharing, as the automobile industry scrambles to stay relevant in the age of Uber and BlaBlaCar.全球三家大型汽车制造商已投身个人对个人(peer-to-peer,简称P2P)汽车分享业务。在这个优步(Uber)和BlaBlaCar的时代,汽车业正力图确保自己不被边缘化。Within hours of each other, Ford, General Motors and BMW announced Airbnb-style schemes on Wednesday – with each manufacturer claiming to be the first to let car owners earn money by renting out their new vehicles to other drivers.周三,福特(Ford)、通用汽车(General Motors)和宝马(BMW)在几小时内相继公布了Airbnb式的计划。这三家汽车制造商各自声称自己是首个令车主能通过将新车租给其他人来赚钱的商家。The moves are part of established companies’ attempts to respond to the changing tastes of so-called millennials. Motor industry executives are watching with alarm as consumer-focused sectors are disrupted by new entrants encouraging individuals to share goods and services with each other.这些举措表明,这些老牌企业试图响应“千禧一代”不断变化的品味。如今,鼓励个人与他人分享物品与务的市场新秀,给面向消费者的行业带来了颠覆性影响,汽车业高管正以警惕的目光关注着这一切。“Society and the automotive industry are undergoing radical change,” said Peter Schwarzenbauer, member of the BMW board for the British brands Mini and Rolls-Royce.分管英国品牌MINI和劳斯莱斯(Rolls-Royce)的宝马管理委员会成员萧绅(Peter Schwarzenbauer)表示:“社会和汽车业正在发生根本性变化。”From next year, BMW will allow customers buying a Mini to choose to rent out their cars via DriveNow, an existing scheme run by the German carmaker. The option will initially be available in the US and later in DriveNow cities such as London.从明年起,宝马将允许顾客在购买MINI时,选择通过该公司现有的DriveNow项目来出租他们的汽车。这一选择最初将在美国提供,随后会扩展到伦敦等有DriveNow项目的城市。BMW announced the scheme just as Opel, General Motors’ European marque, said it would offer “car sharing for everyone”. Opel Cary will allow drivers to rent out their cars – say, to their Facebook friends – via a dedicated Opel app for smartphones and tablet computers.就在宝马公布这一计划的同时,通用汽车的欧洲品牌欧宝(Opel)也表示,将提供“面向每个人的汽车分享务”。欧宝的Cary将允许车主通过一个专为智能手机和平板电脑设计的欧宝应用,把他们的车出租给Facebook好友之类的对象。Ford has also launched a six-month pilot scheme to allow 12,000 customers in and around London who have bought cars through its financial services arm to rent out their vehicles, using easyCar Club, an online peer-to-peer platform. The pilot will also run in six cities in the US, in collaboration with Getaround, another platform.福特也推出了一个为期6个月的试点计划。根据该计划,在伦敦及其周边地区,通过福特旗下的金融务公司购车的1.2万名顾客,可使用在线P2P平台easyCar Club出租他们的汽车。此外,福特还在6座美国城市与一个名叫Getaround的平台合作推出这一试点。In each case, a portion of the fee paid by the person renting the car goes to the vehicle owner, with the remainder passing to the manufacturer, partly to cover insurance.每次租车时,租车者所付费用将有一定比例交给车主,其余部分则到了制造商手中——这么做部分是为了付保险费。 /201506/383093徐州/哪家医院治疗男性健康比较专业

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徐州/治包皮那家医院好You wouldn#39;t think that people with such influence would have such a low salary – but there is a reason behind it.你一定想不到这些鼎鼎有名的大人物却拿着如此低廉的薪水,但这背后是有原因的。Despite founding Facebook,Mark Zuckerberg takes home just a year for his salary.尽管如此,Facebook创始人马克扎克伯格每年还是仅带回家1美元的薪水。He#39;s joined a small but influential group of #39;dollar-a-year men#39;. People who head up big businesses and organisations, but don#39;t want a massive salary.他加入了一个虽小却颇有影响的“一年只赚一美元的男人帮”组织,这个男人帮的成员都是大企业和机构的领头人,但不拿高薪。Their ranks include CEOs, socialites and governors, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Bloomberg.组织中有首席执行官、社会名流、州长阿诺德·施瓦辛格和迈克尔·布隆伯格等。The tradition began with business executives helping out the US government during periods of war. The law forbids the government from accepting the services of unpaid volunteers.这一传统始于企业高管在战争时期援帮助美国政府。法律禁止政府接受无偿志愿者的务。Zuckerberg doesn#39;t take a salary – but he DEFINITELY makes money from Facebook扎克伯格不拿薪水——但他肯定从Facebook赚钱In fact he doubled his money from 2013-2014. How did he manage that? Shares.其实从2013-2014年他的钱翻了一倍。他是怎么做到的?投资股票。His holding worth in Facebook is bn. When he needs cash, he sells off a chunk of them. The company also pays all of his travel and security costs.他的Facebook价值270亿美元。当他需要现金时,他就卖一股票,该股票公司还付他的一切旅行和保安费用。He#39;s not even the most famous a year man在一年只拿1美元薪水的人中,他还不是最有名的Famously, Apple founder Steve Jobs returned to the then-struggling company in 1997, and refused to take a salary. In fact, he went further and didn#39;t even cash in his Apple shares.众所周知,苹果创始人史蒂夫·乔布斯于1997年公司发展困难期回到公司,并拒绝拿公司薪水,更没有拿苹果公司股票。He ended up doing a decent job, making Apple the most profitable company in the world for several years.他最终做了一份体面的工作,短短几年的时间就把苹果公司发展成为世界上最赚钱的公司。Here are some of the other notable people who only earned a year:一年只拿1美元薪水的人大有人在:Larry Page-Google CEO谷歌首席执行官拉里·佩奇Meg Whitman, Hewlett-Packard CEO惠普首席执行官梅格·惠特曼Jerry Yang, former Yahoo! CEO前雅虎首席执行官杨致远Sergey Brin, Co-Founder of Google谷歌联合创始人谢尔盖·布林John Mackey, Whole Foods CEO - he also refuses alternative compensation from shares or stocks全食首席执行官约翰·麦基——他也拒绝拿公司股票或股份So don#39;t always judge people by their salaries. Though you#39;d normally need a whole load of lucrative stock options to make a paypacket stretch for a year.正常虽需要用1美元买入一股票来赚取这一年的丰厚利润,但不要总用工资标准来衡量一个人。 /201507/386292 徐州/男科生殖科好吗徐州/治疗膀胱炎哪家医院好



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