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盐城/做割包皮手术大概需要多少钱射阳县中医院看乳腺检查多少钱兴化市宫颈糜烂多少钱 It was an honest mistake.这是一个无心之过A newspaper in the Dominican Republic meant to run a photo of US President Donald Trump but accidentally ran a photo of Alec Baldwin doing his impression of Trump on ;Saturday Night Live; instead.多米尼加共和国的一份报纸本打算刊登美国总统特朗普的照片,却误用了在《周六夜现场中模仿特朗普的亚历克·鲍德温的照片The story, published in El Nacional, was about Israel decision to allow more settlers to build homes in disputed territories and Trump statement that the move did not aid in the peace process.《国民报日前刊登了一篇报道,其内容是以色列允许更多定居者在争议领土地区修建住房的决定,以及特朗普称此举无助于和平进程的声明The story featured photos of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and what was meant to be Trump but was instead Baldwin.报道中用了以色列总理内塔尼亚胡的照片,一同出现的理应是特朗普的照片,但实际登报的却是鲍德温的照片The paper quickly issued an apology. ;El Nacional apologizes to the ers and to all those who felt affected by the publication,; the paper wrote.《国民报很快发表了道歉声明该报纸写道:“《国民报向读者朋友们以及所有受刊物影响的人士们致歉”Trump has famously dissed ;Saturday Night Live; and especially Balwin, calling the show ;unwatchable.;特朗普曾公开炮轰《周六夜现场,特别是鲍德温,称这个节目“不值一看” 90导购口语:What your size?你穿多大号的?What size does it come in?这种鞋有哪些尺码可供选择?Do these moccasins come in any other size?这种软鞋有没有其他尺寸? 语句:What size does…come in? 表达的是“……有哪些尺码可供选择?”这是客户在询问衣物尺码时是常用的一个句型 情景再现:Would you like low heels or high heels?您要低跟的还是高跟的?Try these, then. How do you feel?那试试这双,怎么样? 1979盐城/看不孕不育盐城/医院

盐城/有哪些治疗不孕不育的医院A: Can I get some medicine to help me?B: your high blood pressure, we have several choices of medications.A: What types of drugs can I try?B: Hydrochlorothiazide is a diuretic that helps with water retention.A: What about side effects from that medication?B: Most people have no side effects. You will have to make sure that you drink plenty of liquids with this medication.A: Do I only need to take that one drug?B: I am going to add a second drug now, Lisinopril, which is an ACE inhibitor.A: What can I expect when I take that medication?B: You will feel much better except the fact that you might have a little cough. 679盐城/哪家医院治疗男科疾病最好 5.John Lennon Tooth5.约翰·列侬(披头士乐队主唱)的牙齿Michael Zuk isnt your average dentist. This Canadian has filled plenty of cavities, but when he isnt pulling teeth Zuk is busy working on an odd experiment that involves John Lennon tooth. How did a dentist from Alberta get his hands on one of Lennon pearly whites? In the 1960s, John gave his rotten molar to his housekeeper, a woman named Dot Jartlett. He thought it would be a nice gift her Beatlemaniac daughter, and the tooth stayed in the Jartlett family until when they sold it over ,000.迈克尔·祖克不是你想象中平平常常的牙医这个加拿大人已经填补过很多颗牙齿,在他不忙着补牙的时候,他就忙于有关约翰·列侬牙齿的奇怪实验一个亚伯达省的牙医是如何得到列侬珍珠似的白牙的呢?在世纪60年代,约翰把他一颗脱落的磨牙交给了他的女管家,一个叫Dot Jarlett的女人他想这颗牙齿对她那个非常喜爱披头士乐队的女儿来说会是一件很好的礼物,这颗牙齿一直被收藏在Jarlett的家里,直到年他们以超过3.3万美金的价格卖掉它The buyer was Michael Zuk, and he had some very weird plans. He used the tooth to draw attention to mouth cancer and even let his sister use a fragment her sculpture of Lennon head. However, his ultimate goal is to clone the rock star. Zuk has allegedly teamed up with a group of scientists whove begun sequencing Lennon DNA. If all goes according to plan, the singer will make his big comeback in . Only this time Zuk will make sure Lennon stays away from ;drugs and cigarettes.;这个买家就是迈克尔·祖克,他有些很奇怪的计划他利用这颗牙齿来吸引人们对于口腔癌的关注,并且让他的将牙齿碎片应用到列侬头部的雕像上然而,他最终目的是克隆出一个摇滚明星据称祖克已经组织起一批科学家来测定列侬的DNA序列如果一切计划进行,那么这个歌星将在年东山再起只不过这一次祖克将确保列侬远离吸毒、吸烟等不良嗜好.The Incredibly Creepy Jesus Statue.令人难以置信、毛骨悚然的耶稣像Visit any Catholic church and youre bound to spot an icon of Jesus or the Virgin Mary. Most of these statues are made out of wood or plastic, but if you take a little trip to San Bartolo Cautlalpan, a small town outside Mexico City, youll find a figurine that a little more lifelike than the rest.参观任何一个天主教堂,你一定会看到耶稣和圣母玛利亚的雕像这些雕像大部分是用木材或塑料做成的,但如果你去圣巴托罗,这是墨西哥市周边的一个小镇,你会看到一个无比逼真的小雕像In early experts from Mexico National Institute of Anthropology and History were restoring an icon of Christ known as ;The Lord of Patience.; This 38; wooden statue depicts Jesus moments bee his crucifixion, sitting down and staring into the sky. Dating back to the 18th century, this statue was scheduled to undergo restoration, but when researchers started X-raying the piece they noticed something extremely odd about its teeth — they had roots. Upon closer examination, the researchers found that the Lord of Patience was fully equipped with eight human teeth, and judging by the size they were probably removed from a healthy adult. But why would anyone put real teeth inside a wooden statue? Well, perhaps it was a way of scoring points the afterlife. Back in the day, believers would offer up hair clippings to make wigs icons. Researchers believe that a faithful churchgoer probably yanked out a few spare ivories as a way of proving his or her devotion to God. That brings a whole new level to the Biblical ;tooth a tooth; business.在年年初,来自墨西哥国家人类学和历史研究所的专家们正在修补一幅取名;主的耐心;的圣像这个3尺8的木质小像描绘了耶稣接收磨难前的情景:端坐着凝望天空在18世纪时,这个雕像就被计划进行修复,但是当研究员们用X射线扫描雕像碎片时,他们注意到它的牙齿有些奇怪:它们竟然有根通过进一步的检测,研究者们发现这个名叫;主的耐心;的圣象拥有8颗人类的牙齿,通过大小判定这些牙齿很可能是从一个健康成人那里移植过来的但是为什么会有人要把真牙放进这个木质小像里呢?也许这是转世的一种方式那之后,信徒们甚至会把头发减下来做成雕像的头发研究员们相信在当时一个忠实的基督教徒甚至可以一把拽出他的牙齿来明他对主的忠诚这带动了当时牙齿交易的全新发展3.The Boy With 3 Teeth3.拥有3颗牙齿的男孩Ashik Gavai was a seventeen-year-old Indian boy in a lot of pain. The right side of his jaw was swelling up like a balloon, and the local doctor didnt know what to do. Worried the culprit was cancer, his parents took the boy to a team of specialists in Mumbai. Once they started poking around inside his mouth the doctors made an incredible discovery.Ashik Gavai是一个岁的印度男孩,忍受着很大的痛苦他的右半下颌肿得像个气球,当地医生束手无策父母担心可能是癌症,于是带他去孟买看专家当医生们在他的嘴巴里捣鼓时发现了一个令人难以置信的事Ashik was suffering from a complex composite odontoma. A benign tumor was growing on the teenager jaw and essentially turned Ashik gums into a tooth factory. Over a seven hour operation, doctors removed 3 ;pearl-like; teeth from the boy mouth. The four surgeons even discovered a ;marble-like; brick and were ced to use a hammer and chisel to break it apart. Hopefully the doctors removed every rogue tooth in Ashik mouth. If not, there a chance the odontoma might return. At least there a bright side to this macabre little tale — the world record tooth removal from an odontoma is thirty-seven, so perhaps Ashik might get his name into Guinness.Ashik患的是一种复杂的牙瘤病这个良性肿瘤生长在这个少年的下巴里,基本上使得他的牙龈成为了生产牙齿的工厂7个小时的手术后,医生从他的嘴巴里拿出了3颗珍珠般的牙齿个外科医生发现那个牙瘤如大理石般坚固,于是不得不使用锤子和凿子把它撬开好在医生们摘除了Ashik嘴巴里的每一颗坏牙如果不摘除干净,牙瘤很有可能复发不过至少这个可怕的事情也有好的一面——从牙瘤中摘除的牙齿数量的世界纪录是37——所以,Ashik的名字可能会刷新世界纪录.The Man With A Tooth In His Nose.牙齿长进鼻子里的人Nose bleeds are pretty common. In fact, three out of five people will suffer from ;epistaxis; bee they die. But if youre experiencing nose bleeds once or twice a month, then there might be a problem. A twenty-two-year-old man was getting tired of constantly having to shove cotton balls up his nose, and after having multiple nosebleeds over three years he finally went to see his doctor. What the physician found was kind of horrifying.鼻子出血最常见不过了事实上,在死之前,有五分之三的人遭受过鼻出血但如果你鼻子出血是一月一次或者两月一次,那可能就有问题了一个岁的男子厌倦了不断地拿棉球塞鼻子,在忍受了三年不间断鼻出血后,他终于去看了医生医生的发现让人震惊There was a tooth growing in the man left nostril. It was about one centimeter long and had erupted through the floor of his nasal cavity. Surgeons were able to remove the tooth without any problems, but why was it there in the first place? Well, about 0.% to 3.9% of people in the world actually have spare teeth. Known as mesiodentes, these extra chompers turn around and grow the wrong way, occasionally popping up inside the nose. It kind of disgusting, but at least it understandable. But sometimes our genes get screwed up, and then things get really freaky. Take the case of Doug Pritchard. Back in 1978, Pritchard was a normal year old kid living in North Carolina when his foot started to hurt. He put up with the pain several weeks, but when he couldnt take it anymore he went to the doctor… who found a tooth growing in his foot. Sounds like a bad horror movie.在他的左鼻孔里竟然长了一颗牙齿这颗牙齿从鼻腔底部长出来,大约有1厘米长外科医生可以轻而易举地把牙齿取出来,但问题是这颗牙齿为什么会长在那儿?事实上在这个世界上大约有0.%~3.9%的人会长出多余的牙齿就像楔形牙这些牙齿翻身长错了位置,阴差阳错地就长进了鼻子里这听着有些恶心,但至少还可以理解但有时候我们的基因出错了,然后事情就变得奇怪了举一个名叫道格#86;普理查德的例子1978年,当普理查德的脚开始疼痛时,他还是一个生活在美国北卡罗来纳州的岁健康男孩他忍受了几个星期的疼痛后终于忍无可忍去看了医生,居然发现有颗牙齿长在他的脚上这听起来简直就像恐怖片1.Tooth-Eye Surgery1.以牙换眼术Well end with one of the craziest surgeries ever invented by man. In , Martin Jones was a ty-two-year-old man whod never seen his wife. Years bee his wedding day hed been blinded by an explosion of molten aluminum, but a corneal specialist named Christopher Lui promised to restore his vision with a radical operation known as modified osteo-odonot-keratoprosthesis (MOOKP). And it involved Martin front tooth.我们将以一个人类有史以来发明的最疯狂的外科手术来结束这篇文章年,马丁·琼斯是一个从来没有见过他妻子长什么样的岁男人在婚前几年,他就因为被喷溅出的熔融铝灼伤眼睛而失明,但是一个叫克里斯多佛的角膜专家告诉他可以采取改良骨齿人工角膜移植术(MOOKP)手术来恢复他的视力这个手术会用到他的前牙After removing one of his canines, doctors drilled a small hole in the tooth and placed a lens inside. Next, they stitched the tooth into his cheek, allowing it to develop vessels and tissue bee sticking the canine into Jones right eyeball. With the new lens firmly in place Jones could suddenly see everything, including his wife face. Despite its effectiveness, MOOKP isnt used much in the ed States. American surgeons prefer a technique known as Boston Keratoprosthesis, which involves a prosthetic cornea. However, later in a team of doctors at the University of Miami became the first surgeons to perm the MOOKP operation in the U.S. The patient was a woman named Sharron Thornton whod lost her vision due to a condition known as Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Thanks to one of her teeth and some mucus-filled cheek tissue, today Ms. Thornton can see everyone and everything around her.在取出他的尖牙后,医生在牙齿上面凿了一个小洞,并将一个透明管放置进去接下来再把这颗牙齿移植到琼斯的右眼之前,医生们先把这颗牙齿缝进了口腔里,让它生长血管和组织等到这个全新的透明管被移植过去时,琼斯突然就能看到任何东西了,包括他妻子的脸尽管有其疗效,但这项技术在美国并没有被广泛应用美国的外科医生更倾向于波士顿人工角膜,它利用的是人造角膜然而,在年的晚些时候,迈阿密大学的一个医疗团队在美国首次实施改良骨齿人工角膜移植术这个病人是一个叫莎伦#86;桑顿的女人,她因为史蒂文斯#86;约翰逊综合症而失明多亏了她的牙齿和一些充满粘液的颊部组织,现在桑顿女士可以看见她周遭的一切人和事翻译:燕子 来源:前十网 0盐城市医院做无痛多少钱

盐城/国家高新经济技术开发区治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好的A 60-year-old farmer in Sichuan province saw a small tune eaten up when ,000 yuan (,9) he had buried in his bedroom was destroyed by white ants.据报道,四川省一位60岁的农民藏在卧室里的一小笔财富--万元现金(约39美金)被白蚁啃成了渣渣But then his tunes changed, when a young artist in Beijing offered him that exact amount the ruined banknotes. The artist said he would turn them into a work of art as a wake-up call to alert senior citizens in rural areas about the dangers of storing large sums of money.但后来事情有了转机,北京的一位年轻艺术家愿意出万元钱来兑换这些钱渣渣这位艺术家表示,他将用这些钱渣渣完成一个作品,作为警钟去警告农村那些自行保管大量现金的老人们Qi Shengli mailed the banknotes on Tuesday together with a brick used to cover the hole where they were buried to Hu Disheng, a 33-year-old artist in Beijing.月日,齐胜利老人把这些钱渣渣连同用来盖洞口的那块砖头一起,寄给了北京33岁的艺术家胡迪生Qi, who lives in Goujiao town, Yuechi county, could not remember exactly how long ago he had buried the money in a corner of his bedroom. ;It might be one or two years,; he said. He was not comtable with the malities needed to deposit money in a bank. ;In addition, I might get the password or number code when I decided to make a withdrawal,; he said.住在岳池县苟角镇的齐胜利自己都不记得是什么时候将钱埋于地下他说,“应该至少有一两年了”老人觉得去存钱有一堆手续很麻烦,他说,“另外当我去取钱时,又可能忘记了密码”He placed the money, 0 notes with a value of 0 yuan each, in two plastic bags then dug a hole about centimeters deep in his bedroom, placed the bags into it and covered it with a brick. ;When I took away the brick on Feb , I found white ants had eaten away most of the banknotes,; Qi said.他把0张百元钞票分装在两个塑料袋里,在卧室里挖了个CM深的洞,把袋子埋进去,并用块砖头盖了起来老人说,“月号,当我移开砖头后,我发现大部分钱都被白蚁吃成了渣渣”Four days later, when banks resumed operations after the seven-day Spring Festival, Qi was accompanied by his two sons to an outlet of the People Bank of China where employees found only parts of banknotes that could be half-pieced together. The bank gave him 600 yuan after it accepted the half-banknotes.月日,7天的春节假期后,恢复营业,齐胜利和两个儿子一起,捧着钱渣渣到中国人民去咨询,工作人员仅仅找出了张可以半额兑换的钞票最终给他们兑换了600元Huang Jianjun, an inmation officer with the Yuechi county government, helped arrange the artist to contact Qi. ;While many may laugh at the old man online, an artist from Beijing learned about the story and decided to help,; Huang said.岳池县政府的信息管理人员黄建军帮助北京的艺术家联系上了齐胜利老人他说,“网上有很多人嘲笑这位老人,但北京的一位艺术家知道了此事后决定帮助他”Hu managed to find Qi on Monday and offered to exchange ,000 yuan the two bags of ruined banknotes. Qi initially refused, as his sense of honor meant he did not want a stranger to pay his mistake. But Hu persuaded Qi that the banknotes were useless in their present state but could be transmed into a work of art that could benefit elderly people by alerting them to the dangers of keeping large sums of money at home.胡迪生在月日联系上了这位老人,并出万元兑换掉这些钱渣渣最初遭到了老人的拒绝,因为在他看来,不能由一位陌生人来为他的错误买单但是胡迪生劝说老人,这些破碎的钞票现在放在他手上已经一文不值了,却可以变成艺术品来教育、警醒老年人不要在家里私自保管大量的现金Hu said he would even fly to Sichuan to clinch the deal if Qi continued to turn down his offer. Moved by Hu sincerity, Qi promised to send him the banknotes and the brick.胡迪生还说,如果老人坚持不接受他的兑换请求,他甚至要坐飞机到四川来说他们最终老人被胡迪生的诚意所打动,同意兑换,并寄出了钱渣渣和砖头 71 导购口语:We make a specialty of cameras and have a large variety of them in stock.我们这里专营照相机,而且各种存货充足You can use it as a mobile phone or as an MP3 player.它既能做手机,又能做MP3播放器It a 8.0 megapixel digital camera and the photos it takes are very vivid and clear.这是一款八百万像素的数码相机,拍出来的照片既逼真又形象 语句:Make a specialty of 以……为专业,如果要说“专营手机”,可以表达为make a speciality of mobile phones; a large variety of…各种各样的;8.0 megapixel digital camera八百万像素的数码相机;vivid and clear既逼真又形象 情景再现:All the photos can be stored and you can choose bee getting them printed.所有的照片都可以被储存起来,在打印前您可选择Portable computers are quite cheap here.这里的便携式电脑非常便宜 55盐城人流安全的好医院建湖县做产前检查多少钱



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