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The President made clear early on that part of the way he intended to change the way Washington does business is by looking in every nook and cranny of government both for waste and abuse, and for ideas on how to root it out. Speaking in the Diplomatic room today, he had a chance to highlight both. He was joined by Nancy Fichtner, the Veterans Affairs employee who won the SAVE Award contest for the most popular cost-saving idea from a federal employee. In addition to commending her after meeting with her in the Oval Office, he also announced progress on his order earlier this year for departments and agencies to identify billions in saving through contracting waste and abuse:mp4视频下载12/92753HER MAJESTY the queen has asked me to form a new government and I have accepted。  女王陛下已经授权予我组建新政府,我已接受了这一任命。  Before I talk about that new government, let me say something about the one that has just passed. Compared with a decade ago, this country is more open at home and more compassionate abroad, and that is something we should all be grateful for。  在谈论新政府之前,请允许我谈一谈最近刚刚发生过的一件事情。与十年前相比,这个国家对内更加开放,对外更加富有同情心,我们都应该为此感到高兴。  On behalf of the whole country I’d like to pay tribute to the outgoing prime minister, for his long record of dedicated public service。  我谨代表这个国家,对长期致力于公共务的前任首相深表赞扬。  In terms of the future, our country has a hung parliament where no party has an overall majority and we have some deep and pressing problems – a huge deficit, deep social problems and a political system in need of reform。  就未来而言,我们的议会无任何党派占明显多数,我们面临着一些深刻而紧迫的问题庞大的赤字、深刻的社会问题以及需要改革政治制度。  For those reasons, I aim to form a proper and full coalition between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. I believe that is the right way to provide this country with the strong, the stable, the good and decent government that I think we need so badly。  基于这些原因,我计划在保守党和自由民主党间组建适当并充分的联盟。我想,这是为国家提供一个我认为我们非常需要的强大、稳定、完善、体面的政府的正确途径。  Nick Clegg and I are both political leaders who want to put aside party differences and work hard for the common good and for the national interest. I believe that is the best way to get the strong government that we need, decisive government that we need today。  尼克·克莱格(Nick Clegg)和我都是希望撇开党派差异、为公益事业、为国家利益而努力的领导人。我认为,这是打造我们所需要的强大政府的最佳途径,是打造今天我们需要的果断的政府的最佳途径。201109/152203

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One of the Most Accomplished Americans Ever to Serve our Democracymp4 视频下载 REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENTON THE PASSING OF SENATOR EDWARD M. KENNEDYBlue Heron FarmChilmark, MassachusettsTHE PRESIDENT: I wanted to say a few words this morning about the passing of an extraordinary leader, Senator Edward Kennedy.Over the past several years, I've had the honor to call Teddy a colleague, a counselor, and a friend. And even though we have known this day was coming for some time now, we awaited it with no small amount of d.Since Teddy's diagnosis last year, we've seen the courage with which he battled his illness. And while these months have no doubt been difficult for him, they've also let him hear from people in every corner of our nation and from around the world just how much he meant to all of us. His fight has given us the opportunity we were denied when his brothers John and Robert were taken from us: the blessing of time to say thank you -- and goodbye.The outpouring of love, gratitude, and fond memories to which we've all borne witness is a testament to the way this singular figure in American history touched so many lives. His ideas and ideals are stamped on scores of laws and reflected in millions of lives -- in seniors who know new dignity, in families that know new opportunity, in children who know education's promise, and in all who can pursue their dream in an America that is more equal and more just -- including myself.The Kennedy name is synonymous with the Democratic Party. And at times, Ted was the target of partisan campaign attacks. But in the ed States Senate, I can think of no one who engendered greater respect or affection from members of both sides of the aisle. His seriousness of purpose was perpetually matched by humility, warmth, and good cheer. He could passionately battle others and do so peerlessly on the Senate floor for the causes that he held dear, and yet still maintain warm friendships across party lines.And that's one reason he became not only one of the greatest senators of our time, but one of the most accomplished Americans ever to serve our democracy.His extraordinary life on this earth has come to an end. And the extraordinary good that he did lives on. For his family, he was a guardian. For America, he was the defender of a dream.I spoke earlier this morning to Senator Kennedy's beloved wife, Vicki, who was to the end such a wonderful source of encouragement and strength. Our thoughts and prayers are with her, his children Kara, Edward, and Patrick; his stepchildren Curran and Caroline; the entire Kennedy family; decades' worth of his staff; the people of Massachusetts; and all Americans who, like us, loved Ted Kennedy.END 10:00 A.M. EDT08/82671

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