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The Greater Caucasus Range stretches almost 1,000 miles,from the Black to the Caspian Sea.大高加索山脉绵延近千英里 位于黑海与里海之前600 miles of this mountain range is in Georgia.其中六百英里在格鲁吉亚境内Its been 20 years since it broke away from the former Soviet Union,格鲁吉亚自脱离前苏联至今 已有二十载春秋But tensions between the two countries remain high.但两国仍然交恶The pilots pretty nervous to land because of the snow conditions.飞行员不敢着陆 因为积雪情况太不乐观So hes gonna get me as far as he can,and then its down to me.所以他尽可能多载我一程 然后就全靠我自己了The high mountains in spring can be lethal.春季的高山里险象环生As the pack melts and then refreezes,the constant change makes the threat of avalanche a real danger.积雪融化 再结冰 这种循环往复的变化 使雪崩变得威力十足 危险无比Bear, 10 seconds!Okay. Got to go.The pilot cant hover over the L.Z. for long.贝尔 还有十秒 好 准备出发 飞行员不能在着陆点上空盘旋太久The plan is for me to exit the back of the heli on a snowmobile.按照计划 我要从直升机后部 驾驶雪地托离开Its risky, but I can use it to get me over the mountain quickly,before the weather turns.很危险 但它能帮我 尽快翻过这座山 以防气候生变Its down to split-second timing.Im depending on the pilots skills.机会稍纵即逝 成功与否 就靠飞行员的技术了Were just above the snow! Go!Good to go.我们刚好降落到积雪上 快走 干得好The heli has dropped me close to the summit.直升机把我放在了山顶I need to get over the ridge and into the valleys beyond.我要越过山脊 到达另一边的山谷If a snowstorm catches you out here,youre in big trouble.如果在这遇到暴风雪 麻烦可就大了We need to get into the mountains now.Theres a lot of cloud cover coming in.我们必须立刻进山 云量在逐渐增多201704/503721


So these are real apps and I download these from iTunes.这些app都是真实存在的 我从iTunes上下载了它们This first one is called is it dark outside Its an app.这第一个app 它的名字是:外面天黑了么 这是个appIt uses gps and is based on your location and can tell you if its dark outside.它根据你在哪里 再利用GPS 来判断你的屋外天黑了么Lets find out. No,it is not. No. Before this I had call someone and ask them if it was dark.我们来试试 不 天不黑 不 以前 我都得打电话问别人 他们那儿是不是天黑了So this is really handy for me. All right. And this next one is called...these are real apps.这软件 对我来说 很上手啊 好的 下一个app叫...这些都是真存在着的appThis is called blower. Its an app and it turns your iPhone into a powerful fan.它叫 吹风机 这是一款app 它能让你的苹果变成鼓风机Now I have to turn it on, you see that? Fan noises... Bad noise. Nothing is coming out.现在我打开app 你们看到没 风扇的声音 特吵 然而并没有什么东西吹出来Maybe there is tiny bit. So thats great for church if you are hot. You wanna a...all right.可能有一点点吧 如果你在教堂里 这么做一定不错 你会...好吧Here is another app that Ill show you.还有个app 我给你展示一下And this one is em...which one...this is a stapler which is also..这是个…这个…是个订书机…它也是个…Another app that doesnt work... Its free. Here it is. Seem stapler right there.用不了的app 你可以随意按 看着儿 好像真有个订书机在这儿似的Its free. Just...just like你可以随意的按 就…就像The office supplies Ive taken from my office. All right. This next one is really great.从我的办公桌上 拿到的一样 好吧 下一个很赞This one Its called taxi flasher. Right here, you see it on there?它叫:出租车闪灯 在这儿呢 你看到了么All right. It supposed to make it easier to hire a cap.好的 有了它 你可以更快的叫到车And what you do is push the S and then... Here goes. Here you go. Yeah...你要做的就是 按下这个 然后 好了 就这样好了 嗯...Like the old days, kids. When I was growing up, you had to do that.不像以前啊 孩子们 我小的时候 都得那样叫车201706/514733

栏目简介:The fifth Mobile World Congress will begin in Shanghai at the Shanghai New International Expo Center at the end of June. It will showcase the latest technology used in the mobile telecommunication sector, and the way we live with the mobile internet. Wu Ying has more...201706/510991

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