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宜宾玲丽纹绣培训怎么样成都/尚美优品纹绣培训学校韩式雾状眉纹美瞳线培训成都至诚臻国际纹绣培训怎么样 Science and Technolgy科技Climate change气候变化Good news at last?最终难道是个好消息?The climate may not be as sensitive to carbon dioxide as previously believed气候对二氧化碳的敏感性,可能没有原来认识的那样强CLIMATE science is famouslycomplicated, but one useful number to keep in mind is ;climatesensitivity;. This measures the amount of warming that can eventually beexpected to follow a doubling in the atmospheric concentration of carbondioxide. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, in its most recentsummary of the science behind its predictions, published in 2007, estimatedthat, in present conditions, a doubling of CO2would cause warming of about 3°C, with uncertainty of about a degree and a halfin either direction. But it also says there is a small probability that thetrue number is much higher. Some recent studies have suggested that it couldbe as high as 10°C.气候科学的复杂是出了名的,但;气候敏感度;是已知的一个非常必须被谨记的指标。这一指标用于衡量由于大气中二氧化碳的浓度增长一倍而引起的温度变化总量。最近一份联合国政府间气候变化专门委员会提交的研究预测报告公布于2007年。该报告预测,按照目前的情况,二氧化碳浓度增加一倍将会导致温度上升3°C,不确定度为±1.5°C。同时报告指出,还存在一种很小可能性,实际的数字也许比这个值要高很多。一些近期的研究认为这个指标高达10°C。If that were true, disaster beckons. But apaper published in this weeks Science,by Andreas Schmittner of Oregon State University, suggests it is not. In DrSchmittners analysis, the climate is less sensitive to carbon dioxide than wasfeared.如果这个情况是可靠的,大限将至。但本周,来自Oregon State University的Andreas Schmittner刊登在《科学》杂志上的一篇论文认为,事实并不是这样的。在Schmittner士的研究中,气候对二氧化碳的敏感性并没有达到大众所担心的水平。Existing studies of climate sensitivitymostly rely on data gathered from weather stations, which go back to roughly1850. Dr Schmittner takes a different approach. His data come from the peak ofthe most recent ice age, between 19,000 and 23,000 years ago. His group is notthe first to use such data (ice cores, fossils, marine sediments and the like)to probe the climates sensitivity to carbon dioxide. But their paper is themost thorough. Previous attempts had considered only small regions of theglobe. He has compiled enough information to makea credible stab at recreating the climate of the entire planet.现有的关于气候敏感性的研究大都依赖于那些回述至19世纪50年代的气象站检测数据。Schmittner士选择了非传统的途径。他的数据来自最近一次冰河期的高峰,一个距今19000年至23000年间的年代。他的团队并非第一个采用这种类型数据(来自冰核,化石,海洋沉积物或其他类似情形)来研究气候对于二氧化碳敏感性的团队。但原先做这种尝试的研究团队仅收集全球很小一部分地区的数据。而Schmittner士编制了足够多的信息以制作一个可以信赖的模型用于预计整个地球的气候变化。The result offers that rarest of things inclimate science-a bit of good news. The groups most likely figure for climatesensitivity is 2.3°C, which is more than half a degree lower than the consensusfigure, with a 66% probability that it lies between 1.7° and 2.6°C. More importantly,these results suggest an upper limit for climate sensitivity of around 3.2°C.其结果为气候科学提供一条珍贵的信息,也许是一条好小心。他的团队倾向于将气候敏感度标定为2.3°C,相比公认的数值降低了超过半度,其数值在66%的保率下介于1.7° C至2.6°C间。更重要的是,气候敏感度的上限应该是3.2°C。Before you take the SUV out for acelebratory spin, though, it is worth bearing in mind that this is only onestudy, and, like all such, it has its flaws. The computer model used is of only middlingsophistication, Dr Schmittner admits. That may be one reason for the narrowrange of his teams results. And although the studys geographical coverage isthe most comprehensive so far for work of this type, there are still blankareas-notably in Australia, Central Asia, South America and the northernPacific Ocean. Moreover, some sceptics complain about the way ancient data ofthis type were used to construct a different but related piece of climatescience: the so-called hockey-stick model, which suggests that temperatureshave risen suddenly since the beginning of the industrial revolution. It willbe interesting to see if such sceptics are willing to be equally scepticalabout ancient data when they support their point of view.当你正为此而兴奋地冲入你的SUV来一次飚车,或者诸如此类的行为,稍等片刻,你的大脑应该想一想,这个理论固然有它的瑕疵。Schmittner士承认,计算机模型的精度仅中等水平。这也许是其团队结果具有的一个局限性。另一个方面,尽管研究的区域覆盖范围在这一领域是最全面的,但仍然存在空白,特别是在澳大利亚,中亚,南美和北太平洋。另外,气候科学界一些对此持怀疑态度的人质疑,所使用的这些年代久远的数据,是一堆一个本质上不同但貌似有关联的片段,一个俗称为的曲棍球模型的现象。他们认为温度在工业革命初期,温度徒然升高。如果这些质疑者使用与怀疑那些年代久远的数据相同眼光审视他们持的观点,这将会是一个非常有趣的现象。 /201210/203210宜宾玲珑纹绣

成都/环亚纹绣培训怎么样简阳市纹绣培训哪个好 Harvard University professor John Palfrey recently spoke in Taipei on the subject of youth and contemporary media, the digital age, and parenting. I the news on his lecture with care.;(Palfrey) said it is down to parents and schools to determine which life skills-human interaction, argument making, [or] analysis-children should develop. Digital content can be a powerful tool to support those goals...; 哈弗大学教授约翰?帕尔弗里近日在台北就青年、当代媒体、数位时代和父母对子女的教育等问题发表讲话。我用心阅读了关于他演讲的新闻。帕尔弗里说道,总是由家长和学校来决定孩子应该朝哪项技能方面发展——反应能力,辩论能力或是分析能力。数字内容是个能实现这些目标的强大工具。 I would like to put in a word for the first skill, human interaction. 我想用一个字来概括第一项技能,反应能力。 One deficiency from which I feel many college students suffer these days is in self-knowledge and an understanding of how their words and actions affect others. That may be another way to speak of ;EQ,; or ;emotional ient.; 我能体会到当今许多大学生在自我认知和觉察自己的言行对别人的影响方面很匮乏。换句话说,就是“EQ”,或者“情商”低。 ;IQ; designates a students ability to grasp and express ideas and to know how to put knowledge to good use, so it follows that EQ points to peoples understanding of themselves and their impact on those around them. “IQ”代表的是学生领会和表达观点的能力,知道怎么学以致用的能力,因此EQ则是指人们对自身,及自己对周围人的影响的理解能力。 I sometimes wonder if too many of our young friends are overly computer literate, even as they are starving inwardly from loneliness and alienation. How many college students in Taiwan are more adept at Internet use and software than they are at human relationships? Too many, I am afraid. 我时常在想,是不是我们许多年轻朋友过于精通电脑文化,甚至他们的饥饿感是来自于孤独和寂寞。有多少台湾大学生对于互联网和软件的使用越来越熟练,却日渐疏于人际关系呢?恐怕有很多。 原文译文属! 201207/190880资阳纹绣培训教材

成都/pcd纹绣培训学校学韩式半永久纹绣多少钱 Deep snow is still a novelty for her cubs, but she is much more focused.厚厚的积雪对她的幼崽们来说仍然是一个新鲜事物。但她必须更加集中。Let by her nose, she risks a 300-pound bulk on the thin ice of the bend in the Snake River.在她灵敏鼻子的引导下,这只300磅重的庞然大物在蛇河薄冰上步履蹒跚简直充满了危险。It doesnt look promising, but her cubs follow with only a little hesitation.看起来并非会有多幸运,但是她的幼崽们带着一些犹豫不定在追寻着母亲。With paws that can knock down an elk, she feels delicately in the water, a fish frozen beneath the ice by this cold winter.厚实的爪子可以拍倒一只麋鹿,这位母亲感觉水中有些微妙,那是一条鱼在这个寒冷的冬天被冻在了冰层下面。One fish wont feed the family, but she knows there are almost certainly more.区区一条鱼可喂不饱这个家庭,但她知道几乎肯定会有更多。The cubs must learn to find them.而幼崽们必须学会找到食物。注:听力文本来源于普特201208/197121什邡市高级纹绣师绵竹市学纹绣去哪里好




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