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The early Roman Empire had idealised Greece and adopted much of her culture, and the cup shows what is clearly a Greek scene. Is this a Roman sexual fantasy of a Classical Greek male coupling? Perhaps by placing it in a Greek past, any moral discomfort is put at a safe distance, while adding to the titillation of the forbidden and exotic. And perhaps everybody everywhere believes that the best sex happens somewhere else. Professor James Davidson, author of #39;The Greeks and Greek Love#39; explains:早期的罗马帝国十分推崇古希腊,他们接受了大部分的古希腊文化,而我们这只酒杯上所表现的很明显就是希腊的场景。这是罗马人对古希腊同性性爱的幻想吗?也许,将它放在遥远的古希腊背景里会减少一些人们的道德不适感,同时增加一些禁忌与异域风情所带来的兴奋感。也许人人都相信,最好的性爱发生在别处。《希腊人与希腊爱情》作者詹姆斯维森教授解释道:;What#39;s interesting is that although this vase looks back to the Classical period, the Greek vase painters-who were by no means prudish or modest when it came to depicting sex-nevertheless carefully avoided scenes of homosexual intercourse, at least penetrative intercourse. So, in a way, the Romans are showing what couldn#39;t be shown five hundred years earlier. So you can say if you like that the Greek world, as it did for Warren and as it did since the eighteenth century or even in the Middle Ages, provided an alibi for societies to think about homosexuality, to talk about homosexuality, to represent homosexuality. It made it into a piece of art more than pornography, so it#39;s a kind of cover, if you like, for something which is not necessarily very easy to depict. It needs some kind of excuse, if you like, and the excuse is provided by Classical imagery.;银杯描述的是古希腊的场景,但其实古希腊的画家在描画性爱时,虽然绝不会遮遮掩掩,但也会小心避免同性性爱,尤其是各种场景。因此罗马人所描画的内容在五百年前绝不会出现。希腊为人们提供了一个能让社会思考、讨论并表现同性恋的托词, 自十八世纪以来,甚至在中世纪,都一直有人这么做。这让这个酒杯成为一件艺术品,而不是色情画。 Article/201412/348670

When these two solutions are mixed, we#39;ve got这两种溶液混合后会得到lead, which is our +2铅离子,电荷是+2and it#39;s going to react with iodide 它会同碘离子反应We need 2 of them to make a neutral compound 这里需要两个才能得到电中性and potassium nitric 还有硝酸钾and we just need one nitric here这里只需要一个硝酸根离子So our cations and anions all switched places 阳离子和阴离子相互交换了位置We#39;re gonna need to balance this equation 我们需要配平方程式Let#39;s throw some 2s there这里加一些2and there 还有这里So how can we predict which one of these two compounds我们如何确定这两种化合物中is the yellow precipitate?哪一种是黄色沉淀呢Hundreds of years ago, chemists mixed ions together数百年前,化学家们就混合了各种离子and they came up with solubility tables just like this one得到这样的溶解性表and this chart basically shows us when these two ions 这张表显示出两种离子混合时的情况an ion from this column and this column are mixed together将这一列和这一列的离子混合起来is their products, the compound that they form soluble or insoluble in water看生成的化合物是否可溶于水If it#39;s soluble in water, there#39;s an aq for aqueous on the chart 如果可溶于水,表中记作aq,表示可溶and if it#39;s insoluble in water, there#39;s an s, for solid 如果不溶于水,记作s,表示固体So our two compounds that we want to look at are这里我们要看的两种化合物是lead iodide and potassium nitrate 碘化铅和硝酸钾So let#39;s take a look 我们来看看Potassium nitrate 硝酸钾We#39;ve got potassium down here at the bottom钾离子在下面这里We#39;ve got nitrate here at the top硝酸根离子在上面这里When mixed together混合起来后aqueous solution, soluble in water产物可溶于水So it#39;s more likely that our lead iodide would be the yellow precipitate 所以,黄色沉淀更有可能是碘化铅but let#39;s see if that#39;s true我们来检验一下Lead铅离子mixed with iodide 同碘离子混合Voila, it#39;s a solid看吧,它是固体So to recap, solubility tables help chemists predict 小结一下,溶解性表能帮助化学家预测whether or not a precipitate will form when two solutions are mixed两种溶液混合时是否会产生沉淀So going back to our equation here回到我们的方程式The lead iodide, this is the yellow precipitate 碘化铅,这是黄色沉淀It#39;s a solid它是固态的and the potassium nitrate is aqueous 而硝酸钾是水溶状态的and even though I didn#39;t paint my nails with this particular pigment虽然我的指甲油不是用的这种色素lead iodide碘化铅creating nail polish colors 但创造指甲油颜色is one of the many different things that chemists can do就是化学家们能做的诸多事情之一So there we go, I hope you enjoyed Midas#39; magic 就到这里吧,但愿大家喜欢迈达斯的魔术and I#39;ll see you next time我们下次再见 Article/201501/351138

Balancing a pencil or any other top-heavy object on its tip is quite a precarious task.It#39;s easy to see why top-heavy objects are unstable.They just want to fall down.Any little nudge will put it off balance.With gravity happy to pull its center of mass even more off balance.And the more off-balanced it is.the more gravity pulls until...将铅笔或任何头重的物体平衡在尖端都是在拼人品。显然,头重的物体很不稳定,它们就喜欢趴体。极小的推力就会使其失衡。而重力很乐意使其质心更偏离平衡点,越偏离平衡,重力作用越明显 直到...Physicists call this kind of tipping an inverted pendulum,because it#39;s kind like an upside down pendulum,And careful mathematical analysis of inverted pendulums will tell you the obvious:they are really unstable.物理学家将这种尖端称为“倒摆”,因为它很像是颠倒的摆锤。对倒摆精确数学分析的结果也显而易见,它们非常不稳定.In fact,these equations predict that if a perfectly balanced pencil with a perfectly sharp tip were to get nudged off balance by just 1/10,000 of the width of an atom,it would take only 3 seconds to fall over.There are indeed acrobats who can balance poles with other acrobats on top.and robots that can balance and,catch and throw upright sticks and people who make seemingly impossible artistic rock stacks,But in all these cases,keeping the objects balanced either requires an active stabilization effort,or else carefully taking advantage of the fact that the balancing point isn#39;t actually a point.实际上,这些等式说明,如果一个尖端极其锐利 处于完美平衡的铅笔受到推力失衡,偏离原子长度的万分之一,倒下只需不到三秒。的确有杂技演员可以平衡顶端站人的杆子,有机器人可以平衡 抛掷或接住竖直棒,有人可以堆出看似不可能的石堆。但这些情况中,保持物体平衡,要么需要动态平衡持,要么谨慎地利用算不上点的“平衡点”。So the question is this:Can you balance a pencil sharpened to a perfect single atom wide tip on its tip,without active stabilization?Well to start,you#39;d better get rid of all the air bumping on the sides of the pencil.since the kinetic energy of a typical oxygen molecule is enough to destabilize the pencil.那么,问题在此,你能否将一只铅笔平衡在其原子大小的尖端,而不需要动态平衡吗?一开始 你最好排空碰撞着铅笔各面的空气。因为单是氧原子的动能就足以让铅笔失衡。Remember,if the pencil gets off center by even 1/10,000 the width of an atom,it will fall down in under 3 seconds.And you#39;d better cool the pencil and table down as close to absolute zero as you can,since the thermal jiggling of their atoms when they are hotter will similarly jiggle the pencil off balance.记住,如果铅笔偏离平衡点万分之一原子的距离,它就会在3秒内倒下,你也最好将铅笔和桌子尽可能地冷却到绝对零度。因为原子温度较高时的热振动,也会将铅笔“振”倒。But even then,matter at very small scales has a sp out wave-like nature,which means you can#39;t have both the pencil perfectly upright and not moving at the same time.And while this quantum effect is never a real life inhibitor of precarious pencil balancing,it means you never even could succeed.即使这样,十分微小的物质具有类似于波的本质,也就是说,铅笔完全竖直与保持平衡不动,不可同时兼得。尽管量子效应不会对你拼人品平衡铅笔带来真实影响。者却意味着 你永远做不到。However,it#39;s still fun to see how long you can keep a pencil balanced on a finger tip.The shorter the pencil,the harder it is,My best time for a standard 19cm pencil was 1.3s.Think you can beat it?不过,看看你能用指尖平衡铅笔多长时间也很有意思。铅笔越短 难度越大。我的标准19厘米铅笔最好记录是1.3秒。你行你上啊? Article/201501/353287

  Methane is a greenhouse gas that#39;s 23 times stronger than carbon dioxide,甲烷是一种温室气体,强于二氧化碳23倍so we#39;re very interested in understanding所以我们对于了解有多少how much methane is coming out of these lakes.到底有多少甲烷从这些湖里生成There#39;s one sure way to check这有一种确切的方法去测量just how much methane is in these bubbles,这些气泡里有多少甲烷because it#39;s highly flammable.因为甲烷高度易燃Wow! My God!Whoo!哇!我的上帝!喔哦!I can#39;t believe it#39;s a fire coming out of ice.我难以相信这些火是从冰中来Alarmingly, these bubbles can be found all over the place警告,这些气泡满地都是which means there must be enormous amounts of methane trapped here.这意味这里有大量甲烷被截留着-You y? -Yeah.-你准备好了么?-耶-That#39;s nice, isn#39;t it? -This place is just full of these.-很漂亮,对吧?-这地方都是这些东西Fire coming out of ice火从冰中来is one of the most bizarre things I#39;ve ever seen,这是我见到最奇异的事情之一but it has very serious implications.但是这意味着很严重的问题 Article/201510/401625

  Growing roses in containers means you can easily transport them from place to place, and they add beauty and fragrance to any home or garden.在花盆中种植玫瑰意味着可以轻松地从一个地方带到另一个地方,还可以为房间和花园增添芳香的气味。You Will Need你需要A plastic or clay container塑料或泥质花盆Artificial soil人造土壤A rose玫瑰Water水Fish emulsion fertilizer or Epsom salt鱼乳肥或七水硫酸镁Sunlight阳光Steps步骤STEP 1 Choose container1.选择花盆Choose a plastic or clay container with good drainage and adequate room for root growth.选择排水良好,有着充足的空间供根系生长的塑料或泥质花盆。Choose a 16-inch or larger container to reduce watering and heat build-up problems.选择16英寸或更大的花盆,减少浇水和热量聚集等问题。STEP 2 Fill with soil2.装满土壤Fill the container two-thirds full with artificial soil.向花盆中加入三分之二的人造土壤。STEP 3 Plant the rose3.种植玫瑰Place the rose over the artificial soil and fill the area around it with more soil. The bud onion should be level with the soil line.把玫瑰放入人造土壤中,向植株周围培育更多土壤。芽要和土壤在同一水平。STEP 4 Water the rose4.浇水Water the rose until water comes out of the bottom of the pot. Water every day or every other day, keeping the soil damp.浇水,直到有水从花盆底部流出。每天或隔天浇水,保持土壤湿润。Spot-check for dryness by inserting a finger an inch into the soil. If the soil is dry, you need to water your rose.抽样调查土壤干燥程度,向土壤中插入一根手指。如果土壤干燥,需要浇水。STEP 5 Feed the plant5.施肥Feed your rose with fish emulsion fertilizer or Epsom salt once a week to produce substantial blossoms.每周一次用鱼乳肥或七水硫酸镁给玫瑰施肥,让植株可以产生大量花苞。STEP 6 Keep in sunlight6.放在阳光下Place your rose container where it will get a minimum of 7 hours sunlight a day.把花盆放在一天至少有七小时日照的地方。STEP 7 Show off to friends7.向朋友展示Show off your beautiful container roses to neighbors, friends, and family.向邻居,朋友和家人炫耀你漂亮的盆栽玫瑰吧!According to fossil evidence, the rose is 35 million years old.根据化石记录,玫瑰已有3500万年的历史。视频听力译文由。 Article/201503/362985。


  South Korea slams Japan#39;s textbook claims on history日初中历史书主张独岛主权 韩国会通过决议谴责South Korean lawmakers have passed a resolution to denounce Japan#39;s version of history over the territorial issue on the Dokdo islets, called Takeshima in Japan.韩国国会议员们一致通过了关于谴责日本审定通过进一步主张独岛主权的初中历史教科书的决议。独岛日语写作竹岛。Today#39;s resolution comes after Japan approved 18 textbooks for middle school students a week ago Monday.针对上周周一日方通过18本中学生教材,韩国今天做出此决议表示回应。The textbooks lay territorial claims to the islets.那些教科书宣称日本了对该岛的领土主张。 Article/201504/370314Rome#39;s aqueducts will deliver 250 million gallons of water a day,这项水利工程每天可以输送两亿五千万加仑水Enough for 1300 fountains,可供一千三百座喷泉900 baths and 144 public toilets.九百个浴缸和一百四十四个厕所同时使用Rome is the most advanced city in the world.罗马是世界上最发达的城市Apartment blocks six stories high,拥有六层高的居民楼Each with up to 380 residents.每栋楼可供三百八十个居民居住Under the roads, a sewage system helps sweep away在地下建造的下水道系统每天可以清理55 tons of waste a day.五十五吨的生活垃圾There#39;s a police force,A fire brigade,A postal service.城中还有警局 消防队 邮局30 libraries, 3 theaters and 80 temples.三十座图书馆 三个剧院和八十座庙宇Rome, the world#39;s first mega-city.罗马是世界上第一座大都市Today, for the first time in history,Over half of us live in cities.今天 超过半数的人生活在城市里 这是史无前例的Across the world there are 21 cities With a population above 10 million,全球有二十一座城市 人口超过一千万Based on the blueprint pioneered by Rome 2,000 years ago.它们按照两千年前罗马的蓝图逐渐发展起来But Rome is more than a city,It#39;s an empire.但罗马不仅仅是一座城市 它是一个帝国 Article/201510/402989TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201511/407037

  From space you can really see how fluid ice is.从这便能看出,冰层的流动确实存在On the west coast of Greenland,在格陵兰岛的西海岸glaciers flow around the contours of a landscape hidden beneath the ice.冰河在冰层底下沿着陆地的轮廓流动A false colour image reveals the blue ice of the Ma la spina Glacier in Alaska.地图上描绘了阿拉斯加境内马拉斯皮纳冰川的蓝色冰层It flows through a gap in the mountains它跨过了山脉间的深沟and sps out like syrup for more than 30 miles.如浆液般展开,距离超过50公里This is part of the Lambert Glacier in Antarctica.这是南极州内兰伯特冰河的一部分It#39;s one of the longest glaciers on Earth.兰伯特冰河是世界上最长的冰河之一You can follow its flow lines as it bends and twists你可以随着它的流动轨迹弯曲和盘旋on its slow-motion descent.慢慢的向下Ice is soft and bendy,冰层是如此柔软易弯yet it#39;s also powerful enough to destroy almost everything in its path.当然,它也有足够的能量来摧毁挡在它路线上的一切But while glaciers usually take tens of thousands of years to sculpt the landscape,但冰河一般要花几万年的时间 来雕塑地貌occasionally, they can trigger a devastating change有时,它们会引起破坏性的变化that happens in just a few hours.在不久之前刚刚发生过You can see the aftermath of one such event你能看到这种事情的后果in the northwest corner of the ed States.在美国的西北角 Article/201510/404135You don#39;t have to compromise your looks to economize – you just have to know a few tricks.为了美容你不需要花费血本,只要掌握一些小技巧就可以了。You Will Need你需要Mascara睫毛膏Dollar store conditioner美元商店护发素Petroleum jelly凡士林Olive oil橄榄油Sugar糖Cayenne pepper辣椒Cinnamon肉桂A lip brush唇刷Cotton swabs棉球The occasional splurge偶尔挥霍Men#39;s shaving cream (optional)男士修面膏(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Save on mascara1.节约睫毛膏Buy expensive mascara just once; after it runs out, wash and save the brush. The main difference between mascaras is the wand, not the makeup. Apply new, cheaper mascara with the brush that comes with it, then use your old one to fluff and separate your lashes.只购买一次昂贵的睫毛膏就可以了,用完之后,清洗并保留睫毛刷。不同睫毛膏之间的差别在于魔术棒,而不是里面的睫毛膏。使用新的,更加便宜的睫毛膏和配套的刷子,然后使用之前保存的刷子来刷一遍,让睫毛看上去更加纤长丰盈。Tip A dried-out mascara wand also makes a great eyebrow brush.小贴士:干燥的魔术棒也可以用来刷眉毛。Step 2 Make conditioner do double duty2.护发素也有双重功效Replace your shaving cream with dollar-store hair conditioner; it works every bit as well. Or use a brand made for men;they#39;re usually less expensive. Get an unscented one if you don#39;t want a ;manly; fragrance.用美元商店里购买的护发素来代替修面霜,效果也是一样的。或者更加便宜的男士品牌。如果你不想留下“男人的”味道,选择无香型。Step 3 Buy petroleum jelly3.购买凡士林油Buy a big jar of generic petroleum jelly. It can serve as clear lip gloss, lip balm, makeup remover, under-eye moisturizer,and foot and hand cream.购买一大罐普通的凡士林,可以用作润唇膏,卸妆油,眼霜,手脚润肤霜。Tip If you have just a smidgen of lipstick left in the tube, mix it with petroleum jelly and use as lip gloss.小贴士:如果你还有少量口红,可以和凡士林混合起来,用作润唇膏。Step 4 Use olive oil4.使用橄榄油Use olive oil as a multitasker: To condition hair, rub one tablespoon on scalp, wrap in a warm towel, and let it sit for 20 minutes before shampooing out. For silky skin, pour some into your bath water. To turn it into an exfoliant, just add some sugar.橄榄油有许多作用:用来护理头发,将一汤匙橄榄油抹在头皮上,用毛巾裹住,20分钟过后清洗。也可用于光滑肌肤,将少量橄榄油加入沐浴用的温水中就可以了。如果想要用于去角质,加一点糖就可以了。Step 5 Plump your lips for pennies5.丰盈嘴唇Plump your lips for pennies by mixing a sprinkle of cayenne pepper or cinnamon with a dab of petroleum jelly and applying to lips. It will irritate them just enough to temporarily swell them.用一点辣椒或肉桂,加上少许凡士林,抹在嘴唇上。可以刺激嘴唇瞬间饱满起来。Step 6 Waste not, want not6.不要浪费Use up every bit of your cosmetics: Get the last smidgen of lipstick out of the tube with a lip brush. Revitalize a dried-out mascara tube with a few drops of hot water. Use a cotton swab to get into the crevices of little pots of eye cream or lip balm.用光最后一点化妆品:用刷子取出最后一点唇膏。用几滴热水来修复干燥的睫毛刷。使用面签深入眼霜或唇膏管中沾取最后一点。Step 7 Splurge!7.挥霍!Splurge on one or two extravagances. Woman cannot live on cheap cosmetics alone!可以花多一点的钱购买一两件奢侈品。女人不能只依靠廉价化妆品生存!Women spend an average of 1 per year on personal care, while men spend about 3.女性平均每年花费471美元用于个人保养,而男性平均花费193美元。 Article/201501/355462


  凯文·布里格斯警官从事多年的工作黑暗、不寻常,而且有时会有奇怪的收获:他巡逻的地段是旧金山金门大桥的南端,金门大桥是个热门的自杀地点。在他令人沉思又直指人心的演讲中,布里格斯讲述了站在人生悬崖边的自杀者的故事,他与之有过交谈并且倾听过他们的故事。对于有所爱之人可能在考虑自杀的人们,他给出了一条有力的建议。 Article/201411/341603。


  No matter what your design style, these clever decorating tricks will give your house the warm, cozy feeling of home.无论你喜欢哪种设计风格,这些聪明的装修建议都可以为你的家带来温暖,温馨的感觉。You Will Need你需要Vintage fabric优质布料Mix of styles混搭风格Printed wallpaper or curtains印花墙纸或窗帘Bold fabric in a mix of textures大胆的混合布料Quirky accent pieces风格特异的物品Curtains, pillows, an area rug, and comfortable furniture窗帘,枕头,小地毯和舒适的家具Plants and flowers (optional)盆栽和鲜花(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Use vintage fabric1.优质布料Use vintage fabric to create cozy accessories. One vintage curtain panel can yield up to three 20-inch square pillows to accessorize your bedroom.使用优质布料来打造温馨的配饰。一张优质的窗帘布可以制作三个20平方英寸的枕头来装饰卧室。Use the vintage fabric on the front of the pillow and buy new, coordinating fabric for the back to save yardage.使用优质布料来制作枕头前面,购买新的,配套的布料来做背面,节约布料。STEP 2 Mix furniture2.家具混搭Mix furniture styles and centuries. Group heirloom antiques with newer pieces for a relaxed, lived-in feeling. Or simply add antique accent pieces, like antique flower prints on the wall.混合不同风格的家具。传家的古董家具和较新的家具搭配,打造轻松的家居环境。或者简单地添加一件股东风格的物品,比如墙上的古董鲜花饰品。Refresh matching vintage or antique pieces by reupholstering in modern fabrics. It will still feel lived in but look fresher and newer.翻新配套的优质或古董配件,用现代布料做椅面。仍然有比较家居的感觉,但是看上去新得多。STEP 3 Try print walls3.尝试刷墙Try an elegant, timeless print on the walls or curtains of a guest bedroom or bathroom, like a toile print. It adds a coziness and a touch of whimsy.尝试在客房或卫生间的墙上刷上优雅省时的图案,可以增添温馨的感觉,也更容易安抚心情。STEP 4 Choose strong fabrics4.选择坚硬的材料Choose a strong fabric for the main furniture pieces and design the rest of the room around it. Bold colors or graphic prints instantly add a homey feel. Mix textures to add warmth and interest.主要的家具选择坚硬的布料,房间的其他布置根据家具来进行。大胆的色和生动的图案立即增添家的感觉。混合不同材质来增加温馨和趣味的感觉。STEP 5 Add quirky accents5.增添奇特风格的物品Add quirky accents, such as homemade drawings, paintings, sculpture, or an odd lighting fixture. Use your own special touch to make a unique impression.增添一些奇特风格的物品,比如自己制作的抽屉,油画,雕塑,或者怪异的灯光调节。亲自动手增加独特的印象。Plants and flowers add an earthy touch to any home.植物和鲜花可以为任何房间增添生气。STEP 6 Warm up a room6.增添温暖气氛Warm up any room with long curtains, big pillows or cushions, a plush area rug, and comfortable furniture to make everyone feel right at home.用长长的窗帘,大大的枕头和靠垫,长毛绒的地毯,温暖的家具来让每个人立即产生家的感觉。According to a 2008 National Association of Home Builders study, home buyers spent an average of ,288 on furnishings during the first year after buying a home.根据全国住宅建筑商协会2008年一份调查,业主在购房后的第一年内平均花费5,288美元来装饰。视频听力译文由。 Article/201410/335688

  So lovely from Earth, up close, this goddess is hideous从地球看她是多么可爱,近观这个女神却是可怕的She#39;s the sister from hell.她是来自地狱的姊Pockmarked by thousands of volcanoes数千座火山犹如长满了痘疮All that carbon dioxide is trapping the Sun#39;s heat.大气层中的二氧化碳留住了太阳热量Venus is burning up.金星正在燃烧It#39;s global warming gone wild这是无节制的全球气候变暖Before it took hold, maybe Venus was beautiful, calm...在它变暖之前或许是美丽而平静的more like her sister planet, Earth. ...很像她的姊星,地球So this could be Earth#39;s future也许就它是我们地球的未来Where are the twinkling stars?那些闪烁的星星哪里去了?The beautiful spheres gliding through space?美丽的圆球滑进了太空?Maybe we shouldn#39;t be out here, maybe we should turn back或许我们不应该来这里,我们应该回去But there#39;s something about the Sun, something hypnotic, like the Medusa但是太阳有催眠般的魔力,象美杜莎(古希腊神话中3位蛇发女怪之一)Too terrible to look at, too powerful to resist可怕的让人无法正视,也无法抗拒她的力量Luring us onward on, like a moth to a flame.引诱我们继续前进,像飞蛾扑火Wait ,there#39;s something else, obscured by the sun等等,这里还有其他东西被太阳炙烤It must be Mercury.它一定是水星Get too close to the sun, this is what happens.太靠近太阳,就会这样Temperatures swing wildly here这里温度剧烈变化At night, it#39;s minus 275 degrees晚上会到零下275度(-170°C)come midday, it#39;s 800 plus. ...正午则超过800度(400°C)Burnt then frozen.烧焦再被冰冻The MESSENGER space probe is telling us something strange.信使号空间探测器发现了一些奇怪的现象For its size, Mercury has a powerful gravitational pull.相对体积来说,小小的水星具有强大的引力It#39;s a huge ball of iron, covered with a thin veneer of rock它就像一个裹着薄薄岩石层的大铁球The core of what was once a much larger planet.这是一颗大行星留下的核心So where#39;s the rest of it?其他部分去哪里了呢?Maybe a stray planet slammed into Mercury或许是一个迷路的行星猛地撞进了水星blasting away its outer layers in a deadly game of cosmic pinball ...在一场致命的宇宙弹球游戏中水星的外层被炸掉了Whole worlds on the loose careening wildly across the cosmos...这些游荡的行星在宇宙中疯狂地掠过destroying anything in their path ...毁掉他们道路上的一切And we#39;re in the middle of it我们就在其中Vulnerable, exposed, small脆弱、裸露而且渺小Everything is telling us to turn back.这一且都在告诉我们该回去了But who could defy this?但是谁又能抗拒的了The Sun in all its mesmerizing splendor散发着迷人光的太阳?Our light, our lives...我们的光线,我们的生命everything we do is controlled by the Sun我们的一切都被太阳控制着Depends on it依赖于它It#39;s the Greek god Helios driving his chariot across the sky它是驾着战车穿越天际的希腊美男子太阳神The Egyptian god Ra reborn every day是每天重生的埃及神“拉”(埃及神话里的太阳神)The summer solstice sun rising at Stonehenge.以及巨石阵夏至的日出For millions of years...数百万年来this was as close as it got to staring into the face of God我们对太阳神的景仰止于远观 Article/201505/376350

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