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There are few things consumers love more than their television sets. Typically, when the industry introduces a new standard or technology, be it color sets, flat screens or high def, the stampede to the mall is quick and impressive.几乎没有什么东西比电视机更受消费者喜爱了。一般来讲,当这个行业引进新的标准或技术时,不管是色、纯平还是高清,大家都会飞快涌向卖场,人潮叹为观止。This time there may not be a stampede.这一次,可能就没有人潮涌动了。Ultra HD television, sometimes referred to as 4K, is widely seen as a leap forward in picture quality. More pixels and big screens -- some of which are curved, for an immersive viewing experience -- do raise the bar in TV watching, critics say.有时候又被称为4K电视机的超高清(Ultra HD)电视机,被普遍视为画质的一场大跃进。批评者说,更多的像素和更大的屏幕――有些屏幕是弯曲的,形成一种沉浸式的观看体验――确实提高了看电视的标准。What#39;s more, as production ramps up, prices are coming down to where some of the lower-end 4K sets are competitive with large-screen HD sets.另外,随着生产规模扩大,价格正在下降,某些低端4K电视机已经可与大屏幕高清(HD)电视机竞争。But have they fallen far enough for consumers en masse to buy? Or should shoppers wait until prices fall further?但是否已经下降到让普通消费者踊跃购买的水平?或者,消费者是不是应该等到价格进一步下降的时候?Critics say some technical issues remain, such as concerns about whether there is sufficient bandwidth in most homes to support uninterrupted viewing. There is also relatively little to watch, so far, in 4K.批评者说,有些技术问题仍然存在,比如多数住宅的带宽是否足以持流畅观看这样的顾虑。目前4K格式的内容也相对稀少。But supporters argue that a 4K television set, given its ability to improve current HD picture quality, among other reasons, is a better purchase even at today#39;s prices than a large-screen HDTV, which threatens to lock viewers into an increasingly inferior standard for years to come.但持者认为,考虑到能够提升当前高清画面的质量和其他一些因素,即便是以今天的价格,购买4K电视机也比购买大屏幕高清电视机划算,购买后者很有可能让看电视的人在未来好几年都局限于一种日显低劣的标准。It#39;s better to wait, says Brett Sappington, director of research at Dallas-based Parks Associates. Jack Wetherill, senior market analyst at British-based Futuresource Consulting, says 4K is a good buy aly.达拉斯Parks Associates研究总监布雷特#12539;萨平顿(Brett Sappington)说,最好是再等等。英国Futuresource Consulting公司的高级市场分析师杰克#12539;韦瑟里尔(Jack Wetherill)则说,4K电视机已经值得买了。Yes: If You Buy It Now, You Are Set For Many Years to Come买:如果现在买,今后好多年都不用换了When consumers shop for a large-screen TV, two requirements tend to be at the top of the checklist: a #39;wow#39; factor, and an affordable price.消费者选购大屏幕电视机的时候,有两个要求是他们最看重的,一是惊艳的元素,二是便宜的价格。Ultra-high-definition, or 4K, television sets meet the first requirement with flying colors. Ultra HD offers picture quality way beyond what is widely available in homes today: four times the picture resolution of today#39;s HD. That means four times the number of pixels, the tiny points that make up the image. The greater array of colors and the sharper contrast, especially in the large-screen format, give viewers a feeling of being immersed in what they#39;re watching.超高清(Ultra HD)电视机或曰4K电视机轻而易举地满足了第一个要求。它的画质远远超过今天家庭普通电视机的水平:其分辨率是今天高清电视机的四倍,也就是说,像素(组成画面的小点)为后者的四倍。更丰富的色和更强烈的对比度,特别是通过大屏幕的形式展现出来,给观看者一种沉浸于所观看内容的感觉。There#39;s your #39;wow#39; factor.这就是你所要的惊艳元素。Long-Term Purchase长远投资As for an affordable price, while 4K is still a relatively new technology, and price tags admittedly were astronomical to begin with, prices now have fallen to where they are competitive with high-end alternatives in the large-screen HD market. Today, 4K sets from leading brands with 55-inch screens are available for ,300. It would be less expensive to buy a screen of the same size in 1080p. But large-screen TVs are a long-term purchase and represent great value for money. As the average U.S. household will keep its new TV for around seven years and use it for five hours a day, this equates to just 18 cents per hour used.至于价格是否可承受的问题,虽然4K电视机仍然是一种相对新颍的技术,一开始也是众所周知的天价,但现在的价格已经下降到可比高端大屏幕高清电视机的水平。今天花2,300美元就可以买到一台一线品牌的55英寸4K电视机。同样尺寸的1080p电视机更加便宜,但大屏幕电视机是一笔长期投资,物有所值。鉴于美国普通家庭会将新购电视机保留七年左右的时间且每天使用五个小时,这等于每用一个小时仅花18美分。Larger screens and better picture quality are the wave of the future. Consumers are buying increasingly large TV sets (27% of last year#39;s sales were 50-inch screens and larger, and 10% were 60-inch and above). As a result, 1080p picture quality is reaching its limits on larger screens. Shoppers who buy a bigger screen with 1080p now will be acquiring a TV that will be quickly outdated in terms of quality in the near future.更大的屏幕和更好的画质是未来的潮流。消费者购买的电视机正变得越来越大(去年销量当中27%是50英寸及以上,10%是60英寸及以上)。因此大屏幕上1080p的画质正在逼近极限。以画质而论,现在购买1080p的大屏幕电视机,不远的将来就会很快过时。TV manufacturers are solidly behind UHD. Unlike 3-D television, 4K does not require the inconvenience of special glasses. Those who choose their 4K set carefully will be buying a television that is future-proofed for years to come. The key technology building blocks, HDMI 2.0, an interface for transferring and audio data which supports 4K resolution, and HEVC, a compression format, both of which will be necessary to enjoy the full benefits of HD as it continues to improve, are aly available on many 4K sets.电视机生产商坚定持超高清。和3D电视机不一样的是,4K电视机不需要麻烦地戴上特殊的眼镜。仔细挑选4K电视机的人,将是在购买一台几年之内都不会过时的电视机。高清电视在继续改进,而要享受其全部好处,两种关键技术成分必不可少,而很多4K电视机已经具备了这两种技术:一个是HDMI 2.0接口,用于转换持4K分辨率的音视频数据;还有一个是视频压缩格式HEVC。Content Is Coming内容会越来越丰富Content in 4K still is limited, but in time, more will become available. Consumers who are concerned about a lack of native 4K content now can take comfort in the knowledge that TV manufacturers have put a lot of work into upscaling technology to ensure that today#39;s HD content looks even better on 4K sets right now. And a new generation of Blu-ray players and discs that will be able to play back native 4K content in all its glory is in the pipeline, perhaps 18 months away.4K内容仍然有限,但假以时日,越来越多的内容都将可以获得。目前担心缺少原生4K内容的消费者可以放心,因为电视机生产商花了很大力气提升技术,来确保今天的高清内容在现在的4K电视机上效果都要更好。能够播放正宗原生4K内容的新一代蓝光播放机和光碟即将到来,可能还有一年半的时间。Much of the first 4K content will become available via the Internet. A broadband speed of 15 megabits per second is enough to ensure a good experience of 4K, and many households aly have this. Viewers who want to be among the first to watch must-see shows such as #39;House of Cards#39; in 4K will find 4K sets an attractive proposition. Those who choose to rely on Wi-Fi rather than their wired device for 4K streaming will note that many products are now emerging that feature enhanced Wi-Fi to handle 4K streaming.第一批4K内容当中的很大一部分将是通过互联网发布。每秒15兆的带宽足以确保良好的4K体验,很多家庭已经具备。希望第一批观看4K格式《纸牌屋》(House of Cards)等必看剧的观众将会发现4K电视机是一个不错的方案。选择依靠WiFi而不是有线设备在线播放4K内容的人们将会注意到,现在很多新产品都带有增强WiFi功能来处理4K内容的在线播放。Big sporting events often trigger households into upgrading their sets. With the World Cup starting in Brazil next month, the coming weeks will see many consumers upgrading their sets to enjoy the event in the highest quality possible.重大体育赛事常常诱使家庭升级电视机。世界杯将于6月份在巴西开赛,接下来几个星期将会有很多消费者升级电视机,用最好的画质来欣赏赛事。Those who are in the market now for a new large-screen set should seriously consider 4K models. As with most new electronics products, prices will fall further. But the 4K sets are aly good value for money. If you buy a 1080p set now, which you will likely keep until the next decade, the picture will look increasingly low-res as time passes.目前正在市场上寻找新款大屏幕电视机的消费者应当认真考虑4K型号。和大多数新款电子产品一样,价格将会进一步下跌。但4K电视机已经物有所值。如果现在买一台1080p的电视机,可能你会一直用到2020年,随着时间的推移,其分辨率将会显得越来越低。If you can afford 4K now -- why wait?如果现在就买得起4K,干吗要等呢?Mr. Wetherill is senior market analyst at Futuresource Consulting Ltd., Dunstable, England.Jack Wetherill 是英国邓斯特布尔咨询公司Futuresource Consulting Ltd.的高级市场分析师。No: Little Content And High Prices Make It a Bad Deal不买:内容少,价格高,不划算Strolling down to your nearby electronics store, you see a promotion for something called 4K TV. The clarity and detail of the picture is striking, even with your nose pressed right up against the glass of the TV screen.溜达到附近的电子产品店,看到广告上推销一种名叫“4K电视机”的东西。清晰度和画面细节让人震撼,哪怕你把鼻子紧贴到电视机屏幕的玻璃上去。Then, looking at the price tag, you are struck by clarity of a different sort.然后看价签,你就会因为另外一种清晰度而感到震撼。Many consumers are encountering the 4K phenomena. But to enjoy the true benefits of 4K, three things need to be present: the television, the content, and a way to get the content to the TV. It#39;s a bit like the proverbial three-legged stool. If one of the legs is a bit short of the others, the experience is, at best, uneven. Missing a leg? Then the system doesn#39;t work at all.很多消费者都遇到了这种4K现象。但要享受4K带来的真正好处,三个条件必须具备:电视机,内容,把内容引导至电视机上的途径。有如俗谚所说的三脚凳,如果一条腿比另两条短,那么整个体验最多也只称得上不均衡。要是少了一条腿,整个系统根本就无法工作。TV makers rolled out 4K sets in early 2012, demonstrating 84-inch behemoths with stunning picture quality priced in the ,000 range. By the end of 2013, prices had fallen dramatically, with 55-inch 4K TVs priced as low as ,500. And by last month, prices had fallen further to ,500.电视机生产商在2012年年初推出4K电视机,展出了84英寸的庞然大物,画质惊艳,价格在2万美元左右。到2013年底,价格已经大幅下降,55英寸4K电视机最低的只有3,500美元。到今年4月份,更是进一步下探到2,500美元。But do you really want the least expensive television in 4K, one with limited features and a brand you may have never heard of?但你真的想买价格最便宜、功能有限、牌子从来没有听说过的4K电视机吗?One Buying Strategy购买策略The difference in price between 4K and HDTV is greatest among the larger screen sizes. Consumers can purchase a 70#39; screen from well-known HDTV makers for around ,700, compared with more than ,000 for a similarly sized 4K TV. Effectively, a consumer could buy the 70#39; HDTV today, buy a 4K set when prices are lower, and still come out ahead.大屏幕电视机当中,4K与HD之间的价差最大。消费者可以按1,700美元左右的价格买一台来自知名高清电视机生产商的70英寸电视机,相比之下同样尺寸的4K电视机要花4,000多美元。消费者基本上可以在今天买一台70英寸的高清电视机,在价格更低的时候买一台4K电视机,同时仍然享有优势。Production of 4K content, meanwhile, is just getting under way. A few World Cup games will be in 4K, but regular broadcasts of live sports won#39;t be available for some time. Sony offers more than 50 movies in 4K, and the movie studios are following suit. In Japan, 4K broadcasting could begin as early as this summer. The rest of the world, however, is still at least a year or two away from 4K TV channels.与此同时,4K内容的生产才刚刚开始。几场世界杯比赛将用4K格式,但经常性的4K赛事直播在一段时间内还看不到。索尼(Sony) 有50多部电影是4K,各电影制作公司也在跟进。在日本,4K电视节目最早有可能在今年夏季开始播出。但世界其他地方至少还有一两年才会有4K电视频道出现。Therein lies the industry#39;s greatest challenge: getting 4K content to the TV.行业面临的最大挑战,是怎样把4K内容传到电视机上。Season 2 of Netflix#39;s #39;House of Cards#39; is one of the first series available in 4K. But today, no U.S. pay-TV service or broadcaster offers 4K, either on demand or as a TV channel. Comcast Corp. and online movie service M-GO have both announced partnerships with Samsung to deliver 4K content sometime this year, but neither service is available yet to consumers.Netflix《纸牌屋》第二季将是第一批4K电视连续剧之一。但在今天,没有哪家付费电视务公司或电视台提供4K,不管是按需提供的4K还是4K电视频道。康卡斯特(Comcast Corp.)和在线电影务商M-GO都公布了跟三星(Samsung)的合作方案,将在今年的某个时候发行4K内容,但两家公司的务都还无法为消费者享受。The holdup is due to the size of 4K files. To stream a 4K , you will need a broadband service that can provide a speed of at least 15 megabits per second, all the time.这种停顿状态缘于4K文件的大小。要在线播放一部4K视频,宽带务商必须能够持续提供至少每秒15兆的网速。Even if you subscribe to a 15 to 20 Mbps service, inconsistencies in the Internet speed from your provider as well as use of the Internet by other devices in the home may reduce your 4K viewing to a long series of pauses as your connection coughs out a few minutes of at a time. Homes may need service of 50 Mbps or better to have an adequate 4K streaming experience.即便是订购了15Mbps到20Mbps的务,务商网速的不连贯以及家中其他设备对网络的使用都有可能导致每隔几分钟就断网一次,从而使你的4K观看体验沦为一连串的停顿。家庭网速可能需要达到50Mbps甚至以上,才能获得差强人意的4K在线播放体验。Disc Slip碟子也不行Physical media is also not the answer. Blu-ray discs cannot handle 4K content. The player can support playout of 2160p images and , but the discs themselves don#39;t have the capacity to hold most 4K movies and the extras that are often included in Blu-ray. For now, studios are putting 2K versions of movies on Blu-ray discs and promoting them as mastered or filmed in 4K. Once discs are developed that can handle 4K, they may require entirely new players.实体媒介也不是。蓝光光碟应付不了4K内容。播放机可以持2160p图像和视频的播放,但碟子本身的容量放不下大多数4K电影以及常常被包含在蓝光光碟里面的花絮。目前影视制作公司正在把2K版本的电影放进蓝光光碟里面,在推销的时候说母版是4K或拍摄的时候是4K。等能够处理4K内容的光碟开发出来,可能就需要用全新的播放机才能播放了。Finally, it#39;s true that when watching HD content on a 4K set there can be a marginally better picture. But why pay two to three times as much to get a slightly better picture quality when actual 4K content won#39;t be available for some time?最后,在4K电视机上看高清内容的画质可能要略好一些,这不假。但是,在还有一段时间才能看到正宗4K内容的时候,为什么要花两三倍的钱去获得一种稍微好一点的画质呢?Only the hardiest gadget lovers should think of buying 4K now while they still cannot get the full benefit of it. Everyone else can wait.在眼下无法享受4K全部好处的时候,只有最狂热的科技产品爱好者才应该考虑买一台4K电视机,其他所有人都可以等等。 /201405/301516

  A micro blog account on a water fountain has attracted more than 30,000 followers within 48 hours of its birth on Sina Weibo, becoming latest cyber buzz on the Internet.一台饮水机的新浪微账号在开通48小时内就吸引来3万粉丝,进而成为最新网络热点。The micro blog, ;Water Fountain in CCNT lab in Zhejiang University;, launched by a PHD student in Computer Science at the University, automatically updates the status quo of a water fountain in the computer lab. When the water boils it uses flirty and endearing Internet slang common among Chinese netizens.这个名为;浙大CCNT实验室饮水机;的微是由浙大计算机科学专业的一名士生开通的。该微自己更新发布计算机实验室中一台饮水机的状态。一旦水烧开了,它就会发出国内网友普遍使用的卖萌网络用语。Its first message was delivered at one Thursday afternoon, saying ;I have observed the celestial phenomena, which tells that the water is boiling.; After repeating the line seven times in the two hours after, it took a sexy tone, yelling out, ;Master, I#39;m hot, come and drink me soon.;在一个周四下午,;饮水机娘;发了第一条微:;以我夜观天象所见,这水大约的确是开了罢。;在之后的两小时内,这句话被重复了七次,接下来,她很嗲地说了句:;主人,我已经沸腾了,快来喝吧;The secret of its intelligence lies on an automatic inducing system, said Chen Longbiao, the designer and moderator of the micro blog account.;饮水机娘;微的设计者兼管理员陈龙彪表示,该智能饮水机的背后奥秘是一个自动传感系统。Chen has set up the system by attaching a camera to the water fountain. This camera monitors the indicator light on the fountain which s red for boiling water and green for empty. The information is then sent from the camera to a program through a data cable connected to a nearby laptop, which will receive message delivering orders.为建造该系统,陈龙彪在饮水机上装了一个摄像头。该摄像头的镜头可以监控饮水机的指示灯,红色代表水开了,绿色说明开水被用光了。这些信息会通过数据线从摄像头传输到附近的记本电脑中的程序上,这样一来该程序就接收到发送信息的指令。He also said that he decided to invent the system, on which he spent 15 hours and 200 yuan () after noticing his classmates#39; constant trips to the water fountain to check if the hot water was available.陈龙彪发现同学们经常跑去看饮水机的水有没有烧开,于是他便开始构想发明这个系统。他一共只花了15个小时的时间,资金成本也就两百块钱。;The intelligent push technology, which in our case is the hot water availability, is the trend for future Internet technology. It makes our life more convenient. ;;智慧推动了科技,在我们这个案例中,便是热水提示功能,这将是未来网络科技的发展趋势,会让我们生活变得更加便捷。;The genius did not expect his micro blog to become the first trend at the first place and attributes this to the its language style.这位发明天才并未料到微会成为这一全新领域的弄潮儿,他将此归功于该微的语言风格。;I guess it is because it has a cute air so many people get interested and are willing to forward the messages,; he said with a smile.他笑着说:;我猜是因为她太萌了所以才吸引来这么多人转发微的。;As the followers and praises keep rushing in, Chen believes there is room for bigger success.随着粉丝和赞扬之声接踵而来,陈龙彪坚信还有更大的成功机会。;For now the camera can only detect hot water. It cannot tell if the cold water is out. I plan to work that out by setting a pressure test system or another camera at the joint, and then the micro blog will be able to remind people to renew the water.;;现在,摄像头只能来监测热水,不能告诉大家桶内的冷水是否被用光,我想在水桶接口处出安装一个压力探测系统,或者再装一个摄像头,这样一来,微也能提醒大家什么时候该换水了。; /201201/167774

  When cars first became popular 100 years ago, there were no road rules or speed limits to begin with. Inspired by the freedom of their speedy new toys, drivers zoomed around as fast as they could. Crashes were a constant.100年前,汽车第一次流行起来时,一开始并不存在什么道路规则或速度限制。受到这个快捷新玩具所带来自由的鼓舞,司机们尽己所能地开车狂飙,车祸司空见惯。Today#39;s speedy new toys, the smartphone and tablet, help people work when, where, and how they want. Excited by their newfound freedom, people are staying connected 24/7, working as fast as they can. The crashes this time are less obvious but still producing pain.如今的快捷新玩具是智能手机和平板电脑。它们能够随时随地,在人们需要时为工作提供助力。人们为新发现的自由欢欣鼓舞。他们无时不刻都保持着连线状态,以最快的速度进行工作。这次的“祸患”不太明显,但仍然带来了痛苦。A creative team that used to debrief with their client by once a week from the office is now on daily from their tablets. A software project that took six people a few months to complete is now broken into hundreds of parts for micro developers to finish in a week. While these ideas may sound enticing, there are implications to moving this fast, as HP (HPQ) discovered withtablets and Apple (AAPL) with maps.曾经每周在办公室通过视频向客户汇报的创意团队现在每天都得利用平板电脑进行视频通话。以前需要6个人花费数月时间才能完成的软件项目,现在被分解成数百个部分,微开发者们一周就能完成。虽然这些想法听起来可能很诱人,但如此迅速的进展也会带来一些影响,就好比惠普(HP)和苹果(Apple)分别从各自的平板电脑和地图应用中发现的问题。Traveling at the speed of confusion以“混乱”的速度行进Perhaps the biggest implication of our new speed is what this is doing to our lives, and in particular to our brains. Recently, I was in the boardroom of a government organization outside the U.S. that was in charge of regulating what should be a slow-moving industry. They were decades old, with around 10,000 employees and mountains of money. Their biggest challenge· ;Our people are so overwhelmed, no one has any time to think, it#39;s all too much,; their executives explained.也许这种新速度的最大影响是在生活方面,尤其是对我们的大脑。最近,我有幸进入一家美国以外地区政府机构的会议室参观。这个机构负责监管一个本应缓慢发展的行业。他们已经有几十年的历史,拥有10,000名雇员和大量的资金。他们面临的最大挑战是什么?“我们的雇员不堪重负,没有人有时间进行思考,信息太多了,”这家机构的管理者说。The fire hose of information was driving folks more than a little crazy. This was a wake-up call for me. I often hear firms, including my own, fantasizing how much better life would be once they had years to get organized, better systems, the right number of employees, or plenty of capital. Yet here was a firm with all that and more, with the same chaos I see at startups.信息的大量涌现让人们变得多少有点疯狂。对我来说,这敲响了警钟。我经常听到一些机构——包括我自己的在内——幻想,如果拥有时间进行调整,具备更好的系统、合适的员工数量或是足够多的资金,生活会变得多么美好。然而,这儿有一家具备所有条件甚至更多的机构,却同样存在我在创业公司身上看到的那种混乱。Ironically, the biggest casualty of everyone being so connected is productivity. No one is getting much done at the office. One survey of 6,000 workers by the NeuroLeadership Institute found only 10% of people do their best thinking at work. ;I have to go home and work at night to get anything done; is a phrase I hear all too often. Working nights and weekends leads to less time with families and friends and even less sleep, with 30% of Americans not getting the sleep they need today.讽刺的是,所有人都保持着连线状态,这最大的受害者乃是人们的工作效率,没有人能够在办公室完成很多工作。神经领导力研究所(NeuroLeadership Institute)曾对6,000名职员进行调查,结果发现只有10%的人能够在工作时达到最佳的思维状态。我经常听到这样的话,“我必须回到家,等到晚上才能把所有事情做完。”在夜间和周末工作让人们花在家人和朋友身上的时间变少了,甚至连睡眠的时间也缩短了,如今30%的美国人得不到充足的睡眠。We won#39;t let people work 20-hour factory shifts anymore, but we#39;re okay to let them respond to emails 24/7. We organize workplaces to minimize physical injuries, yet we expect people to process huge volumes of data for hours on end. We mandate that people have vacations, yet more people are connected on vacation than ever. We are not respecting the needs of the brain largely because they are not obvious. Maybe it is time we made them more so.我们已经不再执行20小时的轮班制了,但却对让员工全天候保持电邮响应安之若素。我们对工作场所进行了调整,以减少对身体的伤害,但我们却希望员工一连几小时处理海量数据。我们强制人们休假,但却有比以往任何时候都要多的人在假期中保持连线。我们没有尊重大脑的需求,这在很大程度上是因为那些需求并不明显。现在也许是时候揭开真相了。In a recent edition of the NeuroLeadership Journal, UCLA psychiatrist Dan Siegel and I, along with Jessica Payne and Stephen Poelmans, outlined the deeper science behind the ;Healthy Mind Platter; that Siegel and I launched in 2011. The ;platter; outlines seven types of mental activities the brain needs for optimal healthy functioning.最新一期的《神经领导力杂志》(NeuroLeadership Journal)中,美国加州大学洛杉矶分校(UCLA)的丹·西格尔和我,连同杰西卡·佩恩以及斯蒂芬·珀尔曼斯,一起概述了“健康心灵拼盘”(Healthy Mind Platter)背后更深层次的科学原理。西格尔和我在2011年共同提出了这个概念。“拼盘”列出了大脑恢复最佳健康机能所需的7种精神活动。Shutting down休息One activity we all need is sufficient down time, when the brain is refreshed through being non-goal focused. Like other organs, our neural circuits benefit from a period of recovery after being stretched. Down time is also a critical component for complex problem solving. The incessant beeping of mobile devices raises our ambient neural activity too high to notice the quieter, non-conscious brain providing a solution to everyday (or really big) problems. With the ;buzz; always on, we drown out the so-called eureka moments in the morning shower, on the walk to work, or the drive home. We should be making it okay for people to disconnect for blocks of time. If folks are not good at switching off (just as we are not good at driving at sensible speeds), perhaps we need to install some limits here. Volkswagen in Germany has started switching off their Blackberry email servers for 12 hours a day to let people rest. Other firms are experimenting with similar ideas, including minimizing or even banning internalemails.我们都需要的一种活动是,足够的休息。这时候,大脑将通过放空,重新恢复精神。跟其他器官一样,紧张工作之后,一段时间的恢复对我们的神经系统有好处。对于解决复杂的问题,休息时间同样是一个关键要素。移动设备持续不断的蜂鸣声让我们的周围神经一直保持亢奋,以至于无法注意到安静的、非意识的大脑更加能够解决日常生活的问题(或是真正的大问题)。在这种“嗡嗡”声音持续不断的情况下,我们失去了在早上淋浴、步行上班或驱车回家时经常发生的灵光乍现。我们应该保人们能够在某些时间断开连接,而且不至于出现问题。如果人们不擅长停下来休息(就像我们不擅长以合理的速度驾车行驶),那么我们或许需要做出一些限制。德国的大众汽车公司(Volkswagen)已经开始每天关闭黑莓邮件务器12小时,让员工进行休息。其他公司也在尝试类似的设想,包括减少、甚或禁止内部的电子邮件。For real down time, people need vacations where they fully switch off. This may require changing how we think about annual leave. Instead of expecting people to take long vacations, we can encourage a shorter annual break, with an extra-long weekend each month to enable recovery. Four days offline can be truly restful. Whereas a two-week break can be two weeks of hellish preparation, two weeks of rest, followed by two stressful weeks digging out from under 2,000 emails. Maybe we need a rule that requires total down time every few months for a minimum of a few days.为了获得真正的休息时间,人们需要假期,这时候他们可以完全停下来。它可能需要我们改变自己看待年假的方式。我们并不鼓励人们度长假,而是推荐较短的年假和每月额外的长周末,以帮助恢复精力。4天的离线生活能够让人获得真正的休息,而两周的假期却可能成为两周地狱般的工作准备,人们休息两周之后往往还要花两周时间处理遗留下来的2,000封邮件。或许我们需要一条规则,每隔几个月至少休息数天时间。Focus专注Another ingredient of the ;Healthy Mind Platter; is focus time. This is when we focus intensely on a single task, making deeper connections across the brain. Focus time is important for long-term memory as well as overall brain health. We need to design workspaces where people can focus, totally undisturbed, for blocks of time as needed.“健康心灵拼盘”的另一个要素是专注时间,这是我们极度专注于某一工作任务的时候,在大脑中进行更深层次的连接。专注时间对长期记忆和大脑整体健康来说非常重要。我们需要对工作场所进行设计,让人们可以在必要的时间段集中精力,完全不受干扰。My research shows that people have one to two peak performing hours a day at best. What if those hours involve being bombarded with constant distractions? As well as having fewer insights and not being able to go deeply into an idea, the task switching exhausts our brains. Recently, I was pleased to notice some private, quiet working rooms at a large company#39;s offices, before I noticed a sign saying ;for conference calls only.; As if talking to others is more important than focusing. Do we need a rule to make being able to focus at work a basic workplace right, like physical safety?我的研究表明,人们每天至多有一到两个小时的最佳工作时间。如果人们在这段时间受到持续的干扰呢?就像缺乏见解和无法深入到一个想法当中,任务的转换会让我们的大脑疲惫不堪。最近,我欣喜地看到一家大公司在办公区域设置了一些私密的安静工作间,不过我之后又注意到上面贴着“仅供会议使用”的标志,就好像跟其他人交谈要比专注于工作更加重要似的。我们是否需要这样一条规则,让能够专注于工作成为工作场所的基本权利,就像人身安全一样?Two other critical ingredients of the ;Healthy Mind Platter; are connecting time, when we be social with others, and playtime, where we make novel connections in the brain. Having connecting time turns out to be more important to our well-being than even maintaining a good diet. By helping people get their work done at work, people can have more social time and playtime outside work, not to mention get more sleep.“健康心灵拼盘”的另外两个关键要素是交流时间和休闲时间。前者是用来跟其他人进行交际,后者则是我们在大脑中建立新连接的时候。事实明,对于我们自己的福祉,与他人交流甚至比保持良好的饮食习惯更加重要。通过在上班时帮助人们完成他们的工作,人们在工作以外就可以拥有更多的社交时间和休闲时间,更不用说获得更多的睡眠了。We have some fast and shiny new machines that are speeding up everything about how we work. Travelling at this new speed has dangers that may not be obvious at first. Maybe now is the time to build in some limits and boundaries for our hyper-connected lives, to reduce the number of accidents along our information superhighways.我们拥有了一些快捷而闪亮的新设备,它们能够在各方面加快我们的工作速度。以这种新速度行进具有一定的危险性,而这种危险一开始可能并不是很明显。也许是时候为我们过度连线的生活设定一些限制和边界了, 这样我们在信息高速公路上行驶时才能减少事故的发生。David Rock is cofounder of the Neuroleadership Institute, a consultant and author of Your Brain at Work.大卫·洛克是神经领导力研究所的联合创始人,他是一名顾问,著有《正常运作的大脑》一书。 /201302/227096。


  Samsung Electronics is just days away from announcing the next generation of its best-selling flagship smartphone, which means that the steady whirring of rumor mill has risen to a healthy hum.三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)将在几天之后发布其最畅销旗舰智能手机的下一代产品,这意味着此前持续不断的传言已经发展为合理的讨论。Earlier this month, we took you through the highlights of the expectations and rumors swirling around the device. Some of the rumors then were almost certainly contradictory, unless you believe the new device could sport both an iris scanner and a fingerprint scanner.本月早些时候,我们介绍了围绕该手机相关预期和传闻中的要点。其中一些传言甚至是相互矛盾的,很难相信新手机会同时配置虹膜扫描和指纹扫描两种功能。But now, with less than a week to go, consensus seems to have congealed around a fingerprint scanner as the next smartphone#39;s most dazzling new feature.但现在,距离新品发布还有不到一周时间,外界似乎已经达成共识--下一代智能手机最为引人注目的新功能将是指纹识别。Samsung declined to comment Wednesday.三星电子周三拒绝置评。In one widely-circulated report, SamMobile, which tracks Samsung#39;s myriad devices, cited #39;insiders#39; who say the Galaxy S5, set to be unveiled next Monday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, will include a fingerprint sensor in the device#39;s home button that does more than just unlock the phone.追随三星电子各种设备的SamMobile在一份广泛传播的报道中援引内部人士的话称,Galaxy S5将于下周一在巴塞罗那的全球移动通讯大会(Mobile World Congress)上发布,其Home键上将安装指纹传感器,功能不仅限于手机解锁。Instead, SamMobile reports, the fingerprint will be woven deep into the phone#39;s operating system, making the fingerprint an integral part of accessing a number of features. In some cases, the fingerprint will act as a substitute for typing in usernames and passwords.SamMobile报道称,指纹将被深入到手机的操作系统中,使其成为启用多种功能的一部分。有些情况下,指纹可替代用户名和密码的输入。Unlike Apple#39;s high-end iPhone 5S, which allows users to unlock their devices by holding one#39;s finger steadily over the home button, Samsung#39;s version will work #39;in a swipe manner,#39; SamMobile says. This will require considerable dexterity from the user, the report says; the entire finger must be scanned each time in a fluid, moderately-paced, moisture-free swipe.苹果公司高端手机iPhone 5S允许用户通过将一个手指放在Home键上来解锁设备,但SamMobile称,三星电子的手机与之不同,采用滑动式指纹识别。报告称,这要求用户相当灵巧,每次识别都需要手指干燥,并且要流畅、匀速滑动。So where does all this leave the eye scanner? Last month, Bloomberg reported that Samsung was studying the possibility of including such an innovation in its Galaxy S5.那么虹膜扫描功能将何去何从?彭(Bloomberg)上个月还报道称,三星将研究在Galaxy S5中纳入这一创新功能的可能性。But now, Bloomberg is reporting only that the device will feature a larger, 5.2-inch screen with a sharper display, improved camera functions and better integration with Samsung#39;s smartwatch, with nary an update on the progress of Samsung#39;s eye-scahn studies.但现在彭的报道只是说,该手机将配置更大的5.2英寸显示屏,更高的对比度,更强大的拍照功能,而且与三星电子智能手表的配合更好,但并没有提到三星电子虹膜扫描研究的最新进展。And, if all this speculation isn#39;t your game, the end is at hand. Samsung will lay the guessing game to rest next Monday evening.如果你不喜欢猜来猜去,那么很快就要揭晓。下周一晚间三星电子就将揭开新手机的面纱。 /201402/276571“iPad sales met our expectations,” Tim Cook told analysts Tuesday, “but we realize they didn’t meet many of yours.”苹果首席执行官蒂姆o库克上周二向分析师们表示:“iPad的销量达到了我们的预期,但我们知道很多人对iPad的期望要更高。”That’s a polite way of saying that he knew what was going on, even if most Apple analysts and much of the business press were clueless.这不过是客套话,库克真正想说的是,他知道现在是怎么回事,即便大多数苹果分析师和商业媒体一无所知。(Business Insider, always happy to stick a knife in Apple and twist it, ran back-to back-headlines: “Apple … Whiffed On iPad Sales Again” and “Only IBM Can Revive Apple’s iPad Sales.”)(素来喜欢对苹果落井下石的新闻网站Business Insider,接连发表头条文章“苹果……iPad销量再次不佳”以及“只有IBM能提振苹果iPad销量”。)By Wednesday morning, Wall Street had come around. Several analysts offered clients their own explanation for why iPad sales seem to have peaked. Here’s Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster:上周三上午,华尔街缓过神来了。对于iPad销量为何似乎已经见顶,数位分析师对客户给出了自己的解释。其中,投资Piper Jaffray的吉恩o蒙斯特解释如下:“We think there are three reasons for the declines in iPad,” he wrote in a paragraph headed “What’s wrong with the iPad?”在标题为“iPad怎么了?”的段落中,蒙斯特写道:“我们认为iPad销量下滑有三个原因。”o First, we believe that the majority of tablet market unit growth is coming from the lower end of the market and iPads are priced higher.o 首先,我们认为,平板电脑市场出货量增长主要来自低端市场,而iPad定价较高。o Second, we believe the low hanging fruit in the high-end tablet market has been captured with Apple selling 225 million iPads over the first four years. Tim Cook commented on the earnings call that the adoption of the iPad over the first four years has been better than they were expecting, perhaps suggesting the high end is becoming saturated.o 其次,我们认为,苹果在前四年里卖出2.25亿部iPad,已占据了容易攻克的那部分高端平板电脑市场。蒂姆o库克在收益电话会议上表示,前四年iPad的销量超出了他们的预期,这或许表明高端市场正趋于饱和。o Lastly, given iPads are not subsidized, the replacement cycles tend to be longer compared to an iPhone.o 再次,鉴于iPad没有补贴,其替换周期往往比iPhone要长。IBM’s plan to sell and service enterprise iPads could turn things around, Munster suggests. But he thinks they might get worse before they get better, especially if Apple releases an iPhone this fall with 5.5-inch diagonal screen — big enough to cannibalize iPad sales.蒙斯特称,IBM计划销售并为企业级iPad提供务有可能扭转局面。但他认为,情况在好转之前可能会变得更糟,特别是如果苹果在今秋发布5.5英寸的大屏iPhone,很可能会与iPad抢夺市场。Steve Jobs famously said, “If you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will.” And because iPhone profit margins are better than the iPad’s, that’s the kind of cannibalization Jobs would have loved..史蒂夫o乔布斯有句名言:“如果你自己不革自己的命,别人会动手革你的命。”鉴于iPhone的利润率比iPad高,iPhone抢占iPad的市场估计是乔布斯乐见的事。UPDATE: According to Jan Dawson, the iPad is generating revenues at a rate of about billion a year, bigger than McDonald’s or Time Warner.更新:分析师贾恩o道森称,iPad业务每年带来的营收约为300亿美元,比麦当劳(McDonald’s)或时代华纳(Time Warner)公司全年的营收都高。“Excuse me,” writes GigaOm’s Kevin Tofel in Why slowing iPad sales didn’t surprise Apple, “if I don’t shed any tears for Apple’s billion iPad problem.”科技媒体GigaOm的凯文o尔在《iPad销量放缓为何没有令苹果惊讶》一文中写道:“抱歉,我不会为苹果营收300亿美元的iPad销量放缓哭泣。” /201407/315748There aren’t many things that can capture a busy journalist’s attention. A juicy scoop, for one. The flashing lights of an ambulance may be another. (We tend to be the types that run toward danger.) And, for the vast majority of those writers and editors that work online, the hypnotic bounce of the Chartbeat needle telling them who’s ing their story at that very moment.能吸引匆匆忙忙的记者注意力的事情不多。有趣的独家新闻算是一种。呼啸而过的救护车大概算另外一种。(这里特指冲在危险第一线的记者。)而对于绝大多数网络作者和编辑们而言,能够吸引他们注意力的,则是Chartbeat指针像催眠一样的跳动,因为它能显示出某一时刻有哪些人正在阅读其文章。The New York-based company, which offers real-time analytics for websites, has in just a few years worked its code into the websites of 80% of the top online publishers, including the one you’re ing right now. It has changed the way they react to traffic data. It used to be that you’d have to wait until the next day for data (pageviews, unique users, et cetera) to understand how stories performed. Then it became the next hour. With Chartbeat, it’s nearly instantaneous. A look at the “concurrents” needle on the Chartbeat dashboard is like staring at a person’s beating heart during an MRI scan.提供网站实时分析务的纽约公司Chartbeat,在短短几年内,客户便覆盖了80%的顶级在线出版商的网站,包括《财富》的英文网站。它改变了媒体对待流量数据的方式。很早之前,网络媒体第二天才能得到数据(页面访问量、独立用户等),了解文章的受欢迎程度。后来变成了只需等待一个小时。如今有了Chartbeat,网络媒体几乎可以即时得到数据。看着Chartbeat控制面板上的“同步”指针,就像通过核磁共振扫描盯着一个人的心脏跳动一样。This dynamic has changed the way publishers react. You’ve no doubt noticed it. Headlines are refined on the fly. Secondary stories are promoted with more precise timing. And, of course, the bait becomes more click-y, fueled by an online display advertising business model that rewards views instead of interest. (Exhibit A: The headline used, quite tongue in cheek, on this story.)这种方式已经改变了出版商应对数据的方式。读者肯定注意到了。头条的标题被不断地精心调整。次要文章的推广时间被定得更加精确。当然,受在线显示广告根据浏览量而非兴趣付费的商业模式驱动,你会发现那些“诱饵”内容也更吸引人点击了。。(据一:这篇文章就使用了“吸引眼球”的标题。)The underlying model has been the most troublesome, and it’s the primary reason why “Six Totally Shocking, Crazy, Outrageous Predictions About the War Against the Islamic State” and “Watch a Woman Attempt to Lose One Pound in 20 Minutes” are used to headline stories you’ve probably aly seen elsewhere. The headline has always been a chief tool to grab a er’s attention, but today’s model rewards publishers who exaggerate to reach far beyond their target audience.这种基本模式一直令人头痛不已,所以,你会经常看到 类似“一位女性如何在20分钟内减掉一磅”这样的标题,而其实里面的内容你或许已经在其他地方看过。标题一直是吸引读者注意力的主要工具,但现在的模式却正鼓励出版商极尽夸张之能事,以最大可能吸引读者。Like most people, Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile believes there’s a better way. On Monday, his company announced the first-ever accreditation by the Media Rating Council for metrics around attention, rather than clicks or load time. The accreditation spans both ads and content, and may prove effective in beating back the over-promising online headline.与很多人一样,Chartbeat公司CEO托尼o海勒相信还有更好的方法。上个月,他的公司宣布“注意力标准”首度受到媒介视听率评介委员会(Media Rating Council)的认可衡量标准,这个标准既不是看点击率也不是看加载时间。而是贯穿广告与内容两方面,或许能够有效地打击言过其实的网络文章标题。“Instead of trying to value ads on the fact that the page loaded with the ad on it, it’s: Can you accurately measure how long the actual amount of attention you’re able to capture and then value it?” he said during a phone call Friday from the Online News Association conference in Chicago. “If you can do that, brands will more effectively allocate capital. On the publisher side, all the people who have invested in quality content actually have an economic reason to do so.”在出席芝加哥在线新闻协会(Online News Association)会议期间,海勒接受电话采访时表示:“我们并非想要根据加载页面的情况给广告计价,而是想解决两个问题:你是否可以准确测量能够抓取的注意力的具体数量?如何计算这些注意力的价值?如果你能做到这两点,品牌就可以更有效地分配资本。而在出版商方面,从经济角度来说,所有投资高质量内容的人,都有理由这样做。”Publishers have long sought a better way to measure attention, but have for years disagreed on how to specifically do it. “You want to know and understand what’s quality content,” Haile said. “If you can get someone to click on a headline and come through to a page where the ad loads in the top 500 pixels, what’s the incentive for you to invest in quality content? You can just write a clever headline. But if you can keep them on that page and keep them ing so that ad has a chance to work, there’s a very great difference. Fifty-five percent of all pageviews on the web get less than 15 seconds of attention. If you’re dealing with something where you can prove attention better, you can charge more.”出版商一直在寻找更好的方法测量注意力,但多年来始终无法就具体方式达成共识。海勒说道:“你想了解什么是高质量的内容。如果你能让读者点一下标题就进入顶部500个像素位置含有广告的页面,那么你投资高质量内容的动机是什么?你只需要编写一个聪明的标题就可以了。但如果你能让读者在那个页面停留,让他们一直阅读下去从而使广告有机会发挥作用,这会与前者有很大的不同。55%的网页浏览量得到的注意力长度不足15秒。如果能够找到一种方法,更好地明注意力,你就可以提高广告费率。”What Haile is suggesting is a massive change to the online advertising industry, which has done much to refine its existing model but accomplished little in the way of a full rethink. “We’ll begin moving our attention to brand advertising—that is, advertising that communicates a message to you, rather than prompting an action, or direct response,” he said. “The brand side has been using direct-response metrics for the wrong purposes. That’s going to change over time.”海勒的建议是对在线广告行业的一次巨大变革,虽然在线广告业一直在努力完善现有的模式,但却很少能产生全新的想法。海勒说道:“我们将开始把注意力转移到品牌广告,即向消费者传递信息,而不是宣传一项活动或直接响应式的推销。品牌方对直接响应标准的使用走入了误区。未来,这种情况将逐渐改变。”Which means in time publishers won’t be incentivized quite as much to churn out so-called clickbait. The road ahead is rocky, Haile said, and change will be unevenly distributed as publishers and ad agencies begin to embrace the new standard. But the direction forward is, for the first time, clear. “A visitor’s default behavior isn’t to every word,” he said. “It’s to leave.”这意味着,未来出版商将失去粗制滥造所谓点击诱饵的动力。海勒说道,未来的路非常艰难,随着出版商与广告公司开始接受新标准,变化将会不均衡地展开。但这是我们第一次看到如此明确的方向。他说:“访客的默认行为不是阅读每一个字,而是离开。” /201410/336500

  Masayoshi Son, the billionaire founder of the telecommunications group SoftBank and perhaps Japan’s most successful example of an American-style entrepreneur, has made a career out of beating the odds. He casts himself in the mould of his hero, Soichiro Honda, an outsider who began making motors for bicycles and ended up building one of the world’s leading car manufacturers. Mr Son loves to recall how Honda defied Japan’s state planners, who wanted to restrict carmakers to a few national champions such as Toyota. Honda had to take on the establishment as well as his competitors.身为亿万富翁,电信集团软银(Softbank)的创始人孙正义(Masayoshi Son)是经过艰苦奋斗成就一番事业的,他或许也是全日本最成功的“美式企业家”。孙正义崇拜本田宗一郎(Soichiro Honda),视他为榜样。本田宗一郎从制造自行车的马达起家,最终打造起了一家全球领先的汽车制造商。孙正义喜欢回顾本田宗一郎是如何对抗日本的国家规划者的。政府当局原本只想让丰田(Toyota)等少数几家全国性龙头汽车企业得到发展,本田宗一郎不得不同时应对当局和竞争对手。Like Honda, Mr Son is a disrupter. He once playfully threatened to torch regulators’ headquarters if he did not have his way. He did (have his way, that is, not set the communications ministry ablaze). After acquiring Vodafone’s Japanese arm in 2006, he threw Japan’s staid telecoms monopoly into turmoil – much to the benefit of consumers.与本田宗一郎一样,孙正义是一个“搅局者”。他曾经开玩笑说,如果他达不到目的,就放火烧掉监管机构的总部大楼。他最终达到了目的(也就没有一把火烧了交通部)。2006年收购沃达丰(Vodafone)日本子公司以后,他打破了日本电信业一潭死水的垄断局面,其结果对消费者是很有利的。SoftBank started a price war. It also introduced new services and products, including Apple’s iPhone, which years before anyone else Mr Son realised would upend Japan’s sophisticated but isolated market.软银发起了价格战,并引入了新的务和产品,包括苹果公司(Apple)的iPhone。孙正义比所有人提前许多年意识到,iPhone将颠覆日本较为高端但封闭的电信市场。As an investor too, Mr Son has had moments of inspiration. Among the duds for which he has paid outlandish sums are some veritable gems. Most dazzling was his m punt 14 years ago on Alibaba, the Chinese ecommerce giant that was then just a twinkle in Jack Ma’s eye. SoftBank today finds itself with a 37 per cent stake in a company whose initial public offering later this year could value it at 0bn or more.孙正义还是一位投资家,时不时会迸发灵感。在他那些出资金额听起来离谱的投资中,有一些是真正的宝石。最令人叫绝的是14年前他拿出2000万美元投资阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的事例,当时马云还只有初步想法,如今阿里巴巴已发展成中国电商巨头。现在软银持有阿里巴巴37%的股权,而后者今年晚些时候上市后,市值可能达到1300亿美元以上。Now Mr Son is at it again, entangled in perhaps the biggest gamble of his life. He is taking on America. Last year SoftBank paid bn for a majority stake in Sprint, the third-largest US mobile provider. The aim is to “do a Vodafone” by using an also-ran carrier as a vehicle to disrupt an entire sector. This month, though, those plans ran into trouble. In the face of intractable opposition from US regulators, SoftBank withdrew its plan to combine with T-Mobile, the fourth-biggest carrier, a merger that was central to its strategy.现在孙正义再次出手,而且这或许将是他毕生中最大的。他要进军美国市场。去年软银以220亿美元收购了美国第三大移动通信运营商Sprint的多数股权。其目标是“打造一个沃达丰”,即利用一家并非顶尖的运营商来搅动美国整个移动通信行业。然而,这项计划在本月出了岔子。由于美国监管机构坚决反对,软银取消了与美国第四大运营商T-Mobile合并的计划,而这次合并对其战略至为关键。Mr Son is not giving up. He has appointed a new Sprint chief executive, Marcelo Claure to try to reverse the haemorrhaging of Sprint customers, hundreds of thousands of whom have defected in the past year.孙正义没有放弃。他任命马塞洛#8226;克劳尔(Marcelo Claure)为Sprint新首席执行官,以期扭转该公司用户大量流失的局面——在过去一年里流失了几十万用户。This week the contours of a new strategy began to emerge. Together with the Japanese company Sharp, SoftBank has developed a near-frameless cheap smartphone. Sprint will offer the Aquos Crystal handset with 100 free pre-installed apps, along with contracts allowing unlimited downloads. To underline Mr Son’s global ambitions, in July SoftBank poached Nikesh Arora, Google’s head of business operations, as group vice-chairman and chief executive of a US-based unit aimed at executing his disruptive strategy.一项新战略在上周开始显形。软银和日本夏普公司(Sharp)联手,开发出了一款近乎无边框的低端智能手机。Sprint将为Aquos Crystal提供100款预装的免费应用,以及允许无限量下载的合约。今年7月,软银挖来谷歌(Google)负责商业运营的尼克什#8226;阿罗拉(Nikesh Arora),请其出任集团副总裁兼美国某子公司的首席执行官,旨在执行其颠覆战略——孙正义的全球抱负从中可见一斑。There is a lot riding on Mr Son’s US adventure, and not only for SoftBank. Japanese manufacturers have a strong, if fading, record of challenging competitors on their own turf. Non-manufacturers have not fared so well. Nomura’s bold attempt to turn itself into a global investment bank failed. Efforts by pharma groups to expand abroad, including Daiichi Sankyo’s disastrous .7bn acquisition of Ranbaxy, an Indian generics maker, have not inspired confidence. Mr Son could do wonders by pulling off a victory.孙正义进军美国市场的成败至关重要,这不仅仅是对软银而言。日本制造企业在挑战竞争对手方面战绩斐然(现在可能稍为逊色)。非制造业企业则表现不是那么好。野村券(Nomura)转变为全球投行的大胆计划失败了。日本制药集团海外扩张的努力——包括第一三共株式会社(Daiichi Sankyo)以47亿美元灾难性地收购印度仿制药生产商Ranbaxy——也没有带给人鼓舞。如果孙正义在美国市场取得成功,他将创造一个奇迹。On the face of it, his US challenge looks similar to the one SoftBank undertook in Japan. Sprint is a David taking on two Goliaths, or Verizon and ATamp;T as they are known in the US. Both have roughly twice the number of Sprint’s subscribers. Like Japan-before-SoftBank, US mobile prices are high and speeds relatively slow. At a recent technology conference, Mr Son joked that foreigners’ experience of US internet services led them to wonder: “Oh my God, how can Americans live like this?”表面看来,孙正义在美国遇到的挑战,与软银在日本经历过的挑战颇为相似。Sprint好比与两个巨人对抗的大卫——Verizon和美国电报电话公司(ATamp;T)。这两家公司的用户数量都是Sprint的两倍左右。与软银出现之前的日本一样,美国移动通信不只资费高昂,而且速度相对缓慢。在最近的一次科技会议上,孙正义开玩笑地说道,外国人在体验过美国的互联网务之后会说:“天啊,美国人怎么会过这样的生活?”In truth, though, the US will be a much tougher nut to crack. Not only are Verizon and ATamp;T dominant, they have access to more spectrum than Sprint is ever likely to grasp. In Japan SoftBank was able to outflank competitors by simultaneously building an acceptable network and offering cheaper tariffs. In the US, although Sprint is making valiant efforts to upgrade its patchy network, it will be hard to catch the two market leaders. They have better coverage and ample cash flow with which to fund investment. If anything, T-Mobile, which has been gaining subscribers faster than Sprint has been losing them, looks like the successful upstart. “Sprint has a mountain to climb,” says Benedict Evans, a partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.然而,进军美国市场实际上要困难得多。Verizon和ATamp;T不仅在市场上占据主导地位,而且它们可以利用的频谱远广于Sprint。在日本,软银能够通过铺设让用户满意的网络和提供更便宜的资费来阻击竞争对手。而在美国,尽管Sprint在竭尽全力对自身不完善的网络进行升级,但要赶上那两个市场领军者还是非常困难的,后者的网络覆盖范围更广,而且有充足的现金流可以进行投资。如果说有什么区别的话,T-Mobile看起来是成功的新贵,它赢得用户的速度超过Sprint流失用户的速度。风险投资公司Andreessen Horowitz的合伙人班尼迪克#8226;埃文斯(Benedict Evans)表示:“Sprint面临着严峻的挑战。”Mr Son has taken knocks before. In the dotcom crash of the late 1990s, SoftBank’s shares lost most of their value and Mr Son is said to have suffered a paper loss of bn. That would have bankrupted most billionaires many times over, but not Mr Son. Time and again he has come back from the dead. “Nothing stops him,” says one telecoms analyst. “There’s no such thing as impossible for this guy.”孙正义以前受过挫折。上世纪90年代末,在互联网泡沫破灭期间,软银的绝大部分市值都蒸发掉了,据说孙正义个人的账面损失达到700亿美元。大多数亿万富翁要是损失这么大,都够破产好几次了,但孙正义没有。他一次又一次地东山再起。一位电信业的分析师表示:“任何事都阻止不了他,对他来说,没有什么是不可能的。”Nevertheless, even Mr Son concedes that, without T-Mobile, Sprint cannot muster the firepower to take on the industry leaders over the long haul. Before the deal was scuppered by regulators, he said that, without T-Mobile, Sprint lacked the scale for anything but a “pseudo fight”. Certainly, he has every chance of improving Sprint’s poor performance through innovation and network improvement. But to really shake the US market as he shook the Japanese one will take a change of heart from regulators. And they may be flame-proof.然而孙正义自己也承认,如果没有T-Mobile,Sprint无法长期集中火力挑战行业中的领军者。在监管机构否决这项并购交易之前,孙正义曾表示,如果没有T-Mobile,Sprint只能打一场“伪战斗”。当然,他完全有可能通过创新和改善网络来提升Sprint的糟糕业绩。但是,要像撼动日本市场那样真正撼动美国市场,除非让监管机构改变主意——这些监管机构可能不怕火。 /201408/324415

  Ever wondered why a relationship may have ended on the wrong note? The answer could be quite simple: it's because of your taste in music. Music actually predicts sexual attraction, according to a recent study.你可曾想过自己的恋情为何会无果而终?可能非常简单:你的音乐品味出了问题。最新一项研究显示,音乐品味会波及你的魅力指数。Before that, researchers duo North and Hargraves say that music functions as a "badge" which people use to not only judge others but at the same time, to express their own ideas. For example the child who wants to appear rebellious picks music that seems like it's made by people who rebel.此前研究人员诺斯和哈格雷夫斯称音乐好似“标识卡”,人们借此来评价他人,同时表达自己的观点。比如一个孩子想表现得离经叛道一点,于是他会选择那些听来出自叛逆者之手的音乐来听。Some researchers also believe that rock is associated with social awareness and rebelliousness while pop is connected to values about gender roles and conformity. Scholars Rentfrow and Gosling discovered that people who like blues, jazz, classical, and folk are liberal and more open to experiences.另外一些研究人员还认为,摇滚音乐代表了社会认知能力和反叛精神,而流行音乐则同性别角色以及大家一致的价值观息息相关。学者雷特弗洛和格斯林发现,喜欢蓝调、爵士、古典以及民乐者更加宽容大度,且愿意尝试不同的生活。A new study published in the Communication Research journal claimed that a woman's devotion to country music diminishes her attractiveness to a potential male mate and a man's interest in country music make him less attractive to women.而最近一个刊登在《交际期刊》的研究声称,一个女人如若喜欢乡村音乐,其在潜在男性伴侣的眼中便会魅力大减,而男人对于乡村音乐的爱好也会让他在女性眼里不那么耀眼。But devotion to classical music and heavy metal rock has a different effect depending on if you're a man or a woman. Fascination with heavy metal rock greatly enhanced the appeal of men, but it proved detrimental to that of women. Adoration of classical music produced the reverse consequences, according to the study. It also found that men were more strongly attracted to women with whom they shared musical tastes.但是对于古典音乐和重金属音乐的热衷则会产生不同影响,这要看爱好者是男性还是女性。对重金属的迷恋可极大提升男性魅力,但会对女性魅力造成不利。而研究显示,对古典音乐的崇拜产生的结果则刚好相反。研究还发现男性对于那些和自己音乐品味相同的女性更有兴趣。 /201102/125053

  Chinese auto executives do not usually allude to the possibility of a shooting war in the South China Sea in the course of otherwise routine industry briefings. Yet Wang Chuanfu, chairman of BYD, did just that last month during the launch of the company’s latest electric car, developed by its joint venture with Daimler of Germany.中国汽车业高管通常不会在例行的行业简报中暗示南中国海爆发战争的可能性。然而,比亚迪(BYD)董事长王传福上月在推出该公司最新款电动汽车时就这么做了,这款汽车是该公司与德国戴姆勒(Daimler)联手组建的合资公司开发的。Asked why he was optimistic about electric vehicles in the world’s largest automotive market, Mr Wang argued that government policy support would be a critical factor in success, driven in large part by Beijing’s concerns about “the two 60 per cents”.在被问到他为何对全球最大汽车市场的电动汽车前景感到乐观时,王传福提出,政府政策持将是一个关键的成功因素,这在一定程度上受到中国对于“两个60%”担忧的推动。China now imports about 60 per cent of its annual oil requirement and 60 per cent of those imports are shipped through the South China Sea, a region where the untested People’s Liberation Army Navy is trying to project power and push back its Philippine, Vietnamese and US rivals.中国现在每年的石油需求有60%左右依靠进口,其中60%通过南中国海运输,在南中国海,未经沙场的解放军海军正试图投射实力,逼退菲律宾、越南和美国等对手。“The South China Sea is a very complicated problem,” Mr Wang said, referring to the region’s territorial disputes that could potentially spark a conflict and disrupt maritime traffic. “If ships could not deliver their oil China would face severe shortages.”“南中国海是一个非常复杂的问题,”王传福表示,他指的是该地区可能引发冲突并破坏海上交通的领土争端。“如果船舶无法运送石油,那么中国将面临严重的石油短缺。”There are other reasons the Chinese government this summer issued new and improved incentives to spur development of so-called NEVs, or new energy vehicles, most notably pollution. But Mr Wang argued that geopolitical concerns loomed largest in its formulation of policy support for alternative energy vehicles.今年夏季,中国政府推出新的、补贴力度加大的激励举措,以促进“新能源汽车”的开发,其中还有其他原因,最突出的是污染。但王传福辩称,地缘政治担忧是出台面向替代能源汽车的政策持的最大因素。“Oil security is the biggest driver for NEV development,” he said, adding that Premier Li Keqiang’s “war on pollution”, declared in March this year, was “the second driver”.他表示:“石油安全是推动新能源汽车发展的最重要因素,”他补充称,李克强总理今年3月宣布“向污染宣战”是“第二个推动因素”。Mr Wang is a good salesman and clearly has an interest in highlighting forces that may drive up BYD’s share price, especially given a collapse in sales of its gasoline-fuelled cars this year. But his analysis is worth paying attention to. Chinese auto executives, who are far better connected than their expatriate counterparts at multinational car companies, rarely share their insights on Beijing’s motivations and longer-term objectives in public settings.王传福擅长推销,显然,他强调可能推升比亚迪股价的因素对自己是有好处的,特别是在今年该公司汽油动力汽车销量大幅下滑的情况下。但他的分析是值得关注的。政界人脉远远强于跨国车企外籍高管的中国汽车业高管,很少在公开场合分享他们对于中国政府动机以及较长期目标的洞见。BYD’s chairman also has better tuned political antennas than most.比亚迪董事长的政治敏感也要好于多数人。In addition to succeeding as a private entrepreneur in a state-dominated industry – BYD began as a manufacturer of mobile phone batteries before diversifying into cars – Mr Wang also has rather unusual partners.除了在一个政府主导的行业成为一个成功的民营企业家(比亚迪最初是一家手机电池制造商,后来进军汽车业)以外,王传福还有一些不寻常的合作伙伴。One of his largest investors is Li Lu, a student leader during the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. After those ended in bloodshed, Mr Li fled to the US and ended up a billionaire fund manager. The former democracy activist spotted BYD’s potential early and introduced Mr Wang to his idol, Warren Buffett, whose MidAmerican Energy Holdings is now the biggest single shareholder in the company.他的最大投资者之一是李禄,李禄曾在1989年天安门广场学生抗议活动中担任学生领袖。在抗议遭到流血镇压后,李禄逃往美国,最终成为一名亿万富翁基金经理。这位前民主活动人士早早发现了比亚迪的潜力,并把王传福介绍给他的偶像沃伦#8226;巴菲特(Warren Buffett),巴菲特控股的中美能源(MidAmerican Energy Holdings)现在是比亚迪最大单一股东。Chinese demand for NEVs has been tepid, largely because of drivers’ concerns about the availability of an adequate charging infrastructure. There are only about 70,000 NEVs in use in China, most of them public buses or taxis. That suggests the government’s target of 500,000 NEV sales next year and 5m by 2020 will be difficult to reach.中国对新能源汽车的需求一直不旺,主要是因为潜在车主对充电站的覆盖率感到担忧。中国的新能源汽车保有量只有7万辆左右,其中多数为公交车或出租车。这表明,中国政府制定的到明年销售50万辆以及到2020年销售500万辆新能源汽车的目标将很难实现。But Mr Wang said the government was determined to succeed – and not just because it wants a vehicle fleet that can keep running even if maritime lifelines to Middle East oilfields were to be cut off. Beijing, he said, is concerned that while its auto industry may be the world’s largest, it is not the strongest. Foreign brands dominate the market.然而,王传福表示,政府决心实现目标,不仅因为如果通往中东油田的海上运输线被切断,中国希望拥有一可以继续运转的车队。他表示,中国政府担心,尽管本土汽车行业可能为全球规模最大,但并非全球实力最强。外国品牌主宰着中国市场。According to BYD’s chairman, NEVs offer China’s domestic auto companies an alternative route to industry dominance. He is not alone in this view.王传福表示,新能源汽车将给中国国内汽车厂商提供另一条夺取行业主导地位的途径。这并非他一人的观点。Yesterday, the EU Chamber of Commerce in China expressed concern that government subsidies and incentives for NEVs only apply to those “produced in China under a Chinese brand”. That means underlying technologies have to be disclosed to local authorities.最近,中国欧盟商会(EU Chamber of Commerce in China)表示担心,针对新能源汽车的政府补贴和激励举措只适用于那些“在中国生产的中国品牌”汽车。这意味着,核心技术必须向中国当局披露。“While at one level [NEVs] are meant to alleviate China’s dependency on imported oil, on another, [government policy] is a blueprint for the development of an indigenous electric vehicle industry that might one day trump the dominant position of multinational [car companies],” the chamber’s automotive working group said in a position paper.中国欧盟商会汽车工作组在一份意见书中表示:“一方面,(新能源汽车)旨在缓解中国对进口石油的依赖,另一方面,(政府政策)是自主电动车产业发展的一份蓝图,有朝一日可能会取代跨国(汽车制造商)的主导地位。”It argued that Beijing’s strategic vision ignores the fact that “the automotive industry has long been highly globalised#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;in ways that benefit all economic players as well as consumers”.意见书提出,中国政府的战略愿景忽视了一个事实:“汽车行业长期全球化……这有利于所有经济参与者以及消费者。”It would ironic if China’s 21st century quest for energy security was undermined by old-fashioned protectionist instincts.如果中国对21世纪能源安全的追求被陈旧的保护主义本能的削弱,那将是具有讽刺意味的。Tom Mitchell is the Financial Times’ Beijing correspondent本文作者是英国《金融时报》驻北京记者 /201409/329360。




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