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  • Trading of shares in ZTE was suspended in Hong Kong and Shenzhen yesterday after news of a US investigation into whether China’s second-largest telecommunications equipment maker violated US controls on exports to Iran. 中兴通讯(ZTE)股票昨日在香港和深圳停牌,此前有消息称,美国方面正在调查这家中国第二大电信设备制造商是否违反了美国针对伊朗的出口管制。 ZTE said it was co-operating with the US authorities. Reuters reported at the weekend that the US Department of Commerce was set to place export restrictions on the company. ZTE sells 8-10 per cent of the world’s telecoms equipment, according to Nomura, and counts Iran among its customers. 中兴通讯表示,正在与美国有关部门合作。据路透社(Reuters)周末报道,美国商务部(US Department of Commerce)将对该公司实施出口限制措施。野村券(Nomura)数据显示,中兴通讯销售的电信设备占全球的8%至10%,伊朗是其客户之一。 “ZTE has been working with relevant US government departments on investigations, maintaining communication with relevant departments and is committed to fully address and resolve any concerns,” it said in a statement. “中兴通讯一直在配合美国相关政府部门调查,保持与相关部门沟通,致力于全面处理和解决任何问题,”该公司在一份声明中表示。 The company added that it would continue with normal operations while it conducted internal assessments. 该公司还表示,将继续正常运营,同时进行内部评估。 “As a responsible business, ZTE strives to ensure all operational activities adhere to international trade practices and the laws and regulations of host countries,” it said. “作为一家负责任的企业,中兴通讯努力确保所有经营活动遵守国际行业惯例以及所在国的法律法规,”该公司表示。 The company yesterday suspended trading in its shares, according to statements to the Hong Kong and Shenzhen stock exchanges, but did not explain why. 根据提交香港和深圳券交易所的声明,该公司昨日将其股票停牌,但没有解释原因。 ZTE’s Hong Kong-listed shares closed up 3.5 per cent last Friday, but are down 20 per cent so far this year. 中兴通讯在香港上市的股票上周五收涨3.5%,但今年以来累计下滑20%。 Leping Huang, telecoms and tech-nology analyst at Nomura in Hong Kong, said notice from the Department of Commerce, expected today [March 8], should clarify the scope of the restrictions. 野村券常驻香港的电信和技术分析师黄乐平表示,美国商务部预计今日(3月8日)将发布的通知,应该会说明限制措施的范围。 Nomura does not expect any impact on product sales in the US, but says restrictions would probably require any company shipping US-made parts or equipment to ZTE to first obtain a licence from the Department of Commerce. 野村券不认为限制措施会影响中兴在美国的产品销售,但表示这些措施很可能要求向中兴发运美国制造部件或设备的任何公司首先取得美国商务部的许可。 In an analyst note, Nomura estimated that 10-15 per cent of the components used in ZTE’s telecom equipment and smartphones were supplied by US-based vendors as of last year. It said major suppliers include Qualcomm, which supplies smartphone chips, and Xilinx and Altera for base station chips. 野村券在一份分析师简报中估计,就去年而言,中兴通讯电信设备和智能手机所用的10%至15%组件是由总部位于美国的供应商供应的。它称,主要供应商包括供应智能手机芯片的高通(Qualcomm),以及供应基站芯片的Xilinx和Altera。 A person briefed by ZTE on the situation said the company does not foresee an immediate impact on production because it has just finished procurement of US parts for 2016. 听取了中兴通讯情况介绍的一名人士称,该公司并不预见生产将立即受到影响,因为它刚刚完成2016年的美国部件采购。 However, if restrictions remained in place over the long term, ZTE may experience somedisruptionto its supply-chain. 但是,如果限制措施长期实行下去,中兴通讯可能会遇到一些供应链中断的问题。 This is not the first time the company has run into trouble with US authorities. In 2012 ZTE and Huawei, its larger domestic competitor, were informally blocked from selling telecoms infrastructure in the US and barred from investing in US companies after the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence accused both of spying on behalf of Chinese authorities. 这已经不是该公司第一次在美国当局那里遇到麻烦。2012年中兴和规模更大的国内竞争对手华为(Huawei)被非正式地禁止在美国销售电信基础设施或投资于美国企业,原因是众议院常设特别情报委员会(House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence)指控两家公司为中国政府从事间谍活动。 Both companies have long rejected the spying accusations. 两家公司一贯否认有关间谍活动的指控。 /201603/430766。
  • Research has long shown that stress is bad for you, but many people are not even aware when they are feeling stressed.研究早已明压力对人有害,但很多人都对自己身受的压力一无所觉。Now, a number of new devices are sold as stress trackers, measuring signs of stress the way fitness tracking devices monitor steps and movement. The gadgets track the biological symptoms of stress — changes in skin perspiration, breathing patterns and heart rate — in hopes of helping people become aware of their stress levels.近期上市的一些新设备号称可以像健身跟踪设备监测步伐和运动那样监测压力的体征。这些小玩意可以追踪人在受到压力时的生理症状——皮肤排汗、呼吸模式和心率的变化,以期帮助人们了解自己的压力水平。One of them is Spire, a stonelike device that clips to a belt or bra and senses the expansion and contraction of the chest cavity during breathing. The device, which retails for 9.95, sends phone notifications when it detects a change in breathing patterns that may indicate stress. “Your breathing suggests you’re stressed,” it says. “Take a deep breath.”Spire就是其中之一。这种小装置零售价为149.95美元,形状好像一块石头,可以别在皮带上或卡在文胸上,感知呼吸时胸腔的扩张和收缩。当它检测到你的呼吸模式发生了改变——表明你可能受到压力时,就会发送手机通知给你。“你的呼吸显示你感到有压力,”它会这么说。“来做个深呼吸吧”。The Pip stress manager (9 retail) uses electrical changes at the surface of the skin to measure an individual’s stress response. The user holds the teardrop-shaped device between the thumb and forefinger and the device collects data and analyzes it with charts and graphs that monitor stress on a given day or across weeks or months to find patterns, such as what time of day is most stressful for you.Pip压力管理设备(零售价为179美元)利用人体皮肤表面的电变化来衡量人的应激反应。用户只要用拇指和食指捏住这个泪滴状的设备,它就可以收集数据,分析某一特定日子或者数周乃至数月内的压力并生成图表,并找到其中的模式所在,譬如你在一天中的什么时间最紧张之类。The downside of most devices is that while breathing patterns and skin sweat certainly can signal stress, they can also indicate a range of emotions and activities. Physiologically, there is not much difference between the stress of a work deadline and the excitement of watching your favorite sports team. Even going for a brisk walk stimulates a similar response from the sympathetic nervous system, which runs the body’s fight or flight mechanism. The same thing occurs in certain stages of sleep.不过,这类设备大多存在一个缺点:虽然呼吸和皮肤排汗模式无疑都是压力的信号,但它们也可能是多种其他情绪和活动的反映。从生理上来说,工作的截止期限给你的压力与你在观看最喜欢的队伍比赛时的兴奋之间并没有太大的区别。即使是轻快地散步也会刺激你的交感神经系统(它控制着人体的“战或逃”机制)产生类似的反应。在睡眠的某些阶段也是如此。Most apps and devices that claim to track or reduce stress lack scientific rigor, said Dr. Rosalind Picard, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, who straps stress monitors onto the wrists of visitors to her Cambridge office.大多数自称可以追踪或减少压力的应用程序和设备都缺乏科学严谨性,麻省理工学院(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)媒体实验室(Media Lab)的教授罗莎琳德·皮卡德(Rosalind Picard)士说道。她喜欢给造访她在坎布里奇(Cambridge,麻省理工学院所在地)的办公室的访客们在手腕上绑上压力监测器。It is hard to objectively determine someone’s stress in the real world — accounting for individual variation, diets, lifestyles, medication and other environmental factors, Dr. Picard said, adding, “If you want to learn about human variability, measure stress.”皮卡德士表示,在现实世界中要客观地判断一个人的压力水平十分困难,你需要考虑到个体差异、饮食、生活方式、药物和其他环境因素等,她又补充道:“如果你想知道人身上有多少变数的话,不妨试试测定压力吧。”But that has not stopped Dr. Picard from trying. She is chief scientist at Empatica, which will soon release its 9 Embrace watch. It takes stress monitoring a step further than most by tracking skin temperature, movement, sleep, respiration, heart rate, heart rate variability and skin conductance, a measure of electrical charge that reflects changes in arousal. The watch vibrates when it detects a rising stress level. (The device is also designed to alert people with epilepsy of an impending seizure.)但是,这并没有阻止皮卡德士尝试的脚步。她是Empatica的首席科学家,该公司很快将发布Empatica手表,售价199美元。这种设备在压力监测方面比大多数同类产品更胜一筹,因为它跟踪了皮肤温度、运动、睡眠、呼吸、心率、心率变异性和皮肤电导性(反映唤起状态变化的一种电荷指标)。当手表检测到压力水平上升时就会振动(该装置也设计用于警告人即将癫痫发作)。 Neumitra, a start-up based in Boston, is scheduled to release a watchlike stress tracker early next year, but has not released pricing details. The device, said the company’s chief executive, Robert Goldberg, will turn people into “citizen scientists,” feeding the tracker’s algorithm to make it smarter about what’s causing their arousal.总部设在波士顿的初创公司Neumitra计划明年初发布一款类似于智能手表的压力跟踪器,但尚未透露定价细节。公司的首席执行官罗伯特·戈德堡(Robert Goldberg)表示,该设备可令用户化身“平民科学家”,为跟踪器的算法提供资料,使其更加智能地解读出是什么导致他们被唤起。If someone consistently shows signs of stress when heading to a particular client’s office or when driving on the highway, the tracker may link them to their favorite tunes or lead them through breathing exercises to help reduce their stress.如果某人在前往特定客户的办公室时或者在高速公路上驾驶时一再现出压力迹象,跟踪器就会播放他喜爱的音乐,或是引导他进行呼吸练习以帮助他缓解压力。Dr. Picard said she has worked with teachers who changed their approach when stress monitors showed their students’ anxiety triggers. One father had a long conversation with his son when a monitor repeatedly showed the boy felt more anxious around him. And Dr. Picard said she changed her own response to Boston traffic after an earlier version of her tracking device showed her how much she was letting other drivers get to her.皮卡德士说,曾与她合作过的教师们在压力监测器揭示出引发学生焦虑的诱因后,改变了他们的教学方法。一位父亲发现压力监测器多次提示只要自己在场儿子就会感到更加焦虑不安,其后就与儿子进行了一番长谈。皮卡德士说,自从她的老版压力跟踪器表明她是多么容易受到其他司机的影响,她就改变了自己对波士顿交通的态度。“I am a much more relaxed driver now,” she said.“现在我是一个更轻松的司机了,”她说。Researchers at Microsoft in Redmond, Wash., are testing how to deliver useful stress reduction tips. In one monthlong study, participants were instructed to do positive activities on their phone, like going to their Facebook timeline and looking for three people, objects or events they are thankful for.位于美国华盛顿州雷德蒙德市的微软公司的研究人员正在测试如何提供有益的减压技巧。在为期一个月的研究中,参与者被告知要利用手机做一些积极的活动,例如访问Facebook时间线,并从中寻找三个他们感激的人、物或事件等。“Maybe what you need to do is teach people a little bit and get out of their way,” said Dr. Mary Czerwinski, who is leading that study and is a research manager at Microsoft. “And maybe after a couple of months, if their stress levels are going up, maybe pop back in and remind them of what it was.”“也许你只需要给人们一点点的教导,剩下的就交给他们自己好了,”微软的研究经理、该研究项目的负责人玛丽·切尔文斯基(Mary Czerwinski)士说。“也许是在一两个月后他们的压力水平再度抬头时,回去再提个醒。”But sometimes telling a person that he or she is stressed may end up just causing more stress. Dr. Czerwinski once worked with a study volunteer who got upset when tracking devices indicated that he was stressed. “No machine can know when I’m stressed better than I know I’m stressed,” the volunteer said angrily.但有时候,告知一个人的压力水平只会让他更有压力。在切尔文斯基士曾经参与过的一项研究中,当跟踪设备提醒志愿者他很焦虑不安时,他的心情更糟糕了。他恼火地说道:“我比任何机器都更清楚自己压力很大!”Some device makers are working to incorporate stress reduction into the device itself. Thync Inc. of Boston and Los Gatos, Calif., makes a headset that retails for 9 and uses nerve stimulation that claims to “recharge your mood,” provide calm, focus and energy, and promote sleep. The device creates an electrical circuit between the right temple and the back of the neck, modulating nerves on the head, face and neck, which are involved in sensory processing and mood. One level of stimulation is designed to reduce stress; a different level can reportedly stir feelings of bliss.一些设备制造商正致力于让设备本身兼具减压功能。位于波士顿和加州洛思加图斯的Thync Inc.生产了一款耳机(零售价199美元),号称可利用神经刺激“调适你的情绪”,令你平静、专注且精力充沛以及有助于促进睡眠。该设备可在右侧太阳穴与脖子后部产生电回路,调节头部、面部及颈部参与感觉处理和情绪的神经。其中一个级别的刺激用于减轻压力,另一个不同级别的刺激据称可以激起幸福感。The only studies showing Thync’s success have come from the company itself, which has tested the device in about 4,000 people, said Dr. Jamie Tyler, a co-founder and the chief science officer.能明Thync成功的所有研究都来自该公司自己。其联合创始人、首席科学官杰米·泰勒(Jamie Tyler)士称他们已在约4000人身上测试了这种设备。Dr. Picard and Dr. Czerwinski said they remained skeptical that any currently available device could act on the body to reduce stress. Instead, Dr. Picard said she prefers a low-tech way of responding to her own anxiety: She gets up and goes for a short walk.皮卡德士和切尔文斯基士都表示,他们仍对任何现有设备可作用于人体,并切实减轻压力持怀疑态度。皮卡德士倒觉得应对焦虑问题,自己更倾向于使用低技术含量的方式:起身去散散步。“It’s not only less expensive” than any device, she said, “but it’s probably better for my whole body, not just my brain.”“这样不仅是比任何设备都更便宜”,她说,“而且很可能对我的头脑乃至整个身体都更有益。” /201601/421531。
  • MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian state space agency Roscosmos is considering building its own space station, RIA news agency ed its chief as saying on Monday, underlining how international tensions are affecting space cooperation.莫斯科(路透社)——俄罗斯联邦航天局正考虑建造自己的空间站,俄罗斯通讯社援引该局局长的话说,这表明国际紧张局势正在影响空间合作。Such a project would rival the International Space Station (ISS), an orbiting laboratory that involves 15 nations including Russia and the ed States.Moscow has cast doubt on the ISS#39;s long-termfuture as ties with Washington plummet over Ukraine.这样的一个新项目将与国际空间站进行竞争。由于美俄关系因为乌克兰问题而恶化,所以俄罗斯对国际空间站的长远未来已经产生怀疑。;I confirm we are considering such an option. This is a possible direction of development,; RIA ed Roscosmoshead Oleg Ostapenko as saying when asked about whether Russia has plans to develop it own space station.“我确定我们正在考虑自己建立一个空间站。这是一个可能的选择,”俄罗斯联邦航天局局长说。He said such a space station could become akey part of Russian missions to the Moon.他说这样的空间站可成为俄罗斯登月计划中关键的一部分内容。It is not clear how such a project would be financed as Russia is widelyexpected to enter recession next year and the economic crisis is aggravated by Western sanctions over Russia#39;s policy in the Ukraine crisis.由于俄罗斯明年极有可能步入衰退,所以不知道将从哪里获得资金来持这样的项目。而且由于被西方制裁,俄罗斯的经济危机进一步的恶化了。 /201412/348920。
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