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April 21st, in an open sewer ditch on Zhengshang Road in Zhengzhou, a large quantity of empty medicine capsules appeared overnight, turning 300 meters of the ditch into a ;rainbow river;. Some of the capsules have aly been washed downstream, dying the river blue-green. Nearby residents stated there isn#39;t a pharmaceutical factory nearby, so perhaps the capsules were secretly manufactured in an illegal small workshop.Yesterday afternoon, village director Sun Baozhou in a telephone interview said he wasn#39;t aware of the capsules discovered in the ditch, though confirmed there is no pharmaceutical factory nearby. He said that previously there was a small pharmaceutical workshop in the village, which was dealt with months ago, and in light of the present situation might be again secretly producing capsules. ;We will again investigate the village to see whether this kind of workshop exists, and if we find it, we will immediately take care of it.; At the local police station, in the Police Affairs Office, officer Miao Yunzhan was also unaware of the capsule situation.Reporters note: at the village entrance a 360 degree webcam is installed, as for whether it is operational or not, Miao Yunzhan and Sun Baozhou both were not able to clearly say.4月22日,河南郑州市郑上路三十里铺李岗村道路两侧的排污明渠里被倾倒了大量的空心胶囊。胶囊壳绵延300余米,渠水被染成蓝绿色。4月23日,郑州市食品药品监督工作人员,赶赴现场进行调查取,并将胶囊打捞出销毁。 /201204/179904。

China’s transformation into the “workshop of the world” just over a decade ago was powered by rural migrant workers earning less than their counterparts at the start of the UK’s industrial revolution in the 18th century as they produced consumer goods for shopping malls worldwide. Now, in a reversal set to drive China’s next big economic evolution, an estimated 220m migrant workers are becoming potent consumers in their own right.推动中国在10多年前成为“世界工厂”的是农民工。他们为世界各地的商场生产消费者产品,而他们的工资比18世纪英国工业革命开始时英国工人的工资还要低。如今,这个估计人数达2.2亿的农民工群体本身正在成为一个有实力的消费者群体。这一根本转变势必推动中国的下一场重大经济演变。This cohort spent Rmb4.2tn (7bn) on consumer goods and services in 2012, according to a nationwide survey of 1,500 migrants by China Confidential, a Financial Times research service. Putting this into context, it is equivalent to 1.5 times total consumer spending in Indonesia last year and 23 per cent more than that of Turkey in 2011.英国《金融时报》旗下调研机构《中国投资参考》(China Confidential)对中国各地1500名农民工的调查显示,农民工群体2012年总共消费了4.2万亿元人民币(合6770亿美元)的商品和务。要更加直观地理解这个数字,不妨作一些对比:它相当于印尼去年总消费者出的1.5倍,或者比土耳其2011年总消费者出高出23%。The shift is a metaphor for the country itself, deriving as much from psychological, social and generational shifts as economic inflection points. Migrants born into the relative plenty of the 1990s are considerably more spendthrift than those born in the 1980s and 1970s, spending 53 per cent of their incomes, compared with 47.2 per cent and 38.3 per cent respectively, the survey shows.这种转变也是中国本身转变的缩影,其原因既包括经济到达拐点,也包括心理、社会以及代际的转变。前述调查显示,出生于相对富裕的90年代的“90后”,在花钱方面比“80后”和“70后”要大手大脚得多。他们花掉53%的收入,而“80后”和“70后”的这个数字分别为47.2%和38.3%。Much of their monthly discretionary spending goes on mass consumer items such as instant noodles, fast food, beer, soft drinks, clothing, footwear and mobile phones. While brand consciousness remains rudimentary, preferences for some brands – foreign and domestic – are rapidly emerging as the cohort climbs the income ladder. These include Uni-President and Master Kong noodles; KFC and McDonald’s for fast food; Nokia and Samsung for mobile phones; Anta and Li-Ning sportswear; Shuanghui for processed meat; Snow and Tsingtao for beer; and Taobao for online shopping.农民工每月的可自由配出大部分用于购买大众消费者产品,比如方便面、快餐、啤酒、无醇饮料、装鞋帽和手机。尽管他们的品牌意识仍处于朦胧阶段,但随着收入的增加,他们正迅速形成对一些中外品牌的偏好,包括统一(Uni-President)和康师傅(Master Kong)方便面,肯德基(KFC)和麦当劳(McDonald#39;s)快餐,诺基亚(Nokia)和三星(Samsung)手机,安踏(Anta)和李宁(Li-Ning)运动装,双汇(Shuanghui)肉制品,雪花(Snow)和青岛(Tsingtao)啤酒,以及上淘宝(Taobao)网购物。Such early fumbles toward brand sophistication are remarkable in a group treated with almost universal condescension by city dwellers only a decade ago. Leslie Chang, author of Factory Girls , a book about the migrant phenomenon, describes how bosses – secure in the knowledge that there were numberless millions more would-be workers than jobs – would treat employees with ill-disguised disdain.这些朦胧的品牌意识令人瞩目,因为这个群体仅10年前还几乎普遍被城市居民瞧不起。记述农民工现状的《工厂女孩》(Factory Girls)一书作者张彤禾(Leslie Chang)说,在每一个工作岗位都会引来无数农民工争抢的时代,老板们对手下员工的鄙夷几乎是毫不掩饰的。As Ms Chang notes, many of the thousands of factories in Dongguan, a manufacturing hub in the southern province of Guangdong, had an Orwellian aura, with slogans on the walls such as: “To die poor is a sin”; “If you don’t work hard today, you’ll search hard for work tomorrow”; and “Through doing something, you will learn it”. Job advertisements were similarly brusque: “Sales specialist. Can eat bitterness and endure hardship. No only children.”张彤禾指出,在东莞(广东省的制造业腹地)的众多工厂里,弥漫着一种乔治#8226;奥威尔(George Orwell)小说中的气氛:很多墙上贴着“贫穷地死去是一种罪过”、“今天工作不努力,明天努力找工作”、“实践出真知”等标语。类似地,招聘广告也裸地写道:“招销售专员。能吃苦耐劳。独生子女勿扰。”The tables have turned. Since blue-collar labour moved from surplus to shortage in 2010, bargaining power has shifted from bosses to migrants, obliging employers to learn some charm and lure workers with rising salaries and improved benefits. Throughout 2012, the proportion of blue-collar openings filled each month never exceeded 75 per cent, according to China Confidential data.这种局面已发生逆转。从2010年开始,蓝领劳动力市场已由供给过剩转为供给短缺,新的形势迫使雇主学着取悦工人,并用加薪和改善福利吸引更多工人为自己工作。《中国投资参考》的数据显示,2012年,每月的蓝领岗位空缺填补率都没有超过75%。The result of this fundamental labour market reversal has been to propel migrant workers’ incomes sharply higher, a trend that is unlikely to change for as long as blue-collar labour remains in shortage. Indeed, such incomes are rising faster than those of any other significant consumer cohort – climbing 12 per cent to Rmb2,995 a month in 2012, the China Confidential survey shows. This compares with the average annual growth rate in urban incomes of 9.3 per cent of the past decade.劳动力市场的这种根本性逆转,已促使农民工的收入迅速增长。只要蓝领劳动力仍然短缺,这一趋势就不太可能改变。的确,《中国投资参考》的调查显示,农民工收入上涨速度超过了其他任何重要消费者群体——他们的月收入在2012年累计上涨12%,达到2995元。与之形成对照的是,过去10年里城市居民收入平均每年增长9.3%。From Beijing’s perspective, the vitality of the migrant worker cohort could hardly be of greater importance to the twin aims of rebalancing the growth model and spurring urbanisation. In the first endeavour, there is no question that migrant worker spending is an increasingly potent driver away from an over-reliance on investment-led growth and towards more consumption. Consumer spending in the first quarter of this year accounted for 55 per cent of gross domestic product growth, raising expectations that 2013 may be the third consecutive year in which consumption contributes more than investment to GDP growth.从北京方面的视角看,农民工群体的消费实力对实现增长模式再平衡和推进城镇化这两个目标至关重要。就第一个目标而言,毫无疑问,农民工出在促使增长模式由过度投资依赖型转向消费拉动型方面,正发挥着越来越重要的作用。今年第一季度国内生产总值(GDP)增长的55%由消费者出贡献,预计2013年消费对GDP增长的贡献将连续第三年超过投资。For urbanisation, too – which Li Keqiang, the premier, has said is set to become the greatest source of domestic demand in the coming decade – rural migrants are seen as crucial. Mr Li has plans to reform the household registration (hukou) system – which classifies everyone as either rural or urban – turning migrants into urban citizens, which qualifies them for more generous welfare allocations. The planned surge in welfare awards, in turn, is expected to spur consumer spending.农民工对于推进城镇化也很关键。中国总理李克强已表示,城镇化将成为中国未来10年最大内需来源。李克强计划推进户籍制度改革(目前这一制度将所有居民划分为城镇居民和农村居民两类),让农民工获得城镇居民身份,从而有资格在福利分配方面享受更好的待遇。而福利待遇的大幅提高,进而将促进消费出。While the exact methodologies for hukou reform are yet to be announced by Beijing, signs are that many migrants are keen to embrace a settled urban future. Of the 220m who live and work in cities but have no urban hukou, 131m are keen to become permanent urban residents, the survey shows. If this number – roughly equivalent to the population of Japan – do settle permanently in cities, it will not be their sweat so much as their spending power that shapes China’s destiny.尽管中国政府仍未公布户籍制度改革的细则,但有迹象显示,许多农民工非常乐意在城市里定居下来。前述调查显示,在城市里生活和工作的2.2亿农民工中,有1.31亿人渴望成为城镇永久居民。如果这么多人(大约相当于日本的总人口)真的在城市里定居下来,那么中国的命运在更大程度上将受他们的购买力、而非劳动力影响。 /201304/236787。

WITH another death in China from the new strain of bird flu, a UN organization has expressed concern that the virus could sp across borders in poultry.随着中国又有一人死于新的禽流感病毒,一个联合国组织已经表示担心病毒在家禽中传播会跨越国界。Ten people infected with the H7N9 virus have now died in China.中国目前有十个感染H7N9病毒的人死亡。The exact source of infection remains unknown, though samples have tested positive in some birds in poultry markets that remain the focus of investigations by China and the UN#39;s Food and Agriculture Organization.确切的感染源还是未知,尽管在家禽市场一些鸟类样本测试为阳性仍然是中国和联合国粮食和农业组织调查的焦点。Speaking in Bangkok, the FAO#39;s Subhash Morzaria said: ;This particular region is land linked and so there is a possibility that if, inadvertently or advertently, somebody moves infected poultry across borders we can anticipate the sp of this virus.;在曼谷的演讲中,粮农组织的Subhash Morzaria说:“这片特别的区域国土相连,万一有人无意或有意跨越国界地转移受感染的家禽,我们可以预见这种病毒的传播。”Morzaria added: ;We are proactively initiating surveillance programs in neighboring countries like Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam which border China and are at particular risk and we are trying to understand how the poultry movement has taken place so we can identify more accurately where the risk is going to be.;Morzaria补充说:“我们正在与中国接壤的邻近国家如缅甸、老挝和越南中积极启动监控程序,特别危险,我们正试图了解家禽转移如何发生,这样我们就能更准确地识别风险将会到哪。”The new virus is severe in most humans, leading to fears that if it becomes easily transmissible, it could cause a deadly influenza pandemic.这种新病毒在大多数人身上是严重的,如果它变得太容易传播就会导致恐惧,这可能引起致命流感的肆虐。However, Morzaria said: ;This new H7N9 virus hasn#39;t been demonstrated to be transmitted between humans, so from that context we think that the H7N9 virus is not going to be a pandemic like H1N1 strains.;然而,Morzaria说:“这种新H7N9病毒还没有被明会在人类之间传播,所以从这个背景下我们认为H7N9病毒不会像H1N1病毒那样大流行。”Morzaria reiterated that there was no connection between the outbreak and the thousands of dead pigs found floating in Shanghai waters in recent weeks.Morzaria重申,疫情爆发和最近几周上海海域发现漂浮的成千上万只死猪没有关系。 /201304/234509。

1. Never waste water. 永远都不要浪费水。 2. Listen to good music, especially jazz.听好音乐,特别是爵士乐。 /201006/106861。

The cost of raising a child has hit an all-time high, according to a new report, heaping pressure on families aly coping with cuts to child benefit.据最新报道,英国育儿成本再创新高。英国之前已经削减了儿童津贴,而育儿成本的上升更加重了养育子女的家庭负担。Figures from insurer LV#39;s annual Cost of a Child Report show that the cost of a bringing a child up to the age of 21 has reached pound;222,458 - more than pound;4,000 higher than last year and up pound;82,000 on ten years ago.据保险公司LV在年度育儿成本报告中提供的数据,将孩子抚养到21岁的成本已经达到22.2万英镑,比去年多出4000英镑,比十年前多出8.2万英镑。The insurer estimates that this is set to reach pound;350,000 by 2023 if costs continue to increase at the same rate.LV公司预测到如果育儿成本以当前的速度继续增长下去,到2023年育儿费用将高达35万英镑。The report will be a further blow for hard-working families ascash-strappedparents continue to struggle with rising household bills and wage freezes and cuts to child benefit. The right to receive the payments, worth pound;20.30 a week for the first child and pound;13.40 for further children, was removed earlier this month from households with one earner on a salary of more than pound;60,000 and reduced for families where one member is paid more than pound;50,000.由于经济拮据的父母要同时应付家庭出上涨、工资冻结以及儿童补贴缩减的困境,此报告对于这些努力工作的家庭来说无疑是又一波重大的打击。原先年薪超过6万英镑的单收入家庭和其中一人年薪超过5万英镑的家庭都有权得到儿童补贴,生第一个孩子每周能得到20.3英镑,再生更多的孩子每周还能得到13.4英镑。然而这项政策在本月早些时候被取消了,第一类家庭将得不到任何补贴,第二类家庭的补贴将有所减少。The research published today shows costs have risen in all areas over the last decade, except for clothing, down 5pc, with education seeing the biggest increase.今天公布的研究表明,在过去十年里除了装领域的花费下降了5%,其它领域的开均有所上升,其中教育开上涨最多。As a result, more than three-quarters of parents have been forced to make cutbacks tomake ends meet. According to LV, more than four in ten arereining inspending on luxuries such as holidays, a third are also cutting back how much they spend onessentialssuch as food.结果超过四分之三的父母都被迫节衣缩食以维持生计。LV公司宣称,五分之二的家庭现在严格控制度假等享乐性开,三分之一的家庭还在削减食物等必需品的开。Education and childcare remains the biggest expenditure for parents. The cost of education, including uniforms, after school clubs and university costs, has shot up from pound;32,593 to pound;72,832 per child in the last ten years.教育和儿童保育仍旧是父母最大的开项目。在过去十年里,每个孩子的平均教育出(包括校、课外俱乐部和大学费用)从3.26万英镑飙升到了7.28万英镑。Childcare costs have also rocketed, up from pound;39,613 in 2003 to pound;63,738 today.儿童保育费用也从2003年的3.96万英镑飙升到现在的6.37万英镑。The rising cost of nursery care is high on the agenda for the Coalition. But it recently backed away from plans to give every parent with children under five tax relief worth about pound;2,000 per child. It had beenbilledas the principal policy to emerge from the Coalition’s Mid-Term Review.联合政府的议程上幼儿保育的费用也逐日攀升。联合政府中期评审会议通过的最主要的政策是给有五岁以下幼儿的父母每个孩子免2000英镑的税收,而这项计划最近却被取消了。The cost of electronic gadgets has presented a new financial strain on family budgets, with annual spend increasing to pound;302, as have holidays, up from pound;11,458 a decade ago to pound;16,195. However, the increase on each is likely to be due to families committing more of theirdiscretionary spendingrather than being just down to price rises.电子设备的开成为家庭预算中新的财务压力,每年在这方面的开已上升至320英镑。度假开也从十年前的1.15万英镑上升到1.62万英镑。不过,这两个方面开增长很可能是因为可自由配的开增多,而不只是因为物价上涨。“The cost of raising a child continues to soar and is now at a ten year high,” said Mark Jones, head of protection at LV.LV公司的保护部负责人马克#8226;琼斯表示:“抚养孩子的成本持续攀升,目前已达到十年以来的最高峰。”“Everyone wants the best for their children, but the rising cost of living is pushing parent’s finances to the limit. There seems to be no sign of this trend reversing. If the costs associated with bringing up children continue to rise at the same pace, parents could face a bill of over pound;350,000 in ten years’ time.”“每个家长都想给自己的孩子最好的,但日益上涨的生活费用即将掏空父母的钱袋。而且没有迹象显示这一趋势会逆转。如果父母养育孩子的成本继续以当前的速度上涨的话,十年后育儿成本将超过35万英镑。” /201302/225041。

The photo taken on December 19 shows a Japanese boy and his grandfather sitting in a 229kg pumpkin, enjoying a hot spring bath, at a spa facility in Toyama prefecture, Japan. Toyama prefecture is rich in hot spring resources, and is also known for hot spring bath.  日本富山一家温泉馆,祖孙两人坐在重达229公斤的大南瓜里泡温泉。富山县有很好的温泉资源,以泡温泉著称。。