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超级实用的英语口语要素句(5) -- :9:5 来源: 6. It doesn’t seem like that.(似乎不象是那样)7. Don’t get on my nerves!(不要搅得我心烦)8. Everything will be fine.(一切都会很好)9. I’ll be y in a few minutes.(再过几分钟就好了)0. I wonder what happened to him.(我不知道他出什么事了)1. You are just trying to save face.(你只是想挽回面子). His argument doesn’t hold water.(他的论点站不住脚)3. Your face tells it all.(你的表情透露了一切). The days are getting longer.(白天越来越长了)5. You’ve got to do something.(你一定要想办法)6. I hope this will teach you a lesson.(希望这会给你一个教训)7. I feel younger than ever.(我觉得比以前年轻)8. It’s a hard job, but I hope he can make it. (这不是件容易的差事,但我希望他能做到)9. Don’t look wise.(别自作聪明)0. I’m afraid all my efts were in vain.(我担心我的努力全白费了)1. What happened to you memory?(你的记性是怎么搞的?). You’re going too far!(你太过分了!)3. Don’t bury your head in the sand.(不要逃避现实). I have no other choice.(我别无选择)5. I don’t have the nerve to do it.(我没胆勇气去做)6. It’s a matter of life and death.(事关生死)7. Nothing works.(什么都不对劲儿)8. Money will come and go.(钱乃身外之物)9. He’s been behind bars almost 30 years.(他坐了将近30年牢) 超级实用的英语口语要素句(1) 超级实用的英语口语要素句() 超级实用的英语口语要素句(3) 超级实用的英语口语要素句() 超级实用的英语口语要素句(5) 超级实用的英语口语要素句(6) 超级 实用 英语口语Looking up at the stars, I know quite wellThat, all they care, I can go to hell,But on earth indifference is the leastWe have to d from man or beast.仰望群星的时分,我一清二楚,尽管它们关怀备至,我亦有可能赴地府,可是尘世间我们丝毫不必畏惧人类或禽兽的那份冷漠How should we like it were stars to burn With a passion us we could not return?If equal affection cannot be,Let the more loving one be me.倘若群星燃烧着关怀我们的,我们却无法回报,我们作何感想?倘若无法产生同样的感情,让我成为更有爱心的人Admirer as I think I amOf stars that do not give a damn,I cannot, now I see them, sayI missed one terribly all day.尽管我自视为群星的崇拜者,它们满不在乎,现在我看群星,我却难以启齿,说我成天思念一颗星星Were all stars to disappear or die,I should learn to look at an empty skyAnd feel its total dark sublime,Though this might take me a little time.倘若所有的星星消失或者消亡,我应该学会仰望空荡的天空,同时感受天空一片漆黑的崇高,虽然这样可能要花费一点时间 896Entering the New Room of Your LifeIt must be one of the most frequently asked questions in the English language—“What do you want to be when you grow up?” And most of us the answer is simple—“I don't know.” And that's just fine. teenagers all over the world it is difficult to imagine life outside the familiar school grounds and comtable family home.But when the university entrance exams finish and high-school graduation wraps up, it is time to move on to a whole new stage in one's life—adulthood. One day when you are 0, you may look back on your life and wonder exactly how you became an adult. When did you change? Quite often the answer will lie between your first day of university and the first day of your professional career. While you cannot pinpoint an exact time, somewhere in the “roommate days” or “dorm days” you learnt things far more valuable than anything you could learn in a classroom. it is in this time we learn independence-Mum and Dad can't take care of you anymore;responsibility—you have to clean your own bedroom and make your own meals; maturity— suddenly joking about “girl's germs” doesn't seem so funny when you actually have a girlfriend or boyfriend; respect—you should take care of John's computer, he spent a lot of money on it; and budgeting—should you spend your last on new shoes or pizza? And a big part of the living-away-from-home process is communication. High-class celebrities and highly paid psychologists are always telling us, to fix our relationship problems, “the key is communication.”And nothing can provide better training in developing communication than living with other people. "Whose dirty socks are these?” “Where is your share of the rent money?” “Let's have a party on Friday night!” “I think I'm going to break-up with my boyfriend.” This special period of time is guaranteed to make you feel every emotion possible, but at the same time it will provide you with the best memories you could ever dream of. When the “dorm days” come to an end, we finally know where we belong in the world. And finally, we know exactly what we want to be when we grow up. 79信心成就一切,当你真正自信时,它就像灿烂的阳光一样从你身上散发出来,就像磁铁一样将成功吸引到你身上Nothing succeeds lacks confidence.When you are truly confident,it radiates from you like sunlight,and attracts success to you like a magnet.It's important to believe in yourself.Believe that you can do it under any circumstances,because if you believe you can,then you really will.The belief keeps you searching answers,which means that pretty soon you will get them.Confidence is more than an attitude. It comes from knowing exactly where you are going and exactly how you are going to get there. It comes from acting with integrity and confidence.It comes from a strong sense of purpose.It comes from a strong commitment to take responsibility,rather than just letting life happen.One way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear and to get a record of successful experiences behind you.Confidence is compassionate and understanding.It is not arrogant. Arrogance is born out of fear and insecurity,while confidence comes from strength and integrity.Confidence is not just believing you can do it. Confidence is knowing you can do it.Know that you are capable of accomplishing anything you want,and live your life with confidence.Anything can be achieved through focused,determined eft and self-confidence.If your life is not what you want it to be,you have the power to change it,and you must make the changes on a moment by moment basis. Live your priorities. Live with your goals and your plan of action. Live each moment with your priorities in mind. Act with your own purpose,and you will have the life you want. 3519Plants in the Deserts Some cacti, like the saguaro, grow to tree size, but true trees need more moisture than most desert environments can supply, so they are scarce on deserts. Close to streambeds, cottonwoods can sometimes be found. Though these streams are dry most of the year, water flows there longest and is usually available fairly close to the surface. Elsewhere, trees must send taproots deep into the hard baked desert soil to draw on underground water. Perhaps the most widesp family of trees on the world's deserts is the acacia, whose taproots drill down as far as 5 feet (7. 5 meters). The mesquite common on North American deserts in both tree and shrub ms,does not begin to grow above ground until its root system is completely developed, ensuring the plant a supply of moisture. The roots of shrubs and trees help to hold the desert soil in place. Their stalks and branches also act as screens to keep the wind from sweeping great drifts of sand along the surface. These services are vital if a desert is to support life. Scientists estimate that a desert needs year round plant cover over to 0 percent of its surface. If shrubs are too far apart-separated by a distance greater than five times their height - soil around them is likely to blow away. Without the shelter of established shrubs, new seedlings will have difficulty in getting a start. On the other hand, plants that are too close together may compete underground moisture. To protect themselves from this competition some shrubs give off a substance that kills young plants that sprout too close to them. In addition to a few varieties of trees and tough shrubs, most deserts have grasses, herbs, and other annual plants. These do not compete moisture with the longer lived growth. They spring up quickly after rains, when the surface is moist. Then, a brief time, the desert can be literally carpeted with color. Almost as quickly as they appeared,these small plants die away. But they have developed special ways of ensuring the life of another generation when rains come again. 59550

句口语脱口而出:长话短说 -- :35:59 来源: 1. To make a long story short.长话短说. Just tell me the story in a nutshell.你就简明扼要地说吧3. To make a long story short,she is talkative.总而言之,她很健谈.. It is on the tip of my tongue.话在嘴边,就是想不起来5. I don’t know quite how to put this.我真不知道该说什么好6. I am all ears.我洗耳恭听7. We had a small talk.我们闲聊一会儿8. You said you wanted to talk to me.听说你有话要对我说9. I need to tell you something.我有事要告诉你. Talk about your unwanted houseguest.谈谈你不欢迎的客人. I’d rather talk about something eles.能不能换个话题. Let’s change the subject.我们换个话题吧. Let’s go back to the subject.我们言归正传. He dismissed the unpleasant subject.他不谈论不高兴的话题. Let’s play it by ear.走一步,看一步(见机行事). John decided to play it by ear when he went this interview.约翰决定在面试时见机行事. It is the extremely important thing.这是极其重要的事18. There is no turning back.已经无可挽回了19. I can only be like that.我只能这样. I am looking the scenery out of the window.我在看窗外的风景 口语 subject. 话题 我们

地道口语:用英语聊聊“春运”那点事儿 -- :7: 来源:   说到春运,大家下意识地就会想到火车票每年有多少人为一张车票彻夜不眠、日日心焦啊是去火车站排队守候,还是等在代售点窗前,或者找“黄牛”碰碰运气?可真难抉择!今天我们来学几句春运时期常说的口语吧!  1. I'd like a hard sleeper from Beijing to Wuxi  我要一张从北京到无锡的硬卧  . I'm sorry we are all booked up Flight 8 today  很抱歉今天的8号航班已经订满了  3. Is it a direct flight?  它是直航吗?  . I won't check this baggage  这件行李我不托运  5. She want to book a round trip ticket  她想订往返票  6. Beware of the scalpers! You may get a fake ticket  小心票贩子!你可能会买到假票  7. I only got a ticket standing room a temporary train, but it's better than nothing  我只买到了一张临时列车的站票,但总比什么都没买到好  8. The trip is about 0 hours. I have to take a long rest at home to recover from the fatigue  我要坐0个小时车,回家后我得休息好长时间才能缓过来  9. Would you please put the luggage on the scales?  你能把行李过一下秤吗? 口语 英语 地道 ticket

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