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Chinese car maker BYD Co. has gotten approval to sell its electric vehicles in Beijing and Shanghai, marking a breakthrough for the Warren Buffett-backed company in efforts to kick-start its fledgling #39;green cars#39; business.中国汽车制造商比亚迪股份有限公司(BYD Co.)获准在北京和上海销售电动汽车,标志着这家受巴菲特(Warren Buffett)持的公司在启动其“绿色车辆”业务方面取得了突破。#39;BYD has fulfilled the necessary requirements to sell its electric cars in Beijing,#39; said an official at the Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology on Wednesday, noting that the approval takes immediate effect. The official, who declined to be named, said the city also approved the sale of state-owned BAIC Motor Co.#39;s electric car, the E150EV.北京市经济和信息化委员会的一位官员周三说,比亚迪符合在北京销售电动车的必要条件,销售许可即刻生效。这位不愿具名的官员说,国有汽车生产商北京汽车股份有限公司(BAIC Motor Co.)的电动车E150EV也获得了北京市发放的销售许可。BYD also received approval to sell its plug-in hybrid, the Qin, in Shanghai as part of a trial, according to a statement posted on the city#39;s municipal-government website Tuesday.此外,上海市政府官方网站周二发布的一份声明显示,比亚迪获准在该市销售插电式混合动力车“秦”(Qin)。秦是上海私人购买新能源汽车补贴试点车型之一。The company confirmed the approvals but declined to provide details about its plans for rolling out the vehicles in the two cities.比亚迪实,该公司的确获得了销售许可,但拒绝透露在上述两市推出相关汽车的具体方案。While BYD was a pioneer in developing electric cars in China, it has struggled to win international recognition for its green-vehicle technology, partly a result of development delays and a lack of favorable publicity.虽然比亚迪是中国电动车研发的先驱者,但却一直难以让其绿色汽车技术赢得国际认可,部分原因在于研发滞后和缺乏良好的宣传。News of the approvals sent BYD#39;s Hong Kong-listed shares sharply higher Wednesday. They ended up 9.6% at HK.85, the stock#39;s highest-traded level since December 2010. Mr. Buffett#39;s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. has a 10% stake in the company.获得销售许可的消息令比亚迪在香港上市的股票周三大涨,收于每股47.85港元,涨幅达9.6%,这是2010年12月以来该公司的最高股价。巴菲特旗下的伯克希尔哈撒韦公司(Berkshire Hathaway Inc.)持有比亚迪10%的股份。The green light for BYD#39;s electric car came just as Beijing residents have endured a week of hazardous-level air pollution from the smog that has smothered the nation#39;s capital. Heavy pollution has plagued much of northern and central China since Thursday.比亚迪电动车获绿灯放行时,北京市民恰好忍受了持续一周的空气污染,整个北京城都处于雾霾笼罩之下。自上周四以来,中国北部和中部大部分地区的空气污染一直相当严重。China#39;s government has been pushing electric vehicles as a way to reduce pollution but has been largely unsuccessful because of difficulties in building charging networks. The central government pledged subsidies for green car purchases of up to 60,000 Chinese yuan (US,790) each, while municipal governments provided subsidies to green car makers with local production facilities.中国政府一直在推动电动汽车的发展,并将其作为减少污染的方式之一,但由于充电站建设存在重重困难,这一努力目前收效甚微。中国中央政府承诺,购买绿色汽车每车可获得最高人民币6万元(合9,790美元)的补贴,而地方政府则是把补贴直接给了在当地设厂的绿色汽车生产商。The Beijing municipal government official Wednesday said the city will also provide a local subsidy for the sale of BYD#39;s e6 cars even though they are built in Shenzhen. The official said Beijing aims to have in place around 1,000 charging units in some 100 stations throughout the city by the end of this year, up from 20 stations currently.北京市政府的那位官员周三说,尽管比亚迪e6产于深圳,但该车的销售仍将得到北京市的地方补贴。这位官员说,北京将力争在今年底之前在全市约100个加油站内完成大概1,000个充电站的建设,目前北京全市只有20个充电站。BYD has lobbied various city governments in China to permit the sales of its electric vehicles, though progress has been slow due to a lack of local government subsidies to promote sales and insufficient charging infrastructure.为获得电动车的销售许可,比亚迪游说了中国多地市政府。不过地方政府缺少补贴且充电设施不足,因此比亚迪的游说工作进展缓慢。#39;It was previously mission impossible for ordinary consumers to use BYD#39;s electric cars in Beijing because of the many approvals that needed to be got,#39; said Leping Huang, an analyst at Nomura. He said the development is positive for BYD, which is estimated to have sold around 2,000 electric cars last year.野村(Nomura)分析师黄乐平说,以前普通消费者想在北京开比亚迪电动车简直是不可能的,因为要拿到层层审批。他说,现在的形势发展对比亚迪很有利,预计该公司去年售出了大约2,000辆电动车。In China, BYD#39;s all-electric e6 car has been sold only in Shenzhen, where the company is based, with the majority of the vehicles operating as taxicabs. BYD last year leased several of its e6 vehicles to Hong Kong taxi operators, though overall response was muted for the car with a hefty sticker price of 370,000 Chinese yuan (US,412).在中国,比亚迪纯电动车e6仅在深圳有售,而售出的大部分车辆都是作为出租车投入使用。深圳是比亚迪公司总部所在地。去年,比亚迪将几辆e6租给了香港出租车运营商。但鉴于e6每辆高达人民币37万元(合60,412美元)的售价,市场对该车的整体反响很平淡。The company has been using its sales of traditional cars and cellphone batteries to fund the development of electric cars, solar panels and other green technologies, but sales from hybrid and full-electric cars still accounted for less than 10% of the company#39;s automobile revenue, analysts said.分析人士表示,比亚迪一直在凭借传统汽车和手机电池的销售来为电动车、太阳能板和其他绿色环保技术的研发提供资金,混合动力车和纯电动车占比亚迪汽车销售收入的比例仍不足10%。 /201402/277633

Aly difficult commutes in China#39;s capital became even more punishing this week, as Beijing beefed up subway security checks in the wake of deadly attacks targeting civilians. 中国首都本就非常严峻的通勤状况本周变得更加糟糕,因为在多起针对平民的致命袭击发生之后,北京加大了地铁安检力度。Hundreds of unhappy commuters stood in long lines across the city Wednesday morning to undergo enhanced security screenings, which now include body checks as well as bag screenings in several stations. At stations in the city#39;s north, subway staff said passengers had to wait between 20-30 minutes to get through the security line, up from about 10-15 minutes prior to the new screening requirements. 周三早晨,几个安检程序升级至“人物同检”的地铁站外排起了好几百人的长队。在北京北部地区的一个地铁站里,工作人员称乘客过安检得排队20至30分钟,而在新安检规定颁布前等待时间只需10至15分钟。The mercury is expected to hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) this week in Beijing, and at some stations, tempers were also climbing. 预计北京本周气温最高将达到100华氏度(38摄氏度),而一些地铁站里人们的怨气也在攀升。#39;This is such a hassle,#39; said Zhi Yajuan, 23, as she stood in line Tuesday at Tiantongyuan North Station. #39;It#39;s just going through the motions. They don#39;t care even if the machine beeps.#39; 23岁的智雅娟周二在天通苑北站排着队,她说这可真麻烦,这只是走走过场,机器响了他们都不管。Another passenger at Longze station complained that he had to wait 20 minutes longer than usual. #39;I#39;m not a terrorist, so I#39;ll take [a different] station later and avoid the long waits,#39; said Zhou Gang. 一位在龙泽站排队的乘客则抱怨称,自己得比平时多等20分钟。周刚说,他不是一个恐怖分子,所以晚点将换一个地铁站以免等这么久。Pictures circulating online showed a sea of passengers penned in by guard rails as they awaited the enhanced security checks. 在互联网上流传的一些照片显示,地铁站外的护栏里挤满了排队等待更严格安检的乘客。#39;Is this Spring Festival travel? No, it#39;s just the Beijing security check,#39; people joked online, referring to the once-a-year period of holiday travel that floods the nation#39;s transportation systems and has been dubbed the world#39;s largest annual human migration. 人们在网上吐槽道,这是春运么?不,这只是北京的安检。For many in Beijing, commutes are aly difficult, as passengers negotiate the capital#39;s urban sprawl. According to the city#39;s traffic bureau, the average commute length in Beijing is 52 minutes, higher than either Guangzhou (48 minutes) or Shanghai (47 minutes). The city#39;s subway system is among the busiest in the world, with more than a dozen lines that see a daily ridership of some 10 million. 对于很多身在北京的人来说,城市的扩张本来就已使通勤变得困难。北京市交管局的数据显示,北京市的平均通勤时间为52分钟,而广州和上海分别为48分钟和47分钟。北京的地铁系统也位居全球最繁忙之列,许多线路的日客运量经常在100万人次左右。Security measures have stiffened across China in recent weeks, following a series of violent attacks since the start of the year. In the most recent incident, 31 people were killed last week in an attack at a market in northwest Urumqi. In March, dozens were killed in an assault by knife-wielding assailants at a train station in southwest Kunming. Authorities have labeled such episodes terrorist attacks and attributed them to separatists in northwestern Xinjiang. AFP/Getty Images北京,警察在一个地铁站外巡逻。受年初以来发生的一系列暴力袭击案影响,最近几周中国的安保措施有所加强。最新一起是上周发生在乌鲁木齐一早市的暴力袭击事件,31人在袭击中身亡。今年3月份,持刀袭击者在昆明火车站砍死20多人。中国政府已将这些袭击事件定性为恐怖袭击,并称这些事件系新疆分裂势力所为。Additional security measures in Beijing now include helicopter patrols, while cities across the country have been further arming their police forces, as well. 北京额外采取的安保措施还包括直升机巡逻,另外全国多个城市也在推行民警配巡逻。On Tuesday, some waiting in line said they understood the need for additional commuter headaches. 周二,一些排队等待安检的上班族表示,他们对增加通勤困难度的必要性表示理解。#39;Safety comes first,#39; said Wang Yang, as he waited in line at Longze Station. #39;This might not be able to totally get rid of the risk of violence or attack...But it could at least frighten those terrorists--at least I hope so.#39; 在龙泽站排队的王阳表示,安全第一,虽然这或许无法完全消除暴力或袭击风险,但至少能震慑那些恐怖分子,至少他希望如此。 /201405/302072

Two sisters on a bus in northern India beat up three men who they say were harassing them, and the of the encounter has gone viral in a country that has been the scene of much-publicized violenceagainst women.印度北部两用皮带抽三名对他们实施性骚扰的男子,同车乘客拍下的视频在这个公开对女性施暴的国家里传开了。The was filmed Nov. 28 by a passenger on the bus that was traveling between Rohtak, about 40 miles from New Delhi, and Sonipat,about 12 miles from the Indian capital. Both towns are in the state of Haryana.这辆公车从罗塔克县开往索内帕特县,车上的一名乘客于11月28日拍下了这个视频。罗塔克县距新德里40英里,索内帕特县距新德里12英里,这两个县都属于哈里亚纳邦。The sisters, Aarti Kumar, 22, and PoojaKumar, 19, are both students. They say they were subjected to lewd comments from the three men. They responded by attacking the men with their belts. The shows the other passengers silently watching the events. Such harassment of women is not uncommon in India,and there#39;s even a term to describe it: ;Eve teasing.;这两分别是现年22岁的Aarti Kumar和19岁的Pooja Kumar,两人都是学生。她们说那三个男人对她们说了些下流的话,她们就用皮带作了回击。从视频中可以看到其他乘客默默地在一旁观看,女性遭到此类骚扰在印度并不是稀罕事,甚至还有一个用来形容此类事件的词:“戏弄夏娃”。The men were arrested Sunday, and Haryana#39;s chief minister lauded the two young women, saying they would be honored during India#39;s Republic Day celebrations on Jan. 26.那几名男子已于周日被捕,哈里亚纳邦的首席部长称赞了两,他表示将在1月26日的印度国庆日上授予她们荣誉。The and the response of the young women attracted wide coverage in India#39;s media as well as on social media.视频和两的回应得到了印度国家媒体及社会媒体的广泛报道。 /201412/346138

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