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Early this summer, data analysts found an interesting trend in the analysis of Alibaba#39;s bra sales: women who bought bigger sizes spend more money. Alibaba#39;s analysts divided bra consumers into four categories according to their online spending power. They found that 65% of women who bought B cup belong to ;low online spending power; category, while most of women who bought C cup or bigger sizes have ;medium; online spending power or above.夏初,数据分析师在分析阿里巴巴[微]内衣销量的时候发现一个有趣的趋势:购买内衣罩杯越大的女性花的钱越多。阿里巴巴分析师将内衣消费者按其购买能力分成了四类,他们发现65%的B罩杯女性都属于“购买能力低”这一类,而C及以上罩杯的女性大部分购买能力都是“中等”或以上。The reason might be that those who bought B cup are young women with low purchasing power. And this is just one piece of information sorted out from millions of orders each day on Alibaba#39;s e-commerce payment platform.原因可能是买B罩杯的都是购买能力较弱的年轻女性。而这仅仅是阿里巴巴从其电子商务付平台每日上千万订单里面梳理出来的一条信息而已。In the ;double eleven; shopping spree, Alibaba#39;s sales volume reached the peak of 2.85 million per minute, and the transaction volume of Nov. 11 reached 9.3 billion dollars. This day tested the Alibaba#39;s data mining capabilities. Its Vice Chairman Cai Chongxin told the reporter in Hangzhou – where Alibaba#39;s headquarters is based in, ;We only saw the tip of the iceberg. These data can make the operation more efficient, our customers more satisfied, but the utilization of these data is less than five percent. ;双十一阿里巴巴高峰期的交易量达到每分钟两百八十五万,一天下来的成交量达到了九十三亿美元。这一天检验了阿里巴巴的数据挖掘能力。阿里巴巴副董事长蔡崇信在杭州——阿里巴巴的大本营——对本报记者说:“我们现在看到的只是冰山一角。利用这些数据可以让运营更高效,让我们的顾客更满意,但我们现在的利用率还不到5%。”On the whole day of November 11, Alibaba#39;s data analysis team and operational managers were paying close attention to and analyzing in real time the transaction data to ensure communication and coordination between customers and their logistics partners and normal supply and delivery. And data collected on that day is also of great use in the long run. Managers were also concerned about customers’ choice of payment methods, to see if they were using smart phones for ordering. Alibaba is accused of losing ground to its rival Tencent in the mobile platform. So it has been in hot pursuit, and plans to make Alipay listing.双十一一整天下来,阿里巴巴的数据分析团队和运营经理都密切关注和实时分析网站上的交易数据,以保与客户和物流合作伙伴沟通协调好,确保供应和交货正常进行。而且双十一收集的数据长远来看也大有用处。管理者也关注顾客选择的付方式,看他们是否使用智能手机下单。阿里巴巴被指在移动平台方面不及对手腾讯,所以一直在猛追,并计划要让付宝上市。According to a report of industry research firm Gartner in 2013, Alibaba, like Japan#39;s Rakuten and Amazon, are using predictive data analysis, and only less than 5% of e-commerce companies are engaged in this work. China#39;s middle class is growing, but the study of this group is far from enough, so China is expected to be one of the most important data markets.根据高德纳咨询公司一份2013年的报告显示,阿里巴巴和亚马逊及日本乐天市场一样,都使用预测性数据分析,而电子商务公司里从事这项工作的不及5%。中国的中产阶级正在不断壮大,但对这个群体的研究还相对不够,所以中国有望成为世界最重要的数据市场之一。But sometimes the data make people confused. Jingdong found that sales of IPHONE5 were nine to ten times higher than usual on ;double eleven;. Gartner did not know why. In 2012, Alibaba was surprised to find that the day#39;s top-selling product in the western inland Xinjiang turned out to be bikini (boyfriends and husbands buy bikini drop hints that they will take their partners out on vacation).但是数据有时候也让人想不明白。京东发现双十一那天IPHONE5的销量比往常高了九到十倍。高德纳也不知道是什么缘故。2012年,阿里巴巴惊奇地发现,双十一在西部内陆新疆销量最高的竟然是比基尼(男朋友和老公购买比基尼暗示对象会带他们出去度假)。 /201411/343043

In early spring temperatures are warmimg up, crowds are thinner, and flowers and trees are just beginning to bloom, making it one of the most pleasant seasons for travel.早春气温开始回暖,(踏青的)人还不多,但是草木已经开始复苏、鲜花开始绽放。春天也因此成为一年中最适合旅行的季节之一。Luoyang in Henan, Hangzhou in Zhejiang and Shaxi in Yunnan are all fine places to visit by high-speed train, with each offering picturesque views and their own unique culture.河南洛阳、浙江杭州、云南沙溪都是这个季节的好去处。只要乘坐高铁即可到达,去欣赏那里如画的风景,体味独特的文化。Get y to travel with your camera capturing seasonal festivals, colorful blossoms and verdant greenery.准备好你的相机踏上旅程吧,去捕捉春日的盛景,五缤纷的鲜花,还有郁郁葱葱的草木吧!Shaxi, Yunnan云南沙溪Legendary trail and hidden blanket of flowers传奇的古道与隐秘的花毯Every spring, massive crowds flood into Jiangxi’s Wuyuan for rapeseed flowers. But Shaxi in Yunnan, which, many don’t realize, also comes to life with the flowers in spring, and offers a variety of untouched cultural gems.每年春天,都会有大量游客涌入江西婺源观赏油菜花。但是很多人不知道,每年春天,云南沙溪的油菜花同样生机盎然。同时,沙溪还有许多尚未被世人打扰的文化瑰宝。Shaxi village was a crucial node on chama gudao, the ancient Tea and Horse Caravan Route, which is less famous than the Silk Road but arguably of equal importance in terms of what it did for cultural and economic exchange.沙溪是古时茶马古道上的重要中转站。茶马古道虽然名气不及丝绸之路,但却是同样重要的文化经济交流通道。Hiking along a part of the trail can be arduous, but when you see the gorgeous rural landscape– wooden houses, winding streets and ancient courtyards–everything will be worthwhile.在茶马古道上徒步虽然是一段艰难的旅行,但却颇为值得。因为你将会看到无与伦比的乡村风光——木质的房屋,蜿蜒的街道,古色古香的庭院。Shaxi is located halfway between Dali and Lijiang and is surrounded by mountains that discourage mass tourism, allowing its original beauty to remain intact.沙溪位于大理与丽江之间,四周山峦环绕,常令游人望而却步,却反而因此鲜受打扰,保留了最初的美景。This spring more than 500 mu (333,333 square meters) of rapeseed flowers will come into bloom across the village, making for breathtaking views.今年春天,五百多亩(约合333333平方米)的油菜花将会在小镇上绽放,景色颇为壮观。Shaxi is “a wonderful sleepy place where nightlife means sitting out under the canopy of stars and listening to the frogs croaking in the rice paddies”, Lonely Planet writes.沙溪也被旅游杂志《孤独星球》形容为“一座沉睡中的美妙城市,那儿的夜生活就是坐在繁星点点的天幕下,聆听稻田里的蛙鸣”。It takes about 90 minutes by car and three hours by bus to get from Lijiang to Shaxi.从丽江到沙溪坐大巴需要3个小时,驾车只需90分钟。Luoyang, Henan河南洛阳Peonies, history and culture convene牡丹,历史与文化的完美结合Peony blossoms bring a burst of color to Luoyang every spring.每年春天,盛开的牡丹花都会把整个洛阳城装点得色斑斓。Peony fever in Luoyang dates back to the Tang Dynasty, when emperors, especially Emperor Xuanzong, favored the flowers and promoted them as cultural icons.洛阳城的牡丹热最早可追溯到唐朝。唐朝的皇帝们均喜爱牡丹,并将其视为一种文化符号,其中又以唐玄宗最为突出。As the flowers symbolized wealth and honor, they not only appeared in textiles, artwork and architecture, but also in poetry. Li Bai once compared imperial concubine Yang Yuhuan to a peony for the attention she commanded in the imperial court.由于牡丹花象征着财富与荣誉,所以它不仅出现在纺织品、艺术品和建筑中,还出现在诗歌里。李白就曾在诗中把杨贵妃比作牡丹,以写她在皇宫中是如何引人注目。Even today, vestiges of peony culture remain visible in Luoyang sculptures and fashion.即使到了今天,在洛阳的雕塑与风尚中,依然可见牡丹文化的遗迹。Wangcheng Park in the northern part of Luoyang is the center of the annual spring Peony Cultural Festival. This state-level event, which kicks off on April 5 and lasts for one month, features peony exhibitions as well as art performances.坐落于洛阳城北的王城公园是一年一度牡丹文化节的中心。这一全国盛事始于每年4月5日、为期一个月,以牡丹花展与艺术表演而闻名。The festival “sees the park flooded with color, floral aficionados, photographers, girls with garlands on their heads and hawkers selling huge bouquets of flowers”, according to Lonely Planet.《孤独星球》曾这样描写牡丹文化节:“整个公园姹紫嫣红,公园内挤满了花卉爱好者、摄影师,还有头戴花环的女孩子和贩卖大捧花束的小贩。”Hangzhou, Zhejiang浙江杭州Tea plantation tranquility and gourmet beverages宁静的茶园与美味的茶饮Both Longjing and Meijiawu tea plantations in Hangzhou are prime spots to escape the seasonal hustle and bustle and enjoy the unique flavors of Hangzhou-style cuisine.如果你想要避开春季的喧嚣,享受杭州独一无二的美味,那么龙井和梅家坞茶园都是绝佳之选。As spring breaks in Hangzhou, farmers begin their shuffle along the town’s idyllic terraces, hand picking tender leaves off of fragrant bushes. After the leaves have been delicately hand-roasted, visitors can then drink a freshly-brewed cup in a local farmhouse.春天一到,农户们沿着田园诗般的梯田拾级而上,亲手从清香的茶树上采摘嫩叶,再手工精心烘焙。游客们只要来到当地农户家中,就可以品尝到新茶的滋味了。You don’t have to be a tea connoisseur to visit. Chefs from local restaurants offer unique dining experiences by commonly integrating green tea as an ingredient in their dishes. Foodies highly recommend Longjing shrimp and the area’s wide variety of green-tea flavored desserts.你并不一定需要像茶叶鉴赏家一样登门品茶。因为绿茶也是当地餐馆厨师们的烹调原料,在那里你同样可以品尝到独一无二的绿茶美食。龙井虾和各色绿茶点心都得到了美食家们的高度赞赏。Hangzhou is also home to some of southeastern China’s most immaculate views. When visitors plant their feet beside tea bushes and peer out beyond the hillside, a classic Chinese watercolor of misty hills, lush woodlands, ancient bridges and traditional farmhouses comes into view.杭州也拥有中国东南部一些最纯净无暇的美景。当游客驻足茶树之间,远眺山峦之外,中国传统水墨画般的美景便映入眼帘,只见山间云雾缭绕、森林郁郁葱葱,桥梁农舍古色古香。The nearby National Tea Museum is dedicated to the art of tea and the cultivation of the crop, and is designed to add deeper value to visitors’ experiences. There, tourists can sample various brews and learn the history and health benefits of Chinese tea.不远处,还有中国茶叶物馆,这是一个专门展现茶艺以及茶树培养的地方,它为游客们提供更深层次的旅游体验。在那里,游客可以尝试茶叶的各种冲泡方式,了解中国茶叶的历史及其保健功效。 /201503/366748

  Nintendo has reported operating losses for three consecutive fiscal years, and the Wii U is considered the least successful Nintendo console ever, going all the way back to the original NES. But Nintendo’s toys-to-life amiibo figures could be the key to revitalizing the company.任天堂公司已经连续三个财务年度宣告亏损,它的Wii U也被喻为自NES以来最失败的一款游戏机。但任天堂的Amiibo游戏手办,有望为该公司扭转颓势发挥关键作用。The toy figurines, which contain near field communication (NFC) technology that unlocks special characters and abilities across multiple Wii U and new Nintendo 3DS XL games, have been selling out since launching in November 2014. Nintendo sold over 5.7 million amiibo worldwide in just two months last year. And the company has sold over 3.5 million of the game figurines in the U.S. Alone.这些游戏手办内置近场通讯技术,能够解锁多款Wii U和3DS XL游戏的特殊游戏角色和技能,2014年11月一经上市就被抢购一空。仅在去年最后的两个月,任天堂就在全球范围内售出570多万个手办,单单是美国的销售量就达到350万个。Nintendo has sold just over 9.2 million Wii Us globally since its launch in 2012 through January 2015, and the console still lags a distant third to Sony’s 21 million PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s 13 million Xbox One sales. Nintendo’s previous console, the Wii, sold over 101 million units between 2006 and 2014, which earned the company first place during that console cycle.从2012年发布至2015年1月,任天堂共售出920万台Wii U游戏机。不过相比索尼PlayStation 4(2100万)和微软Xbox One(1300万)的销量,Wii U这个季军显然差了不是一点半点。要知道,任天堂的上一款游戏机Wii在2006至2014年间创下了1.01亿台的销售数据,是上一代游戏机当之无愧的机皇。But since releasing the amiibo figures last November, Nintendo has seen an uptick in Wii U console sales in the U.S., including a 10 percent rise in Wii U hardware sales last November and a 29 percent increase for 2014 as a whole, compared to 2013. That trend has continued into 2015 with a 20 percent increase through the first quarter, according to the NPD Group.不过,根据NPD集团提供的数据,自从去年11月Amiibo手办发布以来,任天堂Wii U游戏机在美国的销量已经开始上涨,去年11月增加10个百分点,全年销量较2013年增加29%。这一势头在2015年得以持续,Wii U的销量在今年第一季度增长20%。Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter believes sales of amiibo toys could add 0 to 0 million in annual revenue to Nintendo’s bottom line. Right now, the toys are more collectible than a hardware driver. But Pachter says that as more games incorporate the technology, the appeal will grow, especially with the younger gamers who have driven sales of the similar toys toys-to-life franchises of Disney’s Disney Infinity and Activision’s Skylanders.韦德布什券公司分析师迈克尔o帕彻认为,Amiibo手办的热卖每年可能会为任天堂带来2到3亿美元的收入。目前这些手办要比硬件本身更有收藏价值。不过帕彻也表示,随着越来越多的游戏开始包含近场通讯技术,这些手办的吸引力还会进一步上升。特别是很多年轻玩家原本就是迪士尼的“迪士尼无限”(Disney Infinity)和美国动视的Skylander等手办的爱好者。“People aly have an affinity for our characters, and they love seeing them come to life in different ways in different Nintendo games,” Scott Moffitt, EVP of Sales and Marketing for Nintendo of America, says. “And parents like that amiibo can be used in different ways across multiple games, so they get strong enduring value for their investment.”任天堂的北美销售与营销执行副总裁斯科特o莫菲特表示:“大家已经非常喜欢我们的角色了,他们也喜欢看到这些角色以不同的方式活灵活现地出现在不同的任天堂游戏中。父母们非常欣赏的一点是,Amiibo手办可以以不同的方式应用到多款游戏中,有很强的持续价值。”Nintendo has rolled out three waves of amiibo figures so far, a total of 29 characters from Mario to Donkey Kong to Sonic the Hedgehog. A shortage of amiibo figures has resulted in some fans paying hundreds of dollars for the hard-to-find collectibles, which retail for .目前,任天堂已经推出了三批Amiibo手办,其中包括《超级玛丽》、《大金刚》和《刺猬索尼克》等游戏中的29个经典游戏角色。它们的零售价为13美元。由于Amiibo手办供不应求,有些玩家甚至愿意花数百美元购入这些手办进行收藏。Nintendo has also opened up this technology to developers. Moffitt sees amiibo figures as another creative option in the development toolbox, just like motion controls, off-TV play, or 3D visuals.任天堂也向开发者开放了这项技术。莫菲特认为,和动作控制、Off-TV play和3D视效一样,Amiibo手办也是另一个非常有创新性的开发工具。Nintendo has aly announced its next console, the Nintendo NX device, which EEDAR game analyst Kyle Lemmon believes is a tacit admission that the Wii U continues to underperform and won’t have the long shelf life that the Wii had last generation. But Nintendo does have new waves of amiibo figures coming out throughout this year, and for now, that’s enough to keep fans excited about the company once again.任天堂已经宣布下一代游戏机NX即将发布,EEDAR公司的视频游戏分析师凯尔o雷蒙认为,这相当于任天堂已经默认了Wii U持续表现疲软的事实,因此Wii U将无法享受像前任Wii一样长的销售寿命。不过今年年内,任天堂还将继续推出几批Amiibo手办,就目前来说,这个消息足以让玩家们兴奋一阵子了。 /201505/375621


  When most fathers discover their daughter is getting married, they set to work planning a witty speech.大多数父亲在得知女儿要结婚的时候,都会精心准备一份婚礼致辞。But when John Butcher#39;s little girl tied the knot, he wanted to go one better than that.但是约翰·布彻的小女儿结婚的时候,他给出的惊喜显然要比致辞好得多。So the 50-year-old from Allington, Kent, spent 200 hours learning to sing so that he could surprise his daughter, Natalie, by serenading her on her wedding day.这位来自英国肯特郡的父亲今年50岁,他花了200多个小时学习唱歌,为的是在女儿娜塔莉的婚礼上为她献唱一首小夜曲,给她个惊喜。John had secret singing lessons for more than six months and practised for 180 hours at home so he could be pitch perfect when he performed in front of 100 people on the big day.约翰瞒着大家,共用了6个多月学习唱歌、180个小时在家练习,目的就是希望在女儿生日那天自己能够在100多人的面前有个完美的表现。The father-of-two then belted out a version of the Elvis classic #39;Always On My Mind#39; to his shocked daughter during her wedding reception at The Orangery at Turkey Mill, Maidstone, in October.十月份,在女儿的婚礼现场上,约翰深情演唱了埃尔维斯的经典曲目《永远在我心中》,让女儿惊喜不已。Natalie, 26, who married software developer Ian Wright, 29, said her father#39;s song was the icing on the cake of their special day.26岁的娜塔莉嫁给了29岁的软件工程师伊恩·怀特,她说父亲的演唱给她的婚礼锦上添花。She said: We had the most amazing day which was finished off perfectly with the surprise of my dad singing after the speech. I was in shock but touched by the choice of song and the amount of effort that had gone into the preparation. Everyone seemed to be as blown away as I was and it is something I will never forget.#39;“那天真的是美妙无比的一天,婚礼进行得很顺利,而爸爸在致辞后的演唱又给了我们一个大大的惊喜。爸爸选的那首歌曲,以及他这么长时间的准备,都令我非常吃惊和感动。大家看起来也都和我一样,这天令我终身难忘。”娜塔莉说。John#39;s wife, Mel, 47, was equally as shocked and touched by her husband bursting into song.约翰的妻子47岁的梅尔,也被丈夫的突然献唱感动了。John said: #39;My wife Mel was in tears as she knew nothing about the performance and my daughter told me afterwards that it was the closest she came to crying throughout the whole ceremony.#39;约翰说:“梅尔热泪盈眶,因为她事先也不知道我的表演。后来女儿跟我说那个时刻是她整个婚礼中最想哭的时刻。”The father-of-the-bride said he came up with the idea to sing at the reception in April but as he confessed he wasn#39;t previously able to carry a tune, he signed up for lessons to help him impress the wedding guests.约翰说他是在4月份想到要在婚礼上唱歌的主意的,但他承认在此之前他唱歌是会走调的,所以他专门报了唱歌学习班以帮助他能在婚礼上好好表现。He said: #39;I really can#39;t sing and don#39;t pretend to. I spoke to Darren in April about the idea and started lessons in May.他说:“我真的不会唱歌也不想隐瞒这点。4月份的时候我告诉达伦老师我的想法,然后在5月的时候开始了学习。”#39;I#39;ve had a lesson every other week and have practised the song for an hour a day since then.#39;“我每隔一周去上一次课,然后每天都在家练习一个小时。”His hard work paid off and people clapped and cheered John#39;s performance - which was filmed in full by one of the guests and then uploaded to YouTube.约翰的努力得到了收获,大家都为他的表演欢呼鼓掌,其中一位宾客还将整个过程录了下来并上传到了YouTube上。John said: #39;Everyone thought the DJ had mucked up, but then I got up and started singing. People were laughing and crying and standing up waving their hands.约翰说:“当时大家都以为是DJ搞错了,但就在这时我起身开始演唱。大家哭着,笑着,并站起来挥舞着手臂。”Housewife Mel, said she was proud of her husband#39;s efforts to make their daughter#39;s day even more memorable.妻子梅尔说她为自己的丈夫感到骄傲,是丈夫的这一举动使女儿的婚礼更加具有纪念意义。She said: #39; I can#39;t believe he managed to keep it a secret for so long.梅尔说:“我没想到他会瞒着我们这么久。”#39;I was laughing and crying, I had my face in a serviette, it was very emotional and I was very proud of him especially as he#39;s not the kind of person to put himself at the centre of attention.#39;“我当时高兴和感动得都哭了,不停地用餐巾纸擦眼泪。这真是太感人了,我为约翰感到骄傲,尤其是他并不是那种擅长在众人面前表演的人。” /201411/343032

  Helen was on her deathbed ,海伦躺在她临终的病床上奄奄一息。with her husband Jack at her side.她的丈夫陪在她的身旁。He held her cold hand and tears silently streamed down his face.他握着她冰冷的手,泪水静静地从他的脸上流下来。Her pale lip moved. ;Jack,; she said,;她苍白的嘴唇颤动着。她说:“杰克,”Hush,; he quickly interrupted, ;Don#39;t talk.;他很快就打断说:“嘘,不要说话。”But she insisted,;Jack,;she said in her tired voice.但是她坚持要说。她以疲惫的声音说:;I have to talk.I must confess.”“杰克,我一定要说。我必须向你坦白。”"There is nothing to confess,;said the weeping Jack.满脸泪水的杰克说:“没什么好坦白的。;It#39;s all right.Everything#39;s all right.;没关系。一切都没事。”;No,No!I must die in peace.I must confess,Jake ,that I have been unfaithful to you.;“不,不,我必须死得安心。我一定要坦白我对你不忠;红杏出墙。”Jack stroked her hand .杰克抚摸着她的手。;Now ,Helen,don#39;t be concerned.I know all about it,; he sobbed.他啜泣着说:“海伦 ,现在你不要担心了。我全部都知道了。;Why else would I poison you ?;不然我为什幺要毒死你呀?; /201503/361469

  China#39;s ban on the harvesting of organs from executed prisoners for transplant will not cause the shortage of donated organs, an expert said on Wednesday. Huang Jiefu, head of the country#39;s human organ donation and transplant committee, made the remarks at a press conference on the sidelines of the annual session of the National Committee of the Chinese People#39;s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in Beijing。3月11日,在京举行的全国政协记者招待会上,全国政协常委、中国器官捐献与移植委员会主任黄洁夫表示,中国取消死囚作为器官移植来源不会造成器官捐赠短缺。;The ban is aimed at addressing the problem of organ shortage,; Huang, also a member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee said. ;The more respect we pay to death-row prisoners, the more voluntarily donated organs from citizens we will have.;。“取消死囚器官来源就是为了解决器官短缺的问题,”黄洁夫表示,“我们给予死囚更多的尊重,就会有更多公民自愿参加捐赠。”Voluntary donation from Chinese citizens has become the major source of organs for transplatation, accounting for 80 percent of the total donated organs in 2014, Huang added。他又称,2014年,80%的器官移植来自于公民自愿捐赠,公民器官捐赠已经成为器官移植的主要来源。Statistics show that nearly 1,000 body parts were donated by about 380 citizens in the first two months this year, an increase of 50 percent compared to the same period in 2014.数据显示,今年年初的两个月内,中国公民捐献器官大约有380例,接近1000个器官,与2014年同比增长了50%。China announced to ban the harvesting of transplant organs from executed prisoners on January 1, 2015, demanding all hospitals stop using organs from death-row prisoners。中国宣布从2015年1月1日起,全面停止使用死囚器官作为移植供体来源,所有医院将不得再使用死囚器官。 /201503/363731

  Harry Potter author JK Rowling has finally revealed why Uncle Vernon hated his nephew so much。《哈利#8226;波特》的作者J#8226;K#8226;罗琳最终曝出了为什么弗农姨夫如此讨厌这个外甥。Writing on her popular website Pottermore, the author has divulged what exactly provoked Vernon#39;s dislike of Harry - his hatred for his father, James Potter。她在自己颇受欢迎网站Pottermore上揭示了究竟是什么使弗农讨厌哈利——是他对哈利父亲詹姆斯#8226;波特的憎恨。Throughout the books the author made it clear that the all of the Dursleys - Vernon, wife Petunia, Harry#39;s maternal aunt, and cousin Dudley - saw the orphaned Harry as an unfortunate burden。纵观《哈利#8226;波特》系列,作者写得很清楚,德思礼全家人——弗农,妻子佩妮(哈利的姨妈)和表哥达利——把哈利这个孤儿看作不幸的负担。The little boy was left to languish in the cupboard under the stairs with only the spiders for company until his escape to Hogwarts。这个小男孩在逃出来去霍格沃茨之前一直被留在这儿受苦,住在楼梯下的碗柜里,只有蜘蛛为伴。Rowling hinted throughout the series that contributing factors towards the Dursley#39;s mistreatment of their nephew was their hatred of magic and Petunia#39;s jealousy of her sister, Lily - Harry#39;s mother。罗琳在《哈利#8226;波特》系列中暗示了导致德思礼一家虐待外甥的原因就是他们憎恨魔法,加上佩妮对(也就是哈利妈妈)莉莉的嫉妒。Now, eight years after the final book was published, the root of the resentment has finally been revealed - it is Harry#39;s strong resemblance to his father which led to their unhappy relationship。现在,距最后一本书出版已经八年了,怨恨的根源最终被曝出来了——就是哈利和父亲极高的相似度造成了他和姨夫之间不愉快的关系。In the family backstory, which was published this week, Rowling writes that while Lily and her then-boyfriend James Potter were in their final year at Hogwarts, they were invited by Petunia to meet her new fiancé, Vernon Dursley。本周出版的《家族的幕后故事》中,罗琳写了莉莉和当时的男友詹姆斯#8226;波特在霍格沃茨的最后一年,受佩妮之邀来见她的未婚夫弗农#8226;德思礼。She wrote: #39;James was amused by Vernon, and made the mistake of showing it。她写道:“詹姆斯被弗农逗乐了,但错在不该表现出来。”#39;Vernon tried to patronise James, asking what car he drove. James described his racing broom.#39;“弗农瞧不起詹姆斯,假惺惺地问他开什么车,詹姆斯就描述了一番他的飞天扫帚。”#39;Vernon supposed out loud that wizards had to live on unemployment benefit. James explained about Gringotts, and the fortune his parents had saved there, in solid gold.#39;“弗农大声说巫师得靠失业救济金过活,詹姆斯解释了古灵阁和他父母存在那儿的财产,都是金子。”#39;Vernon could not tell whether he was being made fun of or not, and grew angry.#39;“弗农弄不明白自己是不是被愚弄了,就生气了。”#39;The evening ended with Vernon and Petunia storming out of the restaurant, while Lily burst into tears and James (a little ashamed of himself) promised to make things up with Vernon at the earliest opportunity.#39;“这个夜晚最终以弗农和佩妮夺门而出告终,莉莉却痛哭起来,詹姆斯感觉有点惭愧,就承诺会尽快弥补弗农。”But the two couples never reconciled and the Dursleys later refused to attend Lily and James#39;s wedding, due to the falling out。但双方再没能和好,德思礼一家后来拒绝参加莉莉和詹姆斯的婚礼,就是由于这次闹翻了。The short story then makes it clear that it is Harry#39;s uncanny resemblance to his dead father, who was so disliked by Vernon, that provoked his uncle#39;s wrath。这个小故事清楚地表明了就是因为哈利和死去的父亲太像了,而弗农又太讨厌他父亲,才招致了姨夫的愤怒。Rowling added: #39;Uncle Vernon#39;s dislike of Harry stems in part, like Severus Snape#39;s, from Harry#39;s close resemblance to the father they both so disliked.#39;罗琳补充说:“弗农姨夫像西弗勒斯#8226;斯内普一样,不喜欢哈利有部分是因为哈利太像他父亲了,而他父亲正是他们俩都讨厌的人。”The revelation will bring an end to many fan theories for the cause for the uneasy relationship。这个秘密的揭示会结束许多粉丝对造成这种不愉快关系的原因的揣测。Warner Brothers recently announced that Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne will star in Harry Potter spin-off film Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them。华纳兄弟最近宣称奥斯卡获奖演员埃迪#8226;雷德梅尼将主演《哈利#8226;波特》外传《神奇动物在哪里》。Eddie will play magizoologist Newt Scamander, #39;who in his travels has encountered and documented a myriad of magical creatures.’埃迪将出演魔法动物学家纽特#8226;斯卡曼德,他在游历时遇到并记录了大量的怪兽。The tale is set in New York, 70 years before the saga of boy wizard Potter and is described as neither a prequel or sequel, but rather an extension of author JK Rowling#39;s popular Wizarding World of magic。故事以纽约为背景,在巫师男孩波特的冒险故事发生的70年前,这个故事既不是前传也不是后续,而是J#8226;K#8226;罗琳的受欢迎的魔法巫师世界故事的延伸。 /201507/384137

  As many women know only too well, finding a dress that fits like a glove is no easy task.许多女人都很明白吧,想要找一条和手套一样合适的裙子可不是容易事。But a new dress, created using a 3D printer, may be the answer to every woman#39;s style woes.但是这条用3D打印机打印出来的新裙子,也许可以解决每个女人的时尚问题了。A design studio have used 3D printing technology to create an innovative dress customised to a woman’s body.一件设计室已经可以用3D打印技术“制作”为女人量身订造创新型的裙子。The dress, which costs a staggering #163;1,900 (,000) to print, features 2,279 printed panels interconnected by 3,316 hinges.这条裙子,出人意料的要花1900镑(3000美金)来打印,由3316条铰链连接2279块打印的图案。Creators Nervous Systemcall it a ‘4D dress’ as, like fabric, the printed garment can go from a compressed object to its intended shape.创造者神经系统称其“4D裙子”,因为像织物一样,这件打印的衣可以从一件被压扁的物件展开成你想要的形状。Jessica Rosenkrantz, co-founder and creative director, revealed the garment took approximately 48 hours to print.合作创始人和创意总监杰西卡·罗森克兰兹透露,这件衣大约要花48小时来打印。The company, based in Massachusetts, USA, have also created a smartphone and tablet app, which helps users to manipulate their dresses.这家在美国马萨诸塞州的公司也发明了智能机和平板的APP,它们可以帮助用户来操作裙子。Using the app, the pattern, style and flexibility of the dress can all be changed.使用这款APP,裙子的图案、风格和灵魂度都可以改变。Speaking about her work, Jessica said: #39;I’m very interested in a future where garments are more personal and customised.说道她的工作,杰西卡说:“我对未来裙子可以变得更私人,还可以量身定做感到很有兴趣。”#39;It is printed using a process called Selective Laser Sintering that uses a laser to fuse together nylon powder, leaving unmelted powder in between all of the gap spaces.“其使用选择性激光烧结方法来打印裙子,使用激光将尼龙粉末熔合到一起,在空白的地方把不熔化的粉末留下来。#39;More dresses are aly on the way.#39;“更多裙子已经在制作中。” /201412/349084。


  3.One Baby Shower Per Mom3.迎婴派对Mimosas, cake and teeny-tiny outfits – what#39;s not to love about baby showers? With having and raising kids becoming more expensive than ever, most parents-to-be appreciate the spoils a shower has to offer. In the past, the party could only be thrown by someone unrelated to the expectant couple, because a shower given by a family member would imply that the couple was pandering for gifts.每次都是蛋糕、婴儿的小衣,对迎婴派对真是累觉不爱。相比过去,虽然养育一个孩子的成本要高出很多,许多准爸妈们还是希望用这派对好好庆祝。在过去,参加派对的都是准爸妈们的同事密友好闺蜜,如果是亲属张罗派对就有点悖理,明摆着请人来给自家送礼嘛。In the early days of baby showers it might not have been obvious or mandatory to bring a present for the wee one, but let#39;s be real here: Today, no one would dare show up empty-handed to a shower, so does it really matter who purchases the punch and sends out the invitations?早先参加迎婴派对并无明文规定要求朋友们带礼物。但现在情况有所不同,没人会空着手参加派对,因此活动开始变得正式起来,为表诚意,准爸妈们办派对前要发出请柬,买好潘趣酒。Another emerging trend that some people find irksome is multiple showers for subsequent babies. I completely understand where these people are coming from. Showers are time-consuming and gifts are pricey, so unless you have limitless funds it can seem like overkill to gift the same mother three or four times. On the other hand, my third boy is no less special than my first, and I once somewhere that every baby deserves to be celebrated.另一个趋势就是现在人们对二胎,三胎等的孩子的迎婴派对越来越冷淡,甚至心有抱怨了。我完全理解他们为什么有此感觉,参加派对很占时间,送出的礼物往往也价格不菲,所以除非你是钱多多,否则给同一个妈妈送三次甚至四次礼物,这还真是给人无底洞的恐惧。但是换句话说,作为爸妈,我的第三个小儿子出生时同第一胎一样那么让人激动。我曾在哪里读过这样一句话:每个生命都值得庆祝。One way to strike a balance for subsequent pregnancies is to opt for a more low-key shindig. Skip the custom invitations, fondant cake and 50-person guest list for an intimate lunch with your nearest and dearest because they#39;re probably going to be the ones involved in your child#39;s life, anyway!改善这一问题的一种办法就是让又怀的准妈妈们把派对办得简单低调些,跳过发请柬环节,做一个方旦糖蛋糕,办一个五十人左右规模的密友派对。不管怎样,这些与你关系紧密的人日后很可能会成为孩子成长发展的重要角色。2.Personal Contact on Special Occasions2.出席朋友的重要时刻When someone I love calls or visits to say ;Happy Birthday; I get a completely different vibe than when the same person sends a text bearing the sentiment. No matter how many cutesy emoticons you include, it#39;s simply impossible to convey the same joy over electronics that personal contact achieves so easily.深爱的亲朋好友在我生日那天打来电话或是亲自登门对我说“生日快乐”,我会高兴到睡不着,然而假如同样是他们,在我生日的时候只是发送了一条包含深情的短信,不管其内容多么讨人喜欢,我感受到的也只是失落。通过电子设备传达的喜悦完全不能与亲自交流联系相媲美。Today, texting and social media have all but replaced birthday cards and other types of personal contact on special occasions. Although some might maintain that these avenues allow us to keep in touch with more people at once, others point out that such interactions are superficial in nature and rude to fall back on. ;Too many people take the lazy route on birthdays, holidays and other special occasions,; says Desiree J. ;Not being on social media forces me to really connect with people on a regular basis, rather than resorting to some canned wall post.;我们身处的这个时代里,短信和各种大众媒体已经几乎代替了传统的生日贺卡及亲自出席好友生命中一些特别的时刻。虽然这种方式可以让我们在同一时间与更多的人保持联系,但有人指出这种联系实际上是肤浅的,也是不礼貌的。“现在的人大多选择慵懒的方式来庆祝生日、节日和其他的特殊时刻了,”德西蕾(Desiree J)说,“无法接触大众媒体才能逼迫我们正常地与他人交流,而不是诉诸于各种网站上的留言。”Etiquette experts are rolling with the times to fold tech advancements in with birthday and special occasion etiquette. Acquaintances or old friends you primarily connect with via Facebook can get by with merely a wall post, but folks you text regularly warrant a minimum of a text or phone call. The extra-special people in your life, like siblings, significant others and close family should be acknowledged in person whenever possible, or by phone, Skype or other personal avenue .随着时代的改变,礼仪专家认为我们需要将当今的科技成果融入生日及其他特殊时刻的礼仪中。那些平时只通过QQ、微信、微等联系的朋友可以通过留言来表达自己的问候,而亲朋好友必须至少要有短信或是电话的问候才较为妥当。那些特别亲密的亲戚朋友更是应当尽量当面表达自己的祝福,实在没办法出席的情况下则要用电话、视频或其他互动方式来送上祝福。1.Not Celebrating Yourself1.不要独自庆祝Sometimes, if you want something done right (or even done at all), you have to do it yourself. It#39;s becoming extremely common for people to throw their own birthday, housewarming, engagement and other parties, sometimes because they just enjoy playing the host, but often because no one else offers to do it for them!每当我们希望某件事情能够被处理妥当的时候,通常需要亲力亲为。现在亲自举办自己的生日派对、乔迁喜宴以及订婚仪式等的宴会都十分常见了。有些人或许是觉得自己做东设计和策划活动很好玩,不过,大多数的情况通常是没有其他人来帮忙做这些事。Although considered fairly tacky in the past, some etiquette experts can handle the trend of self-celebration, as long as it#39;s done with style. For example, inviting guests to a birthday party where they have to provide or pay for food, drinks and the implied gift is placing the burden squarely on their shoulders, despite the fact that you planned the soiree. By contrast, hosting a party with all the trimmings on a date that just happens to be on or near your birthday relieves the attendees from responsibility. There#39;s no sense in moping around, wishing for a fete you#39;re physically and financially capable of throwing yourself, so do it up right and toast yourself quietly for bucking a pretty benign tradition!虽然在过去,独自筹备庆典是有些失礼的,然而现在请礼仪专家来帮忙做出自己个性的宴会已经逐渐成为趋势。举例来说,以前举办生日派对,受邀请的客人需要提供食物或是为自己的食物买单,另外还要送上生日礼物,虽然说你已经筹划了整个聚会,可这些对客人来说仍然是一种负担。相比之下,在临近生日或者生日这天,自己举办一场规模齐全的派对,便巧妙地把朋友们从这种负担中解放出来了。没有必要因为没有人为自己举办派对而闷闷不乐,你完全有能力独自承办聚会,所以自己默默地举杯庆祝打破了这一传统吧!审校:浅芷湄 Freya然 /201507/385682

  Where most people see beloved New York locales, John Honerkamp, Paul Leak and their merry band of some 100 followers see prime exercise sites.在大多数挚爱纽约的人看来,很多地方不过是寻常地点,而约翰·霍纳坎普(John Honerkamp)、保罗·利克(Paul Leak)以及约100位快乐的追随者却视这些地方为极佳锻炼场所。One morning last year at precisely 6:28, the group descended on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for perhaps the most physical game of Pictionary ever played: Athletes sprinted to pick up clues, held plank poses while team members sketched and performed penalty burpees (an explosive squat/push-up combination) for failing to guess correctly.去年一个清晨的6点28分,这群人突然来到大都会艺术物馆的台阶上,他们所进行的看图猜词游戏可能是最剧烈的:运动员们快速跑去捡起提示板,然后在队友们画画时保持平板撑的姿势,如果猜错了,就罚做下蹲俯卧撑。They have done wall sits and stair runs at Borough Hall, “mountain climbers” outside Gracie Mansion (where security guards cheered them on) and relays around the Lincoln Center fountain (though they were soon asked to leave).他们在市政厅练习直角坐墙和跑楼梯;在纽约市长官邸格雷西大厦外玩“爬山”游戏(那里的保安给他们鼓劲);在林肯中心喷泉周围进行接力赛(不过他们很快被要求离开)。And on a recent 19-degree Friday morning, they used another Midtown fountain for jumps on and off its two-foot-high ledge, although Mr. Leak was aly making more ambitious plans for the water.前不久一个周五的清晨,气温只有19华氏度(大致相当于零下7度),他们在中城的另一处喷泉进行跳跃运动,从两英尺高的喷泉边缘跳上跳下,不过利克已经为这里设计了几项更有野心的计划。“This would be perfect for an urban triathlon, but there’s not a Citi Bike station nearby,” mused Mr. Leak, 27, whose later-in-the-day job is event management. “We would entirely get in trouble, but we love that.” (Mr. Leak also has designs on the Staten Island Ferry.)“要是附近有市政自行车出租站点的话,这里会成为城市铁人三项的完美地点,”27岁的利克若有所思地说道。他的正式工作是会展管理。“我们会彻底陷入麻烦,但是我们很喜欢那样。”(利克还就斯塔滕岛的渡船设计了一些活动。)Mr. Leak and Mr. Honerkamp, 39, are the New York leaders of an early-morning workout flash mob known as the November Project, which began in Boston in 2011 and has since sp to 19 cities in the ed States and Canada. It’s a point of pride that the group — not quite running club, not quite boot camp — defies categorization. It blends the intensity of CrossFit, the cultishness of SoulCycle and the weather agnosticism of a Polar Bear swim with the high jinks of an obstacle course and the camaraderie and accountability of a sports team.利克和39岁的霍纳坎普是一个名为“11月计划”(November Project)的清晨锻炼快闪族的纽约领头人。该计划2011年始于波士顿,之后扩散到美国和加拿大的19个城市。它引以为豪的是,你几乎无法给它归类——它既不是跑步俱乐部,也不是训练营。它融合了CrossFit健身公司的强度、SoulCycle健身公司的狂热、北极熊游泳俱乐部(Polar Bear)的天气不可知性,以及障碍训练的狂欢、体育队的友情和责任。Workouts in Boston have drawn more than 1,400 people, among them Olympic and professional athletes. Rodale plans to publish a book about the November Project in 2016.波士顿的健身活动吸引了1400多人,其中包括奥运选手和职业运动员。罗代尔出版社(Rodale)计划于2016年出版一本关于“11月计划”的书。Sessions open with members — new exercisers and marathoners alike — being instructed to touch the nose of someone they don’t know and tell the person, “I’m happy you’re here.” Handshakes upon meeting are forbidden; this is a hugs-only zone. And because workouts are free and outdoors, there’s no booking hassle, unforgiving cancellation policy or scramble for a spot. Take that, boutique fitness class. (November Project has recently begun working with sponsors: Last year, North Face was among the companies supporting the group’s annual summit, and beginning next week will team up with it on another project.)每次锻炼前,组织者会引导会员们——锻炼新手、马拉松跑步者等——去触摸一个他们不认识的人的鼻子,说:“我很高兴你能来这儿。”大家不允许见面握手,在这里只能拥抱。因为锻炼是免费的,在户外进行,所以没有预订的麻烦、苛刻的取消政策或地盘争夺。想想看,精品健身课程可要35美元一节(“11月计划”最近开始与赞助商合作:去年,北面[North Face]等公司赞助了该组织的年度峰会。下周起,北面将和该组织合作另一个项目)。Brogan Graham, 32, a former college rowing coach who is one of the group’s founders, said: “Some people need their exercise to be certified and sanctioned and expensive. We just want to have more fun.”32岁的布罗根·格雷厄姆(Brogan Graham)是该组织的创始人之一,曾是大学划船教练。他说:“有些人需要那种经过认批准的昂贵的健身项目。我们只是想获得更多乐趣。”He added, “We’re making people be people and put their” — expletive — “phones down.” (Said phones do reappear at the end for the obligatory postworkout group photo, promptly posted to social media.)他补充说,“我们让人回归本性,放下该死的手机(他说,锻炼结束后手机的确会再次现身,以便拍摄强制性的健身后合影,并立刻发布到社交媒体上)。”Kaitlin Fuelling, 23, who moved to the Lower East Side from Pasadena, Calif., in 2013, said November Project friendships account for the majority of her social life.23岁的凯特琳·菲林(Kaitlin Fuelling)2013年从加利福尼亚州帕萨迪纳市搬到纽约下东区。她说,在“11月计划”结交朋友是她的主要社交活动。“I did the stint with a gym, but I was looking for people I could kind of relate to,” Ms. Fuelling said breathlessly between “hoisties” — November Project lingo for squat jumps done while pressing one’s palms against a partner’s. “Everybody thinks it’s a little crazy, but once you go you can’t even explain how much fun you have.” She has kept her membership at 24 Hour Fitness, but “just for the shower.”“当时,我在一个健身房定期锻炼,但是我想寻找能跟我产生共鸣的人,”菲林在蹲起运动(hoisties)的间隙气喘吁吁地说。hoisties是“11月计划”的一个内部术语,指两人一组,交叉握紧双手,从坐姿升起为完全站立。“大家都觉得这有点疯狂,不过一旦你去了,就能获得说不完的乐趣。”她保留了在24小时健身俱乐部(24 Hour Fitness)的会员身份,不过“只是为了去那儿洗澡”。Leaders of each city’s tribe, as the November Project calls its affiliates, are volunteers with athletic backgrounds whose only instructions are that locations must be epic and that workouts must start at 6:30 a.m. (or before), be scalable for all levels of fitness — and unpredictable.每个城市的部落(“11月计划”这样称呼自己的分)领袖都是有运动员背景的志愿者,他们只得到这样的指示:健身地点必须宽敞,锻炼必须在早上6点半(或之前)开始,可以进行各种层次的出人意料的健身活动。In San Francisco, organizers drew a version of the board game Chutes and Ladders on the cement of Alamo Square, requiring different exercises to traverse the board.在旧金山,组织者们在阿拉莫广场(Alamo Square)的水泥地上开展了一个类似棋盘游戏滑梯和梯子(Chutes and Ladders)的活动,参与者必须完成不同的运动才能穿过棋盘。A San Diego session in January involved teams of four pushing Toyota Priuses, with participants instructed to stand between the cars’ rear taillights so feet couldn’t be run over, recalled Mr. Graham, who was visiting at the time. (No one factored in a slight downhill to the course, so the workout involved an extra cardio challenge: chasing runaway cars.)格雷厄姆回忆说,1月份他去圣迭戈时,参加了那里的一个活动——四人一组推动丰田普锐斯汽车。参与者按照指示,站在车的两个尾灯之间,这样就不会压到脚(谁也没料到中间有一段轻缓下坡路,所以那次锻炼多了一项有氧运动:追逐下滑的汽车)。Like many crazy ideas, the movement grew out of a late-night bar chat, this one in October 2011, when Mr. Graham and his former Northeastern University rowing teammate Bojan Mandaric, 33, decided to head off the winter tendency to slack on exercise by making a pact to train every day before work the next month. They tracked their workouts on a Google document named the November Project.和很多疯狂的想法一样,该组织也起源于一次深夜酒吧谈话。这次谈话发生在2011年10月,格雷厄姆和他在美国东北大学的前划船队友、33岁的扬·曼达里奇(Bojan Mandaric)约定在之后的一个月里,每天上班前训练,以防冬季越来越懒得动。他们在一个命名为“11月计划”的谷歌文档中追踪记录锻炼过程。“We thought if we did it, we’d become morning people and also more connected,” Mr. Mandaric said. “Even if it’s your best friend, people get busy. But nobody is busy at 6:30 in the morning.”“当时我们想,如果我们做到了,那么我们就能变成晨型人,而且我们的关系也会更密切,”曼达里奇说,“即使是最好的朋友,有时也会因为忙碌而疏于联系。但是,早上6点半,谁都有空。”As they kept the project running past its intended expiration date, they created a blog and Twitter account, and people they didn’t know began showing up for what became their signature Wednesday morning session: running the stairs of all 37 sections of Harvard Stadium, a workout known as the “full tour.”在原定的截止日期之后,他们继续执行这个计划。他们创立了客和Twitter账户,原先不认识的人也开始出现在他们标志性的周三晨练中:跑完哈佛大学体育馆的全部37组台阶,这项锻炼被称为“全程游览”(full tour)。One early convert — whose huge Twitter following helped sp the November Project gospel — was Andrew Ference, then a defenseman for the Stanley Cup-winning Boston Bruins just trying to stay in shape during the 2012-13 National Hockey League lockout.安德鲁·费伦茨(Andrew Ference)是较早参与“11月计划”的人之一,他的Twitter账户拥有众多粉丝,帮助扩散了该计划。当时,费伦茨是斯坦利杯冰球锦标赛(Stanley Cup)冠军波士顿棕熊队(Boston Bruins)的防守队员,他只是想在2012至2013美国全国冰球协会(National Hockey League)停赛期间保持体形。“I didn’t know what was going on with the hugging and hooting and hollering, but everyone was really cool,” said Mr. Ference, who learned of the group from a bicycle shop. “I went and chased these fast dudes around the stadium, and I just kept going back.”“之前,我不知道他们为什么拥抱、喊叫,但是每个人看起来都很酷,”费伦茨说。他是在一个自行车店听说这个组织的。“后来我也去了,在体育馆周围追逐这些跑得飞快的伙伴,后来就一直参加他们的活动。”He has since moved to Edmonton, Alberta, where he is the captain of the Edmonton Oilers and a November Project leader. He is also the creator of November Project’s most coveted badge of honor: a Boy-Scout-like circle patch with “-30” written in blue. It is given to anyone who shows up to a workout when the thermometer s that number or below. So far, no November Project workout has ever been canceled because of weather.他后来搬到加拿大艾伯塔省埃德蒙顿市,担任埃德蒙顿油工队(Edmonton Oilers)队长,也成为当地“11月计划”的领头人。他还创造了该组织最令人艳羡的荣誉徽章:一个童子军式的圆臂章,上面绣着蓝色的“-30”。它授予所有在气温低于(或等于)零下30华氏度(大致相当于零下34摄氏度)的天气参加锻炼的人。到目前为止,还没有“11月计划”锻炼活动因天气原因被取消。Anyone who has promised to come (“dropped a verbal,” in November Project parlance), and then doesn’t, appears on the “We Missed You” page of the blog. No matter what the excuse, the November Project makes it look as if the absentee was out partying by pulling old photos from a Facebook page that show him or her drinking or eating nachos. It is a shame theory of accountability that featured in a TEDx talk Mr. Graham and Mr. Mandaric gave recently.任何答应要来(用“11月计划”的话说是“留下口信”)但是没来的人都会出现在该组织客的“我们想念你”(We Missed You)页面。不管因何种原因未能赴约,“11月计划”都会弄得好像缺席者是出去玩了,该组织从缺席者的Facebook网页上找到他们之前喝酒或吃奶酪玉米片的旧照片,放到“我们想念你”页面上。这是格雷厄姆和曼达里奇前不久在TED大会上演讲的主题——责任羞耻理论。“It’s in jest but it works,” said Peter Kruse, 27, who lives in Midtown. This winter, he arrived three minutes late to a workout when the wind chill was minus 10 because the ski goggles he wore had fogged up and he missed a turn. The group had left, but Mr. Kruse raced to catch up.“那是开玩笑,但是很管用,”27岁的彼得·克鲁泽(Peter Kruse)说。他住在纽约中城。去年冬天的一个早上,寒风凛冽,气温只有零下10华氏度,他的滑雪护目镜起雾了,所以他错过了一个路口,迟到了三分钟。大部队已经离开,但是克鲁泽快跑追上了。“That was a real low point,” Mr. Kruse said.“那真是让人沮丧,”克鲁泽说。To start a chapter in a new city, there is a strict pledge process. (At least it’s strict by November Project’s freewheeling standards.) Aspiring leaders spend a year proving they can attract a following before they are allowed to use the November Project name. They start with a Wednesday morning workout — Wednesday because no one is recovering from the weekend or getting on a plane for a coming weekend — and eventually add Fridays, then Mondays. They are encouraged to start in the dead of winter, to attract a core group of die-hards, because summer members can be fair-weather participants.要在一个新城市开分部,需要经过严格的明过程(至少以“11月计划”松散的标准看,算是挺严格的)。有抱负的领头人要用一年时间明自己能够吸引追随者,然后才能使用“11月计划”的名头。他们先从周三晨练做起——因为在周三,人们不会尚未从周末的散漫状态中恢复过来,也不会早起搭飞机开始周末旅行。最后加上周五和周一。他们被鼓励在冬天最寒冷的时候开始,以吸引一批铁杆核心成员,因为那些在夏季参加活动的人可能只在天气好的时候参加。On a recent Friday, about 30 members of the New York group, most of them in gear spray-painted with the graffiti-like November Project logo, huddled in a passageway in Midtown near the Fox News studio.前不久的一个周五,纽约分部的约30名成员在中城福克斯新闻演播室附近的地下通道里挤作一团。大部分人脸上喷着涂鸦风格的“11月计划”标识。They warmed up by jumping up and down, turning in midair and yelling “Fox” on the ascent and “Friends” when they landed. They ran past Radio City Music Hall calling to people they passed to “have a spectacular day,” and they face-planted on the concrete after their arm muscles failed from seven minutes of push-ups and triceps dips before 7 a.m.他们的热身方式是上下跳跃,在空中转身,跳起时大喊“狐狸”(Fox),落下时大喊“朋友”(Friends)。他们跑过广播城音乐厅(Radio City Music Hall)时,对遇见的行人大声说“祝你这一天过得精”。七点前,在练完七分钟俯卧撑和撑臂屈伸(triceps dips)后,他们的臂部肌肉实在撑不住了,一头栽到水泥地面上。Mr. Honerkamp urged them closer. “We need subway close; we need the 6 train close,” he yelled. “If anyone’s new, it might be a little awkward, but that’s the point.”霍纳坎普鼓励他们挤得更紧些。“我们要像挤地铁那样靠近,像在晚高峰地铁上那样挤,”他喊道,“新来的人可能觉得有点不好意思,但我们的目的就是让你不再不好意思。” /201504/370551

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