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Step : You Will Need Creativity A Sense Of Style Guts Step 1: Consider Your StyleWhen it comes to art, style is substance. And when the canvas is your body, choosing art that reflects your style is not an option, it's a necessity. Before you pick a design or pick up a pencil, you must consider your personal style. Portrait, tribal, Celtic, Chinese, floral, zodiac, religious and military are just some examples of tattoo styles to consider.Step 2: Choose ColorsYour desire for vibrant color or shades of black, white and grey will determine your design and your artist. Some designs, like a koi fish, would be boring in black and white, while others, like a Chinese symbol or tribal tattoo, would not look right in color. Likewise, certain artists specialize in certain styles, so color choice is crucial.Step 3: Choose DesignOnce you've narrowed your options by style and color, you can choose a design. Designs can be custom-created or selected from flash, a library of y-made tattoo designs found in most shops.Step 4: Design PlacementWhere you put your tattoo design affects its size and shape. Intricate designs need a larger canvas to show detail. Simple symbols can go virtually anywhere. Consider how the shape of that tattoo fits with the curves of your body.Step 5: Go for it!Now that you've found the perfect tattoo for you, find a shop and the right artist and go for it!201001/94076寒流和暴风雪近日继续肆虐欧洲,包括法国、英国、捷克、芬兰等在内的欧洲众多国家交通均遭受严重影响,民众正常生活被扰乱。英国则经历了自1981年以来时间最长的冷空气侵袭。 Intense snowstorms beleaguer EuropeIn Europe, heavy snowfall has forced the delay or cancellation of many flights in France and Germany. And in Poland, highway travel has been disrupted by the storm.Snow continued to disrupt transport across Europe.In Germany, more than 200 domestic and international flights have been cancelled.In the city of Nuremberg, an Air Berlin plane slid off the runway and got stuck in the snow late on Friday night. Nobody was injured, but the airport was closed for more than two hours.The slippery runway left passengers with no choice but to wait.Doris Kern, Passenger, said, "I wanted to fly to Saarbrucken but the airport there has been closed because of the snow and the ice. Now I've rebooked my flight to Frankfurt but this flight also has been cancelled."In France, the civil aviation authority ordered the cancellation of 25 percent of flights scheduled to leave Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport.The authority made the announcement after the country's national meteorological service warned of snowfall in the Paris area.The chill, however, didn't stop some tourists from taking in the city's sights.Nabil amp; Karen Absi, Tourists, said, "It is cold but it's also very romantic."In southern Poland some inter-city buses couldn't get out of the terminals and trains from Warsaw to Krakow were at a standstill due to power failure.The snow, which is due to continue until Monday, hit the country's main roads causing a number of vehicles to lose control.On the A4 highway near Krzyzowa one car was partially crushed beneath a truck.201001/94226

Step 1 Head to the petite department1.购买娇小可爱型装Head to the petite department, where clothing is tailored for women 5-foot-4 and under, regardless of their weight. Or shop in vintage stores; clothing from the 40s and 50s was often tailor-made for shorter woman.到专门为5.4英尺甚至更矮的女子提供装的百货商场,体重多少并不重要。或者到比较古老的商场,这里出售四五十年代的裁缝为较矮的女子订做的装。Step 2 Dress in one color2.穿一种颜色Dress all in one color; it will make you look taller.全身上下颜色统一,这会让你看上去高一点。Step 3 Wear V-neck tops3.穿V领上衣Wear tops that draw attention up and away from your legs: V-necks, halters, small shoulder pads, and necklines with beading or trim. Avoid tops that end at your hip bone; they can make legs look stubby.穿一些能够使人们的注意力从双腿向上转移的衣:V领,小的垫肩,或者衣领处有装饰的上衣。不要穿长到坐骨处的上衣,这会让你的双腿看上去非常粗短。Tip: Never wear a pattern or print that is bigger than your fist.小贴士:千万不要选择比你的拳头更大的装图案。Step 4 Choose the right pants4.选择合适的宽腿裤Wear wide-leg trousers to elongate your frame. Pair heels with them, with the pants hem reaching almost to the bottom of your shoe. Avoid cropped pants, which make short legs look even shorter.穿宽腿裤可以拉长你的身体框架。配一对高跟鞋,裤脚最好能盖到鞋底。不要穿短裤,这会让本来很短的双腿看上去更短。Step 5 Wear certain dresses5.穿连衣裙Choose dresses over skirts to create an unbroken vertical line. Flattering styles include Empire dresses and V-neck wrap dresses with a high waist; both lengthen your bottom half. Dresses should end either slightly above the knee or be ankle-length; anything in between will cut your silhouette in half.选择连衣裙,而不是短裙,这样可以造成不间断的垂直线。比较适合的风格包括腰际线比较高的帝国线连衣裙和V领裙,这两种裙子都让你的下半身看上去更修长。裙摆刚好到膝盖以上或到脚踝。长度在膝盖和脚踝之间的裙子都会让你的身高大打折扣。Step 6 Be a heel6.穿高跟鞋Wear backless footwear with dresses; they create one long, unbroken leg line. Avoid shoes with ankle straps for the opposite reason; theyll cut you off just where you need the illusion of length. And remember: Platform heels are your best friend.穿无后跟的鞋子,这样可以创造修长的不间断的腿部曲线。不要穿脚踝部有绑带的鞋子,这会破坏你努力想要创造的修长效果。记住:高跟鞋是你最好的朋友。201211/207818

A White House-ordered review of security risks found no clear evidence that Huawei, the largest Chinese telecom equipment maker, had spied for China, Reuters reports. 由美国白宫责令对中国华为(中国最大的电子通信设备制造商)进行的国家安全审查并未发现任何明显据表明华为公司在为中国窃取情报,路透社报道。The 18-month long review is said to have involved US intelligence agencies and other departments at the inquiry of the White House, and it also concluded there was no evidence of active spying from Huawei. 该项为期18个月的审查被指涉及美国情报机构以及其他部门,最终该审查以未发现有关华为间谍行为的明显据而告终。A spokesman for Huawei said the company was not familiar with the review but it was not surprised that no evidence of Huawei espionage was found. But the White House said on Thursday that it had not conducted a classified inquiry. 华为新闻发言人表示华为公司不清楚该项调查,但未发现华为有间谍行为也并不奇怪。然而,白宫在周四表示其未进行分类调查。201210/204534

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